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Emma McClarkin MEP is the Co-treasuser of European Parliament’s Conservatives and Reformists Group

Travel with... Emma McClarkin


hether I am travelling to my East Midlands constituency, or on business trips related to my role as the coordinator for the International Trade Committee, I can more often than not be found in transit. In


travelling. When it comes to packing, I am very British and always make sure that I have tea bags on hand. A new foodie addition to my suitcase is a bottle of Tabasco sauce to help spice up my breakfast! I always keep emergency toothpaste in my case – got to protect the smile! Another essential is a pair of earplugs, as they make it much easier to rest on planes, trains and in different hotel rooms.

experience of travelling so frequently, I’ve picked up some useful tips and tricks to make sure that my business trips go as smoothly as possible. Before travelling, it is so important to charge up all your devices and take back-up battery chargers (as well as making sure that your back-ups are charged too!). After all, there is nothing more frustrating than running out of power when you are www.governmentgazette.eu | 90

Apps are very useful for ensuring that travel goes smoothly. Some of my most frequently used apps are Google Maps, Uber, Trivago and of course TripAdvisor. However, my favourite is Vivino, which I use to record the beautiful wines that I find on my travels. If I have more time before a trip, I tend to research foodie blogs to find hidden gems that I can explore on my travels. When I arrive at my destination I always make sure to keep a

spare dress and a pair of heels in the office, as you never know when a last-minute invitation will arrive. It is so easy to stay put in your hotel when travelling on business, but I do always try to see or taste something from the places I visit so that along with business, I will have a memory of the country I’m in. This also helps build relationships with the counterparts I am visiting and gives a taste of cultures that I may otherwise not experience. It is inevitable that sometimes

even the best organised plans can go wrong, but if you’re prepared, even situations that seem disastrous can be handled. Always remember that you are never too far from home, and can always get back if need be. Family comes first, and people will understand if you need to drop everything for your family. Most work dramas can be dealt with easily, since the world is 24/7 and so interconnected. With Wi-Fi even on aeroplanes, you can be in communication at any given time. Make sure to use time-zone differences to your advantage

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Government Gazette 2018: Vol 1