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Photo Credit: Doug Merriam

You will need: Plastic eggs with holes at each end (see note, below) Black and pink dimensional paint White, pink, and orange felt, plus other colors as desired White glue Crafter's Pick The Ultimate glue or hot glue (adults only) White pom-poms, 7 mm size (for bunny tails) and 3to 1-inch size (for garland) Colored craft wire String or yarn Darning needle Buttons with large holes

NOTE: Many plastic eggs have two or three small holes at each end. If yours don't, heat the tip of a darning needle over a candle flame, then poke the holes where needed to accommodate the string or wire (an adult's job). 1. Use the dimensional paint to draw facial features on what will be the top half of each animal. Let the paint dry. 2. Cut bunny ears and bird wings from the felt. For beaks, cut felt diamonds and crease them at the center. Use white glue to assemble the bunny ears. Attach ears, wings, and beaks to the eggs with the Crafter's Pick or hot glue. For bunny tails, add 7 mm white pom-poms. 3. To add legs to a bird, bend a 6-inch length of craft wire in half. Insert the wire through the holes in the egg's bottom half. Bend the ends into small loops to create feet. 4. For the garland, cut a piece of string or yarn to the desired length and knot it 12 inches from one end. Thread the needle onto the string. Thread on pom-poms or buttons and birds or bunnies, running the needle through the holes in the eggs. Courtesy of: Family Fun

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By: Matt Soniak

The Easter Bunny, in case you've been living in a cave, on Mars, with your fingers in your ears, is an anthropomorphic, egg-laying rabbit who sneaks into homes the night before Easter to deliver baskets full of colored eggs, toys and chocolate. A wise man once told me that "all religions are beautiful and all religions are wacko,"• but even if you allow for miracles, angels, and pancake Jesus, the Easter Bunny really comes out of left field. If you go way back, though, the Easter Bunny starts to make a little sense. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. Plants return to life after winter dormancy and many animals mate and procreate. Many pagan cultures held spring festivals to celebrate this renewal of life and promote fertility. One of these festivals was in honor of Eostre or Eastre, the goddess of dawn, spring and fertility near and dear to the hearts of the pagans in Northern Europe. Eostre was closely linked to the hare and the egg, both symbols of fertility. As Christianity spread, it was common for missionaries to practice some good salesmanship by placing pagan ideas and rituals within the context of the Christian faith and turning pagan festivals into Christian holidays (e.g. Christmas). The Eostre festival occurred around the same time as the Christians' celebration of Christ's resurrection, so the two celebrations became one, and with the kind of blending that was going on among the cultures, it would seem only natural that the pagans would bring the hare and egg images with them into their new faith (the hare later became the more common rabbit).

The pagans hung on to the rabbit and eventually it became a part of Christian celebration. We don't know exactly when, but it's first mentioned in German writings from the 1600s. The Germans converted the pagan rabbit image into Oschter Haws, a rabbit that was believed to lay a nest of colored eggs as gifts for good children. (A poll of my Twitter followers reveals that 81% of the people who replied believe the Easter Bunny to be male, based mostly on depictions where it's wearing a bowtie. The male pregnancy and egglaying mammal aspects are either side effects of trying to lump the rabbit and egg symbols together, or rabbits were just more awesome back then.) Oschter Haws came to America with Pennsylvania Dutch settlers in the 1700s, and evolved into the Easter Bunny as it became entrenched in American culture. Over time the bunny started bringing chocolate and toys in addition to eggs (the chocolate rabbit began with the Germans, too, when they started making Oschter Haws pastries in the 1800s). The Easter Bunny also went with European settlers to Australia, as did actual bunnies, since there were no indigenous rabbits in Oz. These rabbits, fertile as they are, got a little out of control, so the Aussies regard them as serious pests. The destruction they've caused to habitats is responsible for the major decline of some native animals and causes millions of dollars worth of damage to crops. It is, perhaps, not a great idea to use an invasive species as a symbol for a religious holiday, so Australia has been pushing the Easter Bilby (below on right), an endangered marsupial that kind of looks like a bunny if you squint.

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Photo Credit: Ruthie Edwards

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Hi! My name is Peyton Rayne Wisor, I just turned 4 years old. I love playing dress up and Barbie dolls with my older sissy, but I also like going outside and playing in the dirt & mud. I don’t mind getting all dirty, I love to catch bugs with my older brothers. I just started playing tee ball, I love it! It's so fun! I want to be a cheerleader when I'm old enough. I would love to maybe go to Disney World one day and meet Cinderella! When I grow up I want to be a princess!

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Luke- 8 yrs 1.) Who is the Easter Bunny? A big fluffy bunny that comes on Easter with big pink ears that can hear if I wake up. He hops quietly to deliver his goodies. 2.) Why does the Easter Bunny Bring Candy? Because he's friends with Santa, and wants to be as nice as him. 3.)Why do we dye eggs at Easter? To disguise them when hidden. 4.)Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? Because that's the Easter tradition. 5.)Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? Because my mom makes me.

Rebecca- 8 yrs 1.) Who is the Easter Bunny? A pink furry bunny that sneaks in and brings treats. 2.) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Because she wants to keep the kids happy until the next holiday. 3.)Why do we dye eggs at Easter? To make them pretty, to hide them for kids to find them. 4.)Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? Because it’s fun to hunt and find them. They are EVERYWHERE afterwards. 5.)Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? To look good when moms and dads are taking pictures.

Averi Grace 1.) Who is the Easter Bunny? He's sparkly and nice. 2.) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Because I love candy. 3.) Why do we dye eggs at Easter? Because we like Easter eggs. 4.) Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? So we can find them. 5.) Why do we wear Fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? Because I have to take pictures.

Lukas William- 7 yrs 1) Who is the Easter Bunny? He hides eggs in bushes and stuff. 2) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Because he's trying to be nice and have a good day. 3) Why do we dye Easter eggs? Cause all the same color would be boring. 4) Why do we hide eggs after we dye them? Because....Its Easter Day! 5) Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? Because the Easter bunny likes that.

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Keeley is a three year old girl who is displays the perfect balance between girly-girl and tomboy. Her parents attribute this to the fact she has three older brothers. Keeley loves going camping with her family and playing soccer.

Nadia- 8 yrs 1.)Who is the Easter Bunny? A character for Easter. 2.)Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Because it’s a holiday. 3.)Why do we dye eggs at Easter? To make them colorful, because Easter is in spring. 4.)Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? To make a surprise for everyone. 5.)Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? To look nice on Easter Day, and for people to take pictures.

Peyton- 4 yrs 1.) Who is the Easter Bunny ? The big bunny that brings us baskets with candy in them. 2.) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Cause that's his job. 3.) Why do we dye eggs at Easter? So the Easter Bunny can see them, he likes pretty eggs. 4.) Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? So the Easter bunny has to look for them. 5.) Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? So we look pretty.

Bailey- 7 yrs 1.) Who is the Easter Bunny? He is an old bunny rabbit with magical powers. I think his name is Evie. 2) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? It's his job. 3.) Why do we dye eggs on Easter? It's a tradition the Easter Bunny started a long time ago. 4.) Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? Because, if you leave the pretty eggs out, old people will eat them. 5.) Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? Because we go to church to celebrate Jesus and he likes us to look pretty.

Kassidy- 6 yrs 1.) Who is the Easter Bunny? A bunny.- .duh! 2.) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Because it is his job. 3.) Why do we dye eggs on Easter? So we can make them look pretty for the Easter Bunny. 4.) Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? So other people don't find them. 5.) Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? Because we are supposed to, and to make people look pretty.

Charlisse Armstrong was born in Gainesville, Florida and is an only child. She is better known by the nickname, “Charli”. Charli is soon to be 10 years old, and in the 4th grade at Deltona Elementary School, where she is on the Honor Roll. One of her biggest passions is dance. She takes 8+ dance classes per week including ballet, modern, lyrical, hip hop, musical theatre, tap and jazz. She is also on the AK Dance Away Competition Team for the first time, this year. Her biggest accomplishment so far was winning the “Most Entertaining” Award and High Gold for her Solo at her very first competition in February of this year! Charli’s other passions are animals, modeling, pageants, and acting. She aspires to be a Zoologist or Veterinarian, and she volunteers at the local SPCA shelter where she spends time with the cats and dogs. And, we have 5 rescue animals (3 cats and 2 dogs) of our own in the family, as well as 1 Foster dog, currently. Charli has participated in many fashion shows, charity events, magazine photo contests, and photo shoots with nationally known photographers during her modeling career, so far. Currently, she is scheduled to model on the runway at Metro Style Kids 2014 in April of this year, in Columbia, South Carolina. In October 2013, she was chosen to shoot and appeared in a Wal-Mart commercial that was nationally aired on TV between Thanksgiving and Christmas of that year (Chosen By Kids – Disney Infinity and WiiU). Charli holds the title of Little Miss Florida American Beauty 2013, was 1st Runner up at the national Jr. Miss American Beauty pageant, and she is currently Miss Pre-Teen Weeki Wachee American Beauty 2015. She will go on to compete at the state level for Miss Pre-Teen Florida American Beauty 2015, in November 2014. She is very talkative, playful and enjoys sleepovers with her friends where she can make videos and pretend to be superstars. She is a natural on the stage, as she has always been a "ham" and can be counted on to certainly entertain you! She is most confident in the spotlight as she hopes to be able to model, dance, or just entertain a larger audience on TV or even in the movies, one day, in her future! Photos by: Peter Baratti

Photo By: Rena Durham

Paxton- 3 1/2 years 1.) Who is the Easter Bunny? The Easter Bunny. 2.) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Cause I love him. 3.) Why do we dye eggs on Easter? Cause they're nice. 4.) Why do we hide eggs after we dye them? So nobody gets them. 5.) Why do wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? Cause it's Easter time.

Daisy Grace 1.)Who is the Easter Bunny? I don't know, Maybe daddy? 2.)Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Because he loves me. 3.)Why do we dye eggs at Easter? Because the bunny loves to eat all of the different colors. 4.)Why do we hide eggs after we dye them? So the bunny doesn't eat all of them up. 5.)Why do we wear Fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? Because the bunny likes cute people .

By: Shutter Angels Photography

Shutter Angels Photography

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Karyssa 1.) Who is the Easter bunny? A rabbit who brings me chocolate! 2.) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? To hide it and make me find it. 3.) Why do we dye eggs on Easter? I get to color, draw & write on them. 4.) Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? So my mommy will find them! 5.) Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? To look pretty!

Lillian Paige- 4yrs 1.) Who is the Easter Bunny? He is Easter!!! 2.) Why does the Easter Bunny bring candy? Because he has some in his basket... 3.)Why do we dye eggs at Easter? Because they are suppose to be blue. 4.)Why do we hide the eggs after we dye them? So the Easter Bunny don't find them. 5.)Why do we wear fancy clothes on Easter Sunday? To pick all the pretty blue Easter eggs.

By: Nathan Stepanek

Whether it is rock and roll, heavy metal, acoustic, or classical guitar, we take the month of April to honor this musical invention. You might be unsure of how to honor this month long dedication, but I am here to tell you that whether you play guitar or not, there are ways you can get involved in the celebration.

Go to a music-related event. UW Oshkosh has a lot of events for independent artist to showcase their skills. Local Live Music on April 21 features bands from around the area. There is also Open Mic night every Wednesday, which is a great place to hang out and support other artists or even play some of your own music. Listen to your favorite guitar artist. This could be anyone from Jack Johnson to Eddie Van Halen. Simply enjoy your favorite melodies in the comfort of your own room. Listen with a group of friends while you’re hanging out or even just while relaxing in your bed with your comfiest pair of headphones. Play air guitar. Can’t really play guitar? No problem! Jam out on your imaginary ax while doing one of the above activities. Play along with the band at Local Live night or just rock out in your room. Become a

real air guitar hero. Play “real” guitar. If you know how to play the instrument celebrate by creating your own music. Even if you don’t know how to play guitar very well, you can always mess around on one and maybe even learn a thing or two on it. You can even take this further and play a few tunes outside for all of campus to hear. It’s getting warm enough for you to be able to serenade fellow students walking to class. Play “Guitar Hero.” This is for those of you who want to elevate the air guitar experience, create your own music-related event (Guitar Hero party, anyone?), listen to some guitar greats and hold a guitar-shaped controller. It’s the whole package.

Barefoot Photography by Dena Blanton

Barefoot Photography by Dena Blanton

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Alyssa Owens Photography

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April 21st April 21st

April 23rd

RiAnne is a spunky 15-month old, who never hesitates to put on a show. She is always looking for an audience - inviting people into her world with a smile, a giggle, and a wave. She thinks nothing of rocking to a heavy beat, bobbing her head and bouncing to the rhythm. She adores her four older siblings and provides them with constant entertainment. Ri has been featured in several magazines for her boutique modeling work and loves being the center of attention. A camera's click is motivation enough to strike a pose.

Photos by: 10K Words Photography by Rachelle

By: Cheryl Engelke Photo by: Garry Studder

Tweens have it rough. They are not yet a teenager and no longer a child. As if not knowing their place in the world is not bad enough, they are usually also in that awkward stage. Allowing your tween to use an age appropriate amount of make up can help increase their self esteem. However, tweens should follow certain tips when it comes to make up. Start with a Clean Face: Tweens need to know if they are going to be allowed the privilege of wearing makeup that they need to keep their face clean. Be sure they use a gentle cleanser. At night, make up removal is essential. Tweens do not need foundation or powder: At the age of 10-12, a girl is in probably going through puberty. Since their hormones are all out of balance, using foundation is not good for the skin as it can clog pores and cause acne or make existing acne worse. A tweens make up bag should contain only a few items: For a tween, eyeliner, dark mascara, and dark lipsticks or glosses are not age appropriate. Your tween does not need to look older. A tween should only use concealer, light or clear lip gloss, a neutral or light eye shadow, a natural blush, and possibly a colored mascara. Make up should look natural: For a tween just starting to wear makeup, be sure she is taught how to use it properly. Make up should only be used to accentuate your natural beauty. Using Concealer: Concealer for occasional breakouts should be oil free and should contain an acne fighting ingredient like salicylic acid. Always use a concealer brush to apply concealer. Using sponges or fingers to apply transfers bacteria and does not give even coverage. Dap concealer on the back of the hand (whichever hand your tween is not prominent in). Dip the brush into the concealer on your hand and apply to the center of the blemish with the tip of the brush. Turn the brush and use the "fat" side to spread concealer from the center point and out, blending in with the skin. Blush: Blush should be a natural color (not too orange or dark) that is the same shade as your tweens natural blush. Blush should be used to accentuate the apples of the cheeks.

Eye shadow: Eye shadow should either be a natural or neutral color. Flesh tones, light pastels, or tans/ light browns are age appropriate. Eye shadow should be worn in 3 complimentary hues. Lightest tone on the brow bone up to the eyebrow, medium shade on the lid, and darker tone on the crease of the lid. Lip Gloss: Lip gloss should be clear or natural in color to accentuate the natural color of the lips. Stay away from "hot" colors like pink and thick pastel lip glosses. Colored mascara: Tweens should not use black mascara. They can use clear mascara (really great for dark eyelashes) or a color that will accentuate their eye color. Brown eyed tweens should use plums or purple. Have green eyes, try a resin or dark green. Blue eyes, Navy blue or brown topaz. For hazel eyes, A dark brown will bring out eyes. Do not Share Makeup. Females of every age tend to share makeup, however, only certain items are safe to be shared. Anything liquid like lip glosses, mascara, or liquid eye liner should not be shared. Otherwise, you may end up sharing more than make up; like conjunctivitis, the flu or cold sores. Powder make ups such as eye shadow and blush should be safe to share.

Photo by: Prem Jagyasi

M. Yadon is a five and a half year old with a passion for all things construction and trains. He loves hanging out with his family or getting rowdy with his friends outside. He's a heavy thinker and is known to make observations well beyond his years. He seeks adventure whenever possible and is a lively young man. He enjoys quick photo shoots with themes, and it never takes him too long to get into "character" to get the picture. He earned his first front cover this February and is now highly motivated to model more often.

Photos by: 10K Words Photography by Rachelle

Chloe is a bright eyed full of personality 22 month old. She loves playing with her brother and watching ponies. In her free time she loves doing pageants and helping in her community.

Skyler Elyse is a bright, loving, and outgoing three year old. She loves being the center of attention, has a huge personality and is extremely creative. She enjoys shopping, pageants, boating, and just playing around the house with her mom and dad. Skyler Elyse is also active in gymnastics, pom, ice-skating, swimming and dance; and is loving her first year of school at St. Francis of Assisi. She lives in the country where she has access to playing outdoors with her golden retriever, Flynn Ryder. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Skyler loves anything related to princesses.

By: Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.

Naming a time for awareness brings an issue into focus. It gives us a reason to do something extra (such as post this article) to help more people understand it. It makes people who are dealing with it feel less alone, less apart, and less misunderstood. Somebody, somewhere, declared April to be Autism Awareness Month. I’m all for it. We need to be more aware of it so that children are diagnosed early and accurately to make sure that they get the treatment they need. What is Autism? Autism is a neurological disorder that usually becomes apparent by the age of 3 if people know what to look for. Part of the problem in diagnosing autism is the wide range of possible behaviors and abilities. Autism is associated with a known medical condition in only 10 to 20 percent of cases. It is thought to be genetic since 60 to 90 percent of identical twins both have it while in fraternal twins it is less than 5 percent. As yet, there is no genetic test or brain scan or medical test to use for diagnosis. We rely on observation and the experience of professionals. There is no cure for autism but when children get intense and appropriate treatment early on, preferably before age 3, many can and do learn compensatory skills. Excellent programs provide physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as coaching in social and language skills for the child. They also provide coaching and support for parents so they can reinforce and continue the treatment at home. If there is no comprehensive program nearby, there is often a resource center connected with a school or with a medical center that can help families get the services the child needs.

By: Victoria Amanti Meet My Little Girl, "One" of many faces of Autism. Her name is Caidence Amanti. Currently she is 6 years old. My name is Victoria Amanti and I want to tell her story. When Caidence was about 2 yrs and not yet walking and talking, I started to get concerned. Caidence started to exhibit strange behaviors. It started with a constant rocking motion and flapping, shaking her hands, when she became overly excited. Loud noises bothered her to the point of covering her ears. I just knew something was wrong. I sought out doctors in hopes of getting answers. However, I had no idea my world and hers was about to change dramatically. We were sent to a Neurologist at our children’s hospital here in Charleston, SC. The doctor felt as if Caidence was exhibiting behavior in the realm of autism. Because she was not yet walking, the doctor prescribed her AFO’s. AFO's are a type of splint made for her feet, with aggressive physical therapy, and the continued wearing of the AFO's she began to walk. Physical therapy was only one of the many types of therapy to come. After seeing the neurologist again, we were sent to a specialist to have Caidence tested for Autism. Still not understanding exactly what Autism entailed, my husband and I were beside ourselves with worry. We knew our journey as parents was going to be a long one. As time went by and many doctor visits and tests we learned that Caidence’s Autism was now her new handicap or disability. Being told that our precious Caidence was diagnosed with a complex neurobehavioral disorder, which included impairments in her social interaction and her communication skills. We learned that Caidence would be sensitive to sounds, touch and much more. Many children with autism are cognitively impaired to some degree; we found it odd, even shocking, that even though she had this disability, she was growing extremely smart. A year later Caidence was officially diagnosed as a High Functioning Autistic child. My husband and I looked into many things for Caidence. Studies and suggestions made by professionals, which would help aid Caidence to cope with her Autism. We had found that because of Caidence’s disability, she qualified to start school as early as the age of 3. I utilized many resources I have used in the past, which involved my older daughter Chelsea. Chelsea has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. It was a road I was familiar with traveling. I leaned on as many resources as I knew. Although Cerebral Palsy and Autism are completely different, the resources were very similar. I learned as much as I could and had a lot of help.

I took Caidence in for testing and placement at our local school district; by the New Year, Caidence was registered to start school and was placed in a special class focused on teaching autistic children. She was only 3 yrs at that time. We were very happy that Caidence was able to start school because this was a giant step for Caidence. However, she still was not speaking yet. Our hopes were high and believed this would be the best way to start her out with developing positive coping skills. We found that while Caidence was in class, she needed to stay on a very structured schedule. Nothing could change or she would be highly upset. Teachers and I discovered that she had started doing repetitive things; something as simple and being assigned to a certain colored square every morning during reading time. One instance, throughout a school day, she'd collect all purple colored crayon, markers and bring them home; which I would return to school the very next school day. This was a normal behavior for her to do. In her world, the purple color square was very significant to her. She did great that whole year and learned a lot. As time went by my husband and I discussed putting her into a ballet, tap and gymnastic class. It was highly recommended the more exposure to other children the better. I wanted to expose her to other children, in and out of the conventional social circles. It is my belief; this is the reason why Caidence eventually transitioned into dealing with society so well and so quickly. As time went on, Caidence did struggle with certain things and events in her life. Birthdays at first were extremely difficult; too many people near her or focusing too much attention on her, she would get agitated. An example of this behavior had occurred during her 4th birthday party. Our friends and family came together to sing happy birthday to her and to our surprise Caidence crawled under the table hiding, rocking and covering her ears, becoming so upset, she almost vomited. This also occurred while in school. Caidence was doing great in school, it was always a routine and structured environment, and she would always try to be in control at school. Still, gatherings and celebrations were out of the norm for her. We learned that structure, routine and a strict schedule was something we could NEVER change with her.

Caidence with her sisters

One of the biggest hurdles we faced was, Caidence, would not speak in class. She would not ask questions; she would not speak out of turn, she believed in her world, children did not talk during school. Her kindergarten teacher thought she never talked, until I taped her reciting the school pledge. I had the opportunity to show this to her teacher during an Individual Education Program meeting. It brought tears to her eyes. With time and consistency Caidence found her own voice and started speaking. Over the past couple years Caidence has continued to learned on how to cope better with her autism. She graduated the kindergarten and moved into 1st grade this year, where she attends and excels in a normal classroom environment. This year she started struggling with things in school such as reading comprehension. We continue to work extra hard to help her achieve her school goals With the help of her 1st grade teacher, and all who attend and her IEP meetings, Caidence has been doing great. What people sometimes fail to realize, is our teachers are one of greatest resources, Today I can say as a mother of an autistic child the battle is long and hard and sometimes very difficult but we do get through it and with proper resources we will never give up. Caidence has become increasingly more interested in gymnastics. She loves the physicality of gymnastics and the difficulty. She strives to become better at the sport. To end this story, I want to say that Autism is a disability, but with dedicated parents and teachers, these children can overcome their disability and become successful at anything they set their mind to.

Jay & Victoria Amanti

Caidence with her Mom

Save The Frogs Day is the world's largest day of amphibian education and conservation action. Last year our supporters held 270 events in at least 30 countries, directly reaching over 17,000 participants. In an effort to raise awareness of the plight of amphibians, the scientific community has declared Saturday April 26th, 2014 the 6th Annual 'Save The Frogs Day'. On this day we encourage the appreciation and celebration of amphibians by people from all walks of life. Only a small proportion of the public is aware that frogs are disappearing, and amphibian conservation efforts will not be successful with an un-informed public. Our goal is to make the amphibian extinction crisis common knowledge, and Save The Frogs Day is our best way to make this happen!

By: Super Hero Mommy

I started by taking 7 small green plates and cutting a wedge out of each one to make our lily pads. Sunshine got a huge kick out of that as she was quite concerned about the frogs not having a lily pad to sit on. Then I washed all the fruit and got to chopping. Each frog was fashioned out of a quarter of a green apple, three grapes and two mini marshmallows dotted with a small amount of melted blue chocolate for eyes. The blue eyes were super cute, but I think brown chocolate would have worked really well also. To put the frogs together, I first used one of my big Santoku knives to cut a small wedge from the quartered and cored green apple. This wedge became the mouth. Then I brushed all the exposed pieces of apple flesh with Sierra Mist that I had squeezed a little lime juice into. This provides enough citric acid to keep the apple from browning too fast, without being overly sour and changing the flavor of the apple. Once the mouth was cut and the apple was treated, I set the apple on the lily pad and started working on the legs and feet. The legs were made of one grape, cut in half. Each half was set up against the apple quarter. Then I added the feet. The feet were fashioned out of grape halves that I cut "toes" into. I set those on the lily pad, up against the frog body, then attached the eyes. I figured I would make use of the sticky nature of marshmallows, so I cut the backs off of the marshmallows, exposing some of their sticky inside and stuck them right to the apple piece. For the first frog, I added the dab of blue chocolate after attaching the eyes, but for the rest, I added the eye detail before attaching the eyes. Either way works really. The finished product was simply adorable and Sunshine kept going on and on about how excited she was to take these fun kid friendly snacks to school to share with her friends. Unfortunately, Leap Day only comes once every four years, but the bright side? These adorable snacks would be great for any occasion! I'm thinking they will become a staple spring snack in our house.

April 10th, 2014 National Siblings Day is the brainchild of Claudia Evart, who thought up the day as a way for siblings to honor, recognize and celebrate each other. She is the founder and director of the Siblings Day Foundation. Evart, a freelance paralegal from Manhattan, lost her two siblings in separate accidents early in life. Evart chose April 10 as Siblings Day because it is the birthday of her late sister, Lisette. Evart has dedicated her life to commemorate National Siblings Day, which needs a presidential proclaim to officially establish National Siblings Day. The movement has come close to that recognition. President George W. Bush signed a presidential message recognizing April 10 as National Siblings Day in 2008 and President Bill Clinton did the same in 2000. On the state level, 88 governors have signed Siblings Day proclamations, according to the foundation. Siblings Day follows the spirit of Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's Day - a great American tradition and celebration of family-unit values. It is an uplifting celebration honoring people who have shaped our values, beliefs and ideals, the foundation says on its website. It is a relationship as equally important as a parent's relationship. Siblings are the reason we celebrate Mother's and Father's Day.

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Photo by: Cinnamon Auld

At 6 years old, Rihana Jordin Crowl is the reigning Jr. Petite Little Miss USA for Triumph Over Tragedy Pageant. During her reign she has volunteered and made numerous appearances in the community. Her favorite part of volunteering is helping the children in the hospital. She also said that when she gets older, she wants to get a job so that she can give all the money to those in need. She's modeled for numerous boutiques and walked in many fashion shows including Barrett Jackson & Old Navy. She's been published in multiple magazines and books and loves every minute of it. When she's not modeling, she's dancing. She's a member of the SNS Dance Performance Team where she performs in half time shows, parades and events throughout Arizona. Rihana is an honor roll student and her favorite thing to do is play with her little sister and brother. Photos by: Style Image Studios

Aliyauna NyKol is 12 years old and presently working as an actress, model and singer. Aliyauna NyKol is an A/B student with a wonderful attitude and a great personality. She is always willing to try something new as she gains experience in this industry. Aliyauna NyKol is very comfortable in front of a camera and loves performing, whether it be on a movie project, a runway/photo shoot or performing a song. Back in 2010, she worked as a photo double on the Jennifer Garner movie project "Butter," as well as an extra on "SpyKids 4." She also worked on Smile Big Films project "Apt 1019." In 2011, she modeled for Neal Hamil Agency in their CAMEX College Runway Show. And worked for Academy Sports Store(TX) in their Circular Spring-Summer Campaign. She went on to work on T-Cat project “Because I Love You” in the role of “Cookie,” directed by Joseph Elmore, Jr. This project starred Chico Benymon and Reality TV Star Courtney "Jaguar" Cameron. She also worked on two films in Dallas in 2011, with Director Corey Scales “How Far Do Angels Fall?,” and “A Woman’s Worth" directed by Consuella Raynor. She also worked on a short film titled "Reprobate" with director Demetria Dixon. In October 2012, she worked with LeMarc Johnson from "Friday Night Lights." He played her father on the movie project "Hope" directed by LaKisha Lemons. Aliyauna NyKol played the role of Cree Cree in Talent Beyond Belief's "A Better Lyfe" take on true events of a double homicide in Austin Texas back in 2004. We are premiering this movie March 16th, at Flix Brewhouse. Aliyauna NyKol has been cast to play young "Tasha" in T-Cat's next movie project "Gutter" starring Wesley Jonathan and La'Myia Good still in pre production. Aliyauna NyKol was chosen as one of Pose Top Models for their Spring Edition 2013. And she participated in their Candy Land Runway Fashion Show back on August 4, 2013 She participated in the Texas Child Model Magazine Calendar Photo Shoot in Galveston Saturday January 18th, 2014. And she just auditioned for America's Got Talent Sunday January 19th, 2014. Aliyauna NyKol has just been cast to participate in the film "Spanish Dancer" being directed by Collins I. Aki in Austin Tx, still in pre production.

April 2014- Issue #1