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We’ve had a great start to the Fall Semester of 2009 and I hope classes are going well for all students. Nicolet is all about student success, and as the new president of Nicolet, it’s been great to meet with so many students and I look forward to meeting many more in the weeks and months before the end of the semester. I want to stress again that everyone at Nicolet is focused on student success. If you happen to find yourself having difficulties, please talk to someone - an instructor, academic advisor, or me - about the challenges you are experiencing. The

chances are very good that Nicolet has resources avail-

some of the news, below you will find a brief overview of just a few of the many events that have taken place on campus. Good luck with the rest of the semester. - Elizabeth Burmaster, Nicolet College President Gov. Doyle meets with WTCS board, students at Nicolet

Elizabeth Burmaster

able to help you persevere and overcome the challenges. Since the start of the semester the campus has been a whirlwind of activity. In the event you may have missed

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle addressed the Wisconsin Technical College System Board during a recent meeting at Nicolet College. During the talk Doyle time and again focused on the importance of higher education in (Continued on page 4)

FEATURED PROGRAM: COSMETOLOGY by Laura Lechmaier Save money, get it all! Nicolet College Student Newspaper Nicolet Area Technical College LRC -- Room 108 5364 College Drive Rhinelander, WI 54501

The new and advanced Stylists in the Barber Cosmetology Lab are ready to help you save a few bucks and help you with a fresh new look, along with some pampering, to make you feel great! Our services include Cuts, Highlights, Color, Wax-

ing, Scalp Treatments, Facials, Perms, Manicures and Pedicures! We are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We are open to the public and students here at Nicolet College. Stop down or call for your appointment today. We’d be happy to help you feel and look your best!

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NICOLET LIVE! ARTS & SPEAKERS SERIES Upcoming Events at the Nicolet Theatre:

AllNicoletstudentsget freeadmissiontoallof theNicoletLiveeventsin theLRCtheatre.You justneedtohavea studentIDtogetaticket. Reservationsare recommended,socall 715-365-4646orstopin atthedaytimeboxoffice onthesecondfloorofthe ArtTechbuilding. OnlystudentswithID’s getfreetickets–anyguest youbringwillneedto payregularpublic admission.

Sylvia: November 66-8, 1212-15 7:30 pm (Sunday performances are at 2:00 pm) Anyone who loves dogs or finds them irritating will enjoy this sweet, quirky comedy by A.R. Gurney – famous for his plays that explore the eccentricities of family life. Greg and Kate, married 22 years, with their last child now off to college, have moved from the suburbs into Manhattan. Kate’s new teaching career flourishes; Greg’s financial career is in a nosedive. Greg brings home a stray, Sylvia – part lab, part poodle – and Kate, done with dogs, is not amused. Sylvia is played by a woman but she’s convincingly all dog: eager to please, mystified by human behavior. Public Admission: $7 General Public, $5 Students and Senior Citizens

Community Holiday Concert Sunday, December 06, 2009, 2:00 PM Savor the peace of the holiday season and envelop yourself in the celestial sounds of your favorite Christmas carols. This soulstirring concert is one of the wonders of the Northwoods holiday season. Smile, laugh, and let the Nicolet Chorus and Choraliers put you in a holiday frame of mind! Nonperishable food donations for local pantries will be accepted. Admission: FREE Public Admission: $7 Christmas in the Northwoods with Bret and Frisk . Friday, December 18, 2009 7:30 PM Bring the family and celebrate the holiday season with Bret and Frisk. This Land O’Lakes pair has released

three CDs and performed their spirited acoustic show for 17 years – Bret on guitar, vocals and harmonica, Frisk on keyboards, percussion and luscious vocals – typically sharing the stage with other acclaimed Northwoods musicians. Sing along with traditional tunes and delight in the duo’s harmonies, jazzy and RnR take on many holiday standards. With a repertoire of 450 songs and a penchant for taking requests, Bret, Frisk, their children and musician friends are guaranteed to put you in the holiday mood. Public Admission: $7

INSECURITY: DO YOU WRITE RIGHT? Face it. There are few things as intimidating as the blinding white of a blank page. It makes no difference if it’s an empty sheet lying on our desk, or a blank screen, aiming between our eyes. Defeating “nothing” by subjecting it to “something” with our words is what gives a writer breath. Whether to pay our bills or please our muse, eventually words must spill. Here are ten tips to help plow past writing insecurity: Ni col et

C ol l eg e

1. Appreciate your unique perspective. No one sees the world exactly like you, and no one can articulate it in quite the same way. The oldest stories are told and then retold, not because they invent new things to say, but because inside a timeless message, each storyteller may weave a million individual moments. 2. Writing is conversation. The more we speak, the more we understand the fundamen-

tals. Writing is no different. Most of the time, our brains operate on the surface, doing only what must be done. We may adopt the push and pull of conversation to push our voice further. Writing, much like good discussion, can help us dig a little deeper. 3. Allow your influences to (Continued on page 6)

Ni col et

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C ol l eg e

The Academic Success Department is here to help you succeed in college! Get the Help You Need Peer Tutoring Academic Success matches you with a peer-tutor, often another student, to help you with the requirements of a particular course Program Support Academic Success links you to an Academic Success instructor to help you with the reading, writing, and/or math skills you need to be successful in your program Writing Lab Stop in at an open lab staffed by a professional tutor and receive help with your writing assignments Writing Lab Schedule Monday 4 pm - 7 pm Tuesday 10 am - Noon Wednesday 4 pm - 7 pm Thursday 10 am - Noon Math Lab Stop in at an open lab staffed by a professional tutor and receive help with your math assignments Math Lab Schedule Monday 10 am - Noon Tuesday Noon - 1:30 Wednesday 10 am - Noon Thursday Noon - 1:30 pm Friday 8 am - 10 am Both Labs are located Art Tech - Room 207

The Nicolet College Job Placement Office can assist you with: •


Cover Letters

Interviewing Skills


Job Search Strategies and Techniques

Contact the Placement Office: ArtArt-Tech Room 201 365365-4565

For information on the above services, contact Chris Holewinski at 365.4455 or Technology Help For help using technology to complete assignments, i.e. file management (saving files, creating folders), Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Wikis, recording video/audio, uploading files, computer compatibility, email and attachments, and BlackBoard use. Contact: Denise Terzinski, 365.4409 or

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FALL SEMESTER OFF TO FAST START (Continued from page 1)

the state’s economic recovery. “Increasing the number of well-trained workers in the state with strong training programs in the technical college system will be one of the keys to economic recovery,” Doyle said. “Technical colleges like Nicolet are at the absolute center of that.”

During his visit to Nicolet Gov. Jim Doyle met and talked with several students on the Nicolet’s Rhinelander campus. He’s pictured here with Nicolet President Elizabeth Burmaster, right.

During his visit to Nicolet Gov. Jim Doyle met and talked with several students at Nicolet’s Rhinelander campus. He’s pictured here with Nicolet President Elizabeth Burmaster, right. Welcome Center offers oneone-stop service

Pictured here are, left to right, Dan Clancy, President, Wisconsin Technical College System; Elizabeth Burmaster, President, Nicolet College; Monica Hilt, Northern Regional Chief Executive Officer - Sacred Heart-Saint Mary’s Hospital President; Stan Davis, President, Wisconsin Technical College System Board; and Jodi Hanson, Ministry Health Care Public and Community Relations Manager.

Ni col et

Nicolet College’s new Welcome Center is making it easier and more convenient for current and prospective students to learn about Nicolet, complete the admissions process, and utilize services. The Welcome Center’s one -stop-shopping concept bundles several aspects of the enrollment process into one office that helps student decide what to study, fill out an application, register for classes, apply for financial aid, and meet with counselors.

C ol l eg e

The Welcome Center is located in Room 210 of the University Transfer Center and houses the Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Academic Advising, and Counseling offices. The center is open until 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 4 p.m. Fridays. It opens at 7:45 a.m. each weekday. Ministry Health Care honored with Futuremaker Award For years Nicolet students – mainly those in the Health Occupations – have benefitted from Ministry Health Care’s partnership with the college. Many Nicolet students complete their clinical requirements at Ministry facilities, receive scholarships from Ministry donations, and benefit academically from Ministry staff serving on advisory committees. Many Nicolet graduates also go on to work for Ministry. Because of this commitment to higher education, Ministry was recently named a "WTCS Futuremaker Partner" by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board. This award recognizes organizations that partner with technical colleges in pursuit of strong futures through

sustainable jobs. System President Dan Clancy presented the award to Ministry for helping to ensure the availability of well-trained health care professionals to meet the needs of area residents and furthering the economic vitality of Northern Wisconsin communities. Nicolet nominated Ministry for the award. First Lady Jessica Doyle visits Nicolet A week prior to the governor’s visit his wife, Wisconsin First Lady Jessica Doyle, toured Nicolet to meet students on the Rhinelander campus. While at Nicolet she talked with students from several different programs including those in Business Management, Culinary Arts, and Nursing. Doyle herself is a long-time educator, starting her career teaching in Africa as a Peace Corp volunteer.

Ni col et

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C ol l eg e


Scariest Funniest Most Creative Group Competition: Prizes to all participants who win in the group category. Bring your class, your club, or just a fun group of people for a spooktacular time!


And we’re to a great start this semester. So far, students in the ADVANCE Program, a credit-based high school program located on campus, participated in a service project helping harvest vegetables from the Community Garden located in Rhinelander. Other volunteers took the students under their wings and, together, a record amount of 306 lbs of fresh

vegetables were ADVANCE harvested and delivered to the Students Rhinelander Food and volunteers Pantry. We learned, too, that many of the food items we once thought were vegetables are actually fruit! Upon delivery, the food pantry staff provided students with the inside scoop on the food pantry services and its overall operation. Second on our list, we are proud to announce that the ADVANCE students are now certified in first aid/CPR. Our thanks to Liz Reischel for sharing her knowledge and providing this important training for students.

More adventures are “in the wings,” but in the meantime, be sure to take time out of your day to appreciate the beauty of the fall colors that surround us here in the Northwoods. “We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own” — B. Sweetland

“...a record amount of 306 lbs of fresh vegetables were harvested and delivered to the Rhinelander Food Pantry.”

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TECH  BUZZ When I think back to the days when I first started listening to music regularly, I can’t help but smile and even crack a chuckle now and then. Not only do I think about the “classics” that helped shape my taste in the art form, but the format of which it was pre-

by Broc Seigneurie

sented around me. I’ve never been a big fan of the generic radio stations I found around the area where I lived (there’s only so many times I can listen to More Than a Feeling and not get bored) so I spent a lot of time collecting CD’s and cassettes. When MP3 players

started making headway in today’s culture I was a little skeptic at first; I wasn’t sure if it would last. I know some people think I’m crazy, but I remember mini-disk’s being touted as the “next best thing”. Currently, I don’t know (Continued on page 8)

INSECURITY: DO YOU WRITE RIGHT? (Continued from page 2)

Fitness Center Hours Fall Semester 2009 Monday: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Tuesday: 2:35 pm - 6:30 pm Wednesday: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Thursday: 2:35 pm - 6:30 pm Friday: 8:30 am - 11:30 am No Street Shoes (Bring a Clean Pair) *Schedule subject to change with workwork-study availability.

Ni col et

shape your voice, not drown it. Creativity is borrowed. None of us formed our thoughts in a vacuum, and all of us were subject to a myriad of different models. Inspiration lives inside us, and our subconscious never forgets. We need not copy our heroes, their hand is always there to guide us. 4. Believe. You can do it! Fear is a set of handcuffs, keeping our fingers from flight. If you don’t believe in yourself, then no one else will either. 5. Ignore the rules. Rules can be intimidating; intimidation a shortcut to insecurity. You may not know precisely when to use a comma and when to use parentheses, but what decision will never equal the importance of a good idea. We first need broad

C ol l eg e

strokes to lend foundation. We wash our world in red, blue, yellow, and green. Chartreuse and vermillion come later. 6. Write for someone specific. Nothing will crystallize your voice, like scribbling for a single set of eyes. It doesn’t matter who it is, and it doesn’t have to be the same person twice. Write as though you are speaking to them. Design your jokes to make them smile, your words to feel them near. 7. Write without pause, return later. Alone with our thoughts, it is easy to think the worst, but we should never allow them to slow us down. When our inner whisper begins to shout, we must lower our nose and keep on going. Once drained, leave. Return later, and you’ll likely be surprised at what you’ve written.

8. Take pride. Our words are simply a more permanent vision of our thought. Be proud of who you are, and know that what you write is a reflection of you. 9. Even Stephen King writes with his door closed. No one gets it right the first time through. Just start. Even if the world will be watching once you are finished, no one is watching you now. Close the door, breathe the silence, and let what’s inside you come out to play. 10. Dip your toe, then jump...the water’s fine The first keystroke is always the hardest, but begetting something from nothing is what separates us from the lower species. Pushing past our fear and into uncertainty, is when we’re most likely to find ourselves.

Ni col et

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C ol l eg e

FESTIVAL OF FLAVORS On August 29-30. Alec Gabriel and I volunteered to help at the 1st Annual “Festival of Flavors” in Eagle River, WI. The festival featured Wisconsin products, local restaurants, Culinary Artisan Cheese Producers, Wisconsin Wineries and Breweries. The festival drew over 2,500 people to the area and was a success despite the unseasonable weather that weekend. Alec helped several chefs with their demonstrations at the Festival throughout the weekend. Culinary students in the Beverage Management recently visited the Brigadoon Winery in Tripoli, WI. Brigadoon Winery is owned and operated by a Nicolet Culinary Alumni Katie Welbes and her family. They offered the class a first rate tour of their wine making facilities, bottling room, vineyard where they grow several types of grapes as well as their gift shop. The Welbes are very hospitable as well as extremely knowledgeable about the industry and the tour was an excellent educational and fun activity.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES November 13: 13 Leadership retreat In Stevens Point open to all students. Must register in the Student Life Office by November 2nd. There is no cost for students. November 17: 17 Help save a life and donate blood for the Blood Drive. You can make an appointment by calling the Student Life Office, or walk-ins are welcome as well. LRC Theater from 8 a.m. – noon. November 19: 19 Family Fun Night, back by popular demand! Pizza from Bucketheads, games for all ages, DDR, Guitar Hero and more! 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. in the LRC

January 11: Student Ski trip. Must sign up in the Student Life Office by December 15. Students may bring up to two guests. February 16: Speaker and Entertainer Teja Arboleda "Ethnic Man" will kick off a powerful debate about race and identity. It will make you laugh, cry and question which box you're in. LRC theater 11:30 a.m. March 2: Family Bowling Night at Hodag Lanes in Rhinelander. Free food, bowling, and fun for students and their families. 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

The Nicolet College Student Newspaper is the official student-produced newspaper at Nicolet Area Technical College. Published at least once per academic semester, the paper provides an outlet for students' journalism skills and literary creativity. The newspaper is provided free of charge to all students and staff.

NicoletCollege StudentNewspaper Nicolet Area Technical College LRC -- Room 108 5364 College Drive Rhinelander, WI 54501

If you would like to join the newspaper staff or submit articles or photos, please contact one of the following representatives: Kelly Anunson Phone: (715) 365-4907 E-mail: Kim Schey-Scuglik Phone: (715) 365-4929 E-mail: Jessica Morgan Phone: (715) 661-3006 E-mail:

TECH  BUZZ (Continued from page 6)

how I would get along without an MP3 player. I have been able to condense my entire musical catalog into just a few gigs, and carry it around with me anywhere! Well now the MP3 players are taking their next step into the future, and the Apple iPod touch is no exception. The device itself is quite slim and light. I’m amazed at how much technology fits into such a small space. It’s storage capacity ranges from 8 gigabytes to 64 gigabytes so you will always have enough space for that song you can’t get out of your head. The battery life is an impressive

by Broc Seigneurie 30 hours for music, and 6 for video. Not only does the iPod

touch play your favorite songs, but also your favorite videos as well. I know that’s nothing new compared to most cell phones out there, but the iPod also lets you connect to any open Wi-fi signal you want! While the iPod has some down-

falls, the good aspects far outweigh them. The price can be a little hefty ($300 for standard retail) but remember, this is more than just an MP3 player. The display is really nice; better than most cell phone’s I’ve seen, and the sound quality is strong and fierce. I like the fact it can fit almost anywhere without becoming uncomfortable, and it is light enough that if I drop it, it won’t take as much damage as a lot of other devices I’ve used. It can work with both Macs and PCs and is definitely a product that you will get your money’s worth from. The iPod touch is a definite must-have for any music junkie out there!

Nicolet College Student Newspaper - October 2009  

The Nicolet College Student Newspaper is the official student-produced newspaper at Nicolet Area Technical College. Published at least once...

Nicolet College Student Newspaper - October 2009  

The Nicolet College Student Newspaper is the official student-produced newspaper at Nicolet Area Technical College. Published at least once...