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Introduction W

elcome to Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City for what we expect to be one the UK’s best firework displays in 2018. We’re delighted to host the British Firework Championships which is now in its 22nd year and to welcome six of Britain’s most talented pyrotechnic companies who will be competing to be crowned British Firework Champion 2018. We’re hugely proud to be involved in such a huge event which attracts thousands of visitors to Plymouth from all over the country to explore and enjoy our wonderful city. As anyone who’s ever stood on Plymouth Hoe gazing at the spectacular displays will know, Plymouth’s stunning and historic waterfront provides the perfect backdrop for this exciting and glittering two day showdown. And with music from Heart Radio and plenty of food and fairground rides, this much-loved event provides great entertainment - and it really is the must-see family event of the Summer. As always we would like to thank The Event Services Association (TESA) for their continued partnership. We wish you a warm welcome to our brilliant Ocean City and a truly memorable competition. Councillor Sam Davey Lord Mayor of Plymouth



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Fireworks THE MAGAZINE READ BY FIREWORK ENTHUSIASTS FOR OVER 36 YEARS Printed & electronic versions * Practical information *History *Colour pictures of old fireworks

- buy with credit card at Fireworks PO Box 40, Bexhill, TN40 1GX


About the British Firework Championships W

elcome to the 22nd Annual British Firework Championships here in the great city of Plymouth. The Championships have been run here every year since they started in 1997 and give a fantastic display with six of the finest pyrotechnic display teams giving us a spectacular show. This year is set to be another classic with Fuse Fireworks, Fully Fused Fireworks, The UK Firework Company, Smart Pyrotechnics, Illusion Fireworks and Phoenix Fireworks all vying to be crowned British Firework Champions 2018. If the weather is good, we’ll be joined by some 100,000 people across the two nights with more watching highlights on TV. In the firework industry, the British

@BritishFirework Firework Championships are now firmly established as the leading national competition where companies can demonstrate their skills and showcase all the latest fireworks available. In the south west, the event is now a firm favorite in the summer and is the largest free to enter public event. Huge thanks to all the event sponsors who’ve given their support. The event, which is organised every year by The Event Services Association, the trade body for the events industry in the UK, is run in partnership with Plymouth City Council. All you have to do is enjoy the funfair, food and find yourself a spot anywhere on the Hoe or along the coast road to marvel at the six incredible displays.

Stay safe and have a great time!


Park for ÂŁ2 after 4pm until midnight

Linger longer! 50% off evening parking on the 8th and 9th August.*

*This applies to late night parking from 4pm – midnight, vehicles that leave after midnight will be charged the overnight rate.

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What is TESA?

The British Firework Championships is owned by The Event Services Association (TESA) and has been run, in partnership with Plymouth City Council, since 1997. TESA was launched in May 1990 and represents organisers, promoters and suppliers involved in the event industry throughout the UK. The Association was originally established to promote good practice in the industry as well as to provide a focal point for information. However, it also recognises the need to support its members by promoting their businesses and interests.


The British Firework Championships 2018

TESA has strong links with other trade bodies in the event industry with whom it works from time-to-time. This has most recently been evident in the online publication of The Purple Guide which is regarded as the Bible for every aspect of event organising. For more information go to For more information about TESA please contact Kevin Minton on 01291 636335 or email

How is it going to work? This is the 22nd running of the British Firework Championships here in Plymouth. This has been seen by millions of people over the years and we’re anticipating over a hundred thousand people to watch it live each night this year and many more watching all the TV broadcasts.


tarting at 9:30pm (as soon as it is dark enough) there will be three 10 minute displays fired from the Mountbatten breakwater. Each display will use up to 550kg Net Explosive Mass (NEM) of fireworks. That’s over three tonnes of pure explosions – plus all the rigging, stands, wiring and safety gear – we’re talking tonnes of kit! Because we’re firing from the breakwater, you can take a stroll, enjoy the funfair, all the catering on offer before finding a spot anywhere on the Hoe and coast road to enjoy a great view of the displays. In addition, you can join in with the excitement on social media. Tweet us @BritishFirework and send us your pictures. Where are you watching from? Who are you with? Tweet us and we’ll give you a shout out and we might even post your pictures on the official website

The Judging The Championships are judged by a panel of expert, and local judges, under the guidance of the competition adjudicator CarnDu Ltd. and organisers The Event Services Association. The local judges are asked to judge the displays on four different aspects and these are the questions they will be asking themselves: 1.

The variety of fireworks and sequences used: Was there enough variety in the different effects and did the way they worked together impress you?

2. Rhythm of the Display: Did the flow of the display work to hold your attention and did it run smoothly?

3. Use of Colour: Was the use of colour in the display effective in grabbing your attention and adding to the quality level of the show? 4. Overall Impression: What was your overall impression of the Wow factor of the show in its entirety? In the meantime, the expert panel will be asked to judge the technical aspects of each display based on four key aspects: 1.

The quality of the show design and performance

2. Compliance with firing brief 3. Symmetry, patterns and timing of the display 4. Overall Artistic Impression of the display

There will be a winner on each night and an overall winner The British Firework Championships 2018


Geek Speak Stars Mortar The cylinder chamber made of plastic, cardboard or metal used to fire shells into the air. It is like a short pipe which contains the shell.


(Net Explosive Mass) The weight of the actual material that explodes to either propel the firework into the air or to give the bang or to give the visual display. Mortar tubes, the rigging and everything else is separate.

Bursting Charge Inside the middle of the shell. The charge both ignites the outsides of the stars, which burn with showers of sparks and bursts the shell to produce a spectacular spread.

Firing The official word for the start of a display. We do not “let one off� - that has rather stinky connotations!


The British Firework Championships 2018

The pyrotechnic compounds that creates the colours and effects. They are spheres, cubes or cylinders about the size of a pea to a tennis ball.


Allows a time delay for the explosion.


A hollow sphere made of pasted paper and string. The shell is made in two halves and packed with a bursting charge and stars before being assembled with a lifting charge (to send it skywards) of gunpowder and a fuse.

Two chances to win

£500 worth of Fireworks This is the 22nd year of the British Firework Championships and to mark this great occasion we have organised a Championship draw with two superb prizes of £500 worth of fireworks to be won. The prizes have been kindly donated by Epic and Ghengis Fireworks. The first winner will receive £500 worth of fireworks from Epic and the second winner £500 worth of fireworks from Ghengis. About Epic Fireworks Epic Fireworks is the UK’s largest online fireworks supplier and they will be providing the winner with their prize. You can find out more about Epic Fireworks on their web site at

About Ghengis Ghengis has years upon years of experience in the business and are one the UK’s most significant, reliable and trusted firework retailers based in Chatham, Kent, UK. Visit them at How to Enter All you have to do to take part is visit and answer three simple questions. All correct entries will go into a draw and the two winners will be picked on 16th August 2018.


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sales@ямБ 0800 955 3494


Fireworks through the ages Reproduced by kind permission of John Bennet, editor of Fireworks Magazine. No British schoolboy needs reminding of the story of Guy Fawkes,

The Gunpowder Plot conspirator whose name has been linked in the public imagination over the centuries with the attempt to overthrow the government of James I. In fact Fawkes, a soldier born in York, was not the leader of the Plot but was discovered in the vaults before the opening of Parliament. Somehow Robert Catesby’s Night does not have the same ring about it! However, a fire celebration at the time of year at which Guy Fawkes’ Night is celebrated pre-dates Fawkes by at least 2000 years! The inhabitants of these islands celebrated at a festival called Samhain - at which bonfires were lit. It is believed that these were designed to ward off evil spirits as the dark days of Winter approached in days when there was no artificial light to alleviate the gloomy, short days. Why Guy Fawkes (or the Gunpowder Plot conspirators) became associated with the annual firework celebration is easy to establish. Firstly the government wished the populace to be constantly reminded about a Roman Catholic plot which had threatened (or promised if you were a Roman Catholic!) to introduce Catholicism as the main - perhaps only - Christian creed in this country. This would have been why a contemporary declaration decreed that the Fifth Of November should be an annual public holiday in this country. Sadly this decree is no longer observed! The date, the Fifth of November, was also significant for religious reasons in that it was on this day that the protestant


The British Firework Championships 2018

William of Orange (who was to become William III) landed in Britain to replace the Roman Catholic King, James II. But, perhaps even more significantly, the Plot held all the necessary constituents of a fiery celebration. There was gunpowder involved - even if it was never lit and never, as it undoubtedly would have done, destroyed the Palace of Westminster which pre-dated our current Houses of Parliament. It also involved the burning of an effigy - a relatively common occurrence at the time. Poor Guy Fawkes was

not burned - but hanged, drawn and quartered - a barbaric fate reserved for traitors at the time. Although Guy Fawkes is burnt in effigy on thousands of bonfires in Britain, St Peter’s School in York is an exception, for the understandable reason that Guy (or Guido as he was sometimes known) was a pupil of that school. Indeed, it was only in recent years that the school celebrated the event at all. The word ‘guy’ may not even refer to Guy Fawkes, with some associating the effigy with guisers (people, like mummers, who dress up to stage ancient dances and performances) and others attributing the name to a word, meaning log, which had associations with a Druid festival. Fireworks were associated with Guy Fawkes’ Night from soon after the Plot - as we know from the Diary of Samuel Pepys. But then they were used to mark

any form of celebration. The back garden fireworks of the time - squibs, serpents, crackers often made in unsuitable surroundings of the fireworkers’ homes in busy crowded streets - are described by Pepys, and many of the fireworks familiar to us - like rockets and fountains - were known to him as well. Sadly, not everyone was as detailed as Pepys in the records they kept and - like other aspects of the lives of ‘ordinary’ people - firework use by the populace before Guy Fawkes went largely unrecorded. We do know however that 1487 saw the use of fireworks at the coronation of Elizabeth of York (bride of Henry VII) - where a dragon spouted fire into The Thames. That sad, Queen Anne Boleyn, also witnessed fireworks at her coronation where ‘wild men casting fire and making a hideous noise’ were part of the celebration. Anne’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, created the position of Firemaster - so enamoured was she of fireworks. A firework display was planned to celebrate the first ever ‘Fifth of November’ - but it never took place. Display audiences of the early nineteenth century and before would not have even been able to witness colour in fireworks. Many tricks were tried to suggest that the displays had colour - like coloured glass screens in front of non-coloured fireworks - and the use of pitch, oil and resin rather than gunpowder. Today metallic salts provide colours (strontium red, copper blue, barium green and sodium yellow). Another way in which earlier display audiences were kept amused without colour was by the use of ‘machines’. Machines were backdrops for the fireworks, often designed by leading architects of the day.

The British Firework Championships 2018


Some of these were made of fabric and wood, but others (one in Versailles was made of red marble) were permanent structures and stood long after the fireworks had been lit. The machine would often be in the form of a temple or an important building and they would hide the rudimentary fusing used to communicate the fire from one firework to another - and indeed the fireworks themselves which did not have pretty wrappers as they do today. Another compensation for colour was size and quantity. Huge rockets (far bigger than anything used today) were fired in flights of hundreds and thousands and must have made a tremendous noise. And noise was something which was not in short supply. While there were no ‘cakes’ (the modern fireworks comprising many tubes), ground fireworks (pots) would be fired giving a similar (or even more spectacular) effect. But gold, silver and white were used in increasingly imaginative ways as the years progressed. Fireworks such as six pointed suns with moving parts between and spinning wheels of incredible complexity pleased audiences then. Perhaps because we have such interesting effects now, display operators


The British Firework Championships 2018

have lost the art of ingenuity? The Maltese and Spanish, though, cannot be accused of this! Today Guy Fawkes celebrations are as popular as ever - both the use of shop fireworks and the witnessing of displays. Safe use of garden fireworks is a considerable joy, and public displays provide more spectacular sights. Modern displays often feature mainly aerial fireworks - and this is the main difference in firework presentation today with a display of a hundred years ago. Many can remember when ground fireworks - including amusing pieces like chickens laying eggs and men riding bicycles were part of the show. Now shells (fired by mortars (long cardboard tubes)) form an important part of the major firework displays. These are quite rightly not available to the general public and are fired by operators who know their business. Fireworks are a source of colour, noise and excitement. Many argue that fireworks represent an art form rather than chemistry. They may have a point. Whatever your view, and whether you use garden fireworks or go to displays, or both, always play safe with fireworks. And they will afford you immense pleasure. Suppliers of high quality retail and category 4 fireworks to the trade Wishing all the competitors the very best of luck

The biggest fireworks shop in the UK!

Visit www.epicfirew The British Firework Championships 2016


We provide the country’s largest range of online fireworks including: • • • • •

Roman Candles Single Ignition Barrages Big Rockets Sparklers Catherine Wheels & Fountains

The British Firework Championships 2016


The Beginning of Fireworks Reproduced by kind permission of John Bennet, editor of Fireworks Magazine. Nobody knows when the first fireworks were made, but fireworks were being used in ancient China long before they were known in other parts of the world. Two important Chinese inventions are used in fireworks - paper and gunpowder. The mixture we call “gunpowder� was used in China to make fireworks long before the invention of guns. It is a mixture of three things that have been known in China from ancient times. The first is charcoal, the black solid formed when wood is heated in a fire. The next is sulphur, found in many parts of the world as a peculiar, crumbly yellow stone. When sulphur is put into a fire, it melts and burns with a blue flame, making a dreadful smell. The ancient Chinese used sulphur as a medicine.


The British Firework Championships 2018

The final thing that goes into gunpowder is saltpetre, a white powdery material that looks just like ordinary salt. It is found naturally in the drier parts of China and was used as a medicine and in cooking. Anyone who happened to spill some saltpetre into the fire would have noticed that the hot coals burned very fiercely around the melting saltpetre. Perhaps this gave someone the idea of mixing saltpetre and charcoal together and setting it alight. This mixture, if the proportions are just right, burns quickly and throws out glowing sparks. With some sulphur added, the mixture burns even more rapidly, making a lot of smelly smoke. When it is put into a paper tube, or a piece of bamboo, and set alight, the burning mixture shoots out a jet of fire and sparks.

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If the end of the tube is closed up, and the gunpowder is lit through a small hole, the jet of fire shoots out further. If the hole is very small, the tube sometimes bursts with a loud bang. This discovery would have been very exciting for the ancient Chinese. They liked to make loud noises at festivals and religious ceremonies, to scare away evil spirits. Before the invention of gunpowder, sticks of bamboo were thrown into fires to make loud bangs. Gunpowder would have been a great improvement. Perhaps at first it was just put into bamboo tubes and set alight. Even if it did not always make a noise, the smoke and sparks would have helped to keep evil spirits and demons away. Eventually, someone worked out how to make a fuse out of very thin paper and gunpowder twisted into a long string. With this fuse, it became possible to make firecrackers that exploded reliably. The firecrackers for religious festivals were often made out of red paper. The fuses were plaited together to make long strings of firecrackers. When these were set off, they made a lot of very loud bangs and little bits of red paper were scattered far and wide. Evil spirits were supposed to be frightened of red, and so they would be kept away by the scattered pieces of red paper long after the firecrackers had finished. Chinese firecrackers are still used in huge numbers every year in Chinese festivals and just for fun! Sometimes a firecracker that has not been made properly does not explode but instead shoots out a jet of fire and flies away in the air or along the ground. This is a very primitive rocket. The ancient Chinese made rockets by fixing tubes packed with gunpowder to sticks, that kept the rockets pointing in the right direction as they flew through


The British Firework Championships 2018

the air. These early rockets were used in festivals, and also in warfare as “arrows of flying fire�. They were very effective against soldiers on horseback. The unknown Chinese inventor who first sent a tube of gunpowder into the sky on the end of a stick would have been very surprised to learn that people would one day travel to the moon with the help of giant rockets. Another Chinese discovery, still used in modern fireworks, was that powdered iron mixed with gunpowder made beautiful, flowerlike sparks. The ancient Chinese did not know about the chemicals needed to make coloured flames and white sparks. Fireworks with these effects were developed in Europe over the last two hundred years. In recent times, the Chinese have set up large factories to make fireworks for sale all over the world. As well as the traditional Chinese firecrackers, these factories make a huge variety of fireworks ranging from sparklers and tiny fountains to the colourful star shells used in big fireworks displays.

Visit the website The British Firework Championships 2018


Fuse Fireworks Fuse Fireworks is an award-winning firework display and special fx company. We are a group of like-minded individuals who are driven by a passion for fireworks, a commitment to excellence in practice, and the desire to consistently deliver a high standard of professional service at a fair price. For us at Fuse Fireworks these fundamental ideas are crucial. We believe that “everyone should have the best fireworks possible” and so we spend time getting to understand an event, to make sure that we deliver the right show to engage with an audience. We tackle every project with optimism, and as a unique challenge. We push ourselves creatively looking for new ideas to give our clients more and exceed expectations time after time. We listen, we plan, we deliver, we evaluate, we knuckle down and we get the job done! We are honest. We always keep our promises. We know that when you choose Fuse Fireworks you are putting your trust in us to deliver, and we won’t let you down. You will be investing in a company with over 35 years collective experience in the pyrotechnic industry, a British Pyrotechnists Association member with a 100% safety record. Our technicians are BPA trained and City and Guilds qualified technicians who are led by a senior technician with years of on-site experience under their belts. And to fire our shows we employ cutting-edge technology, ensuring that we deliver a safe and spectacular firework display each and every time. 26

The British Firework Championships 2018

Wednesday 8th August


Ryton Close, Blyth, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S81 8DN Contact: Brian Marshall Tel: 08453 883873 07766 302000

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Fully Fused Fireworks The team at Fully Fused Fireworks have been entertaining audiences for over 30 years and are happy to be returning to Plymouth once more. The last time some of the team worked on a show here was for the Armada 400 Commemorations in July 1988! We hope that our performance here will be as well-received as they are the World over. Our leading designer, Cliff Stonestreet, was the first and only named individual from the UK to have one of his shows win the prestigious firework festival in Monaco. Having been taught by some of the leading designers and firework makers in Italy and Spain he has a distinctive Mediterranean style in his creations. Fully Fused Fireworks work closely with other firework companies in the UK and Europe and have ties with manufacturers both there and in China where we’re able to have particular products developed uniquely for us. For our show in Plymouth we’ll be using some exceptional products from Italy as well as the best that China has to offer. Having been out to the factories this year to check on the product development. We hope you’ll agree that we’ve picked something to delight everyone watching.


The British Firework Championships 2018

Wednesday 8th August


Mill Lane, Campton, Bedfordshire SG17 5NX Contact: Cliff Stonestreet Tel: 01462 817640 07770 586268 01462 817640 07770586268 Fully Fused Fireworks 15 Mill Lane Campton Shefford SG17 5NX

The UK Firework Company We are The UK Firework Company. Founded in 2009, we have grown to become one of the largest UK firework display companies, based on the number of displays we produce each year. We offer a wide range of services for all events and occasions including: bespoke firework displays, special effects, bonfires, fire writing, fire sculptures, pyrotechnics, flames, confetti and much more. Operating nationwide from three strategically placed offices, we have a great bunch of passionate and talented individuals working collaboratively to produce an explosion (literally!) of creativity. Some of our clients have included: Latitude Festival, Coca Cola, Genting International Casino, Oxford and Cambridge Universities and not forgetting a celebrity wedding or two! We have also produced stage pyrotechnics for musical acts such as Marillion and Fifth Harmony and for events inside Wembley Arena and the Royal Albert Hall.Our goal is to enhance your events, whether that be for a few minutes at your wedding amongst your closest family and friends, with your colleagues at a corporate hospitality event or surrounded by thousands of people at a festival or bonfire night display.


The British Firework Championships 2018

Wednesday 8th August


1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, North Finchley, London N12 0DR Contact: Andy Foley Tel: 0808 2810115 07882 508881

We love what we do and strive to impress. So, we hope you love what we do too! We are delighted to be taking part in the British Firework Championships. From all the team here at The UK Firework Company, we wish the other competitors the best of luck and we hope the audience enjoys our spectacular display.

Smart Pyrotechnics Smart Pyrotechnics is a United Kingdom based company formed in 2007 by Steve Martin 2017 was the 10th anniversary of our company which makes SmartPyro still a relatively new company in the world of fireworks. However, SmartPyro is all about delivering spectacular shows around the world where people will enjoy experiencing our performances and remember our shows for the innovative designs and creative sequences that are fresh and vibrant as we strive to deliver shows that have our own touch of uniqueness. ‘innovate not imitate’ has always been our company moto. Commercially, SmartPyro deliver over 200 shows a year in the UK from traditional Wedding Celebrations through to large scale Pyro-Musical shows as well as supplying SFX and Flames for many sporting events. We have delivered spectacular shows around the world including Thailand, Philippines, France and Italy winning various awards along the way but more importantly gaining the experience of working with different people and cultures. For designing our show visualisation, we utilise the ShowSim 3D software to plan and design every aspect of our concept and performance and then deliver the show using the FireOne digital shooting system from the USA. Where possible we will use the PyroQuip mortar rack system, guaranteeing safety and versatility in our show setups.

Recent Competitions & Festivals •

2017 – British Pyro-Musical Championship – Champions Edition –

Thursday 9th August


Smart-DTF Building, High Street, Great Cheverell, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 5XZ Contact: Steve Martin Tel: 01380 813590 07515 851703

• • • • • • • • • •

Public Award 2017 – Les Masters de Feu – Compiegne, France 2017 - Pyronale Das Feuerwerk World Championship – Berlin, Germany 2017 – Festival D’Art Pyrotechnique – Cannes, France 2017 – Pyro Power International Fireworks Festival Latvia – 2nd Place 2017 – Courchevel Festival International D’Art Pyrotechique ‘Champions Edition’ – Prix du Public 2016 – Forti de Marmi International Fireworks Championship – Bronze Award 2015 – British Musical Fireworks Championship – Gold Award Public 2014 - Courchevel Festival International D’Art Pyrotechique – Gold Award 2014 - British Musical Fireworks Championship – Gold Award Jury 2012 – Philippines International PyroMusical Competition

The British Firework Championships 2018


Illusion Fireworks Illusion Fireworks Limited are absolutely honoured to be selected to compete in The British Firework Championships! The team of passionate pyromaniacs are massively excited and looking forward to ‘Filling the Plymouth Sky with Magic’. Realizing his dream, the company was setup in the Home Counties around 4 years ago by show designer and all round twisted fire-starter Karl MitchellShead. From humble beginnings the original team of 8 have grown very quickly in so many amazing ways, establishing themselves as the leading display company in their area and now embracing almost 70 members of the ‘Illusion Fireworks Family’! Karl believes the magic in Illusions displays comes from intricately combining fast-paced technology and cutting-edge techniqies with the sheer power, beauty and wonder of fireworks. Choreographing only the very best effects and colours artistically, from the best manufacturers in the world, on a scale like no other is the secret to their success so far. They literally want to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and for your spine to tingle! Illusion provide shows all over the country, some one hundred displays every year for bonfire nights, new year, weddings and all sorts of public, corporate and private occasions. They have been lucky to show their work to famous footballers, Russian oligarchs and even her majesty The Queen and her wonderful armed forces!


The British Firework Championships 2018

Thursday 9th August


Rowland Close, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 8LA Contact: Karl Mitchell-Shead Tel: 01491 825809 07972 034629 2018 is a HUGE year for the team, they have also been selected to compete in the British Musical Firework Championships in September and the Firework Champions event at Stanford Hall. Giving everything 110 percent, the guys and girls have some real treats lined up for all to see in their entries! Karl: “We have spent countless hours discussing effect combinations, trialling sequences and picking out some incredible fireworks for this year’s display entry, we are giving this everything we have and then some! The team and I cannot wait to show everybody what we have been planning for the 9th July!” Show Designer: Karl Mitchell-Shead Firing System: British Made FireByWire (and proud!)



Award winning, bespoke Professional Firework Displays with a unique style, rhythm and scale.


+44(0)1491 825 809 //

Phoenix Fireworks Phoenix Fireworks Ltd is a long established and well-respected fireworks display company. We have been involved in countless displays throughout the UK. Nationally we offer solutions for larger events, Round Tables, Rotary Clubs, corporate events and of course large November displays. More locally we offer operator fired fireworks for weddings and parties. Our main offices and storage facilities are in Kent with additional facilities in Manchester. We cover most parts of the UK with ease from either location. Having been established over several decades we have a wealth of knowledge, abilities and equipment, enabling us to work on projects from special effects at public events through to national level public firework displays. We have worked at Glastonbury through to Brands Hatch, from the London Eye to Kessock Bridge in Inverness and from Penshurst Place to Valletta Harbour in Malta. All of this diverse work is backed up with the solid establishment that is Phoenix Fireworks. In Mark Friel we have a youthful and very talented designer who brings to his displays a vibrancy and enthusiasm demonstrated in his ability to design without constraints set by the old school.


The British Firework Championships 2018

Thursday 9th August


Wrotham, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 7PX Contact: Martin Coffin Tel: 01732 822788 07807 726969 Most shows are designed using Show Sim 3D as the basic tool with the precision and reliability of the FireOne system executing the show on the night. Phoenix also now imports a vast range of fireworks for the professional market, mostly CE marked. Alongside that import we have a range of exceptional consumer products sold to the public through our local outlet in Kent. Both classes of fireworks are available all year round.

We hope you enjoyed the show!

See you in 2019 for a Champion of Champion’s event! The British Firework Championships 2018