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IMMPZBACH Alberto Martinez Santiago

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Tolerance Tolerance is one of the most respected human values related to the acceptance of those people, situations or things that are far from what each person have or considered within their beliefs. What is tolerance? According to cambridge dictionary is willingness to accept Behaviour and beliefs different from That are your own, not, Although You Might Agree with or approve of them. The importance of tolerance are the possibility given to us to live in the same space with people from different cultures or with different beliefs. Tolerance is what allows us to live in harmony in a country with people of different religions, who support other political tendencies, which have a different sexual orientation, etc. Tolerance is not only applicable to country level, but it is something that we must develop in our homes with the people thet we love, as our family and friends, as well as on a global level, where you try to live in harmony with a lot of cultures and very different people. As we see, the tolerance is in close relation with respect. accepting and respecting ethnic, social, cultural and religious differences, among others, always having in mind that what we are respecting the integrity and rights of people, animals and the environment. It is for this that I think we should all be tolerant so that we can live without many conflicts trying not believe that we always have the right to try to understand their way of thinking and acting and not lock i oure ideologies that often are wrong and they make us inaccessible to new ideas and knowledge which can be for our benefit.


Nature Navigates the scent of the forest Wind consumes me every step the sea crosses my mind and the sand gives me a hug

I get the sand to the soul breathe the smell of pine I close my eyes to birdsong

I climb the mountain rain splashes me clouds my company down the road

I feel nature as you mine I keep to myself and remember you


LIFE IS By Michel Sage Life is like a river, constantly flowing, Life is like a tree, constantly growing. Life is like the desert, constantly changing, Life is like the oceans, constantly re-arranging, Life is accepting, both others and yourself, Life is understanding, and believing in oneself, Life is committing, and doing the best you can, Life is believing, and being your own very best fan. Life is for loving, and also for caring, Life is for helping, and giving and sharing. Life is the seeds that you plant each day, Life is creating a better world in which to stay.


''The DJ'' A day on the internet Anthony saw a advertisement where a Dj job was offered at a small bar in Cholula. He filled the application to get the job The days passed when he arrived at his house, His mother told him that a letter had arrived, He started to read the letter and was very happy, His mother asked him what the letter was and he told him that he got a job in a bar In cholula. The mother was very angry because she did not want her son to play music in a bar of cholula. Months after he got the job a manager he heard how he played and he offered to record music with him and he was going to pay a lot of money but Anthony told him not because he had to think first so he went with Terry his best friend and told him Everything the manager offered. Terry said that if he accepted the offer because it was a unique opportunity so Anthony told Terry that if he was going to accept but with a condition and the condition was that Terry was his representative and terry accepted without any doubt. Anthony days later spoke with the manager and after negotiating several things he said that if he agreed to record music with him. Anthony went with his girlfriend Amanda and told him everything that had happened and Amanda became happy and Anthony told him that every time he went out to record something he was always going to take with him no matter what. After talking to Amanda was talking to her mom and told her everything that happened but her mom did not act in a positive way. Her mom told her that she did not want Anthony to be a Dj so Anthony was angry with her because she never supported him so Anthony got 5

angry and left the house without caring about his mom and started to live alone and do his thing On your own. After that Anthony began recording with the one that offered him work Recorded several songs and thanks to these songs many people wanted to record with Anthony because they said that he was a very talented young man with a lot of future so he was offered many opportunities for work and he and Terry accepted those proposals. After a few years to Anthony appeared an offer that the collapsed since he played in the bar in cholula the offer was that Anthony played in one of the most important festivals of electronic music called ELECTRIC ZOO this event is done in the States United and Anthony certainly accepted the offer but with a condition that would be their representative Terry and his girlfriend Amanda and event managers said yes. The next day they took the first plane to the United States arriving at the airport and there was someone waiting for the 3 in a black van that would take them to the place where the festival would be. The festival was in central park but began the next day only to take them to know the place and sound tests and all that. After that they were taken to the hotel where they stayed to sleep in that hotel were very important dj's. Anthony Terry and Amanda were very excited because they had never met celebrities. During the stay in the hotel Anthony knew many dj's and those dij's recognized the wonderful work that Anthony did, Anthony was very happy that he was recognized by people like them. But without a doubt the best of the night was that he met his 2 favorite DJs throughout his life, they gave him several tips to make his precentacion in the festival go well. At night Anthony could not sleep because of the nervousness he was so I went out to take a breath and clear his mind but suddenly


remember everything that had happened to his mother and became sad for what he did and there remained until mirth. Arriving the time of his precentacion Anthony was very nervous but I remember everything that I fight to be there. The time came and went on stage. He was very nervous, his hands were shaking, he was sweating. I could not walk well. Once on the stage he saw the audience and he became more nervous, after that he did not know what to do was very nervous that he did nothing on the stage so he got out of there Amanda and Terry but Anthony said he could not Amanda and Terry told him that if he could, that's all he dreamed and had to do. Anthony returned to the stage but suddenly began to play his music as if nothing bad had happened so that without any problem it touched for thousands of people After that his life changed completely. After all that happened he continued to participate in important festivals around the world such as ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL, TOMORROWLAND, ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL, AMSTERDA MUSIC FESTIVAL among others but traveling and doing all that he did not enjoy because he was fighting with his mother. Ending his whole tour was with his mom and he apologized for all what he did and his mom apologized to him for not trusting him or supporting him so the two ended well and now the two live without any problem. What happened afterwards was that Anthony and Amanda were married, terry married with a model and her mom died after Anthony marryed.



A person that Loves Basketball and Eat Rice with Tomato and a fresh Orange juice


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