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Beginning in the

fall 2013 season, the home team will be required to wear solid white jerseys and socks. Previously the wording was “white or light” jersey and socks. The Committee made this change to better differentiate the home and visiting teams.


Dear Coach, To address the NFHS ruling requiring high school teams to wear an “All white” uniform for home games Best Buy Soccer would like to offer you a very attractive cost effective solution: Promotional Package: Buy a minimum of 15 complete sets of away uniform (Jersey + Short + Socks) and get 15 home (Jersey + Short + Socks, all white) sets @50% off + 15 extra pairs of socks + 2 free GK Jersey + 6 SELECT balls, 15 Scrimmage vest, 1 duffle bag & 1 air pump.


Standard Package

Promotional Package

15 Away Uniforms (Jersey, Short, Sock - Color)



15 Home Uniforms (Jersey, Short, Socks - White)



15 Additional White Socks 2 GK Jerseys 6 SELECT Balls 15 Scrimmage Vest 1 Duffle Bag 1 Air Pump

No Yes No No No No

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Marca al Person Standard Pricing Value Price Sale Price Savings

Spiller Promotional Pricing

$ 1,249.85

Value Price

$ 1,063.39

Sale Price

$ 186.46

Marca al Person


Standard Pricing

Artillero Promotional Pricing

$ 1,777.75

Value Price

$ 919.55

Value Price

$ 1,025.55

Sale Price

$ 763.15

Sale Price

$ 777.82


$ 156.40


$ 669.63

$ 752.20

$ 1447.45

Please note that the prices for customization and shipping as well as any applicable sales tax are not included in the pricing. Promotion ends on 01/04/2013. To take advantage of this offer, go to or call 678-892-6228. Mention NFHS Promotional offer.



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