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Those who want to resolve the divorce related disputes in a more peaceful way, without the intervention of the judge can do so through mediation. Couples who are reluctant to waste unnecessary time and money on litigation in court and are interested in finding fair solutions to their problems can go through mediation. Mediation is defined as the process in which parties are assisted by a neutral third party who attempt to settle and resolve disputes, divide property, and determine child custody issues by mutual agreement without adjudication. Family law mediation requires co-operation from both sides. A mediator is a neutral third party who seeks to facilitate a settlement or compromise rather than decide the case.

 Encourages problem solving.  Cost effective.  Matters are solved quickly.

In the recent time mediation has become an appealing method of resolving conflicts. Good divorce lawyers advocate best mediator for their clients who can resolve disputes between parties in the best possible way. A family law mediation is very helpful because it seeks to facilitate creative solutions to problems. Mediation do not takes place in the court room. Rather it occurs in a lawyer’s conference room due to which it results to be less stressful than a contested divorce.

It is usually less expensive and less time consuming mode of resolving disputes. It result into a mutual agreed solution.

Email Us: Call Us: +65 6337 0469 A good divorce lawyer will refer the client to a competent mediator to resolve dispute. Mostly it is seen that the divorce stress have untold physical and emotional effects on people. A mediator can help out in easing the emotional stress. The more emotionally healthy a client is, the easier it is to settle the dispute between parties.

 Choose an experienced mediator. You can find information of trained mediators in your area from your local bar association.  Inquire regarding how will you and your spouse will be attended by the mediator, together or separately. The mediator act as an unbiased party who is knowledgeable about the law and help to settle matters related to alimony and child support payments and many other issues related to a divorce. Divorce mediation, unlike litigating, gives opportunity to both spouses to present their thoughts and ideas. The couples, instead of leaving the ultimate decision in the hands of the judge, could come to a concluding solution without the need to spend months in the court. Mediation is also completely voluntary decision. Both the spouse can at any point of time opt for litigation if they want.

Settle Your Disputes in a Peaceful Way  

Those who want to resolve the divorce related disputes in a more peaceful way, without the intervention of the judge can do so through media...

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