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Make your mind your ally

Meliissa GOKHOOL

Editor, Government Gazette’s Supplement on Performance

Unlocking creativity


hroughout time, the perceived benefits of creativity have moved from confinement within the arts to innovation within fields such as engineering and business. Recent scientific research has shown that uses of creativity are even more ubiquitous and are greatly useful for everyday problem solving. When approaching a problem

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a creative individual is likely to dip into a larger pool of resources in order to find the solution. This ability has been studied in terms of an individual’s ability to access and utilise information stored within their subconscious to solve problems effectively and innovatively. Research has shown that it is possible to increase this type

of creativity within problem solving through relatively simple methods. One of these practices involves entering the state between being asleep and awake known as hypnagogia. During hypnagogia your brain is hyper associative, so you are able to access information within your subconscious and form new connections that may not have been possible while

awake. While this is similar to what occurs during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, the added benefit of hypnagogia is that you are still conscious enough to observe and recall the ideas being formed (1) In this sense hypnagogia is an ideal creative tool, and better still it is possible to harness it by learning from the practices of one of the most creative artists of our time,

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