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OCT - DEC 16

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Designed by : Teguh Kharyanda @teguhkharyanda 2


I could not better express my gratitude for the warm welcome for our premiere issue. My team and I are very lucky that all of you readers have given us such passionate responses and appreciations towards bettering the creativity in our surroundings. With that said, I know that all of us here are a creature of passion. We live to do things that makes waking up in the morning feels like a victory. And that feeling is something money can’t afford. It is passion. Passion is something innate. Everyone has something they are deeply passionate about. But children grow into adults, and that is when reality kicks in. Money and stability is what society demands to be a priority. A wise man once said that life is about making choices. Some choose career over passion, some are privileged to choose passion over career, and some lucky ones has a passionately fulfilling career. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Mal, and Amancio Ortega are just a few of the notable names that have made a successful career through their passion. But what is the journey we need to embark on? What decisions needs to be made? What sacrifices are worthy? Should there simply be a choice between passion and career? There is no simple recipe to figure it all out. But I believe we should start somewhere. Is this what we truly want? What is our purpose? And most importantly What makes us happy? I wish you all a passionate, happy life, and wherever you are, I want you to know that hope will always be with us. It’s just a few moonlights before we greet the new years. Live passionately,

Januardy Wijaya Jandwee Journal // 3

Collage title : “ sweet..dream”









Featured Talent






Inspiring Brand


First Glance







Jandwee Journal // 5


Jandwee Journal Team Editor in chief Januardy Wijaya @januardywijaya Writer Lisa Chan @kreativekoven Public Relations Cindy Monica @cndymnca Senior Graphic Designer Fikri Setiadi @fikristd Graphic Designer M.Fahrozi, Eko Septiyanto @zorhworkspace , @eko_septiyanto Photographer Januardy Wijaya, Riandy Yulvian @riandyyiu Photo Editor Harni Pinem @harnipinem Cinematographer Andy Gho, Niki Milala @andygho , @nikimilala Business Development Manager Dolly Evans @dollyevanss Printing and Publishing Seeis

Thanks to : Maicih, Rudi Antoni, Jere Saragih, Warung Rumah Seni Kopi, William Utama, David Simanjuntak, Yosi Nasution, Henryca Citra, Vania Chioe

Contributors Reffy Nugraha – Musician @reffynh Teguh Kharyanda - Urban Nomad @teguhkharyanda Henryca Citra - Cover Art @teritoristudio

Jandwee Jl. Sriwijaya no. 4/4A Medan 20153 North Sumatra, Indonesia +62 61 456 1522 @jandwee


Illustration by :


For Advertising : Dolly Evans +62 811 636 1199


Great Destination IV


Jandwee Journal // 7



Jandwee Journal // 9


Visually stimulating creations curated specifically to trigger whats within


Courtesy of Gilbert-Legrand Source :


Eero Lampinen Artwork : Courtesy of Eero Lampinen Source :

Jandwee Journal // 11



Artwork by : Henryca Citra

Indonesia as a country has produced significant

‘In Medan, the market rate is rather discouraging,

number of talents in the creative industry. Apps, films

simply because not a lot of people actually

and illustrations are just a few of the fields that are

understand the complexity of illustration’, therefore

now slowly being recognised by the public. Henryca

they are not sure why they need to pay certain fees

Citra as one of the great talent we have is currently

for the artworks’. There’s also a lot of illustrator starts

working in an animation company as a matte painter

showing up with their unique skills and they are a lot

in Tokyo, Japan. We are privileged that Henryca Citra

more daring in competing and they are a lot more

has contributed one of his pieces as our cover art,

adamant with their value, so it makes me wants to do

with the inspiration of a young boy passionately

a lot more, and a lot better.

exploring a city in another dimension where he found

I will always look at creations from around the world,

things that are artistically surreal and bizarre.

from different artist, or era. Old monochromatic

‘It is the city of Medan, with a little touch surrealism,

photography, or scenes from movies, there’s a lot

just how I like my design aesthetic to feel. If you

to discover in those. You can see the lightings, and

know Medan, with our own Menara Tirtanadi, but I’ve

dramatic that were used before, and in drawings

transform it into something that belongs in my fantasy

specifically, there’s this term called chiaroscuro, where

world, an arena to play with water’.

the effects of the light and shadow falls unevenly from

The greatest challenge in being a creative artist might

a distinct direction. Looking at this inspiration is what

not always in finding inspiration, but instead, finding

always keeps the passion to do more, when things

appreciation behind all the craftsmanship that are

are moving seamlessly without being chased for

hidden behind a final piece.

anything, and from there you just simply create, with no time boundaries.


Jandwee Journal // 13



Jandwee Journal // 15



Interviewed by :

Artwork by :

Lisa Chan

Yosie Nasution

The world of visual graphic is always filled with fresh concepts, adapting stories from the past, and real hopes of what future entails. The application of every graphics can also be vary, with the advancement nowadays, you can simply place an image on any surface and the potential of making commercialised are greatly endorsed by social media. Vectodrama, is a clothing label inspired by






man behind @vectodrama has utilise his daydreams and doodling to be incorporated to merchandises. ‘I always finds it difficult if people ask what’s my aesthetics. I consider myself lucky that when I scribbled, it can turn out to be something. The most familiar definition would be doodle-art. Doodling has always been a constant exploration and experimentation, the only pressure will be on how should I market my art, but with a certain subtlety because I don’t want it to simply be a trend. I spent a lot of time on vectodrama . It’s basically all of my passion


I always finds it difficult if people ask what’s my aesthetics that will helps me buy things I otherwise wouldn’t dream of having. But aside from being passionate in my career, I wouldn’t want to be a workaholic, I just want to be a real family man. That’s the real inspiration behind it all. Life itself is filled with a lot of things including complexities. Problems that needs to be solved is my inspiration, although I find it mostly based on my assumptions, it

incorporated to something more tangible,

eventually helps me define which will work

with great hope that this is the career path

on my art better.

Jandwee Journal // 17


Jandwee Journal // 19



DAVID SIMANJUNTAK Let passion leads the way. @davidibaneza

Photo : Courtesy of David Baneza We all have dabbled with different jobs

David, a program director in Prambors, a

before deciding which fits us best, almost

darling radio station in Medan, establish

like a food taste. Every single job will have a

himself as an artist, an entrepreneur, and a

different flavour and gives us the experience

full time father to two children.

we need to truly build ourselves. Medical

‘My journey started long when I got

student can decide whether they want to

involved with the skating arena with my

be a neurosurgeon, a therapist, or establish

friends, the whole vibe inspired me to

a pharmaceutical company, a professor will

form a band and everything just catapult

choose what approach would be best to

from there. We skated and suddenly, our

educate their students, and for some of us

music took off, and we got a chance to tour

artist, with the rising of social media, it has

around Southeast Asia and slowly expand

become easier to build an empire based on

the business potential’.

our unique personality.

“We will held concert and sell different types

In the olden days, everything was done

of merchandises, and the respond is always

with paper trail, with print media being

astounding. Now especially when social

the ultimate sacred ground for artist to be

media makes it all easier inform anything

recognised by the public. While radio was

about our products, directly from us. Back

king, filling our days with story, antics,

then, an image itself would not score you

latest musics and words of wisdoms that

the deal. You need to interact, present your

are shared though the host.

ideas and capture people’s interest directly

Nowadays, e-magazine, social media, and

without this social media filter.

online podcast is slowly overshadowing the

It was challenging because my music genre

conventional media, forcing us all to take

is not just hardcore, but it’s a niche market,

a leap onto the technological warfare to

and it still is, especially in Medan. But you’ll


Jandwee Journal // 21

‘My journey started long when I got pretty involved with the skating arena with my friends, the whole vibe inspired me to form a band and everything just catapult from there


be surprised in how one experience leads

a career, i would say both is the same. i

to another opportunity, and here I am now,

didn’t realise that my passion could be a real

using all of my skating, band experience

career path. It was not a definite thing to do

to help me be a program director. My

because it was unconventional and unheard

experiences may seem to be so stretch out,

of. We need to make sure we benefit from

but one common thread is that I met a lot of

both our passion and our work, it has to

people that eventually becomes my listeners.

mutually balance each other so you can

As a program director I have to manage the

keep doing both happily.

playlist and makes sure those are the music

I can only hope that the next generation

people would enjoy, and even if they get

would not be afraid to take more chances

bored of the same songs, they would at least

and jump to a career that will excite them,

connect to them on a sentimental value for

even if it is not something the society would

them to keep tuning back.

normally agree to.

If you ask which one is my passion or simply

Live life the hardcore way.

Jandwee Journal // 23


Jandwee Journal // 23


Jandwee Journal // 25


WARUNG RUMAH SENI KOPI (WRSK) Coffee and Chill? Written by :

Photographed by :

Lisa chan

Januardy WIjaya

The growth of coffee shop in Medan has grown drastically, from a traditional coffee shop to the western infused style that provides much saturated choices for the targeted market. Competing with innovative menu and interior, is it possible that the true meaning of coffee and chill has lost its meaning? Coffee is as complex as human’s mood, there’s no real formula to what can we do to sustain our interest. With that in mind, the coffee scene in Medan has also been divided by default. The fancy and the sassy. The fancy will offer us a cup of their coffee with a piece of croissant, where on the other side of the town, the sassy serves us a cup of their espresso, and a piece of their mind. Warung Rumah Seni Kopi (WRSK), a place deeply shadowed by the modern establishment keeps their ideals in tact when it comes coffee. With thick


The people of WRSK wouldn’t recommend you what dish that will look good on your instagram grunge feels that makes us feel like we are people of the 90s. Decorated with murals and artwork, WRSK is indeed a place where artist converse and confide, discussing topics from what munchies to have to what political conspiracy our government is planning. The main essence of WRSK is one that we will rarely find in Medan, a headstrong quality that does not force itself to be a trend, instead, simply a place to be. The people of WRSK wouldn’t recommend you what dish that will look good on your instagram. But they will definitely enlighten you with their visions of the world, the wanders of art and there is no mental filter force upon you. No doubt that WRSK indeed have a killer latte that’ll set your heart on a quest of caffeinated happiness, the barista is the real charmer. The people of WRSK is organic and authentic, they make the place uniquely individual with the eccentric characters, the topic that will shock you, and more importantly, a change within you.

Jandwee Journal // 29


William Utama Candor/ Couture/ Cut-Throat Photo : Courtesy of William Utama


William Utama, a fashion designer who found his

industry. But I hold myself accountable for every

voice through fashion, insist that a reality check is

decisions, mistakes and regrets that I have made.

greatly needed for the young generations who has

To be passionate in something means to do proper

the passion for fashion.

research to make sure that you are on a right track.

‘Fashion is something you live and breathe in. I can’t

You wouldn’t want to be passionate in something

simply take off on a vacation and pause on work.

you have doubts in, or perhaps if you don’t have the

Everything around me will simply inspire me to

ability to pursue it’.

work more. How that person wears the hoodie, how

Fashion design is only one facet of the industry,

certain fabric falls on that types of silhouette’.

talents or ideas nowadays are not the only elements

Being responsible in educating the young fashionista

needed to succeed. Young designers are appearing

in Raffles Institute, William likes to start the journey

on every corner, bringing their voices and style, but

by giving his students a reality check. ‘I want to

those who really stood out will be the person with the

make sure that the students understand the journey,

strongest X factor. Something intangible that some

that they are here for a purpose. Are you a clothing

of us owns, and some of us lacks.

designer? A fashion designer? or simply coasting

The market is pampered with choices from ready-

along the trend. I know that I was very privileged

to-wear to high-end streetwear phenomenon that’s

that my parents has supported me to be in this

taking over the fashion hemisphere. Passion is the

Fashion design is only one facet of the industry, talents or ideas nowadays are not the only elements needed to succeed. very core of fashion. The glamorous and luxurious life in fashion however, can sometimes be illusive. Is luxury the most enticing part of fashion? or has the true craftsmanship that was once the epitome of fashion has lost its meaning?Luxury, is a state of great comfort and extravagant living. A desired accomplishment that can be gained through a career in fashion, but like many careers, the surface may look deceiving. ‘Some of us are blessed with financial stability, therefore a fashion startup is easily attainable, however I have met people who has the money, but no talent, and then there’s others with great talent, great money, but no visions. So it’s a mixture of everything perfectly embroidered into a single destiny. We all need to hustle and pay the dues, there’s certain blocks that we need to face so we can be a lot more aware with our surroundings. Be extremely observant to what is current, what is changing, what is coming back. Use your passion to drive you, and whatever career path it is, it will simply fall on your lap’.

Jandwee Journal // 31


We love it, we hate it, we hate that we love it. Courtesy of : Maicih


Established in 2010, Maicih started building viral

have their own game of daring each other which

momentum through different stages of spicy

level can you survive the most’.

that makes our tongue tingles with excitement.

Maicih was a indeed a brand that smoothly

Depending on how brave you are, there’s every

transition itself from a passionate experiment to

number to challenge your curiosity, how far can

a career path that allows others to be a part of

you go eating Maicih chips, level 05 or shoot

this journey. The brand is well recognise around

straight to level 10, they will definitely makes

the world, making it one product of Indonesia

us crave for more. Starting small, Maicih brand

that successfully breakthrough the tough world of

proves that the power of social media is truly epic

Western market.

as the brand officially known by many specifically

There are people who can’t stand the spiciness,

through series of challenges that the internet are

and there are others who can’t stop munching

always thirsty for.

every level of the chips, but whatever and whoever

Founded by Reza Nurhilman as part of the fun in

it is, people simply can’t stop talking about it.

discovering what ‘Sundanese’ spices can bring, it

Videos around youtube, comments on twitter are

was a delightful accidents that leads to an empire

the first hand testimonial on how we all loves to

of spicy flavours.

share when it comes to Maicih.

‘Trying out different recipes, the spiciness were

With Maicih as a role model, we can only hope that

always different, sometimes its very mild, and

future brands and products makers will be inspired

other times it was crazy, so it was decided then,

to use our traditional taste and introduce it to the

why not incorporate all the levels so everyone can

rest of the world.

Jandwee Journal // 33


Visual designs that might be strange at first, but pay closer attention

Day & Night Project : Branding & packaging

Designed by : Backbone Branding

Source : Day-Night



Ironing Boards Project : Ironing Board Branding

Designed by : La Tortilleria

Source :

Jandwee Journal // 35


Jandwee Journal // 35



Everything starts from an idea. An idea that was scribbled on a piece of paper, from the two-dimension drawing into a life-sized dream that breathe life to our creativity. For some, drawing is simply a leisure activity to fill their lunch break, but for Rudy, the founder of Monaco Property and Medan Resort City, every sketch is the first step of the big vision. Specialising in design and built services, Rudy proved that laser focus is the secret recipe to achieve a passionate career. ‘My passion of drawing leads me to my career in architecture and property. I have always love to draw, and I pursued architecture at university, so everything just start building from there. The greatest accomplishment is when everything is crystallised, and from there you’ll know that your passion is worthy. Passion is not always expensive. But it does consume our time and energy, and that itself is something money can’t afford. You


Jandwee Journal // 39

Shoot straight right to the target, never waste your bullets’.


have to learn how to pace yourself, establish

matter, it will however allows you to focus on

a balance. Your career should drive you to be

the other aspects, perhaps dwelling more into

passionate, and your passion shouldn’t be a

the creative spectrum’.

burden to achieve a great career. What you

‘A lot of youngsters nowadays might not be

love should never trouble you or drain you.

aware of the real obstacles that lies ahead

Your passion needs to fuel you’.

of them. They can be quickly discouraged

Passion has been the main requirement for

by small hiccups, and they simply move to

the millennial to select a perspective job. The

another thing. You have to be able to analyse

word ‘passion’ itself is overused to justify our

what the real issue is. Every challenges are set

desire to keep looking for the perfect job,

to test our limits, and to see how much do

without truly realizing what’s at stake, and

we really want something. That’s why focus

what needs to be prioritised. Rudy believed

is detrimental, in every industry, fashion,

that what lacks these days is not the passion

art, property, we all need to be smart in

or the talent, it simply the willingness to

categorising priority and dividing our focus

persist and focus. ‘There is nothing instance,

equally to each of our goal. The other part is to

you have to build yourself from zero. In the

have self control. Once you have taste victory,

property industry alone, you either have to

you have to pace yourself, be a lot more

own a substantial capital investment, or you

careful with your step without overwhelming

can gather great connections from working

yourself. Take a while to experience it all

your way to the top, getting to know the

and learn every side of the career path you

process and the people behind scene. Money

choose. Shoot straight right to the target,

is always a privilege but it won’t simplify the

never waste your bullets’.

Jandwee Journal // 41


JERE SARAGIH A FOR ATTITUDE Photo by : Januardy Wijaya


Jandwee Journal // 43


In the chaotic town of Medan, who would’ve thought

others that sees my clothing line as part of them. It’s not

that we’ll be privileged to found an unchartered territory.

a trend, it’s not just the graphic. It’s the attitude, and how

Initially set up as music studio, DOMAYN is an urban

we all vibe with each other’.

streetwear clothing line that oozes vibe that triggers our

Being featured in Rolling Stones Indonesia with his

inner bad-ass to jump out. Mainly in black and white

single titled TV: Tell Lie Vision, gave a glimpse to how

palette, the style is perfect for those #normcore souls

TV programs these days simply provide public lies that

who does not bother to follow trend, but to create a

does not help educate the masses. With that single Jere

strong attitude.

collaborated with fellow musician from Jakarta Mighty

Jere Saragih, the man behind DOMAYN is Medan’s

Che, infusing a touch of reggae to create a lasting impact.

very own talented rapper, a businessman, and most

‘I believe there’s great art and potential that Medan can

importantly, a believer.

offer. It’s tough sometimes to be passionate if people

“There is no clear choice which one of my path is my

simply refuse to understand or appreciate. It’s all about

passion or strictly career, one allows me to do the other

timing. I wouldn’t want to blame anyone or anything of

and it completes me. The business that comes out of

why certain things doesn’t work out in Medan. We all

DOMAYN is definitely an added bonus, but it’s not

have choices, and I choose to keep on creating, anything

something I chase after, just like my music. I wouldn’t

else comes after it, it’s always an added value.

want to be stressed out through my music. I simply want

Who you meet along the way will also serve a great

to create, but if I earn something out of it, then being

impact. Miscommunication is fatal in every business or

passionate will help us all build our career’.

community, especially in Medan where people are so

Building a brand in Medan is one tricky business, with

culturally diverse. You have to choose to build something

Medan’s vast cultural uniqueness that creates both

that is fundamentally strong and it has to sustain. Never

potentials and challenges. With that in mind, Jere Saragih

do something that will only fluctuates, everything needs

is a force to be reckoned as he carefully breaks through

consistency in order to succeed.

Medan’s conventional approach. ‘Rap music, just like a

So if you ask me, if I have to choose between my

lot of art forms, is something very rare in Medan, some

passion or having a career. I believe we are still fighting

people aren’t ready yet. I do find it hard sometimes to

to marry both. I want to be passionate when it comes to

try to pull my passions into a potential career path, but

working. I want to see my brand and Medan to be known

being realistic is very important so I know how to execute

internationally, if that is accomplished, then everything is

all of my visions. My music actually helps me connect to

just simply a process.

Jandwee Journal // 43


Discovering what is beyond the mask




1. Delvanni and Delvinna Photographer : Jeffry Lorenjo 2. Novita Christi @novitarts Photographer : Januardy Wijaya 3. Teddy Christian Manao @teddychristian_manao Photographer : Januardy Wijaya



4. Juventine Wu @juventinew Photographer : Wilson Kongadian

5. Fiona Roesli @littlemissroesli Photographer : Bestario halim 6. Budi Baskoro @boediebask Photographer : Roi Candra 7. Tien intan @tienintan Photographer : Ivan 8. Garry Citra @garrycitra Photographer : NatashaCitra





Submit your photo and get featured Jandwee Journal // 47


Sneak a peek at whats happening behind the creatives.

SYPNOSIS Writen by : Lisa Chan Photographed by : Januardy Wijaya


It’s only a few months until we greet the mysterious new year. We are blessed that we get to work with various brands, experimenting our ability to be a chameleon dealing with beauty and fashion brands that are constantly changing. From our loyal client Hugo that trust us to create yet another. campaign, and Amora that trusted our instinct to spread their beauty message. The grow of brands in Indonesia is increasing rapidly, and it has open our mind to what other possibilities that can be achieved. To all entrepreneurs and dreamers out there, never stop creating.

Jandwee Journal // 49


Jandwee Journal // 51

Jandwee journal issue 2 Passion x Career  

Passion X Career

Jandwee journal issue 2 Passion x Career  

Passion X Career