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Janeille Calnick ARCH 201- Design 1 Fall 2010 Prof. Frances Campani

A Central Park Experience - The Bird Blind

A bird blind or hide is a shelter ,often camouflaged, that is used to observe the wildlife , especially birds at close quarters. A gateway and birder terrace ,or a Bird Blind, was to be designed for the Central Park Resevoir in New York City. The bird blind is to be a place for quiet reflection and observation where birders, photgraphers, quiet seekers as well as school groups would be able to use the facility.


Analysis of Buildings The Weekend House

Architect :Le Corbusier Location: suburb of Paris, France Built: 1935 Construction Type: Stone Masonry Walls, Reienforced Concrete Roof Style: Modern


Ulyssess S. Grant Visitors Center and Archives

A Visitors Center and Archive was to be designedadjacent to Grant’s Tomb along Riverside Drive on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. It is intended to educate the visiting public about General Grant’s Life .The facility should house an archive of civil war documents and objects.The archive will be used by school groups and visiting scholars engaged in research.


Design 1  

Portfolio done for design 1 fall 2010

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