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Annual Report for 2016

Janaka Foundation: Recipient of a $2.2 Million Estate Gift in 2016 In 2016 the Janaka Foundation was the beneficiary of an estate gift of $2.2 million. This was given by a long time Ananda member who entrusted Ananda with a major portion of her large estate. From this very generous gift, the Janaka board of directors established a $1.1 million Endowment Fund to benefit Ananda’s work. The additional $1.1 million from this gift was directed to support present and future needs within Ananda’s work through Grants. We invite you to take a look at what this generous estate gift has meant to Ananda’s work, both now and as we move forward into the future.


Janaka Foundation: Grants Supporting Ananda Worldwide in 2016 Ananda Communities and Centers Janaka grants totaling $294K were given in 2016 to core Ananda Communities and Centers located in the United States, Europe, and India.

Ananda Palo Alto

Ananda Portland

Ananda Sacramento

Ananda Seattle

Ananda Village

Ananda Assisi

Ananda India

Ananda Los Angeles

Ananda Mexico

Ananda Worldwide In addition, Janaka made grants totaling $96K in 2016 to special projects that have the potential for making Ananda better known throughout the world and training new leaders for Ananda’s work.

• Jyotish and Devi West Coast Tour – energized outreach across Ananda • • •

through this four-city tour in Spring 2017 A  nanda Communications Department – a new outreach effort to harness dynamic techlologies like apps, social media, and video to help make Ananda better known 2  016 Ananda Next Generation Gathering – magnetized future Ananda leaders and teachers from across the globe in Assisi, Italy.. A  nanda Apprenticeship – provides experiential learning for nextgeneration Ananda leaders at The Expanding Light Retreat.

West Coast Tour

Ananda Communications

Ananda Next Generation

Ananda Apprenticeship

A $2.2 Million Estate Gift Endowment Fund – $1.1 Million for the Future of Ananda’s Mission

How Invested Bonds –$600K Ananda Village Solar Project Loan –$500K



Grants – $1.1 Million

for 2016 Grants & Future Grants

How Distributed Ananda Communities & Centers - $294K Ananda Communications Dept. - $50K

50K 30K

Jyotish & Devi West Coast Tour - $30K Next Generation Programs - $16K Memorial Website - $5K





2017 & 2018 Grants - $200k Future Grants - $405K



Operations - $100K Total $1,100,000

Looking to the Future of Ananda Help us look to the future of Ananda by including the Janaka Foundation in your will, trust, or other estate planning. Your legacy will live on through your support of Ananda’s work.

Contact Parvati Hansen at Janaka Foundation office: 530.478.7695, or

Cliff Kushler President

Gita Matlock Director

Kent Williams Treasurer

The Janaka Foundation Board & Staff Devi Novak Director

The Janaka Foundation Board of Directors are all long-time members of Ananda who are dedicated to its future.

Latika Parojinog Director

Panduranga “JT” Heater Director

Parvati Hansen Executive Director

Janaka FOUNDATION Building Ananda’s Legacy of Light 530.478.7965

2016 Janaka Foundation Annual Report