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Months ago, Mexico played in the 2013 Wold Baseball Classic but sadly they were eliminated in the first group serie. They lose two matches against Italy in Canada, but the had a solitary victory over USA. Everybody imagined that our mexican team could made a better job in the international tournament, because they hace a lot of players in the Major League Baseball, but as we know they didn´t play well. Adrian Gonzalez, actually the best mexican baseball player was upset after his team was eliminated, the first lose was a big mistake of his brother. That play changed everything to Mexico. Before the tournament, Mexico with another team had won the Caribbean Serie, the problem was that they didn´t a good manager, they didn´t care the meaning of the games . Also many mexican players didn´t want to play for the team because they were training with their respective Major League Baseball team to get a chance in the roster.

Written by: Aarón

Johnny Manziel Everyone loves the NFL, all the people watch the games, and follow his favorite players, but the most important position is the Quarterback , he is the center of attention, he is the leader and he does all the important plays. In the now days exist great quarterbacks, some of them are great passers, others are awesome at running the ball, but there exist one who is capable of doing all and with an excellent level, He is only a sophomore and plays in the NCAA, I am talking about the #2 of Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel. The also named Johnny Football impressed all the football world with his last season, a lot of football experts refer to him as a perfect QB, he can throw, run, and know how to be a leader

Johnny have the most apreciate trophy, the Heisman.

With 20 years old and only 1 experience on College football , he is known as a future NFL quarterback that a lot of teams will kill to have. His impressionist skills help his team to win the 2013 Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma 41 -13 He finish his season with 3706 passing yards and 26 touchdowns, also he made 1410 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns, that incredible statistics earned him won the Haisman Trophy, gave to the best player in the league, he become the first freshman that ever won it. Johnny can throw, can run, and even catch but if one thing is clear is that he has an incredible future.

Written by: Ram贸n G.

Today Red Bull is the number one in car design, therefore is the champion of F1. But the cars needs a pilot, each team has 2 pilots, Red Bull counts with bichampion Sebastian Vettel and the veteran Mark Webber. Altought this two guys are team never been friends, in 2010 the race in India Red Bull had his two pilots in the first positions, but the young fool wanted W win the race and made a dangerous drive, his tire crash with the chasis of the Webber car, the race was rit history.

te n by : Ja m m y Ti no co H.

Now in the Malasya grand prix something similar happened, in the pits, the boss of mechanics give the order to Vettel to come in second place and give the opportunity to Webber, Seb, didn´t obey the order and began drove very dangerous and close of his partner at the end Vettel win the race, many years later, a team that was destroyed by envy.

In my opinion Vettel is a good pilot, but his deffect is the youth, he wants all the glory is very inmature, in change Webber is more pacific, support the second place in all races only for Vettel. Seb is the mode in F1, is like schummacher in his best times but more arrogant. Webber needs the help of his scuderia to win races and points, the solution I recommend for Red Bull is let go Webber for the peace, Webber is deserves more in his career is great pilot.

Miami Heat The basketball is a sport of legends, where great players lead his teams to the glory, if we look the teams of the past we can find incredible players and teams, but maybe we could have the best of all right in front our eyes, I am talking about the actual NBA champions, the kings of the court, the Miami Heat. When we look the team that the Heat has, we become paralyzed, we see names like Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade who are great players but the leader of that awesome team is the NBA MVP, LeBron James, who guide Miami to the championship last season and has the team in the #1 position in the league. The king in the miami heat harlem shake.

Being the actual champions and having the best record wasn’t enough for LeBron and company, the broke the franchise record with most straight wins, for a total of 27 until they lost against Chicago Bulls, still the dominate the league and become really close to the NBA record that is 33 wins. The reality is that The Miami Heat looks unstoppable this season, with his players in an incredible high level, great fanatics and a good coach I cant think in any good reason why cant win the NBA championship again, and Why not?, start a dynasty that could continue for years. Written by: Ramón G.

Hector Reynoso is a football player who plays in chivas of Guadalajara, Jalisco. The most popular team of Mexico, is the archrival of America. Reynoso begins his history in football when he played in chivas Tijuana in 1999. In 2000 is taken by the first team in Guadalajara.

Despite they never had played in Europe is taken into account for the D.T. of Mexico selection, Chepo de la Torre. His debut in selection was in the final of the Golden Cup vs. USA, when Rafa Marquez falls for a muscular lesion, he did a good work in that game.

A his return to Mexico, Reynoso played game more classics tha any other player, in his career. How football player made 25 goals, 2 of that are an execellent annotations, he made a goal of the middle of the field in a classic Chivas-America, frame a bicycle kick against Atlante. Today Reynoso is the captain of the club Guadalajara and form part of the best team of Mexico together Rafael Márquez Lugo, Marco Fabian and Chaton Enríquez.

Reynoso, choose for de la Torre in the “Golden Cup” .


Xoloitzcuintles or more known like xolos isn´t from T.J., the original city of this team is Queretaro with the name of Gallos Blancos. In 2007 the franchise was bought for the T.J. pilitic and goverment Jorge Hank Rhon. He stablished the name of team use today. In 2009 the team played in the second division in Mexico, 2010 they had the chance to play the final vs. Irapuato. This final was a triumph to xolos, this game gave the team an automatic pass for played in the great circuit of Mexico. When the team came to the first division it was leaded by Joaquin del Olmo a veteran player of Pumas. They didn´t have a good tournament in 2011. The badn function of del Olmo caused his wired. Then a new era came for the team with the new leader, Antonio Mohammed, an argentinian player, who played in Mexico in time of 90´s with the football club Neza.

With Mohammed had a good results, wich get out of the decline tab for the open tournament of 2012. but didn´t all, xolos was the champion of that tournament and obtained a direct pass to the Libertadores cup. We an execellents results to Mohammed. Today Xolos and Mohammed are in the fith place in Libertadores cup like Riascos, Moreno, Arce and the goalkepper Cirilo Saucedo.

To be a fresh team obtained popularity very quickly because shows a good games thanks of that, people give the award of the best defense of the tournament. All the fans specially of T.J. wait for a new chapionship in MX Liga and Libertadores cup this year.

When the team was champion of the MX ligue.

Mexicali Sports Season This season the Mexicali teams had a great journey. Aguilas of Mexicali get to the final and in basketball the team Soles of Mexicali get to the semi-finals. First of all, Aguilas of Mexicali, the baseball team had a great season, since 2005 they didn´t get to the final with a great team, good batters and an estable pitching but with an inexperience manager. The lose the four games the tour games against Yaquis of Obregon the actual champions of the league and the 2013 Caribbean champions. The population of Mexicali to the end of all the games.

Soles of Mexicali reached the semifinals losing 4 games to 3 against their rivals, Halcones of Xalapa, it was a good round but they didn´t make good plays, they were eliminated. It was great that two popular teams from Mexicali got a good position in their respective sport, Aguilas of Mexicali shut the mouth of many people also Soles, made happy a lot of fans and I hope both teams continue the same way next season

Written by: Aarón

What happened to the mexican soccer team? Months ago, Mexico played their first match to qualify to the the next World Cup against Jamaica but no one imagine the type of of game they gave. It was a terrible game . Mexico was a powerful team, nobody can´t defeat them, until the last summer, USA won for the first time in Mexico City. It was a game that made a difference in the Mexican soccer history. Right now, they are twenty one points left in the competition, they need to make a better job. The coach and all the players are upset and nervous, that provoked by the media all the Mexicans want a better game and to win the matches. The next official game is in June against Jamaica in their home, they, they need to make some changes in the list of players, change their mentality.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez shows the frustation of the game against Jamaica in the Estadio Azteca.

This game is very young, it began in 2012 when a new team “Amigos de Carlitos” called in that tournament “Los Galacticos” encounter with the maxima champions of the CETYS football. In that game “Buffalos” for first time had a good team facing in the field, “Galacticos” made the first two goals, Buffalos suffer but bag the experiences and turn the game in his favor. Galacticos loose the play mark the begin of a exciting encounter in the tournament. Next year now Amigos de Carlitos play better, obtained three thirds place in the tournament, never can win a play versus Buffalos but in all games gives the better all of players, the last matches end in draw, 3-3 is the last score of this classic. I´m talk about all the games but the players are very for this results, the two teams have a good players, to the side of Buffalos have the best front with players like “Gabo” and Lalo, in the three post have the best goalkeeper “Chikis” three times the best goalkeeper of europe in 1999. Amigos de Carlitos have the best defense with Armando Galindo in the left, Aguirre in the center and Quintero in the right. Count with the best medium in torunament Ramón Gutiérrez, and the better goalkeeper in a worldcup Oscar López.

Respective logos of the teams .

Raul Alonso Jimenez The soccer in Mexico is in serious crisis, the hopes of being known as one of the best teams are going down, the Mexican players are being eclipsed by players of other country's, the difference between them and us are huge, we have to prove other kind of players, end we have an excellent player right here in Mexico, his name is Raul Jimenez. Raul Alonso is a Mexican forward who plays in the Liga MX for the America, with only 21 years old he had one a lot of championships and trophy's, he won the league with the America Under 20 a couple of times, and join the first team at 2011, since his debut he has won a place in the attack and scored a lot of important goals.

Raul is the new choose of Chepo de la Torre for the exagonal to the World Cup.

With his excellent performance in the league, he earn a place in the Mexican national team that played in the London Olympics, place were he won the golden medal and show his presence to the whole world. Now he is indispensable in his club, he can scores with the right, the left or the head and now is being call to play with the Mexican team toward the World cup in Brasil 2014.

Written by: Ram贸n G.

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Jeter in the bat box

Written by: Carlos Q.

The Adventures of Mario Balotelli A great soccer player is well known in and out the field, but this is not the case of Mario Balotelli, he is a different player, a special one. Balotelli is a controversial man, therefore he had several problems with his coaches. The 22 years old player Mario Balotelli, is a personality or a special character in the european soccer, he combines the skills and scandals. This is a list of some of his scandals: • He burned his house with “homemade” fireworks • His old team fined him with a week salary because he attended to a strip club before a game. • The Manchester Crane took his car twenty seven times. He was adopted by an italian family he borned with an intestinal illness, and his family couldn´t paid the medicines.

Right now he is playing for the Italian national team, his controversial, there is no impossible for this player.

• Carlos Vela makes another time controversy about his repulse to the national team of Mexico for some games in 2012. The reasons that he give was that he wanted to have continued in his team Real Sociedad and obtains a charge for have stability playing in future. The decision made Mexicans feel angry and some people said that Carlos Vela was an immature player. • For a lot of analysts in the sport, have the opinion that Mexico cannot dispense of a fantastic soccer player caving of Carlos Vela, because the national team doesn’t have this type of players that difference of others. In addition in this time, Mexico is in troubles of qualifying to the Worlld Cup Brasil 2014, in the final phases of CONCAF. • The effort have made by Carlos playing in the Real Sociedad, game by game, made that the people in Mexico ask for to Jose Manuel de la Torre for coming to Mexico team, because the merits obtained , are 12 goals in the season that are impressive. • Carlos Vela have to consider going to Mexico, because this can be the route, to change to a big team in Europe, but in his moment he have feel great in the Real Sociedad. Written by: Carlos Q.

The team with the roster more expensive in Mayor League Baseball, began the season 2013, with a record of 1-4, and a lot of their players are in the Injured List. The Yankees have by analyst, the worst offensive in the history of the team, cause the defaults of: Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson, Mark Texeira, Eduardo Nuñez and the realized changes of Russel Martin, Nick Swisher, Raul Ibañez and Erik Chaavez, that were important players in the last season. The achieves obtained in the last year, shines complicate to obtains, but this is only the beginning in the season of 154 games for decide, if this Yankees can make a great season for the championship, that always is the goal for this team. For this year, “The Bronx Bombers”, have the oldest roster in the league with an age average of 32 years, moreover the rotation of pitchers doesn’t shine good and competitive like other times. Those points of view makes that a lot of analyst said, that this team are going to be the last in the East Division, by under of Baltimore, Boston, Toronto and Tampa Bay.

Yankees after win the game

Written by: Carlos Q.

Federer in a grand slam game

The world of tennis is in suspense by the possible decline and retired of the best tennis player in history. In the last Gran Slams, Roger Federer has lost the championships, with a poor actuation. These actuations make feel that something looks bad in the Swiss of 31 years old. Most of the analyst of the sport, said that the tennis player with 17 grand slams championships, can retired of the courts in the next years, cause the enormous competitive players, but Roger Federer in a lot conferences, said that he is goin to retired when he cannot in another time a Grand Slam. This athlete has made time of glory in tennis, dribbling legends that were consider the best. He has done a great rivalry with Rafael Nadal , that can be consider the best in history cause are games 100 % entertainment . The decision that take the Swiss in the next years can change the Tennis because he is possible the major legend in this sport, and because can pass a lot of time by born another superstar like Roger Federer.

Written by: Carlos Q.

WrestleMania In the world of wrestling, which is a very popular spectacle in the United States, the biggest event is called WrestleMania, place were the WWE fight for become legends and win the glory that only winning a math in WrestleMania can gave you. This is one of the biggest sports event of the year and I has been celebrated for 29 years, the last one, WrestleMania 29 took place in East Rutherford, New Jersey, It drew 80,676 fans which is almost an WWE record, this year was characterized for having a rematch between two of the best super stars that the WWE ever had, John Cena and o f course Dwayne “The Rock� Johnson.

This year as usual we have great matches we can named the victory of the Super star “TheMiz� that win the intercontinental championship. The Mexican Alberto del Rio with his win against Jack Swagger maintain his world heavyweight title, the Undertaker defeating CM Punk and a large his record with 21 straight win in WrestleMania, the most in the history. And of course the match of the night John Cena defeat The rock in his single match for the WWE Championship and become again the holder of the most important title in the company.

WrestleMania always count great story's, we see amazing moves, and amazing super stars, is an incredible show.

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In which year did Diego Maradonna play in his last World Cup Finals? 90 94 98 86 In what place did South Korea finish the 2002 WC Finals? Winners Thirds Fourth Runners up Who beat West Germany 3-1 in the 1982 finals in Spain? Brazil Italy Spain Argentina The 1962 World Cup Finals were played in which country? Brazil Chile Sweden Peru

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