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Mary Frances is a very happy and smart 2 year old! She enjoys doing pageants and modeling! Mary Frances currently holds the title of Toddler Miss Southeast Arkansas and looks forward to competing in the state preliminary finals for Toddler Miss Arkansas in late 2014! Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her Nana, Papaw, and Mamaw! She truly keeps them on their toes! Mary Frances is highly advanced for her age and is quite the little DIVA! She is the daughter of Miss Michelle Morgan. Photos By: AC Photography

Photos by: Olivia Andrew Photography

Hi, my name is Temprance Noell but most people call me, Tempi! I have two brothers.... Brenden and Talan. I live with them and also my mom and dad! I love to model and get all dressed up in frilly tutus and anything that sparkles! I also love my jewelry! I have been modeling since I was 4 months old, and it's been fun! I have not tried the live pageant world yet, but I know that's next!! I love to swim and love the outdoors in the summer. I stay indoors in the winter! My family and I love to travel, so I've seen a lot of different places and long car rides do not bother me! I'm very social, I love people and I'm not shy AT ALL!!!! I'm a very loving little girl, and I love to give hugs and kisses! My mama calls me her princess.

Kelsey is a 13 year old girl who is very quirky, outgoing, and just a fun loving girl. She really enjoys making new friends. She is very new to modeling and it's when she gets in front of the camera, that she really begins to shine. Kelsey began doing pageants about a year ago. Her favorite part was getting to know the other girls and becoming friends, oh and don't forget the big Crowns. I guess you could say, that pageants sparked an interest and modeling is what she wishes to pursue. She is very interested in boutique modeling, as well as print modeling. She hopes to become a professional Runway Model in the future. Kelsey also has a beautiful voice, and she enjoys singing. Kelsey loves helping others, and animals of all kind. She is looking forward to doing some volunteer work at the nursing home in the spring. If you are interested in Booking her, please contact Michelle Dutton at (864)2473654 or

My name is Kaylee. I am 13 years old. I really enjoy modeling, doing pageants and anything outdoors with my friends & family. My favorite color is light pink. I love to read & draw.

Caia is a warm caring child. She puts the wants and needs of her friends and others before herself. One of her latest selfless acts was she joined the Urban Angels and passed out food and blankets to the homeless in Nashville, Tennessee using her money that she won through pageants to purchase the blankets. Caia has been modeling since she was 2 years old and absolutely loves it.

Photos by: Lou Andria, 2020 Vision Pho-

Chloé Hiller is an energetic 10year-old that lives in sunny Phoenix, AZ. She currently holds the title of Arizona’s Preteen Miss 2014. Aside from participating in pageants, she loves playing volleyball, modeling, dancing, acting and laughing with her family & friends. In her spare time she reads Greek Mythology books and likes to play with her dog, Artsy. Chloé also recognizes the importance of community service and dedicates several hours per month volunteering her time to work with local businesses at event fairs and help organizations that focus on aiding animals or children in need. When she grows up, in addition to winning Miss Universe and being a well-known runway and print model, Chloé wants to be a wedding planner because she wishes to “make sure that people who have found their true love are very happy on their special day.”

Photos by: Your Moments Photography

Jayden Nicole is a beautiful sweet 18 month old baby girl. She is our wild child who isn’t scared to do or try anything. Jayden is a big daddy’s girl through and through. She loves climbing things and most of all playing with all of her John Deere Tractors. She is a girly girl and tom boy all in one package. She enjoys wearing necklaces and playing in the dirt. Jayden is the only child. She has beautiful brown hair with the most stunning blue eyes. Her eyes just makes your heart melt. She’s our little talker, just talks all the time. We compete in pageants often and she has over 75 crowns, 15 trophies, 15 sashes and 6 medals and lots more on the way. Most recently we have started Jayden with boutique modeling and we love it. She has over 25 bookings so far for boutique’s. Jayden loves having her picture taken and her bright personality shines through every time. She walks around acting like she is taking pictures often. Jayden was born on Thursday October 18, 2012 at 6:03 am. Jayden’s all time favorite cartoon is the Bubble Guppies and she also enjoys watching Sofia the First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffin and Peppa Pig. Jayden loves helping with household chores, her favorite thing to do is throw stuff away. She also enjoys playing on her tablet, playing with her princess castle and loves reading books. She also loves coloring pictures and absolutely loves riding her four wheeler.

Photos by: Kathy Salit Photography

Raegan Hopkins is a happy energetic six year old who loves puppies and stuffed animals. Raegan was born on June 2, 2007 and has a nine year old brother named Zachary. Raegan is a little fashonista who loves shoes, handbags and shopping. She has been a graceful, elegant ballet/tap dancer for three years. She also has a competitive side on the field playing soccer and lacrosse. Raegan is goofy and has a great sense of humor. She also loves country music and knows all the words to tons of songs. When Raegan grows up she wants to be a helper at the Humane Society so she can help animals. This was Raegan’s first modeling experience and she loved being in front of the camera so stay tuned!

Faces of March Winners- Special Edition  

Faces Of March Winners

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