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ISSUE 175 MAY 2018

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CONTENTS EDITOR SIMON AMBROSE t: 01291 636343 e: NEWS Page 5 - Food to go manufacturer Raynor Foods has launched a vertical hydroponic growing system which will allow them to grow micro-ingredients in house. Rosemary Gardens - the name is a salute to company co-founder Rosemary Raynor - has been trialled successfully throughout April. Page 6 - The continued decline in EU immigrants coming to the UK to work highlights the increasingly critical shortage of workers in the UK food industry. According to the latest data from the Migration Statistics from the National Statistics Office , there was a decline of 35,000 in the number of EU citizens coming to the UK to work in the year to November 17, and this is prior to any controls the Government introduces after Brexit. Page 8 - Greencore has announced a major shake-up of its US business, including closing its Rhode Island facility to stem losses.

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This follows the issuing of a profits warning in mid-March when Greencore anticipated a £3 million one-off cash cost for “resetting” the US network. PROFILE Page 12 - Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, the US sub-style sandwich concept, has opened its first United Kingdom location in London. Delayed from last year, its United Kingdom debut is part of the brand’s focus on expanding its presence globally. The London opening marks the first of what it says will be 10 stores set to open within the next four years throughout the country with the expectation of reaching 100 locations in operation by 2028. Page 40 - Benugo’s ability to adapt to different environments and locations have been a major key to its success, says Rory McEntee, head of marketing.

TECHNICAL Page 18 - Jiffy Trucks Ltd is the UK’s largest and, without doubt, best known supplier of ‘food to the workplace’ snack vans. With over 40 years of experience in this field of hot and cold temperature-controlled snack trucks, the Yorkshire-based company now has another model in its portfolio: the Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet. PLUS The Sammies shortlist and everything you needed to know about Sandwich Designer of the Year.

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Raynor Foods launch hydroponic growing system FOOD to go manufacturer Raynor Foods has launched a vertical hydroponic growing system which will allow them to grow micro-ingredients in house. Rosemary Gardens - the name is a salute to company co-founder Rosemary Raynor - has been trialled successfully throughout April growing cress in house before trialling other microgreens and salad ingredients. The trial was instigated by Raynor’s Research and Development department and was headed by Main Project Lead Billy Benorthan. The fully bespoke automated vertical grow unit, uses LED lighting and is energy and water efficient. The LED lights are 16v, while the water filtration system reuses the water used to moisten the plants. Innovation and Technical Director, Tom Holland, says: “Rosemary Gardens

L’Aquila new ingredients THE rise of plant-based food and the increased requests for bold flavours and authentic ingredients has inspired L’Aquila to develop some new ready-to-use vegetable pastes/sauces. Sorriso Cavolo Nero Pesto is a convenient way to introduce this sought-after vegetable, says the company. Its deep green colour and intense taste with bittersweet notes add layers of flavour to sandwiches and wraps, and is a great way to add interest to soups or pulse and bean salads. Sorriso Wild Mushroom Pesto – a coarse, artisan paste made with porcini mushrooms and lifted with a touch of garlic and rosemary – is a perfect spread for a Provolone cheese toastie, or a breakfast wrap.

will allow us to bring a plethora of environmental benefits to Raynors, as well as ensuring the quality and safety of our ingredients. Becoming our own food primary producer will allow us to reduce our food miles and fully oversee the growth of the ingredients we use.” Marketing executive Stacey Cosens added: “As well as reducing ingredient costs, it will allow us to grow ingredients in house to our needs and specifications – while monitoring the quality and safety of our ingredients and eliminating the risk of listeria. “As a company, we are conscious about food miles and want to reduce these as much as we can. For example, we have recently moved our lettuce from Verity Grace grown in the Netherlands, to the Apollo variety grown in Brentwood, as it is near identical and provides the same benefits but only 11 miles down the road. This is something

we are looking at doing more and more, as well as becoming our own food producer to limit our food miles and being able to provide local ingredients for our products.” The Raynor’s Food Science and Innovation Department team have a number of other projects in the works, which are largely aimed at increasing sustainability in all areas of food manufacturing.

New salads and a dark chocolate vegan cookie in Pret shops PRET’S new spring menu includes a variety of options for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians, such as protein-led salads, including a lightly smoked roast salmon salad with black rice and a Buffalo Mozzarella & Pesto salad, Pret’s Protein Box, a Beef & Chimichurri Baguette and a Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter vegan cookie. Hannah Dolan, Head of Food Development at Pret, comments: “We’re thrilled to be launching a new range of salads and products this spring. I’m especially excited about the vegan cookie, which combines almond butter with dark chocolate and sea salt to make the perfect afternoon treat. We’re also introducing several new ingredients to our menu for the first time, such as black rice and ancho chilli.” Pret’s Chimichurri is based on a traditional Argentinean recipe made up of chopped parsley, minced garlic,

olive oil, chopped chilli peppers and oregano. This is spread over thick slices of tender roast Irish beef, and topped with tangy roasted tomatoes. The vegan Chocolatey Coconut Bite is said to be one of the most popular snacks at Pret. May 2018 5

Critical shortage of EU immigrants coming to work in UK food industry THE continued decline in EU immigrants coming to the UK to work highlights the increasingly critical shortage of workers in the UK food industry. According to the latest data from the Migration Statistics from the National Statistics Office , there was a decline of 35,000 in the number of EU citizens coming to the UK to work in the year to November 17, and this is prior to any controls the Government introduces after Brexit. “From restaurants and takeaways to manufacturing, many are already struggling to fill vacancies,” says Jim Winship, Director of the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association. “Indeed, walk down any High Street and the evidence can be seen in the number of signs in windows for staff – many more than we have seen for years.”

The Association, together with the Pizza Pasta & Italian Food and Café Life associations, has been urging the Government to clarify the position on immigration and to not impose excessive restrictions or bureaucratic controls that could stifle the flow of EU workers which the industry needs. With UK unemployment levels now considered to be as low as they can get, the industry fears that any further reductions in EU workers coming to the UK will directly affect their ability to maintain the service levels that consumers have come to expect. The Associations have proposed to the Government that it should introduce a work-based VISA system linked to a particular business which would tie immigrants to a job and which would expire if they

left that employment. This, they suggest, could make the monitoring and control of immigration much simpler and more manageable. “The food industry is a major contributor to the UK economy – the sandwich and food to go sectors alone provide hundreds of thousands of jobs and turn

over in excess of £20 billion annually,” says Jim Winship. “We rely heavily on people to maintain these industries and we are extremely concerned that the politics of immigration could rule at the expense of the economic case for maintaining a viable workforce.”

Greggs says consumer outlook remains challenging GREGGS posted a 2 per cent rise in profit during 2017, helped by new store openings and extensions to its product ranges. The firm, which is transforming itself from a traditional bakery business into a broader food to go retailer, said the UK consumer outlook remained challenging but was encouraged by the start it had made to the new year. The company says that this performance was boosted by its expansion throughout the year, opening 131 new stores, bringing its total portfolio to 1,854 shops across the UK.

In 2017, the group also converted 142 stores to its new ‘bakery food-on-thego’ format, and expects to refurbish another 100 stores this year. “We finished 2017 well,


delivering our seventeenth consecutive quarter of likefor-like sales growth, and anticipate that we will report full year results for 2017 in line with our previous expectations,” said Roger

Whiteside, chief executive of Greggs. Greggs made a pre-tax profit before one-off items of £81.8m for the year to 30 December 2017 – in line with analysts’ expectations and up from £80.3m in 2016. Total sales rose 7.4 per cent to £960m. Like-for-like sales in company-managed shops were up 3.7 per cent and are up 3.2 per cent in the eight weeks to 24 February. Greggs, which is based in Newcastle, said it had benefited from improvements to its product range, with a focus on hot drinks, hot food and healthier options.


Fresh To Store (Kerryfresh) goes into administration FRESH and chilled foods supplier Fresh To Store Ltd, which trades as Kerryfresh, has gone into administration after being “impacted by the failure of Palmer & Harvey”. Kerryfresh sold goods such as sandwiches, meats, dairy, fruit & veg, and snacks through its Fresh to Store website and van teams. It had in the past supplied sandwiches and chilled foods for the Urban Eat range, BP Connect, WH Smith travel sites with its full chilled range and BHS stores. Allan Graham and Ben Wiles of Duff & Phelps were appointed joint administrators of the chilled wholesale and distribution company, which had more than 200 refrigerated vehicles and 300 employees supplying chilled products for the food and convenience sector. It traded from 19 sales centres and a distribution centre in Manchester, providing a national delivery network supplying chilled products to the convenience sector. The company had more than 200 refrigerated vehicles and 300 employees.

According to Graham, the company had been showing positive financial results following its acquisition via a management buy-out in 2015. However, the failure of grocery wholesaler Palmer & Harvey in November 2018 reportedly led to cash flow difficulties caused by the delay in the settlement of insurance claims. Graham said: “The business had been in turnaround since it was acquired by way of a management buy-out in 2015, but was impacted by the failure of Palmer & Harvey, when that business went into administration in November last year. The cash

flow pressure resulting from the delay in the settlement of the insurance claim was then exacerbated further in February of this year, when the company was left with no option but to exit its supply agreement with its largest customer, due to the withdrawal of insurance cover on the customer. “The ongoing financial pressures it was facing alongside the loss of these customers meant that it had a significant funding requirement. The company’s management team have been trying to secure additional investment into the business

Tossed founder Vince McKevitt found guilty of assault TOSSED chain’s founder and ‘Top Tosser’ Vince McKevitt has blamed his low-carb high-protein diet on a drunken brawl at a Chelsea nightclub, where he hit two bouncers. The businessmen, described by one victim as: ‘the foulest person I’ve ever met,’ lost his temper when told by security not to use a fire exit. He blamed his special diet on succumbing to alcohol that night. McKevitt pleaded guilty at City

of London Magistrates Court to assaulting Frazer Chamberlain, 28, and Mo Chowdhury, 23, at the Cubanthemed Embargo Republica in King’s Road, on December 9, last year. He was placed on a 12-month Community Order and must complete 250 hours community service work. He was also ordered to pay each victim £150 compensation, £620 costs and a £115 victim surcharge.


or find a purchaser for the company in recent weeks but, unfortunately, both strategies proved unsuccessful and insolvency became unavoidable at the end of last week,” he added. “Our immediate shortterm strategy is to exhaust all remaining options as quickly as possible in respect of potential buyers that may seek to re-start the business in short order, whether that is for the whole business or in parts. This will hopefully allow us to source continuing employment for the company’s workforce, minimise the disruption caused to customers, secure new tenants for the Company’s sales depots and maximise asset realisations for creditors,” Graham added. The administrators confirmed they will continue to search for a possible buyer for the company, as a whole or in parts, with the aim of preventing the loss of 300 jobs. Graham added that he hoped the discovery of a buyer would also minimise disruption to Kerryfresh customers and “maximise asset realisations for creditors”.

H. Smith Food Group achieves AA Grade BRC H. Smith Food Group has achieved AA Grade BRC accreditation for Storage and Distribution at their Rainham premises. This, coupled with a BRC Accreditation for Agents and Brokers, shows the company’s desire to control the food chain map from farm to fork, says the company. “With the Food to Go market expanding year on year, the directors hope that this commitment to accountability and traceability ensures that H. Smith Food Group plc remains the first choice for their existing and future customers”.



Greencore shakes-up US business GREENCORE has announced a major shakeup of its US business, including closing its Rhode Island facility to stem losses. This follows the issuing of a profits warning in midMarch when Greencore anticipated a £3 million one-off cash cost for “resetting” the US network. Shares in the Dublinbased company plummeted almost 25pc to 140p as it revealed the boss of its US division Chris Kirke would be leaving. Chief executive Patrick Coveney will now spend half his time there to take “a direct role in the strategic, organisational and commercial leadership”. Greencore, which makes around half of all sandwiches at brands on Britain’s high streets, entered the US market in 2008 but has found it difficult to expand the business to any scale. It

snapped up US-based Peacock Foods - a supplier to Tyson, Kraft Heinz and Dole among others - in 2016 in a $747m deal it claimed would quadruple its sales in the country. But its US factories still have huge amounts of spare capacity and so the company will redouble its efforts to drum up more business, including overhauling how the division is run. Chuck Metzger, chief operating officer of Greencore US, will assume day-to-day responsibility for the division, reporting to Mr Coveney. The company said it had also made several senior hires since January in its commercial, finance, strategy and HR teams. Mr Coveney said some recent new business wins should mean its factories in Jacksonville and Minneapolis will pick up soon.

Search on for best charcuterie selections is putting out a call to find Britain’s Best Charcuterie Boards served at speciality food retailers, delis, restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes. The organisation is looking for the best selections of charcuterie, of whatever origin from all over the UK, awarding a monthly finalist and an overall national winner. Operators can nominate themselves or encourage their customers to enter them. All they need do is post a good and accurate image of the award-worthy charcuterie board on their Instagram page, tag it @ britainsbestcharcuterieboards and @tracklements, add the hashtag #BBCharcuterieBoards and identify the location. Each month there will be one

winner chosen by the judges, who include Guy Tullberg MD of Tracklements, Henrietta Green co-founder of BritishCharcuterie. live and Josh Barrie journalist & Charcuterie Lover. The national winner will be selected by public vote taking place in the British Charcuterie Tent at BBC Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace from August 2nd – 5th. Prize winners and their nominees will receive a selection of products from sponsors Tracklements, artisan makers of award-winning condiments, and a pair of tickets for BBC Countryfile Live. As well as Britain’s Best Charcuterie Boards, recently launched the British Charcuterie


Awards, the first ever national awards for British Charcuterie makers with judging taking place within The British Charcuterie Tent on August 2nd, the first day of Countryfile Live. Co-founders Henrietta Green and Charlotte Sharpe-Neal are dedicated to encouraging diversity of production and widening public appreciation of British Charcuterie. There are estimated to be over 400 British charcuterie producers in the UK at present, and the sector is growing. “British charcuterie is much more than just mirroring our foreign cousins. Our producers create greattasting products, some new with distinctly different ingredients and characteristics, and others echoing our heritage,” says Henrietta Green and Charlotte Sharpe-Neal.

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lunch! is the only show dedicated to the best sector in food and moving to ExCel makes it even better. Don’t miss it!” GUY MEAKIN, HEAD OF BUYING, PRET A MANGER

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Pret finally opens in the Netherlands with new Utrecht opening PRET A Manger is opening in the Netherlands for the first time, bringing its menu of freshly prepared food and organic coffees to Utrecht Centraal in partnership with expansion partner HMS Host International. Pret actually planned initially to open an outlet in Amsterdam in the early 2000’s but this proved to be a short-lived scheme, with the brakes eventually being placed on international expansion. Buoyed up now by their success in Paris in recent years, their growing estate of European outlets now includes stores in France and more

recently a new opening in Copenhagen Airport, Denmark. There’s also pressure from home with a maturing market and shortage of suitable UK locations. Opened on Monday 19th March, the Utretch menu includes locally sourced meats, brioche buns, fruits and juices, and combines Pret classics (the Posh Cheddar, Classic Super Club Sandwich, Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap and Wild Crayfish & Avocado Salad) with some new items created especially for Utrecht, such as a Smoked Salmon & Egg Sandwich and salads.

Michael Haley, Partnerships Director at Pret, said: “We’re thrilled to open our first shop in the Netherlands at Utrecht Centraal, the country’s busiest train station. Our Utrecht team have been trained in Pret shops in the UK and they are excited to welcome customers into the new shop. We’ve been working hard to source local products for the opening and we’re looking forward to introducing some Dutch ingredients to our menu for the first time.” Walter Seib, CEO HMSHost International, comments: “We are delighted to open the first Pret A Manger shop in the Netherlands. HMSHost International is creating exciting new food destinations by working with inspiring global brands, and introducing new food concepts to the world. Pret and HMSHost International share a similar focus on food quality, freshness and innovation.” Since Pret first opened its doors in London in 1986, the company has donated unsold food to the homeless. As part of Pret’s commitment to help alleviate the pressures of homelessness, the shop at Utrecht Station will donate any unsold food to the Salvation Army (Leger des Heils) in Utrecht at the end of every day. The new shop in Utrecht will also offer customers 50 cents off any Barista-prepared drinks for those who use a reusable cup to encourage customers to bring one in.

Pret A Manger closes Durham city centre outlet

PRET A Manger has closed its Durham city centre outlet in Silver Street. Durham MP Roberta BlackmanWoods said she’s “disappointed” to hear the store is closing. She tweeted: “This is another blow to local residents & will further limit the retail offer in Durham.” Marks and Spencer announced it would be closing its city centre store in January.


Top hygiene score for Dorking sandwich shop after £16k building blitz A Dorking sandwich shop previously criticised for having “no understanding of food contamination” has been given a top food hygiene score of five after receiving a rating of just one out of five in May last year. Jax owner Antonio Montanino spent £16,000 to address the hygiene inspectors’ concerns. “We were five out of five before, but to go from five to one - I nearly had a stroke. It was a shock to our standards and this has never ever happened. “I took it quite personally – I felt so ashamed I couldn’t even go to the shops, but people were really supportive and we managed to carry on and be strong again. “The hygiene rating was the low point of our 17 years of trade. The one was a shocking result. We’ve never had such a low mark. We retrained the staff

on cross contamination and turned it into a really positive matter. “I called a building company and renovated. We have a new electric system, new flooring, new decor, stainless steel everywhere. “We dismantled the kitchen over the weekend so that we could operate without any disturbance from the builders, so we were always operating. “It cost me nearly £16,000 and now I have to pay all these debts I have with the builder.” Food hygiene inspections are carried out by Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA). A spokesman for Mole Valley District Council has confirmed that Jax has been reinspected and has a food hygiene rating of five out of five. Source: Surrey Advertiser

Julie Montagu builds on Sandwich pedigree with new London pop-up A new pop-up, the Sandwich Spa, popped-up in London this March, serving a range of five sandwiches that came with various complimentary treatments. One of the sandwiches was Roll Back the Clock, made with a multigrain wrap containing a combination of buckwheat and amaranth, both of which support cell repair and combat wrinkles and stuffed full of age-defying food like antioxidant rich sweet potatoes and spinach. Behind the menu was Julie Montagu – a name which will ring a bell with many industry followers. Montagu is the surname of Robert, the Earl of Sandwich, and Julie is married to his second son Luke Montagu, which makes her a Future Countess of Sandwich in Kent. The couple, and their children, now live in the family estate, Mapperton House in Dorset. His brother Orlando was a name behind the launch of the US chain Earl

of Sandwich in 2011 with Robert Earl (confusingly!), which has evolved into a substantial chain there, but so far failed to make a similar impact in the UK. The first opening in London closed three years later. Julie Montagu, a yoga coach, told the Evening Standard: “My day-to-day job as a yoga and nutrition teacher means I encounter so many people with wellness concerns relating to how they look and feel. “My one piece of advice is always: you are what you eat. That’s why I created this special Sandwich Treatment menu, devising recipes that can feed us from the inside, out. Of course, the antiageing sandwich won’t instantly take away the years overnight but when eaten as part a healthy lifestyle, the ingredients will certainly help to improve the overall look and feel of the skin.” The pop-up spa ran until the 16th March. Source: Evening Standard

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Habanero chili - Wild garlic Lemon pepper - Parsley & Roasted garlic • Full of flavour • Healthy – low in fat and high in protein • Sustainably sourced • Ideal for sandwich, salad & Food2go • Offering a rich, filling look and eating experience • Available at attractive prices Royal Greenland


Explore the opportunities with Cold-water prawns Contact your local Royal Greenland office Royal Greenland UK, Gateway House, North Wing 2nd Floor, Styal Road, Wythenshawe Manchester, M22 5WY


New gourmet sandwich bar opens in London But there’ll also be a range of specials on rotation from just a fiver, like pig’s cheek with smoked ham hock, kimchi, Ogleshield and Hamburg hot sauce. The menu is expected to change frequently depending which ingredients are in season. There are also plans to sell some of the relishes and sauce they make, like their hot sauce made from UK-grown red chilli and scotch bonnet with a 3-week fermentation period. The opening follows a growing trend of former chefs moving into gourmet sandwich bars, with Max’s Sandwich Bar in Crouch End, kicking things off two years ago. Max’s is a former Sammies Independent Sandwich Bar of the Year winner. Source:

Sandwich shop planned for residential garage WARRINGTON Borough Council’s decision to grant planning permission for a house’s garage to be converted into a sandwich shop has been branded as invalid by residents following an admin mix-up. The council approved plans for the garage of a house on Station Road North in Fearnhead to be turned into a sandwich shop in December, despite objections. One resident labelled the scheme ‘ludicrous’, while Cllr Diana Bennett also opposed the ‘inappropriate’ development. But Cllr Bennett’s objection was not brought to the attention of the council’s development management committee. Residents believe that

the decision to grant planning permission is therefore invalid. However, the council says that its decision ‘remains sound and lawful’ despite the error. A spokesman said: “There was an administration error during the planning decision process, which result in the omission of a councillor’s comment on the planning application. “The matter has been investigated, and we have offered an apology. “We are satisfied that the decision on the planning application remains sound and lawful.” The garage was previously used as a butcher’s shop before its owners retired in 2007. Source: Warrington Guardian


Pictured: Max's Sandwich Bar products

MAX’S Sandwich Bar, Crouch Hill, London has a new gourmet rival with the opening of a new gourmet sandwich bar in Finsbury Park, London. The Black Hamburg has been founded by two chefs from local restaurants - Ian Macintosh and Michael Spurgeon (Heirloom restaurant and Nickel bar respectively). Described as ‘a hole in the wall’ space-wise with seats for four and a mainly takeaway trade, there are just two main hot sandwiches on offer Smokey beef shin, house-made kimchi, fermented chilli and Ogleshield cheese (£6.50) and the vegetarian Double-grilled Ogleshield cheese, Keen’s cheddar, kimchi and hot sauce, fermented in-house (£6).

Builder opens sandwich bar in former public loo A builder and his wife have opened a sandwich and salad bar - in a former public loo. Tony Kirton and wife Anna opened A Little Bit of Everything in former public conveniences in the centre of Milnsbridge. The shop has a selfservice salad bar and also stocks Grandpa Greene’s ice cream, which is made in Diggle, as well as pies from Bolster Moor Farm Shop. It’s Tony first foray into catering after many years working in the construction industry. “We have sourced local produce including meat and pies from Bolster Moor. We have kept it all local,” he says. Tony worked alongside Mark Clement, who owns the building, during the renovation.

It was stripped out completely - apart from a small panel of white glazed tiles which have been left in situ for posterity. One day Tony hopes to be able to go into catering full-time and leave the building industry behind. “This venture is a view to leaving the construction side of things because it takes its toll. You become tired. I’m only 46 and shouldn’t have the aches and pains that I do have.” Several former public toilets across Huddersfield have been converted, including one into a tattooist (Newsome) and another into a sandwich shop (Lockwood). Source: Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Steam-cooked shredded chicken breast meat

Ingredients: chicken (breast meat only), water and salt. No added preservatives. Thick and thin cut available. Packaging: IQF frozen in 4 x 2.5kg bags. 10 kg net case weight, 56 cases per pallet. PLEASE CALL THE SALES OFFICE ON

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S u b j e c t t o a v a i l a b i l i t y. Te r m s a n d c o n d i t i o n s a p p l y. E & E O .



Greggs aims to help farmers in the developing world GREGGS is helping farmers in the developing world to earn a better living. With more than 1,850 shops across the UK, Greggs has opened an ethical investment account with Newcastle-based organisation Shared Interest. Shared Interest has over 11,500 UK members with a collective investment of £40m in share capital. This money is pooled together to offer loans and credit facilities to fair trade producers who struggle to find finance elsewhere. Shared Interest Managing Director Patricia Alexander said: “We are delighted to welcome Greggs as the first high-street company to invest in Shared Interest. Last year, our members helped make a positive impact on the lives of 375,000 individuals, helping us to break the cycle of poverty in the developing world. “Our work is not just about providing finance on fair terms. The Fairtrade certified farmers we work with say that we have helped changed the lives of families involved. It is fitting that a company that has its roots in our local community is now helping us to transform communities across the globe.” From its head office in Newcastle upon Tyne, Shared Interest made payments totalling £62.2m to 397 organisations in 60 countries. The social lender also has offices in Costa Rica Ghana, Kenya and Peru. Patricia continued: “The demand for our finance has never been higher and we are proud to join forces with another local organisation to help more farmers growing

the products we enjoy every day.” Malcolm Copland, Commercial Director at Greggs said: “As a responsible business, we believe in doing the right thing and are incredibly proud to be a longstanding partner of Fairtrade and more recently, Shared Interest. A number of our products, including coffee, are certified Fairtrade and it has been incredible to see the positive impact and difference we can make to producer communities. We look forward to building on this success further and doing our bit to help change the lives of the thousands of people involved.” Meanwhile, Greggs is now using Paragon’s routing and scheduling software to optimise the performance of its distribution operation as part of a £100 million investment programme that is reshaping its supply chain within the UK. Most recently, the UK’s leading bakery food-onthe-go retailer was able to model transport requirements following the consolidation of its Edinburgh and Glasgow bakeries to improve fleet utilisation by over 30% and remove almost 900 miles a


week from its local plans. “Following the decision to develop a centre of excellence that would service all shops in Scotland, we had the opportunity to examine our transport plans to target cost reductions and improve standards,” explains Richard Penna, Group Logistics Manager at Greggs. “The Paragon routing and scheduling software quickly enabled us to identify where improvements could be made and create highly-efficient multi-drop route plans that would better serve our retail network.” Greggs had previously operated 35 18-tonne rigids, split between the Edinburgh and Glasgow bakeries, that serviced each of the 260 shops twice a day. With the planned expansion of the Glasgow site to cover all Scottish shops , the company used Paragon’s Multi Depot software to undertake a strategic review of the transport operation. As a result, Greggs has been able to resize its fleet to just 24 commercial vehicles by optimising multi-drop route plans, realigning driver shifts and removing a trunking operation. Despite the distance of many vehicle journeys

increasing since the site consolidation – with 80 Edinburgh stores now being fulfilled direct from Glasgow – Greggs has been able to significantly reduce the overall mileage travelled through improved planning. This has contributed to a fuel saving of more than 2%, equating to reductions of around 35 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. “We are using the Paragon software to regularly review the efficiency of our multidrop route planning across the UK, as well as remodel specific areas of the operation as part of a larger major change project. We are making record levels of investment in our infrastructure to create a blueprint for logistics that can be applied across the business. This needs to be backed-up by best-practice route planning to achieve optimum performance and support our transformation into the leading food-on-thego retailer,” concludes Penna. William Salter, Managing Director of Paragon Software Systems commented: “The food-on-the-go sector is rapidly expanding in the UK, with retailers investing heavily in product and service innovation, often targeting peak demand at different times of the day. Specialists such as Greggs face growing pressure on their supply chains to ensure their customers have the choice and availability they demand. The flexible nature of Paragon’s routing and scheduling software means that Greggs can use it both operationally and strategically to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, utilisation and service performance.”


Self-appointed sausage sandwich inspector wowed by Burnham Galley café THE Galley café in Burnham’s High Street has been judged to offer the UK’s best sausage sandwich in the UK for the fourth year in a row, by a self-appointed ‘sausage sandwich inspector. Burnham-based Mike Shaw, spent years looking for the perfect sausage butty, but eventually found it almost on his doorstep. To congratulate the cafe, Mike created a certificate which acknowledges The Galley as having the best sausage sandwich. “I spoke to the owner, Noola, who said she always got positive feedback for the sandwich and I felt I

needed to commend her for her efforts,” said Mike. “I would be surprised if I can find a sarnie that can beat The Galley but I am willing to try any café to see if it can be beaten. “The Country Cooks cafe, in Corwen, Wales, is a very close second. If there is a cafe that would like me to come and try out a sausage butty, which I will insist on paying for, please get in touch.” His interest in the British classic first started when he was holidaying with his wife in North Wales and stopped off for a snack. Mike said: “We went to a café and I was craving a

Adelie launches direct-tostore delivery service for its Urban Eat range Adelie has launched a new direct-to-store delivery service for its Urban Eat range, providing retailers with a consolidated ‘One Stop Shop’. The company aims to further capitalise on the expanding FTG market within convenience. John Want, Marketing Director at Adelie Foods, said: “With this offering we are hoping to accelerate the roll-out of URBAN eat within this important sector. We’ve extended the life of some of our top sellers to four days, which means that retailers can be reassured they can sellthrough. To strengthen our proposition further, we have also introduced an online sale and return model so waste is clearly

tracked and credit claims raised automatically. “We also understand the need to provide the full Food to Go solution for convenience and forecourt operators so they have a perfect offer in store from a single supplier. Our small range of complimentary Food to Go products is made up of all the big hitters. This includes Wall’s, the number 1 savoury pastry brand in the channel.” The URBAN eat portfolio includes sandwiches, wraps and snacks; as well as the classic best-sellers, the range includes on-trend flavours such as Chicken Tikka Bhaji, and an extensive selection of halal and gluten free options.

sausage sandwich. When I got my butty I was in heaven; it was the nicest thing I had ever tasted. “My search for the ultimate sandwich started off as a joke 
but every time I travelled somewhere I would pop into a cafe and get one. “It has been a real adventure and I have eaten some great sarnies along the way.” Mike has sampled the very best and worst sandwiches across Britain for the past 15 years, eating hundreds of bangers in that time. He first went into The Galley four years ago when

he fancied a snack. “I didn’t really go in there to judge it,” Mike explained. “When I tasted it I just knew that it was the ultimate sandwich. It is crazy to think that it was right on my doorstep. “The sausages they use are exclusive to the café and come from a butcher’s in Bristol and the freshlybaked bread they are served in is delicious. “I have mine with top quality Wyke butter and brown sauce, and of course the obligatory black pepper.” Source: The Weston Mercury

Excellent Expansion/ Business for Sale Opportunity: Café Sale in Kent TRANSWORLD Business Advisors Kent offers a prime opportunity to purchase an extremely profitable, deluxe multi-floor café with bakery in a very popular Kent town. This prosperous café has operated for over 30 years, with only one owner during this period. The company’s strength throughout many years of trading is a testament to the ongoing and stable success of the business. Superb location on a busy high affluent high street. The café experiences excellent footfall clients (tourists), alongside a loyal, local customer base. The café has parking available for the business. Price: £475,000 Business Reference: 87252 Contact broker: Andy Myers Email: Phone: 01732 317035 This business listing is just one of many in the hospitality and other industries, for sale through Transworld Business Advisors – Kent, a local specialist business broker serving business owners in Kent. May 2018 17


Jiffy Trucks launches a new Truck (Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet) JIFFY Trucks Ltd is the UK’s largest and, without doubt, best known supplier of ‘food to the workplace’ snack vans. With over 40 years of experience in this field of hot and cold temperaturecontrolled snack trucks, the Yorkshirebased company now has another model in its portfolio: the Isuzu Grafter Jiffy Banquet. Shane Hepple, Head of Development, explained the process: “We needed to find a reliable base vehicle that would carry the weight, be environmentally friendly (Euro 6), fuel efficient and come from a manufacturer that was commercially minded. “Our search then was to find a manufacturer which understood that our customers work five days a week at least, and lending them a courtesy car if a van broke down wouldn’t cut the mustard. Our customers need fast turnaround on both servicing and repairs.” Enter Isuzu Trucks with their SWB Grafter: 1.9d 125bhp with a 3500gvw - perfect. Isuzu “Truck” dealers often share a dealership with other truck manufacturers so frequently have a night shift, meaning repairs and service can be completed while you sleep, and then collected early the next day, in time for the round as normal. The Jiffy body has all the usual features, including heated areas, as well as chilled and ambient, all of which are designed for maximum retail impact, whilst keeping the produce as fresh as possible. On the storage side, there are areas for top up stock, as well as delivery stacking trays. These allow you to deliver buffets and cover event catering. A typical truck will call at around 35 to 40 businesses a day, operating from 8am until around 1.30pm, catering for both breakfast, and lunch times. Shane adds: “Times have changed: our customer base has also changed dramatically over the last 10 years. We used to have lots of one-man operators, but now our customers, in the main, are made up of professional catering companies and high street brands that everyone knows.

“Workplace deliveries are now known for quality and welcomed by the hungry customers. These days people expect more, and our users are delivering just that.” The first two Isuzu Banquet trucks have been delivered to 2U Food, a company based in St Helens, Merseyside. 2U Food are one of the UK’s largest mobile food truck operators and serve breakfast and lunch to over 1,000 work places across the North West each week. The new trucks increase their fleet to 31. Paul Foster, Managing Director, said: “We’re happy to welcome the new Isuzu Banquets to our fleet. More and more customers are asking for our services,


so these new trucks will enable us to reach more customers in the North West region. Thanks to all involved with the new Isuzu trucks, initial feedback has been very positive.” Craig Widdowson, Jiffy Trucks’ Sales Manager, says: “The New Isuzu Banquet is available now, it’s been fully type approved with the VCA, and we are confident the relationship with Isuzu will be a positive move for our mutual end users. We are very happy with the whole situation. For further information please feel free to call me on 01274 596000.” To explore 2U Foods services visit

RAP MA Tray™ Modified Atmosphere Carton Food Tray






Ideal for Ready Meals and Cooked & Uncooked Meats & Fish

Rapid Action Packaging Ltd, Mansel Court, 2a Mansel Court, Wimbledon, London SW19 4AA T +44 (0) 20 8069 0700 F +44 (0) 20 8069 0701 E


opens its first outlet in London US sub outlet Which Wich has opened in London for the first time with plans to open 10 stores in the UK in the next four years, reaching 100 locations by 2028


elayed from last year, Which Wich’s United Kingdom debut is part of the brand’s focus on expanding its presence globally. The London opening marks the first of what it says will be 10 stores set to open within the next four years throughout the country with the expectation of reaching 100 locations in operation by 2028. While Europe has been uncharted

territory for the brand, Which Wich is no stranger to international expansion on a franchise basis. The entry into London adds to the brand’s expansive global footprint with more than 500 stores open or in development in 40 states and 9 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, the UAE and Qatar. “London is the heart of the United Kingdom and a hub


for those traveling throughout Europe. Given the success Which Wich has experienced in other major international markets, we feel that our brand will also be enthusiastically received in the UK,” said Alex Oswiecinski, Vice President of International Operations & Development for Which Wich. The first London outlet is located at Unit 8, Central St. Giles, London,

PROFILE and fresh. Londoners love their sandwiches, and the opportunity to introduce a brand which offers endless customization and locallysourced ingredients, coupled with an innovative ordering process is extremely exciting, and a concept we feel Londoners will fall in love with,” said Rami Awada. “When I first stumbled upon Which Wich in the States, I was drawn by the name, the vibe inside the restaurant, and their creative ordering system,” he added. “But after trying their sandwiches, I understood why they call them ‘superior.’ I knew right then that it was a concept that Londoners would love, and could take the U.K. by storm.” But is the timing right with a somewhat depressed retail sector and uncertainty rife over Brexit, as well as rising labour costs and business rates?

in the heart of the city’s West End where offices, restaurants and historic real estate collide to form a bustling, high-traffic environment. The UK introduction is led by brothers, Rami and Nader Awada of AAA Investment House, who first fell in love with Which Wich in the United States and recognized a greater opportunity to bring customizable, hot sandwiches made with fresh ingredients to the people of London. “The vibe of Which Wich is like nothing else – it’s fun, creative

Another question mark is the dominance of Subway in the UK market. Its closest franchised subs rival Quiznos has apparently struggled to make an impact so far with just a handful of sites in the UK currently. The fact of the matter is that it’s almost impossible to find a site without the looming shadow of Subway over it. There’s also the issue of cultural differences: what goes down well in the US or relatively new food to go markets like the Middle East may not

find favour in the maturing sandwich market of the UK. US sandwich chain Potbelly, for example, which opened an outlet in London in 2015 has so far failed to open a second after three years. The Earl of Sandwich sandwich chain, which has done well in the US, has failed to take off in any substantial way in the UK – the first outlet closing after a couple of years. But managing director Rami Awada has no doubts apparently. ‘’We feel the market is saturated with cold grab-and-go sandwich offerings, and Londoners will welcome a change in pursuing their beloved sandwich habit. We have witnessed the highquality burger revolution and we now feel London is perfectly placed to receive our hot, premium quality sandwiches. ‘’With Brexit coming along, a lot of the exaggeration in the London market has been exposed with extremely high rents and business rates driving some chains out of business. Other chains are scrapping expansion plans and shutting down multiple units. Rather than worry about these developments, we actually feel this is a great opportunity for us to enter this exciting market with long lasting business terms. “We have the utmost trust and confidence in the quality of our sandwiches and the Which Wich brand, and we are excited to enter the market now when most are pulling out,” Awada added. Which Wich is known for its ordering system, in which customers use red markers to mark up preprinted menus on sandwich bags. They select a sandwich from a number of categories, then choose the bread, cheese, spreads, and toppings. The sandwiches are then prepared, and delivered in the personalized sandwich bags. Guests are encouraged to draw on their bags and hang their “artwork” on the community wall in the US. The first UK store features classic Which Wich menu favorites like the brand’s signature Wicked sandwich alongside new additions that embody the vibrant cuisine found across London. A “Favourites” category includes the Chicken Tikka Wich, Loaded BBQ Pork Wich, SuperVeggie Wrap, and Banh Mi Wich. The “Premium” category includes May 2018 21


the Cali Chicken Club Wich, Shrimp Po’ Boy Wich, Big Italian Meatball Wich and Beef Mushroom Melt Wich. The London Which Wich also offers a line of fries with the option of either regular or sweet potato to pair with a variety of House Dipping Sauces. The restaurant features sautéed mushrooms and a homemade, gourmet coleslaw made in-house daily. For early risers and those on-the-go in the morning, the London Which Wich features a breakfast menu with fresh poached eggs, Wiches and six artisan coffee options made from freshly roasted beans delivered straight from their in-house bean roasters, as well as tea and hot chocolate. The Awadas have built an extensive network of UK-based sourcing partners specializing in artisan breads, meats and cheeses. The location will also offer a unique “Grab and Go” section where busy professionals can quickly pick up soups, salads, various dips and breakfast porridge. Under the terms of the deal, further expansion throughout the United Kingdom is possible after the opening

of the first ten London locations. In order to adapt the brand, Which Wich plans to incorporate a design that has been successful in similar high density global markets, like Dubai, where slightly smaller real estate footprints are maximized while maintaining the trademark Which Wich experience. We believe that Which Wich provides a unique experience and universal product that crosses all borders,” added Alex Oswiecinski. “We are focused on supporting the Awada brothers to make Which Wich’s foray into London a huge success, which will naturally lead to demand across the U.K. and Europe.” Which Wich Superior Sandwiches was actually founded in Dallas in late 2003 by restaurant entrepreneur, Jeff Sinelli. The national sandwich franchise chain is best known for its customizable sandwiches, creative ordering system, and personalized sandwich bag. In 2014, QSR named Which Wich one of their “2014 Best Franchise Deals” and Forbes listed Which Wich as one of their 2014 “30 Best Franchises To Buy.” Which Wich is also the recipient


of the 2015 Nation’s Restaurant News MenuMasters “Healthful Innovations” award. Which Wich currently has 500 locations open or in development in 39 states and 12 countries. “London is a global hub and entry point into Europe. The opening of the first European location is a major milestone for Which Wich and we’re thrilled about the larger continental expansion that’s set to follow,” said Jeff Sinelli, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief ‘Vibe Officer’ for Which Wich. “London is known for its mix of cuisines, and we’re excited to bring a diverse variety of quality sandwiches and the unique Which Wich vibe to Londoners for the very first time. “Several months of planning and preparation have all led up to the culmination of this major milestone for the brand. Interweaving the Which Wich vibe with the fast-paced, upscale London feel is exciting and we’re fully supportive of the Awada brothers as they continue this journey of developing the brand’s presence across the UK and spur further development throughout Europe.”

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for guaranteed food safety! Specify Fresh Produce Wash for an anti-bacterial, chlorine free wash for all your Vegetable, Fruit & Salad ingredients • Fresh Produce Wash has been specifically developed with the concerns of consumers in mind. • High profile scares in the press about bacteria and pesticides on vegetables are common place. It is no wonder the pesticides and fertilisers used to grow most of our foods build up on vegetables, some are specifically formulated not to wash off in the rain! It therefore stands to reason that tap water probably won’t wash them off either. Even organically grown produce can harbour dirt and bacteria, and is exposed to exhaust fumes and other toxins during transport. Any number of people will have handled your fruit and vegetables before you purchased them. Now Drywite Ltd, who has eighty five years experience in vegetable preparation, has the solution with Fresh Produce Wash.

Specifically formulated to kill pathogenic bacteria including Salmonella Typhimurium, Listeria Monocytogenes, Campylobacter Jejuni, E-Coli, and Staphylococcus Aureus. Which are the major causes of food poisoning. Kills spoilage bacteria, the major cause of vegetables deteriorating and discolouring, therefore, vegetables last longer too! Removes soil residues, pesticides and fertilisers. Tasteless and odour free. Cost effective. One measure of Fresh Produce Wash mixed with water can wash over 100kg of vegetables, with the solution being used throughout the day.

Reduces vegetable waste. Chlorine free and totally biodegradable. Independently tested for its effectiveness of reducing bacteria and pesticides. The results have been startling not only for harmful pathogenic organisms such as salmonella and pesticides, but also for spoilage organisms. So not only will your customers be eating a healthier product, but if the salads or vegetables after washing are stored appropriately, they should last longer too.

GMO free, with all ingredients being of food grade quality, of plant origin and from self sustaining crops. Fresh Produce Wash is covered by the Miscellaneous Food Additive Regulations, as a processing aid. Classified as non-hazardous under COSHH regulations. Directive 67/548/EEC or its amendments. FDA-CFR (Title 21) ‘GRAS’ STATUS.

For more information or a FREE sample please call 01384 569556 or E-mail:

RAP reduces plastics by 85% with new Modified Atmosphere Carton Food Tray RAP, the manufacturer of food-to-go packaging, has developed a Modified Atmosphere (MA) RapTray which offers an alternative to full plastic trays and reduces plastic use by 85%. In addition, it’s the world’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray which means it removes virtually all oxygen from inside the tray, extending product shelf life and maintaining food freshness. The MA RapTray was designed for Dalehead Foods and the packaging is being used in Waitrose stores. It is suitable for a wide range of chilled meals, salads and fruit salads, and it’s constructed from lightweight board and laminate film, making it 20% lighter than standard equivalents. Dalehead Foods, based in Corsham, Wiltshire, is a division of Tulip Ltd, one of the largest meat processors

in the UK. Dalehead operates five sites across the UK and supplies Waitrose with more than 400 meat products including bacon, sausage and lamb. The company is using RAP’s MA RapTray for

its “Free Range Pantry” collection that features its Honey & Mustard Roasted free range Turkey; its Rosemary, Garlic & Lemon free range Turkey; and its Butter Roasted free range Turkey.

Graham Williams, CEO at RAP, said: “Our partnership with Dalehead Foods has enabled us to make a huge impact in the food packaging industry by introducing the sector’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray. “And, we’re helping to make a positive difference with the MA RapTray, it directly responds to the global plastic pollution issue as it reduces plastic use by up to 85%.” Julian Money, founder of RAP, added: “At RAP, we’re committed to this movement, and we’re working to remove all avoidable plastics in our packaging, wherever possible. “We see this as something that will make a huge and positive impact for our environment and future generations, and look forward to developing more plastic alternatives for the packaging industry.”

Takeaway salad revealed as Britain’s biggest source of food waste THOUSANDS of tons of bagged salad go straight into the bin every year as one of Britain’s biggest sources of food waste. UK waste management company has conducted research and found that over 99% of bagged salads given away by takeaway food establishments are never eaten, with many thrown into waste bins unopened. The company says that public waste bins near outlets are often filled to overflowing with bagged salads as customers dump them at the first opportunity. “We tried to find out who eats these salads, and we found literally nobody prepared to confess that they did,” says spokesman Mark Hall, “In our opinion,

they’re nothing but a huge waste of food; thousands of tons going to waste.” The company asked 3,500 takeaway food customers at several locations in the UK what they did with free salads given away as an accompaniment. • 94% Throw it in the bin without opening • 1% Put it in the fridge, and throw it away later • 6% Leave it in the shop or give it back to the delivery person • 0% Eat it It puts the reluctance of many people to eat salads from takeaways down to the mistaken perception that there’s probably something wrong with it, or that it has been prepared in an unhygienic kitchen.


“A plastic bag’s probably not the best way to present a salad, to be honest,” says Mark Hall, “Customers have a mental image of the food being stuffed in there by bare hand, which it most certainly isn’t. But it’s a hard image for most people to shake.” However, that reason is the one most heard by when it asked customers why they avoided takeaway salads: • “I don’t know where it’s been.” • “I’ve been told that it’s dirty.” / “... it’s out of date.” / “...they don’t wash it.” • “I might get food poisoning from it.” / “I heard somebody got food poisoning from it.”


Features and benefits ■ ■ ■ ■

Twin lane board sealer with powered eject. Integrated exit conveyor. Optional integrated coding. Seals up to 80 packs per minute.

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To advertise call Paul Steer on 01291 636342 May 2018 25


Nine in ten Brits are stuck in their own version of Groundhog Day NINE in ten Brits claim they are stuck in their very own version of Groundhog Day, which may shed some light on sandwich choices. In a new study researchers took an in depth look into modern life for Brits and discovered the extent to which we are creatures of habit, with as many as 67 percent of us going so far as to say we are “stuck in a rut”. More than one in three (37 percent) said they leave the house at precisely the same time every day, while 42 percent take exactly the same route to work every day. The poll revealed over half of us watch the same TV shows each week, while one in five order exactly the same take-away and one in ten admit they buy the same bottle of wine week in, week out. A further 14 percent said they have the same conversation with their other half every evening - moaning about the same people and the same work grumbles. Furthermore, according to the data, 84 percent don’t ever stray from their weekly shopping list and only 16 percent said they like to mix things up and try new foods. The poll of 1,500 adults marks the launch of Highland Spring’s ‘H20omph’ campaign which is encouraging the nation to celebrate life by venturing outside of their comfort zone, just a little bit. Behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings, said: “Over a third of Brits (35 percent) said that being a creature of habit was just a part of life, and familiarity can be very comforting. “But while routine is comforting, it can also be a major cause of boredom, demotivation and can leave us feeling like

it’s Groundhog Day. There are so many quick and easy, big and small ways we can mix things up and make the most of everyday. Take a routine work day - and shake it up a bit. Small changes can make big improvements in our daily routine. “We do need an element of predictability to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Modifying certain areas of our lives, such as trying a different sport, or simply changing our regular meal times or journeys, enables us to break out of the monotony cycle and has been shown to make us more adventurous overall. We have a release of feel good endorphins during exercise for example, or a rush of adrenalin doing something new, even as we simply anticipate it. Rather than going back to the same holiday destination time and time again simply take the ingredients that you like, whether that’s a beach, child friendly hotel, sightseeing or an activity-based break, type them into a search engine and

see what new and unexplored adventures await. “Setting ourselves new goals and challenges outside of our regular comfort zone - however small - can inspire us, make us feel more creative and more satisfied with life overall, improving both our self-esteem and our self-confidence.” People’s jobs were found to be the most monotonous area of their life, followed by their cleaning routine and the commute. Nearly three quarters (71 percent) of safe and steady Brits have booked the same holiday more than once and the typical holiday maker has been back to their favourite destination FIVE times in their life. But according to the study, the average Brit spends six hours every week dreaming about doing things differently, trying a new experience, going somewhere new or doing something they have never done before.

Glasgow sandwich shop opens sixth branch GLASGOW sandwich shop Piece is expanding with a new branch - and has given out free food to celebrate. Alongside its existing

five shops - Merchant City, Finnieston, City Centre, The Whisky Bond and Inovo - Piece has now opened on Waterloo Street. John Moore, a


co-founder and director of Piece Glasgow, said before the opening it is the biggest shop yet with gourmet sandwiches, coffee, salads, soups and cakes.

“It’s a monster of a unit and to create a buzz we will give away free sandwiches from noon until we run out or collapse.”


British Sandwich Week Celebration British Sandwich Week, starting on Sunday, May 20th, looks set to be one of the best ever, says Gethin Evans, Membership Communications Manager


ritish Sandwich Week is a week-long celebration of the greatest food to go and quite possibly the most iconic British culinary invention, the Sandwich. We’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure that this is the best year yet for this fantastic week-long celebration from Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th May 2018. Building on our strengths from last year, we’ve again teamed up with Network Rail to advertise British Sandwich Week in all major rail hubs in London and across the country. We’re working with DEFRA on a combined message utilising their Food is Great messaging and carrying that logo. We can’t reveal the finished artwork until closer to the week so look out for them on billboards near you. Why not Tweet us a picture using @BritSandwich and/or #BritishSandwichWeek – our social media account will be full of activity during the week of course, so get involved! I am delighted to let you know that as part of British Sandwich Week we will also be working with Lyonsdown media to bring out a special sandwich supplement in the full run of The Guardian newspaper in May. The supplement will be a celebration of the time-honoured tradition that is the Great British Sandwich and will sit alongside the Network Rail poster campaign for the Week. In terms of content, it will take readers on an offbeat and educational journey through the history of one of the UK’s finest contributions to the world. The simple sandwich has survived centuries of cultural and gastronomic evolution and remains at

the very epicentre of our culinary and working lives. Indeed, the sandwich is arguably more relevant to the fast pace of today’s lifestyles than it has ever been. Features will include how the sandwich has adapted to the modern world, the innovative skills of the industry and the contribution sandwiches make to UK productivity, plus many more to be confirmed. For our members this report represents a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand alongside this iconic British staple. What is even better news is that as part of our partnership we have negotiated a 25% discount for sponsorship opportunities for all of our members. To support the above we’ll be contacting the thousands of consumers on our database with details about British Sandwich Week and we’re pleased that some retailers are eager to promote their activities





20 MA th - 2 Y 2 6th 018

through our newsletter, website and more. Meet our new PR - Sam Day, who’s leading on our British Sandwich Week activity this year. You can reach her on or call Sam on 01291 636349. Let us know about your plans for British Sandwich Week; are you linking up with local or national charities? Running special offers? We would love to feature you in our activity, too. Get in touch! And finally, here’s a few fun facts for your own British Sandwich Week PR: • The British sandwich market is worth in excess of £8bn • The industry employs more than 300,000 people in the UK • The traditional triangle sandwich accounts for 37% of all units sold • Toasties and Paninis are tied on 4% market share apiece • 41% of sandwiches are sold in sandwich shops/bakers.


The biggest night in the Sandwich and Food to Go Industry’s calendar is nearly upon us. Thursday 10th May will see the industry’s great come together to celebrate the highs and the heroes of the past year. The Award Ceremony hosted by Chef Theo Randall and Comedian Dominic Holland is a celebration revealing the sandwich industry’s winners whether it be the best sandwich or food to go innovation. The Sammies 2018 take place at The Royal Lancaster London with a drinks reception, gala dinner, the all-important awards, music and dancing.


The Shortlists are announced……


pring is in the air and the shortlist for this year’s Sammies has been announced. Our judges have spent hours deliberating over the entries and been amazed by the standard of the submissions. There is no doubt the Sandwich and Food to Go Industry is thriving and we are seeing an increasing amount of development and innovation within the sandwich and food to go market.

BSA Sandwich Manufacturer Award This award recognises the most impressive and effective initiatives to improve the quality and food safety of sandwich manufacturing. There is no shortlist published.

Sandwich Multiple Retailer Award This award recognises the multiple retailer that has done the most to develop its sandwich business to include marketing, innovation, packaging, product, quality, sales growth and market share. There is no shortlist published.

Sandwich Convenience Retailer Award This award recognises the retailer that has done the most to develop its sandwich business taking into account marketing, innovation, packaging, product quality, sales growth and market share. There is no shortlist published.

The British Sandwich Industry Award There is no shortlist published for this award.

Food to Go Retailer Award There is no shortlist published for this award.

Awards Supported by:

Workplace and Catering Sandwich Retailer Award This award recognises excellence and progress amongst those providing sandwiches in a workplace environment, whether contract catering, on-site retailing or delivery. The shortlist is: • Express Vending • Eatfirst • Compass – Foodbuy • Sandwich Express • Baxter Storey • CH & Co

The Sandwich Marketing Award This award is specifically for those marketeers whose creativity delivers business. The shortlist is: • Greggs – The Greggs Diet • Adelie – Urban Eat Relaunch • EAT – The Grill Club • Raynors – Bite! Packaging Re-Design 30 May 2018 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

Chain Sandwich Retailer Award This award champions those in the sector where the core business is the sale of sandwiches whether made to order, pre-packed on site, or bought in pre-packed from a central commissary. The award is subdivided into four categories, Specialist Sandwich Bar, Bakery Chain, Café and Café In-store. There is no shortlist published. \

Food to Go Innovation Award This award aims to encourage the development of new products for the food to go market and is split into two categories. The shortlists are: Ingredient • Around Noon – SCRIBBLES Guilt Free Grazing Platter • Pure – Rhubarb & Apricot Powerballs • Street Eats – Ajver Picante • Crussh – Raw Energy Balls – Ferrero Rocher • Pure – Halloumi & Super Grain Packaging & Equipment • Colpac – Zest Range • RAP – Rapid Action Packaging MA Food Tray • Pure – Filtered Water, Free for Everyone • Navigate Ltd – Insulated Lunch Tote Bags

NEW CATEGORY - Food to Go New Product Development Award • Waitrose - Café Breakfast and Lunch Range • Creative foods Europe/Calder foods - Coconut and chilli marinated sliced chicken breast • Booths - Food to Go Range • Street Eats – Veganism • Cargill Meats Europe – Cooked Chicken with rice starch & salt • Asda – New Premium Range

SAMMIES AWARDS 2018 Wine at this year’s Sammies Awards will be provided Courtesy of

New Sandwich Award This award recognises new prepacked sandwiches which have been successfully launched in a retail or catering environment and is split into three categories. The shortlists are: Innovative • Waitrose – Good to Go Jerk Spiced Chicken Roti • Waitrose – Good to Go Protein Power Chicken & Chorizo Omelette Wrap • Around Noon – Butternut Squash & Feta Flatbread • Street Eats – Bourbon BBQ jack fruit with vegan house slaw hoagie • Deli Lites – Pistachio Za’atar Shredded Chicken Khobez Hot • Around Noon – Breakfast Toast • Street Eats – Brie, Pear, Honey & Rocket Ciabatta • Deli Lites - Pishwari Chicken Madras Toastie • Zinda Foods – Moroccan Chicken Airwrap • Food Attraction Ltd – Chicken Tikka Masala Naanster Seasonal/Promotional • Boots - Nutritious Tandoori Style Beetroot Flatbread • Co-op – Boxing Day Sandwich • Waitrose – Good to Go Spiced King Prawn Cocktail Sandwich • Freshways Food Co – The Café Range Vegan Falafel Bloomer • Booths - British Ham Hock & Egg Overall Sandwich Award The winner will be chosen from the three category winners.

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En-Route Sandwich Retailer Award This award recognises the effort made to tailor the offering for the en route sector with evidence of how the business has adapted to operate in this sector including product range, systems and marketing. The shortlist is: • Greggs – Irlam Drive Thru – Manchester • Deli by Shell – deli2go • BP • Caffe Nero • Country Choice – Substop • Welcome Break

Independent Sandwich Retailer Award This award is for businesses with nine outlets or fewer and is divided into four categories, and the gold award winners are: • Bakery Sandwich Retailer – Pinkmans Bakery, Bristol • Café Sandwich Retailer – Marmalade, Brighton • Delicatessen Sandwich Shop – Hells Kitchen, Brighton • Sandwich Shop – Andre’s Food Bar, Portsmouth The overall platinum winner will be chosen from the four gold winners.

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New Sandwich Product Award This award is split into two categories and seeks to recognise products used within the market including ingredients, equipment and associated products. The shortlists are: Ingredient • Norseland – Ilchester Black Cheddar • Purple Pineapple – Wasabi Style Tuna • Beacon Foods – BBQ Pulled Jackfruit • Dawn Farms – Italian-Style Porchetta • Adelie Foods – Next Generation Bread • Leathams – HPP Nduja Packaging/Equipment • Adande Refrigeration Ltd – Aircell Grab & Go Cabinet • Tasty Apps – LunchMate • Smith Anderson Group – ‘Non-Stick Toastie Bag’ for Flatbread or Panini

BSA Technical Award This award recognises the development of technical excellence. The shortlist is: • Retail Space Solutions – tip2Sell • RAP - Rapid Action Packaging Ltd – The MA Food Tray • Cargill Meats Europe – Cooked Chicken with rice starch & salt • Deli2go – All-Day Breakfast Hot Pot We are proud to support FareShare with our fundraising effort in 2018 and we will be publishing a list of prizes in our raffle.

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AWARDS 2018 May 2018 31







e have enjoyed every tasty mouthful of our journey across the UK judging the Regional Heats in The Sandwich Designer of the Year 2018. From Naans in Newcastle to Bao Buns in Bristol our judges have tried every conceivable kind of sandwich and been really inspired by the use of sponsor ingredients within each category. The Heats started in Newcastle at Greggs Food Zone. With six separate categories, the judges enjoyed

everything from a sweet sandwich made with New York Bakery’s Croll to a Khobez used to accentuate the flavours of the Harvey & Brockless Beetroot & Rosemary Hummus. In Northwich, Roberts Bakery hosted our North West Regional Heat. The Warburtons category showcased a really inspirational range of “free from” recipes with some clever gluten free takes on traditional favourites like the Fish Finger Sandwich and Beans on Toast.



For the Midlands Heat, Dawn Farm Foods kindly hosted our contestants and judges, and the sandwiches took on a real international feel with the H. Smith shredded chicken category boasting a Mexican, French and Indian inspired sandwich. The London Heat took place at Greencore with some heavenly meatinspired recipes. From the Canadian Goose Duck in the Sam Browne category to the Zingy Ginger Chicken Sandwich made using H. Smith chicken it was a meat-eaters paradise. Being in the West Country, Cheese was the ingredient of the day at the South West Heat at The National Catering Equipment Centre in Bristol. Within the Jarlsberg category the contestants produced some incredible sandwiches melting the Jarlsberg cheese and complimenting it’s Nordic origins with Scandinavian flavours. Congratulations to all the contestants who took part across the five regional heats. The variety and complexity of the creations was incredible and a fantastic advertisement for the culinary creativity that drives the sandwich industry. A huge thank you to the venue providers for their support and for allowing us to invade their kitchens: Greggs, Roberts Bakery, Dawn Farms, Greencore and The National Catering Equipment Centre. Thank you too to our judges for eating almost 150 sandwiches over our twoweek judging period. The Grand Final takes place on Thursday 10th May from 11:30am at the Royal Lancaster London Hotel. Turn the page to meet the Sandwich Designer 2018 Finalists‌. May 2018 33


H. Smith Food Group plc Shredded Chicken Nathan Baker On a Roll Sandwich Company Vietnamese Pulled Chicken Banh Mi

Susannah Montgomery The Soho Sandwich Company - Zingy Ginger Chicken

David Worthington Truffle Chicken Porcini and Pancetta Toastie

Elliot Cantrell Magee St Bakery Coq in a Van

David Llewellyn Greencore - The Chicken De-Luxe

HIGHLY COMMENDED Catherine Farrell Greencore - Aladdin’s Cave Flatbread Gnina Balchin Zinda Foods - Thai Coconut Chicken

Harvey and Brockless Beetroot & Rosemary Hummus Sandwich Designer of the Year Dean Skinner Deli Lites Pistachio Za’atar Shredded Chicken Khobez

Kim Hartley Mission Foods Make No Bones - Gozleme (Vegan) Turkish Toasted Sandwich

Gnina Balchin Zinda Foods Cheesy Beef

Gavin Youngson Bradgate Bakery An Old Fashioned Toast

Kelly Merry Greencore - Stack to your Roots

HIGHLY COMMENDED Karol Grzelak Real Wrap Co - Funky Beet Mark Kacary The Norfolk Deli The Vegiterranean



New York Bakery Croll Sandwich Designer of the Year Lorraine Duthie Lettuce Eat Healthy - Cranachan Croll

Jessica Ayling EAT - Fishing for Breakfast

Rick Mattock Mellors Catering Service - Parmo Meets New York

Kate Price-Whittle The Cooking Co The Triple B

Dai Llewellyn Greencore - Heart & Soul Croll

HIGHLY COMMENDED Rob Lawton Greencore - Whiskey Gone Wild James Simcox Greencore - Philadelphia meets Ilchester Buffalo Cheese Steak Croll

Warburtons Gluten Free White Sourdough Artisan Cob Sandwich Designer of the Year Dean Skinner Deli-Lites - ‘Get It India’ Gluten Free Sourdough Toastie

David Worthington FSC - Gluten Free Posh Sausage & Beans Toastie

Conor Bird House of Commons - Meaty Grilled Cheese

Ian Mullin Freshways – Tender Bock Bock with Broc

Rob Lawton Greencore - Huevos Interested?

HIGHLY COMMENDED Barny Luxmoore Jabberwocky Streetfood - Chip Butty Alastair Fox Bean Loved - Gluten Free Fish Finger Sandwich May 2018 35


Norseland Jarlsberg® Cheese Sandwich Designer of the Year Katherine McCloy Greencore - St Patrick would be Proud

Scott Joynston Greencore - Polska Smørbrød

Russell Sanders Adelie Foods Hair of the Dog Toasty

Keith Allen FSC - Jarlsberg and Mustard Crusted Ham ‘Croque Fondue’

Martin Willsher Starbucks Coffee Co (UK) - Jarlsberg Juicy Lucy (the ultimate and indulgent sandwich)

HIGHLY COMMENDED Chloe Orwin Greencore - Caramac Cheese Delight Open Sandwich

Sam Browne Foods British Red Tractor, Farm Assured, Pulled, Cooked Duck Sandwich Designer of the Year Emma Taylor Greencore Hello Me

Kim Hartley Mission Foods Europe Ltd. Chubby Duck Gordita

Mike Crofts Raynors - Ducking Delicious

Catherine Farrell Greencore Canadian Goose Duck

Martin Willsher Starbucks Coffee Co (UK) - Apple and Bramble Duck

HIGHLY COMMENDED Kris Davies The Parc Deli - Cherry Salsa Duck


Classic and Continental flavours play a key role in sandwich sales

Foodservice operators looking to drive sandwich sales should keep an eye on growing consumer demand for exotic flavours and fillings with provenance, says Svitlana Binns, Customer Relationship Manager, Dairygold Food Ingredients UK Ltd (DFI) DFI, one of the UK’s largest and most progressive suppliers of cheese and dairy-based ingredients to the food manufacturing and foodservice sectors, supplies a range of products that enable foodservice operators to keep their sandwich offering fresh. Sandwiches remain a lunchtime staple, but the types of fillings that people are looking for are changing as seasonality has started to play a role. Operators are increasingly tailoring their sandwich offering to the seasons to keep the category exciting, such as Brie and Cranberry as a classic Christmas combination or BBQ Pulled Pork and Halloumi, tapping into the summer barbecue trend. TRENDS Cheese has always proven to be a popular sandwich ingredient, but consumers are increasingly on the lookout for new flavours and formats; something visually different to choose from. In order to consistently deliver on taste, quality and value, DFI closely monitors trends and continually updates its product offering, allowing foodservice operators to meet consumer needs. In recent years, the ‘flexitarian’ diet has grown in popularity, with flexitarians opting for a diet mostly free of meat.

This diet trend, combined with evergrowing ‘cuisine tourism’ such as a desire for Mediterranean flavours, means that cheese varieties including Halloumi, Mozzarella and Feta continue to show positive growth; particularly during the spring and summer months, when customers are looking for light and vibrant ingredients. Foodservice operators should look to utilise these varieties to keep their sandwich offering current. Mozzarella, pesto and tomato, Feta and red onion chutney, and Halloumi with honey and harissa are all popular sandwich combinations that DFI has witnessed from food manufacturers in recent times. All of these cheeses create the perfect opportunity for operators to add something unique to their hot sandwich range, whilst catering to demand for Mediterranean flavours. Sales of continental cheese have risen, and whilst British provenance is still really important to consumers, DFI has seen an increased interest in more adventurous flavours, with continental cheeses coming to the fore, and British manufacturers producing continental style cheeses such as British Brie and British Camembert; cheeses which are not protected by PDO or PGI status. With major world events upcoming, such as The 2018 World Cup, and Summer Olympics 2020, there is ample

opportunity for foodservice operators to take advantage of this trend and offer flavours from around the world. CHEDDAR Whilst new and exciting flavours are emerging, cheddar remains extremely popular among UK consumers, particularly those varieties that are produced in the UK. DFI maintains a variety of UK produced branded cheddars including Orkney Scottish Cheddar, Fountains Gold Mature Cheddar, Barber’s, Taw Valley, Davidstow, Cornish Cove and Cornish Cruncher cheddars. Available in a number of formats including sliced, diced and grated, the range offers customers choice, quality and provenance. For customers that want exotic flavours: Lime and chili Cheddar, Caramelised Onion Cheddar, Truffle Cheddar, Sage Derby Available in sliced, crumbled or block format, this cheese is incredibly versatile meaning it can be melted, grated or sliced on sandwiches and burgers. DFI’s advice to foodservice operators is simple; stay up to date on category trends and ensure that a combination of seasonal flavours and traditional consumer favourites are on offer to maximise sandwich sales. May 2018 37

Continuing robust sentiment across the food-to-go market Our regular food to go update from IGD


espite a number of current challenges, the overwhelming sentiment we hear from our conversations across the sector is for a continuing robust outlook for food-togo. Consumers remain very positively disposed to the solutions it provides them with. Meanwhile we’re continuing to see robust growth plans from many different operators. Londonbased Black Sheep Coffee, for example, following its 2017 opening in Manchester, is now turning its attention back to London, with a significant number of 2018 openings. Pasty specialist Warrens Bakery is another that has been growing rapidly on a franchise basis, primarily across the South of England.

At the same time, both Leon and Pret have been capturing headlines for their opening plans outside of the UK over recent weeks, as they look to open up new markets in locations such as the Netherlands. MORE INNOVATION FROM A VARIETY OF SOURCES Whether it is Sainsbury’s new look Pimlico store, which we recently visited, EAT17’s Bishop Stortford store, or the continuing evolution and improvement that we are seeing at the likes of M&S, there’s much to show how retailers are more focused than ever on leveraging the food-to-go opportunity. We’re also seeing more use of apps to improve the foodto-go customer experience. While Wagamama’s new

app isn’t about pure foodto-go, it’s a significant move from an operator that does influence (and compete with) many purer food-togo operators. And Crussh’s recently launched app is definitely one that is targeting the food-to-go consumers. Outside the UK, new convenience and food-to-go targeted apps from the likes of Jumbo in the Netherlands and Franprix in France provide great stimulus around how a wider set of retailers could use apps to better embrace the wider food-to-go opportunity. AS FOOD-TO-GO LOOKS MORE TO THE EVENING MISSION We see a lot of potential for food-to-go operators currently targeting the lunch mission to build on their

core brand values and stretch appeal into later dayparts. It’s still early stages, but we see a number of operators, particularly those in transit locations, giving a great indication of how this could develop. And like in many other aspects, it’s an area where several leading operators in Ireland, including the likes of Centra, Topaz and Maxol, are already positioning a number of their sites to do this. What’s more, as our freeto-download highlights from Rhian’s latest reports show, many food-to-go shoppers are already using food-togo as an evening solution. We’re expecting a wide range of operators across a number of markets to look more closely at how they can take advantage of this opportunity.




23/02/2018 17:20


Adapting to different

sites is a key to


success Benugo’s ability to adapt to different environments and locations has been a major key to its success, says Rory McEntee, head of marketing


enugo prides itself on having an independent spirit, both in terms of how we communicate and who we work with, but also as a business as a whole. We approach everything with an independent feel. So how do you describe Benugos? – it would be over-simplifying to say we are just a series of cafes and restaurants? We break the business down into public spaces and retail. We are in some of the most beautiful locations on the public side with patnerships: we’re slowly getting ourselves into museums – we have the Science Museum, V&A, British Museum, Natural History Museum

in London and Ashmolean, Oxford, for example. We’re in parks such as Regents Park (near the Serpentine) and we’re in the Barbican; we have a small food to go kiosk just outside Westminster, which is one of the our smallest sites but one of the most profitable. We also have some great partnerships with companies such as John Lewis, which has helped us to reach new customers. On the retail side we have a really interesting model in terms of our in-house cafes and workplaces. As well as being on the high street, we are in travel hubs such as Waterloo Station,


Birmingham New Street Station and Luton Airport. We have also created partnerships with in-house cafes such as Deloitte – people who wanted Benugo as part of their workspace. I believe the key to our success has been our ability to adapt our offer to the location. We take the best aspects of the business and adapt them accordingly. They are all individually run and that’s very much in accord with our independent ethos, even to the extent of working with suppliers to change the menu by location. We’ve recently got involved in the digital world. We’ve been quite slow to adopt it but we wanted to make sure we got it right. That has come about because of the new eating trends we are seeing, particularly on the high street and our in-house business. Its about reaching a new customer and getting the Benugo brand out there.


HIGH STREET MODEL The high street model is the real face of Benugos and it leads all our food development and operational earnings. We have 13 high street cafes currently – we certainly haven’t grown too fast; we’ve been very selective about where we’ve opened. We opened the first site in Clerkenwell in 1998. It was inspired by New York Deli. Ben Warner was previously a Pret franchisee. 70% of our sites are the same but each site is tweaked slightly to give it an individual look. From a food point of view, we have a Head of Food Development, Peter Keeble, simply for the high street, and this leads the way for the rest of the brand. We also have a Head of Coffee. Last year we sold £25m worth of coffee (9.5m cups) – we’re selling a lot

of coffee. The core business remains sandwiches but we are constantly trying to develop our products to give us an edge in such a competitive market. Over the years we have extended the range to include handmade salads and home-made cakes; the trend for healthy eating has given us raw juice immune booster shots and so on. On the partnership side of things, we’re with Top Shop, with the flagship store in the lower basement in Oxford Street. We’ve tried to retain the urban cool and edginess of the Top Shop brand and elevate our core range of products for a younger, more female audience looking for healthy product. Interestingly, around 20% of our sales are water there – but there’s also demand for indulgent product as well. It’s a very different model to what we have in the high street.

JOHN LEWIS We also now have a fabulous relationship with John Lewis. It has allowed us to expand beyond London – we were very Londoncentric before – and we’re now as far away as Aberdeen, Glasgow and Cardiff. We’ve looked at the fixtures and fittings and have premium brands there and a different feel. We serve our food on bone china, for instance. Ben Warner was very keen that we had a commissioned unique structure as a centrepiece for displaying cakes. We don’t sell a lot of scones at other parts of Benugos but at John Lewis it’s one of our best sellers. As well as our core bakery range, we also do a cream tea there. We’ve also looked carefully at our wine and beer menu and some of the sites even have a prosecco tap. May 2018 41


Highgate Kitchen is an unusual partnership for us. It’s a former warehouse and wallpaper factory in Kentish Town which has been converted to studios and workplaces for cool designers. It’s another example of how we adapt our offer because this audience is one which is up for experimenting with food. Working with our suppliers, for instance, we created an avocado and sourdough toast, served with bacon, salmon or poached eggs. It was so successful we started to put that into the high street. The workplace side of things has seen the biggest growth for us, certainly in terms of location. Our independent approach and flexibility has allowed us to take advantage of that. We’re with companies such as Deloitte, Amazon, Ministry of Justice, Deutsche Bank – we’re looking for suppliers to help us deliver something different in each area. One of the most interesting points is that some of our clients in this workplace area challenge us because wellbeing is so important to them – they ask us to reduce sugar by

30%, for example, or provide better environmental packaging, pre-order technology and so on. This is then incorporated into the rest of the business. About 18 months ago we decided to launch a click and collect service around the high street model. We wanted to have control of what we were doing, so we had to work very closely with suppliers to do things like deliver slightly different sized cakes and platters.


We use digital with order technology and loyalty. We’re nowhere near the likes of Greggs, but having your loyalty card on your phone is a start for us. On the social media side of things, the cross-selling opportunities are untapped and we need to talk much more about harnessing this a lot more. This policy of taking small, baby steps throughout the business has stood us in good stead. The Shake Bar, which we launched in the Science Museum a year ago, for instance, has been hugely

PROFILE successful and we’ve since launched it into Top Shop as well. We had an old reclaimed 1979 Citroen van and at one point that was the most profitable Benugo outlet per sq ft in the country. We also teamed up Wedgewood Tea with Peter Jones which again opened Benugo up to a new audience. We’re also looking at doing more pop ups. One of my favourites a couple of years ago was the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A. The queue was going right down the stairs and we had the idea of selling oranges to them – so it was good sales and brand promotion for us. Our client V&A loved it as well. But we don’t overly promote Benugo on the whole. SUPPLYING BENUGO I go to a lot of exhibitions and shows and people often come up and ask me how they can get into Benugo as a supplier, or at least get an introduction. I have to say it’s not easy – it’s a real challenge. There are a lot of stakeholders involved in the business for one thing. For me in marketing, I want exciting products on the shelf that we can sell and will be talked about; there’s a food development team that wants simple products that they can make easily in the shop, and then we have a purchasing department that wants the cheapest supplier out there! We’ve all got different objectives. So there’s no hard and fast rule. But we do tend to be a bit too inward looking at times and we shouldn’t be. We need to change a little bit and become a bit more open. But if I was to give one tip to supply Benugo, it would be to go to our trusted partners, to the people we work with currently, and get an introduction like that. WHAT’S NEXT? So what’s next, where are we going? We’re continuing to grow nationally. We’re very London-centric still with 80% of our sites still in the city. We want to carry on expanding nationwide, but we will continue to grow slowly over the next five years. We will also continue to invest in the brand and the perception people have of our food and the menu. We will also carry on learning from the business and take the best bits and develop them.

Benugo’s parent pledges 100% electricity sustainability WSH, the parent company of leading hospitality brands including Benugo, BaxterStorey, Mere, HIX, and Searcys has passed a landmark resolution, committing to procure 100% of the business’ direct purchased electricity from renewable sources by 2020. WSH’s pledge demonstrates the business’ commitment to furthering the aspirational goal of decarbonising the UK by reducing fossil fuel emissions and increasing demand for home grown renewable energy. In 2008 the UK Government passed the Climate Change Act, which sets up a framework for the UK to achieve its long-term goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to ensure steps are taken towards adapting to the impact of climate change. The UK is legally bound to provide for 15% of its energy needs, including 30% of electricity, 12% of heat, and 10% of transport fuel, from renewable sources by 2020. On its current course, the UK will fail to achieve this target. Mike Hanson, Head of Sustainable Business at WSH, said: “As the UK’s largest independent hospitality provider we have a responsibility to continuously develop new ways of reducing our impacts whilst maximising opportunities. We do this by

being innovative and brave, demonstrating our commitment to making our business a sustainable business. “WSH will initially be procuring renewable electricity sourced from suppliers, taking the form of green electricity contracts with utilities providers as current contracts expire. All new contracts will be sourcing renewable electricity from the outset. This commitment is an amazing step for us, one which I hope will encourage similar actions from others in our sector.” Benugo founder, Ben Warner said: “We welcome this exciting innovation as it illustrates Benugo’s commitment to reducing our overall impact wherever possible.” Matthew Thomas, Managing Director at Searcys, said: “Using renewable resources is a moral and business imperative for any company. At Searcys, we recognise the responsibility that we have in making a positive impact on our community and the environment. Our company pledges fully support this belief. We are committed to sourcing the best ingredients we can, adhering to all sustainable business practices, including procuring electricity from renewable sources, as well as recruiting and retaining the best industry professionals.” May 2018 43

PACKAGING NEWS New packaging design for Warburtons Sandwich Thins BULLETPROOF has created a new packaging design for Warburtons Sandwich Thins. The family-owned baking company asked Bulletproof to create a design with real “taste appeal” to ensure Warburtons Sandwich Thins stand out in the increasingly competitive sandwich alternatives category. A deep dive into the brand and the category revealed a shift in consumer mindset from ‘less is more’ to ‘more is more’, says the company. The agency decided to take the focus off ‘low calorie’ and instead reference the versatility and taste of Warburtons Sandwich Thins. A Bulletproof spokesperson said: “Using the latest print technology to achieve real clarity, the new packs feature bright, appetising and colourful food photography showcasing a range of delicious yet accessible recipe ideas to excite and inspire consumers and encourage them to try something new. “A richer, more foodie colour palette balanced with a rustic textured background perfectly complements the new food photography and gives the packs stronger shelf impact” Katie White, product marketing manager at Warburtons, added: “As valued design partners, we were delighted to work with Bulletproof again to bring to life the next chapter for Warburtons Sandwich Thins. The use of the latest printing technology brings unbeatable clarity to the design and photography to give us the all-important shelf standout, while the futureproofed pack architecture ensures the range will look just as strong tomorrow as it does today.”

Coveris launches new plastic-free sandwich skillet Leading packaging manufacturer Coveris has launched a “revolutionary” new plastic-free sandwich skillet that is more easily recycled within the UK infrastructure. The skillet uses sustainably sourced materials including a plastic-free, transparent film that biodegrades over a 12-month period, in combination with recyclable cartonboard, resulting in a more environmentally-friendly packaging solution for sandwiches. BSA data shows that over 3,500,000,000 sandwiches are purchased from UK retail or catering outlets each year. With many of these eaten on-the-go and recycling and waste infrastructures varying from region to region, the recyclable elements of sandwich packaging that reach the appropriate waste processing channels can be limited. Coveris’ new plastic-free sandwich skillets are said to be a significant development in the food-to-packaging industry, combating the limitations of a developing recycling infrastructure and giving the environmentally conscious consumer piece of mind that wherever they dispose of their sandwich packaging, there will be no negative effect to the environment. With likefor-like shelf life and high clarity film properties, sandwich manufacturers, consumers and retailers will continue to experience the functionality, presentation and product freshness benefits associated


with traditional skillets. However, the use of a transparent film made from sustainable, non-food resources, enables skillets to either be recycled in mixed paper bins or disposed of as general waste and break down within 12 months. Gary Rehwinkel, UK President at Coveris, said: “We continuously challenge ourselves to reduce environmental impact made by packaging, from the materials and processes we use, to how it works with recycling and waste infrastructures. Millions of sandwiches are consumed everyday all over the UK with varying and often confusing opportunities for the disposal of packaging. “We encourage consumers to recycle Coveris’ plastic-free skillets where possible but in the absence of recycling bins, skillets can be placed in bins for general waste disposal and break down within a year, supporting better sustainability and greater simplicity in the supply chain. This development is especially significant for Coveris as it forms a key part of our, soon to be announced, Pack Positive strategy”, continued Gary. Coveris is one of the UK’s largest food-to-go packaging suppliers, manufacturing sandwich skillets across its three cartonboard sites in Cambridgeshire for a range of retailers, from supermarkets to foodservice operators.

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Does and



innovation still have a place in the sandwich market? The sandwich market is a testing ground and we are lucky enough to work with a product that affords so many new and exciting options to experiment with, says Raynor Foods’ marketing executive Stacey Cosens


andwich suppliers are constantly trying to find new and exciting fillings to bring to the market, but how many of these last the distance? Despite an influx of new and exciting fillings, it is the sandwiches we have enjoyed for decades that continue to top the sales time and time again. According to the BSA 2017 Market Report – bacon, chicken and cheese hold the majority of the market, with bacon overtaking the latter after a 6.5% YOY growth in demand and the BLT returning to top of the pops. Despite the rise in vegetarianism and veganism, the top 10 fillings remain meat or animal product based. However, arguably where we’ve seen the most innovation recently, is with vegan fillings. January saw a boom in vegan options hitting the sandwich market with Onion Bhaji, Falafel and Rainbow Salad leading the vegan

filling stakes. Sandwich suppliers have noted the increased demand for vegan options and responded with vegan ranges but beyond that – is there a place for sandwich filling innovation when it is the old favourites such as BLT, Chicken and Bacon, Cheese Salad, Egg Mayonnaise and Prawn Mayonnaise that currently remain the strong sellers. The short answer is yes, the sandwich market needs to be kept fresh and exciting to keep it from going stagnant. While new and limitededition flavours are never going to reach the solar highs of the BLT – they satisfy the needs of the consumer who craves something different. Sandwich innovation and new filling options help to prevent menu fatigue and keep sandwich ranges relevant and exciting ensuring that the choice doesn’t become stagnant for both trade customers and their consumers.

‘The industry still needs good value palm oil free spreads that retain their spread quality or low-fat mayonnaise which isn’t full of xanthan gum’

‘January saw a boom in vegan options hitting the sandwich market with Onion Bhaji, Falafel and Rainbow Salad leading the vegan filling stakes’ For every consumer who religiously eats the same sandwich every single day, there is one that enjoys browsing the shelves for something new and exciting. Even if consumers choose the same sandwiches every day, they like to feel as if they have choice. A simple sandwich isn’t necessarily simple and we are seeing flavours such as BBQ, Katsu, Mexicana and Indian becoming staples alongside the traditional British favourites. For the sandwich industry to keep up with street food, innovation and new product launches are a defence mechanism. To ignore food trends is to become irrelevant and old fashioned. Tastes do gradually change over time and it is better to be ahead of the curve than behind it. Christmas and summer provides ample opportunity to provide options that stand out from the crowd and provide a small sense of escapism from the everyday drudgery of the working world. Every Christmas, we have seen sandwich innovation develop more elements of the Christmas dinner to bring something special to the lunch hour from edible stars to Yorkshire Pudding croutons. Outside of developing new sandwich fillings, it is the ingredients that also require essential innovation. For example, the industry still needs good value palm oil free spreads that

retain their spread quality or lowfat mayonnaise which isn’t full of xanthan gum. These ingredient innovations can make all the difference, Raynor Foods introduced the use of Intense Tomatoes in their sandwiches to limit soggy sandwiches. They also cross-bred their own Verity Grace lettuce to produce something that was quicker to prepare with better flavour. The other factor that will drive innovation is nutritional targets and legal requirements – such as cutting down on salt and fat. Sandwich suppliers will need to alter and develop their products to fit these new guidelines but still provide a tasty product meaning the old favourites could see a major overhaul as manufacturers review their ingredients and bread carriers. It is innovation that keeps the sandwich market growing and developing and it allows us to find new and exciting ways to make our products even better and provide exciting flavours for consumers to choose from. The sandwich market is a testing ground and we are lucky enough to work with a product that affords so many new and exciting options to experiment with. Innovation is the lifeblood of the sandwich industry and will allow us to continue to evolve to consumer demands.



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The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology

® Urschel, Urschel logo symbol, and The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology are registered trademarks of Urschel Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A.

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Mediterranean Cheeses Italy




Greece FETA

& many more!


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sandwich filling? E

veryone has a shortlist of their regular favourites. Ham, tuna, egg mayo, salt beef, maybe a vegan option? But we’re fairly certain of one thing. …one ‘everyday’ filling that will crop up, again and again, is cheese! It’s not just that it tastes great. Or that it’s quick and easy to use. Or even that it combines well with countless other ingredients. No, the main reason cheese ticks every box is because of its unparalleled versatility. Cheese is the stand-out choice in a market where tastes are growing ever more eclectic, eating occasions are merging together, and everything – including feeding our appetites – is happening at double-quick speed. Here we take a look at just some of the reasons why a big selection of scrumptious cheese should be top of your ingredients order, especially if you want to give a big boost to your bottom line. Let’s begin with some cold, hard facts. The UK sandwich industry is now worth a colossal £5.6 billion a year. So it’s hardly surprising we’re all busily working out how to grow our share and also stay one step ahead of the competition.

Interestingly, many of the clues to the best way forward can be found in the seemingly unstoppable rise of foodto-go. Satisfying the customer’s appetite for ever more exotic or unusual options – wherever they happen to be at the time – is proving to be the mother of invention as more and more of us eschew the option of rustling up a sandwich at home in favour of grabbing one on our travels. And the simple fact that we don’t have to shop for the ingredients means we can be much, much more demanding. We can be picky about the bread. Or whether the sandwich is hot or cold. Or whether it’s packed or wrapped for transporting, or to eat one-handed while running for a bus! But most of all, our heightened expectations mean we’ll be on the lookout for new variations on a tried and trusted favourite, or for something completely new. Cue the sandwich maker’s golden opportunity to conjure up something imaginatively yummy. And that won’t just be down to taste. It’s all about appearance too. Which is precisely why cheese is such a vital ingredient. First, no other filling offers quite


so many different flavours…literally a whole world of mouthwatering tastes. Controlled ‘meltability’ makes it perfect for something hot and ‘big meal’ish’. Easy portion control makes it ideal for everything from a snack-size nibble to a portable feast (remember how outrageously convenient it is to use pre-cut cheese slices!). And format helps too by adding to texture and the all-important visual appeal. Take cheese shavings, for example. They can give the impression of a generously filled sandwich. Or fine grated ‘angel hair’ for a hint of the continental. Or how about diced cheese to add ‘mouthfeel’ when added to a mayo-based carrier? WHAT TIME IS IT? IT’S ‘SANDWICH TIME’ Much has been written in the last year or two about the ‘blurring of dayparts’…the fact that breakfast now merges into lunch, lunch morphs into late afternoon ‘teas’, and as for dinner…well, dinner is simply a moveable feast. Today we eat outside of the home more than ever before. We eat on the move, at our desks or at a quick rendezvous with friends. We gorge

on the opportunity to indulge in an embarrassment of street food. And, more importantly, we eat precisely when we want to eat, not when convention dictates. All of which feeds into the rising popularity of the sandwich…literally from dawn till dusk. And on the subject of early mornings, breakfast is proving to be one source of considerable innovation. In the US, the humble breakfast sandwich has long been an assembly of egg, meat protein and cheese, served in a toasted muffin. But American chefs are now busy creating inspired variations on the theme, with explosive flavour as the main objective. So, bye-bye bacon butty. So long sausage sarnie. A new generation of big breakfast sandwiches is heading over The Pond, and cheese will be at the heart of its popularity. Not just the ever-reliable Cheddar, but ‘global’ cheeses that will make it possible to offer something from all four corners of the world. Whether you’re aiming for upscale full-service, or generating grab-andgo specials, how about an all-day breakfast with an Italian theme, layering soft scrambled egg, spinach and peppers, with provolone and mozzarella in a herbed bun? Or a croissant packed with Gruyere, smoked ham and sun-dried tomatoes? Or live dangerously…go TexMex with chilli flavoured cheese, spicy chicken and crunchy red onion in a tortilla wrap. And on the way, be sure not to overlook the huge impact of the new ‘flexitarian’ movement. With more and more people – particularly the highly influential Millennials – now choosing to cut down on meat intake, cheese

of every type offers the superbly easy way to introduce maximum flavour to almost any sandwich…while adding to protein levels too. FORTUNE FLAVOURS THE BRAVE What brings customers back, again and again, is Taste…with a capital ‘T’. Even a tasty description can be your best aid to a sale. That’s where cheese works its magic again. The more we travel, the more we bring home a taste of farflung lands. And what quicker way to transport ourselves back to the scene of that adventure than to enjoy a sandwich with Spanish Manchego, a Greek-inspired masterpiece made with feta and halloumi, or something from the Americas featuring Monterey Jack or chilli cheese? And bold-flavoured cheeses have another trick up their sleeves. They often come into their own in a grilled cheese sandwich, one of the big streetfood trends of the last 12 months. They’re brilliant too when you want to complement or contrast. Take the ‘salty and sweet’ of a blue cheese paired with quince paste, or freshly sliced grapes atop a creamy brie. Or the flavour fusion of a naturally smoked Cheddar with a tangy barbecue sauce.


Richard Thorpe, Head of Marketing & Insight at ingredients giant Ornua Ingredients UK, has his finger on the pulse. “Britain has never had so many wonderful cheeses to choose from”, says Thorpe. “For the food service industry, this is manna from heaven. It means a blank canvas when it comes to putting endless flavour on the menu. Thanks also to advances in technology, many of these cheeses are now available in formats that make them really easy and economical to use. “Whether it’s the growing number of sliced options, the various grates and styles that contribute so much to appearance, or the quick frozen techniques that mean stocks stay ‘fresh’ for up to 12 months, we’re investing huge resources in making sure the boom in interest in cheese is matched by delivering beyond expectations.” AND FINALLY… One last thought. We’ve been musing here on how important cheese is as the ultimate sandwich filling. But there is one last twist in the tail. Cheese doesn’t just make a perfect ingredient for adding to our favourite bread. It actually makes for great bread too! Thanks to a legion of artisan bakers – with a little help from TV celebs – cheesy breads are all the rage. Now, add that thought to a delicious cheese filling and we’re really getting down to the bread and butter of things. If you’d like to know more about Ornua Ingredients UK, or receive updates on Trends, Insights and Innovation, visit their website www.

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M A R T I N M AT H E W SANDWICH FILLINGS Martin Mathew & Co Ltd, home of the Riverdene brand of canned foods, is a leading Importer and Distributor in the UK. We supply a range of sandwhich fillings including sweetcorn, tuna, corned beef, jalapenos, sundried tomatoes and a range of jams and peanut butters.

Add a touch of magic to any sandwich with Geeta’s Chutneys Also great as an ingredient for Sandwich Fillings, marinades, as well as for Toasties and Jacket Potatoes.

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Product information and samples: Contact Geeta’s Foods Ltd on 020 8450 2255 or at Stockists: Contact Pettywood & Co Ltd on 01264 345500”

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Current trends in sandwich fillings Calder Foods, one of the largest UK sandwich fillings companies, is concentrating on three main areas with its latest products: vegan fillings, Korean-inspired recipes and “anything pulled,” says Nigel Parkes, Marketing Director of parent company Creative Foods


etailers do not want to lose sales to pop-up street food vendors and to this end, both national and independent FTG operators have had to up their game and put a lot of thought and effort into creating products that keep up with the food trends. Ideas such as pulled meats were first introduced by street food vendors but were quickly translated into the FTG market. Pulled pork wraps appear on nearly every menu and shelf today, and at Calder Foods we currently produce in excess of four tonnes of pulled BBQ pork per week. When it comes to matters such as what type of bread to serve there is no wrong or right answer. It is very much dependent on application and customer type, but what I would say is that there are some fantastic carriers available ranging from glutenfree sliced bread through to Khobez flatbreads - the choice is endless. The important thing is to match your breads with your customers’ expectations both in terms of quality and variety. Too many great ingredients are wrapped in poor quality carriers, so don’t fall into that trap.

While fillings such as egg mayo, tuna mayo, chicken mayo, coronation chicken and ham salad will always have a place on the sandwich board, keeping up with fast-moving food trends is key. Calder Foods is concentrating on three main areas with its latest fillings: vegan fillings, Korean inspired recipes and anything pulled. We are, for example, working on a pulled chicken tinga which is a Mexican favourite featuring shredded chicken. We are also looking at a vegan jackfruit filling, and a number of fillings which include the Korean staple kimchi, made from fermented vegetables. All of these new ideas reflect the multi-cultural nature of our society and will help to maintain interest while drawing in new customers. With increasing numbers of the population, including millennials, adopting a flexitarian approach to their diet, Calder Foods is developing new products away from the traditional protein fillings as retailers and FTG operators are looking for a quick fix to tick the vegan box. The same is true when it comes to ‘healthy’ options. It’s all about balance - not everyone wants a healthy

sandwich, sometimes we just want a bit of comfort food. It’s easy to make a sandwich healthier, however. Just select a product from our range of in-sauce fillings, or our marinated meat range and you are half way there. Top with loads of salad in wholemeal bread, roll or baguette and you are all done.

New Chunky Fishwich from Young’s Foodservice Young’s Foodservice have launched a new take on the classic fish finger sandwich with the battered Fishwich. Specifically designed with sandwiches and burgers in mind, the Fishwich is the perfect size and shape for packing into a sandwich or

bap, says the company. Hot sandwiches are always particularly appealing as they are the perfect balance between a snack and a more substantial meal, and they can be easily adapted in terms of flavours and fillings, they say.


Adrian Greaves, Foodservice Director at Young’s Foodservice, adds: ‘We are thrilled to introduce another truly unique product into the Young’s Foodservice range. The Wild Alaskan Pollock centre and the authentic

crisp, bubbly batter outer, creates a fantastic seafood solution that offers complete versatility. It can be used across both lunch and dinner occasions as a burger, sandwich or even as a chunky alternative to fish and chips.’



new street food collection


ith the evolution in eating out and all-day snacking, leading sandwich meats innovator Dawn Farms is set on pushing the boundaries of everyday food-to-go. The company is uncompromising in its belief that great ingredients make great food. And with consumers demanding more authentic and diverse food experiences, Dawn Farms’ team of culinary chefs and food scientists have been developing on-trend and adventurous FTG ingredients to provide a sensory balance of flavours and textures. Staying faithful to the authentic recipe in order to deliver intensity of flavour, its new Street Food Collection is a case in point - delivering an authentic Mexican taco/burrito experience ranging from Beef Barbecoa and Pork Carnitas to the new Black Beans. The Street Food range also fits the growing demand for hot food for buy-now, eat-later purchases. A recent IGD report (March 2018) found six out of ten food-to-go shoppers (61%) have bought food-to-go for an evening meal over the last four weeks, with hot items featuring in nearly half of these purchases, While developing new taste experiences, the company is also highly conscious of the growing interest in health and wellness coupled with the need to offer something new such as hot food. “Consumers are looking for high quality, nutritious ingredients produced in a sustainable way” said Ian Ritchie, UK Sales Director for Dawn Farms. “Our sandwich fillings deliver that and more due to our high benchmark of quality and consistency. “Every recipe we develop begins with the best ‘better for you’ ingredients. Our team of culinary chefs works closely with our food scientists to create great-tasting products, which are full of flavour and a natural source of protein”.

He added: “Health and nutrition is one of the three pillars of Dawn Farms’ Sustainability programme. This includes actively pursuing the use of natural ingredients, while also reformulating existing products. All Dawn Farms’ sandwich fillings are 100% free from artificial colours, hydrogenated and trans fats, palm oil, nuts and MSG and there is full farm to fork traceability.” Meanwhile, the company is on top of changing sandwich fillings trends with other developments. Consumer Insight Manager Julie Sloan says consumers increasingly want intensity of flavour whether it’s a hickory or beech wood smoked bacon or stacked layers of thinly-sliced naturally smoked beef brisket. “Often smoke flavours are paired with ingredients such as smoked paprika or smoked salt to enhance the authentic smoky barbecue flavour,” she says. “And we’re looking at how can we maximise the umami flavour we get from bacon, for example by slicing thickly or thin and crispy, depending on the end application. We’re increasingly searing meats to give that golden to blackened, crispy texture before slow cooking to achieve perfect melt in the mouth tenderness.” From those charred, burnt, ash flavours, Dawn Farms also sees demand for bitter flavours sweetened with maple

or honey, such as sweet cure bacon, maple whiskey ham or the company’s ‘flexitarian-inspired’ beef and kale meatballs. As a counterpoint, fruity and citrus flavours also are becoming more commonplace in meats, with Caribbean chicken (orange), Mexican beef (lime), pork carnitas (juniper), Szechuan pepper chicken (lemon) or more intensely applewood-flavoured bacon proving popular. Inspired by leading US sandwich chains, the company has developed over the last year a range of pulled and chopped sandwich fillings, including BBQ Burnt Ends, BBQ Smokey Ham and Creole Blackened Chicken as part of its authentic American BBQ Slow Cooked range. It has also been taking flavour inspiration from ‘hot’ cuisines like Middle Eastern, Thai, AmeriKorean, Filipino, Cuban and Hawaiian. In addition to bespoke products, Dawn Farms’ popular Cooked Cuts brand is a “ready-to-order” range of best-selling and new sandwich/FTG meats which fulfils today’s consumer needs for menu excitement and inspiration. Latest additions to the range include Mexican Street Food, American Pastrami, Chorizo, Bourbon Beef and a range of succulent flavoured chicken such as Buffalo and Harissa Chicken. May 2018 55



freed themselves from the pain of updating their website

A fully functioning website is an absolute necessity for every food-to-go operator, yet maintaining a site with accurate store information, product details and nutritionals is something which most businesses still make a meal of. DataTherapy freed EAT from the pain of keeping their website up-to-date using their Platopus Retail platform and the benefits of a single source of core data are slowly improving things across the whole organisation. Yousaf Shah, founder and CTO of DataTherapy, explains how it works 56 May 2018 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS


t happens so often I try hard not to smile. We ask an operator how products and shops are updated on their website and a semi-depressed monologue ensues. You can almost guarantee it will include the phrases; ‘email a spreadsheet’, ‘takes a week to get a change made’, ‘always correcting mistakes’, ‘can’t do much in the CMS’, ‘never up-to-date’ or the dreaded ‘decided it’s easier to upload a PDF’. I hear stories of marketing teams endlessly compiling spreadsheets and then re-checking them, sitting up in the middle of the night furiously trying to turn products on and off or spending weeks prior to a launch liaising with their agency to make sure everything runs smoothly. EAT’S WEBSITE EAT were no exception to this pantomime but when their new website launched late last year the marketing team were all smiles for more than one reason. No spreadsheets were sent to their agency, not a single list of shops was emailed and no PDFs were harmed – or even generated. EAT were already using Platopus Retail to manage their shop and product information and also Platopus Delivery as their online ordering

TECHNOLOGY solution. They had all their shop and product information in one place: the challenge was to get this information onto the website and make sure it stayed up-to-date. This challenge was solved with the launch last year of Platopus Retail’s API which allows all the information needed to drive a public facing website or social media feed to be delivered in a web friendly JSON data feed. We managed to get shops and products on the EAT website entirely populated with data from Platopus Retail. We provided their agency with the data feed from Platopus Retail and told them to simply publish the shops and products from the feed onto the website. The agency were delighted, they knew this would solve a lot of work. For EAT, maintaining the site is simple. They use Platopus’ builtfor-purpose web interface or app to update a product and as soon as a change is made it changes the website automatically. When new products are launched, they can be entered into Platopus days or weeks in advance and the ‘sellfrom’ date will activate the product automatically on the first day of sale. The same goes for opening a shop or changing an opening time, even

changing opening hours during specific periods of the year, i.e. Christmas and Bank Holidays. The website is not the only beneficiary of this process - making a change in Platopus Retail feeds through to an ever-increasing list of places including online ordering, social media and even the in-store labels which the customer sees. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE DataTherapy are no strangers to hospitality and customer websites. They have spent the last 17 years helping customers such a Pret A Manger, Itsu, Coco di Mama and many others power their online customer experience and improve their internal processes. We cut our teeth running Over ten years we showed them that they could change designer, alter the look and feel, indeed have three different agencies developing content for different countries, and not have to worry about delivering the correct shop and product information.’ We built Platopus Retail from the ground up to solve the problems we saw at every operator. Every operator we met was keeping key business data in a variety of spreadsheets and databases but no one place was

considered to be the master – the single source of truth. So much time is wasted making sure the same list of shops and products is updated on the website, on the EPoS system, with delivery partners, social media and search engines. We wanted to give everyone something which did all of this out-of-the-box. All partners feel the agony of data maintenance as much as the operator does and all understand the damage done to a client relationship by having a poor process in place. With a website, the agency wants a happy client who allows them to focus on the bigger brand picture and make fresh improvements to the site and brand. The operator wants to be able to concentrate on improving customer uptake and sales free from worries about product and shop information being incorrect. Most importantly, when there is a mistake they want it corrected on the spot – before the next customer notices. Operators are usually so busy keeping everything they have running that they rarely step back and question why processes are set up in a certain way. When we talk to operators about how much simpler their life could be by organising their systems so data only has to be keyed into one place, May 2018 57

TECHNOLOGY they really sit up and listen. It’s something which is understood by the whole business from the CEO to the IT department. THE FUTURE We are on a bit of a mission to improve everyone’s lives and when we say ‘everyone,’ the first person we think of is the customer. If you have bothered to visit an operator’s website you are probably trying to find some information which is going to lead you to visiting a store, buying something or ordering online. There is nothing worst as a customer than having to hunt around for the information – it’s no fun scanning across a PDF set in tiny text to find out if the pie you fancy has any gluten in it. So many aspects of a website need to be delivered in the correct way to make them work well with the rest of the web out there: things like PDF menus are almost search engine suicide these days. There are so many food review and recipe sites out there that if you don’t have a dedicated page per product with the correct SEO and information, the product that you spent thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours developing will just get lost in the backwash of search results. We are already in a place where anyone who uses Platopus Retail has an automatic public-facing API containing all the information you

would need to drive a website. Where we are moving next is to provide a suite of tools including a full CMS to allow the agency to focus on the design, the customer to maintain the data and we take care of the website technology. This will alleviate the need to pay expensive web agency fees for simple changes and allow us to raise the bar of speed, accuracy and customer usability across all our customers’ sites. IN SUMMARY EAT now have the ability to update their shop and product information and have it changed on the website, delivery and other systems automatically.


Their agency gets to focus on branding, design and not get distracted by website changes. EAT does not have to pay agency fees for making updates, and changes can be made quickly and without sending emails. Any mistakes can be quickly corrected and time is freed up to progress the business rather than maintain what is there. There is still work to do, but by adopting the principle of single source of data everyone understands that the small pain involved in adapting systems to get their data from Platopus has a payback in much simplified maintenance. Platopus Retail: EAT:

FJ Needs (Foods) Limited supplies dairy products to the manufacturing, food service and wholesale sectors of the market. Based in Cheshire and now with over 40 years’ experience, we take pride in the quality of our products and the service we offer.

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Raynor Foods launch new packaging SANDWICH and food to go manufacturer Raynor Foods have rebranded with new packaging. New designs feature British landscapes, making up panoramic views when placed together in their respective ranges, with the aim of improving shelf impact. The design process for the Essex-based company included consulting consumers across the Raynors customer base to receive their input on their favourite design direction out of five possible routes. The new packaging had a ‘soft’ launch from April 9th, as old packaging is used up to limit waste - it is expected to be fully rolled out by the first week of June. Tanya Everest-Ring, Marketing Manager, who has been spearheading the redesign, said: “With all our environmental awards, it would be very un-green of us to decide to simply throw away any excess old design stock. There will be a short period where we transition from the old design to the new, but our customers understand the reasons for having to do this.” She added: “The 16-24 age group is one of our largest consumer bases, so it was important to gauge their opinion during the redesign process. We saw a huge difference of opinion between age groups and it was interesting to see what topped the vote.” As well as the colourful new

designs, the new packaging also features clear nutritional tombstones, plus additional easy to interpret nutritional symbols on the front to give consumers added nutritional information. For the customer group who are signed up to CQUIN food standards, CQUIN compliance is also highlighted on pack – making this easy to identify. The new design also features the A-Z of Sandwichology across the side, spelling out what makes Raynors

products special. Raynor Foods was established 30 years ago. Since then, the company has grown from a small family sandwich company into one of the leading wholesale sandwich suppliers in London, East Anglia and the South East. Raynors makes and supplies readymade sandwiches, wraps, paninis, snacks, sushi, salads and lunch bags to sandwich shops, cafes and coffee shops, retailers, catering companies, rail companies, airlines, schools, universities, hospitals and leisure and tourism venues.

Signature Flatbreads returns to family roots SIGNATURE Flatbreads, a flatbread producer, has agreed to acquire the shareholding of its Joint Venture partner, Aryzta, returning the company to its family roots. The Joint Venture was established in January 2015 as a unique partnership between Aryzta and the Eid family, whose expertise in flatbreads brought Naan Breads and Tortillas to the UK market. Aryzta’s focus has

since changed, announcing that the sale was “consistent with Aryzta’s strategy to focus on its frozen B2B bakery operations and exit non-core businesses.” The Eid family, who will now become the owners of Signature Flatbreads, remain passionate about the business and the people within it. William Eid, its Joint CEO, stated: “Aryzta helped us to transition from a medium sized


business to a larger organisation, employing many hundreds of people. As we become a family business once again, we will retain the disciplines required to support our growth, whilst building on our passions and the drive for innovation we have become recognised for. We look forward to an amazing future with our customers, suppliers and with everyone within the business.”


Texture and flavour is all in the cooking





At Dawn Farms we are proud to be the industry leaders in food safety, sustainability and insight-led product development. At our Science & Innovation Centre we have mastered the art of sous vide cooking in our ‘Street Food Collection’. This range brings the flavours of street food alive in a ready to eat and reheat format for pizza, sandwich and prepared meals. These are only some of the ingredients that make us great, and we believe that great ingredients make great food.

To discover more of our great ingredients, visit FO O D S A F E T Y + I N N OVAT I O N + S U S TA I N A B I L I T Y

The Perfectly P

From Pan to plate in minutes, the freshest, pre-packed, poached egg and the first UK manufactured product of its kind‌ ISFNTG Just Egg Sept 2017 DPS FINAL.indd 2

y Poached Egg

For more information on this exclusive product: Tel: 01162 742 822 Email: Web:

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and the sandwich industry Brexit is a significant issue facing the sandwich and food to go industry, with increased costs likely to hit imported goods such as salad ingredients. Recruitment is also increasingly problematic. Simon Ambrose looks at likely developments


hile the outcomes from the Brexit negotiation table are still unknown, in almost all likely scenarios, businesses that currently acquire or despatch goods to the EU will be required to treat these as imports and exports. While this may open up additional opportunities for exporting which go beyond the benefits of a weaker currency, when it comes to imports, both Customs Duty and import VAT are potentially payable. This matters because Customs Duty, a cost which is not reclaimable, will either need to be absorbed by

businesses or passed on to customers. Import VAT, on the other hand, will be payable at point of entry into the UK, and while it can be reclaimed, this could take up to four or more months, tying up important working capital. The UK currently has access to more than 50 free trade agreements with countries around the world that were negotiated by the EU – entry to these may be lost as a result of Brexit, with a knock-on effect on import and export duties. There will also be additional administrative costs arising from the need to process import and

export declarations and instruct handling agents where necessary. This introduction of customs reporting requirements after Brexit will bring in the region of 180,000 previously unaffected UK traders within the customs net, potentially costing them over £4 billion a year, according to a paper from the Institute of Government. Does this open up the way for a resurgence in British manufacturing, replacing European imports? Well, up to a point, depending on the cost equation. The salad sector is one where British-grown salad produce is becoming increasingly viable as import duties start to outstrip the increased costs of growing lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber under glass or UV in the UK, or using hydroponics as Waitrose started to do last year. Food to go manufacturer Raynor Foods, for instance, has just launched a vertical hydroponic growing system which will allow them to grow ingredients in house. Rosemary Gardens, whose namesake is co-founder of Raynor foods Rosemary Raynor, has been trialled successfully throughout April and will begin with growing cress in house before trialling other microgreens and salad ingredients. The trial was instigated by Raynor’s Research and Development department and was headed by Main Project Lead Billy Benorthan.



British Lion Eggs Catering Ad Final AW.indd 1

19/09/2017 14:27

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT The fully automated vertical grow unit, called Grow Stack, uses LED lighting and is energy and water efficient. The LED lights are 16v, while the water filtration system reuses the water used to moisten the plants. EU IMMIGRANTS Meanwhile, the continued decline in EU immigrants coming to the UK to work highlights the increasingly critical shortage of workers in the UK food industry. According to the latest data from the Migration Statistics from the National Statistics Office, there was a decline of 35,000 in the number of EU citizens coming to the UK to work in the year to November 17, and this is prior to any controls the Government introduces after Brexit. From restaurants and takeaways to manufacturing, many are already struggling to fill vacancies. Indeed, walk down any High Street and the evidence can be seen in the number of signs in windows for staff – many more than we have seen for years. With UK unemployment levels now considered to be as low as they can get, the industry fears that any further reductions in EU workers coming to the UK will directly affect their ability to maintain the service levels that consumers have come to expect. The British Sandwich & Food To Go Association has proposed to the Government that it should introduce a work-based VISA system linked to a particular business which would tie immigrants to a job and which would expire if they left that employment. This, they suggest, could make the monitoring and control of immigration much simpler and more manageable. The food industry is a major contributor to the UK economy – the sandwich and food to go sectors alone provide hundreds of thousands of jobs and turn over in excess of £20 billion annually. The industry relies heavily on people to maintain these industries and there are concerns that the politics of immigration could rule at the expense of the economic case for maintaining a viable workforce. There are other implications for this problem as well: a shortage of labour, means increased costs. Wages are likely to go up as a result and that will have an effect on inflation. Meanwhile food inflation costs are going up and it’s undoubtedly going to

be a bit of a roller coaster over the next few years. Meanwhile the Government is going to dump EU legislation into the UK en masse – they can’t do anything else because of the timescale. After Brexit the UK won’t have the representation on the committees of Europe that its previously had. There’s never been a more important time for this industry and the food industry in general to make sure its voice is heard, as BSA director Jim Winship has made clear on a number of occasions.

busier lifestyles and they want foods that fit those lifestyles. Convenience is an absolute driver in the way consumers shop and we offer convenience in a way no other foods do. It can be picked up and eaten on the move, at your desk and so on, and is a complete meal. “If you look at all the research there’s growing informality with eating habits, and sandwiches and food to go fits ideally into that. “There are increasing numbers of people in work; there’s something like 31m people in work at the moment and that number is growing. There’s a huge

“You have to be thinking of how you can bring more people into your shops in future. You also need to look at the whole process of ordering. Companies like Just Eat and Deliveroo and others are starting to look at the sandwich market,” he says. “Whether it’s positive change or not, you have to keep an eye on this in relation to your business. “With all this in mind, location will become more critical than ever. It’s always been a factor, but it will become even more so. “Research shows that with Brexit going on, there’s a lack of consumer confidence at the moment, particularly with all the bleak media stories. “The overall feeling is that change is on the way and our industry needs to be aware of those changes. But it’s nothing we need to be despondent about: there are a lot of positive things and a lot of opportunities. “For one thing, this industry is very resilient and we have consistently seen the food to go industry outperform the eating out and retail markets, and that goes back over a long period of time. “Consumer trends are all in our favour: consumers are having busier and

demand for couriers for deliveries to homes and everything else. “One of the other great things about our industry is our flexibility. We change fast; we’re not an industry that waits for things to happen. We are proactive and entrepreneurial; we’re prepared to try things and move forward. “We’re early adopters of technology and automation is a big thing at the moment. I know one manufacturer in particular who is looking to automate and the good thing is that they’re not going to lose staff – they want to retrain them in new jobs as they automate. Having said that, automation doesn’t always work: I know of one case where a manufacturer took on robotics and then stripped them out again. “The industry is also recession proof. A lot of people who were going to restaurants and pubs start to drop into our market place and the premium end grows faster than anything else.” Finally, there are lots of opportunities still there, particularly with the growth in day-parts. Greggs, for instance, are looking to extend their offer and capture a slice of the growing evening market.



The sandwich industry has to mutate or die, says Matt Raynor RAYNOR Foods’ boss Matt Raynor made a telling contribution to Sky News’ recent piece on the growing importance of robotics in the manufacturing environment, against the impending backdrop of Brexit labour shortage. The Sky reporter introduced the section in these terms: “We all know Britain has a productivity problem: too little income generated for every hour worked. At least part of the explanation for this is that we’ve had unlimited access to Europe’s labour market over the past decade or so. “They’ve come to factories, shops and farms. So why invest in the machinery and automation if a human can do it for you cheaper? That’s exactly what we’ve done in the last decade and a half. “Most of the workers here at Raynors, a sandwich maker in Essex,

come from eastern Europe. If they disappeared overnight, could they be replaced by machines?

Greencore launches a new Trainee Manager Programme GREENCORE has launched a new Trainee Manager programme called ‘Go Further With Greencore’, offering a four year degree programme aligned to real work, in real jobs, across various locations in its UK business. The new initiative is designed to help new and existing colleagues with a range of different skills, experiences and expertise and enable the company

to “continue to grow and innovate in the food sector”. In partnership with Nottingham Trent University, the programme provides three different career pathways into its Commercial, Operations & Technical functions, giving the successful candidates real life experience alongside a recognised Level 6 qualification.


They’ve got automated slicers and packaging machines but as with apple farming, the technology is

not quite there yet; they are yet to invent a robot that can pick out the right piece of lettuce for the right sandwich.” Matt Raynor said in response: “It really is a case of mutate or die. We are going to have to change the industry and the sandwich industry is going to have to take hold of those innovations and exploit them. The very labourintensive methods that we have had are going to come under increasing pressure and not be possible in the future.” Simon Ambrose comments: Sandwich manufacturing robotics have been in use in the industry for a considerable time already for highvolume lines but the next level of development is likely to be around adaptable and affordable robotics for progressive, regional manufacturers.

Spar updates sandwich packaging SPAR has updated the packaging for its own brand sandwich range in a move designed to “make the range feel more modern and improve its quality for shoppers”. Following market feedback, Spar has created a design that features a “clean and simple look” with a larger window, a background that differentiates between flavours and icons showing provenance. There are different designs for limited edition and deep fill sandwiches. Spar has also reformulated eight of its sandwiches with

“softer, better quality” bread and has improved the provenance of ingredients such as free range eggs, and pole and line caught tuna. The symbol group claims retailers can expect to make “around £20k” in incremental retail sales per year by stocking Spar Brand sandwiches. Olivia Basten, Spar UK brand manager, said: “With food-to-go performing so well, Spar retailers have a big opportunity to grow footfall and spend – especially with younger shoppers, who buy a lot of food-to-go products.”

Have a Wrap ‘n’ Roll night at The Sammies!

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New resources to help food service businesses throw less food away The Food Development Federation has developed a new toolkit to help manufacturers and retailers reduce waste and help their bottom lines


he Food Development Federation is aiming to reduce the amount of waste that food hospitality or food service businesses throw away, a measure which will also boost company bottom lines. It has developed a toolkit – called Your Business is Food; don’t throw it away – that will help businesses through a straightforward three-step process: Step 1: Review the food you throw away Step 2: Make an action plan Step 3: Keep it going! To initiate the process, FDF suggests: • Get your team on board by explaining why you are reducing food waste. • Choose days to run the review which are typical for your business; a mix of days when you’re busy and when you’re quiet. • Find a Your Business is Food Champion to drive the process. • To capture the food thrown away, set out separate containers for

Spoilage, Preparation and Plate. Label the containers so that staff know where to put the food. • Weigh the containers and record against each day for each type of food thrown away on the 3 day or 7 day tracking sheet • Find out how much you could be saving over a year with a calculator tool. Instructions can be found in the Quick Start Guide. Everything manufacturers need to know about how to run the process is in the FDF’s Starter Guide – this with all the pointers to get up and running. Freshtime case study WRAP case studies indicate that a great deal of money can be saved by simple housekeeping measures. For instance, last year Freshtime embarked on a programme of measuring food waste. The company supplies chilled ready to eat salads, snacks and prepared vegetables to retailers and foodservice operators. Based in Boston, the company employs 400 staff.


Within a few weeks the company had improved processes, reduced food waste and focussed the attention of colleagues across the business. Starting with procurement, they reviewed food purchased and carried out factory walkabouts with colleagues to assess the contents of bins and created simple plans for staff to help avoid waste in production. With a more accurate understanding of the food waste produced, and a working model to help reduce it, Freshtime were able to identify their five highest waste products and prioritise action on these. The company used 500 fewer salmon, 6,000 fewer chickens and five tonnes less feta cheese than the previous year to manufacture the same products. Paterson Arran case study Paterson Arran, a manufacturer of baked products for retail and food service, making potential savings of £36k by taking a number of steps to monitor and measure their business. An eight-week student placement proved to be an opportunity to provide the resource necessary to establish a robust monitoring programme. Food waste at each of the company’s four production lines is now measured and logged at source, allowing waste to be attributed to specific plant areas and to individual products and recipes. With guidance from Resource Efficient Scotland, a programme of Zero Waste Scotland, simple improvements have been made. Potential savings of over £36,000, via equipment and process upgrades, have been identified.


FOOD TO GO New Catalogue To Go... Faerch Plast is excited to announce the launch of its brand new catalogue. The Food to Go catalogue features various new ranges that you can view in greater detail within the catalogue.


Please call us on +44 (0) 1353 740990 or email us at if you would like to receive a catalogue

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Pret creates a new range of reusable bottles PRET A Manger has collaborated with Chilly’s to create a new range of reusable bottles and help customers reduce the number of plastic bottles they use. The bottles will be available in a selection of Pret shops and feature three exclusive Pret designs. Pret has been encouraging customers to reduce the number of plastic bottles they use since last October, when the company began adding free filtered water stations to shops. CEO Clive Schlee blogged about it at the time when he asked: “What if Pret stopped selling plastic water bottles?”. James and Tim, founders of Chilly’s, saw Clive’s blog post and emailed him asking if he would be interested in collaborating with Chilly’s to make reusable bottles for customers. The

reusable bottles feature three exclusive Pret designs: the apple robot, the cucumber snake and the watermelon lollies. The 500ml bottles

EAT TAKES ON NEW EXECUTIVE CHEF ARNAUD KAZIEWICZ EAT has taken on a new Executive Chef: French-born Arnaud Kaziewicz,a former finalist in MasterChef: The Professionals. He has also worked in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK. Arnaud comments: ‘I am excited to join the EAT. team to make our food great again. For me, this is an opportunity to get back to basics; simple, fresh ingredients, that are combined to be eaten and enjoyed, and that are always seasoned perfectly.’ Arnaud has already bought his passion for finding the best quality ingredients to EAT’s

repertoire with a new range of salads and revamped baguettes. He says: ‘high street retail doesn’t have to be about mass production; it should be based on home cooked food.’ Holly Oades, marketing director at EAT, comments: ‘Arnaud brings a wealth of culinary knowledge, global travels and experience in food development to ensure EAT is a serious contender on the high street.’ The salad range is focused on using quality, seasonal ingredients sourced from the UK, creating delicious flavours whilst using different textures to bring the range to life.


are BPA-free and they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Clive Schlee added: “Plastic bottles are a

problem. We all feel it even before we hear the shocking statistics about millions of tonnes of plastic ending up in our oceans each year. I’m thrilled that we’ve partnered with Chilly’s to create a range of reusable bottles and I hope our customers love the designs as much as we do.” James and Tim, founders of Chilly’s, said: “We’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products. We aim to do this through creating high performing bottles that can be used everywhere, helping customers to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics.” Customers and passers-by are able to refill any reusable bottles for free using Pret’s filtered water stations that are available in 66 shops.

Leon plans Thai food to go Tuk Shop LEON has announced the launch of a Thai food to go pop-up Tuk Shop – a joint venture with Bangkokbased food group Aylmer Aaharn. The restaurant will debut soon in an existing Leon in Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s Soho. Working with a team of chefs from Bangkok, Leon has developed every dish on the Tuk Shop menu to combine a love of Thai food with its love of fast food. True to Thai cuisine, Tuk Shop will deliver a host of classics including aromatic curries, noodles, rice dishes and salads, plus some dishes that will be newer to UK guests. Tuk Shop marries Leon’s

mission to make it easier for everyone to eat well, and Aylmer Aaharn’s commitment to share true Thai cuisine and culture. Leon co-founder John Vincent said: “Over the past 15 years I have been fortunate enough to experience the culture and flavours of Thailand firsthand. And fortunate too to meet and learn from David Thompson (founder of Aylmer Aaharn), whose chefs have worked hard to make this happen. I hope in the long run Tuk Shop will allow everyone in the UK to experience the joy of this food. In the meantime you will have to come to Shaftesbury Avenue – grab a spoon and ‘tuk’ in.”


FPA Awards winners 2018

THE FPA (Foodservice Packaging Association) awards took place recently in Brighton. An annual affair that brings together the packaging and foodservice industry, more than 400 FPA members and their guests enjoyed an evening at The Grand Hotel Brighton, with the winners announced by celebrity guest comedian Rod Woodward, winner of the BBC’s Funny Business competition. It’s an annual affair that brings together the packaging and foodservice industry to celebrate achievements in areas such as innovation, manufacturing, retailing, catering and sustainability. Judged by industry professionals, winning an FPA award denotes recognition from customers and associates within the industry.


MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR HUHTAMAKI (UK) Runners up Vegware and Metsa Tissue

NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR BUNZL CATERING SUPPLIES Runners up: Tristar Packaging, Bidfood REGIONAL DISTRIBUTOR STEPHENSONS Runner up: Nivek Catering Supplies, Hugh Jordan FODDSERVICE CATERING OPERATOR COMPASS GROUP Runner up: Baxter Storey Highly Commended: Elior, Sodexo FOODSERVICE RETAIL OPERATOR PRET A MANGER Runner up: Greggs Highly Commended: Waitrose, McDonald’s FOOD & DRINK MANUFACTURER GREENCORE Runner Up: Nestle Highly Commended: Bakkavor, Unilever

HUHTAMAKI DO THE DOUBLE Huhtamaki (UK), working in collaboration with Ace UK (Ace Hygiene Supplies), were joint winners of the Product innovation Award and also won the Manufacturer of the Year award. The partnership that won the Product Innovation award resulted in the creation of two pieces of innovative packaging, designed for Levy UK for supply to restaurants at the O2 Arena. The solutions proposed needed to reflect the status, spectacle and gravitas of a night out at this prestigious venue and to add value to its contemporary and up-market QSR dining experience. Following on from the first win, Huhtamaki were then absolutely delighted to collect the award for Manufacturer of the Year. Keith Crossley, Huhtamaki UK General Manager was thrilled with the award wins. “Huhtamaki was voted winner of

Manufacturer of the Year Award by our customers and distributors. To receive this level of recognition from within our industry is outstanding and reflects the dedication and commitment of our teams working across the UK. “This is further enhanced by winning the Product innovation Award with Ace UK where we were briefed to provide a range of stylish and functional packaging for ‘in situ’ and ‘to go’ food options for Levy UK at the O2. “Working collaboratively, we delivered a range with a stylish design, high quality print and unrivalled functionality to provide the O2 customer with a memorable dining experience in their seat, in precise keeping with the venue, the menu and the occasion.” Huhtamaki were also awarded Runner Up in the Sustainability Award for their recently launched recycling scheme with Gosport Council.


PRODUCT INNOVATION FPA Product Innovation Award 2018 HUHTAMAKI (UK) & ACE GROUP for The 02 Range for Levy UK - Flat Pack Burger Box Highly Commended: PFF for Zizzi Speckled ‘To Go’ Bowl with inert & lid, Essity for Tork Natural Lunch, Dinner & Dispenser Napkins CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY BIDFOOD for ‘To Bee or Not To Bee’ Highly Commended: Cromwell Polythene for Cromwell Polythene Beach Clean, Bunzl Catering Supplies for Sustainable Future e-brochure SUSTAINABILITY JAMES CROPPER for CupCycling™ Highly Commended: Huhtamaki for Gosport Recycling Initiative, Klöckner Pentaplast, Dart Products and RECOUP for ‘Dispelling the Myths of EPS’ DESIGN TEAM OF THE YEAR 2018 EURO PACKAGING for Jena ep design house Runner up: RPC Design Team, Rapid Action Packaging RISING STAR AWARD EILIDH BRUNTON, Vegware CHAIRMAN’s AWARD ANNE SUTTON, Dart Container Corporation

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Grab and go is a key driver behind Ireland’s foodservice growth


ord Bia’s 2017 Irish Foodservice Channel Insights recent report shows that Ireland’s foodservice market continues to grow and is now valued at a record €7.8billion, comprising over 33,000 individual outlets. The foodservice market includes all food consumed out of home incorporating restaurants, pubs, hotels, coffee shops, workplace catering, hospitals, education and vending. The report, which also tracks consumer behaviour and sentiment when eating away from home, highlights that take away, or grab-andgo concepts, are one of the key drivers of foodservice growth and that healthier foods are trending and influencing menu ideation. According to Bord Bia Chief Executive Tara McCarthy: “During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to create data-driven solutions for our food and beverage clients. The new research that we are bringing to the foodservice market reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering relevant insights”. FOODSERVICE MARKET IN IRELAND Over one third (35%) of consumer spend is found in Limited Service Restaurants, which incorporates quickservice restaurants, fastcasual dining and food-togo, with 12% attributed to Full Service Restaurants. Consumer spending in pubs (excluding alcohol) accounts for 17% of the market value and is showing a lower year on year growth rate than the overall market, attributed in part to Brexit which has

decreased weekend trips and holiday visits to Ireland by UK travellers. The two segments showing the biggest share gain are the hotel segment, accounting for 17% of total foodservice consumer spending and the coffee shops and cafes which now account for 6%. Maureen Gahan, Foodservice Specialist in Bord Bord added: “We’re delighted to report that the sector remains on track to grow at a compound rate of 4.9% and to reach a value of €9 billion by 2020. Ireland has started to become known as a “food destination” and much of the investment operators have made in quality and service upgrades have helped fuel the foodservice growth witnessed in the island of Ireland (IOI)”. Continued economic prosperity has contributed to a relatively strong and healthy foodservice industry and a number of key trends include: • Coffee shops and cafes maintain their position as the fastest growing


sector, and the investment in beverage has been seen across all segments as operators strive to provide High Street level coffee and beverage programmes to their guests. Flat whites are this year’s trending coffee beverage with coffee perceived as an affordable luxury among consumers and health trends are beginning to shape coffee orders with consumers seeking out alternative milks. • A rise in fast-casual concepts (limited service but generally more upscale offering higher quality ingredients and higher average spend than quick-service) to meet the consumer demand for higher-quality foods at an affordable price. • Technology is a foodservice-enabler and third party delivery is causing some disruption and seeing strong growth, particularly in major urban centres as a result of younger consumers and business travellers favouring convenience.

• A focus on provenance can be seen particularly with new chains finding success in labelling menu items as “fresh” and “local which are often associated with “better for you” items. • Large foodservice brands and forecourt stations are aligning to the consumer demand for healthier options and so upgrades and investments continue, with a focus on fresh foods and made-to-order offers. • The introduction of new cuisines and variety into the Irish diet as a result of the continued entry of International brands into the Irish market. This is also creating additional competition for homegrown brands. FOODSERVICE SEMINAR The findings of the report were shared with more than 300 delegates at Bord Bia’s Foodservice Seminar in Dublin. The annual event which discusses emerging trends in the sector was chaired by entrepreneur and business-man, Bobby Kerr.

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NPD predicts a decrease in millennial OOH visits Balancing lower eat-out business from 25-to-34s in the next five years with more business from the over 50s will be a challenge, predicts NPD in a new report


lobal information company The NPD Group is predicting a decrease in eat-out or out-ofhome (OOH) visits by consumers aged 25-to-34 between now and 2022. Citing its new report, The Future of Foodservice: Great Britain 2022, it says OOH visits in Britain’s foodservice industry among this age group will decrease from 20% to around 18% of the industry total of 11.5 billion visits, a drop of two percentage points. This is equivalent to 155 million fewer visits annually and a potential loss in annual spend of up to £ 800 million. This would represent another strong visit decline after the big drop between 2007 and 2012 in the same age group. But Britain’s foodservice operators can compensate by targeting the over 50s. That fast-growing demographic will account for more than 70% of the growth in the country’s population between now and 2022 according to the ONS. This is an attractive proposition for British foodservice, especially as many over 50s are wealthier, more active

and more experimental when eating out than previous generations. Total OOH visits among people aged 50+ could increase by more than 4% by 2022 (130 million visits), three times faster than the total OOH market. Cyril Lavenant, Foodservice Director UK at the NPD Group, said: “Foodservice operators seeking growth in the next five years should be aware

that business coming from the 25-to34 age band, which includes many ‘millennials’, is likely to drop. Visits from this age group have been dropping since 2007. One reason is that millennials typically need new experiences and sources of inspiration that the foodservice industry does not necessarily provide. The 25-to-34s are also facing higher living costs than ever, especially in housing and childcare, and this is prompting them to cut back on foodservice purchases. Operators and suppliers will have to work hard to determine what could bring the 25-to-34s back to the market. But now is also the right time to think more about the needs of the over 50s. There are huge differences in levels of fitness, mobility and prosperity as people move beyond 50 and into their 60s and 70s. But this is still a big opportunity for the foodservice industry.” Big spenders and weekenders Not only will the over 50s account for more visits, they are already the biggest spenders when it comes to


RESEARCH eating out. The average bill for the 50-to-64 age group at a full-service restaurant is £13.41, higher than any of the other age bands, including 25-to-34s. The over 65s have the second highest average spend at £13.10. Older customers will also sustain weekend business. The NPD Group says the over 50s will drive more than half of an expected 14% increase in weekend foodservice traffic by 2022, and eventually account for 29% of weekend visits. Over 50s to boost delivery boom Britain’s over 50s will strengthen the delivery boom, in which customers order food by phone, online or via apps. The over 50s currently account for 14% of all delivery visits and this will increase three percentage points by 2022 to 17%. While the over 50s currently only account for 8% of delivery via apps, the NPD Group believes this will increase rapidly as older consumers become more app savvy. The NPD Group says the

industry can expand home delivery for the over 50s, especially if operators innovate with lighter food options. Menus can offer more low-GI foods, for example, including many fruits and vegetables, beans, minimally processed grains, pasta, low-fat dairy foods and nuts. Menus can do more to assist consumers who are diabetic or who are watching their cholesterol.

Closing the frequency gap Foodservice operators need to close the ‘frequency gap’ between young and old. Consumers aged 35-to-49 will be visiting OOH foodservice operators more than 253 times a year by 2022, buying anything from an afternoon snack or a lunchtime sandwich at work to a sit-down restaurant meal in the evening. This is a high frequency – more than 1.5 times the visit frequency of the 50-to-64 age group (166 yearly visits per capita in 2022), and 3.5 times the frequency of the over 65s (73 visits per capita predicted for 2022). The foodservice industry can build business by narrowing that gap. Cyril Lavenant added: “Balancing lower eat-out business among 25-to-34s in the next five years with more business from the over 50s will be a challenge. But Britain’s foodservice operators have the skills to address this. Brands and advertisers in many industries are beginning to make the over 50s more of a priority and the foodservice industry should do the same.” May 2018 79

Finalists announced for

The FoodTalk Awards 2018


he finalists of The FoodTalk Awards 2018 have been announced, following the first round of judging. This event is a popular celebration of the UK’s very best talent and technology in the food sector. In addition, the judges have chosen a host of Gold Award winners, who all get to showcase their winning products on the awards evening for a chance to win the people’s choice Big Apple award. The judges must now decide several category winners in time for a glamorous awards ceremony this summer. These deserving finalists face a nervejangling further process of scrutiny as they vie with each other to be named winners in these prestigious awards. Judges had entries from more than 200 companies – a truly amazing response. All the winners of the national awards this year will be announced at a glittering ceremony at the Banking Hall in the City of London on 15 June. The FoodTalk Awards have become one of most-talked-about food events of the year, other than the Sammies, and Sandwich Designer of the Year of course.

The Awards, organised by The FoodTalk Show, a popular weekly podcast which champions innovation and excellence in the emerging sector of FoodTech, honouring the foodie futurists and forward thinkers in the UK. Following on from the huge success of last year’s inaugural Awards ceremony, eight categories are up for grabs. They both celebrate the smartest products in food, drink, technology and packaging and recognise everything from food products and innovative packaging to smart kitchen gadgets and apps. “Congratulations to all our entrants who made it to the last, most demanding stage of The FoodTalk Awards competition,” says FoodTalk show presenter and awards judge Sue Nelson, who is a food writer, former CEO of NW Fine Foods and CEO of Breakthrough Group, the sponsors behind The FoodTalk Show. “Getting this far is an amazing achievement because choosing the finalists was one of the hardest tasks I’ve had on any judging panel. Now, perhaps, the very toughest part is about to begin – honing our search on the


eventual winners! “To all those companies that just missed the final cut this time, please take heart. This is a tough awards competition across all sectors and choosing our final shortlist was incredibly difficult as the bar was set so high. You have it all to play for next year.” Sue Nelson concludes: “The number and quality of entries was astounding, and the diversity of companies that will be represented at this year’s FoodTalk Awards is inspiring. We are looking forward to an amazing celebration on 15 June 2018 at the Banking Hall. See you there!”

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Essential packaging tips to capitalise on the Street Food movement Colpac’s European Marketing Manager, Arianna Bucci, explores the growth of the street food movement, and offers tips to finding the right packaging solution



rom vegan style battered tofu and barbecued jackfruit, to pulled pork brioche baps, there’s no denying the British Street Food revolution is in full swing. A decade ago, street food was a hamburger van at a football stadium, but, today, it is at the forefront of food innovation and its popularity has exploded. Food service operators are feverishly keeping up with the exponential growth, taking their offerings kerb-side, and pop-up vendors are appearing in towns and cities to serve an estimated 2.5 billion people daily. To cater to the increasingly demanding palates of discerning consumers, street food offerings are becoming more diverse. European foods are swiftly approaching saturation point, while Taiwanese Cuisine is considered a major growth area in 2018. Creating the popular dishes is one thing, but choosing the right packaging is essential. Get personal…. Street food offers a creative, fun way for consumers to eat, and the packaging forms an integral part of this experience. With so many street food vendors popping up, the competition is fierce, and the need to diversify and enhance the customer experience is magnified. Packaging doesn’t need to be complicated to work, simple paperboard solutions are sufficient, and can be easily personalised with the use of branded labels. Or, work with a supplier who can offer shorter print runs for seasonal packaging, and creative, on-board print which depict a specific look you are trying to achieve. For instance, dishes which portray ‘home-made’ are popular, so a handwritten print effect will reflect this. Easy to handle……. Street food is at the heart of the ‘grab and go’ culture, so opting for packaging which makes the customer experience as simple and convenient as possible is essential. Think about the journey your customer will go on, from purchase to consumption, right through to disposal. For instance, if you are creating dishes which require additional sauces of dressings, think about using packaging which can hold all the parts of a dish in one go, such as cartons

or cones with dip or sauce corners. Tuck top food tubs are also popular as they are not only easy to construct, but offer easy access to customers who may want to eat some and save some for later! Quick & efficient……. Robust, flexible packaging is essential for street food vendors who need to be able to serve up dishes quickly and efficiently. Any packaging solution should be stackable, as this not only allows for ease of construction and packing, but takes up a limited amount of space, leading to a reduction in SKU’s and transport and storage costs. With so many different dishes on offer, interchangeable packaging is the solution, such as Colpac’s recently launched Tower Trays. An ideal container for a huge array of instant eat dishes, Tower Trays are available in three different sizes, and can be used as a standalone tray, or combined to create a ‘tower box’ by clipping together any one of the trays on top of any size tray to form a base and lid. Multi-functional packaging, such as an all-in-one film to board pack, is another quick, practical solution for the packing of flat-breads, stuffed tortillas, burritos or sausage rolls, as it can be shaped around the product to fit, and either heat sealed or clasped together with the use of an integrated paperboard clip. Avoid leaks, while letting off steam…… The rise in popularity of dishes such as noodles and Asian broth provides retailers with the opportunity to explore a new world of flavour. However, these types of dishes are inherently wet so the packaging must offer the correct resistance, plus the sight of permeating grease can be a deterrent to many consumers! An inner coating of black PET to a paperboard base will offer protection to hot dishes, plus keep any grease absorption at bay. The packaging should also play a vital role in keeping the food hot so for items such as hot soup or early morning porridge, use tubs with suitable vent holes to allow the steam to escape. Reheatable…… While many street food consumers indulge in dishes as they wander around a market, a portion of the

crowd may want to reheat their purchase to enjoy later at home. Options for packaging constructed from reheatable material are readily available, for instance the use of PET provides heat resistance to handling and reheating. And, if you think consumers will reheat their dishes at home, but are keen to depict your branding on the packaging, ensure that your packaging supplier uses inks and coatings formulated with heat resistant pigments to meet EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) guidelines. Are you green enough……? Consumer expectations for sustainably sourced packaging is growing in traction, as quickly as their demand for diverse cuisine. Street food vendors are not necessarily enforced with the same regulations as their retail counterparts, and money, particularly for the start-up’s, can be tight so the lure of cheaper, less sustainable alternatives might be alluring. However, consumer demand for better practices is making even the smallest of vendors take notice, and the traditional polystyrene and aluminium trays are slowly being substituted with more environmentally friendly alternatives such as paperboard. Colpac’s Kraft range, for instance, is available in a range of different formats and is suitable for the packing of a range of dishes from slices of pizza to salads. Constructed from natural, recycled, material, Kraft is biodegradable and compostable within 16 weeks. Significantly, the rising number of street food vendors will undoubtedly lead to greater food waste and environmental issues in the disposal of packaging. Therefore it is vital that the right infrastructure is put into place to counteract this, with dedicated recycling plants in place to ensure the packaging is disposed of correctly. Street food culture looks set to stay, and its transient nature means vendors can keep up with ever-changing consumer demand for new flavours, textures and winning combinations, easier than their retail counterparts. Ultimately, the ability to move with the times will help street food vendors survive and flourish, and having the right packaging within easy reach for each new phase will give them a head start. May 2018 83


PROTECT YOUR CUSTOMERS, INVEST IN PORTABLE HAND WASHING UNITS WITH the festival and street food season on its way, mobile and street food vendors should be looking to provide proper handwashing facilities for customers and staff in order to comply with legislation and help to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has enforced tighter regulations on hand hygiene. New legislation states that operators handling high-risk food, such as raw meat, must have fully equipped hand washing facilities. There are often high levels of crosscontamination between vendors and customers when handling money and food items that allow diseases to spread easily if there are inadequate handwashing facilities in place. Therefore, the new regulations have come in to improve hygiene in food preparation areas. Additionally, alcohol-based sanitisers must only be used as an addition to meet these requirements rather than replacing hand washing facilities. Vendors cannot operate without proof that these facilities are easily and safely available. TEAL Patents – the world’s leading manufacturer of portable hand washing units – can fill this need with their

comprehensive range of mobile hand washing units including the Super Stallette. One of the main advantages of a portable hand wash unit is their ability to work without access to mains water or drainage, making the products fully portable. Some, including the Super Stallette and the BigSynk, only require a simple 13-amp socket. Also in the range and suitable for mobile vendors is the Handeman Xtra; with its lightweight, robust design it can be carried easily. It connects to a vehicle’s electricity supply when there is no available power supply or plumbing which is often the case at street fairs. Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL Patents, says: “Hand hygiene needs to be at the top of vendors’ priority lists to sharply reduce the risk of exposing their customers to dangerous illnesses. “Customers want to know the food they’re eating is safe. They don’t want to be worrying about getting ill in the middle of a festival or as a parting gift from a street fair. With hygiene ratings being displayed front and centre of stands, something as simple as hand washing can have a big impact on sales and reputation.”

With no taps to re-contaminate clean hands, the touch-free Super Stallette unit comes with a unique blue sensor to allow for an effective hot hand wash. Tel: +44 (0) 121 770 0593

4 ACES WIDER RANGE OF GREEN OPTIONS POPULAR packaging specialist, 4 Aces has added to its environmentally-friendly range of products as part of a pledge to its customers to provide a wider range of green options in 2018. Alongside its selection of biodegradable paper water cones and its PLA cold cup range, the supplier’s latest compostable PLA hot cups are set to provide the perfect green alternative to single and double wall cups. The 8oz, 12oz and 16oz white cups are now available to order along with compostable sip lids, which complement this offering. David Blake, sales director of 4 Aces, is delighted to have expanded the company’s biodegradable range: “We want to provide added value to our customers by giving them more

options and this involves widening the selection of products available that could enable them to reduce their environmental impact. “Sustainable packaging is very much back on the public agenda and consumers are far more savvy and informed about issues related to the environment. There is a great public spirit that is driving the industry; the


end-users most definitely want cups and packaging that are made from sustainable materials and renewable resources.” 4 Aces is also able to meet the demand for tailored products, printing on both single wall and double wall high quality, paper cups, accommodating small and large print runs and delivering to its customers as and when they need the stock items. The company’s highly-regarded direct parcel delivery service, offering a prompt, personal service, regardless of the size of the company or the size of the order, allows customers to get access to the supplier’s complete range of products without the need to hold any of it. Tel: 01992 535774


HOUNÖ COMBI OVENS INSTALLED AT NEW TESCO SUPERSTORE FOOD TO GO DEPARTMENT EQUIPMENT manufactured by Danish combi oven specialist, HOUNÖ A/S, has been installed within the food to go department at a new 31,000 sg ft Tesco Superstore, recently opened in Calne, Wiltshire. A 6 grid combi oven stacked with a 6 grid convection oven and a 6 grid combi oven stacked with a rotisserie were supplied by HOUNÖ’s strategic UK retail distribution partner, Fri-Jado UK. The food to go department is located at the front of the store, providing an enhanced and more convenient shopping experience for customers. The ovens are positioned front of house to create kitchen theatre and promote impulse purchases. The food to go department offers an extensive range of freshly cooked hot food, including whole chickens,

chicken portions, ribs, pizzas, panini, sausages, pies and sausage rolls, as well as a breakfast menu. The HOUNÖ ovens benefit from a combination of radiant heat and steam injection, together with a nine speed reversible fan, for perfect cooking results. Ease of oven operation is assured via a user friendly digital controller with a selection dial interface. The ovens installed at the Calne store were pre-programmed for items on the food to go department’s menu, allowing simple and accurate operation. The ovens supplied incorporate HOUNÖ’s unique pass-through feature, whereby raw food is loaded from the rear of the oven and cooked food is unloaded from the front, minimising the risk of product cross contamination. They are also equipped

with an integrated fat separation system, which diverts grease into a tray mounted beneath the oven. The tray is then emptied into a suitable container for environmentally responsible disposal of the fat. The system helps avoid clogged drains and prevent fat passing into the watercourse. Tel: + 45 87 11 47 11.

HOSPITALITY SUITE AT SCOTSTOUN STADIUM, GLASGOW TRANSFORMED BY QED SCOTSTOUN Stadium in Glasgow is run by charitable organization Glasgow Live and catering/ facilities contractor Cordia. It is a vital sport and leisure resource for the whole community as well as being the home ground of Guinness Pro14 rugby union club Glasgow Warriors. The stadium recently unveiled a newly refurbished hospitality area to be used by members, the public and matchday sponsors. It consists of a large, openplan bar, café and seating concourse with panoramic views of the stadium and surrounding areas and facilities for hot meals, cold snacks, drinks and general relaxation. To oversee the entire project, Glasgow Live and Cordia engaged Glasgowbased retail and catering specialist Quality Equipment Distributors (QED) as

the main contractor. The decision was based on QED submitting a competitive quote and having previously carried out several successful projects for Cordia and Glasgow City Council. QED and its subcontractors designed and built the new hospitality area, which includes a new servery counter and new front and rear bars complete with an ice chest, sinks, drainers and glass and bottle storage areas.

An enclosure with roller shutter doors was created to isolate the back bar on nonmatch days. The area also includes a food regeneration enclosure to house two storage refrigerators and two Altosham regeneration and holding ovens. All the modular counters and ‘poseur bar’ seating areas have hard-wearing Silestone worktops and wood effect cladding, finished off with attractive coloured branding to reflect

the stadium’s distinctive corporate image. An integral part of the project was the sourcing and supply of over 250 items of furniture for the general seating and dining areas. QED also supplied all necessary wiring, sockets and plumbing for the entire scheme. Commenting on the project, Neil Henry, the Cordia manager for Scotstoun Stadium, said: ‘QED and its partners took on a very challenging task and delivered a highquality result that came in on time and on budget. Since the completion of the new hospitality area, many more people are visiting and using Scotstoun Stadium for their daily leisure activities, so it is certainly a good investment for the stadium owners and the whole community.’ May 2018 85


INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION FOR AIRCELL OPEN FRONT GRAB & GO CABINET ADANDE Refrigeration’s Aircell Crivat open front, integral refrigerated Grab & Go cabinet is the Silver winner of the heavy equipment category in the SCI Equipment Awards 2018. The inaugural SCI Equipment Award programme is organised jointly by the Food & Hotel Asia 2018 exhibition and the Foodservice Consultants Society International (Asia Pacific Division). The presentation of the award was made at a ceremony on 27 April during the exhibition being held in Singapore. In making the award, the judging panel agreed that the Grab & Go cabinet had satisfied the competition’s criteria for sustainability, cost savings and innovation in the foodservice sector. The company also demonstrated that the cabinet offers food to go focused features, including reduced energy consumption, tighter holding temperatures, a warmer shopping environment, a large display capacity and unfettered access for ease of browsing and shopping. In support of its award entry, Adande submitted the results of an in-store trial of the cabinet at Le Pain

Quotidien food to go outlet in Soho, London. Over a three-week test period, energy consumption was measured as 33% less than the store’s existing open front multi deck display. This reduction in energy consumption would represent an annual saving in electricity costs of £365. During the same trial, cabinet air temperature was measured to a bandwidth of 4°C in the Aircell model, compared with an average range of 11°C in the store’s existing open front multi deck. The narrow temperature range of the model helps to maintain the quality and fresh appearance of food to go, providing a more enjoyable eating experience for the customer and reducing waste. Adande also cited results from an in-store trial at a UK food hall. During simultaneous monitoring under the same store operating conditions, over a three-week test period, energy consumption of the Grab & Go cabinet was measured as 53.6% less than the store’s existing open front multi deck display. This reduction in energy consumption represents an annual

saving in electricity costs of £660.65. Cabinet air temperature was measured to a bandwidth of 3°C in the Aircell® Crivat model, compared with an average range of 13°C in the store’s existing open front multi deck. Tel: + 44 (0) 844 376 0023 www.adandeaircell

BARRY CALLEBAUT BEVERAGES BARRY Callebaut Beverages has introduced the fresh taste of tender peppermint leaves to its popular Caprimo vending range with the launch of a new and exciting, rejuvenating drink, Caprimo Mint Tea. Expected to appeal to vending operators and consumers alike, the tea chimes with the current customer expectation, and demand, for the inclusion of varied hot beverage options in the mix. The Caprimo Mint Tea is a lighter, high quality drink with a herbal flavour that contributes to a slightly sweet fragrance and a strong and vital menthol aroma. To be enjoyed hot or cold, the drink is crafted to provide the tea drinker with the ultimate refreshing taste, revitalising the senses to offer the most satisfying of brews.

Head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages in the UK, Paula Bentley, comments: “Consumers are embracing tea as a lighter alternative to coffee and are looking for a greater choice. Mint tea is an


excellent offering to have in the mix as, besides being revitalising, it’s quite a soothing drink.” The leading hot drinks manufacturer is expecting a healthy take up among existing vending customers, who are looking to improve their hot beverage offering and who are already familiar with the Caprimo brand. Paula adds: “Although the vending machine offering is always going to be more limited overall, that does not mean that the expectation isn’t there and Caprimo Mint Tea might well be the perfect solution for those operators who already have a full selection of richer, creamier hot beverages and would like to offer their customers a lighter alternative. Ultimately, it’s all about choice.” Tel: 01244 370500


BSA Committee BSA MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 2018 The following are elected members of the Management Committee of the British Sandwich Association: CHAIRMAN Jonathan Scoffield, Greencore (producer) VICE - CHAIRMAN Camilla Deane (Norseland) supplier THE COMMITTEE

Upholding quality standards in sandwich making and retailing Our aims As the voice of the British Sandwich industry, the primary aims of the British Sandwich Association are: s To safeguard the integrity of the sandwich industry by setting minimum standards for sandwich making. s To encourage excellence and innovation in sandwich making. s To provide a source of information for the industry. s To promote the consumption of sandwiches. s To provide a collective voice for all those involved in the making, distribution and retailing of sandwiches and to represent the views of the industry.

Mark Jones (The Food Fellas) - supplier Andrew Hesketh (Greggs) – retail baker Jess Almond, (Marks & Spencer) - multiple retailer Georg Buhrkohl (Subway) – sandwich bar chain Peter Mayley (La Baguetterie) – independent sandwich bar Neil Wood (Woods) – foodservice operator Kate Redden(Ginsters) – van sales Sohel Patel (Halal Kitchen) – producer Victoria Green (Waitrose) – multiple retailer Mark Arnold (Street Eats) - producer SECRETARIAT Jim Winship – Director Gethin Evans – PR Manager May 2018 87

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Sauces & Ketchups Beacon Foods Blenders Caterers Choice Freshfayre Orexis Fresh Foods Ltd. Pauwels UK Piquant Southover Food Company Ltd. The English Provender Co The FoodFellas The Ingredients Factory Zafron Foods Ltd. DRINKS Juices Caterers Choice Freshfayre Leathams Princes Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd. EGGS & EGG PRODUCTS Eggs (hard boiled) Freshfayre Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Fridays Southover Food Company Ltd. Egg Products Freshfayre Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Fridays Futura Foods UK Ltd. Glendale Foods Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. EQUIPMENT & VEHICLES Buttering Machinery BFR Systems Deighton Manufacturing Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Combi-Ovens Bradshaw Group Conveyors BFR Systems Deighton Manufacturing Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Cutting & Slicing Equipment BFR Systems Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Depositing Machinery Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Labelling Systems & Barcoding Planglow Ltd.

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Canned Meat Freshfayre Moy Park Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Smithfield Foods Ltd. Chicken 2 Sisters Food Group Cargill Meats Europe CP Foods UK Ltd. Dawn Farms UK Freshfayre Glendale Foods H Smith Food Group plc JDM Quality Meats Ltd. Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Sam Browne Foods Seara Meats BV Smithfield Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd. The FoodFellas Vestey Foods UK Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd Continental Freshfayre Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd.

Sausages Freshfayre Glendale Foods Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Snowbird foods Smithfield Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd. Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd

OILS Freshfayre ORGANIC PRODUCTS Beacon Foods Fridays Leathams Pauwels UK Southover Food Company Ltd. The English Provender Co Ltd. PACKAGING

Cardboard Colpac Ltd. Coveris Flexibles (St Neots) UK Ltd. RAP Ltd. Disposable Bunzl Catering Supplies Colpac Ltd. Coveris Flexibles (St Neots) UK Ltd. RAP Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. Food wraps RAP Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. Plastic Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd.

BSA Manufacturers  & Distributors Sandwich Packs Colpac Ltd. Coveris Flexibles (St Neots) UK Ltd. RAP Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. PASTA Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshcut Foods Ltd Freshfayre Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd SANDWICH FILLINGS (READY PREPARED) Fresh Fillings 2 Sisters Food Group Beacon Foods CP Foods UK Ltd. Freshcut Foods Ltd Freshfayre Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Fridays Harvey & Brockless Southover Food Company Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. Frozen Fillings 2 Sisters Food Group Beacon Foods CP Foods UK Ltd. Glendale Foods SOUPS Freshfayre Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd VEGETABLES & HERBS Avocado CP Foods UK Ltd.

Canned Vegetables Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre The FoodFellas Princes Foods Ltd. Chargrilled Vegetables Beacon Foods Freshcut Foods Ltd. Leathams Moy Park Ltd. The FoodFellas Herbs & Spices Beacon Foods Jalapenos Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre The FoodFellas SALAD

Fresh Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd. Freshcut Foods Ltd. Freshfayre Salad (prepared) Agrial Fresh Produce Ltd. Freshcut Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd Sundried Tomatoes Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre Leathams Plc Martin Matthew & Co Ltd. Sweetcorn Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Freshfayre Tomatoes Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Freshfayre

2 SISTERS FOOD GROUP Manton Wood, Enterprise Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 2RS Contact: Renee Skukowski Tel: 01909 511800 ANCHOR CATERING LIMITED Kent Office: Units 2, 21 & 22, Wotton Trading Estate Wotton Road Ashford, TN23 6LL Contact: Stephen Drew Tel: 01233 665533 Fax: 01233 665588 Mobile: 07780 668145

AROUND NOON LTD. Unit 24A Rampart Road, Greenbank Industrial Estate, Newry, County Down BT34 2QU Contact: Philip Morgan Tel: 0283 0262333

AROUND NOON LTD. 762A/763A Henley Road, Slough SL1 4JW Contact: Gareth Whatley Tel: 01753 523 636 Fax: 01753 573 125 BRADGATE BAKERY Beaumont Leys, Leicester, LE4 1WX Contact: Clare Keers Tel: 0116 2361100 Fax: 0116 2361101

GREENCORE FOOD TO GO LTD – MANTON WOOD Manton Wood, Enterprise Zone, Retford Road, Manton, Worksop, Notts, S80 2RS Contact: Sales Tel: 01909 512600 Fax: 01909 512708 GREENCORE FOOD TO GO LTD – BROMLEY BY BOW Prologis Park, Twelvetrees Crescent, London E3 3JG Tel: 0207 536 8000 Fax: 0207 536 0790 Contact: Richard Esau GREENCORE FOOD TO GO LTD. – ATHERSTONE Unit 7, Carlyon Road Industrial Estate, Atherstone Warwickshire CV9 1LQ Contact: Alex McLaren Tel: 01827 719 100 Fax: 01827 719 101 GREENCORE FOOD TO GO LTD. – HEATHROW Unit 366 Stockley Close, West Drayton, London UB7 9BL Contact: Olatunde Ray-Odekeye Tel: 01244 533888

GREENCORE FOOD TO GO LTD PARK ROYAL Willen Field Rd, Park Royal, London NW10 7AQ Contact: Clare Rees Tel: 0208 956 6000 Fax: 0208 956 6060

HALAL KITCHEN Units 1, 2 & 8 Sunnyside Business Park, Off Adelaide Street, Bolton BL3 3NY Contact: Sohel Patel Tel: 01204 855967

IMPRESS SANDWICHES Units 6-7 Orbital Industrial Estate, Horton Road, West Drayton Middlesex, UB7 8JL Tel: 01895 440123 Fax: 01895 441123 LOVE BITES LTD. Granary Court, Eccleshill, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD2 2EF Contact: Richard Smith Tel: 01274 627000 Fax: 01274 627627 MELTON FOODS 3 Samworth Way, Leicester Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 1GA Contact: Kate Redden Tel: 01664 484400 Fax: 01664 484401

REAL WRAP COMPANY LTD. Unit Haslemere Industrial Estate,Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 9TP Contact: Jason Howell Tel: 0117 3295020 SANDWICHMAN LTD. 54 King Street, Wallasey, Merseyside CH44 8AU Contact: Jeffrey Gilmore Tel: 0151 6394575

STREET EATS Prince William Avenue, Sandycroft, Flintshire, CH5 2QZ Contact: Guy Truman Tel: 07775 673618 Fax: 01244 533 404 THE BRUNCH BOX SANDWICH COMPANY Unit H2, Dundonald, Enterprise Park, Carrowreagh Road, Dundonald, Belfast BT6 1QT Contact: John Weatherup Tel: 028 90 486888 Fax: 028 90 485486

ON A ROLL SANDWICH COMPANY The Pantry, Barton Road, Middlesbrough TS2 1RY Contact: James Stoddart Tel: 01642 707090 Fax: 01642 243858

RAYNOR FOODS Farrow Road, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3TH Contact: Heather Raynor Tel: 01245 353249 Fax: 01245 347889

THE SOHO SANDWICH COMPANY Unit 7 Advent Business Park, Advent Way, London N18 3AL Contact: Daniel Silverston Tel: 0203 058 1245 Fax: 0207 739 1166 ACCREDITED DISTRIBUTORS GREEN GOURMET LTD. The Moorings, Bonds Mill, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 3RF Contact: Rob Freeman Tel: 01453 797925 Fax: 01453 827216

The British Sandwich Quality Promise The sandwich manufacturers and distributors listed above support The British Sandwich Association Code of Practice as The Minimum Standard for Sandwich Making and are subject to regular independent audits. Copies of BSA Audits are available, on request,to buyers (subject to agreement of manufacturers) by calling us on 01291 636338 March 2018 89

BSA Suppliers Index 2 SISTERS FOOD GROUP Leechmere Industrial Estate, Toll Bar Road, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR2 9TE Contact: Bill Anderson Tel: 0191 521 3323 Fax: 0191 521 0652

AGRIAL FRESH PRODUCE LTD. Unit 5 Walthew House Lane, Martland Park Industrial Estate, Wigan WN5 0LB Contact: Emma Hesketh Tel: 01942 219942

ALS FOOD & PHARMACEUTICAL Sands Mill, Huddersfield Road Mirfield, West Yorkshire WF14 9DQ Contact: Nigel Richards Tel: 01354 697028 Fax: 01924 499731

BEACON FOODS Unit 3-4, Beacon Enterprise Park, Warren Road, Brecon LD3 8BT Contact: Lynne Skyrme Tel: 01874 622577 Fax: 01874 622123 BFR SYSTEMS 1 rue du Jariel, ZAC Les Longs, Silons 77120 Coulommiers, France Contact: Simon O’Connor Tel: +33 (0)1 64 65 11 71 Tel: 07764 564421 Fax: +33 (0)1 64 65 11 72 BLENDERS Newmarket, Dublin 8, Ireland Contact: Julie Delany Tel: 00 353 14536960 Fax: 00 353 14537607

BRADBURYS CHEESE Staden Business Park, Staden Lane, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9RZ Contact: Chris Chisnall Tel: 01298 23180 Fax: 01298 27302

BRADSHAW GROUP Fourth Way, Avonmouth, Bristol BS11 8TB Contact: John Marks Tel: 01275 343000 BUNZL CATERING SUPPLIES Epsom Chase, 1 Hook Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8TY Contact: Jodie White Tel: 01372 736300 CARGILL MEATS EUROPE Orchard Block, Grandstand Road, Hereford HR4 9PB Contact: Anna Brown Tel: 01432 362423 Fax: 01432 362482

CATERERS CHOICE LTD Parkdale House, 1 Longbow Close, Pennine Business Park Bradley, Huddersfield HD2 1GQ Contact: Sarah Booth Tel 01484 532666 Fax 01484 532700

COLPAC LTD Enterprise Way, Maulden Road, Flitwick, Bedfordshire MK45 5BW Contact: Sales Department Tel: +44 (0) 1525 712261 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 718205

COVERIS FLEXIBLES UK LTD. 7 Howard Road, Eaton Socon, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 8ET Contact: Sales Department Tel: 01480 476161 Fax: 01480 471989


CP FOODS UK LTD. Avon House, Hartlebury Trading Estate, Hartlebury, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY10 4JB Contact: David Allen Muncey Tel: 01299 253131 Fax: 01299 253232 DATATHERAPY LTD. One Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG Contact: Yousaf Shah Tel: 0207 77000044

DAWN FARMS UK Lodge Way, Lodge Farm Ind. Est, Northampton NN5 7US Contact: Julie Sloan Tel: 01604 583421 Fax: 01604 587392 Accreditation body: BSA DEIGHTON MANUFACTURING (UK) LTD Gibson Street, Leeds Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD3 9TR Contact: Andy Hamilton Tel: 01274 668771 Fax: 01274 665214

DEW VALLEY FOODS Holycross Road, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland Contact: Christina Murphy Tel: 00353 504 46110 Fax: 00353 504 23405

EDEN UK LTD. 2-20 Booth Drive, Park Farm Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 6GR Contact: Russ Skinner Tel: 01933 401555 ENGLISH PROVENDER CO. LTD Buckner Croke Way, New Greenham Park, Thatcham, Berks, RG19 6HA, Contact: Jason Belmont Tel: 01635 528800 Fax: 01635 528855 BRC Grade A

EXTONS FOODS 5/6 Caldey Road, Roundthorne Industrial Estate, Manchester M23 9GE Contact: Rachael Exton Tel: 0161 998 5734 Fax: 0161 902 9238\

FJ NEED (FOODS) LTD. Spinneyfields Farm, Worleston, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 6DN Contact: Dawn Storey Tel: 01270 611112 Fax: 01270 611113

FRESHCUT FOODS LTD 14-16 Lilac Grove, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1PF Contact: Sales Tel: 01159 227 222 Fax: 01159 227 255

FRESHFAYRE Unit 10, Severn Way, Hunslet Industrial Estate, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 1BY Contact: Caroline Bartrop Tel: 0113 277 3001 FRESH-PAK CHILLED FOODS 1 Waterside Park, Valley Way, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0BB Contact: Mike Roberts Tel: 01226 344850 Fax: 01226 344880

FRIDAYS Chequer Tree Farm, Benenden Rd, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3PN Contact: Bridget Friday Tel: 01580 710250 Fax: 01580 713512 Accreditation body: BSA FROMAGERIES BEL 2 Allee de Longchamp, Suresnes, 92150, France Contact: Bruno Camozzi Tel: +33 (0) 1 84 02 30 99

FSC Cheddar Business Park, Wedmore Road, Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3EB Contact: James Simpson Tel: 01934 745600 Fax: 01934 745631

FUTURA FOODS UK LTD. The Priory, Long Street, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 4HR Contact: Jo Carter Tel: 01666 890500 Fax: 01666 890522 GEETA’S FOODS LTD. Unit 1, 1000 North Circular Road, London NW2 7JP Contact: Nitesh Shah Tel: 020 8450 2255 Fax: 020 8450 2282

GLENDALE FOODS Cobdon Street, Pendleton, Salford M6 6WF Contact: Chris Bates Tel: 0161 743 4114 Fax: 0161 743 4112

GROTE COMPANY Wrexham Technology Park, Wrexham LL13 7YP Contact: Paul Jones Tel: 01978 362243 Fax: 01978 362255

HARVEY & BROCKLESS 44-54 Stewarts Road London SW8 4DF Contact: Tina Alemao Tel: 0207 8196045 Fax: 0207 8196027 Accreditation body: BSA

BSA Suppliers Index H SMITH FOOD GROUP PLC 24 Easter Industrial Park, Ferry Lane South, Rainham, Essex RM13 9BP Contact: Chris Smith Tel: 01708 878888 INSURANCE PROTECTOR GROUP B1 Custom House, The Waterfront, Level Street, Brierley Hill DY5 1XH Tel: 0800 488 0013

JACKSONS BAKERY 40 Derringham Street, Kingston upon Hull HU3 1EW Contact: Ian Hunt Tel: 01482 301146 Fax: 01482 588237 JDM QUALITY FOODS LTD. Unit 5 Lodge Bank Estate, Crown Lane, Horwich, Bolton BL6 5HY Contact: Alan McTighe Tel: 01204 699927 Fax: 01204 469958 JIFFY TRUCKS LTD 26 Jubilee Way, Shipley West Yorkshire BD18 1QG Tel: 01274 596000 Contact: Stephen Downes

LEATHAMS LTD 227-255 Ilderton Road, London, SE15 1NS Contact: Des Hillier Tel: 0207 635 4000 Fax: 0207 635 4017 MILLITEC FOOD SYSTEMS LTD. Woodhill Industrial Park, Nottingham Lane, Old Dalby, Leicester LE14 3LX Contact: Richard Ledger Tel: 01664 820032


MISSION FOODS EUROPE LTD Renown Avenue, Coventry Business Park, Coventry CV5 6UJ Contact: Karina Sprigg Tel: 01527 894256 Fax: 02476 676660

MOY PARK LTD. 39 Seagoe Industrial Estate, Craigavon, County Armagh BT63 5QE Contact: Emma Hallam Tel: +44 (0) 28 3835 2233

NEW YORK BAKERY CO. 4 Heathrow Boulevard, Bath Road, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 0DQ Contact: Angela Young Tel: 0208 283 0500 NORSELAND LTD. Somerton Road, Ilchester, Somerset BA22 8JL Contact: Millie Deane Tel: 01935 842800 Fax: 01935 842801

OREXIS FRESH FOODS LTD. Unit 54B Minerva Road, Park Royal, London NW10 6HJ Contact: Romi Stavrou Tel: 0208 9652223 PAPAYA LTD. Orion House, 14 Barn Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2AE Contact: Nick Edwards Tel: 01780 758560

PAUWELS UK 1st Floor, Axiom House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex TW13 4AU Contact: Andrew Breeze Tel: 0208 818 7617 Fax: 0203 187 0071 PIQUANT LTD Willenhall Lane, Bloxwich, Walsall, W.Midlands WS3 2XN Contact: Julie Smith Tel: 01922 711116 Fax: 01922 473240 Accreditation body: BSA

PLANGLOW LTD The Quorum, Bond Street, Bristol BS1 3AE Contact: Rachael Sawtell Tel: 0117 317 8600 Fax: 0117 317 8639 RAP LTD. Mansel Court, 2A Mansel Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4AA Contact: Martin Beaver Tel: 0208 069 0700

ROYAL GREENLAND LTD. Gateway House, Styal Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5WY Contact: Solenne Labarere Tel: 0161 4904246

SAM BROWNE FOODS Kelleythorpe, Ind.Estate, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 9DJ. Contact: Joanna Frost Tel: 01377 249000 Fax: 01377 241271

SEARA MEATS BV 2nd Floor, Building 1, Imperial Place, Maxwell Road, Borehamwood WD6 1JN Contact: Valeri Zhekov Tel: 0044 2035358857

SMITHFIELD FOODS LTD. Norfolk Tower, 48-52 Surrey Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3PA Contact: Gary McFarlane Tel: 01603 252437 Fax: 01603 252401

SNOWBIRD FOODS Wharf Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 4TD Contact: Roy Anderson Tel: 0208 805 9222 Fax: 0208 804 9303

SOUTHOVER FOOD COMPANY LIMITED Unit 4, Grange Industrial Estate, Albion Street, Southwick,Brighton BN42 4EN Contact: Robert Partridge Tel: 01273 596830 Fax: 01273 596 839 TASTY APPS 10 Parchment Street, Winchester SO21 3DE Contact: Trevor Loveland Tel: 01962 774972 THE FOODFELLAS Lakeside House, 1 Furzeground Way,Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1BD Contact: Mark Jones Tel: 0208 622 3064 Fax: 0845 2801166 THE INGREDIENTS FACTORY Unit 2-3 Hamilton Road Ind Estate,160 Hamilton Road, London SE27 9SF Tel: 0208 670 6701 Fax: 0208 670 9676 Contact: Tim Marcuson

These suppliers are members of The British Sandwich Association and subject to its rules, codes of conduct and accreditation. While the Association cannot guarantee the products supplied by those listed, it does make every effort to ensure that the companies are reputable and offer quality products and services.

TRI-STAR PACKAGING SUPPLIES LTD Tri-Star House, Unit 4, The Arena,, Mollison Avenue, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 7NL Contact: Kevin Curran Tel: 0208 4439100 Fax: 0208 4439101

VESTEY FOODS UK 29 Ullswater Crescent, Coulson, Surrey CR5 2HR Contact: Leon Neill Tel: 0208 668 9344 Fax: 0208 660 4640 ZAFRON FOODS LTD. Unit B-G Eagle Trading Estate, Willow Lane, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4UY Contact: Jack Kenny Tel: 0844 847 5116 Fax: 0844 847 5117

ZWANENBERG FOOD UK LTD (Puredrive Fine Foods/ Taste Original) 36A Causeway Road, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 4DU Contact: Martin Burdekin Tel: 01536 463000 Fax: 01536 463085

LINKED  ASSOCIATION LOCAL AUTHORITY CATERING ASSOCIATIONS LACA Administration Bourne House, Horsell Park,Woking, Surrey GU21 4LY Tel: 01483766777 Fax: 01483751991

CONSULTANT INTERNATIONAL MASTER CHEF & AUTHOR Tom Bridge 21 Blackhorse Avenue, Blackrod Village, Bolton BL6 5HE Tel: 01204 695450 or 07889 111256 www.

Classifieds Sandwich Slicer - DSS-250/1


Vertical slicing machine to slice filled sandwiches into triangular portions.

With the standard machine up to 1200 sandwiches can be cut per hour. For higher hourly output the slicer is also deliverable with more than one cutting line.

Vertical Slicer VSM-180 effective • hygienic • robust • •

Vertical cutting machine with patented and reliable KR cutting system for a perfect cutting result.


Cutting speed is adjustable from 4 metres per minute to 10 metres per minute



International Sandwich Manufacturers

SIGMA BAKERIES PO Box 56567, 3308 Limassol, Cyprus Contact: Georgios Georgiou Tel: +357 25 878678 Fax: +357 25 346131 SUBWAY Chaston House, Mill Court, Hinton Way, Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire CB22 5LD Contact: Georg Buhrkohl Tel: 01223 550820

Product Listing

BAKERY INSERTS Sigma Bakeries Ltd BREAD Sigma Bakeries Ltd FRANCHISING Subway ORGANIC PRODUCTS Sigma Bakeries Ltd SANDWICHES Tamarind Foods SANDWICH FILLINGS (prepared) Sigma Bakeries Ltd SPECIALITY BREADS Sigma Bakeries Ltd

TAMARIND FOODS SPRL Brixtonlaan 2c, Zaventem, Brussels 1930, Belgium Tel: +32 2 731 6977 Fax: +32 2 731 6978

Contact: Frederic Teichmann


Email: Save money and time

with the RJLasap wholesale delivery solution A simple, easy to use software system. • • • • • •

Standing orders Delivery notes Production Invoicing & accounts Ingredients & nutrition Handhelds etc.

Seamless links to labelling, EDI and accounting packages.

24/7 support, free installation & training

Visit or call 01962 761313


A Business and Freehold Property ‘For Sale.’ Our client is a leading manufacturer of Sandwiches operating in the East Midlands. Sandwiches and Salads are prepared and delivered to ‘Blue Chip’ names in the area. Annual sales are in excess of £600,000 per annum. The fully fitted manufacturing unit comprises almost 8,000 sq.ft of production space and offices, and is fully accredited. The business may suit a business trading elsewhere looking to obtain a footing in the ‘East Midlands’ Triangle of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire. Price: £425,000 or near offer. For full details contact: Ellis & Ellis, Business Transfer Agents.

Telephone 01623 421493

Auction Sale

Due to the closure of a Major “Food To Go” Manufacture. We offer for sale their assets

Wednesday 27th June Middlesborough

Previously Producing: Sandwiches, Wraps, Fresh Prepared Fruit/Salad Bowls Risco 450 paddle Mixer - Safeline AVS X-ray machine - Label applicators - Joni 200 litre electric tipping Mixer with water meter - Stephan MCH10 Microcut - Bear Mixers - Combination metal detector & Check Weigher - Kronen PGW - Kronen GS10 - Kronen Flume Washer - Kronen Tona/Rapid - Kronen Vortex Leaf washing & shelf life extension system - Vessels - Brat Pans - Glass Mixer - Robocoupe C120 - Lazy Susans - PA Rotary Filler - DC Norris cook/chill vessels - ABL AP50/OP30 & Chunker - Lecturns - Tray sealers - PND peelers - Pouch Closing Machines - Graselli NSL600 - Fresh fruit dicers - Robot Coupe Flow-wrappers; Ilapak Carrera Flow-wrapper - PA Inline Tray sealers & Rotary Sealers - Grote sandwich cutters - Labellers - Depositors - Double chamber vacuum packers - Freezer Room - Fork Lift Truck - AFT Cutter - Sandwich conveyors - Heat Tunnel - Pallet trucks - Boot Washers - S/s Tables - Sinks - All refrigeration - All panelling throughout the factory +++ Contact the agents Food Machinery 2000 - United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1225 444466 - Email: -

From lobbying Government to promoting the sandwich market, The British Sandwich Association is supporting your industry - whether you are a supplier, sandwich manufacturer or individual sandwich shop. Our members value the benefits we provide - a unique mix of advice and help they can only get from the B.S.A.

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