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Jancy Pettit

Soul Expressions Coloring for Transformation

Jancy Pettit

Technical Recommendations Colored pencils are the recommended medium for coloring these pages, but depending on the paper you print it on, some markers, gel pens, crayons and other products may also give you good results. Test on a blank page before coloring. Feel free to turn your page as you are coloring and cut or fold the paper as you feel inspired! Some of the pages have comments associated with the drawing. These comments will appear on the page prior to the drawing the comment refers to. The drawings were all hand-drawn with ink pen on paper. There may be some inconsistencies with the lines I didn’t correct to give you more of a feel of the “hand” of the artist.

For information about creativity workshops, speaking engagements, and meditative coloring events for your organization, contact the artist at:

© 2016 by Jancy Pettit All rights reserved. This is a digital version of a printed book. You may print out pages of your choosing for your own personal use. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) for the purpose of distribution for profit or otherwise without prior written permission from the publisher. For information about custom editions, special sales and volume purchases, contact the artist at: This book was created for artistic and creative exploration. There is no attempt made to diagnose or treat any medical condition. If you have a health concern, please contact a medical professional. First Edition. First Printing. Printed in U.S.A. Printed book: ISBN 978-0-9984047-0-7

Soul Expressions Coloring for Transformation

Thank you for collaborating with me in this Soul Expressions: Coloring for Transformation journey! I wish you much peace, creativity and deep connection with that special place within yourself. I want to express my deep gratitude to so many friends, family, colleagues, students, workshop attendees and supporters who have played very important roles in bringing this and all my crazy projects to fruition. I do this work for you. Let’s keep pushing that creative edge together! Many heartfelt thanks to Helen Yamada, Bonnie VanCelette, and Elisabeth Apel, my early teachers who introduced me to moving with energy and have nurtured me on my adventures. Please let me know how this coloring experience has affected you and your creativity. I really want to know. Share some of your coloring and comments at: Look for coloring ideas and inspiration on Facebook@Soul Expressions Coloring Book.

How to get the Most out of this Coloring Experience T his book is different You’ve noticed by now that this book is a little bit different. It’s not your normal color-in-the-blank-spaces coloring book. That’s on purpose. The images included here are designed to assist you in finding your own creative flow, develop more inner peace and connect to the depths of your soul. To do that, approach each page intentionally and deliberately. Before you start coloring, allow a moment to relax and just observe the page you have chosen to color and look for the patterns the lines create and what ideas pop into your head. Follow and build on the patterns with your coloring. Feel free to color OVER the lines in this book. You will discover the images are multilayered and sections can be colored as one layer with subtle differences and undulations. They may even appear to be three dimensional in space as you layer colors. Notice how you feel as you are coloring. You may experience a comfortable warmth or tingling in parts of your body. This is the creative energy flowing through you.

Relax and enjoy Use colored pencils or other drawing tools such as markers or gel pens. (Test on a blank page to make sure you like the effect.) Leave some areas empty, draw or write in the margins and just let your imagination go. By allowing yourself the freedom to color how you want to, your mind will relax and find that “sweet spot” where creativity meets the creator (you!). Do what feels right and makes you happy, without worrying about doing it wrong. There is no wrong way!

Color what you like AND what you don’t like As you flip through this book, you will notice there are some images you are attracted to, drawn to, and intrigued by. Maybe your soul relates to them in some wonderful way. Color those, for sure — and delve deeply into the experience. There will be others you really DON’T like. I encourage you to color BOTH types. In fact, pick out the one you dislike the MOST and color that. Let yourself go bravely into the experience and see what comes up for you. In the end, you might even find it will be the one you enjoyed coloring the most. Who knows. It’s all part of the creative adventure.

To my coloring collaborator (YOU!) As I was creating these pages, I was thinking about you as a very special collaborator, a colorist who is willing to open to their own creative inspiration to complete these pages. Without your work, these are only part way done. You add a whole important layer of spice, interest, dimension, and a piece of yourself. For that I am grateful! Each of us coloring and creating together will complete the drawings in a different way. EACH one is valid, and each one adds an important element to the joyful energy of this collective experience.

Don’t Stop with coloring As you go through the book, you will notice there are some pages that might call for a different approach like coloring AROUND the lines in a linear fashion as if you are weaving a piece of fabric. As I was drawing one of the pages, I had a strong idea to suggest punching holes in the page and stitch with string or yarn through the holes. If you decide to do this, playfully decide where to punch the holes and where to stitch. Your stitching adds a whole new dimension to the art. The white space around the images leaves room for other personal additions. You could write a poem, letter a special quote, or draw your own images. You may even feel like cutting some of the pages apart to make a wonderful collage or 3D shape. Go for it. If you think it, try it! You will be rewarded with more ideas to try. Allow your artistic muse to play. That’s how the creative process works. You will notice your stresses melting away, and you have no concept of time. Good. Very good.

It’s a meditation tool When you are finished coloring a page, sit quietly and focus on the art you and I have created. Allow yourself to enter deeply into the essence of the image to discover more of what it has to offer. You might even select a different one each day to focus on. See how each of them “feels” to you inside, see what impressions or ideas you might receive clear out of the blue. And, feel the relaxation, peace and sense of accomplishment from the simple act of engaging your creativity!

Share your work Please take a moment and scan or photograph your favorite completed pages and send them to me via I would love to see what we have created together and create a community of energy colorers. Also, let me know how the experience of coloring these images is for you. I really want to know! I’ll share as many as I can on Expressions Coloring Book and on my website.

The energy of the designs

More than 20 years ago, I was taught a Qigong*

hold of the piece of Conté crayon, my hand and arm moved

martial arts form that would be helpful for increasing

to make images on the paper...big circular forms that

energy, health, and a sense of inner peace. At the end

spiraled and became intricately layered with many, many

of the form was a standing prayer position in which you

circles. Other drawings were more of a grid design. Each

placed your hands together in front of your heart and

image was different and launched me into an exploration

just breathe. I could feel energy moving

through my body. To my surprise, my hands started moving in

sticks, printmaking, collage and even three-dimensional materials such

inner peace grows. I hope you find

to this spontaneous

it, the rest of my

pencils, colored pencil

these drawings for you and your

I began to get used

as I relaxed into

intuitive way with paint,

the energy of that comes through

wrong? After a time,

movement and

found I could create in this

health and relaxation. I hope

way. I wasn’t sure what I doing Qigong

way. It was fun and freeing. I

Qigong is used for

a very graceful, flowing to do with this. Was

of creating artwork in an entirely new

as clay worked

inspiration. I hope you find joy. I hope

well. In fact, any medium I prepared

your experience creating here will

to work with was

energize your life!

manipulated in a very

body started moving. It looked and felt like

spontaneous, free-flowing

some Martial Arts forms I had

way. The biggest hurdle I had

seen on TV or in movies. It felt

(and continue to have) is to stay

wonderful. My body started to become

out of my own way. If I try to control the

more relaxed more of the time—even when I wasn’t

movement, it feels different. I stop right away and take

doing this movement system. An energy healer friend and

a deep breath, connect with my soul—and usually chuckle

colleague suggested I try picking up a piece of charcoal

at myself—and start again.

to draw on a big piece of paper on an easel. I brought

out my old newsprint pads from art school and a Conté

fashion. I had no predetermined design in mind. I set an

crayon and started the Qigong movement. When I took

intention the artwork be created for the greatest good for

The drawings in this book were created in this

* Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) means literally “Life Energy Cultivation.” It is an ancient holistic system of coordinated body posture, movement, breathing, and meditation used for health, spirituality, and martial arts training. There are many studies supporting the benefits of this type of practice.

“Imagine you are being filled with the creative energy of the universe.”

all who encounter them in any way and let my muse

freely create. It is my hope that in some way they do bring

movement: stand with your feet about shoulder width

you peace, relaxation, more creative inspiration, and

apart, bend your knees slightly, and as you move your

foremost, a closer connection to your soul.

hands out from the sides of your body to meet over your

head (palms together), prayerfully invite your creative

As I explored and played more in this process,

Before you start coloring, try this Qigong

I found that I could teach it to others, as well. This

muse, spiritual guidance and your soul essence to join

started a series of retreats called “Spirit of Art” in which

you (in whatever terms are comfortable to you). Be

participants are introduced to this spontaneous, dance-

intentional. Move slowly. After pausing in that position,

like Qigong form to awaken creativity. Once their creativity

move your hands slowly down in front of your body,

is fully activated, participants engage in artmaking in the

keeping your hands together in a prayer position. (Your

same spontaneous way. The retreat focuses on individual

fingers will point downward about midway through your

projects as well as group activities. Participants report

body.) Imagine you are being filled with all the creative

they feel wonderful after these experiences. They feel

energy of the Universe. When you reach the lower part of

relaxed, more enthusiasm for life and very, very nurtured

your body, imagine that your energy connects deeply into

by their own creative flow.

the earth giving you a strong, grounded feeling. Then, let

your hands naturally move back to your sides and take

I invite you to approach your coloring in a similar

a moment to enjoy the feeling of calm you have created.

use quiet meditative music sometimes, and really fun

You can repeat the movement a few times to increase

drum sounds other times. You choose. If it doesn’t feel

this feeling. Then, begin your project. Know you are

right, just change it!

creating something wonderful for yourself and the world!





n igo


rc exe

ise before you s ta rt


co lo

ri n

g .


way. Listen to music that feels happy and expansive. I

Completed the morning after a lunar eclipse night.

Seeds of T ime.

T his is a preview of this fun

and inspiring Soul Expressions: Coloring for Transformation adult coloring book. You are only seeing 6 of 76 coloring pages full of energy in the

actual book. Imagine what you could create!

For more info, go to:

You’ve noticed by now this book is a little bit different. It’s not your normal color-inthe-blank-spaces coloring book. T hat’s on purpose. T he images included here are designed to assist you in finding your own creative flow, develop more inner peace and create more pathways to connect to the depths of your soul. Get ready for the rich adventure!

Soul Expressions: Coloring for Transformation  
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