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We would like to dedicate this magazine to our professor Susan, who has been the one in charge of getting the best of us in every single assignment, but most of all because she has been a role model during the last two years. We expect to be capable of fulfilling her and our expectations in this magazine that will prove to be the closure of this period of time.

Letters with Ink Heart Recommendation Letter By Antonio Mora G. Alajuela, Poรกs, Carrillos September 9, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to be recommending Huang Ya-Hui (Gina) to you. I have known Gina for three years and I have realized she is a hard worker and quick learner. Gina will be a great good for any company that hires her. She is one of the most innovative and creative person I have ever met. Besides being a great experience to work with, Gina is a takecharge person who is able to present original ideas and develop them completely without ever leaving a work unfinished. Gina not only speaks Spanish fluently and without any interference between her native language, Mandarin, but also she speaks fluent English. In addition, I dare to say that she not only cares for what she does at her work but also in her life.

Indeed, I found her to be consistently pleasing, lovely, and a person who deals with all the assignments imposed to her with a great dedication and a smile. However, Gina is not only able to work on her own; she is also a great group worker and very cooperative at any time. I believe that all the language skills, and plethora of other abilities Gina owns, make her a great asset for your business. She will serve as an example to follow in your corporation. If there are any doubts or questions, do not hesitate in calling me at (506) 8849-9402 and I'll be willing to confirm any information, or answer any questions you might have.


Antonio Mora Gonzalez

Letter to my Inner Child By Isis Rodríguez R.

Alajuela, Costa Rica Barrio San José, La Trinidad September 2nd, 2010







someone you know very well will be your first kiss, just like you wanted to be.

Dear Tita:

On the other hand, I must admit I missed

It feels like ages since I last talked to you,

those days of hide-and-seek with the

but it was just because I have the feeling

other guys, but nothing last forever, so

we are ok. I apologize to stop talking to

you better enjoy them as much as you

you with no excuse at all, but you know

can. I also wanna tell you about our

how studies can consume time.

future, after all, we will become English

Do you remember when you wonder if

teachers, just like we thought we would

you would continue playing video games?

be, but our dream of going to the U.S.A is

Well, guess what? We still do. How about

still on the “list.”

Santa? Yeah, he doesn’t exist, but we did

I have bad news for you, but this one was

not care because Christmas did not

one of your doubts, so I think it’s better to

change afterwards. There were so many

let you know. Dad passed away a couple

questions I used to have when I was at

of months ago; next month it will be a

your age, but many of them have been

year since his death. Although it is very


hard to accept it, it will not kill you, but it

To start with, you were very spoiled, and

will take you one step closer to me, so try

this is going to affect you if you don’t

to enjoy his company as much as

change your attitude. By the way, you are

possible. Nonetheless, I want you to

not going to die when you flunk in high

know I stopped dancing and playing the

school; it will be tough, but this will help.

lira due to lack of time, but I imagine you

keep doing it. You might also wanna

will make the right choice. As usual, I

know we still haven’t drunk any liquor and

forgot Roy, but he is still the same

yes, your mind will understand where

computer maniac he used to be, and he

babies come from.

is going to annoy you every single day of

In case you were wondering, mom it’s ok,

your life (or at least until he moves out, if

Carmen finally got herself a boyfriend, Lía

that ever happens).

quitted being a nun, and we got two new

Once again, I hope we can do this more

members in our family: Fito (a dog) and

often, I miss you.

Tigre (a cat). Once in a while I remember


you, and how naive we were at your age, but sometimes it is good not to know than to know more than what you want. You will become a nice person, but some

__________________________ Your future you.

experiences might make you think the

P.S: You will do something you promised

other way around, but don’t worry, at the

you would never do it, but you will.

end, you will become me, so I know you

Here are Two Stories for You! A Friend or a Fiend


By Antonio Mora G. y mom, Leah, had already attached to my mom since first grade, told been called from school in

her: “Leah, I beg you to do something

order to tell her the same

about Ethan in order for him to recover

exact things over and over again. Among

his interest in the subjects at school, so

all the things my teachers could have

he can pull through the decline in his

said; I knew, at least, she had been told

grades.” Indeed, that was a big deal, and

things like: “Ms. Levy,

worried my mom

we are very concerned

a lot.



But it was


too late; I had

school,” “Ms. Levy, it is

started to think

imperative that Ethan








school if he wants to


graduate, otherwise it


will not be likely for


didn`t purpose why?

There is not a 2boys.JPEG

him to pass this year,”



“Ethan is always absent in classes, not

for that question. The other students



never talked to me, but if they did, it

nonetheless.” As a matter of fact, my

would not make a difference anyway.

Science teacher who had known and got









considered me extremely shy, none of

himself. I can say I admired that about

them ever approached to me to utter a

him; hence, I would like to say I learned

word. Well, maybe not exactly no one. In

how to behave more strongly; besides, I

fact, in fourth grade I met the boy who

realized he was always telling me what

would be my best friend. His name was

and how to do it, which most of the times

Jacob. He was the only boy at school I

was very useful. I got along with him in a

knew did not mind sitting next to me at

way I had never had with anybody else.

lunch. Unfortunately, whenever Jacob

He was indeed my first best friend, and I

and I were talking in the breaks, all the

knew I was his. However, I could not help

other students started to call us names;

notice, since the first time I took him

for example, I remember they called me

home; my mom had a weird look on her

freak, loser, fool, and so many others that

face when I introduced them to each

would be a waste of time to mention.

other. She barely said hi, and I was

Jacob had once told me that I

surprised my mom would be behaving the

should not let others humiliate me, no

way she did; she did not say a word to

matter what; and, that if they dare to say


something against me, I was supposed to

I am not sure, but I thought one

punch them on the mouth, so I could

reason my mom did not like Jacob right

make them eat their words. He was very

away had been the fact he was dressed

belligerent, more than you would expect

all in black. But I knew my mom better,

from any child of our age, when it came to

and knew she would never judge a



person by his clothing, and less knowing

exaggerated; I would say he was bad-

that person was not only a friend but my

tempered, since he would pursue his

best friend. I never intended my mom to

cause not caring about anything else but

like or get along with anybody else;



however, I really wanted her to get along

went well after I visited the counselor, at

with Jacob since he was the only one

least for the next days.

who liked to talk to me. Nonetheless,

A week later, I had a quarrel with

everything got more complicated since

my best friend, and the quarrel grew to

my mom blamed it on him the fact that

become a fight in which I got many

she was called by the school`s principal

scratches all over my body and some on

in order to discuss the fact I physically

the face. My mom was furious and said I

attacked another student. I had not said

could not keep seeing Jacob, for my own

anything about what had happened. I did

sake. I was really upset because of what

not say anything to the principal about

she said. Yet, I continued speaking to him

why I got mad and used the fists to settle

wherever she could not find out about it.

some mistreatment against us. I only

Two weeks later, my mom had

spoke to my mom about the truth of how I

sent me to do my homework; I do not

had got into the fight because I was

know why, but I refused to do it, so I

defending myself and Jacob from what

decided to go to the living room to watch

the other students were saying about us.

TV. She scowled and lectured me before

She frowned without hesitating; I

asking me to go to my room. However, I

could realize she was not happy at all

said I did not want to, so she grabbed my

about me defending and fighting for both

arm to take me to my room, and I said, “I

of us. Even though the whole mess about

wish Jacob were here, he would protect

the fight was over; I was sent to the

me from you,” but she said, “Nobody is

school`s counselor; given that, according

going to tell me how to raise my own

to my mom I needed to be aware that

son.” Suddenly, I felt something inside of

violence is not a mean to solve any

me that told me, “Do it”. And I did it! I

problem with my classmates. Everything

threw a notebook to her, and I said,

“Jacob is much better taking care of me

I woke up some hours later at the

than you are!” she tried to go for my arm,

hospital; I had suffered a panic attack. I

but I did not let her touch me, and, when

had been diagnosed of schizophrenia,

she got near, I spit on her face.

“What is that?” I did not understand what

In addition, her following words

they said; but, now I do understand and

were going to, indeed, change my life

know that I am a case out of five

forever. She yelled at me, “Jacob does

thousand people who suffer children

not exist! You are Jacob, he is in you!”

schizophrenia. I am sixteen now; and, It

I could not understand anything; I

has been 6 years since I was diagnosed.

saw everything around me turning black

There are many other cases out there

and white; I did not know what to do

which have not been identified and will

and… suddenly, I fainted.

not be unless you take my story as an experience

An Ordinary Day By Isis Rodríguez R. s kids, parents always tell us wondering why she had never noticed


how to behave, to stay out of

how lousy an ambulance could be, and

trouble or there would be

how their sirens were ignored by people

consequences. Well, this is Aiden’s case

who did not bother to wonder if they knew

in which she forgot one of the most basic

the victim or not. Nonetheless, Aiden’s

rules in relationships, “Don’t love too

brain could not think of anything else but

soon, or you might get hurt ver quick”.

this; her eyes got stuck in the vehicle,

However, this feeling would be her

without knowing her body was inside of

motivation to keep going or to sink in

the ambulance, when everything turned

loneliness. All of a sudden, Aiden was


The next thing Aiden remembered was

-If he is interested in what you have to

the alarm clock echoing in her bedroom,

say, he will stay after class. You know I

and Aiden thought she had dreamt it, but

move fast when I want something, and

she was trying to figure out its meaning.

you should do the same.

She could not think of anything else but

-But I’m not like you, I’m terrified … Fine,

the dream while heading to high school.

but it will be your fault if he never talks to

On the other hand, Aiden’s thoughts were

me again.

invaded by her own feelings towards a

-Yeah, yeah, but you have to promise to

unique classmate, Marco, who was very

call me as soon as you get home and tell

isolated from the rest of the group. Of

me everything you told him.

course, Tania, her best friend, knew she

-You know I always do.

had a crush but did not know who the

-Just checking, anyway, here’s your

lucky guy was. Tania was very persistent,

chance, everyone is leaving now, see

and she was trying to persuade Aiden to


tell her:

What Tania did not know was that

-You gotta tell me who is he. If you do it,

Aiden actually wanted to know who her

I’ll tell you mine.

lucky guy was, but Tania’s lover was the

-No, I barely talk to him, and I’m not that

least of her concerns right now, especially

curious to know who you like.

because Marco was the last one leaving

- Then, what are you waiting for? C’mon

the class (as usual). Aiden came closer to

Aiden, what’s the worst thing it could

ask him if he would follow her without


doing any question to the back of the

-Maybe he doesn’t like me, and he is

gym. Marco did as told and did not ask a

going to make a scene in front of

thing during the entire road. Once they


were there, Aiden stopped and turned

around to say “I like you”, but he was one

several “attempts” to learn the art of

step ahead of her.

kissing, they were satisfied, and both of

-“I like you…very much”

them ended with their mouths filled with

-What? She asked.

saliva, but she couldn’t care less.

-You heard me; it’s been a while since I

They went to the entrance of the

wanted to tell you.

high school without saying a word

-“I brought you here…to tell you…the

because their lips had spoken by their

same”, she replied haltingly.

own. Both waved to each other, and

As soon as she finished her

Aiden could not hide her smile while

sentence, Aiden noticed he was getting

heading back home. As she had

closer to kiss her, but she was afraid of

promised, she called Tania, who picked

her lack of experience in that field. So,

up the phone as fast as she had dialed

she confessed she did not know how to

her number. Aiden was excited about

do it, and he revealed he did not know

telling her story, but she would not tell it

how to kiss either. So, he told her they

for free.

both would learn from each other, and

-You have to tell me his name before I

they finally kissed, in a very clumsy and

say everything I did.

awkward way, but they did. Once they

-Fine, but you will be in trouble if you do

were separated, Aiden thought it was

not tell me his name after.

worth it to ignore what her mother used to

-You know I will. You’re my best friend.

tell her about love, after all, what do

-It’s Marco. I told him how I felt, and we

parents know about the new generations?

made out during lunch break, happy?

She was craving for more of those when

There was a brief silence after her

Marco asked “Are you ready?” she knew

answer when Aiden dropped the phone,

he was also looking for more. After

and the phone call was interrupted. She

was devastated, and her inner voice was

where she was lying, was empty. Aiden

telling the exact same words her mother

felt abandoned, so she closed her eyes

used to tell her when she was younger.

with the wish of going back to that day

Aiden’s parents were out, and all she

and stop Marco from kissing Tania. At



least, she would have something to live

Consequently, Aiden ran out of her place,

for, or to die for; after all, she was dying.

and the rain started to pour in her face

However, what Aiden never saw was the

when she had reached the street, and the

jacket hanging in the visitor’s chair, by

following she did was to cry, to wonder

judging the colors, people would be sure

why her life was so miserable, and why

it belonged to a man.





he had chosen her best friend over her






(or so she thought). Aiden did not move

everyday since the incident, hoping she

from the place she was, and the next

would wake up from the stroke, which

thing she saw was a car coming from the

took her soul around six weeks ago.

back sounding its horn.

Marco always kept his wedding ring in his

She remained in a dark place for a

left hand when he visited her. He got

while, but then, she managed to open her

married with Aiden a day before the

eyes just to find herself in a hospital bed

stroke, and Aiden did not remember she

with a bunch of cables attached to her

did stop Tania from kissing him, and they

body. She could not move or talk, and

became a couple and got married after

Aiden overheard the doctors saying a girl

college. But, everything changed that day

was in a state of comma for three years

when the machines had stopped working

since the car accident. Her hopes were

because her reason to live was one step

gone (even when the car accident was


just part of her dream), and the room

Top 10 Best Viral Videos from YouTube By Antonio Mora G. and Isis Rodríguez R. Copying is not theft This is a very funny and original video that talks about the fact of making copies. Besides it is a satiric song to plagiarism. Watch it at: L1pM4 Charlie Bit My Finger Why did this go viral, just because it funny! These two British boys have made many, including me, smile. Watch it at: Sz8sSM Fat Kid on Rolling Coaster This is one of the funniest and meanest videos I have ever seen. This kid`s mom deserves to be punished for being such a bad mom. How can she laugh at him? Watch it at: Dmry30 Can Big Girls Fly? Well, take a guess. Of course they cannot fly; however they fall hilariously, indeed they do. Watch it at: Zk0fQ The Italian Man Who Went to Malta To learn the importance of having a good pronunciation has never been funnier. Indeed, this video makes you laugh out loud and teaches you a lesson. Watch it at: CiUSI0 Sad Maple Story: Granny If you feel down for any reason at all, this video could give you a different

perspective of how lucky you really are, but we tend to forget. Watch it at: EnyQSg Sexy Rexy Gives Patois Lesson: Speak Like a Jamaican! Want to learn a little more about different English dialects? How about Jamaican Patois, here you will find basic phrases to speak like one of them. Watch it at: YBvcE Sociology - Social Problems - Autism Project Video This story presented in the video really gets to all those who watches it. It is a sad story of a mother and her son who has autism, learn a little bit about this disease. Watch it at: BP0u7s Stick Fight - Cool Animation To look like a master in karate might be difficult, but how about create a video where it can be possible? This is a fun video of an almighty stick draw who beats everyone who challenges him. Watch it at: u7Jp_Y Pokemon – Gotta Buy „Em All If pokemon was not a hit at his time, then his songs surely are still fun to hear; however, this video presents a very explicit message of pokemon’s true intentions in kids. Watch it at:

Find the Rhythm of your Reading! University By Antonio Mora Gonzales

I entered to the University with hope

I love being at the University! Don`t get

Where is she now? Well, I don´t know

me wrong.

But, of something I´m sure, she´s gone

It`s just that lately I haven`t had a lot of

How long for? Yet, who knows if it


will ever return.

Not in the “easiest” nor the hardest course I know that I make University sound like a

Indeed, the University gives


me excitement But, whenever I don´t

But, of course it is

have a billion

not. It will get


me a good job

I´m neither indolent

One that I will use

nor lazy, I just don`t

to bring my family

like them


Not even if they

Oh God! More work?

come with

It sounds even worse


However, as I already


said: it is not!


Now, the University gives

has left me no time to watch TV, go to the movies or play in my Xbox 360

me headaches and almost strokes But, in the future, University will

So, presentations, readings, and projects

be something to be grateful for

are all I see

I know that now I complain a lot

Ever since I entered to the University.

But why not? I`m human: I have a mouth and a tongue.

The Worst Disease of All By Isis Rodríguez R.

Extremely contagious, this disease


Like a cold when you sneeze

Causing letters to fight and create words

But there’s no cure for this

Worst than Alzheimer, yes it is

Not even an exorcism from a priest

Healthier than diets, can you believe this?

It’s more addictive than drugs

You might want to call a doctor, please

Something it can’t be stopped by a cross

Before reason losses and you start to kiss

Even when learning from the pros

This illness should not be compared with

Means to enjoy it, that is worse


You can feel higher than a mountain

Needs two individuals to accomplish

And sinking in a fountain at the same time

Or maybe three or more, don’t be selfish

Mixing sounds to produce foolish

Once you are in it, you won’t like to finish


The Absent Prince By Isis RodrĂ­guez R.

Once upon a time

Prince charming was not prepared

A princess was to be found

So princess made her first mistake

Hiding from the world

A first and last movement

Until her prince would come

Made everything fell apart

Eighteen years has passed

Like an earthquake prince escaped

Her prince finally showed up

Princess was guilty of this act

She had met him four years ago

Time went by

The prince was not a stuck up

Princess tried to fly

They became close

Looking for her absent prince

Like a bee running to her hive

Whether in heaven or hell

Holding hands with invisible glue Love was nowhere to hide Days turned endless years The princess was hoping her kiss


Dialogue with a Murderer By Antonio Mora Gonzales

Oh, my dearest! Don`t kill someone else

I would never kill anybody using my fists

You don`t want to be involved in another mess That joke makes me feel bad I do not care about that

Stop! I am not having fun

since taking someone`s life away

What I meant was that I will not use

It is all I can think every

my hands to kill you

single day since the

And neither will use a handgun, unless

moment I awake

you talk too much

Will you ever stop

So, if you are you going to kill me,

hating others and start

I`d like to know how is it going to

loving them?


Will you ever rest from killing women or men?

bloody_knife009copy http://www.somethingyoushouldr g=25

You do not worry about that Because it will happen very fast

I never said that I have killed because I hate

Indeed, it happened like that.

And I kill women and men just because is their fate

The murdered had bashed the woman at once. She fell in the ground

I know that with you I`m safe despite what you

Leaving blood around


It grossed the murderer out

Nonetheless, I can`t help to feel so afraid

But it was too late The woman was already down

You should not be afraid, not of me at least

Since the murderer, with a knife, had ended the woman`s life.

Home Alone By Antonio Mora G.

When I was a nine-year-old child,

It seemed that it was calling my name.

I used to be alone at my house. Sometimes it really scared me out

It scared me to death

But, of something I have no doubt.

To think that I was being Called by my name

It is that staying with no one else

It was very frightening.

In a two-storey house Feels like a nightmare

I used to feel chills on my bones

That is completely endless

My skin tried to call them down It was impossible

You can hear how the wind

I was like a terrified scarecrow

Touches the front entry

I was in a big lonely house.

It made a sound that wasn`t ok

Heart knows By Isis Rodríguez R.

No one can read my heart

Love is a vulgar thief

But it can be broken very easily

Stealing feelings from everyone else

No one can know how I feel

Just to mix them together again

But acts hurt more than direct attacks

We are forced to recover what we need

Nobody knows what is like

Lovers can be undying trees

To pretend everything is right

Dead on the inside, living the outside

Even just for a while

What is worse than being in love?

I would like to give it a try

Never find it and take in stride Author: Isis M. Rodríguez Rodríguez


Top 10 Best Quotes You Might Have Heard By: Antonio Mora G. and Isis Rodríguez R. “Me no yet!” Meaning: “I am not ready yet” or “I need more time to do it.” Use: this expression is mainly used when a professor asks you to present but you do not want to present yet or do not feel ready. “Loser You!” Meaning: “You are the loser one” Use: whenever someone calls you “loser,” you can respond to them using this explicit and direct expression. This expression can be change with another noun; it can be used by only adding “ _______ you!” and the stress. “Are you with us?” Meaning: “Why aren`t you supporting your classmates`s welfare” Use: this is a rhetoric question that is used when someone who should be on your side, acts against everybody`s wellbeing. “Period!” Meaning: “That is the end of my speech or comment” or more informally “That`s it!” Use: this expression can be used whenever you are giving a speech and you finished, but the rest of the audience have not realized you have; so they are kind of expecting more information, and you close with this expression and let them know you have finished “Is that it?” Meaning: “How come you didn’t bring more?” or “Are you sure you don’t have anything else left”

Use: this expression is mainly used when someone gives something; however, what has been given was not enough. “About Satanic Possessions” Meaning: “Whatever possible topic” or “surprise topic” Use: you can use this when a professor asks you what is your topic for a free essay or presentation, then you answer with that, and bring whatever you want. “Don`t be a frog!” Meaning: “Mind your own business” or “Don’t be so nosey” Use: use it in a situation when someone is trying to get information from you, and you do not want to give it. “Self-embarrassment!” Meaning: “You just made a fool of yourself” Use: whenever something very embarrassing happens to someone “I cannot believe that you did that!” Meaning: “I want everybody to know what you did!” Use: use this phrase whenever someone does something that you may dislike. As a result, everybody would pay attention to what that person is doing. “Put your things away!” Meaning: “Surprise Quiz” Use: Almost every single Wednesday, and it can also be used when professors want to scare students that are not prepared for a quiz.

Artic-less Careful Facelook! By Isis Rodríguez R.


owadays, thousands of citizens

gather, and she proposes your place




(there will always be contacts who will try






well-known they

to take advantage of every situation),


which you “willingly” accept, and your

consequences of writing real

classmate chooses the date, too. Now,



you have to do something very personal

people use this website with the ideal of

and important this date that you have to

finding old friends who have not seen in

reschedule the

years, or have not kept in touch in long

Facebook becomes Facelook, everyone

distance relationships. However, crackers

will gossip and post about it (which is

may take advantage of these postings to

even worse since anyone can read it) of

manipulate or steal data. This website

how mean she was. Now, this situation



actually happened on this website, and

pictures, and play games like “Farmville”

the “host”, my sister, had become the evil

and so on, but the purpose of these is

witch of the tale.










simply attraction. To make things worse,

It may sound ridiculous or even

even people who you do not know will

funny for some, but many people got hurt

read everything you and your friends

because of this situation. One of the

write online.

reasons of why this happens is due to the

An example of why this website

lack of importance that words posses in

may be dangerous is about manipulation

real conversations. The misunderstanding

of information through the web. Imagine

only occurred because of the absence of

you find an ex classmate who was very

direct response among the participants;

closed to you; he or she sends the

one of them took advantage of the other

invitation to watch your blog, send

“in front” of everyone. At the same time,

presents to your farm, add comments,

people proved or used pictures to support

and more. Though, the problem appears


when that “friend” finds the rest of your

photos included others who are not even

generation and proposes a reunion after

involved or even worse, they do not want

so many years. The only missing thing is

to be posted on that website. Just

the place in which all of you are going to

because Facebook has become one of





the same in every one of us “what are the

worldwide, it does not mean everyone

odds of these events happening to me?”

agrees with the uses as most of you do.

You never know.





Now, if you are one of those

On the contrary, Farmville is an

lovers, try to be on the side of those who

“addictive” game where you can earn

do not support this page at all. All of us

money and invest in your farm; the more

have our reasons to not be part of it, but

you buy, the faster you increase your

somehow, you will find yourself in there.


There have been two cases in which I

Although it may look harmless, it has its

found a picture of mine in this website


with my “nickname” because people did

information really is. Whenever you need

not know my real name. So, I ask you

materials to improve your farm, “owners”

again, who did you ask permission to

can always ask for help to their “virtual

include not only your face, but also others

neighbors” (meaning your contacts will

without consulting? This is just one of the

play the role), but there have been cases

steps people skip when using Facebook,

in which “farmers” resent the fact they do

like they do in agreements. Sometimes,

not receive those “presents” from their

clicking “I agree” mean less than writing

friends. Individuals with low self-esteem

your signature, but it does mean the

can consider this very offensive, or even


rude that they have been forgotten, but This has become one of the main









this is just a “healthy game to entertain.”

reasons of why people do not consider

As you can see, many people

Facebook as a threat; members are less

overate this website, thinking it is just a

interested in reading a contract where

social network where you can go and find

you already know what they are asking,

old friends, keep in touch with those you

but you still do not care at all until you

have not seen for a long time, but mostly,

suffer serious consequences. Another

to have fun. It is hard to say what is

example if your personal information was

worse, to know the risks of using this

taken to manipulate it to make foreigners

website, or knowing them and pretending

earn their visa. There have been cases in

you do not? Since people are not dumb,

which people appeared as “married” with

they just want to pretend luck is in favor

a nobody, or even worse, “that person is

and nothing wrong will happen to them,

you”, how are you going to prove he or

even if what they post is not accurate, or

she stole it if it is online? Privacy is gone

gentle, or will cause problems to those















unfortunately, public’s personal thinking is


The ways to a woman`s heart… By Antonio Mora González


may not be the most illustrious

that it is true they do not look attractive.

person in the world to talk about the

Once, my girlfriend told me she did not

subject, but I indeed have learned

feel pretty, and I told her she looked very

from the considerably long relationships I

beautiful, of course it was a mistake; she

have had, in my not very long life.

called me liar, even when she was not

Somehow, I have managed to make my

awful, all she wanted was to be heard not

girlfriends happy in a way that others

to be lied. Next time, I knew better, so I asked her why she felt that way. Inquire why she feels that way; then, let her know it is not the way she believes it is, be creative!

2. If she wants to fight When they want to fight, try to avoid phrases such as “I don’t want to fight with you” “What`s the problem now?” blue-heart 08/10/30/novela-rosa-chic-litromanticaperfecta/

Try to talk to her and see what the

would not bother. As a result, I learned

are the one who is starting the fight, but

that the happiness they experience was

considering that they are the ones who

equal to how much they loved me back.

are starting it, you should neither try to

Thus, if you want your girl to be really in

win it nor be condescending. Listen to

loved with you, these recommendations

her! Yes, it may be tiring, but that is

may be very useful.

probably one of the reasons the argument

1. If she feels ugly Whenever your girlfriend tells you she does not feel pretty, do not ever

problem is and fix it. Do not run away from it! Nobody likes to fight, unless you

started in the first place, because you do not listen!

3. If she is like other women

contradict her by saying that she looks

Well, if you think she is not unique,

completely beautiful, they are not stupid,

you should be aware that you are more

they will know you are lying, I mean they

than wrong, you are a rude. Just as you

know how they look and they won`t

know you are not alike to other men,

believe your obvious lie. Or even worse,

women are all unique, and it is your job to

do not think of agreeing with her by telling

let her know that. Avoid saying awful and

weird compliments like “You have the

5. If she is not celebrating

most exotic chin” o “you have the most


lovely hobbit ears I have ever seen,” not even if you both love The Lord Of The Rings. I do not know why, but women always love to be complimented about their eyes, try out that one; it will work for sure. Use your imagination; all women like to hear once in a while that you love them because of this and that – the more these and those you have, the better!

Do not ever wait for important dates in order to give her a present; the most appreciated presents are the ones given impromptu. Make every day of her life like Saint Valentine`s day, the details are the most important things a woman expects from us, so if you are very considerate, and once in a while (once or twice per month) you give her a little

4. If she lies or is wrong in

something; she will very much appreciate

any way

those details. Admit it! We like to be

Well, have you not ever done the

surprised, but they like a great deal more

same? Neither men nor women are

than we do. In a relationship, the details

perfect; in fact, nobody is. Indeed, girls


lie, and if you ask me, I would say women

communication; never forget that! Make

lie more than men, but that is because

her feel that every day with her is a

they are likely to talk more, so the more






you talk the more you lie, simple math. It is hard to forgive a lie, at least for me it is, but it is even harder to trust again. Find a way to talk about any problem there is in a relationship, unless you want the problem to get a snow-ball effect, it will get






relationship is ruined for good. If she feels bad for what she did wrong, you may as well forgive her and let her know that you are forgiving her. She will feel happy to know that you are likely to give her another chance; this one is a tough one, though.




Communication is the most important thing in a relationship.

Yellow-Heart http://www.aubreytrinnaman. com/shootthemessenger/Bla nk.html

6. If





corniness Do not think that to be corny is always cheesy. Most girls like romantic men, even though some of them deny it, but every stone-hearted woman can be softened by a flower arrangement, those




her a rose, how romantic, right? Well, not

fashionable. To be romantic does not

exactly, it made everything worse; think

mean to write a dreamy poem to her

about it, if you do not fix a relationship

every single day. To be romantic you

with a car, it is less likely to happen with a

need to be a gentleman first, so open the


door for her, and try to learn this phrase

accompanied by an honest gift can make


a difference.








Romeo died poisoned, but romanticism did not.





Many aspects need to be taken into account to make a woman joyful. These are just the most general ones,

7. If she gets mad And, finally, if by any reason you

remember each woman is unique, so are

make something that is not appropriate,

the ways in which you can make her

and she gets really mad at you; yes, it

happy. However, there is an important

can happen; you need to know how to


compensate everything you have done

somewhere else, and you may think it



should have been included in the list, and

wronged or not. Think of something she

it is to pull back. In other words, to leave

would like to be given; do not think that by

them wanting more. Well, that is an










getting her a car you

aspect that may be put into

will fix a relationship,


an expensive gift will

learned and managed the

not be appreciated if it

rest of them. You may want











whatsoever. However,

something good and not

do not be stingy either;

something mediocre. Think

a friend of mine made

about it, you want them to

something stupid once, and he compensated

red-heart http://sundayisforlovers.wordpre

what he had done, or at least he thought he would, by giving

crave you as a whole, and not just a piece of you.

Top 10 Most Awkward and Embarrassing Moments By Antonio Mora G. and Isis Rodríguez R. 

Losing the swimsuit

Call your professor Mom

Fall in front of a bunch of people

To call twice to the same number

Throw the gum while talking

To laugh by your own because you

Hit yourself against something

To have a red spot in your pants during your period

remembered something funny 

transparent 

To fall asleep in classes and get caught.

Fart or burp very noisy

Top 10 Best Songs from Last Century By Antonio Mora G. and Isis Rodríguez R.     

Another brick in the wall Eres Rappers delight Californication Welcome to jungle

    

Matador My Heart Will Go On You Give Love a Bad Name Physical Scar Tissue

Top ten sports in the world for teenagers By Antonio Mora G. and Isis Rodríguez R.




Ice Skating

American Football






Top ten advices for teenagers By Antonio Mora G. and Isis Rodríguez R. 

Save Money

Do not fall in love too fast

Finish high school

Do not get pregnant

Start working hard for your grades

Do not leave everything for the last minute

Talk to your teachers or parents if you are confused

Pick wisely your friends or closest classmates

Do not go alone to your place if it is late

The Flavor of Words Cheese Sticks By Antonio Mora G.

Ingredients: 

¼ Mozzarella cheese (grated)

½ Kilogram of dough

1 consommé

15 drops of chili pepper sauce

2 cups of water

2. Second, add the consommé to the dough and mix more. 3. Third, add the two cups of water and the 15 drops of chili pepper sauce. 4. Then, make a little ball of dough. Craft the form of sticks on them. 5. Finally, fry in oil all the sticks of dough for around 15 to 20 minutes to have


the final product, Cheese Sticks.

1. First, the half kilogram of dough must be mixed in a large pot with the mozzarella cheese.

This Recipe can be prepared in half an hour, and yields for 50 small Cheese Sticks.


Potato Salad By Isis RodrĂ­guez R.


4. Open the tuna and squeeze the

Potatoes (1 kg)

can to remove the oil.


5. Cut the ham in small dice.

A can of Tuna

6. Peel the potatoes and smash them


in a bowl.

Salt (if necessary) Procedures:

7. Add the pieces of ham, the tuna, and the mayonnaise (to your like)

1. Boil water in a big pot for 10 minutes.

to the bowl. 8. Blend everything together until

2. Add the potatoes once the water is

they are completely joined.

boiling and leave them there until they are so soft to be cut. 3. Remove the water from the pot and leave the potatoes rest for five minutes or until your hands can bare the heat.


Portions are four to six people, and it can be eaten hot or cold. Bon appĂŠtit.

The Voice of the People Procrastination: A Life Style By Antonio Mora GonzĂĄlez

ne of those nights in which I

chat, or even wasting time checking the

was finishing a homework for

Facebook or Twitter. However, many

the next day, a friend of mine

people may not believe in the term

taught me a word that would become,

procrastination, and they may say they



that it is just an excuse for being lazy and

problem. I remember, some time ago, I

irresponsible. On the other hand, I know it

said something about me having a metal

is a real problem, and even though, I

obstacle or problem that did not let me

have always wanted to start, well, not to

start the homework as soon as I was

start but to finish the homeworks in

given the guideline or project. Indeed,

advance, there is a force that does not

everybody took it as a joke and laughed;

help to the cause, and makes me wait



until the time is so little that I have to do

“psychological obstacle� has a name, and

the work, sometimes, just before the

it is procrastination. This may be defined











as costume or even better, a tendency of people to leave the important works or tasks for the last minute. Indeed, I am a specialist in putting the major works off, particularly until the dead line gets closer. However, even the most organized and efficient student at the university has left an assignment to the day before, or even the same day it is going to be due. Unfortunately, students make things like watching TV, or getting distracted on the internet or talking to someone through the Final Research November 16th

Magazine November 16th

Movies Parties Tonight

Why is it difficult to get a visa in CR? By Isis Rodríguez R.


f you ask someone “why do you not

other hand, those who are desperate, go

travel abroad?” they will most likely


respond “I have tried, but they did not




without and






give me the visa”. To think you have the

neighbor countries. Although it is a risk,

right to go wherever you want, it is

many illegal visitors find it worth the try.

becoming impossible to do so if the

Many individuals spend their lives waiting

Embassy keeps rejecting every single

for a chance to get their visas anytime

person. To make things worse, they do

soon, which is why you need to take

not only deny the person once, but twice

advantage of every single opportunity you

or even more (depending on the person’s

may find, even if that includes academic,

desire to travel abroad), but a friend who

touristic, labor, or any other purpose to

got her visa last year has told me that

get out of the country.

when they are in a “good mood”, they will

Nowadays, illegal members in some

not hesitate and provide you the visa for a

countries are there for needs or for

long period. Of course, if you are one of

pleasure, but it is even worse to see a

those lucky guys who were interviewed

person who has had the privilege to get

by a nice person, then you do not have

their visa in their first attempt, it makes

idea of how bad it is to want something

you think “Why did they pick him or her

you cannot have.

and not me?” That is also not fair for

The new tendency is to travel to countries

those who have been denied their visas

in Central America where is not only

to travel abroad.

cheaper, but also easier to do. On the

Insight to the Movies Avatar By Isis M. Rodríguez Rodríguez

purchase or rent it. However, the

La Trinidad, Alajuela

“twist” of this marketing strategy


his movie is about finding a new place where human beings have not destroyed

a very peaceful and green place. Jake, who is the one who will have to choose between two worlds, will follow his heart rather than his mind. It represents the loss of the relationship between humans and Nature. Although the movie shows a real problem, its point of view is very




Hence, this and its great 3D effects on the screen were the reasons of

was to add “a few minutes” to the “new version” so people who had already seen it, will decide to go back again. Though this movie remained longer than many others, producers disagreed with the fact that apparently it was not enough time to make amends to the expenses of this production. It is a shame how people take advantage of a good and “real” message to the society just to find opportunities to manipulate and “boost” their earnings.

why this movie has been one of the most successful in the world of entertainment.




production to be one of those movies you have to watch before you die. Even though the message and the movie



fabulous, movie




decided to let this movie come back






cinemas. People who had not had the opportunity to see it will be able to do it, even when they can avatar-1940

Batman The Dark Knight By Antonio Mora GonzĂĄlez


atman The Dark Knight is the least the ones that do not have the power second movie from the reboot to be bailed out. This causes to the made by Christopher Nolan leaders of the gangs to join forces with (Director) based on DC Comic of the the Joker in order to undisguised Batman. character Batman. The movie has the In addition, the performances are most elegant cast that a movie could wish very emotional but not overacted. for; Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and However, the actor who gets a gold Batman; Heath Ledger, the most striking medal is Heath Ledger for his performance of the movie, interpretation of a portraying the most crazy, sociopath and psychopath Joker ever. On terrorist Joker that is the other hand, other wellloosed willing to known actors such as Aaron create chaos all Eckhart as Harvey Dent and over the city; a Two-Face, Michael Caine as character that will Alfred, and Maggie Gyllehaal maintain you as Rachel. Besides, two hanging off the edge major actors representing of your seat as soon some minor roles like Morgan as he is on screen, Freeman as Lucius Fox, and and even if he is probably one the best actors not; you will be on around the world, Gary suspense waiting for Oldman as Commissioner him to reappear. On Gordon. The film was batmanledgernt-238x300 the other hand, film nominated for eight Academy shows such a high the-dark-knight/ Awards mainly in the editing quality in the and sound part, and won two, one that photography, and the responsible for that was given posthumously to Heath Ledger is the cinematographer, Wally Pfister. He for his unforgettable work. makes a simple room in a studio the most Thus, the movie starts with the elegant penthouse in the Wayne’s tower; Joker making a theft to one of the as well as, an area in confessionary room Gotham city`s bank. The Joker starts a where there can be a fight between the relationship with the gang of Gotham City, hero and the villain. only to bring more chaos to it. Although This film is not another superhero the gangs are not very happy with the movie; as a matter of fact I consider it as new citizen of Gotham, they have no a modern classic that could be place next choice but accept their new ally. Besides, to other masterpieces such as Silence of Lt. Gordon and the new District Attorney the Lambs, Taxi Driver, and others. I Harvey Dent, with help of Batman, send would not hesitate in watching this movie many members of the gangs to jail, at and neither should you.

Peace on Them! Obituary By Antonio Mora G. and Isis RodrĂ­guez R.

John Doe Mr. Sweet Teeth Crush John Doe, of Forks, Washington died Friday, June 6, 2006 in Seattle Race Hospital after being attacked by big wild wolves.







of died

He was born in Olympia, Washington,

Saturday 30th, 2010 in Trick or

March 3, 1966, to Sam and Dana Doe,

Treat Hospital after a short fight

John was an only child who was not a

against diabetes. Sweet Teeth will

very good student but deserved great

be considered as a very curious

acknowledgment for his effort; he barely

and bright person for opening his

made through high school, and managed





to graduate as an actor in the Ademon

traveling abroad to every single


kind of this candy. The funeral

The funeral service will be held at 1:00

service will be held at 3:00pm

June 9, 2006 at the Cathedral on Elm

October 31st, 2010 at Sugartown

Street and Gone Avenue. The burial will

Funeral Home. Instead of flowers,

take place at the Four Good Cemetery in

donations will be accepted to the

Noweretogo Downtown.


He May Rest In Peace

Diabetes Foundation.

Peace on him, and on those hearts that were close to him




L.O.L Punctuation By Antonio Mora G.

Public Life By Isis Rodríguez R.

By Isis M. Rodríguez Rodríguez

Chatting with u, and what r u doing? Click* Hey tony, what r u doing? Click*

It’s prívate, don’t insist…Click*

Alright, then I will read it at your Facebook page…

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Our Product Is Your Product North Painting By Antonio Mora G.

North Painting A World of Colors Protect your house with the strongest painting coat for interior and exterior

Let people see your true colors

LB “Life‟s Better” By Isis Rodríguez R.

LOOKING FOR A NEW TV OR ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES THAT REALLY WORK? “LB” company offers every single appliance you can imagine to help your household chores become easier to perform in less than the average time it takes. Our company offers ten years guarantee with the quality of our products and great discounts to your relatives. Our TVs are the top of the market with the best technological advances, along with our kitchens, fans, microwaves, and more. Give us a call, and we will be glad to respond your doubts or for consulting prices and services to 8768 9808 or 8353 6735.

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