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CONTENTS EDITOR SIMON AMBROSE t: 01291 636343 e: NEWS Page 04 - Regional sandwich and food to go manufacturer Shaw & Lisle (S&L Catering) has gone into liquidation. The Huddersfield-based company called staff in on Wednesday 18th January to announce the closure. Leeds-based RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP are assisting but haven’t yet been formally appointed. Page 07 - Howard Farquhar, a former chief executive of Tasties and also Brambles, has become an investor and chairman of Irish sandwich and food to go manufacturer Around Noon Sandwiches. FOCUS Page 12 - Food to go manufacturer Streets Eats has partnered with vegetarian brand Cranks in launching an exciting new range of sandwiches, wraps, salads and hot eats. Simon Ambrose asked Street Eats’ Head of Innovation Mark Arnold and Cranks’

ADVERTISING PAUL STEER t: 01291 636342 e: Senior Brand Account Manager Cheryl Graham to give us the background to this major new launch SPOTLIGHT Page 22 - What’s the secret to a successful supplier/foodservice operator relationship? Pret A Manger and Nature’s Way Foods probably know better than most after working together for 19 years. Pret’s Simon Allison, Head of Food Technical, and Nature’s Way CEO Susan Barratt revealed all in a twohanded presentation at the recent IGD Food To Go Conference

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SANDWICH MANUFACTURING Page 24 - My biggest management challenge is how we can supply everyone and make everyone win,” admitted Patrick Coveney, Greencore’s CEO, in a remarkably candid presentation at the recent IGD Food To Conference. “How do we keep that edge and championship for our individual customers when we are supplying their competitors as well?” February 2017 3

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Regional sandwich manufacturer Shaw & Lisle goes into liquidation REGIONAL sandwich and food to go manufacturer Shaw & Lisle (S&L Catering) has gone into liquidation. The Huddersfield-based company called staff in on Wednesday 18th January to announce the closure. Leeds-based RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP are assisting but haven’t yet been formally appointed. Co-owner Sam Tidball said the company had been running at a loss for the last two years and he had been funding the company from his own money. In a letter to staff he said: “I regret that because of the company’s financial difficulties it has been necessary for the directors to take steps to place the company into liquidation.

“The directors would like to assure you that they have done everything to avoid this situation including financially supporting the business for an extended period of time.” Shaw & Lisle Catering Ltd was formed in 1994 at Tenterfields Business Park, Luddenden Foot by Simon Shaw and Richard Lisle, as a small sandwich manufacturing business, which expanded rapidly to become a major regional player, supplying the education sector, sports stadiums, the NHS and vending companies. At its peak it employed nearly 200 people and enjoyed growth of around 20 per cent year-on-year. It won British Sandwich Association Awards on a number of occasions

including the Sandwich Marketing Award in 2008 for its Delifresco range of sandwiches. The company relocated to Silver Street, Huddersfield, in 1999. "We needed a bigger unit but there was nothing suitable in Halifax at the time," said Mr Shaw, who handled the catering side of the business, while Richard Lisle looked after sales. The company was acquired in 2010 by Julie Dedman and Sam Tidball. Richard Lisle left in 2011, eventually joining rival sandwich and food to go manufacturer Tiffin Sandwiches. Simon Shaw left S&L in 2015. No further statements were available from the company at the time of going to press.

M&S move into vegan sandwiches M&S has moved into vegan sandwiches for the first time with the launch of two new lines – the Super Green sandwich, an edamame and minted pea filling wrapped up in a chia and linseed bread, and the Rainbow Veg sandwich, with roasted vegetables and avocado with pumpkin seeds in a red pepper bread. The retailer is likely to have been encouraged by Pret’s recent successful move into the sector with a vegetarian and vegan only outlet last year. A second store is expected soon. M&S has also launched ‘Veggie Pots’ – two out of the three are suitable for vegans – the Nutty Cauliflower Trio Veggie Pot and Glorious Greens & Seeds Veggie Pot. Helen Brennan, M&S head of product direction and development, commented: “We’ve seen a huge increase in interest

from our customers in vegan eating and we noticed there was a gap in the market for food that vegans can eat on the go for lunch. “We decided to create two new sandwiches that vegans can enjoy – they are so tasty and nutritious I’m sure non vegans will enjoy eating them too! Recent Vegan Society stats suggest there are now over 500,000 vegans in the UK. Many celebrities have recently claimed to have converted to veganism including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt, as well as long standing vegetarians Morrisey and Leona Lewis. The retailer sells over 1.5 million sandwiches every week, with over 30 flavours to choose from; however, this is the first time it has sold sandwiches suitable for vegans. Vegan products are said to be one

4 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

of the biggest requests M&S receives from its customers and it now sells over 1800 food and drink

items that are suitable for vegans and has launched a page on its website listing all the products

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BSA changes law on charity food waste In a major breakthrough for the industry, the British Sandwich and Food to Go Association has been successful in changing the way that Use-By date laws are interpreted in the UK for retailers. Thousands of tonnes of food, which were previously going into landfill, could now become available for feeding the homeless, vulnerable and needy in society, following an agreement with Government agencies THE BACKGROUND Until now, the law was interpreted to mean that at midnight on the stated date all sandwiches and other food carrying a ‘Use-by’ date had to be destroyed. As most retailers want to display products up to the date in order to maximize sales, sandwiches are made to replenish the display. There are items that frequently remain unsold at the end of the day, which could go to charity to support those who need them. Although these products could have been given to charities if they remained within their ‘Use by’ date, in practice this was not practical and the law did not allow retailers any leeway as it stated that only manufacturers could change the date code, even if the product remained safe to be consumed. In reality, most responsible manufacturers allow some leeway in date coding packaged sandwiches and food to go products to allow for temperature and handling variations. WHAT THE BSA HAS DONE As part of a progamme looking at ways the industry could reduce waste, the BSA questioned why the regulations precluded

responsible retailers from relabeling products for charity if they were confident about their safety. Jim Winship, BSA’s Director, argued that provided that retailers were satisfied about the safety of products, they should be allowed to relabel them and give them to charity. To do this they would need to be confident of their safety by undertaking appropriate microbial shelf-life testing. “We created the change by questioning the interpretation of legislation with the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). “As a result, new guidance has been agreed with Government and endorsed through the BSA’s Primary Authority agreement with Slough Borough Council which means those following the guidelines have some protection from challenges by enforcement officers.” The changes secured by the BSA mean that the UseBy date can be extended by retailers selling packaged sandwiches with a ‘Use-by’ date provided that they can demonstrate that the food is safe up to the new date. The re-interpretation could also apply to a wide range of other chilled foods covered by a ‘Use-by’ date coding.

HOW THIS WILL IMPACT WASTE Jim Winship continued: “Analysis of wastage across just five major retailers revealed a potential reduction of around 2000 tonnes, based on the average weight of a packaged sandwich. “Based on this the BSA estimates, the industry could potentially divert up to three times that tonnage to charities in future. However, retailers and the charities they support will now need to establish the practical means to deliver surplus foods to those who need them.” WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Changing the interpretation of legislation makes new practices and methods possible but it may take some

time to get the infrastructure in place to make it happen. Charities, in particular, will need to get systems in place to satisfy retailers and to cope with the potential volumes involved. In particular, consideration needs to be given to how the chill chain is maintained through collection and storage, for example, to avoid the 2,00 tonnes simply being wasted in a different place. But logistics apart, this is undoubtedly a major breakthrough for the handling of waste and a very significant first step for sandwich and food to go retailers and charities alike. The new BSA Assured Guidelines on waste and charities can be found at February 2017 5

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NHS sandwich supplier abandons contract after late payments offer AN unnamed NHS hospital trust sandwich supplier has pulled out of its contract because payments are being delayed. The hospital is now looking to replace it with a supplier who can “better manage slightly longer supply terms”. Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital trust has told patients that they are no longer able to provide sandwiches or salads, which will affect patients and visitor cafes within both hospitals. Other firms supplying the hospitals have been told they will not be paid until April. The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital’s League of Friends has stepped in to help out. A spokesperson said sandwiches and salads are available in its shops in the hospital – and it has

ordered more to cover anticipated demand. According to the Daily Telegraph, in-patients have been told they will still be able to have hot meals, which are provided by a different supplier, while “snack packs” containing crisps, fruit, cheese biscuits and a drink will be available for Accident & Emergency patients. Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust chief executive Simon Wright apologised to patients about the situation. “We have taken a number of steps throughout the year to bring down our spending, including reducing our reliance on agency staff. However, further action is needed and we have had to make some difficult decisions about how these can be achieved

Costa aims to put customers first with new supplies ordering system COSTA baristas are now able to optimise their time serving customers during busy periods because of a custom online developed by Bunzl Catering Supplies. It incorporates a number of features to make the process of ordering quicker, simpler and more accurate than traditional telephone ordering. Previously, store staff had to leave their customerfacing duties to place essential non-food orders via the phone. They can now begin ordering supplies online using tablets, pause to serve customers – and

return to finish the process at a convenient time. “There is very definitely the benefit of the time saved,” says Stacey Casemore, Supply Chain Manager at Costa Coffee, “and stores are more accurate with the orders they place.” Staff log on to their custom ordering site using a secure online login. The intuitive interface shows images of the non-food supplies the store needs – in the order in which staff usually place requests, to save time in finding the items they need.

6 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

while ensuring patient care is unaffected. “The trust has asked some external suppliers to temporarily alter the timescale for payments until the next financial year in recognition of the additional pressures we are facing. “Unfortunately our current sandwich supplier has not accepted these terms. We are now exploring new suppliers who can better manage slightly longer payment terms.” The Department of Health has warned NHS trusts they could be refused cash bailouts even when suppliers are refusing to deal with them due to late payments. Dozens of providers with large deficits are reliant on “working capital” loans to ensure staff and invoices are paid.

Significant rise for vegetables expected THE price of vegetables, across northern Europe is likely to increase significantly following a perfect storm of poor growing conditions. Floods in Spain's southeastern Murcia region combined with cold weather in Italy has meant that many crops such as lettuce and broccoli have been almost wiped out. Murcia is reported to have recently had its heaviest rainfall in 30 years and is estimated to supply about 80% of Europe's fresh produce during the winter months, with also Andalusia and Valencia affected.

Courgettes and lettuces, peppers and aubergines are likely to be particularly hard hit. Italy normally exports vegetables at this time of the year but is now having to import them. A spokesman for the supermarket Tesco said that the bad weather conditions in Spain had resulted "in a few availability issues".

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Howard Farquhar joins Around Noon Sandwiches as investor and chairman HOWARD Farquhar, a former chief executive of Tasties and also Brambles, has become an investor and chairman of Northern Ireland sandwich and food to go manufacturer Around Noon Sandwiches. “It’s an exciting business,” says Howard. “It’s still a family business going back 20 years, but since moving into new premises it’s been moving very rapidly. We have recently acquired a small bakery called Sweet Things, and we have ambitious plans.” He refused to speculate on the nature of those plans, but in view of his past credentials it seems inconceivable that expansion won’t be on the table. Around Noon was founded by Francis & Sheila Chambers in 1989. The company, which is now managed by son Gareth Chambers, operates a high street brand – Scribbles. Based in Newry, Co. Down, the sandwiches were originally made on the

kitchen table of the family home and delivered by Sheila in a picnic basket. The company focuses on high quality ‘grab and go’ food while maintaining its original homemade approach and values which have been hugely successful for the company to date. Compass Group Ireland appointed Around Noon Ltd. as its preferred sandwich supplier in 2014 on a 12-month contract. Howard Farquhar headed up the ‘dream team’ that developed the highly successful sandwich manufacturer Brambles Foods, which was eventually sold to Adelie Foods for £22m in 2007 by private investment firm NBGI. The dream team, which also included Guy Truman, as sales and marketing director and Mark Arnold, Head of Innovation, was eventually re-united under Howard as managing director at Pasta King, when parent company PK Food Concepts acquired sandwich manufacturer Tasties in 2011.

He resigned as managing director from sandwich and food to go manufacturer Tasties of Chester in December 2014, as well as

other companies in the group: Pasta King (UK), Pastaking Holdings, The freshly Made Food Company, PK Food Concepts, Fresca for Pasta and Pasta Pronto. He was replaced by Paul Kingsly-Bates at Pastaking (UK), Tasties and PK Food Concepts, a former past director at sandwich manufacturers Food Partners where he was managing director, and Harry Masons (acquired by Brambles Foods).

Nick Anderson leaves Greencore after 10 years with The Sandwich Factory NICK Anderson, The Sandwich Factory’s (now Greencore Food To Go Atherstone) sales and marketing director, left the company in

December after 10 years in the job. The Sandwich Factory was taken over by Greencore for £15m in July last year. February 2017 7

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“Vile” Blackpool sandwich shop had raw sewage in the cellar OWNER BANNED FROM BEING INVOLVED IN A FOOD BUSINESS FOR FIVE yEARS THE owner of a Blackpool sandwich shop has been banned from being involved in a food business for five years after EHO’s found six inches of raw sewage bubbling in its cellar – one of a catalogue of hygiene breaches. Piknic, which had a zero hygiene rating but was decorated well and looked clean from the outside, was described as “absolutely vile and completely unacceptable” by the local council. Business owner Jason Band, who was described by the court judge as having a contempt for the inspection process, admitted 13 hygiene offences and was ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work as a result. The inspectors, who had already visited Piknik on previous occasions, stepped into the raw waste during a probe at the shop in May, after receiving several complaints about the stench. Judge James Adkin told Preston Crown Court: “These 13 charges reflect the quite shocking state of those premises. The inspectors found the premises were filthy and greasy; the interior was in a poor state of repair. To my astonishment there appears to have been a six-inch pool of raw sewage in the basement. The background of the investigation into your running of this establishment demonstrates you have pretty much a contempt for the inspection process. “It seems to me you have scant regard for the citizens of Blackpool who may have

wanted to buy food from your shop, because you knew what the state of those premises were.” Coun Gillian Campbell, Deputy Leader of Blackpool Council, said afterwards: “What we found in this sandwich shop was absolutely vile and it is completely unacceptable for somebody to even consider serving food to the public from a kitchen as unhygienic as this. “Not only was the standard of the kitchen disgusting, the cover up attempt from the owner to hide these failings from our officers was just as despicable. “It is completely right that this owner should be banned from running a food business and I am pleased that the judge has come to this decision too. “Many people will have chosen to eat at Piknik because it was decorated well and looked clean from the outside. However, this wasn’t the case and it is a really important reminder that you should always check the food hygiene ratings of a premises before you eat there. “You can do this at and it is worth checking every time before you order, as the ratings can change. “It is also important to remind people that the majority of food businesses in Blackpool are well run and meet hygiene standards; however, our officers will not stop uncovering and tackling any rogue properties that are found.”

8 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

In addition to the sewage problem, the court heard that the chopping board was worn; floors, dishcloths, and fridges were described as filthy and greasy, poorly ventilated, and in poor repair. Other issues included raw food stored on top of ice cream and mayonnaise was contaminated with tuna, an issue in relation to fish allergies. There was damage to cloths, missing tiles, and cracks to containers, rusting in appliances and failing to ensure food surfaces were clean. There was dirty food debris on a meat slicer and chopping boards and freezers. There were no monitoring records kept between May and the inspection date. All the taps in the premises were seen to discharge into the sewage bubbling in the cellar below. During one visit Band lied about his identity, pretending he was an employee, according to the Lancashire Evening Post. He also altered the wording on an official council notice put on his premises to hide to his home

address from the public. Piknik had previously been visited several times by health officers and been given a zero hygiene rating, and a list of improvements to carry out, but many were not done and Blackpool Council imposed a closure order. Paul Humphreys, defending, said Piknik had started out successfully with three staff but “things changed.” Band fell behind with the rent and his landlord was not prepared to deal with the sewage problem until it was resolved. He added: “After his premises were shut down he did spend time and money installing wash basins and cleaning the cellar and was given permission to re-open because improvements were made. “The premises did reopen but money was not made. The business was no longer successful and in August he took the decision to terminate his lease and shut it down.” Source: Lancashire Evening Post

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erald Plastic is a family-run business that has been manufacturing and importing disposable catering and janitorial products to wholesalers for almost 30 years. From plates and cutlery to containers, service packs, disposable gloves and chafing fuel, Herald Plastic supplies a diverse range of quality catering, janitorial & bar products to wholesale customers at the most competitive prices possible and at a quality that’s held in high regard within the industry. A key service that Herald offer in addition to their core product range, is bespoke packaging for clients looking to showcase their brand or to stand out from the competition. They print a wide range of different packaging types from double walled cups in a range of sizes to

ice cream pots, printed boxes or sleeves for all foods such as fish & chips, chicken, etc. Herald can also print all sizes of

greaseproof wrapping to create branded wraps as well as bun cases, bopp film and printed vac bags and straws.

This bespoke packaging service is a rapidly growing area of the business and Herald Plastic are uniquely positioned to offer standard and custom packaging solutions with lower minimum order volumes than many other suppliers. With over 30 years of expertise in the sector, Herald’s team of specialists are capable of meeting the most difficult brief from their clients, delivering quality bespoke packaging solutions on time and on budget, from branded coffee cups to something more challenging! The company is constantly looking at new ways to develop and grow. As well as expanding their bespoke packaging business, Herald have also invested in new technology to benefit all aspects of their business. They have also invested heavily in staff recruitment to expand their sales and customer service teams – and have recently become a proud member of the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA). All of this investment will inevitably ensure that the company is well positioned to continue to provide outstanding products and customer service to its clients for the next 30 years. February 2017 9

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Greggs’ strategy ‘challenges consumer assumptions’ THE food on the go market is set to grow over the next year, according to a new YouGov report on the industry and Greggs looks to be a major beneficiary. Its new ‘Food on the go’ report indicates that over a quarter of people surveyed (26%) say they didn’t buy food on the go a year ago but are now doing so. As a result, with Britons getting used to eating ‘al desko’, it’s important for brands to position themselves correctly in order to cater to evolving consumer dining habits, it says. YouGov’s brand tracking data shows one brand that has seen particular success in this is Greggs, which has adopted a strategy that challenges consumer assumptions. Traditionally known for its range of pasties

and other baked goods, it has introduced a series of healthier options into stores in recent months, which are on sale alongside its core offering. As a result it now selling such products as the new ‘healthy pasty’ and its ‘Impression’ score – whether someone has a positive or negative impression of the brand – has improved. Indeed, the data shows a

Subway appoints new UK and Ireland Director SUBWAY has appointed Peter Dowding as its new Director, responsible for developing the brand in the UK and Ireland and working with a team of Development Agents across the territory. He “brings a wealth of experience” of working in the retail and drinks industries, gained with major international brands including Carlsberg, Britvic Soft Drinks and Coffee Nation (now part of Costa). In his previous role as Managing Director of Yoomoo Ltd, he gained valuable experience developing a franchise

business across the UAE, Thailand and several European countries. Peter commented: “I’m excited to join the team in the UK and Ireland and am looking forward to helping to build on its phenomenal success to-date.”

10 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

notable jump of over 6 points in the days following the release of the calorie conscious snack. One of the key aspects of Greggs’ success is that it is able to offer its customers variety and price. “This is crucial for two different reasons. Firstly our reports shows that there is still a large group of consumers falling out of love with food on the go. The

data indicates that a fifth (21%) are buying less that they did a year ago. Of this group, over four in ten say they did so because of the desire to save money, while a quarter say the decision was motivated by a change of diet. “Secondly, there is a concerted effort from over half of the public to eat healthily; our data indicated that 58% make an effort to get their five-a-day (compared to 33% that don’t). “One last lesson for other food on the go brands is to adapt to customers that want a healthy option, without neglecting their core offering. Greggs has been able to retain customers that love what it has stood for in the past, whilst managing to satisfy those whose tastes have changed.”

Greggs trialling a free delivery service GREGGS is trialling a free delivery service directly to offices and homes on a range of freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, sweet treats, snacks, cold drinks and savouries. The trial started in Newcastle and will also run in London and Manchester. Greggs retail director Raymond Reynolds said: "Convenience is key in the food-on-the-go market and we are extremely excited to offer delivery of a selection of our great tasting freshly prepared food directly to our customers by trialling a free delivery service in one of our Newcastle shops. “We will be increasing

the number of trial shops in the weeks ahead and will share more information on this as it becomes available." The high street bakery, which has 1,700 shops nationwide and serves more than six million customers a week, posted a 6% rise in sales to £422 million while like-for-like sales lifted by 3.8% during the six months to July 2. It said the figures had been boosted by Britons buying its healthier ranges, which now account for more than 10% of sales and include new products such as teriyaki chicken noodle and falafel with houmous.

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How Street Eats developed the new

Cranks food to go range vegetarian brand Cranks in launching an Food to go manufacturer Streets Eats has partnered with hot eats. Simon Ambrose asked Street Eats’ exciting new range of sandwiches, wraps, salads and Brand Account Manager Cheryl Graham Head of Innovation Mark Arnold and Cranks’ Senior to give us the background to this major new launch

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FOCUS CAn you tell us About the new rAnGe you’ve developed for CrAnks in detAil? Mark Arnold: As you know, we were involved in the first launch of Cranks Food to Go several years ago, and many of the products have survived! What’s been really fun has been developing the new products in the range. Through new ingredients and trends coming to market, we have been able to make changes to flavour profiles and ingredients. The influences of Persiana, the Middle East and the use of pulses and seeds has moved on in leaps and bounds. Our Greek feta cheese, lentil and chickpea salad follows all those trends, as well as being a high protein salad, ticking that on-trend box as well. My favourite of the new sandwiches in the range has to be the ‘BFG’ and my daughter, named after a Cranks sandwich (Indian Summer), was instrumental in this one. Ever since knowing the film was due out and having loved the book in her earlier years, she hankered all summer for me to develop a ‘BFG’. After eventually agreeing that Beetroot, Frog legs and Grapefruit (we holidayed in France!) would not work as a sandwich, we struck on the following – Balsamic Fig and Goats’ cheese, with roasted tomatoes, roast peppers, baby spinach and ruccola. A classic for the future. Luckily we have stuck at one child! My other favourite is our Cheesaroni Melt (Mac and Five Cheese toastie) which is a real Friday treat. It contains several different cheeses: Emmental, Cheddar, Red Leicester, Italian hard cheese and Mozzarella, coated round pasta in a seasoned béchamel sauce, then grilled to perfection in thick sliced bloomer bread - what’s not to like, a nod to our influences from across the pond! how hAs the veGetAriAn food to Go seCtor ChAnGed sinCe you lAst hAd the CrAnks ACCount? Mark Arnold: The market has evolved immensely since we last had the Cranks account; Vegan, Vegetarian and Flexitarian are now established and a given. Veggie has become the answer to the need for healthier options and concerns about animal welfare, especially with young consumers. For

example, within Millennials 25% are now Flexitarian, Vegan or Vegetarian. Perhaps the most significant change since we last had the account is that when it comes to food, consumers are smarter about their choices and more ethical. In the past few years we have seen an increased demand for authentic flavours, ethically sourced ingredients and products with better impact on health and environment, which naturally has driven more meat-free options.

focuses on carefully selected, greattasting, real ingredients and delicious combinations that make you feel great. The design uses a fresher and more natural colour palette, which reflects our passion for fresh, wholesome and natural ingredients. We have been skilfully crafting great tasting food all the way since 1961; we have therefore kept some nods to our heritage and history within our design elements.

whAt sort of ChAllenGes do developinG A veGetAriAn food to Go rAnGe present?

you’ve sAid thAt world flAvours will be iMportAnt with the rAnGe – where in pArtiCulAr hAve you looked to?

Mark Arnold: Developing a range is easy; however, developing a great, interesting and innovative range is somewhat more challenging! This is why we use bold ingredient combinations and flavours inspired by world cuisine, because it ticks those boxes and it enables us to introduce exciting new recipes that ensure we have a varied and interesting range. whAt About the overAll look – the brAndinG And pACkAGinG? Cheryl Graham: The new branding and packaging is ‘foodier’ and more ‘wholesome’ than ever. This is in response to our new range, which

Cheryl Graham: We keep our ear to the ground and spend a lot of time researching and selecting the finest ingredients which help us create great tasting real food. Persian, Middle Eastern and Greek influences are strong within our range, along with some of the classics we’ve become famous for such as our iconic Cheddar Gorge sandwich. But we also get inspiration from cuisines from all over the world including Peruvian, Vietnamese and even Korean so we can provide new and exciting flavours that can challenge and surprise our more adventurous customers. February 2017 13

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FOCUS how sAtisfyinG is it for you to Get your hAnds bACk on A rAnGe of produCts you were so involved in developinG initiAlly? Mark Arnold: To be quite honest, very satisfying, especially when you see how much of the range has in fact stood the test of time. There have been a few minor upgrades as different people have joined the teams and have made their mark, but the fact they are minor changes, shows how ahead of its time the original range was. I have always said over the years that some of the best development I have been involved in was with the Cranks brand. We really at the time stretched the boundaries of vegetarian food that tastes so good, you forgot there was no meat or fish in the products. That is really what the brand meant to us at the time and it’s still pretty much the same today. It wasn’t vegetarian food, it was great tasting food that happened to be vegetarian. Many of the products went on to win awards at the Sammies, a New Product of the Year for Arghi Bhaji, Designer of the Year for Indian Summer, and several category design awards for Cheesy Gonzales. would you AGree thAt blAnd is now A CoMpletely outdAted wAy of desCribinG veGetAriAn food to Go? Mark Arnold: I still think there is a need for simple vegetarian offerings. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a

CrAnks initiAl lAunCh line-up SANDWICHES: Argi Bhaji Rockafeta Eggstacy Indian Summer Houmungously Crunchy (Vegan) BFG – WRAPS: Bombay Delight (Vegan) Middle East Feast SALADS: Falafelly Good Salad (Sweet Potato Falafel) Vegan Feta & Sons Salad (Feta and Chickpea) HOT EATS: Cheesaroni Melt – (Mac N 5 Cheese) Choastie – (Cheese and onion toastie) straightforward egg and cress, or a decent, simple cheese and pickle. As long as the ingredients are well sourced up to the standard we expect for a Cranks product, then they don’t have to be bland. If you substitute ‘bland’ for ‘boring’, then I would agree, gone are the days of going into a restaurant where a cheese omelette was the only option. The options available now to vegetarians are forever growing, I mean who would have thought of a Pret Veggie shop, even three years ago. If you look at tasting menus in even high class establishments,

as much thought now goes into the vegetarian option as does the carnivorous version. You could argue by default that the veggie version is more complex and rewarding, making you try different food adventures. do soyA or MyCoprotein MeAt replACeMent produCts hAve A reAl future in the seCtor? Mark Arnold: I am sure they do, but not in the context of Cranks; they have never liked the notion of ‘playdough’ style food as they are all about great tasting REAL food. is there AnythinG you hAven’t been Able to inClude in the rAnGe this tiMe round but is likely to fACtor in the future? Mark Arnold: We are really pleased with the recipes we have come up with so far and we’re even more excited that we have the opportunity to introduce more innovations as the year progresses. We have developed a fantastic range ready to launch in January but we’ve also got a bunch of ideas ready for the rest of the year. We have plenty of ideas that will be launched later in the seasons, so expect some great tasting, exciting and on-trend products later in the spring.

14 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

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MAKING WORK FOR THE SANDWICH AND FOOD TO GO INDUSTRY An Open Letter to Rt Hon David Davis MP, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, from Jim Winship, Director, Sandwich & Food to Go Association

Dear Mr Davis I am writing on behalf of three trade bodies, including the British Sandwich & Food To Go Association, which together represent over 2,000 food businesses in the UK and which together employ over 300,000 people. Our members range from major manufacturers and retailers, to small ‘mama and papa’ shops. While many in the food industry are very concerned about the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, our Associations take the view that many of the more negative concerns can be positively resolved and add value to the sector.

Employment The foodservice sector is a major contributor to the UK economy. The UK sandwich industry alone is now valued at over £8 billion and the pizza pasta and Italian food sector adds a further £5 billion to this. The outside catering market is also worth in excess of £1 billion. Furthermore, the sandwich industry in particular is a major indirect

contributor to the tourism industry and is the envy of the world in terms of the way it operates. Indeed, we regularly host visitors from overseas interested in replicating our industry and we market this expertise abroad as well as the technology that goes with it. From manufacturing to small corner sandwich shops, cafes and pizzerias, our industry is extremely dependent on manual labour of which there are already shortages in some areas. While

16 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

in manufacturing this might in the long term be addressed through automation, the complexity of making products such as sandwiches makes this more difficult than in industries where components are more regular in shape. In the foodservice sector, which accounts for a substantial part of these markets, where there is already a shortage of people in some areas, there is a vital need for recruiting people with good service skills. This is particularly true in London and the South East. See addendum. With natural growth in our markets, our industries can provide substantially more jobs in the future but we are already reliant on employees from outside the UK, particularly young people who are generally here to study or gain work experience. While we fully understand the need to control immigration, we believe there is a real opportunity for the UK to both support the growth in these industries and provide those working in them to gain skills that they can take back to their own countries. Various suggestions have been made

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BREXIT for a points system for allowing workers into the UK. However, this would penalise those without specific skills, which our industry needs. Our alternative suggestion is that the UK creates a ‘training’ programme, which would allow workers into the UK on a six or 12 month visa provided that they are receiving training. The visa might be specific to an employer, so that the individual is bound to that employer for the period. In return, our industries would be prepared to put together a structured training programme for them. In addition, in areas where there are already specific skills shortages – such as with experienced pizza chefs – we would welcome a points system provided that it allowed for the shortages of such skills. Our members would also undertake to advertise vacancies in the UK before seeking candidates from abroad. We believe this approach could be used to continue to provide these industries with the employees they so rely upon while also introducing controls on immigration in a structured way.

Food Legislation If the UK food industry is to maintain its markets in Europe, we fully appreciate that it will be necessary for us to continue following European regulations and that it will be difficult to have separate rules for those operating exclusively in the UK market. However, there are some anomalies that can make a difference in the UK. One of these is the term ‘Use by’. The UK sandwich industry, where products have an extremely short shelf-life of generally two days, used to be allowed to use the term ‘Use by end of’. This was, however, ruled out in the Food Information Regulations from Europe. We would welcome the flexibility to return to this as we believe it is both clearer to consumers and to retailers. This simple change would have a significant impact on food wastage at the end of shelf-life. This is a good example of where the UK’s lead - in this case in chilled foods - can be compromised by legislation due to lack of full understanding of the markets by EU legislators. The UK leads by some way as a European nation in the Food-to-Go

sector. As other EU markets are less well developed, this can lead to ‘one size fits all’ legislation being created that does not fit with the developing UK market. We would welcome an open approach that would enable UK businesses to negotiate regulations before they are adopted into UK law that can have a negative impact on our home market. After Brexit, the UK will no longer have representation on EU committees.

We would welcome the setting up of a body, with representation from across the UK industry, to advise on the adoption of new regulations and guidance. Yours faithfully

Jim Winship

Director The British Sandwich & Food-to-Go Association Signed additionally on behalf of the following organisations: • The Asian Catering Association • The Café Society • The National Catering Association (NCASS) • The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA)

Assessing the impact of a ‘hard’ Brexit on staffing Currently more than two-fifths (43%) of workers in the restaurant, QSR, hotel and pub sectors are foreign nationals, according to latest figures from Fourth Analytics. The research, which was based on a sample comprising 25,000 employees, graphically illustrates the impact a ‘hard’ Brexit would have – if Britain’s exit from the European Union served to limit hospitality businesses’ ability to recruit non-UK nationals. The numbers spike dramatically for restaurants, with 57% of workers originating from outside of the UK; split 51% for front-of-house (FOH) and a significant 71% – for the kitchen and back-of-house (BOH) roles. The study also revealed: • The average length of tenure hospitality workers spend at a business is 12 months. • BOH employees take an average of 9.5 sick days a year – up from 8.5 in 2015. • FOH employees take an average of 6.9 sick days a year. • The gender split FOH in the hospitality industry is 41% male, 59% female. • The gender split BOH in the hospitality industry is 58% male, 42% female.

• 86% of hospitality workers are paid by the hour. • The average hourly pay of hospitality workers is £7.71 – 51p higher than the NLW. • The average ages of hospitality workers, split by sector, are: hotels, 35.5; QSR, 30; restaurant, 29.8; pubs, 28.6. • BOH employees work an average of 34 hours a week – 12 hours more than FOH employees, where part-time work is more prevalent. • 9% of BOH employees are under 21, compared to 20% for FOH. Mike Shipley, analytics & insight solutions director at Fourth, said: “These figures clearly demonstrate how heavily reliant hospitality is on foreign nationals, especially in the restaurant sector, and especially back of house. “As we know, there is already a battle for talent, with companies working extremely hard to attract, retain and engage staff. It’s an issue that is exacerbated in restaurant kitchens and it’s driving up wage levels well beyond legislative thresholds, such as the national minimum wage. With Brexit uncertainty looming over the industry, the sooner the Government can deliver clarity and reassurance, the better.” February 2017 17

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Costa launches new online ordering system for supplies COSTA baristas are now able to optimise their time serving customers during busy periods following the introduction of a new online system. It incorporates a number of features to make the process of ordering quicker, simpler and more accurate than traditional telephone ordering. Previously, store staff had to leave their customer-facing duties to place essential non-food orders via the phone. They can now begin ordering supplies online using tablets, pause to serve customers – and return to finish the process at a convenient time. “There is very definitely the benefit of the time saved,” says Stacey Casemore, Supply Chain Manager at Costa Coffee, “and stores are more accurate with the orders they place.” Staff log on to their custom ordering site using a secure online login. The intuitive interface shows images of the non-food supplies the store needs – in the order in which staff usually place requests, to save time in finding the items they need. They then have the option of using the same amounts used in previous orders to save time and increase accuracy. If the tablet loses the online connection, the system retains the information already entered, until the connection can be reestablished and the order concluded. After a successful pilot study of 16 Costa Coffee stores in Sheffield, the retailer rolled out the system, which has been developed by Bunzl Catering Supplies, to its 2,000 stores and franchises. “The reaction has been definitely enthusiastic,” adds Casemore. “I was looking at the stats: 91% of stores order via the application – some 680 orders every week – so it is a high amount who are ordering though the system,” she says, adding that temporary connectivity issues account for the few stores yet to take up the system. Development started when Costa Coffee approached Bunzl Catering Supplies to ask if there was a different way of placing orders, for example using email.

“Costa Coffee came to us and said: ‘We want a different solution for placing our orders with you – can we have a look at how we can do this electronically?,’’ says Jo Stokes, Business Analytics Manager at Bunzl Catering Supplies. “Costa was conscious that any Manager or barista time spent ordering products was time spent away from serving customers and making handcrafted drinks. They wanted to provide employees with a solution that enabled them to make orders quickly and accurately.” After an initial meeting to outline the parameters of the project at Costa’s offices in Dunstable, Bunzl Catering

18 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

Supplies developed the system with mobile consultancy and enterprise software developer Mubaloo. Throughout the process, Costa Coffee and Bunzl Catering Supplies stayed in close communication to ensure the finished product met Costa’s needs. Bucked by the enthusiasm of the feedback from Costa Coffee stores and the fantastic rate of take-up, Bunzl Catering Supplies is now making this online ordering model available to other customers. “It’s so simple and very easy to use.” says Stokes. “For customers who want to order electronically, this is rapidly becoming their preferred choice.”

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Labelling software


for the Food Industry

PACKED FULL OF THE BEST INGREDIENTS HANDMADE gluten free FMS STANDARD Suitable for shops and restaurants that do not need to print labels but have need to produce verifiable information relating to allergens and nutrition values.


FMS LARGE Designed for FBOs that overprint labels in house, that need to produce product specification reports, keep traceability records and comply fully with the current food labelling legislation.



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Unmanned food to go in the workplace to provide an unmanned Compass UK’s foodservice micromarket 24, designed units now underway. workplace food to go facility, is gathering pace with 200 the recent IGD Food To Mark Kassapian, business director, explained all at Go Conference


he micromarket concept is a modular system of ambient and refrigerated storage and display, with a coffee machine, scanner and till. As a customer you select the products you like, make your way to the scanner and scan your product and then pay using either your phone, card or loyalty card (there’s also an app), and walk away. There’s no interaction. You don’t have to have a person on the site. We come in on a daily basis and replenish and clean; if there’s an issue there’s a 24-hour help line; and we can access the tills remotely. We run with about 300 SKU’s in there and that includes everything from sandwiches, fruit and ready meals which we’re trying in a few units. There are also some great products we have got from Itsu, Moma, Quakers and Dolmio – simple products that are selfcontained, where you either add hot water or place in the microwave and take it to your desk. We have covered the indulgent side – if you want a Mars bar at 3.0am on the night shift, you can yet it – and we also cater for the health side, so we have fruit salads, salads, nuts and popcorn and that kind of thing.

Why did We do it? We saw a gap in the market; not everyone has the space to include a manned catering offering or wants to use vending, so we set out to bridge that gap, aiming at businesses with around 300 staff upwards. From the employer point of view it brings staff a healthy nutritious diet and that helps them focus at work; it makes them more productive and it’s available 24-hours a day. The cost of having a manned service is substantial and can involve having to provide for multi sites; it means investment in the site, the equipment and running costs, and office space is very expensive. Having a seating area that isn’t in use for the full day is not a great use of space. With the 24, that space can be shrunk right down and be far more efficient. We also know that just having a vending machine isn’t a good staff retention tool and if you haven’t got a coffee machine you haven’t got that ‘water-cooler’ moment, as it’s called. A 24 Micromarket brings people together, with all the advantages of discussing ideas. It also gives you full flexibility for all your employees. For employees, having that catering facility on site really helps them as well – it gives them more

20 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

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time in the day. Compass does a huge amount of research into people’s lunch time habits – where, what and how long they eat. We know that people are spending far less time eating and they feel guilty when they leave the office. Having a catering offer in the office that’s available anytime, that doesn’t have queues because they’re in charge of the time when they go there, really helps to give them more time. It wasn’t our idea - we got it from America - but we have changed it a lot. During one of our first conversations with American colleagues, for example, they were talking about sandwiches with 10-15 days shelf-life, but in the U.K. our offer is all about fresh food. In the U.S. they visit twice a week and do a replenishment; they have lots of frozen food and less reliance of coffee. In the U.K. we have a stronger dependence on coffee – it’s a core part of our sales at around 25% - the fresh food is critical, and we are in there to replenish every day of the week. We have also tried to develop a social footprint with it, so we are on Twitter and when you get your loyalty card and log in to your account you get a certain amount of

feedback … you also get a coffee on your birthday and access to the promotions. Our average spend is around £2.15. We can offer meal deals at 30% - the classic sandwich, crisps and drink. We did have meal deals at different pricing levels on ‘good, better, best’ but it’s tricky to phrase it when you haven’t got a person there and there was some confusion as a result, so we decided to just have the one price. We’re up to about 43 micromarkets now (as of November 2016) and have our first hospital account with a hospital. The total market in micromarkets is around 50 currently, so we’re very clearly the leader in what we do. Royal Mail was our first unit and we opened in Cambridge to a brief from them that they wanted a collaboration space - something that was open all day, every day - and they wanted to serve hot food throughout the period. We did three more trial sites for them and they also worked fantastically well, to such a degree that they commissioned 10 more. We’re now busy with Phase 4, and another 16 units on the way. Where are We noW? We have a pipeline of around 200 units underway, either approaching mobilization or signing documents. We now have colleagues around the world, including China, who love this and are trying to roll it out. We don’t charge customers anything to put a ‘24’ in. If they have enough people on site and the right customer profile we will invest the capital. All we need is the employees to buy from us, and the help of our suppliers to develop a good valuedriven range. SecUrity in an Unattended environMent? We have got each unit covered by CCTV – we need that for the card transactions anyway; we can access that and overlay it with till data. If a customer walks away with a Mars bar it’s very clearly theft; employers make it clear that the facility is there for their benefit and if they steal from it they will be dismissed. But we just haven’t had those issues. February 2017 21

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How to have a

successful supplier

partnership with Pret

What’s the secret to a successful supplier/foodservice operator relationship? Pret A Manger and Nature’s Way Foods probably know better than most after working together for 19 years. Pret’s Simon allison, Head of Food Technical, and Nature’s Way CEO Susan Barratt revealed all in a two-handed presentation at the recent IGD Food To Go Conference SuSan Barratt, nature’S Way SuSan Barratt, nature’S Way We have been working together with Pret for 19 years, so hopefully we’re in a good position to talk about a long-term relationship. We are a food manufacturing company based on the south coast near Chichester, operating from four sites. We focus on fresh, short shelf life convenient foods, both for the retail and foodservice markets. Our products include prepared salads, prepared fruit, coleslaw and potato salad, dressed salads and fresh food to go products. We have some fantastic customers. As well as serving Pret, we also look after Itsu and McDonalds, and many of the major supermarkets. Like Pret, we are passionate about what we do. For instance, we sell spinach to them. You might struggle to get excited about it, but we have no trouble. There are hundreds of varieties and it’s really important you choose

the right one. This needs to be grown in the right soil and the right country at the right time of year to make sure Pret’s customers get the very best quality products for their sandwiches, unfettered by anything you don’t want. We also get very excited about the food to go market in general: we’re constantly checking on what’s happening in the market with our customers and with our teams, to make sure we know what the trends are. We have to understand each other’s businesses to drive effectiveness, efficiency and great quality throughout the supply chain. We work hard at this and I have to say that Pret make it easy for us. They run lots of ‘buddy’ days and a number of us at Nature’s Way Foods have worked with them for a day, including myself. When you work in the shops you really get to

22 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

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SPOTLIGHT ‘My plea to all of you as potential suppliers is don’t try and style it out’

understand the impact of the products you deliver. Pret also quite often come to see us and I think that’s very important. They get an understanding of their supply and cost base and our constraints, as well as what we’re brilliant at and also what we’re not good at - so we manage expectations between us. We benefit from being relatively close geographically, although Southern Rail are trying to make it a bit further!

Simon alliSon It’s only when you go in person to see your supplier and don’t use the squawk box or email, that you can really uncover who they are. What Pret also really values in a relationship, as well as clarity and alignment, is honesty. What we want is ‘warts and all:’ the good as well as bad; when something’s going to be expensive, or go wrong. My plea to all of you as potential suppliers is don’t try and style it out. The great thing about the fresh produce industry in general is that last year tells you a lot about how this year might be. So we’re looking for that kind of knowledge base. We’re also looking for a culture of purposeful innovation and investment. What we don’t want is a really expensive piece of redundant equipment in the corner of a factory that we then have to create products

for. We’re looking for something that is sustainable and relevant for a very long time, which may mean spending very little money. We all love the brands we work for but it’s also important to understand that you and your supplier are just the vector to get the product into a box and into the shop – in other words, don’t fall in love with yourselves. Finally, we need speed and agility of supply, particularly in the fresh produce industry. Things will go wrong, and it’s all about how quickly you put it right when they do. We do all we can to make sure these crises are as short as possible through planning and organisation and a deep, penetrating understanding of the market. We also need predictable pricing: if we know how much things are going to cost, we know how to plan our range, build the composition, work out how many sandwiches and salads we should have, and when we should or shouldn’t launch them. These are all components of certainty. SuSan Barratt, nature’S Way SuSan Barratt, nature’S Way We also value certainty, and particularly the fact that we have agreements lasting beyond 12 months, because that means we can invest, not only in capital and people, but also material and product innovation. Another thing we really value is

planning: there is very little fat left in supply chains now, so you have to plan, be organized and structured, understand how the customer works, and make sure you deliver great quality product, on time in the most efficient and effective way. We also value consistent messaging; if you’re out there as a customer or a supplier, when you’ve got various parts of the businesses feeding into you whether that’s technical, NPD or commercial – you want a consistent message coming down and going up. Lastly, like Simon, we also treasure honesty and openness. If we’re doing a crap job we want to hear about it right away, not in the boardroom four months later, so we can put it right. But when you do get all these things right, you end up with a lovely virtual circle. That’s what we wanted to create with Pret and that’s why the relationship has lasted as long as it has. Collaboration is easy to say but hard to do, especially if one company is bigger than the other but when you do it well, it can really work and stand the test of time. Simon alliSon Simon alliSon Trust is a word that is semantically packed – it means different things to different people - but you have to keep working on it every single time you interact with your partners. Food service and catering is beset by challenges, not least when you grow salads like spinach outdoors, when birds are flying overhead with all the consequences, and insects crawling in! It’s that kind of trusting relationship which led Nature’s Way Foods to invest in various technologies to eliminate these sort of problems, such as optical sorting - using lasers to sort the leaves - which is not cheap! These are the things that are possible when you commit to one another. This is an edited version of Simon Allison and Susan Barratt’s presentation at the recent IGD Food To Go Conference February 2017 23

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Greencore nears share of grocery

60% and retail food to go W

e believe there is strong underlying growth in food to go. We think the overall food market grew by 2.3% last year in value terms, but the food to go market grew by 5.6%. In fact, if we take the last ten years, food to grow has grown at about twice the level of the food market. It requires an enormous engine of innovation, consumer excitement and engagement – provided we can carry on doing that, the drivers of the market will continue to support growth. Probably an even bigger factor underlying the consumer trend has been just how central food to go is as a set of categories to the agenda of our customers. It plays to the format and strategy our customers have, how they make money and attract new shoppers; it shapes what’s happening in terms of activity at the periphery rather than the centre of the store. Very importantly, it is a set of categories which in the case of the UK are almost entirely owned by the brands of the customers themselves, which gives them the ability to control, drive and shape what happens. This is quite different to many other food categories.

Focus on Food to go When we made the decision to focus on food to go as a business five years ago, we based this not only on the state of the market but also an assessment on what we were good at. We had strong positions in sandwich manufacture at the time; we had a nascent but somewhat under-invested distribution network; we had scale in terms of how we sourced raw materials and packaging relevant to food to go.

“My biggest management challenge is how we can supply everyone and make everyone win,” admitted Patrick Coveney, Greencore’s CEO, in a remarkably candid presentation at the recent IGD Food To Conference. “How do we keep that edge and championship for our individual customers when we are supplying their competitors as well?”

We also had some investment in category and shopper insight in that space. When we looked at how we stacked up against our immediate competitor at the time, we felt quite confident that if we threw more resources at the business we could build it up even more strongly from there.

24 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

You can make a lot oF moneY Also important is that this is a part of the market in which you can make a lot of money. I don’t just mean profit but also cash as well. You can run a food to go business in the UK with relatively light fixed assets and negative working capital. There are very few manufacture businesses – retail is entirely different – where growth generates cash rather than consumes cash. That is an important dynamic for us – it’s enabled us to fund the investment we’ve put down in our manufacturing

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SANDWICH MANUFACTURING ‘In 2011 Greencore’s market share of the grocery and retail trade food to go market in Britain was just over 20%. By next March, our market share will be 60%. It’s been a remarkable step up in terms of our position in the market’ and distribution network, because the business is not only growing, as well as engaging and relevant to our customers, but also the economic model generates the revenue to invest behind our business. Investments We invest a lot now in shopper insight because of our scale and reach. Noone in our competitive set can come anywhere near it, including some of the exclusive partnerships we put in place around data. We track a panel of 5,000 food to go shoppers consuming roughly 36,000 transactions every month. That gives us the ability to understand both the taste needs of our shoppers and also the competitive dynamics – where people are shopping.

Incidentally we purchased Uniq five and a bit years ago, which turned out to be fabulous acquisition. But having absorbed that and made several portfolio changes in the States, we stood back and analysed the business and decided that we weren’t ‘foodie’ enough. So since then we’ve also invested a lot in food, food technology, chefs and product development. We have a rapid level of product innovation across our business now. In fact, around 50% of all our product SKU’s are re-invented every year, which is a big step up from five years ago. We’ve also invested a lot in capacity. The view we have taken is that a lot of the good capacity, in terms of high quality manufacturing investment, is now longer on the market and if we want to grow our business more we’re going to have to build it. Between 1991 and 2014 we built precisely zero factories. We’ve built five since then and have also configured two large distribution depots – that’s around £150m investment in really stepping up the quality of our manufacturing base. If you combine that with our food to go acquisitions it’s a lot of capital – in aggregate around £400m in the last five and a half million years. Investments In dIstrIbutIon We’ve also made investments beyond food and a big part of that has been in distribution. We currently drop to about 10,000 outlets everyday. We have a direct distribution capability that we have invested a lot behind and it’s going to be important to continue to grow this category going forward. I stress this is both with our large current customers and prospective customers that we can work with. With some of the format changes and format investments customers are making, a partner that can get the product to difficult places is going to be very important - if you think about some of the ways in which strong February 2017 25

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SANDWICH MANUFACTURING consumer brands can be leveraged into other food to go occasions. This could be in workplace catering, small outlet manufacturing, or one that’s trying to configure hot solutions through vending. It’s been a big, big feature of what we’ve been doing in 2016 and we’ve added two large master depots, one north and one south, alongside a radial distribution network ,which already had 19 distribution depots. Perhaps most importantly in terms of investment is the way our partnership model has evolved with customers through that period. When we started out in this direction in 2011, one measure of our business was the length of forward supply agreements, on average, with our customers. At that point it was just over two years – today it’s over five! This gives all sorts of confidence for them and us to invest behind some of these categories in capital, new manufacturing, distribution, consumer insight and product development. The biggest management challenge I personally have is how we can supply everyone and make everyone win. How do we keep that edge and championship for our individual customers when we are supplying their competitors as well? doubled our busIness So, when we put it all together we have done reasonably well. We’ve almost doubled our total business in that period. If you define the food to go market in Britain as just being served by the grocers and the organized retail trade in one form or another and you look at the evolution of Greencore, in 2011 Greencore’s market share was just over 20%. By next March, our market share will be 60%. It’s been a remarkable step up in terms of our position in the market. We’re not worried about future growth because the market also includes convenience stores, coffee shops, vast chunks of foodservice and bakeries. What our consumer insights have shown is that if I take every one of our grocery customers, the biggest competitor to every one of those in the consumers’ eyes is Greggs. The level of substitution and cannibalization that happens from one grocery customer to another in food to go is modest. What we have to do as we put

‘What our consumer insights have shown is that if I take every one of our grocery customers, the biggest competitor to every one of those in the consumers’ eyes is Greggs’ together our product development agenda, our distribution capability and how we think about driving our business forward, is not get caught up in a traditional grocery market definition of who’s winning, but instead try and focus much harder on what consumers are actually doing and looking for. greencore Food to go In the u.s. The way individual products are sold and how they get to consumers in the UK is different to how it works in other markets – the big difference is just how good the grocery brands are here. We think the underlying consumer demand for food to go is very strong and universal. We’re betting an enormous part of our future strategy that the capability, ways of working and processes that have been developed in the UK food industry over the last 20 years such as manufacturing, range management, consumer insight, product development and distribution, are highly leverageable to other geographies. You won’t be able to replicate them as precisely as the execution in the UK as they will need a local flavour, of course. We’ve been slowly building up in America with food to go. We have around $325m sales currently on the

26 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

back of a set of small acquisitions and three big new factory builds that we have put in place over the last few years. The market has grown well for us; we’re principally in non-grocery channels in the States including the coffee shop channel, working with leading brands. Peacock Foods. But we’ve now made a huge bet in the business, which we announced recently, as a way of getting into the grocery channel, and we’re doing this in quite a different way to how we’ve come to market in the past. We’ve identified a set of brands that are winning in the channel which are not the retailer brands – they are CPG (consumer packaged goods), branded companies generally who control innovation, shelf space, merchandising, product development, with brand equity in convenience food, food to go and grocery - and we’ve decided to buy one of the strongest players in the market, Peacock Foods. By doing that we will transform the shape of the overall group from having 15% of our revenues in America to 45% and will increase the scale, reach and size of the business there fourfold. This is an edited version of Patrick Coveney’s presentation at the recent IGD Food To Go conference

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dŚĞ ďĞƐƚ ũƵƐƚ ŐŽƚ ďĞƩĞƌ


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NeWCaStle Heat Tuesday 7th March 2017, at The Food Zone, Greggs PLC, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NOrtH WeSt Heat Wednesday 8th March 2017, at Frank Roberts & Sons Ltd, Northwich miDlaNDS Heat Thursday, 9th March 2017, at Dawn Farm Foods, Northampton SOUtH eaSt Heat Wednesday, 15th March, at Tasties, West Drayton SOUtH WeSt Heat Thursday, 16th March, at Futura Foods UK Ltd, Dursley, Glos


second Christmas? More food, unctuous morsels of loveliness and a bit of creative play to devise something unique and new? That’s the world of the Sandwich Designer of the Year 2017 hopefuls. Our friends at Igloo ensured a hamper of all the great hero ingredients was recently delivered to all entrants. Each aspiring sandwich designer is now beavering away devising the perfect blends of flavour, texture, colour and carrier to showcase each ingredient. Meanwhile, here at sandwich central, the judges are poised and ready to receive each recipe submission and decide who will be invited to the five Semi Finals. Submission deadline is 8th February and we’ll be announcing the Semi Finalists the following week. Check out the awards pages online at

28 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

Kim Hartley Sandwich Designer of the Year 2016 speaking of her victory at the 2016 ceremony, said:

“First time I’ve entered this year (2016) and I couldn’t believe the standard of the competition. Absolutely phenomenal. To actually win it is just a dream come true. It’s fantastic.”

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JarlSBerG, aPPleWOOD aND meXiCaNa CHeeSe CateGOry Contestants may choose either or all of the following cheeses:

Mexicana - Dare you try it? A fiery mix of bell, jalapeno and chilli peppers carefully blended with Cheddar and a secret mix of Mexicana® spices.

Sam BrOWNe FOODS BritiSH reD traCtOr, Farm aSSUreD COOKeD POUltry CateGOry Contestants are required to create a sandwich using either one or both of the following:Pulled Cooked Chicken or Pulled Cooked Duck. Produced in our BRC Grade AA, further processing facility, these products are available either fresh chilled, or frozen IQF.”

Applewood - A traditional West Country Farmhouse Cheddar with a rich smoky flavour and delicate aroma, perfectly finished with a dusting of paprika.

HarVey & BrOCKleSS PeStO aND reliSH CateGOry Either, or both, of the following products may be used, together with other ingredients of the contestants’ choice, to create their sandwich recipe.

Jarlsberg - Made to a secret Norwegian recipe using only the purest milk for a smooth, distinctive and rounded taste. Incredibly versatile and keeps its flavour when melted.

Finest Pesto Not just your average run of the mill pesto, this Fresh Basil Pesto is created with a blend of Veronese basil, our Luca 100% Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 24 month Parmigiano-Reggiano, pine nuts and garlic. It combines everything you would want in an authentic fresh pesto; intensity, saltiness, texture and a herbaceous kick allowing it to stand up to any ingredient it is put with. Green Kraut Relish For the love of all things fermented our team have developed a sauerkraut relish cooked with cucumber, dill and cider vinegar to create the quintessential sweet, tart, textured relish that works fantastically in contrast to a range of ingredients from American hotdogs to Scandinavian salmon. Our Greenkraut relish is bang on trend and packs a fragrant punch.

Join us as always for the Grand Final in the Nine Kings Suite from 11:30am on thursday 11 may 2017 with a drinks reception, our unique market analysis by Simon Stenning, executive Director, mCa and of course, the UK’s finest sandwiches!

NeW yOrK BaKery BaGel CateGOry Following on from the successful launch of the cheese bagel in retail in 2016, we’re launching a New York Bakery Out of Home cheese bagel for the eating out market. Cheese is one of the most popular sandwich fillings in the UK and in the US cheese bagels are already one of the top 5 best selling flavours. Over the past year we’ve seen cheese topped breads taking up increasingly more shelf space in high street cafes and food to go outlets. In line with this trend cheese bagels have great visuals and are perfect for customers looking for some added indulgence.

PaN’artiSaN FOCaCCia rOmaNa CateGOry Pan’artisan’s Focaccia Romana is a 250g flatbread focaccia – great for open sandwiches or folded over as hot-eat, panini-style offer. An authentic, artisanal bread, inspired by the breads of Italy. Created from simple dough, with a 92% liquid to flour ratio, it has an extremely light, open structure that is easily digested and stays fresher longer. During production it undergoes many stages of hand-crafting as it is too difficult to be handled by machine, resulting in a product which captures all of the features of classic, Italian bread.

H. SmitH FOOD GrOUP PlC tUNa CateGOry Our new sponsors H. Smith Food Group plc, are encouraging contestants to create an innovative sandwich using 100 per cent sustainably caught, dolphin friendly, deluxe Skipjack Tuna – minimum 80 per cent tuna chunks in brine, with no other additives, 98% NDW, allowing the user the maximum yield per pouch, giving superb taste, texture and natural flavour. February 2017 29

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ALS acquires ALcontrol’s businesses in the UK LABORATORY service provider ALS Limited has acquired ALcontrol’s food, water and environmental businesses in the UK from ALcontrol Financial Ltd., creating one of the largest analytical testing organisations in the UK and Ireland. The deal includes the acquisition of the ALcontrol laboratories in Hawarden, Rotherham, Aberdeen, Bellshill, Dunstable, Shrewsbury and Newton Abbot as well as the online reporting systems. The acquisition will mean the company is now operating from a total of 22 sites and employing over 1,500 staff in the food, water and environmental sectors. Commenting on the acquisition, Andreas Jonsson, ALS Europe General Manager, said: “The ALcontrol businesses represent a good strategic fit to the ALS UK businesses as we look to reinforce our position as the number one laboratory service provider in the UK & Ireland.

New highpressure pump for waterjet cutting KMT Waterjet Systems has launched a direct-drive pump for waterjet cutting with the Triline TL-I 30 model. Calculable cost-of-ownership is a standout feature of the new pump, and it can be deployed as a standalone unit for everyday cutting applications. The pump has a power rating of 22 kW (30 HP) and so attains a delivery volume of 3.1 liters of cutting water per minute. At a working pressure of 3,800 bar, this is sufficient to operate a water jet with a diameter up to 0.3 mm – this is where the greater efficiency compared to a pressure intensifier pump comes into its own because a higher delivery volume can be attained for the same motor power, says the company.

“The addition of these laboratories into the ALS portfolio will allow us to enhance our service offering to clients in the region and open up wider opportunities to the ALS Group across Europe”. ALS first entered the UK & Ireland food and pharmaceutical testing market in 2012 with the acquisition of

the Eclipse Scientific Group. The Group then expanded its presence in the UK & Irish market to include environmental analysis with the acquisition of Severn Trent Analytical Services testing business in 2013. It will have a turnover in the UK in excess of £80M GBP and processes over 5 million samples per annum.

Loma increases focus on convenience food market DRIVEN by busy ‘time poor’ lifestyles and an ageing population, the convenience food market continues to flourish. With growing demand for products that have longer shelf life, can be eaten on the move, are simple to use and boast more innovative packaging formats, Loma Systems has launched a new high performance combination X5c X-ray and Checkweighing unit for inspecting foodto-go options and chilled ready meals. The two integrated ‘detect and weigh’ technologies ensure food safety for brand protection, and consistency in weight, size and shape. Food-to-go products and ready meals often contain multiple elements or ingredients packaged in different compartments, include additional items like cutlery or condiments, and have high salt content; snacks such as nuts and cereals fluctuate in density which can make it difficult to find foreign bodies. All of these variants can create inspection challenges for convenience food manufacturers. Capable of weighing products while

30 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

simultaneously inspecting for foreign bodies in one compact and easy to use format, Loma’s X5c X-ray combination system has been specially developed with food-to-go processors and packers in mind. The technologically advanced machine detects physical contaminants whilst ensuring perfect product presentation and quality assurance with fill level and seal inspection, mass measurement and component counts. It can also identify lumps of product including seasoning or powder. Loma’s X5c X-ray combination system can be easily integrated where production space is limited and helps manufacturers adhere to the latest British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards and meet major retailers’ codes of practice. The X5c X-ray machine can be bolted on to an existing CW3 Checkweigher as one unit for truly effective Critical Control Point (CCP) detection. Built to Loma’s ‘Designed to Survive’ specifications, the X5c X-ray combination unit, including reject facility, measures just 2.5 metres in length.

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ond receiving and Emily Hamm Rachel Marshall rative, for pe -o Co e half of Th the award, on be Year 2016. the ience Retailer of Sandwich Conven d

ar an ed – we won last ye ‘We are really, pleas e over ar we n this again, so didn’t expect to wi ds ar aw mers to see the the moon! For custo sitive endorsement. logo on pack is a po fun!’ ter the awards – it’s Come along and en

Isla Owen, senior brand man ager, Urban Eat, receives the Sandwich Marketing Award, for their Sum mer Range marketing campaig n.

‘To win an award is great! It gives us something different from our competitors and it’s great to be acknowledged’.

Building on

Brilliant Organised with support from:

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he Sammies (the British Sandwich Industry Awards) celebrates all that is great and good in the sandwich and food to go industry and this year has got off to a flying start with many tables already sold for the awards dinner which takes place on 11th May. If you have a great sandwich, or food to go product, or feel your business should be considered for an award, now is the time to tell us about it. The deadline is 1st March, so you have time to enter! The new look awards this year see the café and bakery awards merged into the sandwich retailer award; there’s an all-newaward for Best Newcomer in the independent sector. There’s also three new awards in the Food to Go sector – New Food to Go Retailer Award; Food to Go Manufacturer Award and Food to Go Innovation Award. The new sandwich award has also been updated. Gold Awards will go to the winners of just three categories: Innovation, Promotional/Seasonal and Hot Sandwich, one of which will also be named the overall winner. The Sammies 2017 will be held in the Westbourne Suite, at the Lancaster London hotel on 11th May, with the pre-dinner drinks reception held in the Nine Kings Suite.

• HOW TO EnTER – Simply visit our website and click Awards or ring Caron Parry on 01291 636346 or email • Closing date for Sammies Awards entries is 1ST MARCH 2017. • The Award Qualifying Period is 1ST MARCH 2016 – 28TH FEbRUARY 2017 •


@LoveSarnies #Sammies17

• COnFIdEnTIALITY: All entries for the bSA Awards will be treated in strict confidence and all judges will be bound by confidentiality agreements

En-ROUTE SAndWICH RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARd For all retailers (regardless of size and scale) who provide sandwiches within the travel sector, including forecourts, stations, airports, on-board trains or airlines or at roadside locations. Judges require a description of the effort made to tailor the offering for the en-route sector with evidence of how the business has adapted to operate in this sector, including product range, systems and marketing.

Entries are now being invited for the following categories. Full awards details and entry requirements can be found on our website. Go to and click Awards

bSA SAndWICH MAnUFACTURER OF THE YEAR AWARd Open to BSA accredited manufacturers only. In recognition of the most impressive and effective initiatives to improve the quality and food safety of sandwich manufacturing during the year.

bSA TECHnICAL AWARd Technologists are at the forefront of the work to advance systems and working practices across the sandwich industry, including improving environmental standards/practices. This award is open to all BSA members including suppliers, retailers and manufacturers and may be entered by an individual or a team.

SAndWICH MULTIPLE RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARd To be considered for this award, a multiple retailer must show that it has done the most to develop its sandwich business, to include marketing, innovation, packaging, product quality, sales growth and market share. Entries should include independent data to demonstrate business performance during the qualifying period.

SAndWICH COnvEnIEnCE RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARd Designed to recognise the retailer that has done the most to develop its sandwich business, taking into account marketing, innovation, packaging, product quality, sales growth and market share.

WORkPLACE And CATERIng SAndWICH RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARd Recognising excellence and progress amongst those providing sandwiches in a workplace environment, whether contract catering, on-site retailing or delivery. The judges will take account of the general approach, range, presentation, innovation, sales growth and marketing activity used to promote the business.

CHAIn SAndWICH RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARd Championing those in the chain sector (10 or more outlets) whose core business is the sale of sandwiches whether made to order, pre-packed on site, or bought in prepacked from a central commissary and who are driving the business forward and achieving the most impressive development in the qualifying period. Those entering this award must have a Food Hygiene Rating of at least 4. The Award will be sub-divided into three sub categories: • Bakery Chain • Café • Specialist Sandwich Bar Chain

Wine at this year’s Sammies Awards will be provided Courtesy of February 2017 33

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UPdATEd FOR 2017

IndEPEndEnT SAndWICH RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWARd The Independent Sandwich Retailer Award is for businesses with nine outlets or fewer and have a Food Hygiene Rating of at least 4. Independent judges will visit and evaluate factors such as presentation, atmosphere, facilities, cleanliness and product range, as well as innovation and customer service. The award will be sub-divided into four categories: • Independent Bakery Sandwich Retailer • Independent Café Sandwich Retailer • Best New Independent (for outlets opened between 1st March 2016 and 28th Feburary 2017) • Independent Sandwich Shop A gold award will be awarded to the winner of each of the four categories. The gold awards will be presented by the BSA to the winners at their premises in order to maximize publicity for them in their local area. The winners in each category will also each receive two free tickets to attend the awards dinner. Out of the four winners, an overall independent winner will be chosen and will receive the award on stage at the dinner.

THE SAndWICH MARkETIng AWARd This award is specifically for those marketers whose creativity delivers business success. Entrants should state the activity, how it worked and the success of the campaign/activity. Supporting material, such as POS/photographic examples can be submitted with the entries.

Programme sponsored by:

nEW SAndWICH PROdUCT OF THE YEAR AWARd Specifically aimed at products launched during the award period, namely 1st March 2016 to 28th February 2017, including ingredients, equipment and associated products. The award will be sub-divided into two categories: • Food ingredient • Packaging/Equipment

nEW SAndWICH OF THE YEAR AWARd Here the judges are looking for new pre-packed sandwiches (not a range) which have been successfully launched in a retail or catering environment within the award qualifying period and continues to be on sale (unless otherwise stated e.g. entries in the promotional category). Entries can be made in the following three categories: • Hot Eat Sandwich • Promotional/Seasonal • Innovative A gold award will be announced in each category prior to the awards evening. The three gold winners will go for blind judging, by a panel of industry experts, to choose an overall winner, which will be announced at the awards dinner.

THE bRITISH SAndWICH IndUSTRY AWARd Presented on merit to a business or individual who the BSA Management Committee consider deserves recognition for the work they have do to advance the UK sandwich and food-to-go markets. This is an occasional award presented by the Association chairman of the Association. Members may put forward suggestions for consideration by the closing date of 1st March 2017.

34 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

FOOd TO gO RETAILER OF THE YEAR AWAR This new award is presented to the retailer considered to have done the most to develop and promote its Food to Go range (excluding sandwiches). The award is open to retailers where the Food to Go range is one of many different food categories on sale.

FOOd TO gO MAnUFACTURER OF THE YEAR AWARd This award seeks to recognise the overall contribution made to elevate and grow the Food to Go category over the qualifying period. Entries should clearly state why the business should win this award, including evidence of business performance, ranges developed within the operation aimed at the Food to Go market retailers, evidence of activity used to grow and promote the business and marketing activity.

FOOd TO gO InnOvATIOn OF THE YEAR AWARd This award aims to encourage the development of new products for the Food to Go market and will be subdivided into two categories: • Product category (ingredients etc) • Equipment/Packaging category Entries must have been introduced to the market within the award qualifying period.

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Join us at Presented by celebrity chef Theo Randall


Thursday, 11th May, 2017

Entertainment by the Party Bandits

Entertainment until 2am Dress code: Black tie Raffle, draw and auction in support of Bowel Cancer UK

BOOKING FORM Contact Name ................................................... Business Name ............................................................................................................... Address ........................................................................................................................................................................................................ .........................................................................................................................................................Post Code ........................................... Tel. No: .................................................................................... Fax No. ..................................................................................................... Price includes 4 course dinner and half a bottle of wine per person. Vegetarian options and special dietary requests must be pre-booked Please book: .............table(s) at the Sammies 2017 at ££2600 + VAT per table of 10 ................table(s) at the Sammies 2017 at £3120 + VAT per table of 12 at the Sammies 2017 at £285 + VAT per place Card Type: (e.g. Visa, Mastercard)................................................................. Card number: ...................................................................... (Please note: we cannot accept American Express)

3 digit security number: ........................ Expiry Date: ............................... Name on card: ........................................................................ Signed: ........................................................................................... Date ........................................... Do you or your guests have any special dietary requirements?( If yes, please list) ....................................................................................... Tables will be allocated on a strictly first-come basis from the front of the room to the back. All bookings must be accompanied by the appropriate remittance. Cheques can be made out to either The British Sandwich Association or BSA. No refunds can be made if cancellations are made within 30 days of the event and any cancellations before this time will be subject to a 25% cancellation charge.

Please email your booking details to Or post to: BSA, Association House, 18c Moor Street, Chepstow NP16 5DB. If you require further information on the Sammies Awards please telephone Pam on 01291 636341

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SPEEDY FOOD TO GO SOLUTIONS SNOWBIRD foods has generated a selection of specialist menu options which will add a new dimension to the sector. It means operators can generate the speed and convenience of fast food service within a high class environment in which hot meals can quickly be generated without the cooking odours and environmental adulteration normally associated with frying. At the heart of this are two functional ingredients – award-winning sausages and

meatballs, all made with British meat. The clever bit is that they are fully cooked and frozen at the production stage. This means the products can be microwaved from frozen in seconds. That eliminates waste as they can be prepared to order and avoids the smells and environmental distastefulness normally associated with hot fat or oil. A raft of quality and innovation awards have been won by the products. “High quality hot food, quickly prepared and served in a

SNOWBIRD BEEFS UP TECH. AND NPD TEAMS SNOWBIRD foods has considerably beefed up its technical and new product development services with three appointments, two of them at a very senior level. Named as the new technical manager by the fully cooked and frozen sausage and meatballs company is Tony Crilly. A graduate of Kings University, Belfast with a degree in food science, he spent five years with an Irish dairy powders company before moving into the meat sector for four years. Prior to joining Snowbird he gained further experience with a large company making products for retail multiples and foodservice customers. Ms. Bethany England, a Leeds University

graduate, is Snowbird’s new head of innovation. Initially a food technician with Two Sisters, she was promoted to food technologist at its Anglian sites before moving to 3SM Bakery Solutions where she spent 3½ years as NPD manager. With that company Ms. England was an important part of a pan-European innovation team. The third newcomer to the Snowbird technical team is NPD technologist Emanuele Manni, a Cardiff University graduate. ends. Tel: 020 8805 9222.

36 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

pleasant environment is what the sector has been asking for and this is exactly what we are able to give them,” said Snowbird joint managing director, Philip Paul.

The Snowbird portfolio of microwavable products (they can also be prepared quickly in batches in an oven) includes the classic pork, Lincolnshire and Cumberland sausages, plus a variant which could spearhead any menu. It is a healthy, high fibre recipe with reduced fat and salt levels which is both dextrose and gluten free. With a meat content of 85%, it is immediately available in the pork, Cumberland and Lincolnshire variants. Tel: 020 8805 9222.

LEAN BLENDING: A TIME AND MONEY SAVER LEAN Blending, an innovative service for sandwich manufacturers, has been launched by Unbar Rothon, called Lean Blending, cutting administration, labour and storage costs whilst guaranteeing food safety. Unbar Rothon, a third generation flavours supplier, uses its purchasing muscle to deliver keen prices and manages stock levels to avoid shelf life expiry and waste issues for users of many slower-moving or minor ingredients. The company mixes the precise blend required and delivers in individual batch packs (anything between 100g and 25 kilos), thus minimising the use of space and operational costs such as storing, picking and weighing minor ingredients. Unbar Rothon shoulders responsibility for food safety, legality and quality issues through its assessment of all raw materials used and by its worldwide early-warning problem scanning service.

Administration is cut because an order for a single, pre-blended product replaced multiple orders for a lot of minor ingredients. “We have streamlined processes for customers so they no longer have to blend their own seasonings. That reduces the dangers of cross contamination and our batch packaging service is a further benefit that reduces the associated risks even further,” said Unbar Rothon director, Richard Rothon. A trump card for the company has proved to be its quality guarantee which is based in part on a refusal to spot buy in favour of consistently sourcing from regular suppliers who understand the company’s requirement for reliable, consistent, top quality products. Tel: 01277 632211.

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SYSTEMS SOFTWARE for the Food Industry

SALES Enter sales orders, integrate with your website, EDI integration, import orders from email. Generate delivery notes, invoices, production sheets, bill of Materials. Van scheduling, Sales/margin analysis and costings.

PURCHASES Raise purchase orders, email to supplier. Book goods in, reconcile invoices. Update cost prices. Setup preferred suppliers, reporting and purchase analysis. Link to accounts software.

STOCK Sales and purchase stock control, Stock takes, waste adjustments. Stock valuations, stock holding projections. Stock enquiries, theoretical versus actual.


01708 767946

To advertise call Paul Steer on 01291 636342 February 2017 37

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Food Innovations for 2017 at IFE and savoury popcorn at the forefront of In 2015, IFE saw coconut crisps, coconut water, seaweed industry forward over the next two years? innovation. So which products are likely to be driving the


volving trends and changing consumer demands continue to lead the way in shaping our food and drink landscape. The International Food & Drink Event 2017 is dedicated to showcasing the full scope of today’s global product innovations. Running from 19 to 22 March at ExCeL London, it’s the place to discover new products from 1,350 food & drink manufacturers and identify a range of future trend predictions. From aloe vera drinks to immune system boosting juices and smoothies, the functional drinks market is huge and further growth is predicted as consumers become increasingly aware of their physical and psychological needs. The industry can also expect to see a rise in demand for ground-breaking premium adult soft drinks. Exhibiting at IFE for the first time, Equinox Kombucha has created raw, organic sparkling energy drinks full of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids and live bacterias – visit stand N1900 to discover their nutritional benefits. For something less tee-total, but still angelic, Twisted Halo is a must see at stand N2145. Fed up with ordering yet another bland vodka, lime and soda, the founder Jess Titcumb started her mission to create great tasting, low calorie alcoholic beverages. The range includes a gently sparkling blend of coconut water twisted with ginger and muddled

with premium vodka at just 90 calories per 275ml bottle. Consumption habits are changing more than ever before and millennials continue to lead the way when it comes to healthy eating and drinking. Cleaner eating is a key trend to look out for and IFE 2017 has a large section dedicated to Health & Wellbeing. New suppliers this year include Nutristrength, founded by two brothers devoted to producing clean living nutritional products. The brand will be showcasing a range of protein powders produced using goat and sheep whey and even peas (stand N2432). In many categories, industry forecasters expect to see consumers opting for authentic and traditional products, using unadulterated ingredients and locally sourced produce. Discover the Great British & Irish Food section, with a range of artisan products such as Snowflake Gelato at stand N2842. To date, the brand has received 25 Great Taste Gold Stars and was voted the Great Taste Supreme Champion. ‘Free from’ has already been one of the hottest trends across 2016 and will continue to grow in 2017 with brands launching exciting and innovative products. From avocado oils to dairyfree ice cream, vegan jerky and quinoa crisps, at IFE 2017 buyers can walk a dedicated free from “trend trail” to discover the latest suppliers and products. New for this year, the simple

38 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

to follow “trend trail” maps will highlight relevant stands to source new and on-trend produce. Event Director, Soraya Gadelrab commented: “Visitors to IFE 2017 will witness first hand the emerging food & drink trends and the products that will lead the way for 2017. We’re proud that so many of our exhibitors see IFE 2017 as the ideal platform to launch new products and we’re excited to see what’s instore for the year ahead.”

Top musT see producTs: Sacoma – Healthy snack bars and crackers made with sweet potato flour. The range also includes sweet potato juice, jams and vine leaves. (Stand N1448) Fori - Meat protein bar: High in protein and paleo friendly, whilst capturing a world of authentic flavours including chilli beef, moroccan lamb and thai turkey bars. (Stand N1544) Sygenix – A light, sparkling natural health drink made with green coffee beans, green tea and vitamins. (Stand N2223) Meanwhile, don’t forget Pro2Pac, the food and drink packaging show, co-located with IFE. Exhibitors include food to go suppliers RAP and Coveris.

S&FTG_167_Feb17_p38-39_Layout 1 24/01/2017 16:39 Page 39

Le rendez-vous leader des professionnels du Snacking & de la Consommation Nomade The leading trade event for the snack & food-on-the-go

15 & 16 MARS / MARCH 2017 E6G>H EDGI: 9: K:GH6>AA:H E6K# ,#&

Idées à emporter / Ideas to take away! Pour télécharger votre badge gratuit rendez-vous sur / Download your free badge on et renseignez le code / and enter the code

CODE : SVISFTGN Suivez-nous / Follow on The Sandwich & Snack Show logo is a trade mark of RELX Intellectual Properties SA, used under license.

To advertise call Paul Steer on 01291 636342 February 2017 39

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Adelie plans to boost spend on proprietary research ADELIE supply almost every part of the marketplace except for ‘eating venues’ as Kantar calls them. We supply the three big coffee chains, a number of key retailers, convenience and travel operators and the top 12 foodservice businesses in the UK. We have a really good knowledge of the spread of the market … and it really is a spread market. We work with a number of research companies on exactly what the food to go market is but there are reasons to suggest that we no longer know for sure the true consumer perspective of the market. It’s certainly changing fast: ten years ago coffee chains weren’t in the research data but now they are a dominant part. With new entrants growing so quickly, what will the next 10 years look like? Define, refine anD activate We know everyone still likes a sandwich, but perhaps we don’t fully understand the consumer dynamic that’s happening out there. We wonder, in fact, if a new phase of food to go has kicked off because ‘meals’ are becoming increasingly important. For instance, when you have suddenly have Domino’s doing a £5 meal deal at lunchtime and you have queues out of the door of workers at Nando’s at lunchtime, who should probably be in the office, you need to look at the market a bit differently. Other operators such as pubs are also targeting the sandwich-based lunch market. Then you’ve got companies

such as McDonalds, which have also been targeting the breakfast market for some time. You have the convenience operators and the coffee chains, travel and foodservice – they’ve all driven significant market growth recently. From our perspective as a pre-pack sandwich supplier, this is an interesting area for us, because a lot of that is made in store. As a pre-pack supplier we talk a lot internally about how you do unwrapped and made in store. Pubs are also an interesting one for us - they do sit down dining rather than food to go, but a huge percentage of coffee shops do sit down food. Is food to go even the right term anymore? Then where do we start to add in things like street food? And who is the competition? As a result, we’re going to change the way we invest over the next year or so – particularly in proprietary research - in order to get a better balance in how we source market data and also how we talk to consumers. We get hard data which we crunch from companies like Kantar, IRI and MIntel, but the area is increasingly showing a number of weaknesses in terms of market read and it’s not

40 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

Adelie Foods is changing the way it invests in research over the next 12 months – particularly in proprietary research - to get a better balance in the way it sources market data and talks to consumers. John Want, marketing director, set out the background at the recent IGD Food To Go Conference

S&FTG_167_Feb17_p40-43_Layout 1 24/01/2017 14:15 Page 41

PROFILE: JOHN WANT capturing everything we need. EPoS provides you with quite a lot but it doesn’t really tell you about consumers switching, or their view about a retailer’s performance. Panel data is also useful because it gives you a greater spread of the marketplace, but as soon as you get down to a certain retailer level or brand level it loses its robustness. We love the kind of stuff that some companies do where they have face to face interviews with a lot of consumers – there’s a lot of really interesting information there – but it’s quite expensive and doesn’t necessarily give you something specific for your business. Proprietary research, on the other hand - that’s talking directly to consumers and understanding the marketplace more fully - has been used a lot more by us over the last couple of years, and now makes up about a third of what we spend our money on. We have taken the decision to significantly increase our spend on proprietary research in the next year for a number of reasons.

We supply the three big coffee chains and it’s really important to us to manage those accounts so we can help them achieve mutual growth and provide them each with a USP they can really trade on. It’s good to know that 13% of people are on a food to go mission in convenience and that lunch makes up

an important mission for IGD, but we need to dig a lot deeper. We actually now have 11 missions for people going into coffee shops alone, so it’s essential to get under the skin of the consumer. You need to take top line information around missions and work further on your own research to show what’s happening.


GOOD TASTE tomatoes • vegetables • beans & pulses fish & meats • fruits • jam & preserves olives, olive oil & vinegars pasta range & specialities

Martin Mathew & Co Ltd Tel: 01992 641641 email: February 2017 41

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PROFILE: JOHN WANT You need to tie that in to your own strategies and speak to your key customers and make sure you’re answering the questions they need answered. There are certainly ‘unknown unknowns’ to quote Donald Rumsfeld, but you have to be savvy enough to understand your marketplace and combine data sources top do that. The important thing is to spot a trend and delve deeper. To give you an illustration of how it works for us - we do a six monthly consumer tracker both in retail and coffee and we ask questions along the lines of: who do you like at the moment; where are you shopping; how has your shopping changed in terms of food to go; how much are you spending and who are your favourite retailers? We noticed something curious on our tracker where it showed impulse shoppers coming through the doors of those retailers or those channels. Three of those – Boots, Costa and Greggs – actually saw the highest growth of impulse shoppers between 2014 and 2015. But if you overlay that with the three retailers’ results, they actually had a really good performance in that year in terms of food to go sales. So, we were then able to understand that driving impulse shoppers into store actually gave them growth. And what brings impulse shoppers into store? – it’s regular newness, interesting communications and interesting stories. It’s also important to have really savvy category managers in your business – people than can spot trends and look for the sexy stuff, not just churn data. choice can be really emotional From a sandwich perspective, choice can be really emotional. Everyone makes a sandwich and has their favourite Saturday morning posthangover concoction that they throw together. It’s noticeable that even if you do a full category presentation at buyer level and talk about a great new range, you can find out that they really hate sweetcorn, so it will be a real pain for them to sign anything off that has sweetcorn in it! You have to take the emotion out of those purchasing decisions and the only way to do it is by really robust research into what consumers’ emotions and behaviours are.

StorieS A key message I have for suppliers is that the food to go universe is undoubtedly being changed significantly by indie coffee shops and small chains, QSR’s like Leon, and quality street food operators such as Daddy Donkey (my own personal favourite). What unites them is that they all have stories, and consumers are paying more for products they believe in and the stories they’re being told. At the Adelie Foods supplier conference we challenged our suppliers to talk to their customers about the products they’re passionate about in their portfolio. Everyone needs a story and the supplier needs to be brave enough to say why a particular ingredient or product is really important. Building the buyer’s knowledge is really, really important. Which rustic farm in the fields of southern France this delicacy has come from, for instance, because that’s what people are spending money on and that’s what is driving growth. only the bolD Will Survive When it comes to activation, only the bold will survive. You have to evolve with investment, technology and new concepts. Companies that stand still don’t work, such as BHS. Look at Costa for example - one of the best performers in food to go, particularly with their Costa Fresco concept and other trials around the edges you probably haven’t seen – hot held concepts, store layouts, different ranging. They have been really brave, particularly as a big coffee chain, to test those new areas. For all the dodgy stuff that’s happened at Tesco over the last few years, they certainly haven’t been afraid to try new things with food to go such as Harris + Hoole, Euphorium, Giraffe, the new outlets, changing how their Express and Metro formats work and moving food to go around the store. It

42 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

has really worked for them and they have seen some serious growth in the last couple of years. A lot of people in food to go are currently testing evening openings – Starbucks at their Reserve store, for instance – and POD are trying to see if health can work with food in coffee shops (we’re not convinced!). It’s important to help your customer to trial and give them the ability to sell that into their directors. Incidentally, as a supplier we’re hoping to work on some very interesting trials coming up at some of our key customers. Joining up your internal proceSSeS We’ve all worked at companies where there’s a conflict between what the marketing team (colouring-in department) want to do, and the hardnosed salesmen/women need to deliver. Actually you can all live in harmony; just make sure you’ve got great product; great brand management and great product management, and always tie that in to the commercial strategy and category management of your brand or private label business. Price is really important: that’s always driven by commercial because they need to deliver the margin and the margin for a retailer. Obviously, that also needs to join up with the product development team to make sure they sell the stuff they’re making. Finally, from the define, refine and activate process, you need to make sure you’re joined up across your Insight agencies, your category team is delivering some really robust consumer research, your brand teams are delivering really great products and commercial can sell at a profit and the consumer wants to buy at the end. You’re making sure essentially that the food to market is continuing to grow, consumers are continuing to invest in the category and they come back for more in the places you serve. This is an edited version of John Want’s presentation.

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Join Join tthe he









Distributed by S Silbury ilb ur y Marketing M a rketing in in the th e UK UK D is trib ute d by

GREEK Flatbread

Tel: Te l: + +44 410022 4 4 (0)1926 (0)1 92 6 4 1 0 02 2 E Email: m ail: c wilson @silb u r u k

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New wave of flavour inspiration for food to go With a wave of new carriers and flavour inspiration coming into the sandwich and food-to-go arena, there is huge opportunity for new meat heroes to emerge, says Dawn Farms’ Consumer Insights Manager Julie Sloan


he year ahead promises to be an exciting new period for the sandwich and food-to-go market, according to Europe’s leading manufacturer of cooked and fermented ready-to-eat meat ingredients. Dawn Farms, which through its factories in Co. Kildare and Northampton supplies innovative cooked meat ingredients to food manufacturers and the foodservice industry across the UK and continental Europe, says that with a wave of new carriers and flavour inspiration coming into the sandwich and food-to-go arena, there is huge opportunity for new meat heroes to emerge. According to the company’s Consumer Insights Manager Julie Sloan, new carriers, new crunchy textures, bolder flavours and seasonal ingredients will continue to drive the food-to-go market.

“The year ahead will be uncertain, both politically and economically, as consumers we won’t know whether to seek comfort and familiarity or join the revolution!”, she said. “This applies to food choices as well, whether consumers crave comfort food or something new and exotic. We think it is likely to be a combination of both, but we do see sandwiches breaking out of their comfort zone, with great opportunities for versatile cooked meats.” With the exotic, Dawn Farms will be taking its flavour inspiration from emerging ‘hot’ cuisines like Middle Eastern, Thai, Ameri-Korean, Filipino, Cuban and Hawaiian. The company is also conscious of the trend towards more colourful food, with red, orange, blue, purple and black now beginning to emerge. With this in mind, charred and blackened meats are expected to be on-

44 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

trend throughout 2017 and 2018, and Dawn Farms has developed a range of pulled and chopped sandwich fillings for true meat lovers, with more intense flavours and textures. Examples of these include BBQ Burnt Ends, BBQ Smokey Ham and Creole Blackened Chicken as part of Dawn Farms’ authentic American BBQ Slow Cooked range. “We’ve been inspired by sandwich chains in the US like Subway and Arby’s who have been driving premium meat ingredients like carved home-style ham, venison and Angus beef,” said Julie. “We’ve developed our signature recipe for succulent rotisserie-style chicken in generous, torn chunks.” With a growing appetite for new breads and bread alternatives such as Middle Eastern flatbreads, Venezuelan cornbread arepas or Taiwanese fluffy steamed buns, Dawn Farms believes

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SANDWICH MEATS these present an opportunity for rustic and authentic, great-tasting meats to shine. They all offer new and exciting ways to keep cooked meat ingredients relevant for today’s Millennial consumer. “Rustic, torn meats have demonstrated their versatility in different applications and cuisines, and in 2017 we expect to see pulled pork overtaken by pulled chicken and beef,” said Julie. In terms of meeting consumers’ comfort and indulgence needs, Dawn Farms is keen to tap into festive nostalgia, and in 2017 will be launching a new range of seasonal sandwich ingredients, including festive Italian porchetta, chunky roast pork and bacon stuffing and rustic torn turkey breast. Meanwhile, as consumer eating habits continue to evolve above and beyond the three traditional mealtimes, Dawn Farms sees demand for hot foodto-go rising during 2017. Eating occasions stretch from breakfast, brunch and into late evening, and the company is experiencing a greater blurring between pizzas, kebabs, burgers and hot sandwich/wrap concepts for example BBQ Meat Feast Subs, Lamb Kofte Wraps,Taco Beef Melts and New York Deli Pizzas. “We’re in the ‘hybrid’ era of fast food which means geographical borders disappear in the pursuit of flavour excitement, as long as it delivers on taste and is ‘Instagrammable’ for Millennial consumers,” she said. “European consumers tend to be more receptive to spicier flavours in the second half of the day, so we have developed Sriracha Chicken and Spicy Barbecoa Beef to capitalise on this trend.” Today’s consumer food market is more fast-paced than ever. Technology has played and continues to play a vital role in mobilising consumer lifestyles which means eating and shopping behaviours have been irrevocably changed. The competitive arena for the high street sandwich, fast food and bakery food chains now includes street food, delivery and transport hubs, posing the question of whether sandwiches will now join the delivery bandwagon. With all these changes afoot, where does this leave those good old standards like the bacon sandwich? Bacon remains one of the most popular sandwich fillings, and Dawn Farms has a specialist bacon facility in

‘Charred and blackened meats are expected to be on-trend throughout 2017 and 2018, and Dawn Farms has developed a range of pulled and chopped sandwich fillings for true meat lovers’ Northampton which, alongside its staples like back, streaky and crispy bacon, has an ongoing pipeline of ideas to stimulate and inspire its sandwich customers. These include salted caramel bacon for a sweet and savoury sandwich build, and a black pepper bacon to give a bold flavour to this top-selling sandwich filling. The world is shrinking; the global consumer, whether virtual or through personal experience, has led to an acceleration of food trends being adopted in the marketplace. The Millennial/Gen Y generation has made a profound impression and the next generation of Gen Z consumers will make its own mark. Today’s food brands need to demonstrate integrity, agility and above all empathy for the consumer experience whether in or outside the home. Dawn Farms will continue to deliver growth opportunities through its leadership and investment in

market-led innovation based on original consumer insights. For the last 30 years, Dawn Farms has provided customised products for major food brands. To complement its bespoke offer, last year Dawn Farms introduced its new Cooked Cuts range of great value ready to order cooked meats. The range is aimed at consumers across the European foodservice sector who are looking for menu excitement and inspiration as well as authentic flavours and premium meat toppings, and is available through dedicated distribution partners in the UK, France, Holland, Germany and Spain. The Cooked Cuts range includes ‘must-have’ sandwich proteins for sandwiches from chargrilled chickenstrips, sliced meats to slow cooked pulled meats and spicy beef meatballs. There are also fast-growing newcomers such as American pastrami, chorizo and a range of succulent flavoured chicken such as Mexican Fajita and Chicken Tikka. www.cookedcuts. Dawn Farms publishes a popular weekly Top 9 for Friday trend ezine. For further information contact February 2017 45

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Exploding the food to go

popcorn sector Propercorn has been one of the big food to go success start-up stories in the convenience sector in the last few years, achieving a 60% share of the single-serve popcorn market. Rosie Jolie, sales manager, explains how it was done

46 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

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e’re all very aware that the convenience channel is going through a serious growth spurt. A new breed of discerning and demanding millennial shopper is driving the shift towards top-up shopping and smaller stores with a convenience mindset. For millennial shoppers health isn’t a choice, it’s a normality, and shopping is a chore, not an event. Within this, food to go is the biggest and fastest moving sector. With the most recent grocery report showing that 40% of students visit convenience stores solely to buy food to go items, we now know that it’s more important than ever to get this offering right. Bagged snacks play a crucial role in this. Five years ago, Cassandra, our cofounder was an ad. exec. with entrepreneurial dreams, working with global clients. At that time snacking options were limited: biscuits or cakes were generally served at meetings and you could easily find yourself consuming your daily calorie allowance in just one tea-break! She had an idea that popcorn, with its large surface area and free-from qualities, could be a

fantastic solution to the problem - a healthier snack that was just as tasty and satisfying. She quit her job the very next day. The problem the business set out to solve was that in those days quick and easy solutions weren’t the same as healthy options. It was a choice between chocolate biscuits or an unseasoned rice cake. We built a business that was designed to be convenient but without a tradeoff in quality, health or taste. Now we have a 60% share of the single-serve popcorn market and are the fastestgrowing popcorn brand in the 2016 fastest-growing category. Clearly being convenient has its upsides. It continues to be a success in a wide range of food to go operators from the likes of Café Nero to Tesco Express, One Stop, Nisa and BP. We now know that popcorn has accounted for 25% of total CSN growth. A simple bRief Our convenience journey started with a very simple brief: launch Propercorn into the convenience sector as soon as possible! Remarkably simple .. some would say too simple, especially for a

23-year-old with no budget, no data access and minimal experience. But in all honesty, what I’ve come to learn is that it’s briefs like these can be the most effective. In their simplicity they can encourage you to start with a blank canvas and force you to really challenge yourself. You have no choice but to think outside the box and approach things creatively. Succeeding in the food to go category is all about changing consumer attitudes. Going back to the start, James Hall, the Prestonbased Spar RDC had given us a trial opportunity. My buyer at that time could see the growth in healthy snacking and free-from, and understood that popcorn was one to watch within grocery. He knew that getting his food to go offer right was key to driving category growth. However, he was pretty unconvinced at that time by Propercorn. He didn’t think customers were ready for a healthy alternative to a packet of crisps and this trial was an opportunity to put the trend to the test. I knew I needed to give this trial the attention it deserved and had February 2017 47

S&FTG_167_Feb17_p46-49_Layout 1 24/01/2017 15:40 Page 48

PROPERCORN planned an epic road trip in a van. But there was a slight setback: arriving at the first store at 6.30am I discovered that all the PoS had been mis-delivered for a cheese biscuit company – not ideal! Needless to say, I was a bit stressed out but I had no choice – I had to think on my feet … and my buyer never knew. I went on to visit each of the stores and discovered that although each store operated under the same fascia, it was quite unique and required a specific approach. The opportunity to personally introduce the brand, which was virtually unknown in the channel at the time, was invaluable and those who worked there hugely appreciated the personal interest I showed. The resulting impact meant that the trial was a great success, with our Sweet & Salty coming in as one of my buyer’s top selling SKU’s. His customers wanted to buy the product and James Hall created this case study which amplified the success within the channel. Incredible case studies are so important and can be a game changer when starting out in this channel. I’m now happy to say that we are Spar UK’s premium popcorn partner and who knows where we would have been had I not gone into that van. The learnings I took from that first experience two years ago are still applicable today. Knowing youR Audience Knowing your audience is really vital. You can never forget that your main audience is primarily retailers. Your marketing team, for example, can spend weeks mailing the perfect consumer messaging, but in this sector it is no guarantee that any consumers will ever get to experience your products. But even B2B education still isn’t enough. You have to get under the skin of your audience and think like a store owner. An example of something we’ve done this year is to create tailored launch packages for stores that have chosen to launch our product. Inside we have samples of all of our flavours for the store team to try themselves with an introduction to the brand and product. We even run bespoke launch competitions for the best in-store display and encourage store owners to email us photos of how we look in store.

How can you make sure you really stand out? One way is to disrupt your environment. It all comes down to personalisation. Your packaging and how you present yourself is key. When we set out we decided to create something that was the best it could be. With our popcorn, each product has a bold hand illustrated design and our newest product Crunch Corn features photography. Both are made from the best kind of metallised plastic to ensure product freshness. Incidentally, both products are positioned for different food to go occasions. Our popcorn is positioned as a healthy crisp alternative to be picked up with a sandwich, whereas

48 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

Crunch Corn is effectively a nut-free nut to be enjoyed with a can of beer. We also don’t deliver our stock in brown cardboard boxes; instead, every pack is delivered in a colourful suitcase, which also doubles as a PoS tool. Some of you may be thinking this is a waste of valuable money but on the redesign of our cases the overall compliancy levels went up by 65%. It’s not the cheapest way to operate but ensuring you stand out is one of the most worthwhile investments you will ever make. As suppliers, the onus is on us to adapt and grow in this ever-evolving sector. Rosie was speaking at the recent IGD Food To Go Conference

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Make a date in your diary for Pro2Pac PRO2PAC, the major UK food packaging event, runs at the same time as IFE as a collocated show from March 20-22 at ExCeL. Exhibitors with an existing interest in the sandwich industry include major names such as Coveris, KTEC and RAP. The show features an exciting array of events and visitor attractions, providing an insight into key industry topics as well as providing useful tips and cost-reducing techniques to help your business stay competitive in the market. This includes Outside the Box, a live theatre stage sharing cutting edge insights into key issues and current hot topics. Topics include how the packaging industry will fare post-Brexit; Big Brand Sustainability; and a Waste-Works Case Study. The ‘Storm in a Coffee Cup’ debate is likely to be of particular interest, chaired by Martin Kersh, executive director of the FPA, with Peter Goodwin (Closed

Loop Recycling), Chris Sherrington (Eunomia environmental consulting), Simon Rayner (Friends of the Earth), Joanna Gilroy (Bunzl) and Adrian Pratt (Benders Paper Cups). On the exhibitor front, It’s A Wrap will be showing its unique custom printed wraps made from a high quality, natural greaseproof paper, used for packing and presenting foods including wrapping a sandwich to go. They are fully biodegradable and manufactured from either 38gsm white greaseproof paper or 40gsm brown greaseproof paper. KTEC, reckoned to be the largest specialist distributor of desk top and large size printers, will be showing some of its printing and finishing solutions. Products include the Primera LX900e, the bestselling top quality full colour label printer; Primera AP550e, the automated labels applicator for odd shaped containers; Primera AP362e, the automatic label

applicator for round containers, bottles and jars, and Primera CX1000e, a high quality laser roll to roll label printer. RAP, a market leader in food-to-go packaging, with packaging used by some of the most iconic brands, will be showing several worldfirsts, including HotRapTM, BagRapTM and RapTrayTM. Linerless label innovators, Ravenwood Packaging, will unveil new linerless technology at the event. The company’s

‘Raveneers’ will be out in full force, for the 6th consecutive year to date. Coveris products on show will include its Lined Board, available as skillets, wrap boxes and nested trays. It is said to be ideal for pre-packed convenience products and food to go lines providing barrier properties, developed for enhanced quality & freshness, stand-out shelf presence, and with a range of bespoke and standardised range of constructs and closures. February 2017 49

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Troy Foods significant investment in own mayonnaise brand LEADING vegetable and salad producer Yorkshire-based Troy Foods has invested £200,000 this year to increase volume in its mayonnaise production and enable it to launch its own range of mayonnaise for the food service and retail sectors under its ‘m:a:y:o’ brand. The range of premium mayonnaises comprises ‘everyday’, ‘premium’ and ‘free range’ products available in 5 litre or 10 litre packs. Low fat options are also available to cater for the needs of the health and education sectors. The Yorkshire-based business which is known for manufacturing freshly prepared vegetables and dressed salads, established its own BRC approved mayonnaise plant ten years ago to produce high quality dressings for its products. Following further investment in the line to increase capacity, Troy Foods is now able to offer its own branded mayonnaise to the cash and carry, foodservice and delivered wholesale sectors. “Having established a highly efficient, high care mayonnaise production facility to provide dressings for our range of salads, there was growing demand from customers for us to offer our mayonnaise as a product in its own right,” explains James Kempley, general manager at Troy Foods. “In nationwide taste tastes, our m:a:y:o brand fared extremely well against the established market leaders and we believe consumers will appreciate its more competitive price while still enjoying a premium product.”

Troy Foods is also celebrating being awarded the Sword of Honour by the British Safety Council last month, following its Five Star accreditation earlier in the year. “To receive this prestigious accolade is an amazing achievement and testimony to the hard work and ongoing commitment of the entire team in putting health, safety and environmental management at the core of what we do,” added James. “This latest recognition also demonstrates our focus on delivering quality and excellence to

customers, suppliers and employees in every aspect of our business.” Based in Leeds where it has three premises and employs 600 staff, the third generation family business supplies a selection of prepared vegetables for ready meals and retail packs in leading supermarkets. In recent years, it diversified into processing value added lines such as dressed salads including coleslaw, potato salads, pasta salads and dips as well as mayonnaise and dressings to retailers and food service groups.

Beacon Foods appoints Jeff Davies as new MD Beacon Foods has appointed Jeff Davies as Managing Director. Jeff has worked for Beacon Foods for over nine years as Company Accountant and Head of Finance & HR. In that time he has gained invaluable knowledge and experience in the company’s values and vision.

“Together with the other members of the Management Team and fellow staff members, he will work to continue the growth and success that the company has seen over the past 24 years and to ensure it remains a key player in our sector and in our community,” says the company.

50 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

The co-founder and current M.D. Edward Gough, will continue as chairman and play an active role in the running of the company and be involved in all the key decisions going forward. He will also spend time working on the future development and expansion plans for the company.

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OF MAYONNAISES, SAUCES AND DRESSINGS We have an extensive recipe and packaging portfolio to suit the most demanding of applications

For further in nformation,, contact us on 0208 818 7617 or

p uwelssauces Š Š

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Heinz foodservice sauces HEINZ Foodservice has launched a range of foodservice sauces, designed to keep pace with changing needs. The range consists of eight different sauces and relishes including 57 gherkin relish, sticky Korean barbecue sauce, smokey baconnaise, grillhouse sauce, creamy black pepper ranch sauce, and mustard barbecue sauce. There is also a classic burger sauce and hot firecracker sauce, available to the foodservice sector in cases of six. Heinz Foodservice claimed that the new products would “bring exciting and emerging flavours to your menu and support key trends such as Americana and Pan-Asian”.

It has also launched a new tabletop range of squeezable sauces, which includes yellow mustard, classic barbecue and a completely new Seriously Good mayonnaise. Made from the “finest quality ingredients”, including free range eggs, oil and vinegar, the mayonnaise is free from

artificial thickeners, flavourings or colours. The perfect addition to Heinz’s 220ml tabletop range, the Seriously Good mayonnaise is available in cases of ten. “More than half of mayonnaise consumers are from a young demographic who demand innovation and a product that wins on taste and naturalness,” a

WorldFoods launches new Asian pastes and sauces ASIAN food brand WorldFoods is launching a range of Asian pastes and sauces to the UK, following its success in the US and Europe. The range includes popular Thai flavours as well as influences from emerging cuisines such as Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian. It includes eight pastes, including Thai red and green curry; two versatile marinades in Thai turmeric and lemongrass, as well as Malaysian chilli and coconut; and three dipping and stir fry sauces including Pad Thai and Chinese ginger, garlic and chilli. All WorldFoods products are free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives, and are free from common allergens such as gluten, lactose, nuts and soya. WorldFoods global business director May Foong said: “Our range reflects a growing

consumer trend for recreating ethnic food at home and an increasing interest in Asian cuisine. All of our products are created in Thailand by regional chefs from across southeast Asia. “The range is designed to be easy and convenient to use, whilst delivering a premium restaurantquality meal at home. “We know that consumers are increasingly looking to try new cuisines and flavours and we’re confident that the WorldFoods range will appeal to those who enjoy a healthy, balanced diet, as well as those who may suffer from allergies or intolerances.” WorldFoods pastes and marinades will feature recommended retail prices varying from £1.89 to £2.29. Its noodle and dipping sauces will retail for £1.49-£1.69.

52 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

Heinz Foodservice spokesperson said. The company has also introduce a classic American barbecue sauce in 220ml top-down PET bottles, available in cases of eight. Smokey and sweet in flavour, it is both thick enough for dipping and light enough for marinating. The innovation is “perfect for on-trend premium burgers and new consumer favourites”, Heinz Foodservice said. American barbecue is “a trend that is now more popular that traditional British cuisine, with an explosion of host foods such as pulled pork appearing across a range of menus,” the company added.

New packaging design for Sharwoods PREMIER Foods has revealed a new packaging design for the Sharwoods range with a vibrant design developed by award-winning branding consultancy, Coley Porter Bell. The new pack design features free brushstrokes comprised of vivid colours with the product’s name written in a free-form font giving a sense of “adventure, modernity and impact on the shelf.” Each of the ranges, Indian, Chinese and Thai, is enveloped in a rich palette and symbols that are associated with the corresponding country. James Ramsden, Executive Creative Director at Coley Porter Bell, commented: “Cooking sauces is a much more commoditized category than it used to be. For Sharwood’s, we had to elevate the brand to give consumers more of an experience – we wanted to bring to life the confidence and delicious sensations of cooking these foods.”

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Quality and value are our mission

ge A huge ranurs with flavoone for every

yourPersona sand lise w b the y using iches of CMixolog rucia y ls

s r u o For more information please call 0121 333 3233 v a l f 0 2 r e v O Email: e l b a il Or look at our website ava

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Crucial Sauce’s sandwich range CRUCIAL Sauce Company has launched several new flavours over the years, including a sandwich range - introduced as there are 5.9 billion homemade sandwich occasions in the UK, making it the UK’s favourite meal. Recently the success of the sandwich range with five flavours has drawn attention to the brand. These include spicy mayonnaise, gently spiced with smoky chillies with the perfect amount of sweetness; Garlic mayo that is gently flavoured with garlic, the perfect accompaniment to any sandwich, and a classic smooth and creamy mayonnaise that favours quality and value, says the company. There’s also the American style mustard, which is based on piccalilli, the perfect condiment for ham and cheese; and salad cream, sweet and mustardy, is

a sandwich shop essential. As well as this selection of sauces, there’s a range of over 20 sauces that are ideal partners for many different foods, including dipping sauces and as a condiment for any savoury meal. All of Crucials products are suitable for vegetarians with the vast majority also being gluten free and manufactured on a site that is free from nuts. Paul Cotran, Commercial Director, says: “The growing demand for convenience from small catering businesses, helped us to develop sauces that save the business time whilst maintaining authenticity, value and quality. Our research has shown that consumers are craving more adventurous flavours, which is why we have such a large range available that helps businesses to customise their sandwiches

English Provender rebrands range CHUTNEY and pickle producer English Provender has rebranded its range in a bid to increase frequency of purchase and attract new consumers. Made with authentic, natural ingredients with no added perservatives, colours or flavours, the English Provender range is aimed at ABC1 consumers looking for a chutney or pickle to add to sandwiches and salads. The new designs are bold, distinctive and contemporary with each SKU featuring a bespoke graphic featuring culinary items on a luxe paper-finish label. Each jar is then topped with a cauldron-inspired copper lid with branded identity inside it, breathing new life into the brand’s classic square jar format, says the company. The logo itself also now features a friendly illustration of a smiling mouth with a cheeky lip-licking tongue, and each jar is graced with the tagline “Making life delicious since 1979”. Joanne Walsh, brand manager at English Provender, comments: “The rebrand marks an exciting step change for English Provender, as it evolves beyond typical chutney and pickle usage occasions and becomes a lifestyle choice. We’re confident that the strong

aesthetics of the design will provide increased on-shelf stand out and online presence, clearly communicating the brand’s credentials and helping to drive new shoppers into the category.’`

54 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

as well as keeping the classic flavours. “The market is continuously changing and growing and this is a factor that we endeavour to contribute towards while remaining to provide our core concepts of the brand”.

A Little Bit Saucy THE new foodie start up, A Little Bit, was launched at the Speciality & Fine Food Fayre in September, with a sauce range championing the use of fresh herbs. Specially packed and bottled to deliver an aromatic and flavoursome punch, A Little Bit is committed to using wholesome, natural ingredients including fresh herbs. The company founder, Sophie Lane Fox, is an advocate of providing convenient yet healthy eating options that help to make mealtimes a little bit more exciting. The two latest additions are: • Tomato & Rosemary Ketchup – a herby twist on a classic sauce. It can be used as a dip or marinade. • Spicy Sage Pasta Sauce – A sauce that’s sage flavoured combined with a piquant chilli heat. Sophie explains: “The sauces are a great new addition to sit alongside the original four dressings. At the heart of each product is the sensational taste of fresh herbs – utilising their incredible properties A Little Bit has created something tasty and fun, that can transform the simplest dishes into something spectacular.”

S&FTG_167_Feb17_p50-57_Layout 1 24/01/2017 14:17 Page 55

See our range at:

Chargrilled and Marinated Vegetables Pesto, Tapenades and Vegetable PurĂŠes Semi/Sun Dried Tomatoes

Stand M123

Mushrooms and Truffles Olives

Stand N2539

To advertise call Paul Steer on 01291 636342 February 2017 55

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Barbecue sauces launched for UK foodservice EMPIRE Bespoke Foods has extended its range of sauces for foodservice from US manufacturer French’s Food Company. French’s BBQ Sauce Kansas City Classic is a rich, zesty, tomato-based sauce with a balance of caramelised sweetness and tang. Smooth and spicy, it goes with Kansas classic burnt ends or pulled pork. French’s BBQ Sauce Louisiana Hot and Spicy is a full-bodied blend of smoky heat and sweet and tangy tomato. It can be smothered on hotdogs with pickle but can also be added to chilli con carne for a smooth and smoky kick. French’s BBQ Sauce Mississippi Sweet and Smoky is made with Grade A honey, combining a smooth sweetness with the tangy vinegar and tomato profile. Balanced by natural hickory smoke and a hint of garlic, it works well as a sticky sauce for ribs or dolloped on top of burgers. They are available to the foodservice sector in 396g easy-squeeze bottles. The Kansas City Classic is also available in 3.78-litre catering plastic packs. Nick Thomas, Empire Bespoke Foods’ sales and marketing director,

said: “With the trend for American cuisine showing no signs of letting up we’re thrilled to be extending our range of French’s to the foodservice sector with the addition of a trio of authentic US barbecue sauces. “Consumers and operators alike trust and respect the French’s brand for their condiment expertise and all three of these products deliver on taste and flavour so we are expecting them to get off to a flying start.” Empire Bespoke Foods has also strengthened its growing condiment

selection with the addition of a Classic Yellow Spicy Mustard from French’s. It is available to the foodservice sector in 226g easy-squeeze plastic bottles. The mustard has a hint of cayenne pepper and can be used for sandwiches, wraps, hotdogs and burgers or mixed into dips and sauces for a fiery kick. Earlier last year, Empire Bespoke Foods introduced Texas Jalapeno Tomato Relish, Californian Sweet Onion Relish and New York Deli Pickle Relish from the French’s range.

AAK Foodservice launches new BBQ sauces for pulled meats AAK Foodservice has launched a range of Lion BBQ Sauces for a variety of pulled meats. The collection includes four new BBQ sauces, each inspired by a state in American and developed to accompany a specific type of slow-cooked meat, including pulled pork, shredded chicken, beef brisket and salt beef. Each sauce features a distinctive flavour profile and colour to enhance the taste and appearance of its meat partner. The sauces also work equally well with other barbecue meat dishes including chicken wings, ribs and burgers.

Lion Brand Ambassador and celebrity chef Ben Bartlett says: “Barbecue and smoky, slow cooking

56 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

flavours have never been more popular. These barbecue sauces are designed to provide caterers

with an easy way to capitalise on an evergrowing trend. “It isn’t always practical or cost-effective for caterers to cook ‘low and slow’, roasting meats for hours on end. These specialist BBQ sauces are also fantastic for bringing delicious, authentic slow cooking flavours to meat dishes in a fraction of the time.” Lion sauces are suitable for vegetarians, non-GM and soya-free. They are free from artificial colours, preservatives and sweeteners, and the vast majority of sauces and condiments are also gluten free.

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At Beacon Foods, we’re passionate about sourcing and preparing the most delicious foods that the culinary world has to offer. We take the best fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, beans and pulses and make amazingly tasty stuff with them. From our award winning chutneys, sauces, compotes, stuffings and zests, to our supertasty chargrilled and roasted vegetable mixes. We pride ourselves on offering responsibly sourced lovingly prepared food to compliment your menu.

Product Winner of BRITISH



Geeta’s Foods are manufacturers of Premium quality Chutneys, Pickles, Sauces, Spice Mixes and Pastes, supplying both retail and foodservice customers for over 20 years. Our products are great as sandwich fillings, for marinades, jacket potatoes and as side condiments.

Telephone: 01874 622577 For further information and FREE samples: Geeta’s Foods Ltd / Tel: 020 8450 2255 / email:

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Calming troubled waters for cold-water prawns The cold water prawn sector has been volatile over the last couple of years? Royal Greenland has taken some steps to ensure a calmer market for 2017 THE cold water prawn market has been through some ups and downs in the last couple of years with fluctuating prices and inconsistent availability. The increasing prices have reached their peak and have settled at a slightly lower level than last year, but volatility still roams when it comes to supply. As a major player in the market, Royal Greenland has taken some steps to ensure a calmer market for 2017. In the first quarters of 2016, the market had a pending atmosphere due to high prices and uncertainty regarding future supply and quotas. Consequently, the cautious mood and restraint among purchasers meant that prices saw a slight decrease and producers' stocks of small prawns began to build up – the larger sizes still in limited supply. This meant that over the course of the year some retailers started to include small prawns in their assortment as a substitute for the larger ones. Small prawns have traditionally been sold to industrial customers, but, as they were now sold increasingly in retail, there were no longer enough to cover the demand. In addition, the price of small prawns had risen to a level that meant that industrial producers of e.g. sandwiches and salads could no longer meet their price points and substituted with other proteins such as surimi, warm water prawns and seabob shrimp. Now, even though the over-all supply of cold water prawns is more stable, some industrial producers are still reluctant to return to cold water prawns due to assumed continued volatility of pricing. Changing sizes Throughout 2016, it became clear that the challenges in the market on size composition were not only caused by skews in demand for large/small

‘In order to keep the stock under sustainable management both producers and customers have to adapt to these biological changes, both in the way we fish for prawns, but also in the way they are processed, marketed and used in kitchens’ prawns, but also reflected that current catch composition. Although catches are generally up (in Greenland), the size composition was not completely as expected, as the sizes were slightly smaller than anticipated. The reason for the changes in size composition of the catch is still a riddle to fishermen and biologists alike. There

58 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

also seems to be other changes in the seasonality and general lifecycle of North Atlantic prawns. Category Manager for prawns at Royal Greenland Henrik Thune Cordsen states: "Traditionally, we have sold a lot of prawns with orange heads [due to roe] in China for the Chinese New Year, as they are a great delicacy there. “However, the catching season for orange-head prawns has now moved slightly and to some degree takes place after the New Year celebration. The shell-changing season has also moved a bit and we are abandoning traditional fishing areas and finding new ones further north." It is unknown whether the prawns are disappearing from the well-known fishing areas or just relocating and why. It is important to note that while the stocks seem to be moving, the biomass remains stable and strong. Biologists speculate that the changes can be caused by climate change and advancement of other species influencing the prawn stock, e.g. cod whose favourite prey is prawns. The fact is, that in order to keep the stock under sustainable management both producers and customers have to adapt to these biological changes, both in the way we fish for prawns, but also in the way they are processed, marketed and used in kitchens. As one of the largest producers of cold water prawns in the world, we, at Royal Greenland, acknowledge our responsibility for contributing to stabilizing the market both with regards to supply, sustainability and pricing. We seek to uphold this obligation through careful processing with respect for the raw material and allocating product to our regular customers at a price reflecting the level of quality. This way, a limited resource is utilized to the fullest.

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UK shoppers increase spending on sustainable seafood UK shoppers have increased their spending on sustainable seafood for the third year running, despite shop prices continuing to fall in the same period, according to a report released by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Shoppers’ spend on seafood carrying the MSC ecolabel exceeded half a billion pounds (£509.6m) in the year 2015/16, a 27% increase on the £403m spent in 2014/15. The figures revealed a 16% increase on the previous year and 30% more than two years’ prior. This increased spend on certified sustainable seafood comes alongside shop prices declining for the past three years. The figures, included in a recent MSC report “From sustainable fishers to seafood lovers”, also shows UK seafood shoppers are some of the most ethically-minded globally,

buying an eighth of the world’s MSC labelled products. With the number of MSC certified products in the UK now totalling 1,659, increased choice has had a huge impact on shopping habits. More brands and retailers are choosing to use the MSC label than ever before; Sainsbury’s leads the way, offering over 200 certified products, closely followed by Waitrose, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi and Birds Eye. The MSC label can be found on a wide range of products from fresh, frozen and tinned fish to pet food, fish oil health supplements and baby food as well as in restaurants, university and school canteens and over 75 fish and chip shops in the UK. Toby Middleton, UK Programme Director for MSC, says, “It’s no

surprise that the UK is continuing to spend more on MSC certified products. All our data shows that sustainability is of huge concern to seafood shoppers. In fact, many shoppers say they now value sustainable credentials above price and brand. We are delighted that more and more shoppers, restaurants, chip shops, brands and supermarkets are recognising this and using the MSC label. Together these businesses and their customers are helping to drive sustainable fishing.” In 2015-16, a further 38 fisheries achieved MSC certification globally. Today 10% of global wild-caught seafood by volume is certified against the MSC’s rigorous environmental standard for sustainable fishing, rising to more than 40% in the Northeast Atlantic and 83% in the Northeast Pacific.

Norwegian Fjord Trout THE Norwegian Fjord Trout has been a well-kept secret, but it’s now starting to make an impact in the UK. With a delicate flavour and exquisite texture, the Japanese have been enjoying Fjord Trout for years and UK chefs have developed a taste for it too, eager to place a new red

fish on their menus. Fjord Trout are fed a nutritious and balanced diet to help them grow slowly, producing excellent quality fish with a deep red-orange colour, which is also common to the species. Storing its fat mainly in the belly, Fjord Trout have a lean flesh which is full of protein, vitamins and

60 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

omega, making it the perfect choice for the health conscious. Fjord Trout is said to be versatile and it also can be cooked in minutes. It doesn’t need to be overwhelmed by ingredients – simply grilled to enhance its flavours, baked with citrus fruits and herbs, or marinated as ceviche.

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Urschel manufactures over 50 different hard-working models of cutting machinery. From strips to cubes, small dices to shreds, emulsions to smooth purees, you can rely on Urschel to deliver expert solutions for all of your cutting applications.

s i | Squid Strip | Diced Surim inced Shrimp M | on lm Sa Diced (left to right):


Contact Urschel for a no-charge test-cut of your product Urschel International Ltd. +44-116-263-4321 |

delivering targeted cutting solutions ® Urschel & The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology are registered trademarks of Urschel Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A.

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Tri-Star Packaging bought by Bunzl FAST-growing Bunzl has taken over TriStar Packaging Supplies, a major packaging supplier to the food to go industry, based near London and with three other branches in England and Scotland. While principally engaged in the distribution of food packaging and foodservice products, Tri-Star also supplies some cleaning & hygiene consumables. It supplies a variety of end user customers, including ‘food-to-go’ retailers, contract caterers and food processors, throughout the UK. Revenue in 2015 was £28 million. Bunz has also acquired another packaging company: Kingsbury Packaging, located in Limavady, Northern Ireland, which supplies food packaging related products to convenience stores and food retailers in Ireland. Revenue in 2015 was £5 million.

Huhtamaki launch the ‘Eatwell’ range Huhtamaki have launched the ‘Eatwell’ range of food and drink containers in an extensive range of sizes. It is available in plain white and the colourful ‘Enjoy’ design, suitable for hot and cold food, and available in a choice of sizes. The range is aimed at the current food to go trend of customisation or personalization, which allows consumers to build a meal with exactly the food they want and can be tailored for any daypart. For breakfast on-the-go, offer porridge with different toppings such as fruit, nuts or honey; at lunch time, rice or pasta can be customised with different vegetables, meat or tofu and a choice of sauce.

Growth through acquisitions is an important part of the ongoing strategy of Bunzl, says the company. With an active pipeline and ongoing discussions taking place, the Company expects to make further acquisitions over the coming months. Commenting on the acquisitions,

Frank van Zanten, Chief Executive of Bunzl, said: “The purchase of both TriStar and Kingsbury has further expanded our foodservice and food retail product offerings in the UK and Ireland and extended our customer base in these important market sectors.”

Planglow launch chic new range of colourful compostable cups PLANGLOW has launched a chic and colourful new range of fully compostable cups available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz’s sizes. The Botanical Collection features a dusky leaf design on three shades - lime, mango and berry - in every box, with a double walled construction. The Collection is made from entirely plantbased materials. This includes an EN13432 certified liner so, unlike PE lined products, the cups may be recycled along with food waste, making them a fully compostable solution. Marketing director Rachael Sawtell commented: “As highlighted by the BBC’s Hugh’s War on Waste, most coffee cups are unsuitable for recycling due to their plastic liners which are tricky to remove. At Planglow we offer an environmentally friendly alternative: free of oil based plastics, all of our bio cup solutions are - and always have been made from 100% plant based materials, so that even our laminates and lids will break down in a composting environment without leaving any harmful residues. “The simple fact is that most paper-based packaging becomes unsuitable for recycling the moment food or drink absorbs into the paper, contaminating the paper stock for future use. A plastic laminate or coating

62 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

protects the paper against oils and other substances, but it can be tricky, if not impossible, to remove. For this reason we recommend that food providers consider compostable products such as ours, which are also less dependent on the waste recycling services operated by their local authority. “To further support businesses looking to recycle their food and packaging waste we have just launched our Food to Field initiative which connects food providers with composting facilities, AD plants and other services in their area. This helps them to minimise otherwise landfill-bound waste and turn into materials that can be used to grow more crops.”

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Key Project Groups THE BSA’s new Chairman, Jonathan Scoffield has proposed that four project groups should be set up for the year ahead. After some discussion, the following were agreed: Brexit: This to be led by Jim Winship with the aim of producing a ‘manifesto’ to circulate to MPs and Government ministers, setting out the issues of concern to the industry arising from Brexit. These to be presented in a ‘positive’ way. Members were asked to discuss Brexit issues within their own businesses and send an outline of these to Jim Winship as soon as possible. Jim will then draw up a draft discussion document and circulate it to Committee members for their input. The aim should be to submit this to Government by the end of February/early March. As part of the Brexit Group’s initial remit, the creation of a Brexit Manifesto is the first step. Jim Winship has written to the Right Honourable David Davis MP, Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. Along with a sustained dialogue with the department’s officials, the BSA’s lobbying has already been effective and Jim will be meeting with the department shortly to discuss the implications for the wider UK food industry.

Waste: It was agreed that the group should focus on food waste in the coming year. The group will bring together the learning and information from member organisations and other industry bodies and publish articles and guidance for members through the website and Sandwich and Food to Go news. The remit will be more focussed to enable the group to become more influential and also to provide a clear scope for the creation of an Environment Group. Environment: Anthony Wilkinson to lead on this new group. It will look at the wider impact of our industry through packaging, manufacturing, distribution and more. With such a scientific remit, other members from outside the Committee will be invited to join the group. We’ll be bringing you more on this in the coming editions. Growth: This group will be led by Jonathan Scoffield with Anthony Wilkinson, Sally Gabbitas and Gethin Evans. This group will focus on targeting those consumers who currently bring sandwiches out of the home rather than buying them commercially and will develop a focused campaign which can be promoted as part of British Sandwich Week etc. Each Project Group to develop their

BSA AGM Conference HAVING been held in Birmingham for the past two years, the AGM and Conference will be returning to London for 2017. The Management Committee and BSA events Manager Pam Sainsbury had each received feedback that Birmingham is less easily accessible than London. With that brief, Pam and her team have been busily sourcing venues in London and we can disclose that the Grange Hotel, Holborn will host the 2017 event on the 18th October. The

Conference will cover the range of topics which the BSA’s Key Project Groups are focussed on and details of speakers and more will be available shortly. Does your organisation align to the Key Project Groups above? Would the Conference provide you with the platform to promote your brand or activities? If you’d like to be associated with this event, sponsorship opportunities are still available, contact

David Davis, Principal Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

Jim Winship, BSA Director

programme for presentation at the next Management Committee meeting in January.

Joint Technical Forum THE Joint Technical Forum continues to provide a focal point for technical information across the industry. The forthcoming meeting on the 8th of February will be under the title of Discussing shelf life validation and best practice. Speakers include Felicity Aylward, Technical manager, Meal Solutions, Sainsbury’s and Linda Everis, Microbiologist, Campden BRI. They’ll be presenting “Safety vs Quality: a retailer’s perspective” and “Establishing Shelf Life”

respectively and the meeting will also hear details of the new legislation on use-by dates which the BSA has successfully lobbied on. There’s more on that topic elsewhere in this issue. ADDITIONAL DATES FOR THE REST OF 2017: 6th April 2017 Location: Bradbury Cheese, Buxton, Derbyshire 8th June 2017 Location: Fresh Pak, Barnsley, Yorkshire 12th October 2017 Location: Bradgate Bakery, Ashton Green February 2017 63

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new trend: plant-based meat replacement sandwiches Pret is set to launch a new plant-based meat replacement range of sandwiches and sandwich manufacturers are also reported to be showing an interest in the new filling. Simon Ambrose looks at this new trend


t was already clear from rumours at the lunch! show last year that one of the big up and coming trends is going to be plant-based meat alternatives, and these were fully justified when Pret announced they plan to launch a new range early this year. A number of sandwich manufacturers are also said to be checking the options out for possible new meat replacement sandwich fillings. There’s no doubt that it’s a rapidly growing new market. While vegetarians and vegans provide part of the drive, there are increasing numbers of adults in the UK who are adopting a flexitarian or meat reducer lifestyle, plus those looking to eat more sustainably or more compassionately. It is estimated that somewhere in the region of 35% of the UK adult population is interested in consuming non-animal protein-based meals more than once per week. Despite this growing demand for plant-based alternatives many food service businesses offer very few options for those who are vegan, do not wish to consume meat, fish or dairy products or are tiring of being faced with falafal or hummus options. It’s becoming clear that while

prospective new customers are willing to experiment with substitutes, they also expect good quality and excellent taste properties. Caroline Cromer, Pret’s director of food, confirmed the company’s interest at her Working Lunch theatre presentation during the lunch! show, when she said they will be launching a meat replacement. She told a large audience: “We had previously discussed meat alternatives a lot, but we felt they weren’t right for the business because a lot of them used very processed ingredients or perhaps isolated proteins. “But we do have a project around a meat replacement underway - a meat replacement from a totally natural form - and we hope to launch that with the second Veggie Pret which opens in January. “It will probably be in the city but it’s not certain – we have to consider things like seasonality, so we will see how the next one goes. “In general, we are definitely seeing that people want to eat healthier food. For the past three to four years we have tried to take customers on that journey but people are moving at different rates across the UK. Health related products are doing well for us but they only do well for us if they taste good – any

64 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

More Than Meat

compromise in taste and it won’t work for us.” All around the world demand for plant based meat alternatives is said to be soaring. In the UK, according to Mintel, “the vegetarian diet is firmly on the map with 12% of UK adults following a vegetarian or vegan diet, rising to 20% of 16 to 24s”. Recent research also reveals that nearly half (48%) of Brits see meat-free products as environmentally friendly and 52% see them as healthy. And yet a quick look at the grab-and-go line up in any UK supermarket reveals almost no items aimed at this rising demographic beyond the ever-present hummus and “ploughman’s” sandwiches. Strangely enough, we seem to be lagging well behind the U.S in terms of supply, with few home-grown companies in place to tap into this burgeoning marketplace. So, who are likely to be the winners in this new and dynamic market in the UK sandwich sector. Firstly, U.S. company Tofurky, an exhibitor at the lunch! show last year.

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Introduced in America in 1995, the brand has risen to become the top plant-based protein range in US supermarkets and natural food stores. Most of Tofurky products are made with a combination of organic tofu, non-GM wheat proteins and bean flours. The taste and texture of Tofurky products is what creates distinction and loyal fans. Tofurky deli slices are now available in the UK at leading natural food stores including Whole Foods, Planet Organic as well as Holland and Barrett. They are also currently finalizing distribution of their foodservice line with foodservice wholesaler Leathams. Three of the company’s top selling deli slice flavours are available in vacuum sealed bulk packaging of ten, one pound packages per case. The range includes Oven Roasted, Hickory Smoked and Smoked Ham varieties. The savoury Tofurky deli slices yield approximately 40 slices per pound and a 100 gram serving contains 26 grams of high quality protein. “The UK has a rich history of pioneering plant-based diets”, says

company founder Seth Tibbott. “We are honoured and excited to see our retail range sell so well out of the gate. We think there is a huge opportunity in the grab-and-go sandwich market for our products. Free-from” meat alternatives are a £657 million per year jet stream in the UK showing doubledigit growth. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?” “After the lunch! show we posted a photo of the chiller cabinet full of the sandwiches made with our products we had on display on our social media outlets and within hours it drew the biggest Facebook response in company history. “The post now has over 8,000 likes and 470 shares, confirming to us the demand for plant-based proteins. “As a follow up to this, we brought 1,600 of the same sandwiches, wraps and salads that we had at the show to our stand at the London Vegfest show. There we sold these items for 3 GBPs and sold out the entire case. “We also surveyed 500 people, 250 online (mostly omnivores and meat reducers) and 250 people at the London Vegfest (more heavily skewed towards vegans and vegetarians) about how our Grab and Go options stack up to current offerings at Pret and elsewhere that do not contain plant-based proteins. “We’re still tablulating all of the results but I can tell you that the online poll listed the Tofurky Chick'n and Tempeh Bacon wrap as the #1 choice of consumers followed by the Roasted Vegetable Sandwich and the Tempeh, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.” Then there’s also plant-based food brand More Than Meat, which is launching two new products, a Chorizo Sausage and a joint of lamb, developed to help foodservice companies to easily

offer vegan menu options. Barry Honeycombe, company founder, says: “Our new foodservice products effectively fast track and empower chefs to quickly create their own unique range of plant-based/vegan offerings for their customers. “For example our Vegan Chorizo Sausage can be used cold in sandwiches and salads or hot in a variety of dishes including wraps, Panini or any recipe where that unmistakable smoky, piquant tomato flavour and mild chilli hit would enhance the dish. “Our vegan "lamb" can be used to create a huge variety of options including: shepherd's pie, moussaka, tagines, curries, kebabs or even a traditional roast lamb and gravy. The lamb is delivered along with the concentrated stock that can be used to enhance the flavour of the final dish. The team at More Than Meat are also available to provide support and ideas for dishes using these products. “Our goal is to make it easy for food service businesses to be able to provide delicious and healthy vegan dishes that reflect their personality and their business for their customers", said Honeycombe. “The products have already been hit with our customers driving more repeat business and ensuring that these businesses secure their share of the lucrative and growing vegan and plantbased market. “Based on the numbers of vegans in the UK, we estimate that average typical food service businesses that do not offer vegan alternatives are potentially losing between 2 to 5 meal orders per day, assuming a modest footfall of approximately 100 customers per day per outlet.” Tofurkey February 2017 65

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Colpac’s 80th anniversary year COLPAC has launched its most informative catalogue to date. Marking a significant milestone for the company, the 2017 catalogue also celebrates the company’s 80th anniversary. It highlights examples from its extensive range of products and services, including innovative new packaging designs, which have been created to meet the latest packaging trends, as well as a direct response to customer demand. Significantly, its latest product launches, will fuel the increasingly popular ‘food-to-go’ market and meet demand from food service operators looking for quick and efficient food packaging solutions, it says. “Of the 3,000 products we

produce annually, over 40% are customised solutions, so it is essential that our creative team keep

their finger on the pulse of the latest trends which are driving the packaging world today,” Neil Goldman,

Simply Waste to reprocess paper cups at UK carton recycling plant SIMPLY Waste Solutions, the UK’s fast-growing waste collection company, is to collect and supply used cups to the ACE UK recycling facility. ACE UK, which represents leading UK carton manufacturers, has established the UK’s only food and drink carton recycling plant, and pioneered the process to recycle cartons in the UK. It has assessed the capability of this technology to process paper drinking cups and, through its partnership with the plant operator Sonoco Alcore, will be able to recycle cups, alongside cartons, into new paper products. Simply Waste, the logistics arm of the Simply Cups paper cup recycling scheme, has been in discussions with ACE UK since 2014 to understand how to ensure cup material can meet all the plant’s infeed quality standards, by

eliminating contaminants before the used material reaches the facility. Simply Waste Solutions is the only current supplier of used cups to the plant and offers the Simply Cups scheme access to this reprocessor as one of a number of recycling options. James Capel, Simply Waste’s CEO and Founder, commented: “This arrangement is the culmination of an initial discussion with ACE UK over two years ago. The process has not been easy, and challenges have needed to be overcome, but with advice from ACE UK we have developed a formula where we can now supply consistently highquality, uncontaminated bulkloads of used paper cups for reprocessing; a standard that no other waste management company has yet achieved on a consistent basis.”

66 February 2016 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

Managing Director of Colpac, comments. It also reflects the strong green credentials across the company’s stock portfolio, from products made from compostable materials, which are EN13432 standard, to recyclable and biodegradable packaging. The ‘Eatwell’ range is well placed to help food operators capitalise on this and cater to lifestyle conscious consumers. The simplicity of grabbing a container of their choice (small or larger) and filling it with hot or cold food, putting on a lid to protect the contents from spillage is a bonus for food operators looking to present their food in a quality, bright and good looking container, says the company.

PFF launches new ‘Delifrecious’ range of food containers THE PFF Packaging Group has launched the new DeliFrecious range of high clarity food containers. Comprising five sizes of container - three (180g, 250g and 300g) with a 101mm diameter lid, and two (500g and 600g) with a 126mm diameter lid - the DeliFrecious range is made of crack resistant, fully recyclable crystal clear rPET for improved product visibility with single-sized plug fit lids for extra versatility and ease of use. The containers and lids are also oil resistant, making them suitable for pre-dressed foods. “The range of pot sizes helps operators maximise customer choice in terms of portion size while the plug fit lids ensure secure, leakresistant storage and transportation,” comments Steve Campbell, Head of Sales at the PFF Packaging Group. “They’re ideal for all types of cold food to go including salads, dips, deli items, noodle dishes and ready to eat fresh fruit.”

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The Café Society

Join us for the

Hosted By

Joint Technical Group Forum

The Priory, Long Street, Dursley Glos GL11 4HR

Agenda 1. Welcome and presentation from Futura Foods UK Ltd 2. Safety verses quality – a retailer’s perspective? - An insight in to how Sainsbury’s look at safety and quality in the FTG sector – Felicity Aylward, Category Technical Manager, Meal Solutions, Sainsburys 3. Establishing shelf life: Use of Predictive modelling - What are predictive models, what models are available and how can they be

used to help assign a shelf life – Linda Everis, Microbiologist, Campden BRi Group. 4. Lunch (will be provided) 5. New legislation on use by dates – presentation on the BSA’s work to change legislation regarding use by dates in relation to donation of sandwiches to charities – Gethin Evans, PR Manager, BSA

Date: Wednesday 8th February At 11.00am

It is intended that the meeting will finish at approximately 2.30pm

Attendance is FREE

for full manufacturing, supplier and retail members attending (one per company)

To book your place please email Telephone 01291 636341

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BSA MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 2017 The following are elected members of the Management Committee of the British Sandwich Association:


BSA Committee

ChAIrMAN Jonathan Scoffield, Greencore (producer) VICE-ChAIrMAN Millie Dean, The FoodFellas (Supplier) ThE COMMITTEE Andrew Hesketh, Greggs (Baker) Victoria Green, Waitrose (Retail) Tom Goulden, Marks & Spencer (Retail) Georg Buhrkohl/Berni Moir, Subway (Sandwich bar chain) Neil Wood, Woods (Independent Sandwich Bar) Sally Gabbitas, Tri-Star (Supplier)

Upholding quality standards in sandwich making and retailing Our aims As the voice of the British Sandwich industry, the primary aims of the British Sandwich

Sohel Patel, Halal Foods (Producer)

Association are:

James Cornish, Ginsters (Van Sales)

▲ To safeguard the integrity of the sandwich industry by setting

Peter Mayley, La Baguetterie (Independent Sandwich Bar)

▲ To encourage excellence and innovation in sandwich making.

Anita Kinsey, Pret a Manger (Sandwich bar chain)

▲ To promote the consumption of sandwiches.

Anthony Wilkinson, Tastees (Producer) SECrETArIAT Jim Winship – Director Gethin Evans – PR Manager Pam Sainsbury – Event Manager

minimum standards for sandwich making.

▲ To provide a source of information for the industry.

▲ To provide a collective voice for all those involved in the making, distribution and retailing of sandwiches and to represent the views of the industry.

72 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

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Street Eats is an innovative range of both hot and cold, hand held food to go, made by one of the UK’s fastest growing foodservice businesses, Tasties of Chester. We know students want great food at value prices. They want it all – be it innovative world flavours to great tasting British classics, hot food at breakfast or crisp sandwiches to snack on - and more and more they look for

Pauwels, a family owned company, have been producing delicious sauces since its early beginnings in 1909. We have an extensive recipe and packaging portfolio to suit the most demanding of applications. By producing the highest quality sauces at competitive prices and by delivering a first rate logistics service, Pauwels is the key sauces partner for Europe's most important companies. Our dedicated R&D departments develop high quality and innovative products from our production plants, and our commitment to quality is constantly demonstrated by

superfood salads and high protein products to keep them feeling good. They care about where their food comes from, about animal welfare and sustainability is a given. We have the range so you can offer all this….and more….. Street Eats was the first UK sandwich supplier to be awarded with Food for Life Catering Mark supplier status and this new range can

us achieving top grades with all major auditing bodies. To discover our fantastic range of Mayonnaises, Sauces and Dressings contact us on 0208 818 7617 or 1st Floor, Axiom House, High Street Feltham Middlesex TW13 4AU Sales Contact: Rees Smith Phone: 0208 818 7617 Fax: 0203 187 0071 E-Mail: Web:

help caterers towards achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation with the extensive use of British & high welfare meats and fish. Artisanal, Fresh, Handmade Hot & Cold Food to Go • From Best Selling Traditional Flavours … • BLT, Ham Salad, Farmhouse Cheddar Ploughman’s, Egg & Cress • To Innovative Attention Grabbing Products … • Protein Rolls, Flatbreads, Asian Noodle broths, Americana Toasties, Quinoa salads, Hot Breakfast Pots….something for all tastes • You can have all dayparts covered - Breakfast, Lunch, Snacking….. • Minimal branding – it’s about the food not about us!

Princes has been one of the nation’s favourite food and drink brands for generations. Our products are used to create delicious meals, snacks and refreshments by millions of people every day. We’re proud of the quality of our products and have developed a range of simple recipes for you to try and enjoy. If you have any feedback or ideas for new Princes products that you would like to see in

• Focus on the best and freshest ingredients • Significant British range and high welfare accredited meat and fish products • Customised marketing support to meet your specific needs • BRC Grade AA Accredited National Supplier with sites in Chester and London • SWAP now: Sustainability. Welfare. Accreditations. Provenance. Street Eats.

Street Eats Unit 366 Stockley Close West Drayton London UB7 9BL 01244 533888

your local supermarket, please get in touch. Royal Liver Building, Pier Head Liverpool L3 1NX Sales Contact: Brian Robbitt Phone: 0151 966 7000 Fax: 0151 966 7037 E-Mail: brian.robbitt@ Web:

To advertise call Paul Steer on 01291 636342 February 2017 73

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Classifieds RJL Delivery System Standing Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoicing Costings, Full Analysis and much more



For further information Call 01962 761313 or 07721 592865

Tel: 01603 721804 and Sandwich Slicer - DSS-250/1 • •


Vertical slicing machine to slice filled sandwiches into triangular portions.

With the standard machine up to 1200 sandwiches can be cut per hour. For higher hourly output the slicer is also deliverable with more than one cutting line.

Vertical Slicer VSM-180 effective • hygienic • robust • •

Vertical cutting machine with patented and reliable KR cutting system for a perfect cutting result. Cutting speed is adjustable from 4 metres per minute to 10 metres per minute




Tel: 01706 82 5596 / 07710 723901

70 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS


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No Risk Star t Up Excellent Profits The Healthy Alter native See it all on our website and video - www .d Tel: 0121 245 1945


International Sandwich manufacturers

Sigma BakerieS PO Box 56567 3308 Limassol, Cyprus Contact: Georgios Georgiou Tel: +357 25 878678 Fax: +357 25 346131 SuBway Chaston House, Mill Court, Hinton Way, Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire CB22 5LD Contact: Frederick De Luca Tel: 01223 550820

Tamarind FoodS SPrl Brixtonlaan 2c, Zaventem, Brussels 1930, Belgium Tel: +32 2 731 6977 Fax: +32 2 731 6978 Contact: Frederic Teichmann

Product listing Bakery inSerTS Sigma Bakeries Ltd Bread Sigma Bakeries Ltd FranchiSing Subway organic ProducTS Sigma Bakeries Ltd SandwicheS Tamarind Foods Sandwich FillingS (prepared) Sigma Bakeries Ltd SPecialiTy BreadS Sigma Bakeries Ltd

Reach thousands of potential customers from as little as £115 Paul Steer

01291 636342

email: February 2017 71

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BSA Product Index adviSory & conSulTancy ServiceS Accountancy KPMG Bespoke Software Datatherapy Ltd. Business Systems Datatherapy Ltd. E Commerce Datatherapy Ltd. Factory Grote Company FSC Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. Food Safety ALS Food & Pharmaceutical Food Industry Green Gourmet Nutrition and Allergens Nutritics Retail FSC The Cardinal Group Vestey Foods UK Bakery ProducTS Doughnuts Moy Park Ltd. Morning Goods New York Bakery Co. The FoodFellas Patisserie The FoodFellas Total Foodservice Ltd. Tortilla & Wraps Freshfayre Mission Foods Bread & rollS Fresh Jacksons Bakery Total Foodservice Ltd. Pita/Flat Bread Nina Bakery Speciality Jacksons Bakery Mission Foods New York Bakery Co. The FoodFellas Total Foodservice Ltd. Bread Making Ingredients Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Ltd. Harvey & Brockless Rank Hovis Total Foodservice Ltd. BuTTer & SPreadS Butter Freshfayre Kerrymaid Southover Food Company Ltd. The FoodFellas Spreads Freshfayre Fromageries Bel Harvey & Brockless Kerrymaid Spreads (olive) Freshfayre Leathams cheeSe & dairy ProducTS Cheese Bradburys Cheese Extons Foods Freshfayre Fromageries Bel Futura Foods UK Ltd. Harvey & Brockless Kerrymaid Leathams Norseland Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd. The FoodFellas Total Foodservice Ltd. Yoghurt Freshfayre Futura Foods UK Ltd.

Sour Cream Freshfayre The FoodFellas cleaning maTerialS Bunzl Catering Supplies Total Foodservice Ltd. chuTneyS & reliSheS Chutneys Beacon Foods Freshfayre Geeta’s Foods Ltd. Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd. The English Provender Co The FoodFellas The Ingredients Factory Total Foodservice Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. Relishes Beacon Foods Blenders Freshfayre Freshtime UK Ltd. Harvey & Brockless Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd The English Provender Co The FoodFellas The Ingredients Factory Total Foodservice Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. Pickles Freshfayre Geeta’s Foods Ltd. Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd The English Provender Co The FoodFellas The Ingredients Factory Total Foodservice Ltd. Salsa Beacon Foods Blenders Freshfayre Freshtime UK Ltd. The FoodFellas Zafron Foods Ltd. dreSSingS, SauceS and mayonnaiSe Dips Beacon Foods Blenders Freshfayre Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Freshtime UK Ltd. Fromageries Bel Orexis Fresh Foods Ltd. Pauwels UK The English Provender Co The FoodFellas The Ingredients Factory Zafron Foods Ltd. Dressings Blenders Fromageries Bel Pauwels UK Spreads Blenders Pauwels UK Mayonnaise Blenders Caterers Choice Freshfayre Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Harvey & Brockless Pauwels UK Piquant The English Provender Co Total Foodservice Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. Mustards Blenders Pauwels UK Southover Food Company Ltd. The English Provender Co The FoodFellas Total Foodservice Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd.

Sauces & Ketchups Beacon Foods Blenders Caterers Choice Freshfayre Freshtime UK Ltd. Orexis Fresh Foods Ltd. Pauwels UK Piquant Southover Food Company Ltd. The English Provender Co The FoodFellas The Ingredients Factory Total Foodservice Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. drinkS Juices Caterers Choice Freshfayre Leathams Princes Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd. Total Foodservice Ltd. eggS & egg ProducTS Eggs (hard boiled) Freshfayre Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Fridays Southover Food Company Ltd. Egg Products Freshfayre Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Fridays Futura Foods UK Ltd. Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. equiPmenT & vehicleS Buttering Machinery BFR Systems Deighton Manufacturing Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Combi-Ovens Bradshaw Group Conveyors BFR Systems Deighton Manufacturing Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Cutting & Slicing Equipment BFR Systems Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Depositing Machinery Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. Labelling Systems & Barcoding Planglow Ltd. Microwaves Bradshaw Group Mobile Catering Vehicles Jiffy Trucks Ltd. Sandwich Making Machinery BFR Systems Deighton Manufacturing Grote Company Millitec Food Systems Ltd. FiSh ProducTS Anchovies John West Foods Ltd Martin Mathew & Co Ltd. Crayfish Freshfayre Mackerel John West Foods Ltd Prawns Freshfayre Southover Food Company Ltd. The FoodFellas Vestey Foods UK Zafron Foods Ltd. Salmon Caterers Choice Freshfayre John West Foods Ltd Leathams Martin Matthew & Co Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd. The FoodFellas Vestey Foods UK

72 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

Sardines John West Foods Ltd Martin Matthew & Co Ltd. Seafood/Shellfish Products The FoodFellas Tuna Caterers Choice Freshfayre John West Foods Ltd. Martin Matthew & Co Ltd. Moy Park Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd. Vestey Foods UK Zafron Foods Ltd.

Ham Freshfayre Freshtime UK Ltd. Leathams Martin Mathew & Co Ltd. Smithfield Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd. Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd. Vestey Foods UK Lamb Freshfayre Sam Browne Foods The FoodFellas Vestey Foods UK


Marinated Meats Food Network

Canned Fruit Caterers Choice Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Total Foodservice Ltd.

Meatballs Snowbird foods Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd.

General Beacon Foods Southern Salads The Ingredients Factory Guacamole Leathams The FoodFellas Pineapple Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Freshcut Foods Ltd Martin Mathew & Co laBelS Bunzl Catering Supplies Planglow Ltd. Positive ID Labelling Systems Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. meaT ProducTS Bacon Dawn Farms UK Dew Valley Foods Freshfayre Freshtime UK Ltd. Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Smithfield Foods Ltd. Vestey Foods UK Worldwide Cuisine Ltd. Beef Freshfayre Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Sam Browne Foods Southover Food Company Ltd. Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd. The FoodFellas Vestey Foods UK Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd Canned Meat Freshfayre Moy Park Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Smithfield Foods Ltd. Total Foodservice Ltd. Chicken 2 Sisters Food Group Cargill Meats Europe Dawn Farms UK Freshfayre Freshtime UK Ltd. Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Sam Browne Foods Smithfield Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd. Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd. The FoodFellas Vestey Foods UK Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd Continental Freshfayre Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd. Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd. Duck 2 Sisters Food Group Freshfayre Sam Browne Foods Vestey Foods UK

Pork Dawn Farms UK Freshfayre Freshtime UK Ltd. Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Sam Browne Foods Smithfield Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd. The FoodFellas Vestey Foods UK Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd Sausages Freshfayre Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Snowbird foods Smithfield Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd. Zwanenberg Food UK Ltd Turkey 2 Sisters Food Group Freshfayre Kookaburra Leathams Moy Park Ltd. Sam Browne Foods Smithfield Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd. Vestey Foods UK oilS Freshfayre Martin Mathew & Co Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Total Foodservice Ltd. organic ProducTS Beacon Foods Fridays Leathams Pauwels UK Southover Food Company Ltd. The English Provender Co Ltd. Packaging Cardboard Colpac Ltd. Coveris Flexibles (St Neots) UK Ltd. RAP Ltd. Disposable Bunzl Catering Supplies Colpac Ltd. Coveris Flexibles (St Neots) UK Ltd. RAP Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. Food wraps RAP Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. Plastic Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd. Sandwich Packs Colpac Ltd. Coveris Flexibles (St Neots) UK Ltd. RAP Ltd. Tri-Star Packaging Supplies Ltd.

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BSA Manufacturers & Distributors PaSTa Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshcut Foods Ltd Freshfayre Freshtime UK Ltd. Leathams Martin Mathew & Co Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Southover Food Company Ltd Sandwich FillingS (ready PrePared) Fresh Fillings 2 Sisters Food Group Beacon Foods Freshfayre Freshcut Foods Ltd Fresh-Pak Chilled Foods Fridays Harvey & Brockless Southover Food Company Ltd. Zafron Foods Ltd. Frozen Fillings 2 Sisters Food Group Beacon Foods SouPS Freshfayre Leathams Southover Food Company Ltd vegeTaBleS & herBS Canned Vegetables Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre The FoodFellas Princes Foods Ltd. Total Foodservice Ltd. Chargrilled Vegetables Beacon Foods Freshcut Foods Ltd. Leathams Moy Park Ltd. The FoodFellas Herbs & Spices Beacon Foods Total Foodservice Ltd. Jalapenos Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre The FoodFellas Salad Fresh Florette UK & Ireland Freshcut Foods Ltd. Freshfayre MyFresh Southern Salads Ltd. Salad (prepared) Florette UK & Ireland Freshcut Foods Ltd MyFresh Southover Food Company Ltd Southern Salads Ltd. Sundried Tomatoes Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Ltd. Freshfayre Leathams Plc Martin Matthew & Co Ltd. Sweetcorn Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Freshfayre Martin Mathew & Co Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Tomatoes Beacon Foods Caterers Choice Freshfayre Martin Mathew & Co Ltd. Princes Foods Ltd. Southern Salads Ltd.

2 SiSTerS Food grouP Manton Wood, Enterprise Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 2RS Contact: Renee Skukowski Tel: 01909 511800

greencore Food To go lTd – manTon wood Manton Wood, Enterprise Zone, Retford Road, Manton, Worksop, Notts, S80 2RS Contact: Sales Tel: 01909 512600 Fax: 01909 512708

adelie FoodS grouP lTd 2 The Square, Southall Lane, Heathrow UB2 5NH Contact: David Guy Tel: 020 85711967

greencore Food To go lTd – Bromley By Bow Prologis Park, Twelvetrees Crescent, London E3 3JG Tel: 0207 536 8000 Fax: 0207 536 0790 Contact: Richard Esau

anchor caTering limiTed Kent Office: Units 2, 21 & 22, Wotton Trading Estate Wotton Road Ashford, TN23 6LL Contact: Stephen Drew Tel: 01233 665533 Fax: 01233 665588 Mobile: 07780 668145 BradgaTe Bakery Beaumont Leys, Leicester, LE4 1WX Contact: Clare Keers Tel: 0116 2361100 Fax: 0116 2361101

cheF in a Box 762A/763A Henley Road, Slough SL1 4JW Contact: Tom Price Tel: 01753 523 636 Fax: 01753 573 125 greencore Food To go lTd Park royal Willen Field Rd, Park Royal, London NW10 7AQ Contact: Clare Rees Tel: 0208 956 6000 Fax: 0208 956 6060

greencore Food To go lTd. – aTherSTone Unit 7, Carlyon Road Industrial Estate, Atherstone Warwickshire CV9 1LQ Contact: Alex McLaren Tel: 01827 719 100 Fax: 01827 719 101

halal kiTchen Units 1, 2 & 8 Sunnyside Business Park, Off Adelaide Street, Bolton BL3 3NY Contact: Sohel Patel Tel: 01204 855967

imPreSS SandwicheS Units 4-5a, Horton Road Industrial Estate, Horton Road, West Drayton Middlesex, UB7 8JL Tel: 01895 440123 Fax: 01895 441123

love BiTeS lTd. Granary Court, Eccleshill, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD2 2EF Contact: Richard Smith Tel: 01274 627000 Fax: 01274 627627 melTon FoodS 3 Samworth Way, Leicester Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 1GA Contact: Michelle Sanders Tel: 01664 484400 Fax: 01664 484401

on a roll Sandwich comPany The Pantry, Barton Road, Middlesbrough TS2 1RY Contact: James Stoddart Tel: 01642 707090 Fax: 01642 243858

STreeT eaTS Unit 366 Stockley Close, West Drayton, London UB7 9BL Contact: Nicky Gill Tel: 01244 533888 TaSTieS oF cheSTer lTd (STreeT eaTS) Prince William Avenue, Sandycroft, Flintshire, CH5 2QZ Contact: Anthony Wilkinson Tel: 01244 533 888 Fax: 01244 533 404 The Brunch Box Sandwich comPany Unit H2, Dundonald, Enterprise Park, Carrowreagh Road, Dundonald, Belfast BT6 1QT Contact: John Weatherup Tel: 028 90 486888 Fax: 028 90 485486

raynor FoodS Farrow Road, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3TH Contact: Heather Raynor Tel: 01245 353249 Fax: 01245 347889

The Soho Sandwich comPany Unit 417 Union Walk, Hackney, London E2 8HP Contact: Daniel Silverston Tel: 0203 058 1245 Fax: 0207 739 1166

Sanday’S BakerieS Bv Portsmuiden 2, 1046 AJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Contact: Wessel Wessels Tel: +31 20 5062000 Fax: +31 20 5062002

ginSTerS 81 Tavistock Rd, Callington, Cornwall PL17 7XG Contact: Jo Hartop Tel: 01579 386 200

Sandwichman lTd. 54 King Street, Wallasey, Merseyside CH44 8AU Contact: Jeffrey Gilmore Tel: 0151 6394575

accrediTed diSTriBuTorS

green gourmeT lTd. The Moorings, Bonds Mill, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire GL10 3RF Contact: Rob Freeman Tel: 01453 797925 Fax: 01453 827216

The British Sandwich Quality Promise The sandwich manufacturers and distributors listed above support The British Sandwich Association Code of Practice as The Minimum Standard for Sandwich Making and are subject to regular independent audits. Copies of BSA Audits are available, on request,to buyers (subject to agreement of manufacturers) by calling us on 01291 636338 February 2017 73

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BSA Suppliers Index 2 SiSTerS Food grouP Leechmere Industrial Estate, Toll Bar Road, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear SR2 9TE Contact: Bill Anderson Tel: 0191 521 3323 Fax: 0191 521 0652

alS Food & PharmaceuTical Sands Mill, Huddersfield Road Mirfield, West Yorkshire WF14 9DQ Contact: Nigel Richards Tel: 01354 697028 Fax: 01924 499731

Beacon FoodS Unit 3-4, Beacon Enterprise Park, Warren Road, Brecon LD3 8BT Contact: Lynne Skyrme Tel: 01874 622577 Fax: 01874 622123 BFr SySTemS 1 rue du Jariel, ZAC Les Longs, Silons 77120 Coulommiers, France Contact: Simon O’Connor Tel: +33 (0)1 64 65 11 71 Tel: 07764 564421 Fax: +33 (0)1 64 65 11 72 BlenderS Newmarket, Dublin 8, Ireland Contact: Julie Delany Tel: 00 353 14536960 Fax: 00 353 14537607

BradBuryS cheeSe Staden Business Park, Staden Lane, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 9RZ Contact: Chris Chisnall Tel: 01298 23180 Fax: 01298 27302 Chris.Chisnall@bradburyscheese.c

BradShaw grouP Bradshaw Building, 173 Kenn Road, Clevedon, Bristol BS21 6LH Contact: John Marks Tel: 01275 343000

Bunzl caTering SuPPlieS Epsom Chase, 1 Hook Road, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8TY Contact: Karen Williams Tel: 07767 290680 cargill meaTS euroPe Orchard Block, Grandstand Road, Hereford HR4 9PB Contact: Stuart Bowkett Tel: 01432 362423 Fax: 01432 362482

caTererS choice lTd Parkdale House, 1 Longbow Close, Pennine Business Park Bradley, Huddersfield HD2 1GQ Contact: Sarah Booth Tel 01484 532666 Fax 01484 532700

colPac lTd Enterprise Way, Maulden Road, Flitwick, Bedfordshire MK45 5BW Contact: Sales Department Tel: +44 (0) 1525 712261 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 718205

coveriS FlexiBleS uk lTd. 7 Howard Road, Eaton Socon, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 8ET Contact: Sales Department Tel: 01480 476161 Fax: 01480 471989 daTaTheraPy lTd. One Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG Contact: Yousaf Shah Tel: 0207 77000044

dawn FarmS uk Lodge Way, Lodge Farm Ind. Est, Northampton NN5 7US Contact: Julie Sloan Tel: 01604 583421 Fax: 01604 587392 Accreditation body: BSA

deighTon manuFacTuring (uk) lTd Gibson Street, Leeds Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD3 9TR Contact: Andy Hamilton Tel: 01274 668771 Fax: 01274 665214 dew valley FoodS Holycross Road, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland Contact: Christina Murphy Tel: 00353 504 46110 Fax: 00353 504 23405 engliSh Provender co. lTd Buckner Croke Way, New Greenham Park, Thatcham, Berks, RG19 6HA, Contact: David Barker Tel: 01635 528800 Fax: 01635 528855 BRC Grade A e.on uk Plc Callflex Business Park, Golden Smithies Lane, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S63 7ER Contact: Sales Tel: BSA – 0330 400 1146 Café – 0330 400 1148

exTonS FoodS 5/6 Caldey Road, Roundthorne Industrial Estate, Manchester M23 9GE Contact: Rachael Exton Tel: 0161 998 5734 Fax: 0161 902 9238\

FloreTTe uk & ireland Florette House, Wood End Lane, Fradley Park, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 8NF Contact: Tracy Southwell Tel: 01543 250050 Fax: 01543 410000

FreShcuT FoodS lTd 14-16 Lilac Grove, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1PA Contact: Sales Tel: 01159 227 222 Fax: 01159 227 255

74 February 2017 SANDWICH & FOOD TO GO NEWS

FreShFayre Unit 10, Severn Way, Hunslet Industrial Estate, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 1BY Contact: Caroline Bartrop Tel: 0113 277 3001 FreSh-Pak chilled FoodS 1 Waterside Park, Valley Way, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 0BB Contact: Mike Roberts Tel: 01226 344850 Fax: 01226 344880 FreShTime uk lTd. Marsh Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 7RJ Contact: Bryan Nelson Tel: 01205 312010 Fax: 01205 357838 FridayS Chequer Tree Farm, Benenden Rd, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3PN Contact: Pat Dunne Tel: 01580 710200 Fax: 01580 713512 Accreditation body: BSA FromagerieS Bel 2 Allee de Longchamp, Suresnes, 92150, France Contact: Bruno Camozzi Tel: +33 (0) 1 84 02 30 99

FSc Cheddar Business Park, Wedmore Road, Cheddar, Somerset BS27 3EB Contact: James Simpson Tel: 01934 745600 Fax: 01934 745631

FuTura FoodS uk lTd. The Priory, Long Street, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 4HR Contact: Jo Carter Tel: 01666 890500 Fax: 01666 890522

geeTa’S FoodS lTd. Unit 1, 1000 North Circular Road, London NW2 7JP Contact: Nitesh Shah Tel: 020 8450 2255 Fax: 020 8450 2282

groTe comPany Wrexham Technology Park, Wrexham LL13 7YP Contact: Paul Jones Tel: 01978 362243 Fax: 01978 362255

harvey & BrockleSS 44-54 Stewarts Road London SW8 4DF Contact: Tina Alemao Tel: 0207 8196045 Fax: 0207 8196027 Accreditation body: BSA

JackSonS Bakery 40 Derringham Street, Kingston upon Hull HU3 1EW Contact: Trevor Maplethorpe Tel: 01482 301113 Fax: 01482 588237 JiFFy TruckS lTd 26 Jubilee Way, Shipley West Yorkshire BD18 1QG Tel: 01274 596000 Contact: Stephen Downes

John weST FoodS lTd No. 1 Mann Island, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 1BP Contact: Paul Kent Tel: 0151 243 6200 Fax: 0151 236 7502

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BSA Suppliers Index kerrymaid Thorpe Lea Manor, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, Surrey TW20 8HY Contact: Aonghus O’Drisceoil Tel: 07771 678897 kPmg Small BuSineSS accounTing 15 Canada Place, London E14 5GL Contact: Sales Team Tel: 0808 231 7921

leaThamS lTd 227-255 Ilderton Road, London, SE15 1NS Contact: Des Hillier Tel: 0207 635 4000 Fax: 0207 635 4017

marTin maThew & co. lTd 50A St Andrews Street, Hertford SG14 1JA Contact : Matthew Donnelly Tel: 01992 641641 Fax: 01992 210177/210178 milliTec Food SySTemS lTd. Woodhill Industrial Park, Nottingham Lane, Old Dalby, Leicester LE14 3LX Contact: Richard Ledger Tel: 01664 820032

miSSion FoodS euroPe lTd Heathrow Boulevard 4, 282 Bath Road, Sipson, West Drayton UB7 0DQ Contact: Natasha Bailey Tel: 0208 754 0115 Fax: 02476 676560

myFreSh PrePared Produce lTd. Unit 5 Walthew House Lane, Martland Park Industrial Estate, Wigan WN5 0LB Contact: Emma Hesketh Tel: 01942 219942 new york Bakery co. 4 Heathrow Boulevard, Bath Road, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 0DQ Contact: Sandie Belton Tel: 07507 063090

PoSiTive id laBelling SySTemS lTd. Castle Lane, Melbourne, Derbyshire DE73 8JB Contact: John Mayers Tel: 01332 864895 Fax: 01332 864315 PrinceS FoodS lTd. Royal Liver Building, Pier Head, Liverpool L3 1NX Contact: Brian Robbitt Tel: 0151 966 7000 Fax: 0151 966 7037

nina Bakery 114 Halutssi Hatasia, Haifa, 2620113, Israel Contact: Michal Neeman Tel: +972 544 578648

rank hoviS The Lord Rank Centre, Lincoln Road, High Wycombe HP12 3QS Contact: Mark Ellis Tel: 0870 728 1111

norSeland lTd. Somerton Road, Ilchester, Somerset BA22 8JL Contact: Oliver Scott-Harden Tel: 01935 842800 Fax: 01935 842801

raP lTd. Mansel Court, 2A Mansel Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4AA Contact: Martin Beaver Tel: 0208 069 0700

orexiS FreSh FoodS lTd. Unit 54B Minerva Road, Park Royal, London NW10 6HJ Contact: Romi Stavrou Tel: 0208 9652223

Sam Browne FoodS Kelleythorpe, Ind.Estate, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 9DJ. Contact: Joanna Frost Tel: 01377 249000 Fax: 01377 241271

PauwelS uk 1st Floor, Axiom House, High Street, Feltham, Middlesex TW13 4AU Contact: Rees Smith Tel: 0208 818 7617 Fax: 0203 187 0071 PiquanT lTd Willenhall Lane, Bloxwich, Walsall, W.Midlands WS3 2XN Contact: Julie Smith Tel: 01922 711116 Fax: 01922 473240 Accreditation body: BSA

SmiThField FoodS lTd. Norfolk Tower, 48-52 Surrey Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3PA Contact: Gary McFarlane Tel: 01603 252437 Fax: 01603 252401

SouThern SaladS limiTed Units 1 & 2 Cannon Bridge Cannon Lane, Tonbridge, Kent TN1 9RP Contact: Mr Ray Boakes Tel: 01732 362444 Fax: 01732 361919

SouThover Food comPany limiTed Unit 4, Grange Industrial Estate, Albion Street, Southwick,Brighton BN42 4EN Contact: Robert Partridge Tel: 01273 596830 Fax: 01273 596 839 STePhen’S FreSh FoodS lTd. Stephen’s Fresh Foods Ltd, Units 20-21 Revenge Road, Lordswood Industrial Estate, Chatham, Kent ME5 8UD Contact: Glen Ochman Tel: 01634 684148 Fax: 01634 684673 The FoodFellaS Lakeside House, 1 Furzeground Way,Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB11 1BD Contact: Millie Deane Tel: 0208 622 3064 Fax: 0845 2801166 The ingredienTS FacTory Unit 2-3 Hamilton Road Ind Estate,160 Hamilton Road, London SE27 9SF Tel: 0208 670 6701 Fax: 0208 670 9676 Contact: Tim Marcuson

Tri-STar Packaging SuPPlieS lTd Tri-Star House, Unit 4, The Arena,, Mollison Avenue, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 7NL Contact: Kevin Curran Tel: 0208 4439100 Fax: 0208 4439101

veSTey FoodS uk 29 Ullswater Crescent, Coulson, Surrey CR5 2HR Contact: Les Roberts Tel: 0208 668 9344 Fax: 0208 660 4640 zaFron FoodS lTd. Unit B-G Eagle Trading Estate, Willow Lane, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4UY Contact: Jack Kenny Tel: 0844 847 5116 Fax: 0844 847 5117

zwanenBerg Food uk lTd (Puredrive Fine Foods/ Taste Original) 36A Causeway Road, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 4DU Contact: Martin Burdekin Tel: 01536 463000 Fax: 01536 463085

linked aSSociaTion local auThoriTy caTering aSSociaTionS LACA Administration Bourne House, Horsell Park,Woking, Surrey GU21 4LY Tel: 01483766777 Fax: 01483751991

conSulTanT moy Park lTd. 39 Seagoe Industrial Estate, Craigavon, County Armagh BT63 5QE Contact: Mark Ainsbury Tel: +44 (0) 28 3835 2233


Planglow lTd King’s House, Bond Street, Bristol BS1 3AE Contact: Rachael Sawtell Tel: 0117 317 8600 Fax: 0117 317 8639

SnowBird FoodS Wharf Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex EN3 4TD Contact: Roy Anderson Tel: 0208 805 9222 Fax: 0208 804 9303

ToTal FoodService SoluTionS lTd. Ribble Valley Enterprise Park, North Road, Barrow, Clitheroe BB7 9QZ Tel: 01254 828 330 Fax: 01254 823996

These suppliers are members of The British Sandwich Association and subject to its rules, codes of conduct and accreditation. While the Association cannot guarantee the products supplied by those listed, it does make every effort to ensure that the companies are reputable and offer quality products and services.

inTernaTional maSTer cheF & auThor Tom Bridge 21 Blackhorse Avenue, Blackrod Village, Bolton BL6 5HE Tel: 01204 695450 or 07889 111256

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