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JAMSA Presentation for September 3,2012

MBBS 2017 Class Elections Selection of Class Executive Body & Class Crest, Colours & Jersey Design

Executive Positions • • • • • • • • • •

President Vice President of External Affairs (VPE) Vice President of Internal Affairs (VPI) Two (2)Public Relations Officer (PRO) Secretary & Assistant Secretary Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer I.T. Rep/Officer comprising of an I.T. Team Male & Female Sports Reps Fundraising Committee Two (2) Cultural and Entertainment Affairs Coordinator (CEAC head & assistant)

Class Crest, Colours & Jersey Design All designs for crest, colour and jersey design can be posted to the class’ facebook group or gmail account.

Rules & Guidelines • Each individual is allowed one vote per position. • An individual has to be nominated and seconded to become a nominee. • A nominee can be nominated for more than one position provided the individual has not been selected for a previous position already. • Five minutes will be allotted for each nominee to present their speech after which voting will proceed.

Rules & Guidelines

• The IT team and Fundraising Committee will be selected by the IT Officer/Rep and Fundraising Chairperson respectively. • For positions having two spots, the positions will be filled by the individuals having both the highest and second highest number of votes. E.g. PRO, CEAC & Treasurer • Poor performance from executive members can and will lead to removal by voting of the class and executive board. The nominee with the second highest number of votes will then fill the position provided he/she accepts. If not the position will be open once again for nomination.

Rules & Guidelines • For crest and jersey design, one design is allowed per person. Colours selected for the jersey cannot be ones that conflict with previous years that are now present at UWI

Roles of Executive body

PRESIDENT • President represents the class in the Jamaica Medical Students Association (JAMSA) and is to be present for all meetings. • President also represents the class to the faculty board lobbying for the class. • Oversees the Executive Board, distributing tasks and goals needed to be achieved by the Board or the class in general. Also follows up on each executive position ensuring standard is kept and maintained.

Vice President of Internal Affairs • VPI is in charge of academic related problems and situations regarding the students of the class and lectures • Exam, lecture and tutorial scheduling is done by this individual ensuring that attendance is possible for all students. • This individual works alongside our Course Coordinator Dr. Young-Martin • Mock spotters are also scheduled by this individual. • Works alongside Secretary and President forming Internal Affairs Committee. • Also this individual, if the president is absent sit in on meetings with members of staff.

Vice President of External Affairs • VPE is in charge of the social aspects relating to the class. E.g. Trips, socials etc. • This individual works in collaboration with the Public Relations Officers and the Culture and Entertainment Coordinators creating the External Affairs Committee.

Public Relations Officer • In charge of promotion and advertising of events and changes that affect the student body • Also all notifications are handled by this individual by whichever means of communication necessary. • Notices posted on the notice board is handled by this individual as well.

Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer • In charge of finances in regards to class and executive board maintenance • Works along side the Fundraising Committee creating by extension the Finance Committee

I.T. officer & team • In charge of anything I.T. related (Powerpoint lectures, notes, study softwares etc.) • I.T. Team will comprise of 5 individuals inclusive of the I.T. officer, one will be in charge of posting the lectures for each day • It would be advantageous if each member is apart of SCOME. • The IT Team works alongside the Vice President of Internal Affairs in regards to lectures and notes for classmates as well.

Male & Female Sports Representatives

• In charge of sports related activities • Organizes games and matches against other classes. • One representative for each gender.

Fundraising Committee • Fundraising Committee comprises of 5 individuals • Anything in regards to raising funds for the class is handled by this committee • Works alongside the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer forming the Finance Committee

Culture & Entertainment affairs coordinator

• As the name suggest this person is in charge of planning and executing social events. • Individual works in collaboration with VPE creating the External Affairs Committee. • There is also the Assistant CEAC

Secretary • The role of the secretary is to take minutes of the meetings and also to deal with any other possible secretarial aspect (for example the scheduling of meetings with the dean or course coordinator working in league with the President also the sending of emails and so forth as well) of the executive • This individual works alongside the President and the Vice President of Internal Affairs to make up the Internal Affairs Committee • There is also the Assistant Secretary


• As a long standing and honoured tradition, third year medical students of the University of the West Indies, Mona have produced the annual charity production called Smoker. This event is usually in aid of sponsorship or for various charities as medical students start their careers in giving back to the country that has benefited them so tremendously.

• Beginning early in 2011 and culminating on September 16,2012, the medical students of the class of 2015 have and are continuing to put their hearts and minds together to create and bring to the stage the Smoker dubbed, “ I fi Iâ€?. Proceeds from 2012 edition will be given to the Endoscopy Unit at the UHWI.

SMOKER 2012 I fi I

‘I fi I’ “ The prodigal son returns home to a hellhole of corruption and violence. After a senseless attack on the people he cares about, he vows revenge on a one-time-friend turned adversary.” “One man stands alone… But as he gets closer to the source of the corruption, the line between right and wrong gets ever more blurred, and when one man decides to take matters into his own hands things spin wildly out of control.”

“I fi I� is a statement of human character and proof that choices, whether good or bad, will ultimately define our destiny.

• Show times and Ticket Prices: • There will be a total of 6 shows which are listed below with their times and ticket prices: • 1. Thursday, September 13 at 6:30pm- $1000 • 2. Friday, September 14 at 6:30pm- $1500 • 3. Saturday, September 15 at 5:00pm (GALA night)- $2500 inclusive of food, drinks and a LIVE performance from UWI Pop Society during cocktail hour which begins at 4pm • 4. Saturday, September 15 at 8:00pm- $1500 • 5. Sunday, September 16 at 4:30pm- $1500 • 6. Sunday, September 16 at 8:00pm- $1500 • Feel free to pre-order tickets by emailing with your name, number and request. • You can also call 8960610/ 4751767 (digi) 798 6214 (lime)

Class executive & smoker  
Class executive & smoker  

Details on the requirements of a class executive body for each class