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Kurt Cobain Artwork by : Musara Dian @musara_dian



Sometimes in life, looking back is the best thing to do when we need to be reminded of how far have we become. In welcoming the new year of 2018, I’d like to sincerely thank all of you for your love and supports. It gives me the greatest motivation to keep on progressing and developing new ideas for you all. With this current issue, we’d like for every single one of you to relive the nineties, from the most amazing memories to the utmost ambiguous. Let’s get back to the moment where we used to play snakes on our Nokia phones, waking up extra early to watch what trouble Go-Ku have with collecting the dragon-balls, or simply expressing our teenage angst with Nirvana and strut like it aint anyone’s business with Britney. I hope that by walking through the memory lanes, we are reminded on how grateful we should be for the experiences we have gained over the years. It’s a new year, new resolutions, new attitude and new love to spread. Bring back your 90s memories on our instagram @jandwee.journal

Januardy Wijaya

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Our childhood wouldn’t be complete without the anticipation of new episodes of our favorite TV series such as Bidadari, where it teaches young girls that amidst all kinds of evil, kindness will win. With the creepy yet funny Tuyul & Mbak Yul, emphasizing the Indonesia’s supersticious in how there are always other creatures living in some coridor somewhere, yet they might not all be bad. Keluarga Cemara where we learned that material wealth could dissapear anytime yet the love of family remains through whatever hardships, and who could forget Wiro Sableng. A rather twisted personality for a hero yet Wiro Sableng never fails to save the day with his sincere act of kindness to save those in needs.

Who could forget our excitement whenever Sunday approaches. How many of you will wake up in the morning, no matter what, to catch the latest episode of Dragon Ball, Detective Conan, Doraemon, Sailormoon and a lot of cartoons that were so captivated and endearing, an exceptional different to the more advanced Marvel universe of the 2017. We were entertained by the swiftness of powerpuff girls, yet we cant get enough of the evil laughter of Mojojojo.


As for all the good things we currently take advantage of, video games was much of a a privilege back then. Console was not accesicble to many, so we have to settle with those snake games we begged our parents to play on their phones, and to some of us who got lucky, they’ll get to enjoy the joy of nintendo. Playing Sonic Mania, saving the princess in Super Mario and trying not to get the Pepsi Man to fell off on the road. While the boys were busy with their games, some girls will opt for a colorful and fashionable choice of walkman to play their favorite NSYNC songs, pink G-Shock watch and to simply drop a message on their pager, keeping communication clean, sweet and not as intrusive as what we have today.

Jandwee Journal // 11

The way you dress will always be the way you live, as perceptions are everything. If you were the rebels in the 90s, then be sure to weaponize yourself with lots of leather and checkered outfits. Pair it up with combat boots, and you’ll definitely the person nobody would want to mess with, as the 90s were all about teenage rebellion and standing out from the crowd of many florals and neons, as remnants of the 80s.

We were a lot more creative when it comes to creating our very own fun. From a simple yoyo that lights up any mood, and blowing up baloons just because it was liberating to see its fly away. Let’s not forget the snacks that accompanied us through different stages of puberty. From ‘Anak Mas’ to kerupuk 88 that has currently become a treasure hunt as it is no longer available at our nearest convenience store.


Looking back, there’s always a particular tune that defines an era. In Indonesia, we were so spoiled yet protected over innocent tunes that simply speak of kindness on a daily basis, sang by Joshua, Trio KwekKwek, which tells the story of how fun it is to splash water with your friends.

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Visually stimulating creations curated specifically to trigger whats within

Sur Fake Photo Manipulations artwork : courtesy of Antoine Geiger


Outsource Show artwork :

courtesy of Alexander Tarrant

Jandwee Journal // 17


Franky Pandana Feed our art, and it will feed you. @iniacun | Photographed by : @Ricardoprb


Identifying an artistic turning point in Medan is tricky even

Art Room, where he encourage artist to explore the world of

when there is more artist showcasing their works. As the

abstract Frankie’s journey in Medan’s artistic arena strickes

digital age captured the dramatic artistic shift shaped by

a personal chord to us, remembering that the art world back

social media, and successfully monetized art through our

then hasn’t been dominated by the likes of people who seeks

tribal urge to belong and be seen in certain way. Art in its true

for art simply for the joy of documenting it on their socials.

core however still very underappreciated in Medan, as the true

“I believe art is all about consistency, but there are different

measure of success still amount to the financial success of an

types of artist. There are those ones who lives and breathes art,

artist. We have forgotten that just like life, the purpose of art

and there are those who will look the other way when their art

has always been a lot more complex. Art unites people, art

isn’t making any money, and as they find a more lucrative jobs,

transcends a generation, art revolutionizes every eras, and art

their art simply fades. It’s hard to keep being motivated as our

feeds our soul and helps us see things outside the box.

city hasn’t been known to have the best artistic atmosphere

Frankie Pandana, a teacher by day an art curator, comes dawn,

and supports. We have always been expected to make money

an artist who’s ready to slay in his world of collage that digs

without truly understanding that, we as artist needs to first,

through the daily mundanes that adds more of an evocative

feed our art before the art can feed you. Just take a look at

backstory. He owns an art gallery in Medan called Embun

the band ‘Pet Shop Boy’, they were a massive success in the

80s, their name was inspired by their friends who work in a pet shop, who will later during the day continuing their passion in music. Just like how Batman and Bruce Wayne got the best of the both world. I teach english during the day, so I can be a good provides to my family. When I have free time I will console myself through art and when I can make money out of it, it will then be invested back to buying more art supplies, so I can still keep doing my art without disruptions. The purpose and functions of art varies, and to generalize every art pieces to merely commercial commodity somehow puts us backward when we are suppose to be one of the most technologically advanced and informative generations. With fine art, it was to document the history, from the greatest revolutions to the downfall of an empire, all characters and events that transpires was beautifully painted by the likes of William Hoghart, Diego Riviera, and to the provocative depictions of hell through Dante’s Inferno that trippled church’s mass participants. Then comes the modern art where Warhol’s can of soup adds more splashes to the art world, all with the intention to define an era of their own, to say the unspeakable, to feel the invisible, as we attempt to make our feelings tangible.

Jandwee Journal // 19

The purpose and functions of art varies, and to generalize every art pieces to merely commercial commodity somehow puts us backward when we are suppose to be one of the most technologically advanced and informative generations


Back when books were bibles and radio was king, artist created art to disturb the norms, to stir the society that has taken advantage of solemn peace. But have the millenials lost touch with the true core of art? ‘You see, murals on the street, around the world, was initially a radical political movement. The city had become too rigid, therefore to instill a deeper noise that can provoke people, they decorate the city with vivid colors, stories that murals can serve. They were trying to bring art to the commoners, as art was not accesible for all, it was seen more as a privilege for the upper classes. However not all city has the same backstory. Our city of Medan, has always been a chaotic, from the infrastructure to the mentality of its people, and I personally feel that adding murals or graffiti around the city simply adds more unnecessary noises that we simply don’t need. The city needs to find its own voice first, they need to find peace and calm before it is ready to be disturbed. Our city is still not in the right order and trying to beautify the street without actually having a syncronized message and purpose will not compliment the artworks nor the city.’ ‘We need to pave the way for our art to translate, and it can’t simply be forced out of commercial needs. I feel like the current generations are moving so rapidly sometimes they didn’t build a strong foundations to equip themselves for a potential turbulences. Everyone now wants to be the first of something, often times ignoring the longevity and the quality of the body-works. While there is nothing wrong in wanting to be fast. But I don’t think a lot of the younger generations stops and think how would they handle all of these speed. We all like fast cars and getting rich fast. But once you have reach the top fast, what then, what will you do and become once those goals are crystalized? If you aren’t mentally ready to face all of the adversity, you will simply be eaten by the currents, that’s why I believe to really take the time to find our purpose. The youth thesedays are very privileged as their parents paved the hard path to success, so now they have more choices. Don’t be swayed by all of the choices but know that you need to be aware of the struggles to create something meaningful. You can’t skip steps and expect stardom. Everything has its own place and time’.

Jandwee Journal // 21


Felix Lim World of comics, world of courage

@gugulimon | Photographed by : @Ricardoprb


Our world is filled with billions of humans, each individual born unique yet similar. Every single one of us lives with the pursue of happiness, satisfaction and purpose. With that, every day we breathe with oxygen, hopes and dreams that keeps us alive. Not everyone is as lucky as some, to be sure of what their true calling in the world, and sometimes we settle for what seems to be the right choice. Despite it all, we never stop hoping for the best, as it has become a default system to avoid skepticism. Felix Lim, a beloved husband and father, and a dedicated illustrator whose dreams are finally crystalized when drawing can finally be set as a solid career choice. ‘I believe we were all born with this strong inclination to do certain things. To me, it has always been drawing, I love creating new things because feeling bored is simply not a choice to me, and as an illustrator, we tend to be a lot more savvy because there’s a lot of opportunities to experiment once the digital sketches are up. On the contrary of the typically conservative parents, I was lucky that my mother saw my interest in drawing. It wasn’t frowned upon, I will instead be given a lot of comics, and that is how my aesthetics came from. It was the time when Medan was bombarded with imported comics. I will copy the drawings and from there I will immerse myself in my own world of comic’. Nowadays, the art world constantly seeks references from the past, merging in to the modern world yet somehow holding on to the warmth of the history that perhaps gives them the certainty of success. Artist replicate, great artist replicates wit no trace of similarities, leaving only their stamp of legacy. The most sought after era is still the corky alleway of the 90s, with comic artist trying to make it everywhere in the world, from DC comics, the world of Marvels and to our favorite of all, Manga.

Jandwee Journal // 23

I believe we were all born with this strong inclination to do certain things


‘Considering how there’s so many comics didn’t survive how trend evolves, we are still left with a lot of titles thriving. As an illustrator, it infused me with great joy when all of my hard work is paid off. The joy comes in different stages, you have to do the deeds before harvesting the seeds.Whatever I learned throught out my youth shapes me into the artist I am now. The joy of being an artist is the ability to express and showcase our emotions out in the public. When you can execute it well, it is such a fulfilling experiences, and I am grateful that it has now become my full time job. To draw everyday and be surrounded with colleagues of mine who gets it’. The universe of comic has always been enticing for those who seeks adventure in another world.

Heroes, villains on every pages was drawn with strokes of struggles before completion. Comic, just like other media form is power, with different moral messages that can influence millions of people to think in certain ways. When it comes to the artisti and the commerce side of comics, facts can get blurry to what are the intentions behind certain trend. ‘Trend to me, is led by people with great wealth who attempts to define an era by inserting themselves in the mass market. Art on the other hand is honesty and the beauty that lies beneath it all. When we are honest with ourselves and our art, we will have a sense of humility that grounds us, and lets us filters that matters the most.’

Jandwee Journal // 25


Akhir Pekan with

Pijar Music @pijarmusic | Photo : Courtesy of Pijar Music


JandWee Journal (JJ): What cha been up to?

JJ: What does ‘harmony’ means to you?

Pijar Music (PM): We have been make an full album

PM: For us harmony means a beautiful teamwork,

called exposure on 2015, and two ep called the

where we understand each other. Especially knowing

‘Sound of Youth’ on 2014 and ‘Ekstase’ on 2017.

each others rhythm and timing when we play together.

JJ: To your own observations, how’s the current art

JJ: What do you think one of the most forgotten art



PM: Sharing becomes easier and instant with digital

PM: There are a lot of work of arts from traditional

media, but the basic creative process should remain

paintings or music that may be forgotten due to the

to be different and rare.

trend changes. It is crucial for artist to be innovative

JJ: Describe your sound.

to introduce their own version of art, as people have

PM: Our sound is like a bad killer with gentle heart,

become so caught up with the social media buzz.

with freedom but accompanied with a distinct

JJ: You know the 90s have been the constant trend,

purpose. We love how the brits kept their legacy of

has it become too much?

keeping their sound culture intact from the past until

PM: 90s musics are incredible even when it has


currently been overexposed. But every generations

Jandwee Journal // 27

has their own niche of music style,like the 80s with their new wave disco. JJ: What’s the most endearing moments of the 90s that you can recall? PM: It was definitely when I was with a group of my school friends, we went to ‘taman ria’ to enjoy all the fun rides and watch the art shows, it was rarely found nowadays. Good ‘ol time. JJ: Name one thing we should appreciate PM: the importance of a process. Because






masterpieces will depend on its process. When it comes to music, our past predecessors have invented all kinds of music, the following generations simply need to continue and carry out the legacy. JJ: If you were a ‘Sound’, what would you be? PM: If we are a sound we want to be the sound of running water because it gives a sense of peace from all kinds of fatigue.


Our sound is like a bad killer with gentle heart, with freedom but accompanied with a distinct purpose

Jandwee Journal // 29


Jandwee Journal // 25


Es Krim Ria A sweet treats for all the sweet peeps. Photographed by : @Ricardoprb


For every tantrum being thrown, there will always be ice cream o fix the chaos for the children within us all. Es Krim Ria (Happy Ice Cream) was established in 1936, and it has since been one of the sweet reason to smile for every visitor that came from all around, simply to fulfill their curiousity of the long legacy of this cold treats. Es Krim Ria is still standing strong, located in what we referred as the China town of Medan at Jl. Semarang & Jl. Selat Panjang. Surrounded by old infrastructures, the road in which Es Krim Ria resides is notoriously known as the food heavent of Medan, serving all chinese delicacies that intricately desribes different flavours of chinese culture. Unlike other competing establishment, Es Krim Ria maintains its authenticity by keeping its simplicity with Es Krim Wafer, Es Krim Soda, Chocolate & Peanut, Es Krim buah Cocktail, Avocado, or plain simple ice

cream with no toppings sheenanigans, making it a definite comfort deserts that feels as homey as our own home. However, one does not simply being serve only ice cream, luckily with the growth of demands, you can find the famous sate padang, or martabak that are sold at the same place, and topping the final scoop of happiness with Es Krim Ria. Es Krim Ria is one thing that everyone can enjoy with its affordability, selling the ice cream no more than Rp.20.000, and selling the ice cream in bulk, just in case you want to throw your personalized ice cream party, or simply enjoying all the scoops to yourself when you need some downtime of Netflix and Chill.

Jandwee Journal // 33


Kamengski A Quickie with

@kamengski | Photo : Courtesy of Kamengski


JandWee Journal (JJ): And what have you been up to

(JJ): The 90s has been widely popularized for these couple


of years, is there any of the art movement during the 90s

KAMENGSKY (K): Creating, whatever it is, designing,

that influences your art?

executing the designs until I reach the highest satisfaction

(K): I was born in Jakarta, 1987, so the 90s was definitely

level, and then I will create again. It’s a consistent creative

a learning period for me. I grow up from from a simple-

cycle, keeps me being productive.

minded kids to full grown adult, where it was filled with

(JJ): What do you think makes ‘Art’ and ‘Trend’ different?

memories that I still believe to be relevant now as I can

(K): The purpose of Art is to feed the soul, while trend

still draw connections to the object then and now. One

satisfies a specified personality during a particular era.

memory that I remembered distinctly was my final project

at Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ), it was one heck of six years of emotional journeys. (JJ): What’s your favorite 90s trend? (K): I loved having cartoon marathon on every Sunday, but I still hated the fact that my parents didn’t exactly let me enjoy all the fun toys back then. (JJ): What do you think is the most forgotten sentiments of the 90s? (K): Teenage angst filled with the purpose of finding our true selves. (JJ): Well, 2018 is fast approaching, how do you feel about the digital era roller coaster? (K): Only that it is movinvg faster than one can ever anticipated. (JJ): Are you in a way still hanging on to the past? (K): Well, simply because we are in a constant effort to preserve particular memories. There is still so much to remember that the only thing that matters is the lessons that are learned, or perhaps to simply have a walk down memory lane. (JJ) If you have any some sort of magical chance to live in the past, present or the future, which one would you pick? (K) Every era has its own peak and downfall, but I of course am more intrigued of the future, for what is coming our way next.

Jandwee Journal // 35


Always the Best Photo : Courtesy of Carvil

The nineties was definitely an era of expressions where it was important to stand out and be different. Fashion was one of the big industry that contributes to the mega success that made the nineties a long legacy trendsetters. Consistency is the key to success, with its strong brand presence on Indonesian TV series, making it easier to get into the head and heart of the consumers, along with the style that shows the best side of Carvil products. From the velcro sandals that did not have mainstream success after the nineties, and somehow making a huge come-back for the past two years, gracing feet of influencers and celebrities, paired with high ends clothing that was initially seen as odd pairings, but to be number one, we have to be odd. Simply putting on great does not complete a look, as the old saying goes, great shoes will take you to great


places. Every pair will give a new feel and attitude as we stomp the steps. Carvil has been stomping from 1980s with its tagline ‘tetap yang terbaik’ (always the best), with great comfort and quality that matches the current demand of fast fashion, where consumer wants to be pampered with choices. Carvil was one of the names that every Indonesian has always been familiar with, as they keep on thriving, with growing varieties of products that proves Carvil is here to stay.

Jandwee Journal // 37


Visual design that might be strange at first,but pay closer attention

Upland Sour Ales project :

Branding & Packaging

designed by : Young & Laramore

source :


Colorful by Craig & Karl project : Branding

designed by : Backbone

source :

Jandwee Journal // 39


Felix Tj Photographed by : @januardywijaya

Behind the scene photography : @wilbertsanjaya


If you are well attuned to the comedy style of Medanese, you know well enough that we don’t go easy on each other. Just like brothers who like to throw few punches, being gentle is generally not our strong suit when it comes to humor. Yet once in a blue moon, a rather unique unicorn can be found in field of skeptics Medanese. Felix Tj was the comedy sweetheart of Medan who first came to the scene through his Youtube channel that capture simply his daily routines, yet complimented by his earnest point of view of how to enjoy life, the Medan way. Some of the video was presented in Hokkien dialect known best to people of Medan, there’s a certain unity found in the same taste of humor, and Felix gave his audience just that. From recording to editing his own content, Felix has taught himself the techniques of film for over seven to eight years now, and those times was not wasted. While he may not actively pursuing a career on Youtube, he is currently actively involve in the corporate, and wedding industry as a cinematographer, and at the same time absorbing every essential points need for him to climb the ladder up to success as a creative entrepreneur. ‘Comedy is not science, its art. There are no rules in it, what one person finds amusing, the others might cringe at, and that applies to the general outlook of the entertainment business. There’s so many types of entertainment, there are funny words, places, attitude and the skills to entertain needs so much hard work and persistency. Don’t be surprised when you find out how dramatic and political entertainment can be’.

Jandwee Journal // 41



As we move on from classic live stand-up shows,

was so hyped; everything seems to be moving

to waking up in the morning catching our favorite

rapidly ever since. From the growth of artist

cartoon, to the digital movement of Friendster

and technology, it’s a great reference to take

and Netflix generation, somehow we are still

to think of the future innovation, as sometimes

hooked on the flavor of the 90s. With its raging

you need all kinds of knowledge to be able to

angst and leather jacket, and corky TV shows

predict and create something new from it. My

that got us shamed for ever owning certain hair

hope though, that Medan can somehow become

styles. ‘Usually, 90s kids will remember being in

more organized, and I am referring to the road

love with F4 (Meteor Garden Oriental TV Series),

situation. There’s not a lot of trend in Medan that

or punk rock like those Blink182, SUM41, and

I could recall, mostly is the unlimited ideas of

to me during that times I was pretty intrigued

food, I can only hope that for every trend that is

with Michael Jackson’s move and I remembered

being regenerated, and recycle, it won’t simply

I kept trying to mimic his movement. The 90s era

be easily forgotten and be replaced.

Jandwee Journal // 43


Freddy Kesuma Medan’s Master of Comedy @freddykesuma | Photographed by : @januardywijaya


Laughter has proven to be the best remedy for all

finding my niche felt like this was all meant to be.”

kinds of ache, and a sure way to get to people’s soft

Freddy’s comedies are usually varied, ranging from

spot. Freddy has stolen the likes of many through

the warm slapstick humor that compliments the

his channels, and his journey hosting countless of

lifestyle of the chinese community, also playing up

parties that makes every moments unforgettable.

parodies of the pop culture phenomenon. “I don’t

Through his inner wacky sides, Freddy manages

know how to exactly brand my comedy, I believe

to garner thousands of loyal followers the leads

as long as people find it entertaining, you can call

to millions views for his Youtube channel, filled

it what you want”. There are cover songs, funny

with comedies of life. “I got lucky to be given the

sketches and even advertising pieces that truly

opportunity to get involved in the radio industry

highlight Freddy’s talent as a triple threat talent.

from the get go. I was recruited as a DJ, music

Some of the most popular pop culture parodies are

director and a lot of other roles that now fueled me

The Conjuring with Freddy playing as Valak slightly

to create a better content each time. I made my

groovier version of Valak, cover songs of Selena

first few videos out of fun, and I never expected it

Gomez, and of course a lot of bloopers that brings

to went viral, but I fell in love with it all and I guess

even more comedy to the light.

Jandwee Journal // 45

I don’t know how to exactly brand my comedy, I believe as long as people find it entertaining, you can call it what you want


Aside from Freddy’s consistent effort

definitely bringing a nostalgic sentiments,

in producing great contents, he never

proving that the those memories are here

forgets how to truly engage with his

to stay. “Everything about the 90s is so

viewers through Instagram. With his

LIT. From the fashion, the snacks and the



music of course. Even the boy bands and

competition, his followers experienced

the girl bands are way cooler back then.

another kind of fun whenever they

Alep, alep cendong, battalion, pecah

could figure out the songs that Freddy

piring, patok lele, komkom. People in the

specifically picked out according to

90s would know what I meant. Back then,

the themes. From the 70s disco, to

we live for these games. Shout out to all

the millenium boy band songs that are

the 90s kid! We rule!’



Jandwee Journal // 47



Qintari Anindita The Benevolent soul of Psyce @qintariditha | Photographed by : @januardywijaya

Qintari, a young activist who started her career in a rather odd industry of modelling, where women were expected to remain in the status quo. Her mother thrust her into the spotlight when she was five years old simply for her to overcome her fear of socializing. Strutting herself on runways helps her money to pursue her passion outside of the modelling arena, while chasing after her degree. Known to many with her charm in public speaking, it was not a strange event watching Qintari dazzles in her own force fields. She was once a student ambassador volunteering at YOAM Childhood Cancer Foundation, and having the chance to visit Germany as representative at the 2015 youth summit, and it was those trips that inspired her to pursue psychology as a career choice. Presented with alternatives that she was not ready to let go, she continued her study while still juggling with her modelling jobs, after relentless nights of catwalk that puts everything in perspective. “I was told how I did not do as well as I could have and I realized then that my heart is simply not in modelling anymore. It’s time to focus and recentre my energy into my real purpose, and I left the next day. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. With all of the great endeavours she had going on, fun was not left out as growing up in the peak of late nineties brought a different set of colors to any soul. “I’m a 90s baby and I can see why we never stopped talking about it. We reminisce about pop culture and our childhood any chance we get. It was freaking fantastic. From our bright, artificially colored condiments, to the best television shows, you can’t deny that it was absolutely the best time to be a kid. We had fun even without the Internet, and the pressure of constantly showing it off on social media. We truly embrace and enjoyed the presence of each others and I think we have definitely been missing those.

“The parents of the 90s were also the complete opposites to the millennials. Where they had to succumb to conformity, the millennials questions the very core of it. With their idealistic views of the world, it can be challenging to be accepted by the norms yet the results of those ideals were often times the golden ticket to a flourishing life. Millennial parents are socially and politically engaged in an innovative ways. From the food that they feed their children, the stories they read them before bed, each decision is a moral conviction that affects how they parent”. Qintari is currently on progress in earning a master’s degree in psychology and a private trainer, and on her way to gain a psychologist license that will all help catapult her latest

Jandwee Journal // 49

golden project, an application that focuses on children’s development simulation tracker. The mobile app was developed meticulously over the years with great hope to help modern parents to feel more ease in adapting to their children’s progress as well as seeking information”. Using her background in psychology, she hoped that the application will fill in the gap that future parents are looking for, as generations progresses, the methods of beings will also differ. “The baby boomers were all about ‘surviving’. Their needs were mostly about sustaining the tangible items. Financial and economical success, meaning more evidences of success that translates into happiness. While it was not wrong, time has changed and so does the triggers of joy. We are the generations that possesses opportunities and access to the excess, yet research concludes that are the most stressed and depressed. advanced living standard & technology yet the most anxious and depressed. We can no longer simply fill the void of our life by the external influences, we now are forced to look inward and find the the main red thread of is being happy truly about.”


The parents of the 90s were also the complete opposites to the millennials. Where they had to succumb to conformity, the millennials questions the very core of it

Jandwee Journal // 51


Discovering what is beyond the mask




1. Billy @mmhdbilly 2. Tifanny Kongadian @tiffanykongadian 3. Tumpal Simangunsong @tumpalramoss Photographer @tumpakferdy 4. R putri widyastri @@fashwid Photographer @daniel_try



5. Nasri Sarah Siregar @nazrisaraa2 Photographer @ulliepane 6. Evander @rednavehasibuan Photographer @tumpalramoss 7. Putra @monsieurputra 8. Donny Handoyo @donnyhandoyo





Jandwee Journal // 53


Sneak a peek at whats happening behind the creatives


The year of the Rooster has made a deep mark in our life. Turbulences after turbulences was presented to us in the manner that we could never anticipate. We are proud that even through the bleakest of times, our team has shown strength and faith in their own creativity to push through. This year we also get to experiment with different style of photography that allows us to stray from the mundane concepts that helps us rejuvenate our creative juice. Working with Jaya Baru on their annual campaign capturing their latest collections with breezy Bandung as the backdrop, and Jakarta to give us the metropolitan kick that we all are thirsty for, the final artwork are included in their 2018 calendar, giving more reason to look forward to the new year. We were also excited that we get to make new exotic yet fuzzy friendly friends with Dog Kennel Star who specializes in the best dog breeding, photographing




showcasing how puppies are the

best friends anyone can ask for, it was sad to say goodbye to them, they too have caught our heart. All of the pictures will be displayed on their website, making it easier for all dog lovers to choose which lucky puppy will be their new buddy. Taking a delicious journey with Lisano Brownie with their corporate branding to challenge the marketing goals that are set to fulfill the cravings




To visually structuring their social media timeline, we couldn’t resist to always take a bite, making our 2017 a sweet experience we aren’t yet ready to let go of.

Jandwee Journal // 55

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Jandwee Journal issue 6 - Reliving the 90's  
Jandwee Journal issue 6 - Reliving the 90's