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Tomas Jancarik

2019 Portfolio


Tomas Jancarik Hello! My name is Tomas and I am originally from Prague. I had a life long passion for design and especially means of transport, which for me is like practical sculpture. I was born in 1982, after grammar school I tried Technical university for a while then I gained bachelors degree in Humanities at the Charles University in Prague. Then, in 2001, I wasnt aware of the possibility to study transportation design as such. However my inclination led me to dedicate my firsty thesis to the topic. After my first degree and a few years of experience teaching Interior design I took the opportunity to start study in this field at the A.F.A.D. in Bratislava with the hope to eventually work in the area.


1st year masters program of Transportation Design @ A.F.A.D. in Bratislava

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Email Phone

: : +421 944 914 115


Profesional Skill

A.F.A.D. Bratislava 2014 - now, 2018 bachelor title in industrial / transportation design,

3D modeling

Charles University in Prague 2004 - 2008, bachelors degree in humanities. Diploma thesis on ethological interpretation of automotive forms, nominated for Bolzano prize.


Rendering Sketching Animation Video editing Team Work Communication

Language English Spanish

Job Objective I would invite the opportunity to gain more practical experience in transportaation design field.


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FUTURE LIMOUSINE Year 2018 bachelor thesis

AUDI NAUTILOOS Year 2017 interior / materials


AUDI DEUS Year 2016





Year 2016

Year 2015 summer project

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01 Binturonq - nocturnal autonomous delivery vehicle Brand Volkswagen Scope of Work sponsored 2 semester project Year 2019

Description Complete project from ideation to scale hardmodel. The aim was to identify designs that could potentially become iconic in 21st century with regards to developments in technology, society and consumer needs.

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VW BINTURONQ renderings

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VW BINTURONQ initial sketches


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further exploration

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interim exploration

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02 Future state limousine Brand Mercedes - Maybach Scope of Work Bachelor thesis project Year 2018

Description Complete project from ideation to scale hardmodel.

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MERCEDES - MAYBACH project The focus of this project is a limousine design. Whatever the state of transport is in 20 years, for official functions there still will be the need to represent and show off the passengers and express appropriate values

FORMAL RESEARCH into representative car proportions throughout time yields features that are universally present:

the scope of the project is from research to a scale model.

- cca 2/3 to 1/3 body to greenhouse height

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- dominant front

- prevalence of horizontal and sloping lines

FUNCTIONAL RESEARCH of protected motorcade operation confirms indispensability of (emergency) friver and security office even in driverless future. Hence, PACKAGE of 6 persons But 4 passenger comfort shall be no less than in autonomous car.

initial exploration

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MERCEDES - MAYBACH detail exploration

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MERCEDES - MAYBACH further exploration

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03 Nautiloos - colour and trim project based in research of C2C materials Brand AUDI Scope of Work sponsored 2 semester project Year 2017

Description We were asked to identify new ecological materials with potential to be used in automotive interiors. I chose nautical scheme - materials based on seaweed and artificial mother of pearl. The school projects were exhibited at AUDI Design Universe ‘17 page | 25

Artificial Mother of Pearl

Seaweed sheets

Seaweed-paper composite

Material in laboratory development

Material experimented with by artists

Material experimented with by artists

Qualities structural strength

Qualities leather like quality

Qualities cork like qualities



allows hot stamping




engineering C2C material of the future offering complex qualities through mimicking nature

Renewable and farmable material that reminds of leather but is available in smaller format only

Possible alternative for hot stamped plastics for certain interior parts.

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Starting point First, renewable materials were researched and arranged into a material scheme. Materials described on the left together form a nautically themed schema.

Application experiments Next I experimented with ways of application these materials allow and searched for added benefits. For instance translucency would allow for indication that is hidden within upholstery when not in use, thereby contributing to minimalistic and serene mood of the interior.

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Interior concept Projects serenity as the ultimate 21st century luxury. The interior shall be airy, serene, drawing on oriental concepts such as “doma“ floor. The interior is proposed as allowing rearangement to accomodate various needs, such as lounge for relaxation vs. mobile office space for a meeting.

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04 AUDI DEUS - vehicle for a hero Brand AUDI Scope of Work sponsored 2 semester project Year 2016

Description This project loosely continued with the thema of “identity“ project while aiming to flip into a visions of possible future AUDI aesthetics. The school projects were exhibited at AUDI Design Universe ‘16 page | 33

AUDI DEUS - project starting point We departed by the way of analyzing the AUDI brand image and then proposing alternative vision that would tackle attributes felt as negative with positive ones. - commited - brave - empathic

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The narrative to fulfill the program drew on the movie “Ex Machina“. The vehicle I designed started as an imagined vehicle for Nathan, the AI robot inventor, to roam the world to recapture the escaped humanoid robot, Ava. I.e. imagining a sequel or alternate ending to the movie script at hand.

Mockup model and visualization

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AUDI DEUS renders

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05 IDENTITY project Brand our own formal language Scope of Work 1st semestral project Year 2016

Description Mr. Klein gave us our first task to develop our own formal language based on something unique to our individuality. I drew on my previous experience with human sciences and ethology and developed a concept playing with skin vs. bone and visible vs. invisible dichotomies. page | 39

IDENTITY project While working the assignment I created various conceptual models to explore the topic of skin / bone. After a while the overall package was established eectively consisting of underlying skeleton - like structure covered with semi transparent, stretchable surface. One aim was also to play with making structural technical elements such as the suspension visible and formed in a novel way.

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The final design has visible, flexible active chassis parts using smart materials and a chest-like structure in place of passenger compartment that can expand and contract to accomodate more passengers or achieve better aerodynamics. The surface shall be made of soft, stretchable material. The “skeleton“ shown on opposite page.

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06 TAXEE - autonomous vis a vis 2 seater cab for downtown traic Brand Taxee Scope of Work summer project Year 2015

Description Before being accepted for transportation design studio we were asked to work on a project over summer. The task was to design a light city electric vehicle. Based on research I chose to design narrow 2 seater autonomous cab for city centers. page | 45

TAXEE project

1.4 = average vehicle occupancy 2 psns - rentability treshold of driverless cabs vehicle width = maneuvrabiloity in traic

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Several factors formed the initial package design along with ideas to further streamline automated cab operation. For instance detachable battery + propulsion units that can be automatically switched for fully charged units.

The vehicle architecture required tackling the problem of stability which is proposed in combination of skateboard-like chassis coinstruction along with tilting using pneumatic system where braking energy gets stored in form of compressed air for later use.

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TAXEE project Vis a vis seating arrangement along with ingress / egress and also space for amenities such as media projection or personal luggage shelf had to be designed. Air suspension self raising the cab on a railing in order to switch for a charged battery is one of proposed solution to the problem.

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TAXEE project

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Tomas Jancarik +421 944 914 115 Drotarska 34, 81102 Bratislava, Slovakia

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Tomas Jancarik Portfolio 2019  

Transportation design portfolio

Tomas Jancarik Portfolio 2019  

Transportation design portfolio