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Jana Ewy

Friendly Plastic... Inlay Cabochons


Two of my techniques (Fracture & Fusion and Marbling) start by fusing several multicolored strips of plastic together to form what I call sheets. It is the raw edges cut from these sheets that I use to create this inlay technique.


Place the Gold Spectra stick onto the baking sheet. One at a time, carefully place the two multicolored strips down the center of the gold stick, leaving a slight gap between the two. Place the baking sheet onto the pre-heated griddle. As the plastic starts to soften the colored strips will magically inlay themselves into the gold. For this project I have allowed the colored strips to completely inlay into the gold. There is no dimension to the surface. The timing for this process to occur can take up to 15 minutes.


When the inlay process is complete, remove the baking sheet from the griddle. While the plastic is still warm, cut the ovals by pressing the cutter into the softened plastic. Dip the cutter back into the cold water after each cut. This will help keep it from sticking to the plastic. Allow the plastic to cool. You may place the pan under cold running water to speed the cooling process along. Use the needle tool to press under the edges of the cooled plastic and remove it from the pan. Pop out the ovals. If needed use a craft knife to cut around each one.


Mix the Envirotex Lite resin following the manufactures instructions. Apply a thin coat to each of the cabochons. Allow to dry. Tip: I like to place my pieces on a non-stick surface. Held in place by double-sided tape. This way if there is any run off, it will be easy to remove later. Pour the Envirotex into a small squeeze bottle. The application will be more precise. Once the resin has been applied, blow softly through a straw over each piece to pop any bubbles that remain. Envirotex cures completely in 24 hours.


Gather all the tools, jewelry supplies and components and begin the assembly process. Finish by adding the sparkle of a few rhinestones.


Jana Ewy TOOLS & MATERIALS Acrylic ruler Cutters; Oval Cutting matte Disposable mixing container Friendly Plastic sticks Griddle: (set at 200-250 degrees) Glue: E-6000 Jewelry tools & supplies Knife: matte Needle tool Non-stick baking sheet Scissor Sealer: Envirotex Lite Small dish of ice water Stir stick Straw

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Inlay Cabochons  

Step-by-Step with Jana Ewy... learn how to create unique Friendly Plastic Inlay Cabochons.

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