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Portrait Sessions at the Studio

STUDIO DAYS In the Classic Hollywood Style

SHOW THEM WHO YOU ARE Personal Brand Imagery


Welcome to CLICK. In this issue we highlight portraits. As photographer Ansel Adams once said, “You don’t take a picture, You make it.” At my studio we make faces - the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself. Everyone deserves and needs to exist in portraits – for themselves and as a legacy for their loved ones. Whether those portraits are for business, actor headshots, creative endeavors, or just having fun, my team and I will create a unique and empowering experience just for you. You will never see yourself the same again. I invite you to come to the studio - where magic happens every day. • 831-458-2377 Follow me on Instagram @jmarcusphoto Facebook @janamarcusphoto 2




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Portrait Session - Izabelly Santos Portrait Session - Ashley Rae Little Portrait Sessions - 50+ & Fabulous Classic Hollywood Glamour Headshots Personal Brand Imagery - Kristin Brownstone Personal Brand Entrepreneurs - David Kinch A Day at the Studio Behind the Lens Raves from Clients


Allysha Anne Leonard photgraphed at the Watsonville Studio.




SANTOS Brazilian-born Izabelly is a student and runway model. We had a fun-filled day at the studio, starting with a professional makeover with artist Lisa Cadiente. Although Izabelly is a natural in front of the camera, she was a bit shy at first, as everyone is when getting their photo taken. As the session progressed she relaxed and found her groove, and the captures were fantastic. Here at the studio we take the time to get to know you, to laugh and be silly, in order to find your essence and take the most beautiful images of yourself you have ever seen.

Dresses by Dazzing Details of Watsonville. Following page: Gold gown by Christina Morgan Cree. Makeup: Lisa Cadiente 4






LITTLE Dynamic and vivacious, there’s no stopping this actress, singer, and dancer - she’s a triple threat, as they say in the industry. Ashley came to the studio for a headshot, with her make-up done before hand. We had a great time photographing her many sides. Ashley requested minimal to no retouhing.







FABULOUS! I love to help women feel empowered at every age, especially my own demographic. We’ve come a long way by our 50’s and it’s essential to feel good about ourselves, honor all the wisdom we have acquired, and stand in our power. You are beautiful. You matter. You are enough. Today. Right now. You deserve to exist in photos, for yourself and those that love you. You are a work of art!

Above (l to r): Carol Shwery, Cheryl Anderson, Daya Curley (MU by Lisa Cadiente), Rose Filicetti. Right: Patrice Vecchione, Jane Sinclair (MU by Lisa Cadiente), Karin Babbitt, Carol Turley (MU & Hair by Katie Pheneger). 12





GLAM Carole Lombard, Greta Garbo, Cary Grant, Marlene Deitrich – the Hollywood legends were photographed by such masters of light as George Hurrell and C.S.Bull. I adore this genre, recreating the dramatic and sensual nature of classic Hollywood – with a bit of a modern twist. The key is lighting, captured in bold, black and white images. Don’t you see yourself as a classic?

Left: Tracy Todd Smith, wearing a mink wrap courtesy of my Grandmother. Pages 16-17 (l to r): Allysha Anne Leonard, Hope DaCosta (MU by Katie Pheneger). Pages 18 -19: Hope DaCosta, Josiah Frampton, Kim Martin, Hope DaCosta, Tracy Todd Smith, Kristen Vaughan, JR Lekis.







SHOTS THAT GET RESULTS ACTORS: Actor headshots can vary in presentation, from the classic face close-up to 3/4 shots and cinematic/ blurred backgrounds.

on social media and your website. Tell a story about yourself and the services you offer through Personal Brand imagery.

BUSINESS: Business and executive headshots are traditionally photographed on a solid background from the waist up.

MODELING PORTFOLIOS: Do you have “a look” and want to explore modeling? In the “old days” models used to carry 5x7 cards to go on calls. Today you can extend that to include a beautfully designed pdf to send via email - that we can design for you!

ENTREPRENUERS: Every entreprenuer is unique – and your portrait should be as well. Whether evoking a certain mood through lighting or being photographed on location. PERSONAL BRANDING: In the digital age, exposure is everything. You need to get your story out there

SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: Do you struggle with all the different sizes you need to post images on social media? We will format your chosen images as a complimentary gift!

It’s your time to shine in the spotlight. Find your groove with beautiful headshots or a personal branding package that shows your brand, your way. 20

Right: Josiah Frampton, actor.





BRAND IMAGERY KRISTIN BROWNSTONE HER STORY. HER VOICE. HER BRAND. Let your clients know who you are. Kristin was looking for personal brand imagery that reflected distinct sides of her personality - playful and friendly, but also professional and serious about “digging into the work” with her coaching and public speaking clients.









MAGAZINE COVER SHOOT Three-star Michelin chef and Emmy Award winner David Kinch posed on his beloved Vespa for a feature cover story about his forthcoming Mediterranean restaurant, Mentone.







HOW IT WORKS IN 4 EASY STEPS 1. CONSULTATION The first step in planning your portrait session is an in-person design consultation, where we will discuss how you want to be photographed, go through examples of different types of images to pinpoint what you like, and how to format our session. We will also review the pricing and product menu.

2. PREPARATION After we have finalized our concept for the photo session and set a shoot date, it’s an ideal time for you to gather garments you’d like to wear to make your session super fabulous! A full step-by-step guide to getting ready with be emailed to you.

3. SESSION Your morning will begin with professional hair and make-up at the studio. Depending on your booked session and number of wardrobe changes planned, your fully directed photo session will usually last about 2 hours, after hair and make-up.

4. REVEAL At your portrait reveal appointment you will view the best, edited images from our session and have an opportunity to order from a variety of print packages and handmade folio boxes. YOU ONLY BUY WHAT YOU LOVE. 33



Growing up in a family of theatre professionals Jana leaned toward performing arts imagery – but also fell in love with fashion photography – at a young age. She apprenticed with several fashion photographers in New York City, but ultimately started her career as a documentary photographer. Over the years she has received many prestigious awards including UC Berkeley Center for Photography’s International Photojournalism Award for her series After Midnight: Youth Subcultures of New York City, Best Photos of the Year in 2004 and 2005 by Photo District News of New York, and she was named one of “50 Exceptional International Photographers” by Exposure of New York in 2012. Her photography has been exhibited across the United States and extensively published in newspapers and magazines. Jana holds an MFA in Photography, a BA in Community Studies/Visual Anthropology, and studied photography at The School Of Visual Arts in New York City. Her first book, In The Shadow of the Vampire: Reflections From The World Of Anne Rice, was published by Thunder’s Mouth Press of New York. Her second book, Transfigurations, received the Gold Award for “Best Non-Fiction Book of 2012” by the Independent Publishers Book Awards. 34

Jana has been creating awardwinning photography for close to 30 years. She is a Master Photographer in the California Bay Area with a focus on contemporary portraiture, headshots, and performing arts imagery. Today, Jana is delighted to offer a style of contemporary, fashioninspired portraiture that gives her clients the experience of participating in, and owning, images of themselves that are magazine quality – helping them to feel beautiful, empowered, and brimming with a sense of self-value. Jana can always find the beauty. We invite you to be photographed and receive the most beautiful images you’ve ever seen of yourself.

RAVES FROM CLIENTS What an amazing session! Jana is a genius when it comes to getting the most dynamic portraits that truly represent her subject. I’ve never had more authentic portraits of my best self. Grateful! - Karin

Jana has the unusual ability to bring out the essence of a person in her photography. When you next need a portrait, she’s the one! – Patrice

I know this is weird to say about photos of myself but - I love them so much!! Thank you again. – Cheryl

Jana is absolutely fabulous. She made me feel very comfortable and I could not be more pleased with the results. Thanks Jana for putting a smile on my face! – Jane

Shooting with Jana is a wonderful experience from start to finish. Her ability to communicate her vision leaves you feeling beautiful, alluring, and free in front of the camera. – Ashley

When I decided to take my on-screen career seriously, I went to Jana for headshots. Her unique eye and affinity for composition has helped bring me into professional level opportunities that have shaped my career in ways I couldn’t imagine. Every time I get a call directly from a casting office or production, the first thing they say is “You Have A Great Look.” That’s a look that Jana created. – Ron

You won’t be disappointed. She’s a brilliant and sensitive photographer. She makes you feel confident that she’ll find the beauty. – Helene As someone that has always dreaded headshots, not because of the camera, but because of my own self doubt and self inflicted need to be perfect in “this” photo...I can tell you first hand, Jana will make you feel at ease and she has a superhuman ability to find your “this.” I will travel to the ends of the earth for Jana when I’m in need of another “real” headshot! – Matt

You did an exceptional job on my mug. Love my headshots. – Erik

Jana puts you at ease, as she takes professional, fantastic shots! I love both the product and experience every time I work with Jana. – Josiah


Portrait sessions designed to change the way you see yourself

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