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25th Annual Gala Auction Benefitting The Montessori School of Beaverton Saturday, March 10th, 2012




From the Auction Chairs

D h a r s h i n i P i l l a i a nd R e n é e Ru t z

Message From the Head of School Welcome to a celebration of MSB history! The Silver Jubilee Auction recognizes the decades of vision, support and continuing dedication by the community of the Montessori School of Beaverton. Efforts funneled through the annual auctions became the foundation for the very existence of MSB today – a nationally regarded primary and elementary Montessori school on a simple, yet natural campus that provides safe areas to explore nature with excellent AMI teachers and spacious, well-equipped classrooms. This evening, I invite you to enjoy the camaraderie that exists among all of you who have given the gift of Montessori to your child. We all share in the promise of the future through these beautiful, maturing adults of tomorrow. Give as generously as you are able in the spirit of providing the highest quality education possible, to guarantee that MSB will continue to thrive in the years ahead. Thank you for being with us tonight and please know how much your support is appreciated. Carol Bennett

Mission When children are active participants in their development from an early age, when their natural needs and tendencies are recognized and addressed, when choice is allowed and guided, and when responsibility is expected and nurtured, a new child emerges. This child’s characteristics are concentration, self-discipline, love of learning and a respect for others and for the world. This child represents nothing less than a hope for a better future. The purpose of the Montessori School of Beaverton is to assist this self-construction of each individual to his or her fullest potential, with a profound sense of the importance of his or her contribution to the world.

What an honor to co-chair MSB’s 25th auction! Over the years numerous people have contributed to make it the smooth running event that it is today. We are very pleased to have many of them attend on auction night and extend a warm “welcome back” to the past auction chairs joining us for the evening. We couldn’t make the auction happen without the hard work of the MSB families, teachers, and staff. Through the auction process we have come to appreciate the impressive breadth and depth of talent in this community. Which we have shamelessly leveraged! Thank you to everyone who has contributed your time, talent, and resources. We are especially indebted to the people who took ownership of key areas and extend our heartfelt thanks to Agni, Anne, Brooke, Debbi, Donna, Farzaneh, Liling, Mimi, Sierra, Shauna, Tami and their teams. In addition, it has been gratifying to watch new families jump right in and we appreciate their involvement. We’d also like to acknowledge the effort that the teachers put into the quilts, projects, and activities and thank them for allowing the auction into the classrooms. Finally, the staff at MSB is beyond compare and has frequently anticipated our needs before we did. We especially appreciate Kristin’s wealth of knowledge and her generosity in sharing it. Education is more than the rote sum of its parts and no more clearly is this borne out than in Montessori philosophy. Whether cooking, working on abstract math or grammar boxes our children are learning in a collaborative, three dimensional environment which also gives them life-long skills in team work and critical thinking. Skills which stay with them long after historical dates and the names of geographical landforms are forgotten. We feel fortunate to offer this education to our children. As we prepare for the evening, let’s celebrate the reason for being there: our children! It is through educating our kids and valuing the Montessori philosophy that we are coming together as a community on auction night. We hope you enjoy yourselves at MSB’s Silver Jubilee auction!


Dharshini and Renée 2012 MSB Auction Co-Chairs

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the parents who have created the foundation for the auction by dedicating time, energy, creativity, and organization to tonight’s event as well as past events. Thank you for making the MSB auctions fun, prosperous, and a wonderful way to build lasting relationships between MSB parents, children, staff, and the local community. Your dedication is much appreciated! Previous chairpersons have included: 2011 Lisa Hawash 2010 Debbi Craven & Liling Sherry 2009 Debbi Craven 2008 Agni Bhatt & Rebecca Ponzi 2007 Anu Khaira 2006 Lana Finley & Anu Khaira 2005 Deanna Hyland & Monica Enand 2004 Melissa Salvador & Deanna Hyland 2003 Melissa Salvador & Lorraine Irino 2002 Lisa Hawash & Jill Quiner 2001 Benita Peretz & Linda Witt

Evening Program

Featured Presenters

Master of Ceremonies MaryAnn Barton Auctioneer Chris Leach, Stokes Auction Group Slide Shows Tami Syverson and Brooke Daniel Silent Auction

5:30 pm 6:30 pm 6:50 pm 6:55 pm

Silent Auction Reception starting at 5:30 No-Host Bar and Hors d’oeuvres

The Menu Featuring Ponzi Wines

2010 Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir 2010 Ponzi Pinot Gris Garden Salad

Locally sourced mixed baby greens and vegetables with house-made sherry vinaigrette Wild Salmon

Grilled with pinot noir demi-glace fingerling potatoes and a spring vegetable bundle Chicken Kiev

stuffed with Italian parsley and garlic butter fingerling potatoes and a spring vegetable bundle Zucchini Timbale (vegan)

Registration & Silent Auction Begins Yellow Silent Auction Closes Red Silent Auction Closes Parties & Teacher Activities Auction Closes

quinoa-vegetable medley wrapped with zucchini ribbons, red pepper coulis and topped with frizzled leeks Chocolate Marquis DESSERT

filled with pistachio crème brûlée

Dinner & Live Auction

7:00 pm 7:05 pm 7:30 pm 9:30 pm 9:30 to 10:15pm

Call to Dinner & Live Auction Opening Remarks by Carol Bennett Live Auction Begins with Raffle Live Auction Closes Check Out 6


Regular and Decaf Coffee and Tea No-host bar available for wine, cocktails, beer 7

Thank You Underwriters and Sponsors

The generosity of our many underwriters and sponsors enables tonight’s auction proceeds to directly benefit Montessori School of Beaverton’s future. Thank you for your contribution in making this evening a success! Platinum Sponsors $5,000+

Dentistry for Children - MSB parents Eric & Carolyn Downey Gold Sponsors $2,50 0+

Symbio Corporation - MSB parents Bruce Palmer & Farzaneh Moybayen Silver Sponsors $1,500+

Matthew & Jeanette Swafford Friends of MSB up to $499

Steve & Renee Cooney Dentistry for Children Ralph Schweinfurth & Leyan Fernandes-Schweinfurth Ward & Patricia Jones Charles Winstead & Kunjan Raval Nick & Jen Albertini Douglas Huang & Parinna Chen Suraj Varma & Jyoti Menon Todd & Brooke Daniel Gail Conway Mahadev & Nisha Eakambaram Paul & Lesley Jeffries Nandakishore Kushalnagar & Sathyavathi Sreenath Rahul Ghosh & Vaish Sarathy Jeff & Jane Foerster Amit & Teena Jain Antony Poothullil & Rose Alappat Philip & Tammy Yashar Karen & Robert Albrecht


Underwriters for Quilts, Projects & Display Boards

Brandon & Cindy Barnett Tyler & Jina Bertram Dan & Mimi Burkholder Calico Corners Debbi Craven Benjamin & Rachel Defnet Uwe & Donna Hessinger Paul & Lesley Jeffries Ann Koegen Jannie Korchinski Michael & Sierra Lavelle Rob Lee & Tammi Dereiko Shawn McFaul & Katherine Heekin (Blue Moon Design & Production) Yatin Prayag & Jesal Pandya Jay & Laura Rundle Andy & Anne Snider Dan & Tami Syverson Erik & Francine Waagmeester Mitch & Tiffany Wiencken Supporters for Staff Auction Attendance $75+

Kai-Uwe Maetzel & Renata Torelli Gail Conway Milind & Jenny Khare Todd & Brooke Daniel David Greenstein & Kara Owsley Steve Larson & Nancy Wells Robert Zdebski & Renee Rutz Stephen & Elizabeth Bruss Linh Dao & Priscilla Le Steve & Renee Cooney Eric & Carolyn Downey


Thank You 2012 Auction Volunteers

Auction Co-Chairs: Dharshini Pillai & Renée Rutz

Special Thanks to the Following Companies & Individuals Ponzi Vineyards and the Ponzi Families for generously donating the dinner wine for tonight

Matthew & Jeanette Swafford for underwriting the catalog Morgan Commandich and Denise Dodson for taking such beautiful photos of the MSB campus and children that are used in this catalog Andy & Anne Snider for underwriting the fabulous invitations Bhavesh & Reena Parekh for underwriting the printing of the auction invitations Dr. Colin & Susan Kaeder for making and providing the delectable chocolates for the patron tables Eric & Carolyn Downey & Dentistry for Children for underwriting the beautiful centerpieces at each table Tami Syverson and Alan Juza for their work on the Fund-An-Item, The Discovery Garden

Invitation, Catalog, and Advertisement Design: Anne Snider Advertising, Underwriting, and Sponsorships: Debbi Craven Ruta Sathaye, Harshi Waters Party Rockers: Farzaneh Mobayen Cindy Barnett, Rasha Esmat, Lois Gearhart, Gitanjali Jain, Sepi Kazemi, Namrata Ragade, Liling Sherry, Jeanette Swafford Procurement Team: Shauna Pettit-Brown Rasha Esmat, Sara Gillette, Gitanjali Jain, Lesley Jeffries, Jacqueline Holden, Jessamyn McDonald, Farzaneh Mobayen, Kara Owsley, Kristi Pambianco, Khyati Patel, Vaish Sarathy, Jeanette Swafford, Harshi Waters, and Tammy Yashar Display Boards Mimi Burkholder, Cindy Barnett, Kanchan Chaudhari, Debbi Craven, Leyan FernandesSchweinfurth, Chani Goel, Donna Hessinger, Sepi Kazemi-Nasri, Jessamyn MacDonald, Jyoti Menon, Geetu Mirani, Kara Owsley, Rajeshwari Patil, Shauna Pettit-Brown, Tonia Rehn, Uma Regupathy, Laura Rundle, Hanane Salhi, Ruta Sathaye, Candice Shah, Liling Sherry, Jeanette Swafford and Harshi Waters Silent Auction Baskets: Liling Sherry Donna Hessinger, Gitanjali Jain, Leena Kahlon, Bindu Lalitha, Kooko Nakasone, Rajeshwari Patil, Candice Shah, Quilts: Mimi Burkholder and Sierra Lavelle Nora’s Class Quilt: Nusrat Ahmen, Lesley Jeffries, Rosemary Jeffries (Riley Jeffries’ grandmother), Ann Koegen (Gianna Albertini’s grandmother), Sierra Lavelle, Kara Owsley, Jason Plush, Tami Syverson, Francine Waagmeester, Cindy Wolf (Dylan Plush’s grandmother) Robin’s Class Quilt: Julia Deleganes, Katia Kaeser, Lena Kahlon, Sierra Lavelle, Tonia Rehn, Tami Syverson, Stephanie Vaughan-Miller Julie’s Class Quilt: Jina Bertram, Nisha Eakambaram, Sierra Lavelle, Jesal Pandya Jannie’s Class Quilt: Mimi Burkholder, Rajeshwari Patil, Priya Patil, Kristi Pambianco

Matching Grant Sponsors

Intel Corporation Nike Corporation


Katy’s Class Quilt: Rachel Defnet, Sara Gillette, Stephanie Vaughan-Miller, Mitch Wiencken Sarah’s Class Quilt: Cindy Barnett , Lois Gearhart, Donna Hessinger, Rob Lee


Auction Work Party Wednesdays: Cindy Barnett, Agni Bhatt, Mimi Burkholder, Brooke Daniel, Julia Deleganes, Nisha Eakambaram, Leyan Fernandes-Schweinfurth, Jane Foerster, Delia Garigan, Sara Gillette, Chani Goel, Donna Hessinger, Meghan Hoobler, Lesley Jeffries, Leena Kahlon, Bindu Lalitha, Rob Lee, Jessamyn McDonald, Shawn McFaul, Jyoti Menon, Geetu Mirani, Kooko Nakasone, Sepi Nasri, Kara Owsley, Rajeshwari Patil, Shauna Pettit-Brown, Uma Regupathy, Tonia Rehn, Ruta Sathaye, Candace Shah, Liling Sherry, Anne Snider, Laura Rundle, Candice Shah, Jeanette Swafford, Tami Syverson, Renata Torelli, Harshi Waters, Mitch Wiencken Class Projects: Donna Hessinger Nora’s Class – Bird Bath & Planter Box: Brooke Daniel, Chani Goel, Meghan Hoobler, Lesley Jeffiries, Sierra Lavelle, Mimosa Studio, Kara Owsley, Alison Ryan, Tami Syverson, Harshi Waters, Patrick Wheary Robin’s Class – Perpetual Calendar: Nusrat Ahmed, Tessy Alappat, Julia Deleganes, Sandy Fitzpatrick (non-MSB), Nandu Kushalnagar, Geetu Mirani, Tonia Rehn, Vaish Sarathy, Tami Syverson Julie’s Class –Jump for Joy Photo: Jina Bertram, Brooke Daniel, Jessamyn McDonald, Shawn McFaul, Scott McGee, Jesal Pandya Jannie’s Class – Bird Canvas Panels: Mimi Burkholder, Donna Hessinger, Cathy Juliano, Laura Rundle Katy’s Class – Photos with Frame: Donna Hessinger, Shawn McFaul, Laura Rundle, Candice Shah Sarah’s Class – Wall Hanging: Donna Hessinger, Shawn McFaul Kathleen’s Class – Room Divider: Shawn McFaul

Seating Arrangements: Carol Bennett and Kristin Roach Centerpieces: Roger Motter of Haute Floral Auction Night Live Piano Music: Hoffman’s Academy of Music – Joseph Hoffman Auction Day Set-Up: Mimi Burkholder, Liling Sherry and Lois Gearhart Auction Night Volunteers: Binny Aspandiar, Parinna Chen, Andrea Hawkins, Kooko Nakasone, Priya Patil, Kristin Roach and Archana Srikanth MSB Alumni Students: Zeeya Aspandiar (’08), Brenna Barton (’11), Dylan Barton (’11), Jordan Barton (’11), Rohan Bhatt (’10), Anirudh Jain (’09), and Cooper Roach (’08) Auction Item Storage: Murali and Dharshini Pillai Auction Truck: Martin and Dana Houtters Loading/Unloading Truck: Alan Juza Clean-Up:

Thank you to all who help to wrap up this wonderful evening.

This auction’s success is because of all of our parent volunteers.

Thank You.

Kathleen’s Class – Framed Art: Gitanjali Jain, Shawn McFaul Talented Woman Wearing Many Hats: Carol Bennett Auction Flyers, Labels, and Office Support: Christy Whitman and Kristin Roach Newsletter Communications: Carol Bennett, Kristin Roach, Christy Whitman All Around Helpful: Alan Juza Catalog Descriptions & Editing: Steve Batchelor, Carol Bennett, Kara Owsley, Shauna Pettit-Brown, Kristin Roach, Laura Rundle, Ruta Sathaye, Liling Sherry, Jeanette Swafford, and Brianna Traw Computer Set Up: Dave Dewberry, Hamesh Patel, and Suraj Varma Web Page: James and Michelle Song

Children of MSB

The auction committee wishes to thank all the children of MSB for their participation on the class quilts and projects. Their enthusiasm and dedication serve to remind us of the true purpose for this fundraising event. MSB Staff

We thank the teachers, assistants, and staff for their support in preparing for this auction.

Photography: Brooke Daniel, Meghan Hoobler, and Tami Syverson Slide Shows: Brooke Daniel and Tami Syverson 12


Auction Procedures

Auction Rules & Guidelines

Bring this catalog with you on the night of the auction. Arrive between 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm so you have plenty of time to review the silent auctions before they start closing at 6:30 pm. Check in at registration to receive your table number, bid card (with your unique bid number for use in the live and silent auctions) and catalog addendum. Swipe your credit card or write a check to MSB at registration; sign for your credit card purchases, collect your invoice, and pick up your purchases on your way out. How the Silent Auction Works

Silent auction items are divided into two sets distinguished by the colors yellow and red. You may begin bidding on all silent auctions at 5:30 pm. View the items and sign your bid number on the bid sheet in front of the item. Return as often as you like to increase your bid, or offer the Guaranteed Price (after which no one can outbid you) by filling in the lower right box on the bid form. Each auction closes at a different time. At the respective closing times, winning bidders will be clearly circled on the bid sheets. No further bids are accepted. If you are the winning bidder, remember to collect your items and invoice before you leave for the evening. How the Live Auction Works

Live auction items are on display in the ballroom. The bidding starts at 7:30 pm. The auctioneer will suggest starting bids and ask you to raise your card to bid. The auctioneer will acknowledge the top bidder. If you are the winning bidder, please remember to collect your invoice, certificates, baskets, and items before you leave for the evening. Bidding Frenzy

Gift certificates are sold in a fun Bidding Frenzy format. The Bidding Frenzy will be conducted by the auctioneer at several points during the live auction. The auctioneer will read the title of each item and sell it to the first raised bid card he sees. Have your card ready for this fastpaced, exciting frenzy. Please take purchases home with you the night of the auction – there are no storage facilities on site. 14

• All sales are final and payment is required on the night of the auction. We will gladly accept payment by cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Please make your check payable to Montessori School of Beaverton. • The school has endeavored to describe the items accurately, and offers them in good faith and in accordance with descriptions provided by the donors. Items are sold “as is”. No refunds or exchanges will be provided except where noted. The school neither warrants, nor represents, nor is responsible for genuineness, authorship, provenance, or condition of the item. No statement made during the course of the auction shall be deemed to be a warranty, representation, or assumption of liability. • IRS regulations specify that the amount of the purchase price that exceeds the fair market value is tax deductible. Values listed on your receipt are estimates and may need validation for IRS purposes. • Please note restriction dates, conditions and expiration dates on items and services. Restaurant certificates do not include liquor, tax, or gratuities, unless otherwise specified. Refunds and exchanges for cash are not allowed. Purchases must be used within one year of the auction date, unless otherwise noted. • Use of bid number constitutes a legal contract to buy. The closing bid number written on the silent auction bid sheet and circled by the auction committee constitutes the winning bid. In the live auction, the top bid recognized by the auctioneer is a legal contract to purchase the item. • The school reserves the right to add, modify or withdraw items from the catalog. • The auction committee occasionally adds additional components to item donations, when it determines these would enhance the offering. Sometimes the additions are credited to “Friends of MSB” and at other times, no additional, specific crediting of these additions is made. • Winning bidders are responsible for picking up their items or certificates on auction night. The school is not responsible for lost or misplaced items or certificates. At the End of the Auction

• Go to the checkout desk and collect your invoice. Verify your purchases on the invoice. • Go to the item pickup area in the silent room. Your SILENT items and certificates will be distributed to you there. • If you purchased a tangible item during the LIVE auction, you are responsible for collecting it from the display table in the LIVE auction room. Verify this item is present on your invoice. • Bags and boxes are available upon request.

Enjoy! 15

Notes The RAFF LE

Only 89 tickets are available for purchase at $100 each O N T H E N I G H T O F T H E AUC T I O N .

The person with the Golden Ticket will kick off our Live Auction by choosing: A N Y O N E* OF T H E FA B U L UOU S L I V E AUC T I ON I T EM S *E X C L U D I NG M AG I C A L M O L O K A I ’A *

{Only items on which a single bidder can bid are available.}

or $2,500 C R ED I T Towards your 2012/2013 MSB Tuition D O YOU F EEL L UC KY ? Winner need not be present to win.


W i nem ake r ’s Se le ction

MSB parents and acclaimed winemakers, Eric Hamacher and Luisa Ponzi, are thrilled to donate a selection of their favorite Italian wines to MSB.  You will take home with you a case of these fine Italian wines from their personal wine library. 


Thank You Eric Hamacher & Luisa Ponzi

2 . K at y ’ s Class Proje c t S i lv er Jubile e Ph oto C ollag e

Live Auction

Candid photos of the children in the Trillium Room are framed by their own artwork. Using metal tooling, Katy’s students etched words describing Montessori life into the silver metal of each frame. They then artistically embellished their frames with designs of their own making. The finished product is a thoroughly modern, ten-photo collage that showcases your child’s year in the class. And as your child grows, you can easily swap the old pictures out for new ones.


Thank You The Children of Katy’s Class

LIVE • 19

3. Classi c Ita l i a n F e a s t with C AROL & TERRY

Carol & Terry Bennett are inviting you to a classic Italian feast with specialties prompted by memories of their travels and dining in the northern region of Piedmont. The snowcapped mountains and glittering lakes are a spectacular backdrop for world-renowned wines and food. Sample Piedmont wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco donated by Coppia Ristorante Piemontese and presented by MSB alum parent and wine aficionada, Tara McCallum. Terry and Carol will prepare a delectable dinner featuring celebrated Piedmont ingredients such as risotto, prized cuts of meat, hazelnuts and artisan cheeses. Expert chef and parent, Bruce Palmer, will prepare an ambrosial dessert which will entrance your taste buds. Immerse yourself in rich and refined Italian cuisine and wine at Dharshini and Murali Pillai’s beautiful home on Saturday, January 26th, 2013 at 6:30pm. Available for 20 people.

Buon Appetito!

Thank You Terry & Carol Bennett, Coppia Ristorante Piemontese, Bruce Palmer & Farzaneh Mobayen, Murali & Dharshini Pillai

4. Nora ’ s C lass Quilt - Spr ing

Interpreting the brilliance of spring, using vibrant colors and specially hand-dyed fabric, this quilt is a wonderfully original piece of artwork that compliments any home. You will find a friendly Salamander climbing up the tree to get a better look. The children of Nora’s class each created their own blossoms by selecting fabrics, tracing circles, dying fabric, and choosing buttons. The older children completed the button sewing. The blossoms were crafted and arranged to highlight this fresh and unique spring tree. The quilt includes blossoms in pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow, and green on top of a quilted mosaic.


Thank You The Children of Nora’s Class

5 . M a rd i Gr as M asque r ade

Beads, Creole food, King’s Cake, music, dancing, feathers, and masks can only mean one thing - a masquerade party! You’ll dine on the finest southern cuisine and imbibe celebratory cocktails while watching festive dancers. And yes, you can dance too! Farzaneh Mobayen and Bruce Palmer are pulling out all the stops for this gala event. Prior to the big night, they’ll even host a mask-making party to guarantee that each party goer is dressed to the nines. It is never too early to book your babysitter for Saturday, February 9th, 2013 from 5:00pm-10:00pm to make sure you’ll be a part of the Mardi Gras fun! Available for 40 people

LIVE • 20


Thank You Bruce Palmer & Farzaneh Mobayen LIVE • 21

6. Jannie’s C l a s s Qu i lt Blooming G a r d e n

The children of the Cedar Room learned how to sew gathered ‘yoyo’ shapes into puffy layered flowers and utilized their artistic senses to create a beautiful Spring Garden Quilt. It is bursting with colorful flowers and buzzing with insects high and low. Many buttons from Jannie’s collection were used to accessorize the vibrant scene. The quilting is hand-tied, rather than machine finished so that the children’s button sewing has quilted all the layers together!


Thank You The Children of Jannie’s Class

7. W eek in Du r a ngo , Co lo ra d o

Enjoy seven nights in this Boulevard Townhome, located in an upscale area overlooking Durango’s Historic Third Avenue. You will be just steps from downtown’s Main Avenue as well as the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Enjoy a day of hiking or any of the many activities for which Durango, Colorado is famous. You will find ample evening dining and entertainment out on the town or simply relax, grilling dinner on the patio and enjoying the views. No detail has been overlooked in this two bedroom/two bath townhome. This beautiful property will provide you with every comfort for the perfect vacation. The spacious kitchen is fully stocked. The great room offers a leather sectional couch, Bose sound system, and a flat screen TV with cable. The master bedroom features a king size bed and a master bath. The second bedroom features two twin beds and access to a full bathroom. The unit is located on the second floor and offers elevator access, underground parking and secure entry. Air conditioning, internet access, gas fireplace, cable TV, washer/dryer, gas grill, and patio furniture. All you need for a fun and relaxing get-away to The Centennial State. Condo availability calendar: Condo website: Photos: DB_O_2034_prop%20pg_text_LPROP Sleeps 4. Available on mutually agreeable dates. No black out dates. No pets/smoking. Expires March 5, 2013.

Beauty In Nature

Thank You Richard Aldersea

8 . K at h l een’s Class Projec t F ra m ed Art

Students in the Willow Room were so motivated by their study of birds that they became overachievers this year, creating two class projects! The class investigated the wealth of species that inhabit their own garden, field and forest. And from these observations, they created beautiful and detailed drawings of our local birds, from ruby-crowned kinglets to red-tailed hawks. This fowl-related project follows a tradition of creating a collaborative drawing that is then cut into strips for each student to color a section before reassembly into a stunningly varied piece of framed art. 


Thank You The Children of Kathleen’s Class

9 . P re m i um Nig h t Out with th e Tra i l blaze r s

This is the ultimate Blazer package! Two lucky fans will get their game on with a couple of coveted tickets to the Golden State Warriors game at the Rose Garden on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 6:00pm. You’ll find yourself in the heart of the action, near center court in section 112, row K, seats 5 and 6. Avoid parking hassles with a valet parking pass. And to complete your memorable night of Blazer fun, you’ll receive a team-autographed basketball as well as a sweatshirt and four t-shirts.

Go Blazers!

Thank You Adidas America Inc., Eric & Carolyn Downey

1 0 . Ju l i e ’ s Class Proje ct J u mp fo r Joy This project captures the true essence of primary-aged children: they positively exude energy! And so does this photo. The children in the Tree Frog Room channeled that energy for this year’s class masterpiece. Each one of them leapt up, reaching for the sky right as the camera shutter snapped, resulting in a lively and colorful class photo. You’d better jump up right now and bid on this one-of-a-kind memory of your child’s year in Julie’s class!

Priceless Thank You The Children of Julie’s Class LIVE • 22

LIVE • 23

Restaurants Bidding Frenzy OB A - D inne r for 2 - $10 0 Meriwether’s Restaur a n t & Skyline Farm - $10 0 Di ni ng Ou t in Be ave rto n - $8 0 Decarli ($50) , Antoni’s Restaurant ($20) & Sunrise Bagels ($10) Di ni ng Ou t in Portland - $10 0 Bread & Ink Café ($25) , EaT Oyster Bar ($25), and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse ($50) Por Qu e No - $1 00 (Lunch/dinner and drinks for 4) Cine topia - $1 00 Cafe Mingo - $1 00 Paley’s Place - $1 0 0 Swagat Indian Cu isine - $10 0 M cC ormick & Schmicks - $10 0 Hi ggins Re stau rant - $10 0

1 1 . A W e ek on M ag ical M olokai ’ A

Transport yourself to old Hawaii with a seven-night stay at magnificent Okuma House on Molokai’s sunny and dry west end. This dramatic house, situated on four acres, has panoramic views of Hawaii’s longest beach, the endless ocean, and Diamond Head across the sea on Oahu. Artfully designed by a Portland architect, the house is ideal for family gatherings or groups of friends. It sleeps 10 people (2 families) in five en-suite bedrooms, each with a king bed (two of the kings can convert to twins). Open and modern, this home offers a private pool, fully stocked kitchen, fruit orchard and a large covered lanai. Beyond this special home, a magical land awaits you. Molokai is inhabited by people who value their traditions and tourists are few and far between. Swim, snorkel, scuba dive, hike in the mountains, hula dance, sport fish, explore the island’s farms, sail, jog, wander the beaches, or simply do nothing but sit back and feel the breeze on your lanai. This extraordinary package comes with reading material that will get you in the mood for your exotic adventure. Dates to be mutually agreed upon with owner. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s weeks excluded. Expires: March 10th, 2013. More information available at


Thank You Gen Architects, Rod & Teresa Graham, John & Liling Sherry

a gre at date night - $125 Kells Restaurant ($50) , Powell’s Books ($25) & Cinetopia ($50) Tabla Me dite rrane an Bistro - $50

LIVE • 25

1 3 . Ju l i e ’ s C lass Quilt - A W in te r Walk

No matter the temperature, our primary children bundle up and head out into nature. It was these daily walks that sparked the vision of Julie’s class quilt. With the distinctive Northwest woods as their backdrop, students of the Tree Frog Room created their winter-inspired quilt with leaf rubbings, embroidery, beading, and the younger ones marked their footprints on the snowy ground. While the quilt sports the colors of the coolest season: beige, cream, and black denim interspersed with maple leaves, it is sure to keep you warm throughout the year. The quilt is useful as a twin or a wall hanging. 


Thank You The Children of Julie’s Class

1 4. C a s i no Royale 12. R obin’s C l a s s P r o j ect Perpetua l Ca l e n d a r

Both practical and whimsical, this beautiful piece of original solid-wood art features magnetic tiles designed by the children of the Ladybug Room. The dry-erase, magnetic surface makes it easy and fun for your whole family to plan each day using the same style calendar found in our primary rooms, except on a much grander scale. Robin’s inspirational words capturing the spirit of primary school (and life!) surround the work, crowned by an original mural vibrantly depicting the four seasons at our beloved MSB campus. The piece includes a memo board and two hinged storage cabinets for keeping month, date and special event tiles stored tidily out of sight. This work of art captures the memories and imagination of your child’s primary years -- it will be up to you to capture appointments!


Thank You The Children of Robin’s Class

It’s time for a swanky night out! Put on your finest cocktail attire and join MSB parents Stephen and Renee Cooney for a Casino Royale party on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 at 7:00pm. Enjoy the panoramic view from the Cooney’s home atop Council Crest. After sampling a martini (stirred, not shaken), delicious appetizers, a buffet dinner and dessert, have a seat at the poker or blackjack table to see if lady luck is on your side. Who knows? You may be the big winner of the evening.            Available for 40 bidders.


Thank You Steve & Renee Cooney

1 5 . K at h l een’s Class Project Room D ivide r

This project showcases Kathleen’s students depictions of our fine feathered friends on a room divider. First, Kathleen’s students sketched their selected birds, transferred them onto a variety of textiles, and then reassembled a fabric bird. Their hard work will be framed into a paneled room divider designed and created by MSB parent and woodworker extraordinaire Shawn McFaul.


Thank You Shawn McFaul & Katherine Heekin, The Children of Kathleen’s Class

LIVE • 26

LIVE • 27

16. W eek in H e av e n ly H o no l u l u

Attention sunseekers! This is your chance to escape the dreary, grey Portland skies. Slip out of town for a carefree week at the ocean-front Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon Tower from December 15th-22nd, 2012 (these dates can be changed). There’s room for four in this luxurious onebedroom condominium with an ocean view. In the bedroom, you’ll find a king-size bed, the living room has a pull-out sofa bed, you’ll also find a full kitchen and a large dining table that seats six. But enough about your elegantly appointed rooms and more about the outdoor fun. Just outside your door sits the widest stretch of the legendary Waikiki Beach as well as a 5-acre salt water lagoon. And if swimming pools are more your style, you’ve got five of them to choose from. And these aren’t just your standard pools, think slides, waterfalls and heated spas. Even though this resort spans 22-acres, has 20 restaurants and 90 shops, you may want to see what else Oahu has to offer. Do a little snorkeling at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, visit the USS Arizona Memorial, admire beautiful Diamond Head and so much more. Start packing your surfboard and snorkel now, you won’t want to miss this vacation! Available December 15th-December 22nd, 2012...perfect timing for winter break. Expires March 2013. Note: These dates CAN be changed

Project Paradise

Thank You Murali & Dharshini Pillai

17. Sarah’s C l a s s Qu i lt C ozy Fle e c e B l a n k e t

Sea creatures of every size and color adorn this comfy microfleece twin-size blanket. Swimming in a soft, light-blue background, you’ll spy the childrens’ creations such as coral, octopus, eel, turtle, fish, otter, starfish and whale. Some of these soft, fleecy, ocean-going animals were made by Sarah’s individual students, other, more complicated ones, made by a team of Juniper Room experts. And while each child’s unique work of art shines, you simply can’t miss the ever-present yellow submarine. That’s right, a brightly-colored, Beatles-inspired sea-worthy vessel decorated with each students’ image. Don’t miss this chance to own this unique, comfy, cozy and colorful aquarium on a blanket!


Thank You The Children of Sarah’s Class



1 8 . A W e ek in Eng lan d

Jump across the pond and enjoy a unique vacation in England’s Lake District. You’ll spend seven nights in a rural cottage - a rather large cottage that can sleep up to 10 guests within its four bedrooms, two baths, spacious kitchen and living areas. Outside the cottage, you’ll find an orchard garden, lawn area and a river - a perfect place to dine al fresco. The countryside surrounding your charming cottage is perfect for touring Lake District National Park - England’s largest, covering 885 square miles. The area is famous for its stunning scenery, so stunning that it has inspired many writers and artists including Beatrix Potter, Wordsworth and Coleridge. You, too, will be inspired by cool, clear lakes and rivers, ancient woodlands, diverse landscape, wildlife, and unique geology and archaeology. There have been people in the Lake District since the end of the last ice age. It is an ideal place for hikers and cyclists. And when you just can’t walk or bike another inch, there are several surrounding towns with abundant shops and restaurants. Take a look at your English cottage online: This package is a seven night, Saturday to Saturday stay. An additional week can be purchased at a 50% discounted rate. Typical summer (high season) weekly rate is $1,200, so you would pay the discounted rate of $600 for the extra week. August 2012 has a wide range of dates available and it’s a great time to be in the Lake District. Based on availability and mutually agreeable dates. Expires March 10th, 2013.

Once In A Lifetime Thank You Richard Aldersea LIVE • 28

LIVE • 29

19. Nora’s C l a s s P r o j ect Birdb ath a n d P la n t e r B ox

This story begins with an adventure to an MSB grandparent house, where the tree pedestal was discovered. It continues with a passion for nature, woodworking, glass-blowing, and a lot of big and little hands who sanded the tree, formed the bowl, hammered nails, painted nature designs, and had a lot of fun. Just like every good Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax hides a wonderful story in a silly rhyme, that both adults and kids love. If you are lucky enough to take the Lorax Project home today, one day you too may see “Truffula Seeds” growing into trees, “Swomee Swans” sitting at the Lorax birdbath and your very own “Brown Bar-ba-Loots” playing in the shade eating “Truffula Fruits” and enjoying the wonders of nature. This whimsical package includes a birdbath base with a handblown Chihuly-style glass bowl, hand-painted tile planter box, Truffula Tree seeds, Lorax book signed by the Salamander classroom, a copy of the original 1970s Lorax show, and four movie theater tickets to see The Lorax Movie.


Thank You The Children of Nora’s Class

2 0. L uau

Why spend your hard-earned money on plane tickets and hotel rooms when you can experience the island life without leaving town? Join Steve Edelman and Hyun Suh at their gorgeous home for a night of authentic Hawaiian food and entertainment. Think music, hula dancers, and perhaps a dance lesson or two -- and tropical drinks, all poolside on a warm, late-summer evening. Quick, raise your paddle! Forty of your closest MSB friends will be vying for a chance to don a grass skirt and sip a mai-tai on Saturday, September 8th, 2012 at 3:00pm. Available for 40 people


Thank You Steven Edelman & Hyun Suh, Bruce Palmer & Farzaneh Mobayen LIVE • 30

21 . Sa ra h ’s C lass Wag on for 6 th Gr ade Tr ip

This fall, the Juniper room studied the Oregon Trail. That work led to the creation of this one-of-a-kind, medium-sized wagon. A dedicated group of Sarah’s students - Spencer, Anika, Julia, Kian, Noor, and Andrew chose a wagon because you can’t travel on the trail without one! The project entailed intensive research and much help from Tommy and Alan. The kids shopped at Home Depot, borrowed Alan’s tools, cut the wood, assembled the wagon, found the perfect fabric for the cover, built the wire frame, used a cool staple gun, and worked long and hard on attaching the wheels (and learned a lot about axles). The finished project is a true labor of love, one that took months of hard work, a lot of cooperation, and did we mention help from Tommy and Alan? Funds raised from the sale of this hand-crafted vehicle will go directly to the sixth-grade trip, so come on, pony up!


Thank You The Children of Sarah’s Class

22. J a nni e’s C lass Pr oje ct Sp rea d your W ing s an d F ly

Perched upon painted branches sit the most colorful and creative flock of birds ever imagined! Hand-drawn in colored pencil by students in the Cedar Room, these feathered friends were cut out and applied to a series of three canvases. Dark branches, a blue sky and leaves made of music notes accompany snippets of writing by Jannie’s students to grace these beautiful birds on a wonderfully unique triptych.  


Thank You The Children of Jannie’s Class LIVE • 31

2 3. Bollywoo d Pa rt y

Think Hollywood only better and brighter with lavish musicals, love songs, elaborate dances, hilarious comedy and daredevil thrills! You and all your MSB friends won’t want to miss this evening hosted by our own MSB parent Nitin Rai and food catered by Swagat (owned by MSB parents Srimanth Chinnam and Sreelakshmi Dhanehula). Put on your finest party attire, enjoy some of the best Indian food in town, get an authentic henna tattoo and dance the night away. Start the new school year on a high note by attending this party on September 22nd, 2012 from 7:00pm-11:00pm. Available to 40 lucky bidders.


Thank You Srimanth Chinnam & SreeLakshmi Dhanehula, Nitin Rai, Swagat Indian Cuisine

24. Robin’s C l a s s Qu i lt An Autum n S t r o l l

Imagine the entire Lady Bug Classroom on an autumn stroll. The footprints of each child circle around an alder tree so vibrant and full of colors that even a few ladybugs can be hidden within. Each leaf and footprint has been hand rubbed and dyed by the classroom. This quilt represents the classroom “walking on the line” in the outdoors while observing the vibrant colors and creatures of autumn. Brown, orange, green, and red leaves atop a quilted landscape make this quilt a true classic.


Thank You The Children of Robin’s Class

25. Sarah’s C l a s s P r o j ec t Words o f Wis d o m

The Juniper room students have gathered much knowledge over the years, and these kids have a lot to say! Each child has written about life lessons learned and shared them with the world via this art piece. They did this letter by letter, hand stamping their messages onto narrow strips of copper. These strips have been beautifully woven together to create not only a oneof-a-kind piece of art, but a very personal display of insight and wisdom from the hearts of the Juniper room students.


Thank You The Children of Sarah’s Class

2 6 . Ro ma nti c G etaway to The Al l i s o n In n

Retreat from the stresses of your every day life for two nights at the Allison Inn and Spa in our state’s very own wine country. Located in Newberg, Oregon, this Willamette Valley destination resort has a luxurious spa with 12 treatment rooms, a fitness studio, and indoor swimming and spa pools.  Lauded by the likes of Conde Nast Traveler, this Inn is more of a small country estate than a hotel. Revel in your room’s fabulous views, spa-like bathroom, fireplace, artwork by local artisans and custom crafted furniture. You’ll arrive at The Allison and its 35 acres of fragrant gardens and vineyards in your very own rented Jaguar sedan. Yes, a Jag and you in wine country! You’ll have use of the car for the entire weekend and can use it to get to your tour of Sokol Blosser Winery. The tour is for eight people and they won’t all fit in your Jag, so just have them meet you there. Your visit to Sokol Blosser will include a private tasting accompanied by fruits and cheeses, as well as a guided tour of the vineyard and their US Green Building-certified barrel cellar. End the day by driving your temporary wheels to the Ponzi Family’s own Dundee Bistro where you’ll enjoy their fantastic selection of Willamette Valley-produced food with this gift card ($75). Finally, you will take home a magnum of Thistle Pinot Noir 2008, “the perfect vintage.” Each year Thistle owner and winemaker, Jon Jennison, bottles only a handful of magnum bottles and this was the last magnum available in Portland! Jaguar Sedan: Two weeks advance notice, driver’s license, over 21 years of age required. Expires March 31st, 2013. Sokol Blosser: Call to make arrangements based on mutual availability. Expires March 10th, 2013. Allison Inn: Flexibility offered, your two nights can be split over two different week-ends. Or make this a couples’ over-night getaway and share it with a friend. Dundee Bistro: Expires March 31st, 2013.

Heavenly LIVE • 32

Thank You Steve & Renee Cooney, Monte Shelton Jaguar, Michel & Rebecca Ponzi, John & Liling Sherry, Sokol Blosser, The Allison Inn and Spa LIVE • 33

2 7. K at y’s Cl a s s Qu ilt - S il h ou e t t es

This timeless quilt captures the distinctive profile of each student in Katy’s class. Every silhouette was hand-cut, appliqued, and finished with satin stitching. The children had fun playing an informal game of “Who’s Who” before signing their names underneath their silhouettes. These precious profiles will be treasured throughout the years.


Thank You The Children of Katy’s Class

2 9 . A Y e a r of Organi c Vegeta b les from Pumpkin Ridg e Gar de n s

Health and nature at your doorstep! A basket of seasonal organic vegetables delivered to your home 52 weeks a year by MSB alumni parents Polly Gottesman and James Just. The produce is grown with great care and commitment on their family farm. A full share feeds a family of four to six people. This subscription is a special offer to MSB family and friends - the service often sells out! This is an excellent opportunity to experience the benefits of organic produce.  Delivery is restricted to areas west of E 82nd in Portland and north of TV Highway in Beaverton. No delivery to Tualatin, Tigard or Lake Oswego.  Please call Pumpkin Ridge Gardens to verify that delivery is available in your area. You may also pick up your weekly vegetables at the farm in North Plains.

Bon Appetit!

Thank You Pumpkin Ridge Gardens

3 0. Uta h Fun W e e k Packag e

2 8. C olumbia G o r ge Win e m a ke r’ s Tou r

Visit Oregon’s beautiful Columbia Gorge wine region in the comfort of a luxurious van, driven by MSB alum parent Scott Huck! Fourteen fortunate guests will be whisked away from the MSB parking lot on Saturday, May 19th, 2012 for a day packed with wine tasting, education, delicious food, and new friends. You will start your wine tour at Jacob Williams Winery on the Washington side of the Columbia River. There, you will dig into a delicious wine country lunch and enjoy an educational tour and tasting with knowledgeable winemaker and MSB parent Brad Gearhart. From there, you will enjoy a private tour and tasting at three other Gorge wineries: Domaine Pouillon Winery in Lyle, WA, Cerulean Winery in Hood River and Mt Hood Winery also in Hood River. After a day replete with good food and good wine, you will return to MSB in the early evening. This special day includes door-to-door service from MSB, all tasting fees, a hearty wine country lunch, gourmet snacks for the ride, and discounts on all of your wine purchases throughout the tour. On auction night you will also take home a special bottle of Jacob Williams Reserve Syrah! Available for 14 bidders.


Thank You Jacob Williams Winery, Brad Gearhart, Lois Gearhart, Scott & Kami Huck LIVE • 34

Just an hour and half flight or a scenic 12-hour drive on I-84 brings you to the mountain paradise that is Wolf Creek, Utah. Take five days and four nights to recharge your batteries in this fully-equipped, four bedroom, three bath, brand new home. Overlooking the Ogden Valley, this vacation home spans 2,800 sq. ft. plus a full basement. The house can sleep 12 people (2-3 families). With a great room plus a big rec room, four TVs, stereo, iPod hookup, gas fireplaces, ping pong, air hockey, gas barbecue, bicycles, 10’ ceilings, walls of windows, and huge panoramic views of mountains above and valleys below, you’ll never want to leave! Wolf Creek Resort offers a clubhouse with a restaurant, full bar, 18 holes of golf, and spectacular views. The neighborhood has its own private clubhouse which includes a fitness room, hot tub, and outdoor pool (summer only). Nearby activities include skiing, mountain biking, tubing, hiking, golf, fishing, horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, white water rafting, kayaking, cave exploration, wildlife and bird watching, hunting, boating, sailing, jet skiing, amusement, and water park. This is the LAST time this home will be offered in the auction! One MSB parent has bought this twice and says ‘It is brand new and fabulous. I feel like I’m in Europe every time I visit.’       Guest pays a cleaning fee of $100. No pets, no smoking. Based on availability, subject to prior bookings & holiday black-out periods. Expires December 18th, 2012.


Thank You Lee Davies Real Estate

LIVE • 35


Silent Yellow

Find out why Northwest Academy students thrive.

It’s how we teach. And how they learn.

1 00. H a ndmade Ste r ling Silve r - plate d Ea rri ng s Add some dazzle with handmade sterling silver-plated earrings made by talented MSB parent Sierra Lavelle. Five lovely pair are available.


Thank You Michael & Sierra Lavelle

1 01 . T ra d e r Joe ’s Gift Baske t

A terrific food basket from a store you’ve come to love! Trader Joe’s.


Thank You Trader Joe’s - Hillsboro

1 02. P i c t ur e ka

Challenge your family with this exciting game of visual hide and seek! For two or more people, recommended for ages 6 and older.


Thank You Robert Zdebski & Renee Rutz

1 0 3 . Admi ssion T ic kets to Valley C i ne ma

OPEN HOUSES Thursdays from 10:00 am to 11:30 am November 10, December 8 January 5, February 9, March 8, April 12 RSVP to Lainie Ettinger, Admissions Director 503/223/3367 ext. 104 NORTHWEST ACADEMY An independent college preparatory school, grades 6-12, located in the heart of Portland’s downtown cultural center.

Enjoy movie admission for four with four medium drinks and two large popcorns to Valley Cinema located at 9360 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. Minor admission policy must be observed. Minors welcome to all matinees and early evening shows. No minors (under the age of 21) admitted to shows starting at or after 8.00pm. Valid through December, 2012.


Thank You Dan & Nora Mix, Valley Cinema - Pub

1 04. Fa m i ly Pass at C h ildr e n ’s M use um Running out of ways to keep the kids occupied on a rainy day? Grab this family pass for four to Portland Children’s Museum and summer won’t seem so far away. Expires March 31st, 2013.


Thank You Portland Children’s Museum

1 05 . Two Ticke ts to W ildlife Safar i

Take a walk on the wild side with two tickets to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. Valid through October 14th, 2012.


Thank You Wildlife Safari SILENT YELLOW • 39

10 6. Four Pa s s e s to L loyd C e nt er Ic e Rink

Bundle up and enjoy some ice skating at Lloyd Center Ice Rink! These four passes entitle the bearer to admission and skate rental. Expires March 31st, 2013.

$40 Thank You Lloyd Center Ice Rink

1 1 1 . He a lth y Kid Packag e

Keep your child healthy with this healthy kid combo. “Super Foods for Babies and Children” is a cookbook by Annabel Karmel that helps recognize nutritional value in foods and has easy instructions for crafting balanced meals. Send your child to school with the Healthy Lunch Combo Pack which keeps food chilled and fresh.


Thank You Mirador Community Store, Pratap Nadimpalli & Suhasini Penmetsa

Calling all pet lovers! Now’s your chance to stock up on pet supplies.

1 1 2. Yog a Time at Sun se t Yog a C e n te r

10 7. G ift C e rtif ic ate f r o m Pe t B a rn Expires March 10, 2013

$40 Thank You Pet Barn

Excludes merchandise, workshops, private lessons. Expires March 2013.


108. Four Co mpl ime n ta ry Ta s t i ng s at David H il l V in eya r d a nd W i ne ry Are you a wine lover? Expand your repertoire with four complimentary tastings at David Hill Vineyard and Winery right in our backyard in Forest Grove, Oregon. David Hill Vineyard:

$40 Thank You Eric & Carolyn Downey

10 9. W elcom e N e w B a by C loth Dia pe r ing S e rv i c e

Cloth diapering services from Babyworks for your little bundle of joy. Babyworks is one of the original cloth diapering companies and have been providing an environmentally safe solution for over 20 years. Also take home a growth chart and teething ring. Babyworks: Redeem at store or via phone call.


Stretch, bend, refresh, and rejuvenate with a gift certificate good towards weekly classes at Sunset Yoga Center.

Thank You Babyworks, Robert Zdebski & Renee Rutz

110. Hair C ut at S t u d io L u x e

Thank You Sunset Yoga Center

1 1 3 . Ta b l e Lin e n s

Beautify your table with four lovely placemats, napkins, napkin rings, and table runner.


Thank You Ben & Heidi Butler

1 1 4. Ta rot an d Ang e l C ar d Re ading w i t h Rose Okada

Tarot and angel card reading for 45 minutes with Rose Okada who has 30 years of experience. Expires December 31st, 2012. Call to schedule day and time.


Thank You Rose Okada

1 1 5 . N ew S eason s M ARKET Baske t ( ITALIAN GOO DIES ) Dig into this New Seasons basket.

Show off those beautiful tresses with a woman’s hair cut by Karen Miles at Studio Luxe in The Pearl. Expires January 13th, 2013.



1 1 6 . P l at te r by Folle tte Potte ry

Thank You Studio Luxe

Thank You New Seasons Market - Orenco Station

Add to your curio cabinet with this beautiful platter by Follette Pottery. Follette Pottery:


Thank You Terry & Carol Bennett SILENT YELLOW • 41

117. Tazza Ca f e B a s k e t

A wonderful basket from one of our local businesses - Tazza Cafe!  This selection includes two bags of Stumptown coffee, four bottles of RAD BBQ Sauce, Tazza’s famous seasoning rub, a $10 gift card plus a little something for instant gratification, one HUGE cookie!


Thank You Tazza Cafe

118. Razor Sc r e a m Mac hin e - T ri c yc l e

This cool tricycle will dazzle your child! They’ll cruise around the neighborhood in style riding this three-wheel low-rider with a BMX style handlebar and high tensile steel frame. Three tricycles available for three lucky children! Two of the tricycles are not assembled.


Thank You Steven Edelman & Hyun Suh

119. Oregon ’ s G r a n d S a lo n Spa

Choose from an extensive list of services including hand and foot therapy, skin care, waxing, IPL hair removal, micro-dermabrasion, body treatments, massages, make-up, and specialty packages. Expires March 13th, 2013.


Thank You Oregon’s Grand Salon Spa

120. Playmo b i l “ M y Ta k e A l o ng Puppet T he ate r ”

Create your own puppet show anywhere, anytime with Playmobil’s “My Take Along Puppet Theater.” This imagination-inducing set includes six figures, changeable scenes, and four sound effects. Let the show begin! For ages 4+


Thank You Learning Palace

1 21 . B l u e tooth He adse t

Comply with hands-free driving laws using this Jawbone ICON Series Rogue bluetooth headset. Its high-tech features include military grade “noise-assassin 2.5” for crystal clear communication, sensor-fusion wind filter for best wind-noise removal, spoken updates in your ear and caller ID. Enjoy a long battery life with up to 4.5 hours talk time. Best of all, it’s compatible with the iPhone!


Thank You Robert Achten & Annie Lattey

1 2 2 . Fo r t he Ballerina Th e Portlan d Balle t

Have a little ballerina at home? Here’s a gift certificate valid for class tuition or retail items at the Portland Ballet off Capitol Highway. May not be used for performance tickets. Expires March 10th, 2013.


Thank You The Portland Ballet

1 23 . Si l h oue tte of your C h ildr e n

Capture a unique image of your family with custom, hand-cut silhouettes of each child in a family (or a pair of silhouettes, if you would prefer other subjects, such as a bride and groom) by MSB parent, Rachel Defnet. For MSB students, she will photograph the children and deliver the finished silhouettes to MSB. Non-MSB families may photograph their children and email her the pictures. Expires March 31st, 2013.


Thank You Benjamin & Rachel Defnet

1 24. Long bottom C offe e & Powe ll’ s B ook Stor e Gift C ar d

Start your day right with 2 lbs of Longbottom Black Gold Coffee Blend, a smooth and creamy dark roast. And what better accompaniment than a gift card ($25) from Powell’s Books.


Thank You David & Katy Carter, Longbottom Coffee and Tea, Inc.



125 . Audubo n Me mbe r s hip & Field G u id e to B ir d s

Enjoy the great outdoors with this one-year family membership to the Audubon Society of Portland. Receive discounts on classes, trips, and store purchases, and stay connected with your complimentary subscription to the Warbler Newsletter. You’ll also fly off with a copy of Birds of Oregon Field Guide.


Thank You Audubon Society of Portland, Friends of MSB

Tone your body and mind with a five class package at Santosha Yoga. Choose the class that meets your desires and/or ability. Expires January 1st, 2013.


Thank You Santosha Yoga

1 3 0. H a i rcut at Tr ibe Hair Studio Get a new ‘do with this haircut by Jeff Davidson at Tribe Studio. Expires August 1st, 2012.

126. For th e Run n e r / Wa l k e r : Terrap i n Ev e n t s Gi f t C e rt i f i c at e & T- Shirts Lock in your running/walking season with this Terrapin Events gift certificate for one of the following events: Bridge to Brews (April 15), Cinco de Mayo (May 6), Mt. Tabor Doggie Dash (July 21) or Run Like Hell (October 21). This wonderful energizing package includes two t-shirts (one men’s and one women’s - both medium size) to take home.


1 29 . F i v e C lasse s at San tosh A Yog a

Thank You Terrapin Events


Thank You Tribe Hair Studio

1 3 1 . W i l s on ville Family F un C e n te r & B u l lwin kle ’s Re staur an t

Relax and enjoy a little quality family time at Wilsonville Family Fun Center and Bullwinkle’s Restaurant. Enjoy $40 in bonus fun cards valid on games and rides. Also, included is a coupon for one large one topping pizza. Expires March 10th, 2013.


Thank You Family Fun Center and Bullwinkle’s Restaurant

127. Lessons at Fo rt e Mu s ic Sc h ool Ever wanted to take music lessons or considered lessons for your child? Well now you can with this gift certificate for two 30-minute lessons at Forte Music School. Expires December 1st, 2012.


Thank You Forte Music School

Vroom vroom...Race to get these two passes to the Malibu Raceway good for 7 laps per person. Follow-up your time at the track with pizza by using this gift card for California Pizza Kitchen ($25). Malibu Raceway: Pass is one person per day. Expires January 1st, 2013. California Pizza Kitchen: Expires March 31st, 2013.


128. Music l e s s o n s w ith R os e O k a d a Looking for a music teacher? Here are two private 30-minute music lessons with Rose Okada who has 30 years of teaching experience. Choose your instrument: violin, guitar, tabla, or sarangi. Expires December 31st, 2012. Call to schedule day and time.


1 3 2. M a l i bu Race way an d Pizza

Thank You Rose Okada

Thank You Eric & Carolyn Downey, Malibu Raceway

1 3 3 . T e a r s of Joy Pu ppet Show a nd L unch

Enjoy a puppet show with your child with two complimentary tickets to Tears of Joy Theatre’s staging of “Stellaluna.” Shows run April 13th to April 22nd, 2012. For a list of times and dates please visit their web site. Also, eat lunch/dinner at your choice of Macaroni Grill, On The Border, Maggiano’s or Chili’s. Tears of Joy Theatre: Valid April 13th-April 22nd, 2012. Tears of Joy:

$65 Thank You Eric & Carolyn Downey, Tears of Joy Theatre SILENT YELLOW • 44


134. Dance C a rd fr o m C am i C u rt i s Perfor m ing A rt s Ce n t er

1 3 8 . D at e Night at Regal Cine ma & K e l ls Re staur an t

use it. No expiration date.

Kells Gift card: May not be used for cover charge or gratutity.



Have a child who loves to dance? Enjoy this five class dance card good for any drop-in class at the Portland Studio from Cami Curtis Performing Arts Center. Good for drop-in only, no session classes. Once the certificate is redeemed, you have 3 months to Thank You Cami Curtis Performing Arts Center

Thank You Eric & Carolyn Downey, Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub

135 . Kinder m u s ik Mu s ic L e ss ons

Apply this Kindermusik gift certificate to tuition for a full semester of Kindermusik. Kindermusik offers small classes suitable for children 18 months through seven years. Encourage your child’s love of music through singing, dancing, and playing simple percussion instruments. While older students can begin ear training and note reading through the aid of glockenspiel, dulcimer, and recorder. Also included is a CD of “The Best of Kindermusik: Volume 2.” Not transferable to any other program. Expires March 31st, 2013.


Break away from your day-to-day life and enjoy a date night at the movies. Take full advantage of this $20 certificate to any Regal Cinema plus a $50 credit at Portland’s famous Kells Irish Restaurant and pub.

Thank You Kindermusik of Cedar Mill

136. O n e Hou r Ma s s age at W e s t H i l l s C hirop r at ic Clin ic

1 3 9 . OGA Classe s & Par e n ts’ Ni g h t Out Pass

One month of recreational gymnastics or cheer classes meeting once a week. Also included is admission to one Parents’ Night Out (6:30pm10:00pm). OGA classes: Expires January 1st, 2013. Only applicable for new members. Valid one certificate per child. Membership fee not included. Parents Night Out: Call for dates.


Thank You Oregon Gymnastic Academy

1 40. C h a mbe r M usic NW 2 01 1 - 2 01 2 Enc ore Se r ie s

Relax and breathe deeply with this one hour massage from Dr. Sarah Conroy at West Hills Chiropractic Clinic. She’s been helping Beaverton residents stay well since 1996. West Hills Chiropractic Clinic:

Two tickets to Chamber of Music 2011-2012 Encore Series. On Wednesday, March 28th, 2012, experience the East Coast Chamber Orchestra at Reed College, Kaul Auditorium at 7:30pm for two people! Listen to a new piece from Portland-born composer Kenji Bunch as well as Beethoven’s massive and virtuosic Grosse Fuge. Seating is in Section A.


Valid only for 2011-2012 Encore series on March 28th, 2012. Subject to availability. Please call ticket office for actual tickets at least one week prior.

Thank You West Hills Chiropractic Clinic


137. Portla n d A s ia n -f u s io n: L a n S u C hinese G a r d e n a n d P F C h a ng ’ s

Enjoy Asian-fusion, Portland style! The lucky bidder will get two admission tickets to the Lan Su Chinese Garden. The winner will also enjoy the fusion theme with a $50 gift card to P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, a unique culinary combination of American and Chinese cultures. With one located in Portland’s Pearl District you won’t need to travel far.

$67 Thank You Debbi Craven, Lan Su Chinese Garden

1 41 . Gy mbor e e Play an d M usic/ Wood e n Toy

Harness the energy of your little one at Gymboree Play and Music! This certificate is good for four 45-minute classes or towards re-enrollment for returning families. You’ll also take home Busy Bugs “Wooden Walkers” by Voila. A classic wooden toy sure to entertain for hours while developing balance and coordination.


Thank You Chamber Music Northwest

Thank You Gymboree Play & Music, Robert Zdebski & Renee Rutz SILENT YELLOW • 47

14 2 . Ten Play Pa s s e s to P u mp I t Up J r

Is your child jumping around the house? Channel that awesome energy with ten play passes to Pump It Up Jr.


Thank You Pump It Up Jr.

143. Winning W i n e - 2 0 0 8 Anom a ly Vineyar d s Ca b e r n e t S au v i g non

The lucky bidder will walk away with a bottle of award-winning 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet from Anomaly Vineyards. Winner of Sunset Magazine’s Western Wine Award in the “Deep Pocket” category, Anomaly was chosen out of 500 wines. The Sunset November 2011 issue describes it as “classic black cherry, cassis, and plum with sandalwood, English leather, roasted coffee, and spices.” Anomaly’s winemaker, Mark Porembski, is Carol Bennett’s nephew!


Thank You Mark Porembski & Jennifer Williams

144. Burt’s B e e s Pe r s o na l C a r e Pr oduc ts

1 46 . One 2 008 Ze itg e ist C e llar s C a b er n e t Sauvig non

ZEITGEIST is a philosophical term meaning the spirit of the times! And that’s most definitely a great way to describe this wine from Zeitgeist Cellars in St. Helena, CA. Incredibly dark, the 2008 Zeitgeist is replete with notes of spice, soft wood tones and dried herb. Rich scents of mahogany, hazelnut and blackberry compote fill the imagination even before it touches your lips. Enjoy this 750ml bottle of their 2008 Zeitgeist Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. Winemaker Mark Porembski, is Carol Bennett’s nephew!


Thank You Mark Porembski & Jennifer Williams

1 47 . P ort lan d Spir it C ruise

Sail away on a “Portland Spirit” lunch cruise for two adults. Enjoy two hours of fine dining, entertainment and the beauty of the Portland skyline. Valid on Portland Spirit or Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler. No cash refunds. Not valid on holidays and special cruises. Advance reservation required. Expires December 31st, 2012.


Thank You Portland Spirit

A variety of Burt’s Bees personal care products, plus a bottle of clover honey and a bee’s wax safe candle. Buzz buzz.


Set of six placemats with napkins along with two pounds of Longbottom Black Gold Coffee Blend - dark roast with full body, yet smooth and creamy to the palate.

Thank You Debbi Craven

145. Two-to n ed Sc a nd i Ha ndm a d e Blown G la s s B ow l

Vibrant and eye-catching, these two-toned, hand-crafted blown glass bowls make a statement! Created and signed by glass artist Matt Clark of Terra Glassworks, these five scandi bowls come in varied color schemes: marine blue, deep blue, slate, red and fuchsia. Buy all five for a stunning collection or a single bowl for $75.


1 48 . S i x P l ace mats, Napkin s, a nd L ong bottom C offe e


Thank You Longbottom Coffee and Tea, Inc., Hamesh & Khyati Patel

Thank You Curtis & Harshi Waters



149. Fa mily S u mme r F un - Ou t of t h i s World P iz z a & E nc ha n t ed Fores t

How about some summer fun? Use this summer membership for one child to “Out of this World Pizza” in Hillsboro. The membership covers entrance during all operating hours, includes a 10% discount on all food purchased and any birthday parties. You will have the option of being upgraded to include additional children in your immediate family. This auction package also includes four passes to the “Enchanted Forest Theme Park” near Salem where your family can enjoy the storybook themes and kiddie rides on a sunny summer day. Enchanted Forest: No cash value and non-transferable. Out of this World Pizza: Valid June 20th-September 20th, 2012.


Thank You Enchanted Forest, Rob Lee & Tammi Dereiko, Out of this World Pizza & Play

15 0 . Blow You r Own G l a s s F l oat at Elem e n t G la s s S tu d i o

Let your creative side out! Blow your own glass float with a professional glass blower at Element Glass Studio in NW Portland. All the material and equipment will be provided and a professional glass artist will guide you. Call to make an appointment.


Thank You Element Glass Studio

15 1. Sweets fo r t he Swe e t

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this package! Enjoy a gift certificate from Cookies by Design valid for one “Five-cookie standard design bouquet,” a gift certificate from Sweetwares and Baker & Spice Bakery (which can be used in both Baker & Spice and Sweetwares), and last, but not least, one one-pound gift certificate to See’s Candies. Cookies By Design: Please order 24 hours in advance. Can be redeemed for cookies only at the Beaverton location. Not valid online. Delivery and tax not included.


Thank You Steve & Kristin Batchelor, Cookies by Design, Sweetwares, Baker & Spice Bakery

Local foodie Mark Bitterman calls himself a “selmelier” – a made-up word to describe a salt expert! Take home this autographed copy of his book Salted as well as five distinctive salts from The Meadow, an internationally recognized Portland shop! The Meadow:

Spend quality time with your child with two tickets to the Northwest Childrens Theater presentation of El Zorrito. Follow it up with a great meal at P. F. Chang’s ($40)! Northwest Childrens Theater: Valid May 4th - 20th, 2012 for 6pm & 7pm shows only. All seats based on availability. Reservation required.


Thank You Bryan & Nicole Spry SILENT YELLOW • 50

Thank You NW Childrens Theater and School, P.F.Chang’s

1 5 4 . Two Passes to T ree to Tree Adv e ntur e Par k

Two passes (one adult and one child) to Tree to Tree Adventure Park, an aerial obstacle course in Gaston, OR near Haag Lake. Zip and soar in the trees.....under canopies, over wobbly bridges, and more! You’ll also score a free t-shirt! Call for reservations.


Thank You Tree to Tree Adventure Park

1 5 5 . D a nc e Classes at Westside Dance & G y mnastics Acade my

Sign up your child for one month of Dance Classes at Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy. Your child will also enjoy “Tutu Cute,” a tutu activity kit by Alex and “Maggie Leigh,” a magnetic dress-up doll by Melissa and Doug. Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy: New members only. Expires December 1st, 2012.


Thank You Westside Dance & Gymnastics Academy, Robert Zdebski & Renee Rutz

1 5 6 . B eau tiful In dian Be d Spr e ad

A lovely and delicate king-size bed spread with hand embroidery in maroon and cream. Made in India, it also comes with two large pillow covers and two small covers. Dry clean only.


15 2. Salted: B o o k a n d Spe c i a lt y S a lt s


1 5 3 . Nort hwe st C h ildr e n s Th e ate r a nd P. F. C h ang ’s

Thank You Mahadev & Nisha Eakambaram

1 5 7 . Nort hwe st F ilm C e n te r Ticke ts

Use these five tickets for any Northwest Film Center screening (excluding the Portland International Film Festival). Expires September 10th, 2012.


Thank You Northwest Film Center SILENT YELLOW • 51

15 8. Br icks 4 K id z - Fo r a B u ddi ng Lego Buil d e r

Includes one session ($60) at Bricks 4 Kidz where kids can build unique creations, play games, and have loads of fun using Lego® bricks. You’ll also take home a Dino Horizons super glow pteranodon - a ‘super sized’ skeleton of the flying reptile with guidebook! Bricks4Kidz: Gift certificate may be used as $60 credit towards a week of full/half day summer camp.


Thank You Brandon & Cindy Barnett, Bricks4Kidz

Spend some time on NW 23rd! Have lunch with a friend at St Honore Boulangerie ($25), then shop at Betsy & Iya ($30) for some new jewelry. You’ll also take home on auction night a pair of pretty earrings from Betsy & Iya. Betsy & Iya: Expires March 1st, 2013. Thank You Betsy & Iya, St. Honore Boulangerie

$100 Thank You Debbi Craven

1 6 3 . Om eg a Gymnastics

One month’s free tuition (includes registration fee of $25).

$100 Thank You Omega Gymnastics

1 6 4. One s e ssion at Be ave rton Socce r

One session at Lil’ Beavers Soccer Academy - Indoor Soccer. A session runs for two months and provides your child with fast-paced, fun-packed exposure to the most popular sport in the world. Valid until March 2013.

$100 Thank You Beaverton Soccer

160. Che f’s D e l i g h t : Kitche n Acc e s s o r ie s

Preheat the oven and start cooking with these kitchen tea towels, colander, measuring spoons and recipe markers.


Exquisite matching necklace and earrings made of sterling silver and natural gemstone. Designed and made by MSB parent, Debbi Craven.

Offer available to new students only. Four classes in any recreational class (excludes drop-ins & open gym).

15 9. St. Hono r e a n d B e t s y & I ya on NW 2 3 r d


1 6 2. Ne c klace an d Ear r ing s Se t

Thank You Rob Lee & Tammi Dereiko

1 6 5 . M embe r sh ip at W e st Portlan d B oxi ng

Two months membership for West Portland Boxing with traditional boxing instruction and drills. Equipment, including handwraps, will be provided. No sparring. Workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00pm-7:00pm at the Garden Home Rec Center. Expires March 31st, 2013.

$100 Thank You West Portland Boxing

Grabbed your attention huh?! With the busy lives we all lead, who wouldn’t appreciate a little help at meal times? This new six quart, stainless steel pressure cooker will amaze you with its ease and simplicity. And you will have over 300 recipes at your fingertips for soups, sides, main dishes, sauces, desserts and even baby food, from “The Easy Pressure Cooker Cookbook” by Diane Phillips. Imagine chili con carne in 15 minutes, herb roasted chicken in 15 minutes, steamed vegetables in three minutes, seafood risotto in eight minutes or cheesecake in 30 minutes! Like we said, elegant meals served hot with the power of steam.

1 6 6 . D i s c oun te d C h ocolate M aking B i rt h day Part y

161. E legan t, H ot a n d S t e a m y (Now We’r e Co o k ing!)


Thank You John & Liling Sherry


50% off a chocolate making birthday party for children over six years of age at Chocolate Craft Studio on N. Williams. Invite up to ten participants (six years and older). Included in the base price is one hour of guided fun decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies or making figures and flowers. Then move to a party room for the celebration. This gift certificate is 50% off a totally unique chocolate making birthday party. For children six years and older.

$100 Thank You Chocolate Craft Studio


167. Bill Wa lto n P h oto a nd 5 0 % off Adidas V il l age S to r e

For the sports aficionado! Enjoy an autographed 11x14 framed photo of Bill Walton during his days with the Celtics (as if you didn’t know -   Bill Walton also played for the Blazers). Also included is a shopping pass to enjoy 50% off at the Adidas Village store where you can easily save a minimum of $60 on one item. Adidas Village store: Expires December 31, 2012.

$100 Thank You Adidas America Inc.

1 7 1 . Fa mi ly Spring Break: Chuck E. Cheese’S, World Forestry C e nt er & Oaks Par k Become a larger than life super hero for your kids this spring break. Enjoy a Chuck E. Cheese’s Guest Pass for four that includes 1 large pizza, 4 soft drinks, and 30 game tokens. Add to that, four passes to Discovery Museum at the World Forestry Center, then complete the ultimate family spring break by taking them all skating at Oaks Park with four skate passes. Chuck E Cheese’s: Valid only at Beaverton location. Expires December 31st, 2012. World Forestry Center: Not valid for Chocolate Fest. Oaks Park: Each pass is valid for up to five skaters. Expires October 10th, 2012.

168. T he Po i n t e DAY Spa Oregon At hle t ic Clu b s

One gift card ($100) for the Pointe Day Spa where you can choose from services such as body treatments, massages, or facials. Good for any one of three locations: downtown Portland, Hillsboro, and Bethany Village. Each visit includes complete use of a well-appointed, comfortable athletic club. Please feel free to use childcare services for an additional fee.

$100 Thank You Krishna Marla & Geetanjali Mirani

$108 Thank You Chuck E. Cheese’s, Oaks Park Roller Skating Rink, World Forestry Center

1 7 2. And i na an d North we st F ilm C e nt er

Unwind with your family enjoying a sumptuous meal at Andina Restaurant ($75) and four tickets to the Northwest Film Center. Northwest Film Center: Expires December 31st, 2012. Not valid for Portland International Film Festival or other special admission programs.

$111 Thank You Andina, Robert Zdebski & Renee Rutz

169. Pass to N ik e Employe e S tore

Shopping pass is valid for approximately 50% off Employee Store purchases. Available during store hours Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 10am-5pm. Contact at least 24 hrs in advance and arrange with donor the name, number of people visiting and desired date. Valid for one family, including a married couple and dependent children. Expires 12/31/12.

$100 Thank You Ben & Heidi Butler

1 7 3 . Sp o rt y: Foot T ra ff i c G ift Car d, 5 K E ntry an d Adidas Backpack

Runners and walkers, this one’s for you! Grab this Foot Traffic gift card ($25) and registration entry to a 5K (no shirt) for some active fun. You’ll also take home an Adidas Climacool Speed backpack to haul your stuff.

$113 Thank You Adidas America Inc., Foot Traffic

170. Cho col at e Wo r k s h op at C hocolat e Cr a f t S t u d i o

Your child will make a marshmallow-filled chocolate egg and decorate a delicious Easter centerpiece. Take home the kit and ingredients to be used during the workshop.

1 7 4. One M on th of Bikr am Yog a

Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, April 7th, 2012. Suitable for 8 yrs and older. Pre-registration is required.

$115 Thank You Hall Street Bikram’s Yoga College of India

$102 Thank You Chocolate Craft Studio, Bryan & Nicole Spry

Let your mind and body function in unison with one month of unlimited Bikram Yoga. Expires March 10th, 2013.



175 . C lasses at G ymbo r e e P l ay & M u s i c

Four weeks of classes including enrollment fee at Gymboree Play & Music. Also includes the CD: Sesame Street Playground; Songs and Videos from “Around the World” by Putumayo Kids.

$119 Thank You Gymboree Play & Music, Robert Zdebski & Renee Rutz

176. C arpet Cl e a n ing

Start your spring cleaning with two free rooms of carpet cleaning by Mott’s Carpet Cleaning. Family owned and operated, they’re MSB supporters! Area not to exceed 300 square feet. No expiration date.

$120 Thank You Mott’s Carpet Cleaning

177. Hair C olo r at Magnu m Op u s

Lovely locks beckon with two gift certificates for hair color with Rachel and Amanda at Magnum Opus in the heart of The Pearl. Expires March 31st, 2013.

$120 Thank You Magnum Opus

178. Baking S u pp l i e s a nd C l a s s at Merry K itc he n

Enjoy some baking time with your kids with this cupcake pan, whoopie pie pan, cupcake stand, cupcake accessories, and matching aprons. After a little warm-up, use this $35 certificate for a kids cooking class at The Merry Kitchen. The Merry Kitchen: Expires March 31st, 2013. Please pre-register for the class.

$120 Thank You Uwe & Donna Hessinger, The Merry Kitchen

179. Birth day Pa rt y at B l i s s C upc a k e & Build -a -B e a r G if t Ca rd

Each party-goer receives one regular size cupcake (flavor of your choice), unlimited frosting, and toppings for decorating. A drink is also provided for each guest. Also included is a custom-decorated jumbo cupcake for the birthday girl/boy, with a candle! Bliss provides party favors, set-up, cleanup, and a decorated table for the party. Included is is a Build-a-Bear workshop gift card ($50) for his/her special day gift! Party package includes up to 6 kids.

$125 Thank You Bliss Bake Shop, Jason & Sunny Plush


1 8 0. S i mp s o n ’s Kar ate For Kids

One month (8 full classes) and uniform for a beginner/basic Karate class. Expires June 30th, 2012.

$140 Thank You Simpson’s Karate For Kids

1 8 1 . Ti mbers Ga me an d 50% o ff Ad idas Vi l l ag e Stor e

Four Timbers tickets for the May 5th, 2012 game against the Columbus Crew at 7:30pm.  Your seats will be located in section 119, row L, seats 7-10. You’ll also take home a shopping pass and enjoy 50% off Adidas Village store merchandise. Adidas Village Store: Expires December 31st, 2012.

$140 Thank You Adidas America Inc., Kai-Uwe Maetzel & Renata Torelli

1 8 2. Hol i day Date Nig h t: Portlan d Rev els & M e r iwe th e r ’s Re staur an t Enjoy two tickets to the opening night of Portland Revels (December 7th, 2012) performance and a sumptuous meal at the Meriwether’s Restaurant & Skyline Farm ($75). Portland Revels: December 7th, 2012 performance only.

$147 Thank You Meriwether’s Restaurant and Skyline Farm, Portland Revels

1 8 3 . Au to gra phe d Spi der m an P i c t ur e Se t

A set of three framed Spiderman color prints signed by the artist, Randy Emberlin. These pictures include Spiderman in a new costume, Spiderman with a dinosaur, and Spiderman with Scarlet Spider. Watch out... here he comes!

$150 Thank You Randy Emberlin, Jagdish & Namrata Ragade

1 8 4. Ti mber s Ph oto an d 50% off Adidas Vi l l ag e Stor e

What better way to enjoy Portland’s favorite soccer team than with this 40”x26” photo collage of the Timbers. This collector’s item is skillfully hand-framed by MSB parent Shawn McFaul and signed by all the players. Also enjoy 50% off merchandise at the Adidas Village store with this shopping pass. Adidas Village Store: Expires December 31st, 2012.

$150 Thank You Adidas America Inc., Shawn McFaul & Katherine Heekin SILENT YELLOW • 57

185 . Un ique B irthd ay at O nc e Upon a Hor se

Take your child and two friends to the “Once upon a Horse” riding stable in Tualatin for a unique birthday experience. Includes a one-hour lesson for three children. Take home a hat and bandana for your birthday child to really look and feel the part. Party for three children, including the birthday child.

$100 Thank You Once Upon a Horse

186. Glider R id e a n d Mc Me na m i n’ s

Enjoy an introductory glider ride with the Willamette Valley Soaring Club. After your lofty experience, treat yourself to a down-to-earth, good meal and a micro-brew with a McMenamin’s $40 gift card. Your gift card is redeemable at any location including the nearby Cornelius Pass Roadhouse or Rock Creek Tavern. Willamette Valley Soaring Club: Ride does not expire. Call to schedule. It is located on Dersham Road, exit 55 from Hwy 26, just west of North Plains. Field usually becomes available in April and continues into October.

$160 Thank You McMenamins, Willamette Valley Soaring Club

187. Autogr a p h ed Fo otba l l an d Seat t l e Fa n Pac k

Score with an Adidas football autographed by Eric Barry of the Kansas City Chiefs and CJ Spiller of the Buffalo Bills. Have a field day with this Seattle Seahawks Fan Package that includes an adult size small Seattle Seahawks t-shirt, sling bag, mini pendant and a button.

$225 Thank You Adidas America Inc., Seattle Seahawks

188. Zip to A s hl a n d

Save wear and tear on your car with Zipcar’s innovative car sharing program! Sign-up for your one year membership with this certificate (including the application fee) then head to Ashland to see the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. What better way to visit southern Oregon, experience the cultural pleasures of Shakespeare’s greatest works, and support the growing eco-friendly travel community. Zipcar: Safe driving and age restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires December 30th, 2012. Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Subject to performances with availability of 50 seats or more at the time of booking. Dates valid for this voucher are Feburary 17th-June 3rd, 2012 and October 9th-November 4th, 2012, or Sunday-Thursday performances during the period of June 5th-October 7th, 2012. Voucher may not be redeemed online. Voucher must be mailed to the Box Office to complete the reservation. Expires on November 4th, 2012.

$235 Thank You Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Zipcar


Silent Red

200. H a nd Blown Glass F ruit Vase

A stunning fruit vase that will shine as the centerpiece of your table! It is made of hand blown glass with an orange overlay and bears the autograph of MSB parent and hobbyist Curt Waters.

$100 Thank You Curtis & Harshi Waters

201 . P ri vat e W in e Tasting for Six at D a r k Hor se Tasting Room

Gather a few friends to enjoy a private wine tasting for six persons at Dark Horse Tasting Room in Newberg, Oregon. There you will taste a variety of wines produced by three fine vintners: Ferraro Cellar, Medici Vineyards and Sineann. Sample Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and more. Cheers! Schedule in advance. Participants need to be 21 years old or over. Expires August 2012.

$100 Thank You Ferraro Cellar

202. T h e Nig h t- in Re lax ation Packag e

Imagine sending the family out for pizza and indulging in a quiet night in...spend a relaxing evening in a steamy tub filled with AHAVA Honey Herbal Bath Salts, the air perfumed with the subtle scents of the Japanese inspired Voluspa candle in its decorative tin. You’ll escape to the stirring and complex adventure of Lev Grossman’s, The Magicians or a book of your choosing with your $20 Powell’s gift card. What bath is complete without some bubbles? Your bubbles will come in a champagne glass enjoy De Saint Martin’s Le Fun en Bulles. As the tub drains you’ll hydrate your skin with one of Oprah’s favorite things, the decadent H2O+Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Lotion. Your family will return to a whole new you!... Are you still imagining it? Real relaxation is just a bid away.

$110 Thank You John & Liling Sherry

203 . Pa rt y Time : Socce r an d C upc ake s

Have your child’s next birthday party at SoccerPlex, one of Portland’s premier indoor arenas. This package includes one hour of field time on their second field and one hour in the party room just perfect for small groups. Make great use of their soccer balls, goals and colored team jerseys. Take one dozen delectable cupcakes from Bliss Cupcakes to celebrate! SoccerPlex: Schedule at least two weeks in advance. Bliss Cupcakes: Expires March 2013.

$114 Thank You Bliss Bake Shop, Portland SoccerPlex


2 04. E uropea n Wa x Ce n te r

Wax poetic! This everyday essentials gift pack from the European Wax Center comes with a body wash, body lotion and ingrown hair serum. Enjoy your gift card from the European Wax Center for a $50 spa treatment.

$115 Thank You European Wax Center

205. Spa Day : Fac i a l , M a s s ag e , an d C h o c o lat e s

Create your own spa day! Start with a one-hour massage at “Massage Envy.” Then, head to a luxurious one-hour facial at “The Skin Within.” Skilled hands will cleanse and stimulate your skin bringing out your inner beauty. Top it off with a collection of chocolate from Canadian chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut. The Skin Within: Expires December 31st, 2012.


Thank You Stephen & Elizabeth Bruss, Debbi Craven, The Skin Within

206. Private Vi o l i n L e s s o n s with And r e a H aw k in s

MSB parent, Andrea Hawkins, is offering four 30-minute private violin lessons for a beginner violin student in her home on Crystal Creek Lane, just one block from MSB. This is ideal for three to four year olds or an adult beginner. Andrea has a masters degree in Violin Performance and Suzuki Pedagogy and 20 years teaching both Suzuki and traditional methods. Lessons are held weekdays between 9:00am-2:30pm.

$120 Thank You Samuel Wang & Andrea Hawkins

208 . A L i t tle M e Time : Hair cut, Facial, a nd Ch ildcar e

Drop off your child at The Art Cubby then head over to Studio Luxe for a little time to yourself. The Art Cubby ($36) offers arts, crafts and creative messy play. Knowing your child is happy, you can relax with a haircut by Jamie ($45) and facial by Candice ($50) in The Pearl’s most creative urban loft, Studio Luxe.  The Art Cubby: Accepting all artists 36 months and up. Please call ahead to make reservations. Studio Luxe: Expires January 1st, 2013.

$131 Thank You Studio Luxe, The Art Cubby

2 0 9 . Pamper Yoursel f: Fac ial, L unc h, a nd Ch ocolate s

Treat yourself to a refreshing European facial at the Petroff Center and then enjoy lunch with this $30 gift certificate to Clarkes Restaurant. Finish your lunch with a few chocolates from the one pound box of See’s Candies that you acquired with the accompanying certificate. A delightful way to spend an afternoon! Clarkes Restaurant: Expires March 31st, 2013. No cash back, no tip value.

$133 Thank You Steve & Kristin Batchelor, Clarkes Restaurant, Petroff Center

21 0. Ha ndmade Silve r Ne cklace & E a rring s

Inspired by artist Joan Miro and designed by Carmen Parallada, (MSB student Luca Ardanaz’s grandmother) this set will be a go-to piece in your jewelry box! Made in Barcelona.

$140 Thank You Federico Ardanaz & Katia Kaeser

2 07. O r egon H is to r ic a l S o c i e t y Family Me mbe r s hip a n d B ook s

21 1 . S h opping an d Lunch

Explore Oregon’s fascinating history with this one year family membership (two adults and two children under 18) to Oregon Historical Society. Members receive free admission, a subscription to the Oregon Historical Quarterly and other benefits. Northwest history fans will also enjoy two books full of local lore - Wildmen Wobblies & Whistle Punks by Stewart Holbrook and Davis Country: H.L. Davis’ Northwest by Brian Booth and Glen A. Love.

$130 Thank You Rob Lee & Tammi Dereiko, Oregon Historical Society


Enjoy a day of downtown shopping and lunch! Spend some time at J Crew with this $50 gift certificate. Then try to decide which store to spend your next $50 gift certificate - The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, or Athleta. Follow your shopping expedition with lunch across the river at Le Bistro Montage ($40). Le Bistro Montage: No cash back, no tip value.


Thank You Le Bistro Montage, Brendan & Brianna Traw, Jackie Zager


2 12. Swim Le s s o n s a n d Pe r s o na l i ze d Towels

Sharpen the water skills of your child with swim lessons at Portland favorite “Children of the Sea Swim School”. After a splashy lesson, dry him/her off with a luxurious personalized Tubby Towel created just for your little fish!          Tubby Towels:      

$145 Thank You Children of the Sea Swim School, Tubby Towels

21 6 . Fou r PRIVATE C h e mistry/Ge n e r al Sc i ence Se ssion s

Unleash your child’s curiosity with MSB parent Vaishnavi Sarathy. With a PhD in environmental chemistry, she has taught both high school and college students and enjoys sharing her wealth of knowledge. This gift certificate provides four one-hour sessions that can be used to either tutor a high school student in chemistry or to explore general science with an 8-13 year old. Lab coat not required. Availble for two children. Classes will be held in her Bethany Village home on mutually agreed dates and times.  

213. A Five- cou r s e Vi e t name s e C u i s i n e D inn er

Gather with some friends and enjoy an evening at home where you don’t have to cook! Let talented cook and MSB parent, Lynn Dinh, prepare a sumptuous five-course Vietnamese cuisine dinner for six in the home of your choosing. Using the most flavorful of ingredients, she will whip up one appetizer, one soup, two entrées, and a dessert to serve to your guests. Ah, the perfect end to a busy week. Expires February 2013.

$150 Thank You Don Luu & Lynn Dinh

2 14 . S hadow a De s ign e r at Adi d a s

Give your innovative child insight into the field of design. He or she will shadow a designer at Adidas and see what it’s like to be in his shoes! Great for a student who aspires to be a designer or in a creative field. Expires Feburary 28th, 2013. Mutually agreeable date and time.

$150 Thank You Nicholas & Drea Staub

$150 Thank You Rahul Ghosh & Vaish Sarathy

2 1 7 . Tennis Lessons at SUNSET ATHLETIC CENTER and Nike EMPLOYEE Store pass

Brush up your game or introduce your child to the world of tennis with one month of group tennis lessons at Sunset Athletic Club. Meet once or twice a week for a choice of one hour beginner/intermediate level or hour and a half advanced level lessons. Gear up for the court with a coveted Nike employee store pass. Score! Nike Employee Store pass: Twenty-four hour notice is required. Expires 12/31/12, valid for 1 family (a married couple and dependent children). Sunset Athletic Club lessons: Expires January 1st, 2013.

$150 Thank You Andrew & Helen Boucher, Sunset Athletic Club

21 8 . C offe e Wor ld Baske t

This basket is a java-lovers delight! Wake up next weekend to unique blends of coffee, a travel mug and coffee carafe from Gevalia Kaffee.

$150 Thank You Colin & Meghan Hoobler

2 15 . H and B l ow n G la s s Macch i a B ow l

Add a splash of vibrant color to your decor with this hand blown glass bowl crafted by MSB parent and hobbyist Curt Waters. This gorgeous red and yellow sunflower macchia bowl is accented with a canary yellow lip wrap and is even signed by the artist!

$150 Thank You Curtis & Harshi Waters

21 9 . B od y C omposition Analysis a nd Pe r sonal Tr ain ing

Become more athletic with an in-body composition analysis session at Muscles in Motion! Follow it up with two personal training sessions as they tailor a routine to meet your health and training goals. Muscles in Motion specializes in training beginners, golfers, seniors and star athletes. Expires September 10th, 2012. Muscles in Motion:

$154 Thank You Muscles In Motion SILENT RED • 64


2 2 0. R omanc e B a s k e t

Set your mood for romance with this basket that includes massage oil, Argyle sparkling wine, Moonstruck chocolates, two wine glasses, a helpful book: 101 Nights of Great Romance: Secret Seductions for Fun Loving Couples, CD, bath salts, an Orrefors Sweden votive candle and last but not least, a gift certificate ($10) to ‘Fantasy for Adults Only’.

$185 Thank You Brandon & Cindy Barnett

2 2 1. Massag e by Ky r a P lu m e , L M T

224. Pe rs onal Tr ain ing Se ssion s at 24-Hour F itn e ss

Dive into a new exercise plan or kick-up your existing workout a notch with three 30-minute personal training sessions at the Tanasbourne 24-hour Fitness. Use at 24-Hour Fitness Tanasbourne location only. Expires March 1st, 2013.

$175 Thank You 24 Hour Fitness (Tanasbourne Location)

225 . R h od ium- plate d Silve r Ear r ing s

Visualize your stress melting away with a one and half hour massage! Experience the treat by licensed massage therapist Kyra Plume, LMT (Beaumont Health Clinic). Expires March, 2013.

Enjoy the stylish look of these Tacori rhodium-plated sterling silver earrings from Kassab Jewelers. These earrings are set in Tacori’s signature crescent detail and feature simulated diamonds equivalent to 4.06 total carat weight per pair. They are sure to spice up any outfit!

$105 Thank You Kyra Plume, LMT

$178 Thank You Kassab Jewelers

2 2 2 . S olid H a r dwo o d Che s sb oa rd

This custom-crafted, solid hardwood chessboard made by MSB parent and woodworker, Shawn McFaul, is a must-have for anyone who enjoys the game. It is skillfully made from 3/4” thick quarter-sawn sycamore and tropical wenge wood. This one-of-a kind board comes complete with oversized, heavyweight plastic pieces and measures 21” square. Checkmate!

$175 Thank You Blue Moon Design & Production, Shawn McFaul & Katherine Heekin

223. Four Pa s s e s to T r e e to Tr e e Adventu r e Pa r k

Are you ready for the magic carpet ride of your life? Soar through, over and around the trees. Spectacular! Sensational! Sweet! This thrilling package includes two adult and two child passes to the aerial park, t-shirt, water bottle and a car sticker.

226 . M i rror

Reflect a little light with this beautiful 27” x 39” mirror from Room by Room.

$200 Thank You Room by Room

227 . J ew e l ry fr om Gokul

Add some bling to your collection with this $200 gift certificate from Gokul. Select from a variety of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that may include 22kt gold, diamonds, pearls, or other stones. Your wardrobe will thank you! Expires December 31st, 2012. Gokul:

$200 Thank You Gokul International

$175 Thank You Tree to Tree Adventure Park



2 2 8. A Night in Wa lla Wa lla

Get out of town to east of the Cascades! Enjoy one night’s lodging at The Fischer House Bed & Breakfast, a European-style guest house. Spend your night in the Queen bedroom on the second floor with a large shared bath. Your stay includes a full country style breakfast. From there you can fill the rest of your day with visits to any of the charming Walla Walla wine tasting rooms, art galleries, coffee houses, boutiques or the public market. Included are two complimentary tastings at Northstar Winery, Ecole and Glencorrie Winery and four 2-for-1 admission passes to Maryhill Museum of Art. Fischer House: Call to reserve lodging. Children must be 13 years or older. Maryhill Museum of Art: Admission available March 15th-November 15th 2012. Not valid for special events.

$201 Thank You Maryhill Museum of Art, The Fisher House Bed & Breakfast

2 2 9. H it the S l o pe s : P r ivat e L es s on at Mt. H o o d Me a d ow s & B i g 5 Sporting G o o d s

You or your child will enjoy a private ski lesson at Mount Hood Meadows. MSB parent and Meadow’s Ski Instructor, Andrew Boucher, will take you on a one-hour private lesson which includes ski rental and a lift ticket for the day. To help with the gear, the winning bidder is entitled to a $25 gift certificate from Big 5 Sporting Goods! One private ski lesson at Mount Hood Meadows: Three

23 1 . V e ne t ian Art Glass Ne cklace

A lovely gift for a special lady! This Venetian art glass necklace is made with lampwork beads and designed by Marco Polo artisans. The dazzling beads are made by expert artisan craftsmen in Venice and Murano, Italy. No exchanges or refunds.

$232 Thank You Marco Polo Designs, Claude & Penny Cruz

23 2. P l a nt He alth C ar e by North we st Tree Spe cialists

Give your trees a little love with this gift certificate for a plant health care/ treatment by Northwest Tree Specialists. Their expert staff is licensed, bonded and insured to provide the best solutions that are mutually beneficial to customers and the environment. Expires December 31st, 2012. Not redeemable for cash.

$250 Thank You Northwest Tree Specialists

2 3 3 . Tr e e R em oval/Pruning by No rth we st Tr e e Spe cialists

weeks notice required and can be scheduled for a mutually agreeable time/day. Expires March 3rd, 2013.

Clean up your yard with this gift certificate for tree removal/pruning by Northwest Tree Specialists. Their expert staff is licensed, bonded and insured to provide the best solutions that are mutually beneficial to customers and the environment. Expires December 31st, 2012. Not redeemable for cash.

$225 Thank You Big 5 Sporting Goods, Andrew & Helen Boucher

$250 Thank You Northwest Tree Specialists

23 4. D e l u x e C h ild’s Play Kitch e n 230. Easy Sh o ppi ng o n B u r n s ide : Icebreaker Clothing & Henry’s TaVern

Check out the coveted, active lifestyle clothing from Icebreaker at their flagship store on Burnside. Icebreaker garments almost look after themselves as they don’t hold moisture or odor. In fact, the known record for wearing an Icebreaker non-stop is 196 days in extreme conditions. Spend your $200 gift card wisely since you might be wearing these clothes for a long time! After shopping, walk a block or so to Henry’s Tavern for a bite and a beer with a $25 gift card. Icebreaker Nature Clothing: gift voucher valid in-store only. Check out

$225 Thank You Robert Achten & Annie Lattey, Eric & Carolyn Downey SILENT RED • 68

Let your child’s imagination run wild with this pint-sized dream kitchen! It includes a Melissa & Doug Deluxe Kitchen Set and a small bag filled with toy food. Kitchen set is not assembled.

$250 Thank You Piccolo Mondo Toys

235. Autographed Dwight Howard Jersey Get your game on in this large-sized Orlando Magic jersey autographed by star center Dwight Howard (#12). Priceless!

$250 Thank You Adidas America Inc. SILENT RED • 69

2 36. New! Th e B a r Me tho d Workou t

Try The Bar Method and you’ll be hooked. This purchase gives you one month of unlimited access to the studio’s classes. These classes integrate the fat burning format of interval training, the muscle shaping technique of isometrics, the elongating principles of dance conditioning, and the science of physical therapy to create a revolutionary new workout that quickly and safely reshapes your entire body. You will also receive three complimentary passes for classes with this package!

23 9 . Ta k e Home Te e th W h ite n ing Kit

Smile with confidence when you use this teeth whitening/bleaching kit from MSB parent, Dr. Shawn Fotouhi’s, Waterhouse Family Dental office. Waterhouse Dental comes highly recommended by MSB families! Kit includes custom made whitening trays and ten tubes of whitening gel for up to 30+ whitening treatments.

$299 Thank You Waterhouse Family Dental, Shawn Fotouhi & Laleh Hedayet

The Bar Method:

240. O rt h odon tic Se rvice s

$266 Thank You The Bar Method

2 37. Spr ing S ho pp ing w ith S t y l i s t Kami Gr ay

Fashionistas, start the bidding! Spend two hours shopping with stylist, Kami Gray. Kami has worked with Hollywood stars and costumed television ads for companies like Toyota, Nike, Intel, and Discover Card. Included in this offering are two $50 gift cards to Macy’s and Designer Shoe Warehouse. Kami Gray: Expires December 31st, 2012. Arrange a mutually agreeable date and time.

$280 Thank You Stephen & Elizabeth Bruss, Debbi Craven, Kami Gray

238. G uys N i g h t Ou t : B l a z e r s G a m e an d Gru b

Got basketball fever? Enjoy two premium tickets to a Portland Trailblazer’s game against the Utah Jazz at our own Rose Garden Arena on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 7pm. You’ll find your seats in section 219, row G seats 3 and 4. Tickets are at the club level and include food and non-alcoholic drinks. Before or after the game, head to North 45 Pub for a bite and brew using your $100 gift card. Blazer Tickets: North 45: No cash, no tip value

$284 Thank You Kai-Uwe Maetzel & Renata Torelli, North 45

Don’t be afraid to show off those straight, pearly whites when you use this gift certificate for Orthodontic services for new patients at Raleigh Hills Orthodontics. Gift basket includes $300 gift certificate good towards new patient orthodontic services, backpack and water bottle. For new patients, only one per patient, no cash value. Expires December 31st, 2013

$300 Thank You Raleigh Hills Orthodontics

241 . B onny Slope Bootcamp

Shape up with personal trainer and MSB parent, Sierra Lavelle, at the Bonny Slope Bootcamp. All levels are welcome at this three-month program of cardio, resistance, and core interval training.  Join Sierra every Wed/Fri 5:30am - 6:30am at Bonny Slope Elementary School’s covered area to exercise and spend time with friends, all before the sun comes up! Available April 1st - June 1st, 2012.

$300 Thank You Michael & Sierra Lavelle

2 4 2 . C o n s ultation an d Three Pe r s onal Training Sessions w i t h c. h . Ph ysical Th e r apy

One consultation and three personal training sessions at any of c.h. Physical Therapy’s four locations: Hillsboro, Beaverton, Pearl District, or Mall 205. All personal training sessions are instructed by a licensed physical therapist. Included is a “Lose the Wait” book written by physical therapist and MSB parent, Colin Hoobler. Once you get into shape, reward yourself with a shopping spree at White House/Black Market where you can use your $50 gift card. Personal training: Expires March 1st, 2013.

$374 Thank You c.h. Physical Therapy, Brendan & Brianna Traw, Meghan & Colin Hoobler SILENT RED • 70


2 43. H ome Pe r fo r m a nc e E ne rg y Au d i t by Neil K e l ly

Get a read on your home’s energy efficiency with an energy assessment by Neil Kelly’s Home Performance Team. Buy this package for a comprehensive assessment that includes a cost analysis and recommendations regarding heating and cooling equipment, insulation levels, air infiltration, windows, doors, appliances, and lighting. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires March 10, 2013. Neil Kelly:

$395 Thank You Neil Kelly Design/Build Remodeling - Kristine LeVernois

244. R oom M a k e ov e r : Painting by B r ad B e r na rd an d Rej u v e natio n G if t C a rd

Let Brad Bernard Painting liven up one room with two new colors (one for the walls one for the ceiling). The room must be no bigger than 10’ x 12’ with a ceiling no taller than the standard 8’ height. They will apply two coats of paint to walls and ceiling only (no woodwork or trim) using Miller Paint’s premium eggshell or flat sheen. Once those walls are looking good, you can use your $50 gift card at Rejuvenation’s retail store to beautify the rest of the room.

$400 Thank You Brad Bernard Painting, Rejuvenation, Inc.

245. Three S i l kpe e l s fr o m Pear l Me d s pa

Improve your complexion with three Silkpeel treatments at Pearl Medspa. Silkpeel dermalinfusion is a non-surgical approach to beautiful, healthy skin and each procedure lasts about 20 minutes. Results can be seen after the first treatment and optimal results are achieved after four to six treatments.

246 . Fou r h our s Kitch e n or B ath De sig n Time

Place your bid for four hours of kitchen or bath design time with an award-winning Neil Kelly designer. Neil Kelly has been in business for over 65 years and has successfully completed over 30,000 home remodeling projects in Oregon, SW Washington and Seattle. Expires March, 2013. Neil Kelly:

$400 Thank You Neil Kelly Design/Build Remodeling - Kristine LeVernois

247. Primary Montessori Furniture Set Ever wish you could recreate the Montessori environment in your own home? Now you can! A-Chart, designer of some of MSB’s classroom furniture, has provided a beautiful furniture set for your primary-aged child. The set includes one 28’’ x 28” x 20” Taper table, two A-Style chairs, and one 3-tier shelf. All with a natural tone and non-toxic finish.

$408 Thank You A-Chart Design

248 . Na nny Re g istr ation a nd P lace me n t Se rvice

Get a break on nanny booking fees from A Brilliant Nanny. With this certificate you can enroll for placement/referral services with no annual registration fee. Upon enrollment you can schedule on-call services up to two times per month for a year - for free! Note that you still must pay the nanny’s wages. Nanny wages to be paid by family. New clients only. Applies to service from March 15th, 2012 to March 15th, 2013. Limited to two on-call bookings per month

$410 Thank You A Brilliant Nanny

$400 Thank You Pearl Medspa



249. Portra i t S i t t i ng with Lin n e a O s t e r b e r g

Award-winning photographer Linnea Osterberg’s mission is to record the joyful yet complex nature of childhood. Her exceptional hand-printed portraits capture the essence of her subjects while radiating their innocent beauty. She will capture your child(ren) in one portrait sitting, photographed on location in black and white. A collaboration between Linnea and your child will yield endearing portraits to be treasured for a lifetime. Includes one handprinted 5x7 portrait. Valid April 1st, 2012-August 31st, 2012.

25 3 . Su mme r C amp at Audubon

Your child of 6+ years will spend one week in Portland’s highly-rated summer camps at Audubon Society. Choose from more than 45 camp programs offered for the 2012 season, and enjoy a one-year Audubon Family Membership as a bonus. Membership benefits include discounts on classes, trips, and store purchases, and a subscription to the Warbler Newsletter. Camps offered for 1st grade through 12th grade. Excludes any of Audubon’s partnership programs and the ‘All the Way to Monterey’ program.

$445 Thank You Audubon Society of Portland

$410 Thank You Linnea Osterberg Photography

251. One Cas e o f W i n e fr om Wa hl e V in eya r d s

Stock up your wine cellar with a case of limited production Pinot Noir from Wahle Vineyards and Cellars. Owned by an MSB family, Mark Wahle and Shaghayegh Aliabadi-Wahle, Wahle Vineyards began planting the first commercial vineyard in the Yamhill-Carlton region of Oregon in 1974, an area now known for its wine production. You’ll enjoy serving this fine Pinot Noir to your guests and saying you know the vintner! Wahle Vineyards and Cellars:

$430 Thank You Mark Wahle & Shaghayegh Aliabadi-Wahle, Wahle Vineyard & Cellars

2 5 2 . Pacific Cit y We e k e n d

Relax for three days/two nights in a three-bedroom Pacific City cabin on the beach at Cape Kiwanda. With spectacular views of Haystack Rock and the Cape you’ll enjoy amazing sunsets, walks on the beach, incredible tide pools, great food and microbrews at the award-winning Pelican Brew Pub, all just outside your door. This three bedroom/two bathroom house, sleeps eight (two families) and comes with a VCR/DVD player and a fully stocked kitchen. Cleaning service included. While you are at the coast, you can head up north to visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon to enjoy these four passes. Columbia River Maritime Museum: Expires March 31st, 2013. Pacific City Cabin: Valid March 1st, 2012 - February 28th, 2013. Based upon availability. Blackout dates: June 10th-September 4th, 2012 and holidays. No pets/no smoking.

25 4. Pa i nt ing by Jonquil Le M aste r

Enhance your art collection with this 20”x20” acrylic-on-canvas, framed painting “In the Boughs” by Jonquil LeMaster. The artist has exhibited professionally for 29 years and many of her expressionist landscape paintings are in private and public collections in US and Canada.

$450 Thank You Jonquil LeMaster

25 5 . N e wp ort Ge taway

Spend the weekend from Friday May 4th to Sunday, May 6th 2012 at The Embarcadero Resort and Marina in Newport, OR. This one-bedroom condominium sleeps 4 and the resort has top notch amenities including a hot tub, indoor pool, and sauna. With this package you will also enjoy two tickets for an outing with  Marine Discovery Tours and executive passes (buy-one-get-one-free) to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Wax Works, or the Oregon Undersea Gardens. Also included are four passes to Oregon Coast Aquarium. Celebrate Mother’s Day one week early in Newport! The Embarcadero Resort and Marina: Marine Discovery Tours: Dates for The Embarcadero are good only for May 4th, 2012-May 6th, 2012 (Friday through Sunday). Cruise season opens March-October. Advance phone reservations and check-in required. Excludes holiday weekends. One week cancellation policy applies. Expires September 15th, 2012. Oregon Coast Aquarium: Expires February 2014.

$454 Thank You Marine Discovery Tours, Mariner Square, Kate McLean, Oregon Coast Aquarium

$440 Thank You Columbia River Maritime Museum, Bryan Concannon & Debi Dereiko



256. Lan dsca pe M a i n t e na nc e an d Eng lis h G a r d e n K i t

Take a break from weekly mowing with one month of free landscape maintenance by Truscapes. This includes mowing, edging, fertilization, weed control, raking and blowing. Retail value is between $200-$600 depending on lot size. Add a little summer color to your garden when you take home this “English Garden Kit” by Burgon & Ball that includes tools, pots, markers, harvest sack and seeds. Truscapes: Good for lot size one acre or smaller.


Thank You Truscapes, John & Pamela Williams

257. Portla n d Ni g h t o n t h e Tow n : The N in e s , U r ba n Fa rm e r , an d Art is ts R e pe rto ry

De-stress at a romantic over-night getaway for two at The Nines in downtown Portland with a city view room and valet parking. Savor a sumptuous meal at the hotel’s own restaurant, the Urban Farmer ($100), which offers sophisticated farm to table dining in a country chic setting designed by David Ashen. Enjoy two passes to any show at the Artists Repertory Theater for the remaining 2012 season. The perfect anniversary gift to your significant other! Artists Repertory Theater: Expires May 27th, 2012. Urban Farmer Restaurant:

$500 Thank You Artists Repertory Theatre, Todd & Brooke Daniel, Eric & Carolyn Downey

2 5 8. Ten Pri vat e P il ate s S e s s i ons

This package includes ten private pilates sessions with owner, Elizabeth Stubbs, at her intimate studio in NW Portland. Increase your strength, range of motion and stamina, improve your posture and get that flat stomach you’ve always dreamed of! Expires January 31st, 2013

2 6 0 . T h r e e Bottles o f Wines Ayou b Vin eyar d

Wine lovers, you better keep an eye on this item: three bottles of red wine - Pinot Noir blend. The Dundee Hills appellation is highly respected and known for its bright and elegant wines. Ayoub Wines:

$250 Thank You Ayoub Vineyards

26 1 . Oa s i s Re sort in Palm Spr ing s

The winning bidder will enjoy accommodation for five nights in a fantastic one-bedroom unit sleeps four at the celebrated Oasis Resort in Palm Springs, CA. Located at the foot of the majestic Mount San Jacinto in the Coachella Valley, the resort offers Spanish style villas, spread over 27 more acres of awesome desert landscape with eight pools, nine Jacuzzis, five tennis courts, golf, and a variety of dining options. Available for accommodations only and is on a space availability basis. Reservations can be made up to ten months in advance. Certificate cannot be exchanged for a different property. Not valid for the following dates: Thanksgiving (Thursday-Sunday); Christmas (12/20-12/31). Expires March 10, 2013.

$1,000 Thank You Sudarshan & Kerry Cadambi, Vacation Internationale

26 2. Renew Your se lf W ith St yle C oac h ing

Get ready to feel confident, stylish and energized with two hours of style coaching and consultation. Inspire Style can show you how to accentuate your assets, shop efficiently and build a wardrobe that makes sense for your lifestyle. Never again will you say “I have nothing to wear!” Expires December 1, 2012.

$600 Thank You Inspire Style

$500 Thank You NW Pilates

2 5 9. Three B ott l e s o f R e d W i ne Ayoub V in eya r d

Wine lovers, you’d better keep an eye on this item: three bottles of red wine - Pinot Noir blend from Ayoub Vineyards. The Dundee Hills appellation is highly respected and known for its bright and elegant wines. Ayoub Wines:

$250 Thank You Ayoub Vineyards



2 63. Thr ee N ight s in S un r iv e r

Enjoy three nights in a Bennington Properties home in Sunriver, Oregon during the off-season. This three bedroom + loft, 1,800 square foot home sleeps 10 (two families), and is pet friendly. The house is equipped with comfort in mind with a hot tub, ping pong & foosball, BBQ, flat screen TVs, king bed, two queen beds, and twin sofa beds. No trip to Sunriver is complete without a visit to the High Desert Museum and this package includes four passes. Bennington Properties: Lodging based on availability. Not valid for summer or holidays. Expires March 31st, 2013. High Desert Museum:  Expires March 31st, 2013.

$610 Thank You Bennington Properties, High Desert Museum

26 6 . Fou r Nig h ts at Par k C it y C on do

Spend a long weekend - four nights - just steps from the mountain in beautiful Park City, Utah. This two-bedroom, two-bath condo sleeps six people comfortably with one king and two double beds. Summer or winter, Park City is a fabulous location for some outdoor family play! Dates to be mutually agreed upon. Blackout dates: March 15th-18th, 2012; January 15th-28, 2013; February 16th-18th, 2013; and March 26-April 5, 2013. Park City Condo:


Thank You Patrick & Cathi Juliano

26 7 . D i s neywor ld Vacation

Spend three nights in a superior room at the award winning Radisson Hotel Orlando - Lake Buena Vista, located a quarter mile from the Disney World Resort. The room is over-sized with two double beds and a pull-out sofa sleeper and can accommodate up to five people. Extra features include 37-inch HD flat screen TV, free wi-fi and parking, a microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker. This package includes four one-day park hopper passes to Disney World which are valid during normal operating hours and provide admission to a magical experience at each of these theme parks: The Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Let the memories begin!

265. Bethan y B o na n z a : He a lt h C l u b , Spa, and L unc h

Disney World: Tickets expire January 2014. Tickets cannot be upgraded or applied towards a package to meet eligibility requirements. Radisson Hotel Orlando - Lake Buena Vista: Flexible dates subject to availability. Buyer to confirm with owner. Address: 12799 Apopka Vineland Road, Orlando FL 32836. Expires 3/1/13.

2 64. Ten Hou r s o f L a n d s c ape D es i g n Service s

With this ten hour design consultation, Landscape East & West will provide a site visit, preparation, and delivery of a design concept for your revitalized landscape.

$750 Thank You Landscape East & West

Receive a three-month Platinum membership to Bethany Athletic Club which includes access to their Hawthorn Farm facility in Hillsboro and their Riverplace Athletic Club facility in downtown Portland. Enhance your Bethany experience even more with a $50 gift card to the Pointe Day Spa and a fabulous meal at Bethany’s Table with a $25 gift card. Oregon Athletic Club:  Expires August 31st, 2012.

$975 Thank You Bethany’s Table, Stephen & Elizabeth Bruss, Oregon Athletic Clubs


Thank You Steve Larson & Nancy Wells, Walt Disney World, Orlando

2 6 8 . O r e g on Coast Father’s Day Re t reat for Seve n Days

You, family and friends will have seven days of relaxation and fun in this four bedroom home on the north edge of Manzanita. “Captain’s Hideaway” is a large, newer, custom-built home just seven blocks to the beach and has an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings with sky lights and stone flooring. The family room is equipped with a futon, TV/VCR and minikitchen for any overflow you may have. The house has four bedrooms, including one room with two sets of bunk beds. There is also a washer, dryer and gas BBQ. No pets/smoking. Maximum occupancy 12 adults, 4 children; car limit of 4. Valid Friday, June 15th-Thursday June 21, 2012. Check out is Friday, June 22, 2012. unit.mvc/details/56358

$1,778 SILENT RED • 78

Thank You The Loranger Families, Erik & Francine Waagmeester SILENT RED • 79


Parties & Teacher Activities

3 00. M S B Fa mily Sc ave ng e r Hun t at t he Or e g on Zoo

Think you’ve seen it all at the Zoo? Think again! Join us for this year’s family scavenger hunt and experience the zoo in a fun new way! Meet at the Zoo entrance at 9:00am on Saturday, April 21st, 2012 to pick up your team packet. Teams will have a choice between primary-level challenges and elementary-level challenges. The Scavenger Hunt will last approximately two-hours with a lunch rendezvous near the lawn at 11:30am. Sack lunch provided. Prizes awarded! Available for thirty people (includes adults and children).

$15 Thank You Adidas America Inc., Mark Brown & Shauna Pettit-Brown,

Todd & Brooke Daniel, Elmer’s Restaurants, Inc.

3 01. Commemorative Charm Necklaces for P r imary Stude n ts Your Ladybug, Tree Frog or Salamander Primary student will adore these delicate charm necklaces made by MSB parent, Sierra Lavelle. Each of these beautiful pieces are adorned with a delightful charm in one of the three symbols of the primary classrooms: Robin’s Ladybug, Julie’s Tree Frog or Nora’s Salamander. These necklaces would be the perfect way to commemorate your child’s year (or years) in each classroom, as they are also adorned with a “2012” charm. Choose from a leather cord or a silver plated chain. For fifteen students per class. Sierra will deliver the custom piece to you at MSB.

$20 Thank You Michael & Sierra Lavelle

3 02. Leg e nd of th e Lost Tr e asur e . . . P i rat e s an d C upc ake s

Ahoy there matey! Looking for swash buckling pirates who are brave and clever ....who love adventure; and who can uncover hidden treasure. This crew will join a treasure hunt in the Arbor Heights Park and neighborhood along with Ruta Sathaye & Ajay Kale’s family. With them you will uncover loot and enjoy buccaneer treats. So set sail on the sea of high adventure on Saturday, June 30th, 2012 from 10:30am-12:30pm.  Wave your flags if you are brave enough to be one of the buccaneers (or simply have your pirate mom or dad make a bid at the auction). Available to ten buccaneers ages 6 - 10.

$25 Thank You Ajay Kale & Ruta Sathaye PARTIES • 83

303. MSB Firs t - A n nua l B e e r a nd B i t es

With our own Henry Weinhard opening his brewery in 1856, Portland has always been a city of American brewing pioneers. In the spirit of Mike and Brian McMenamin at Produce Row, Dick and Nancy Ponzi at Bridgeport, Mr. Weinhard and the many brewing pioneers in our home city, please join us to celebrate this age-old craft. Taste some of the finest beers, ales and stouts. Enjoy great beer and food pairings while enjoying MSB parent camaraderie. Try your luck at winning great prizes with fun beer related games! Please join the Lavelle, Daniel and Sherry families on September 29th, 2012 at 6:30pm, for this beer celebration. Available for 40 people. Must be 21 and over to participate in this event.

$25 Thank You Todd & Brooke Daniel, Michael & Sierra Lavelle, John & Liling Sherry

304. Bowling at Big Al’s for Elementary Kids

Does your elementary-age child like to bowl and play games? The Barnett, Salhi and Nasri families invite 15 lucky MSB children to join their children in a fun afternoon at Big Al’s in Beaverton on Sunday, February 17th, 2013 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Each child will have the opportunity to bowl, play arcade games with a $5 game card, and enjoy pizza and soft drinks. It will be a great afternoon of indoor fun during the mid-winter and a chance to socialize with fellow students! For 15 elementary children.

$25 Thank You Brandon & Cindy Barnett, Kaveh Nasri & Sepideh Kazemi-Nasri,

Firas & Hanane Salhi

3 05 . M S B ’ s C on fe ction C on n e ction

Do you love sweets but can’t find time to bake? No problem, let MSB’s talented chefs do all the work for you! Get a sweet-start to the month with one or more of these dazzling desserts, simply choose your month and pick-up your sweets at MSB the first Friday of that month. Choose from the following: Vanilla cake with pineapple cream cheese panna cotta - April 2012 Avocado pie - May 2012 Strawberry tart - June 2012 (Summer Break) Boston cream pie - September 2012 Gulab jamun - October 2012 Pumpkin cheesecake or allergen free pumpkin pie - November 2012 Lemon blueberry cheesecake - December 2012 Fancy cake - January 2013 Tiramisu (with or without eggs) - February 2013 Pecan sour cream coffee cake - March 2013 Desserts may contain dairy and gluten ingredients. Donor may be able to accommodate a delivery date that is different from the first Friday, but this cannot be guaranteed. Bidder may also pick-up dessert at baker’s home.

$30 Thank You Mark Brown & Shauna Pettit-Brown, Dan & Mimi Burkholder,

Rahul Ghosh & Vaish Sarathy, Ashu & Gitanjali Jain, Ajay Kale & Ruta Sathaye, Dhananjay Keskar & Bindu Lalitha, Michael & Sierra Lavelle, Kai-Uwe Maetzel & Renata Torelli, Dan & Nora Mix, Curtis & Harshi Waters

3 06 . Fa nc y Nancy Part y

Ooh-La-La! Ten primary girls are invited to a Fancy Nancy Soiree, that’s a fancy word for party! Join us for an evening of fun and frolic, pizza and dessert, as well as games and activities. Let your children drape themselves in their fanciest and finest outfits and be prepared for a little dancing, nail painting, hair braiding, face painting and much more! All this fun will play itself out at the welcoming home of Jagdish and Namrata Ragade, with help from friend Laurel Zuberi, from 4:00-8:00pm on Saturday, May 5th, 2012. For ten girls ages 4-6.

$30 Thank You Jagdish & Namrata Ragade



307. D osa Pa rt y

Join Rasha Esmat and Lakshman Krishnamurthy for an evening of culinary exploration on Saturday, April 7th, 2012 from 6:30pm10:30pm! Ten lucky bidders will enjoy quintessential Southern Indian dishes, including dosa, masala dosa and uttapam (all of which are Southern Indian delicacies). The dosa is best described as an Indian crepe made from exotic rice and beautiful lentils. In Southern India the dosa is eaten for breakfast or dinner and you will find it served along with sambar, coconut and tomato chutneys. In addition to the gourmet dosas, partygoers will enjoy tamarind rice and coconut rice. No evening would be complete without chai and Indian sweets, so come hungry! Available for ten people (including kids).

$40 Thank You Lakshman Krishnamurthy & Rasha Esmat

3 1 0. M u rd e r M yste ry

Murder at the Deadwood Saloon: A night of mystery and mayhem in the Wild West. It’s the 1st Annual Deadwood Poker Tournament Party! The residents of Deadwood anticipate people will be flocking to Deadwood this June for the biggest poker tournament this side of the Mississippi. From outlaws to marshals and saloon girls to southern belles, this small western frontier town will be THE place to be. As the festivities of the poker tournament conclude, a celebration party with Mexican fare is planned at the Deadwood Saloon to award the prize money for the tournament and to celebrate what will hopefully be a very financially successful venture for the saloon. You would be a fool to miss the celebration on Saturday, June 9th, 2012 from 6:00pm-10:00 pm.  Available for twenty people.

$50 Thank You Richard Aldersea, Mark Brown & Shauna Pettit-Brown,

308. Portla n d T imbe r s S o cc e r Match w it h the Chic ag o F i re

Sit together with other MSB families and friends for a spring Timbers game against the Chicago Fire on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 4:00pm. Organize with your friends to attend together or sign your family up and meet some new families there! Either way, you’ll enjoy sitting together as a group. MSB will even be announced and pictured on the big screen!  What a great way to support our local soccer team and represent the school! Available for sixteen people.

$40 Thank You Taizoon & Munira Doctor

309. E le men ta ry C h i ld r e n ’ s D ance Pa rt y

Dance like nobody’s watching! Okay, someone will be watching, but that someone is our own MSB parent, Kristin Batchelor. She’ll be hosting a dance party for ten elementary-aged kids on Saturday, May 19th, 2012 from 1:00 to 4:00pm. That’s right, three hours of dance, choreography and teaching. Students will learn some hip hop moves, country line dance techniques and flow through some free dance sequences. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. Available for ten elementary students.

$40 Thank You Steve & Kristin Batchelor

3 1 1 . 8 0’s D ance Part y

Omigod, an 80’s party! Like, excellent! Tease your hair, break out your moonwalking and come ready to par-tay! There will be totally rad dancers, an awesome costume contest, and the righteous DJ Faraz (Farzaneh Mobayen’s sister) to rock the house. This most gnarly party will be January 19th, 2013, at Jeanette & Matthew Swafford’s house starting at 6:00pm. Costumes highly encouraged! Appetizers served. Available for forty bidders.


Thank You Cami Curtis Performing Arts Center, DJ Faraz, Matthew & Jeanette Swafford

3 1 2. A ra b ian Nig h t

Come to the Kasbah! A wonderful mosaic of tagines and tastes of the Middle East full of exotic scents and spices will make for a sizzling night not be missed. Oh, and did we mention belly dancing? If you’re not enticed by now, know that the food is home-cooked middle eastern food by the hosts, MSB parents Firas and Hanane Salhi, as well as Rasha Esmat, Sepi Kazemi-Nasri and Farzaneh Mobayen. So please join us for a night of Middle Eastern magic on Saturday, October 6th, 2012 at Firas and Hanane Salhi’s house at 5:30pm.  For forty lucky bidders.

$50 Thank You Firas & Hanane Salhi, Lakshman Krishnamurthy & Rasha Esmat,


Sandoval’s Cafe & Cantina

Kaveh Nasri & Sepi Kazemi-Nasri, Bruce Palmer & Farzaneh Mobayen. PARTIES • 87

313. F ishing T r ip

Don’t let this one get away! Three expert fishermen will guide nine elementary children on a day-long trout fishing expedition Saturday, June 9th, 2012. Rest easy knowing these experts happen to be none other than MSB dads Don Eisel, Shawn McFaul and Bruce Palmer. Each dad will take care of three kids and this includes sharing all sorts of fishing tips and stories as well as providing all equipment and lunch. No fishing experience is required and they will not be in boats, simply alongside a river. Your kids will fall for this adventure: hook, line and sinker! For nine elementary kids ages 6-12.

$50 Thank You Donald Eisel & Kooko Nakasone, Shawn McFaul & Katherine Heekin,

Bruce Palmer & Farzaneh Mobayen

314. H ike on t h e 4T T r a i l (Trail - Tram - Trolley - Train) with MS B Fa m ilie s

Looking for a great way to spend a fall afternoon with your family on a unique adventure that combines a train, trolley and tram ride along with a hiking trail? Take a hike on the Portland 4T along with other MSB families on September 9th, 2012 from 1:00pm-5:00pm. Enjoy a brisk four-mile hike among the trees from the Oregon Zoo to Council Crest and then to the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), where you will glide down the hill in the aerial tram overlooking scenic views of the river and SW Portland. Board the trolley to the heart of downtown and ride the train back to your car (at the zoo) to complete the loop. Before taking the train back to your car, we will take a break for some snacks at Director Park in downtown. Snacks and drinks will be provided for the hike.

This trail is geared for families who love to hike. The hike is 3.9 miles long with a gradual uphill to OHSU. It is recommended for ages 7+. 4T-Trail: Available for ten families.

$60 Thank You Dhiraj & Agni Bhatt, Ashu & Gitanjali Jain

3 1 5 . C a nni ng C lass for Twe lve Pe ople

Yes, you can pickle that! Bonnie Trachtenberg, Master Food Preserver, Instructor and Home Economics Guru, will provide beginners with a jumpstart on making outstanding preserves. Bonnie will provide tips, ideas and recipes in an afternoon of canning and food preservation at the Whole Foods Market Classroom Kitchen. Each participant will come away with three canned items and a wealth of information that will launch you into the wild world of canning. Twelve lucky MSB supporters will be part of this Sunday, September 16th, 2012, from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Available for twelve bidders.

$60 Thank You Bonnie Trachtenberg, John & Liling Sherry, Matthew & Jeanette Swafford

3 1 6 . Ra f t i ng T ri p w ith Ad ventures W i t h out Limits

Experience nature from the water with a scenic rafting trip guided by Adventures Without Limits along the North Santiam River! Join MSB parent, Kris Williams, and other expert guides on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 from 9:00am-5:00pm and spend the day on a class II-III river with other MSB families accompanied by children ages 9+. Enjoy the scenic landscapes interspersed with some fun rapids as the group whiles away 2-3 hours traveling down 6.5 miles of river. Adventures Without Limits will provide a variety of rafts that hold 5-8 people as well as twoperson inflatable kayaks. Everyone will receive careful instruction on paddling, water safety, and boat handling. This exciting trip includes all river-related gear (lifejackets, helmets, wetsuits) and transportation to and from the river. Participants should wear synthetic clothing such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene or spandex for comfort and quick drying. Bring your own snacks, lunch, and plenty of water! This trip is for eighteen lucky bidders and is only available for individuals ages nine and up. North Santiam River:

$60 Thank You Adventures Without Limits, Kris & Melissa Williams



317. Basic C h oco l at e M a k i ng C l a s s with Fr a nc in e Wa agm e e s t e r

Dive into chocolate on Sunday, November 11th, 2012 from 11:00am2:00pm at John & Liling Sherry’s house. MSB parent, Francine Waagmeester, will lead four lucky people in a hands-on chocolate making class--putting you in touch with the “food of the gods”. You will learn how to make the basic chocolates: truffles, mendicants, and dipped fruits and nuts. Then, practice your new skills by making your own. You’ll leave class with a box of your own assortment of chocolates from the candies produced by the whole class. Note: dress for a mess or bring an apron.   A perennial MSB favorite!   Available to four lucky bidders.

$60 Thank You Francine Waagmeester

3 20. La d i e s’ Nig h t Out

Ladies, welcome winter with some French bubbly and vintage boomboom-pow! Grab your girlfriends and mark your calendar; come join MSB moms, Stephanie Vaughn-Miller and Liling Sherry, for an evening of fabulous Champagne tasting, dancing and Indian cuisine. The party is at Stephanie Vaughn-Miller’s lovely home on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 at 6:00pm! Improve your Champagne knowledge with a session about the great, the grand and the famous in the Champagne world with our sommelier-provided Champagne tasting. Groove with your girls to the beautiful DJ Faraz. Lentil Garden is providing fabulous food for the evening. Guests will also enjoy great non-alcoholic beverages, beer and other French wines.  This fete will be fab, sign up quickly! Available for forty ladies.

318. Basic Ind ia n Co o k ing

Do you love Indian food, but don’t know how to cook it? MSB alumni parent and renowned chef, Jyoti Veeramoney, can teach you. Attend this class on Sunday, January 27th, 2013 from 2:00pm-5:00pm. Learn hands-on how to make an appetizer, salad, bread, two entrees, a rice dish, and dessert. After the class, relax and enjoy the meal you helped prepare! This is a beginners class for people who have NOT taken her class before.

$50 Thank You DJ Faraz, Lentil Garden, Ted Miller & Stephanie Vaughn-Miller,

John & Liling Sherry

Te ach e r Activitie s

400. T eac he r Activit y: A Te a Part y w i t h Julie an d Elizabe th

$60 Thank You Murali & Jyoti Veeramoney

A tea party for boys and girls with Teacher Julie and Elizabeth at MSB on Saturday, May 19th, 2012 from 11:00am to 1:00pm.  They will prepare and eat a light lunch to be served with decaffeinated herbal tea.

Available for six primary children from Julie’s class.

Available for five bidders.

319. Three We e k s o f Ta e k wond o C lasses a n d Un ifo r m

Has your child wanted to learn martial arts? They can try the VIP pass for three weeks of free classes and uniform at World Champion Taekwando. The value of this package is $140 and it is now yours for the bargain price of $20! Available for ten children.

$20 Thank You World Champion Taekwondo

$40 Thank You Teacher Julie DiLorenzo, Elizabeth Howe

4 0 1 . T e ac her Ac tivit y: Bowling w ith J a nnie an d Kat y

Spare? Strike? Gutterball? Whichever your elementary child bowls, make sure they are one of the ten children joining Jannie and Katy for bowling at Sunset Lanes Bowling Center (off Walker Road). There they will meet Jannie and Katy on Friday, April 20th, 2012 from 4:30-6:00pm to start the weekend off with some fun. Bowling shoes are included. Available to ten elementary children. Parents are responsible for transportation.

$40 Thank You Teacher Katy Carter, Teacher Jannie Korchinski, Sunset Lanes PARTIES • 90


402. T eache r Act i v i t y : Gu id ed Nat u r e Walk with K athle e n

Take a guided nature walk with Teacher Kathleen through your own neighborhood. She is a naturalist by vocation and would love to share both her joy in and knowledge of the natural world. Our own yards and communities are rich with wildlife and and a great diversity of plants; even the rocks used in landscaping or homes can make interesting stories. This is an activity for a family, preferably one with an elementary child, although younger children are welcome to join in. This customized walk will be in the spring for a few hours in an afternoon (or early evening as the days lengthen) when hopefully all of your family members can join in the exploration. For one family. Day and time on a mutually agreeable date.

$60 Thank You Teacher Kathleen Berry

403. T eacher Ac t iv it y: A rt y Pa rt y with No r a

Sign your child up for some artful fun with Teacher Nora at My Masterpiece Art Studio on Friday, April 13th, 2012 from 10:00am to 12:00pm. As a teacher workday, it is a scheduled day off from school. Light snacks will be provided. Four lucky bidders will meet Nora at the studio located at 7905 SW Cirrus Drive in Beaverton; right near Washington Square. Available for four children from Nora’s class. Parents are responsible for transportation. My Masterpiece:

$40 Thank You My Masterpiece Art Studio, Teacher Nora Mix

404. T eacher A s s is ta n t s Ac t i v i t y : OMSI Outing w ith K ate , Tommy an d Mo r ga n

Looking for an activity for your kids on parent/teacher conference days? Have them join three of our fabulous assistants for a fun-filled outing to OMSI, including a private lab and planetarium show. The outing will start with a visit to the Life Sciences Hall where they will explore the mysteries of the brain in a private OMSI-led lab called “Brainpower.” The group will then make its way down to the Planetarium for a showing of “Starry Nights.” The fun happens on Friday, March 23rd, 2012 from 9:30am1:00pm (a parent teacher conference day).

4 0 5 . T e ac her Ac tivit y: Two Spanish L es s on s an d Lunch with Ve r on ica

Does your child get excited about speaking Spanish? Do they tell you about their lessons with MSB teacher Veronica? If you have a child who wants to build on what they have learned at MSB, then sign them up for two 30-minute private Spanish lessons with Veronica. She will take your child to Si Senor Restaurant (625 NW Saltzman Road, Portland) for some engaging Spanish conversation while sharing a light lunch!! Both classes will be during the student’s lunch time. Available for one elementary age child on two mutually agreeable days in May, 2012.

$100 Thank You Teacher Veronica Araneda

4 0 6 . T e ac her Ac tivit y: H ike w ith Rob i n an d Sar ah

Your child will “Thank you so, so, so, so much!” for winning this special outing with their favorite MSB teachers. Primary teacher Robin Myers from the Ladybug Room and Upper Elementary teacher Sarah Freeman from the Juniper Room are hosting ten children from each of their classrooms for a morning of exploration along the beautiful trails of Forest Park’s Audubon Society. The twenty lucky students will join Robin and Sarah at the Audubon House at 9:00am on Saturday, April 28th 2012, with parents returning to pick up their children at 11:30am.   Together, the students and teachers will explore the Audubon Sanctuary and its surrounds in beautiful Forest Park. Children will most definitely be spotting birds, wildlife, other fauna and flora in this lush area. A nutritious and delicious snack will be provided and prepared just for this outing by the Upper Elementary students. The lucky students will customize water bottles to commemorate this special outing with Robin and Sarah.   Available to ten primary children from Robin’s class and ten elementary children from Sarah’s class. Parents are responsible for transportation.

$40 Thank You Teacher Sarah Freeman, Teacher Robin Myers

Available for 15 children from Grades 2-6. Parents are responsible for providing children with a snack and transportation to and from OMSI.

$40 Thank You Morgan Comandich, James & Sara Gillette, Kate McLean, OMSI,

Tommy & Nicole Yasuhara, Robert Zdebski & Renee Rutz



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Montessori School of Beaverton 2012 Auction Catalog  

The Silver Jubilee Auction 25th Annual Gala Auction Benefitting the Montessori School of Beaverton Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Montessori School of Beaverton 2012 Auction Catalog  

The Silver Jubilee Auction 25th Annual Gala Auction Benefitting the Montessori School of Beaverton Saturday, March 10th, 2012