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Health REport Recommendations to reshape policy making

Accelerating policy action to end AIDS Key policy experts and healthcare institutions present the fast-track strategy to end AIDS by 2030

What’s inside The European action plan to end AIDS 52 An overview of the ICPS HIV/ AIDS Europe Roundtable 2017

Call to action

54 Alfred Sant MEP discusses what needs to be done at a policy level to create more awareness 55 Neven Mimica, European Commisssioner for International Cooperation & Development on EU action on HIV/ AIDS 56 European AIDS Treatment Group’s Koen Block calls for a more united approach within Europe 57 A.J. Amato Gauci, et al., from European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control provides a statistical update on current trends in Europe 58 Sini Pasanen from AIDS Action Europe explains how communities can play an active role in fighting AIDS 59 Dr Luiz Loures from UNAIDS says EU leadership and unity gets more important than ever 61 Cecile Vernant from Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung on EU research funding for AIDS

Government Gazette Vol 1; 2017  
Government Gazette Vol 1; 2017