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CIVITAS Forum Conference 2017

Janani KRISHNASWAMY Commissioning Editor, Government Gazette

‘Now is the time to embrace the new `norms of mobility’


magine a day when vehicles hardly ever crash, traffic jams are rarities, energy demand drops, trip costs plummet, parking lots almost disappear and law enforcement ceases to concern itself with traffic. That day is not too far away. Seamless multimodal transport will soon become the new norm. Much of the technology to change this vision into reality already exists. While automakers are experimenting and inventing newer models, and have passionate visions for the future of mobility, hundreds of mobility experts, city planners, policy makers and key stakeholders got together recently at the 15th edition of the CIVITAS forum to discuss how European cities are transitioning towards integrated mobility. Following the European Mobility Week that commenced on 16 September, the 15th edition of the CIVITAS forum was organised from 27-29 September in the municipality of Torres Vedras, Portugal. The conference focused on

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how to promote clean, shared and intelligent mobility. In line with the theme of this year’s EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, mobility experts from governmental and non-governmental organisations, industry and academia shared their experiences on a diverse range of topics from autonomous transport, electric power trains and vehicle sharing to other advances that are transforming mobility. While the way that people get around cities is changing tremendously, each city is unique and the transition to integrated mobility will also play out differently, and produce different results, from one city to the next. This year’s conference proved to be a forum for small and medium-sized cities, which can have big ideas for mobility and also make them happen. Maja Bakran Marcich, Deputy Director General of European Commission’s DG MOVE opened the conference on a serious note, observing that mobility plays a major role in city planning and cities are the centre of mobility plans. She noted that “the current evolution in transport is offering Europe a great opportunity to be the most competitive player in the planet” and highlighted that now is the time to embrace the new norms of mobility. Congestion is already close to unbearable in many cities and is almost costing as much as 2 to 4 percent of national GDP, by

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Government Gazette Vol 2; 2017  

Government Gazette Vol 2; 2017