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Come experience Snow World, Malaysia's very own winter wonderland. At -5deg celcius, Snow World is created after the Swiss Alps with a log cottage, snow-covered trees and rocks. You can build a snowman...

Book online and beat the queue!

make snow angels... even start a snow fight! At 16,000 sq.ft, it's the biggest snowy playground, ever! Snow World. So super-fun and super-cool. Only 45minutes away from Kuala Lumpur city.

If you still can't get enough of this, come to


(Includes rental of jacket, boots and gloves.)

Online Rate - Adult


Online Rate - Child

RM 9

WorldCardMember Walk-In - Adult


WorldCardMember Walk-In - Child


Non-members Walk-In - Adult


Non-members Walk-In - CHild


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WorldCardMember Walk-In - Adult WorldCardMember Walk-In - Child Non-members Walk-In - Adult Non-members Walk-In - CHild Online Rate - Adult...

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