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Our mission at Black Swamp Percussion is to consistently elevate the standards of sound quality and superb craftsmanship which performers have come to recognize from our company. We also spend significant time focusing on what percussionists need to easily speak with their own voice, and sound like true professionals.

Snare Drums

Endorsers Pedro Carneiro “The warmth and timbre possibilities of the Multisonic™ snare drum make it my ideal drum for solo and multipercussion pieces.”

Joseph Gramley “Whether I’m in the recording studio, teaching or giving a solo recital, I’ve come to depend on the outstanding quality and workmanship of Black Swamp Percussion instruments.”

SnareShell Drums Options 10 ply Maple

Carbon Fiber

Resin Fiber



Solid Shell

Snare Drums Strainer Options Multisonic Available MS sizes: All shell types - 5" x 14" / 6.5" x 14�


Available SA sizes: Maple Shells - 4.5" x 13" / 5.5" x 14" / 6.5" x 14" Fiber Shells - 4.5" x 13" / 5" x 14" / 6.5" x 14" Metal Shells - 5" x 14" / 6.5" x 14" Solid Shells - 5" x 14" / 6.5" x 14"

Snare More Drums Drums Symphonic Field Drums 10" x 14" 12" x 15"

Concert Maple

Retrosonic 5" x 14" 6.5" x 14�

6.5" x 14"

Endorsers Raynor Carroll “Black Swamp has set the standard by which all symphonic snare drums are compared - because they are the best.”

Global Percussion Trio “Black Swamp drums are awesome! The Multisonic™ is like having five different drums all wrapped up in one.”


Endorsers Christopher Deane “I truly believe that there have never been better accessory percussion instruments made than those manufactured by Black Swamp Percussion.”

Eric Willie “Black Swamp tambourines provide a characteristic sound: indoor or outdoor. I especially love the sound of the Resin Fiber tambourines with drum corps and marching bands.”

Tambourines Synthetic Head Series Solid Ash Shell

10" double row Remo head

TD1S - Chromium 25™ TD2S - Phosphor Bronze TD3S - German Silver TD4S - Beryllium Copper TC1S - Chromium 25™ / Phosphor Bronze TC2S - Chromium 25™ / German Silver

Resin Fiber Shell

10" double row Remo head

TRF3 - German Silver TRFC1 - Chromium 25™ / Phosphor Bronze

Tambourines SoundArt Series ™

Solid Ash Shell

10" double row calf head

TD1 - Chromium 25™ TD2 - Phosphor Bronze TD3 - German Silver TD4 - Beryllium Copper TC1 - Chromium 25™ / Phosphor Bronze TC2 - Chromium 25™ / German Silver

Solid Ash Shell TS1 - Chromium 25™ TS3 - German Silver TS4 - Beryllium Copper

10" single row calf head

Tambourines 12" Series and Accessories Solid Ash Shell

12" single row calf head

T12-1 - Chromium 25™ T12-3 - German Silver T12-4 - Beryllium Copper TC12-1 - Chromium 25™ / Phosphor Bronze



TCR - Tambourine Cradle THR10C - 10" Head replacement kit with cable THR10 - 10" Head replacement kit w/o cable THR12 - 12" Head replacement kit BWX - Beeswax in tube TCG - Black cable

Endorsers Coalescence “Coalescence greatly appreciates the sound quality, projection and jingle options that Black Swamp Percussion tambourines offer.”

Maria Flurry “BSP tambourines have a wide expressive range. I also appreciate that the shells are narrow and light enough to handle with ease.”


Endorsers Scott Deal “With Black Swamp instruments, I am inspired to strive higher for the music.”

Morris Palter “Black Swamp is the percussion instrument maker of choice for the most discerning musician.”


Timpani Mallets

David Gross DG1 - Legato (orange) DG2 - General (blue) DG3 - Medium Staccato (yellow) DG4 - Medium Hard Staccato (green) DG5 - Hard Staccato (red felt) DG6 - Wood (white) DG7 - Chamois (black)

Bamboo We’ve recently discontinued our line of bamboo timpani mallets. “What’s on the horizon” you ask?...Stay tuned to find out what cutting edge replacement we have in the works!

Mallets Tam Tam / Gong Mallets Large Tam Tam GT5

Gong Rollers

Medium Tam Tam GT3

GTR - pair


Endorsers Talujon “Talujon is proud to use Black Swamp Percussion equipment.”

Mark Carson “Black Swamp Percussion instruments produce truly musical sounds - rich, full and articulate.”

Triangles Steel

Artisan Triangles

AT4 AT6 AT8 AT10 Brass

Spectrum Triangles SPT6 SPT8

Triangles Select Beaters

Triangle Clip SET3 SET6

Spectrum Beaters


Triangle Hanger SPSET1 SPSET2 SET5C combo set not pictured


Wood Stuff

Endorsers Gustavo Aguilar “From playing free form to tackling a new multiple percussion composition, I rely on my arsenal of excellently crafted Black Swamp woodblocks to respond with the rich tones that will make the music come alive.”

Anthony DiSanza “The Black Swamp temple blocks sound fantastic and are constructed using the most detailed craftsmanship. The mounting system is ingenious, allowing for various block combinations and integration with any rack system.”

Wood Stuff Temple Blocks

Log Drums LOG1 - Small LOG2 - Medium LOG3 - Large LOG4 - Xlarge



Woodblocks MWB0 - XLarge MWB1 - Large MWB2 - Medium MWB3 - Small MWB4 - Tiny


Wood Stuff Castanets Bloodwood

Fiber FBRC1

PCC1 - Small PCC3 - Large

Mounting Frame

Wenge PCC1W - Small PCC3W - Large

PCMF Castanets not included

Cases and Bags Gear Bag

Gear Cabinet GCLG

Tambourine Bags


Triangle Bags TB10 - 10" case TB12 - 12" case


Gig Pack TGP Triangle Cases ATSB ATLB Beater Cases ATBC3 ATBC5

Endorsers Evelyn Glennie “There is no doubt that the innovation, quality, and constant redefining of skills have made Black Swamp one of the highest quality makers of percussion instruments.”

Base4 “Black Swamp makes the finest instruments and accessories anywhere ...period.”

Cable Snares Wrap-Around W14C - Coated Cable W14S - Stainless Steel W14CS - Coated Cable / Stainless Steel W14G - Classic Gold™

Standard S14C - Coated Cable S14S - Stainless Steel S14CS - Coated Cable / Stainless Steel

Black Swamp Percussion 11114 James St. Zeeland, MI 49464 USA

Tel: 616-879-0066 Fax: 616-879-0068

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