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Matthew Barton Ltd Decorative Works of Art Tuesday 24th November 2015

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Matthew Barton Ltd DECORATIVE WORKS OF ART including the Private Collection of Admiral Lord Hoodâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chinese Works of Art

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION AT Matthew Barton Ltd 25 Blythe Road London W14 0PD

PUBLIC EXHIBITION Sunday 22nd November 12 noon to 4pm Monday 23rd November 10am to 7pm Tuesday 24th November 10am to 12.30pm


Tuesday 24th November 2015 at 1.30pm, precisely This auction is conducted by Matthew Barton Ltd in accordance with our Conditions of Business printed in the back of this catalogue.


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All lots are offered subject to Matthew Barton Ltd’s Condition’s of Business and to reserves. The Conditions of Business for Buyers, are published at the end of the printed catalogue. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MEASUREMENTS ARE APPROXIMATE, THAT WEIGHTS MAY ONLY BE ACCURATE TO WITHIN 5 GRAMS AND THAT ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NOT TO SCALE. Export and Permits: it is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to identify and obtain any necessary export, import, endangered species or other permit for any lot. Matthew Barton Ltd makes no representations or warranties as to whether any lot is or is not subject to export or import restrictions or any embargoes. It is common practice for many gemstones to be treated by a variety of methods to enhance their appearance and the international jewellery trade has generally accepted these methods. Although heat enhancement of colour is usually permanent, in some cases this could affect the durability of a gemstone. Oiled gemstones may need re-oiling after a certain period. If no gemmological report is published in the catalogue, prospective buyers should assume that the gemstones or pearls may have been enhanced by some method. Buyers should be aware that Matthew Barton Ltd’s saleroom estimates assume that gemstones or pearls may have been subjected to such treatments. Estimates are published as a guide only and are subject to review. The actual hammer price of a lot may well be higher or lower than the range of figures given and there are no fixed “starting prices”. A Buyer’s premium of 20% is applicable to all lots in this sale. The Buyer’s Premium is subject to VAT at the standard rate (currently 20%). Unless otherwise indicated lots are offered for sale under the auctioneer's margin scheme and VAT on the Buyer’s Premium is payable by all buyers. Lots marked with the symbol ‡ have been imported from outside the European Union (EU) to be sold at auction under Temporary Import Rules. When released to buyers within the EU, including the UK, the buyer will become the importer and must pay VAT at the rate of 5% on the hammer price and 20% on the Buyer’s premium. Buyers outside the EU will normally be eligible to obtain a refund in respect of temporary import VAT, upon satisfactory documentary evidence of exportation. Further information on this matter is available on request. Matthew Barton Ltd will be pleased to execute bids on behalf of those clients unable to attend the sale in person, subject to our Conditions of Business. All bids must be signed and submitted in writing in good time and lots will always be purchased as cheaply as possible (depending on any other bids received, reserves and competition in the saleroom). This service is offered free of charge. Matthew Barton Ltd can supply quotations for shipping of purchases, including transit insurance and VAT refund administration fees, and will assist in the application for any export licenses which may be required. Buyers are reminded that it is their responsibility to comply with UK export regulations and with any local import requirements. Payment

Payment is due in sterling at the conclusion of the sale and before purchases can be released. Please note that we require seven days to clear sterling cheques unless special arrangements have been made in advance of the sale. We are pleased to accept major credit cards (regrettably we are unable to accept American Express), for which a surcharge will be made of 3% of the transaction total. There is no charge for payments made by UK debit card. Cash and Credit card payments above £6,000 and “card holder not present” payments above £2,000 will not be accepted without prior arrangement. Electronic transfers may be sent directly to our Bank: HSBC Bank Plc 38 High Street DARTFORD DA1 1DG IBAN No: GB53MIDL40190491814001 BIC: MIDLGB2128K Sort Code: 40-19-04 Account No: 91814001 Account Name: Matthew Barton Ltd VAT Registration Number: 972118224 Storage

On receipt of cleared funds, lots can be collected from the Saleroom during the auction or immediately after its completion. Thereafter, all purchased lots will be stored at Matthew Barton Ltd’s premises for a period of one month prior to transfer to third party for storage. A transfer fee of £10 per lot plus all incurred transfer and storage costs due to the third party will be payable prior to release. Please note that collection is by appointment on +44 (0) 20 7806 5545. ii

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Matthew Barton Ltd Tuesday 24th November 2015 | Sale Starts at 1.30pm


1 A MEISSEN FIGURE OF A LADY, LATE 19TH CENTURY after the model by Acier of a young standing woman playing cards at a tripod table, circular base with gilt rims and wave scroll border, blue crossed swords, incised model No. F64, pressnummer 43, painter’s number 22 16cm high £150-250 2 A MEISSEN FIGURE OF THE BOY ON A HOBBY-HORSE, LATE 19TH CENTURY after the model by Christian Gottfried Juechtzer of circa 1774, the young boy in a plumed hat and pale blue coat and breeches holding a baton in one hand and the reins to his hobby-horse in the other, circular base with gilt rims and wave scroll border, blue crossed swords, incised model No. E94, pressnummer 62 16cm high, front legs to hobby horse lacking £150-250



3 A MEISSEN FIGURE OF THE GIRL WITH SHUTTLE, LATE 19TH CENTURY after the model by Acier, shown seated on a magenta chair, holding a shuttle or ribbon winder and with loose ribbon around her arm, lace trimmed dress and cap, openwork scroll base, blue crossed swords, incised model no.C28, pressnummer 47, painter’s number 79 12cm high £100-200 4 A SEVRES SUCRIER AND COVER, 1764 quattrefoil oval, painted in colours with scattered loose bouquets, blue line with gilt dash and gilt scalloped rims, interlaced Ls enclosing date letter K, painter’s mark Roman H 16cm long, lacking handle £60-90


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7 7 A DERBY FIGURE OF A GARDENER, CIRCA 1765-70 modelled leaning on a spade, a small bouquet in his other hand and a watering can at his feet, on an openwork Rococo moulded base 23cm high, minor chips and losses



5 A RUSSIAN PORCELAIN FIGURE OF A GLAZIER, GARDNER PORCELAIN MANUFACTORY, 1830s-1840s wearing a white apron, tall boots, blue striped trousers and top hat, his coat originally white but later overpainted in blue, holding a wooden frame with sheets of glass in one hand and a ball of putty under his other arm, naturalistic base with gilt rim, with impressed factory mark, St. George and the number 8 and inscribed Nr.2/10, 18.5cm Provenance: Phillips, Bond Street, 18 September 1996, lot 123A Gardner first introduced the Glazier model in the 1820s, perhaps as an addition to the popular street vendors from the Volshebnyi fonar (Magic Lantern) series. Although more commonly seen with a blue enamelled coat, the figure was also produced in a variety of colour-ways, such as a black coat (see Sotheby’s, London, 26 May 2004, lot 361) or buff coat and trousers (see Sotheby’s, New York, 12 April 2011, lot 378). For further comparable figures, see E. Ivanova, The Gardner Factory: Porcelain in Russia, 18th-19th Centuries, St. Petersburg, 2003, p.104.



£300-500 6 A MEISSEN FIGURE OF CUPID, LATE 19TH CENTURY after the model by Acier of Cupid seated on a cloud looping pink ribbons around small flanking flaming hearts, triangular base titled Je les accouple, blue crossed swords 13cm high, losses to ribbon and one heart

8 A DERBY FIGURE OF DIANA, CIRCA 1760 the goddess on one leg, her hand reaching back to her quiver, her robe painted with delicate scattered flowers, a hunting dog standing at her side, on flower applied mound 28cm high, some chips and losses £200-300

£120-180 9 A DERBY FIGURE OF A RANELAGH DANCER, CIRCA 1765 the young woman holding out a flower posy, a portrait miniature of a beau on her hip suspended from a pink ribbon, her dress with floral sprigs in the manner of the cotton-stem painter, on scrollwork base, 30cm high, restored; together with a Coalport basket, circa 1830, flower wreathed rim and painted with further flowers and gilt scrolls to interior, pale blue exterior, 22cm long, chips and damage (2) £100-150



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10 A SMALL DUTCH DELFT FIGURE OF A RECUMBENT COW, 18TH CENTURY in the white 9cm long, restored £100-150 11 A DERBY PORCELAIN GROUP OF A COW AND CALF, CIRCA 1800 standing before a flowering tree, on an oval grassy base applied with flowers 16cm high, some damage £100-150 12 A BOW FIGURE OF AUTUMN, CIRCA 1760 from a set of Seasons, modelled as a young man seated on an upturned basket of grapes and holding a bowl and a bunch of grapes, a flask at his feet on the mound base 13cm high, some damage

14 14 THREE DERBY FIGURES OF MILKMAIDS, CIRCA 1820 each standing carrying milk pails and wearing a bonnet and colourful costume, on circular grassy bases 8cm high, some damage £150-200




13 A STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY FIGURE OF A CHEETAH, EARLY 19TH CENTURY shown recumbent on shaped grassy base, 9cm long; together with a small Staffordshire recumbent rabbit figure, 8.5cm long (2)

15 A PAIR OF MEISSEN SPILL VASES, LATE 19TH CENTURY the cylindrical bodies applied with scattered flowers, each on four scroll supports above spreading bases regularly applied with flowerheads, gilt rims, blue crossed swords, pressnummer 66 13.5cm high




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18 18 A PAIR OF WORCESTER FLUTED TEABOWLS AND SAUCERS, CIRCA 1770 painted with green flower sprigs beneath gilt dentil rims; together with a Barr, Flight & Barr saucer dish, early 19th century, painted with feathers reserved against grey marbelising, gilt borders, painted Barr, Flight & Barr mark, 13cm diameter (5) £100-150

16 16 A PAIR OF LARGE GIEN EARTHENWARE VASES, CIRCA 1870 ovoid form, set with blue glaze lion mask handles, painted in Urbino style with Renaissance motifs and grotesques, blue printed marks, numbered 57 72cm high £700-1000

19 19 A PAIR OF MINTON PLATES, CIRCA 1865 one painted with a Thames sailing barge, the other with a twin masted vessel, with broad turquoise border and gilt etched band, impressed marks 23.5cm diameter £120-180 20 A NEW HALL PORCELAIN TEAPOT STAND, LATE 18TH CENTURY silver shaped fluted, painted with flower sprigs inside an orange lined rim 18cm long £70-100

17 17 A SPANISH BLUE AND WHITE ALBARELLO, MID 18TH CENTURY slightly waisted, painted with a crown and scrolls surrounding a rampant beast emblazoned shield 21cm high £100-200

20 4

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21 A PAIR OF BLUE AND WHITE ENGLISH DELFTWARE EARTHENWARE WALL POCKETS, PROBABLY LIVERPOOL, MID 18TH CENTURY each modelled with a female mask flanked by a leafy branch and bulrushes framed by scrolls above a styr mask, one with painted numeral 4 to reverse 21.5cm high

23 A GROUP OF WORCESTER BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN, CIRCA 1770 each piece printed with the ‘Fence’ pattern, comprising: a circular butter tub and cover and two large cups; together with the following blue and white wares: two flower printed porcelain cups, a pearlware oval sauceboat painted with a chinoiserie landscape and a pearlware printed teabowl some damage (8)

£600-800 22 A BELLEEK ‘SHAMROCK’ PATTERN BASKET, LATE 19TH CENTURY trefoil shape, corded rim applied with three bunches of flowers above openwork sides and three strand base, impressed on two banners BELLEEK / CO FERMANAGH, 12.5cm wide; together with a small Belleek shell bowl, late 19th century, moulded with shells and coral, first period black mark, 8cm wide (2)




24 A LIVERPOOL DELFTWARE TILE AND A BRISTOL DELFTWARE TILE, THIRD QUARTER 18TH CENTURY both painted in colours, the former with a standing bird within a leafy tendril border, the latter with a standing owl 13cm high (2)

24 5

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26 26 A STAFFORDSHIRE SALT-GLAZED STONEWARE TEAPOT AND COVER, CIRCA 1750 of small bullet form, with crabstock handle and spout, brightly enamelled with a bird on a pierced rock surrounded by flowers 9.5cm high £400-600

25 25 A DERBY PIERCED ROSE BASKET, CIRCA 1758 formed as two wreaths of leaves picked out in yellow and green wrapped around a large central flowerhead coloured in puce 20.5cm diameter Provenance: acquired from Winifred Williams, London, June 1985 £700-1000

27 27 A WORCESTER CABBAGE LEAF MOULDED DISH, CIRCA 1765-70 painted in the atelier of James Giles (1718-1780) with scattered insects, a mushroom, nuts, apples, currants, cherries and a damson, with gilt-line border 26cm long £400-600 28 A CHELSEA PLATE, CIRCA 1755 brightly painted with a vignette of a bird perched on a branch framed by scattered bouquets of flowers and smaller flower sprigs, the rim crisply moulded with three cartouches separated by flowers and scrolls, red anchor and l mark 24cm diameter Provenance: With Albert Amor, London (paper label to base); acquired from Albert Amor, March 1988

28 6


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29 29 A LOWESTOFT ‘CURTIS’ PATTERN GLOBULAR TEAPOT AND COVER, 1770s painted with flower groups and sprigs beneath an iron red loop border 15cm high, some staining £150-200

32 30 30 TWO BOW CYLINDRICAL COFFEE CANS, CIRCA 1755 painted with famille rose enamels, one with flowering peony and rocks, the other with lotus, 5cm high; together with a Bow sauceboat, oval fluted, famille rose painted with chrysanthemum and pierced blue rocks, some damage (3) £200-300

32 A DERBY JUG, CIRCA 1758 baluster, scroll handle and pointed spout, painted in colours with a landscape vignette of a hounds chasing a hare, the reverse with a large spray of scrollwork 16cm high Provenance: The Family Collection of Mrs A.M. George; with Albert Amor, London (paper label to base); acquired from Albert Amor, June 1986 £800-1200

31 A PAIR OF BOW LEAF SHAPED DISHES, CIRCA 1760 each moulded with branches of yellow berries, with turquoise leaves, the veins picked out in puce inside a green and yellow rim 23cm long, some restoration £400-600

31 7

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33 A BLOOR DERBY PART DINNER SERVICE, CIRCA 1820 painted in purple and gilt with a border of stylised foliage, comprising: nineteen dinner plates, eight soup plates, thirteen side plates, three graduated dishes, two square vegetable dishes and covers and a meat dish, red printed marks (48) £600-800 34 A CHELSEA SOUP PLATE, CIRCA 1755 of ‘Warren Hastings’ type, painted with scattered flower sprays and sprigs, the rim crisply moulded with three cartouches picked out in puce reserving panels of birds in flight, separated by moulded flowers, scrolls and daiper panels, red anchor mark 24cm diameter Provenance: with Earle Vandekar, London (paper label to base); acquired from Earle Vandekar, February, 1988 £600-800



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35 A DERBY PORCELAIN DISH, CIRCA 1758 shaped oval, painted in the centre with a branch of cherries amongst scattered insects inside moulded turquoise and gilt borders 27.5cm long, rim chip £150-250 36 A WORCESTER BLUE AND WHITE SPARROW BEAK JUG AND COVER, CIRCA 1765-68 painted in the ‘Eloping Bride’ pattern depicting an archer with a femaile companion on horseback taking aim at figures holding banners, painter’s mark in blue 12.5cm high Provenance: The Paul B. Zeisler Jr. Collection of English Blue and White Porcelain; with Albert Amor, London (paper label to base); acquired Albert Amor, October 1986 Exhibited: The Paul B. Zeisler Jr. Collection of English Blue and White Porcelain, Albert Amor, 10-30 October 1986 £1200-1800 37 A PAIR OF MINTON MAJOLICA TOBY JUGS, 1866/67 ‘The Barrister’ and his companion ‘Lady with Fan’, modelled each with long hair forming the handle, he with his hands in his pockets holding back his long blue coat, she wrapped in a shawl and holding a fan, impressed marks, model Nos. 1139/40 and year ciphers 28.5cm high


See Marilyn G. Karmason & Joan B. Stacke, Majolica. A Complete History and Survey, New York, 1989, p.62 £400-600




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38 A ‘VELLUM’ WARE CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS FIGURE OIL LAMP, DESIGNED BY CHARLES NOKE FOR DOULTON & CO., BURSLEM, CIRCA 1892 circular base with gilt borders, the figure standing beside a rope swathed capstan and holding aloft a torch with spherical oil reservoir of stylised flames and original lamp fittings later converted to electricity, crowned Doulton Burslem green mark (used 1891-1902) and painted in red with Robert Allen studio number for January to November 1892 RA1286 63cm high excluding brass light fittings and glass funnel and spherical etched shade Charles John Noke (1858-1941) started at the Doulton Burslem works in 1889 and is credited with turning the company into the leading art manufacturer of the period. For over eighteen months he worked on the magnificent Columbus vase, at almost six feet high and topped by a similar model of the navigator, as well as a few individual vellum ware figures, for the company’s pavilion at the Chicago ‘World Columbian Exposition’ in 1893. A few other figures were added to the range in the following years, but none of these early vellum figures were ever produced in large numbers. Unknown until recently, the free-standing version of the Columbus figure is particularly rare, although another figural lamp with differing base and without the oil reservoir was sold in these rooms, 23 November 2010, lot 16. £3000-4000

39 39 A PAIR OF ROYAL WORCESTER FIGURES OF ‘LIBERTY’ AND ‘CAPTIVITY’, 1920 each classical maiden standing in blue ‘shot enamel’ robes holding aloft a dove, one restraining the bird, the other setting it free, on gilt circular rockwork bases, puce printed marks and date code, shape 2/116 tallest 25.5cm £400-600

40 40 A PAIR OF GRAINGER WORCESTER BLUSH IVORY CANDLESTICKS, 1897 each with foliate nozzle and on three scroll and leaf moulded supports and base, black printed mark and date code, shape 252/G4363 16cm high

38 10


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41 41 A KERR & BINNS WORCESTER POT POURRI VASE AND COVER, 1852-62 modelled with three loosely draped classical maidens each seated holding a lyre beneath a shallow pierced bowl, on a wrythen moulded stem and triform base, the pierced cover with acorn finial, iron-red printed shield mark 23cm high, restoration £250-350 42 A ROYAL DOULTON ‘A MOORISH MINSTREL’ FIGURE, HN 34, CIRCA 1920 after the model by Charles Noke (1858-1941), standing on a green plinth and wearing a blue cloak and red fez, printed mark, impressed numbers and painted with the title, C.J. Noke Sc., Potted by Doulton &. Co and H.N:34. 34.5cm high


£500-800 43 A GOLDSCHEIDER POTTERY FIGURE OF A VENETIAN LADY, DESIGNED BY JOSEPH LORENZL (1893-1950), VIENNA, CIRCA 1931 model number 6557, in blue cape and hat caressing the borzoi by her side, black oval base, impressed mark, incised numbers 6557 / 45 /11 30.5cm high Literature: Ora Pinhas, Goldscheider, Ilminster, 2006, illustrated p.112 £500-800 44 A GOLDSCHEIDER GROUP OF A BOY AND GIRL, VIENNA, CIRCA 1935 modelled walking arm in arm, the boy with wide brimmed green hat and trousers, the girl with blue chequered dungarees, impressed mark, incised numbers 7039A / 215 / 7, 20.5cm high, boy’s head glued; together with a Gallé style pottery cat, early 20th century, modelled seated with blue stylised hearts and roundels on a pale green ground, one glass eye missing, 10cm high, one ear and one leg glued (2)




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45 A ROYAL WORCESTER ‘SUFFOLK STALLION’ FIGURE, MODELLED BY DORIS LINDNER (1896-1979), 1969 oval base on a hardwood stand, black printed mark and title and numbered 383, with leather framed certificate of edition limited to 500 25cm high overall Miss Lindner’s model for this study was Beccles Warrener, owned by Mr G.E. Colson of Long Melford, Suffolk. £200-300 46 A ROYAL WORCESTER ‘JERSEY BULL’ FIGURE, MODELLED BY DORIS LINDNER (1896-1979), 1965 oval base in hardwood stand, black printed mark and title, edition limited to 500 20cm high overall

48 48 A ROYAL WORCESTER ‘SISTER, THE LONDON HOSPITAL’ FIGURE, MODELLED BY RUTH VAN RUYCKEVELT (1931-1988), 1963 shown reading whilst seated in an upholstered armchair, black printed mark and titles, impressed and painted number 183, with certificate of limited edition of 500, with original box 17cm high £400-600

Miss Lindner’s model for this study was the champion Leeburn Carlisle II, owned by Mr Carter of Hartpary, Gloucestershire. £150-250



47 A ROYAL WORCESTER SMALL VASE, 1938 the bulbous lobed body painted by Mildred Hunt with pink Hadley style roses, signed, with moulded green and gilt ‘shot enamel’ borders beneath a pierced rim, puce printed marks and date code 9.5cm high

49 A MOORCROFT ‘ANEMONE’ SLENDER OVOID VASE, CIRCA 1950 tube lined with purple and mauve flowers against a blue and green ground, blue painted initials, impressed MOORCROFT MADE IN ENGLAND 27.5cm high




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50 A LARGE MOORCROFT MACINTYRE ‘LATE FLORIAN’ TWOHANDLED BOWL, CIRCA 1915 tube lined with flowers against a mottled blue and green ground, green printed signature, impressed MOORCROFT BURSLEM 33cm wide

53 A BOHEMIAN URANIUM GLASS SUGAR BOWL, MID 19TH CENTURY, PERHAPS FOR THE INDIAN MARKET of campana form, cut with a band of raised diamonds between a scalloped rim and foot 14cm high


Provenance: William Henry Cotton (1838-1873), India merchant, who by family repute looted this bowl from the Prince of Oudh’s palace at Delhi following the Indian Mutiny of 1857; thence by family descent. £300-400

51 51 A NEAR PAIR OF MOORCROFT ‘POMEGRANATE’ SQUAT VASES, CIRCA 1918 tube lined with fruit and foliage against a mottled blue and green ground, impressed MOORCROFT BURSLEM ENGLAND, green painted signatures, one dated 1918 15cm high £300-500


52 52 A MOORCROFT ‘CLEMATIS’ BALUSTER VASE, CIRCA 1950 tube lined with flowers against a mottled deep blue ground, green painted initials, impressed facsimile signature and ‘Potter to H.M. the Queen’ 24cm high £80-120

54 A DAUM NANCY CLARET JUG, WITH WMF ELECTROPLATED BRITANNIA METAL MOUNT, CIRCA 1900 the bulbous glass body acid etched and gilded with a butterfly and briar tendrils with flowers and hips, the slender neck mount and handle of fruiting vines 29.5cm high £300-500


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55 A LARGE FRENCH GLASS VASE, DAUM, NANCY, CIRCA 1925 elongated baluster, shaded purple with gold foil inclusions, signed Daum Nancy / France and Croix de Lorraine on the base rim 66cm high £800-1200

56 56 A FRENCH CAMEO GLASS VASE, DEGUE, PARIS, CIRCA 1930 elongated ovoid, sharply delineated with blue fading to pink foliage and flowerheads on a blush ground, engraved signature to rim Degué 30cm high £500-700 57 A FRENCH CAMEO GLASS VASE, J. MICHEL, PARIS, 1923 low oval form, acid etched with sailing boats on a lake seen through trees, signed in cameo J. Michel / PARIS 16cm wide £200-300

55 14


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58 A LARGE FRENCH CAMEO GLASS VASE, LEGRAS ET CIE, PARIS, CIRCA 1900 elongated bottle form, red glass with gilt flowering chestnut sprays, gilt banded rim, underside with Mont Joye mark 56cm high £300-400 59 A LARGE FRENCH CAMEO GLASS VASE, LEGRAS ET CIE, PARIS, CIRCA 1900 elongated bottle form, green glass with enamel painted violets, gilt enhanced rim, underside with Mont Joye mark 56cm high £300-400


60 A FRENCH CLEAR GLASS VASE, BACCARAT, PARIS, CIRCA 1880 the baluster square section ‘rock crystal’ type glass engraved in Japonesque style with exotic birds settled among trailing foliage, silvered cast brass mounts in ‘Chinese’ taste 33.5cm high £700-1000




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63 A CHINESE BLANC DE CHINE FIGURE OF GUANYIN, 19TH CENTURY seated on a loose lotus throne base, holding a scroll in her hand, the other resting on her knee, dressed in customary loose robes, her hair in a topknot, on a carved wood base, mounted as a lamp, with pale yellow embroidered silk lamp shade with circular pierced hardstone finial 45cm high including fitting and excluding shade, damage £50-100

61 61 A BLACK GLAZED STONEWARE BOWL, SONG DYNASTY (969-1279) the interior with lighter patches of glaze, an unglazed band and central glazed roundel 18.5cm diameter



64 A CHINESE EXPORT BLUE & WHITE BASIN, MID 18TH CENTURY painted with a pair of cranes and pine on a garden terrace within multiple borders, 38.5cm diameter; together with a blue and white charger, mid 18th century, painted with a jar with scrolls amidst peonies, the rim similarly decorated, 40.5cm diameter both with cracks and glued (2) £300-500


62 62 A CHINESE PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE BOTTLE VASE, KANGXI (1662-1722) the pear-shaped body rising from a straight foot to a tapering neck, painted to the exterior with pendent lappet-shaped cartouches divided by foliate scrolls and variously enclosing stylised floral sprays, all between ruyi and pointed lappets, the neck similarly decorated with stylised ruyi motifs below a lappet band, the neck reduced and bound with a silver rim 27.5cm high

65 SIX CHINESE EXPORT PLATES, 17TH/18TH CENTURY comprising: two famille rose plates decorated with the Judgment of Paris, the typical scene with a gilt border, two famille rose plates with sprays of roses and floral and spear-head border, a Kangxi period famille verte plate depicting mandarin ducks on a lake within a border with the eight immortals and another plate with a floral medallion within double blue rings approximately 23cm diameter (6)




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66 66 A CHINESE EXPORT FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN ARMORIAL PART DINNER SERVICE, WITH ARMS OF STIBBERT, QIANLONG (1736-95), CIRCA 1785 painted with the coat of arms within borders and the motto ‘Per Ardua ad Astra’, comprising: two baskets and stands, two butter dishes, stands and covers, two custard pots and covers, two pierced-rim dishes, two oval ashets, three octagonal small plates, ten dinner plates, nine soup plates, six cups of which three twohandled, one slop bowl, six tea bowls and eight saucers (61) The arms of Stibbert were granted in 1768 and this service was most likely commissioned by Frederick Stibbert. Little is known of him, although his namesake Frederick Stibbert (b. 1838), heir to a considerable fortune, amassed a vast collection of fine art, armour and antiques which was later bequeathed to the city of Florence, where it is still to be seen today in the Museo Stibbert. The collection includes further pieces from this service. Frederick’s father, Thomas, of the Coldstream Guards, fought in the Napoleonic wars, and his grandfather Giles had been Governor of Bengal.


Literature: David Sanctuary Howard, Chinese Armorial Porcelain, vol. 1 pg. 863 and vol. 2 pg. 749.

67 A CHINESE EXPORT FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN ARMORIAL PART SERVICE, LATE 18TH CENTURY painted with a central coat of arms within multiple decorative borders, comprising: eight cups, a tea caddy, a cream jug and cover, a tea pot and cover, eight tea bowls, twelve saucers of varying sizes, four slop bowls, another bowl and a small oval dish (39)


£400-600 68 A GROUP OF CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN TEACUPS, 18TH CENTURY comprising; a group of five teacups of mandarin pattern with spearhead borders, four of various patterns, a slop bowl of ogee form, a blue and white tea cup, and a Japanese imari tea cup, together with four European tea cups slop bowl 6cm high (16) £150-200

68 17

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69 69 A CHINESE PAINTED POTTERY EQUESTRIAN FIGURE OF A FEMALE POLO PLAYER, TANG DYNASTY (618-906) the blue clothed figure turned to one side in mid strike astride a red and cream pigmented galloping pony, later black perspex stand 31cm long, some restoration Sold with an Oxford Authentication Certificate, confirming that the figure was last fired between 900 and 1500 years ago, Sample No. C115j10 £1500-2000

70 A SET OF THREE PEKING GLASS JARS AND COVERS, 19TH CENTURY ovoid, covered in elongated hexagonal facets 9.5cm high £100-150 71 A PAIR OF CHINESE CANTON ENAMEL WINE CUPS, 19TH CENTURY with a blue ground decorated with flying dragons amongst clouds, the insides white and plain, 3cm high; together with a famille rose leaf shaped footed dish with two compartments, 19th century, 11cm wide (3) £50-80 72 A BRONZE MING OFFICIAL AND A FIGURE OF ZHENWU, LATE QING DYNASTY The Ming official seated on a throne, 13cm high, Zhenwu, the Daoist deity, seated with a serpent at his feet, the bronze with traces of pigment, 25.5cm high (2) £120-180

72 18

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75 A CHINESE CLOISONNE GINGER JAR AND COVER, CIRCA 1900 decorated with a fenghuang or hoho bird and trailing flowers on a diaper patterned navy blue ground below a ruyi head border 21cm high £60-100


73 A CHINESE CELADON JADE CARVING OF A BIXIE, 17TH CENTURY carved recumbent, the horned beast with a bifurcated tail, the head turned to one side and detailed with scrolled eyebrows, the stone of a celadon tone 6.5cm long excluding affixed wood stand £3000-4000


76 A CHINESE CARVED AGATE GROUP OF A PAIR OF SQUIRRELS, QING DYNASTY, 18TH/19TH CENTURY the animals carved clutching and nibbling two peanuts, the base pierced with a double cash coin pattern, the stone of a translucent amber-orange tone with traces of opaque golden-yellow skin, with carved wood stand 5cm long £2000-3000


74 A CHINESE BRONZE BUDDHIST LION SCROLL WEIGHT, QING DYNASTY (1644-1908) recumbent figure with flowing mane and tail and paws tucked under 12.5cm long £150-250

77 A CHINESE BONE MODEL OF A FLOWER BOAT, CANTON, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY the carpeted cabins with stained furniture and shaded by fretwork pierced panels, the foredeck with figures around a tea table before a verandah and doorway flanked by an inscribed couplet, the upper deck set with plants, the bow with flags and lanterns, on a cloth-covered stand 33.5cm long The couplet reads in translation: The fish is swimming across the green water / The bee is flying into the red heart of the flower. £80-120


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The Private Collection of Admiral Lord Hood’s Chinese Works of Art Lots 78-92 This group of Chinese artefacts has descended in the present owner’s family from their ancestor, Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901). Arthur Hood began his career in the Royal Navy in 1836 and gained considerable experience before being promoted in November 1854 to command the brig, HMS Acorn. By May 1856 he and his vessel were in China under Rear-Admiral Sir Michael Seymour (1802-1887), commander-in-chief of the East Indies and China Station. In June of 1857 HMS Acorn was involved in the destruction of the fleet of Chinese junks in the Battle of Fatshan Creek (see lot 90) and later in the attack on Canton. It is from this period that Hood acquired the pieces comprising this collection. A MS note, probably written in the latter part of the 19th Century, attached to lot 78 explains how it came into Hood’s possession: ‘Official Necklace of Yeh Governor of Canton, China. He was wearing this when captured by Commander Arthur W.A. Hood R.N (In conjunction with [Astley] Cooper Key in his palace. Yeh was a first class Mandarin. Commander Hood commanded H.M.S. ‘’Acorn’’ – and lay for 9 months in the Canton River waiting opportunity to achieve capture of city and its Governor. When the moment arrived the 2 officers with seamen landed, and marched through the city and crowds of Chinese to the palace, captured the Governor, placed him in his own sedan chair, and carried him back to our boats and so on board H.M.S. ‘’Acorn’’ . . .’ The arrest of Governor Yeh (otherwise High Commissioner Yeh Ming-ch’en) was precipitated by his own actions, which in turn appear to have had the full backing of Peking. Although the Treaty of Nanking had been signed between Great Britain and the Emperor in 1842, thus bringing to an end the First Opium War, the Chinese felt that the accord was unfair. This led to sporadic and increasingly violent unrest. Matters finally erupted when in 1856 Yeh, then in the throes of supressing an uprising of Chinese rebels and ordering thousands of executions, seized a Hong Kong (British) registered ship and its crew. The registration had expired, a fact well known to the British (and the French) who nevertheless used the incident as an excuse to send for their fleets. The action sparked the Second Opium War (1856-1860). However much the British may have been the aggressors, the general opinion of Governor Yeh was vividly expressed by Sir John Francis Davis, former Chief Superintendent of British Trade in China, when on 28 February v1858 he wrote to the Editor of The Times in London (2 March 1857, p. 9f): ‘The Belial [i.e. worthless] art of making ‘’the worse appear the better reason’’ has been rather unluckily applied to exciting our sympathies in favour of the savage Bedlamite [i.e. lunatic] Governor Yeh, the butcher of 70,000 of his own countrymen, and the bidder at 30 dollars each (5£,) for the heads of ours. The truculent Tartars had never a more hideous representative, and I believe that not but Milton himself ever made the devil appear at all interesting.’

Gouache portrait of Yeh Mingchen, painted in a Chinese artist’s studio in Canton, circa 1856 20

Watercolour portrait of Arthur William Acland Hood at age 14, by William Derby (1786-1847), to be included in the auction at 25 Blythe

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78 A CHINESE NUT BEAD AND ROSE QUARTZ MANDARIN OFFICAL’S NECKLACE, CHAO ZHU, CIRCA 1850 interspersed with larger malachite beads, three jinian of rose quartz beads with amethyst pendants with kingfisher feather filigree mounts, the double gourd malachite fotou bead at the back suspending an oval rock crystal bead framed in kingfisher filigree mounts with a rock crystal pendant, with the original (by repute) leather box, decorated with central character, flowers and butterflies, box and necklace with family labels describing the reputed provenance 117cm long, box 22cm diameter Provenance: by repute Governor Yeh Ming-ch’en (1807-1859), according to MS label, worn by the Governor at his capture; acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £2000-3000

Governor Yeh, London Illustrated Times, 27 February 1858 21

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79 A CHINESE MANDARIN OFFICIAL’S HAT, ZHAO GUAN, CIRCA 1850 of black velvet with red silk tassels issuing from a central finial holder, suspending a celadon jade plum holder, the plume of horse hair and peacock feathers, with chin strap and another loose finial holder 57cm long including plume, 12.5cm high Provenance: by repute Governor Yeh Ming-ch’en (1807-1859), according to MS label, worn by the Governor at his capture; acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £600-800 80 TWO CHINESE SOAPSTONE SEALS, MID 19TH CENTURY one of oval form with crazing, apparently the personal seal of Governor Yeh, the other rectangular, with signature to the side, both of celadon brown tone, the seal faces carved 6.2cm high, 3.6cm high


81 A CHINESE WHITE JADE DOUBLE GOURD PENDANT, 19TH CENTURY a cluster of double gourds with trailing vines, tied with silk band 5.5cm long Provenance: by repute Governor Yeh Ming-ch’en (1807-1859); acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £500-800

Provenance: by repute Governor Yeh Ming-ch’en (1807-1859); acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £200-300



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82 A CHINESE LAPIS LAZULI SAGE BRUSH WASHER, MID 19TH CENTURY the sage resting on his side against a jar 10cm long According to the MS note affixed to the underside, this object was on the table next to Governor when he was taken prisoner. Provenance: by repute Governor Yeh Ming-ch’en (1807-1859); acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £400-600


83 83 A CHINESE GILT LACQUER FAN, MID-19TH CENTURY the sticks painted with figural scenes on the river within multiple borders with butterflies, finger citrus and leafy fronds, the reverse similarly decorated with palace scenes 20cm long Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £150-200



86 A CHINESE TORTOISESHELL CARD CASE, MID 19TH CENTURY carved with figures in a terraced garden with willow, original visiting cards enclosed, original box 11.5cm x 7.5cm Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £500-800

84 A CHINESE BAMBOO IVORY-MOUNTED OPIUM PIPE, MID-19TH CENTURY the mouth-piece and butt-cap ivory, the paktong mount lacking bowl 54.5cm long Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £200-300 85 A CHINESE SILK LADY’S WEDDING ROBE AND SKIRT, MID 19TH CENTURY brocade silk robe, with embroidered silk borders, skirt with dragon and phoenix gold thread embroidery; together with another silk robe, in green brocade silk with embroidered cuffs and collar skirt 97cm, robe 92cm, green robe 96cm, some damp staining to all Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent.

87 A GROUP OF CHINESE GENTLEMEN AND LADIES’ ACCOUTREMENTS, MID 19TH CENTURY comprising; two sets of tortoiseshell chopstick and knife holders, one shagreen chopstick and knife holder, a pair of ladies silk embroidered shoes, an embroidered panel with vase and flowers, a small bottle marked Canton peppermint oil, another bottle in a gilt silk tasseled case, a plain fan with carved sticks, a carved nut bracelet, a damaged pierced boxwood pomander, a nit comb with agate monkey toggle, cash coins and a horn cylindrical box in a silk net holder, an abacus, two silk embroidered peach-form drawstring bags, a silk wallet, a small carved cherry stone bracelet, a silk embroidered pouch, a set of silver and bronze monkey dress buttons in a small box, and a green hardstone seal and a box containing three opium pipes, a Japanese knife, an opium tool and two ancestral tablets (qty) Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £300-400



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88 A GILT BRONZE FIGURE OF THE INFANT BUDDHA, MING DYNASTY, 16TH/17TH CENTURY depicted standing on a lotus base, wearing an apron in relief, with an embroidered apron, holding two fingers aloft 25cm high Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £2000-3000 89 A CHINESE SCROLL, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY painted in ink and colours with a riverine landscape filled with shipping and buildings, in wood case image only 29 x 242cm Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £150-250


89 24

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90 90 A WATERCOLOUR OF A RIVERINE NAVAL ACTION, AMATEUR HAND, CIRCA 1857 probably depicting the Battle of Fatshan Creek 24.5 x 49cm excluding later mount and gilt frame Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £150-250 91 A PAIR OF CHINESE HANGING SCROLLS, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY painted in ink and colours, one with chrysanthemums, delphiniums and birds, the other with hibiscus and quail, silk surround 140 x 49cm


Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £150-250 92 A JAPANESE HANGING SCROLL, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) painted in ink and colours with named Samurai, gilt-thread surround, giltmetal mounted scroll bars, image only 109 x 45.5cm; together with a set of four Chinese hanging scrolls, painted in ink and watercolours with: ducks and lotus, crane and pine, sparrows and chrysanthemum and crows and peonies, each image 141 x 36cm (5) Provenance: acquired circa 1858 by Admiral Arthur William Acland Hood, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon (1824-1901); thence by family descent. £150-250

92 25

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Various Properties



93 A CHINESE IVORY BRISE FAN, PROBABLY CANTON, CIRCA 1780 finely carved and pierced with intials LB in a shield flanked by roundels enclosing pavilions, the cloud ground overlaid with trailing flowers, sticks 25.5cm long, damage; together with another Chinese ivory brisé fan, probably Canton, mid 19th century, finely carved and pierced with a variety of figures and beasts centred by a vacant oval, sticks 19cm long (2) £100-200 94 A CHINESE IVORY BRISE FAN, PROBABLY CANTON, MID 19TH CENTURY finely carved with figures and pavilions on a pierced linear ground sticks 9cm long £200-300 95 A CHINESE IVORY BROOCH/PENDANT, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY oval, set with a deeply carved ivory panel of figures dancing before an enthroned figure under a canopy, the gold mount plain except for a corded border, 50mm wide; together with a Chinese ivory set white metal necklace and bracelet, circa 1900, each set with carved graceful female figures between openwork scroll sections, necklace 45cm long; and a pair of Chinese ivory sewing barrels, mid 19th century, carved with bands of oval flowerhead panels between reeded borders, with screw tops and spool holders, 5cm high (5)

96 96 A CHINESE IVORY PUZZLE BALL ON STAND, PROBABLY CANTON, LATE 19TH CENTURY the ball pierced and caved with peonies and containing a further fourteen diaper pierced concentric spheres, the stand openwork caved with peonies to the base below a section with goldfish amidst weeds and turned stem interrupted by a puzzle ball knop and a pierced cylinder stand 34cm high, ball 9cm diameter £400-600


97 97 A CHINESE IVORY CARD CASE, PROBABLY CANTON, CIRCA 1900 carved with figures amidst pavilions and foliage 9.5cm long

95 26


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98 A CHINESE IVORY CARD CASE, PROBABLY CANTON, CIRCA 1900 carved with figures amidst pavilions and foliage 8.4cm long


£120-180 99 A CHINESE IVORY CARD CASE, CIRCA 1900 finely carved in relief with a dragon in clouds around a vacant oval cartouche, the obverse with a pair of birds amidst fruiting pomegranates 8.4cm £250-350 100 A CHINESE IVORY CARD CASE, PROBABLY CANTON, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY deeply carved with figures engaged in a variety of pursuits around a vacant oblong cartouche 10.8cm long £300-500 101 A CHINESE IVORY CARD CASE, PROBABLY CANTON, SECOND HALF 19TH CENTURY deeply carved with figures amidst pavilions and trees 12cm long £300-400


102 A CHINESE IVORY CARD CASE, PROBABLY CANTON, LATE 19TH CENTURY deeply carved with figures engaged in a variety of pursuits 9.5cm long £250-350

103 A CHINESE IVORY CHIEN TUNG (SPILLIKINS) BOX SET AND A TANGRAM PUZZLE BOX, PROBABLY CANTON, LATE 19TH CENTURY both boxes with sliding covers carved with figures amidst flowering trees against a pierced diaperwork ground, the spillikins box with similarly carved pierced sides and holding twenty-seven sticks variously carved as halberds, oars, spears etc., the puzzle box containing seven scroll foliate pierced puzzle pieces spillikins box 11.8cm long, puzzle box 5.5cm square (2) £250-350



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104 104 A SET OF CHINESE IVORY BACKGAMMON COUNTERS AND DICE CUPS, PROBABLY CANTON, CIRCA 1900 the sixteen red stained and sixteen natural counters each deeply carved to both sides with figures engaged in a variety of pursuits, the accompanying cups each relief carved with two bands of further figures, in silk covered wood box cups 7cm high




105 A JAPANESE KOGAI, GOTO SCHOOL, 16TH/17TH CENTURY decorated with a spray of flowers and leaves with gilt highlights within a recessed foliate reserve, with later wood box 22.5cm long

108 A PAIR OF JAPANESE SILVER-MOUNTED, IVORY AND ENAMEL VASES, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) each ivory body with a ‘Shibayama’ work panel of a hen and chicks or a cockerel and chicks amidst flowers, the reverse with birds amidst blossoming branches, with signature panels, the silver neck and base mounts with foliate cloisonné enamel bands, each applied with two small scroll handles 16cm high £1500-2500

£150-250 106 A JAPANESE GOLD LACQUER BOX, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the hinged lid signed and decorated in relief with birds and butterflies amidst foliage, the sides with stylised foliage, 21cm wide; together with a Japanese black lacquer box and cover, Meiji period, oblong with in-curved corners, the cover with hens and chicks in relief, the sides with scenes of boys playing, 19cm wide (2) £60-100 107 A JAPANESE SILVER BOWL, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) double skinned and chased in high relief with irises against a hammer finished ground, rim foot, Jungin mark 20cm diameter, 553gr (17oz) £250-350



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109 A JAPANESE ‘SHIBAYAMA’ WORK IVORY KODANSU, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) rectangular, with silver hinges, corner mounts and handles, inlaid with flowering garden scenes with birds and fencing, double doors opening to reveal further floral ‘Shibayama’ inlays to reverse of doors and an arrangement of four short and one long drawer 15.5cm long £1500-2500 110 A JAPANESE ‘SHIBAYAMA’ WORK IVORY FIGURE OF AN ELEPHANT, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the young beast carved striding and with curved trunk, caparisoned with beaded mesh and fringing, with flower, butterfly and bird inlaid howdah blanket, signature panel under one foot 18.5cm long £600-900 111 A JAPANESE IVORY PAGE TURNER, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the ‘Shibayama’ work blade with pheasants, flowers and foliage, the handle finely carved with huddled rats 52cm long



111 29

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112 A JAPANESE ‘SHIBAYAMA’ WORK IVORY FIGURE OF AN ELEPHANT, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the beast richly caparisoned with beaded mesh and horn harnessing, the howdah blanket with flower filled panels, surmounted by a finely carved peony bloom, signed under one foot 34cm long £3000-5000 113 A PAIR OF JAPANESE SILVER AND LACQUER VASES, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the lobed bodies each set with four gold lacquer panels with ‘Shibayama’ work decoration of various birds amidst foliage, applied with floral cloisonné enamel panels throughout, with grotesque mask drop-rings at the shoulders, underside with signature panel 23.5cm high £1000-1500

113 30

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114 A JAPANESE ‘SHIBAYAMA’ WORK IVORY FIGURE OF AN ELEPHANT, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the beast with raised trunk and richly caparisoned with beaded mesh, the howdah blankets with panels of birds amidst foliage and a flower-filled cart, underside with signature panel, with wood stand 36cm long £3000-5000 115 A JAPANESE IVORY AND LACQUER TABLE SCREEN, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the two folds each set with a gold lacquer ‘Shibayama’ decorated panel, one depicting a scene of a gardener gathering flowers amidst baskets and pots of flowering plants, the other of a lady and a boy amidst blossoming foliage, the ivory frame carved with foliate panels, with silver hinges and corner mounts, the reverse with lacquer panels of butterflies and foliage on a dark ground and cloud panels to the ivory 23cm high £1500-2500



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116 A PAIR OF JAPANESE SILVER, ENAMEL AND IVORY VASES, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the hexagonal bodies set with shaped ivory panels with ‘Shibayama’ work decoration of various birds amidst blossoming foliage, applied throughout with cloisonné enamel panels of chrysanthemums and foliage, signature panel to base 28.5cm high £2000-3000 117 A PAIR OF JAPANESE SILVER VASES, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) slender waisted and lobed cylindrical, one applied with a downwards encircling dragon, the other with an upwards encircling dragon, with panels and bands of applied delicate wirework scrolls and foliage with cloisonné enamel, underside with applied signature panel 27cm high, (46oz) £800-1200 118 A JAPANESE SILVER, ENAMEL AND IVORY DISH, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) rectangular with incurved corners, the central ivory panel with a ‘Shibayama’ work depiction of an interior with a vase of flowers on a table, a blind, some railing and further flowers, red signature panel, the broad silver filigree scroll border regularly set with enamelled flower sprays, on filigree panel feet 20cm wide £700-1000



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119 A LARGE JAPANESE ‘SHIBAYAMA’ WORK IVORY AND SILVER VASE AND COVER, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) the tusk inlaid with a falcon tied to a wood and lacquer perch amidst a variety of blossoms, the reverse with a falcon perching on a flowering prunus looking at birds flying past, with signature panel, silver filigree scrolling neck mount, the cover with cast silver quail finial, on a silver base of spumy waves 56cm high £4000-6000

119 33

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120 120 A JAPANESE SILVER AND LACQUER DISH, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) flowerhead shaped, centred by a ‘Shibayama’ work landscape panel on a gold lacquer ground of passengers on a punt casting off under a blossoming cherry, with broad filigree border set with enamelled flowerheads, on openwork panel feet, underside with mother-of-pearl signature panel 33cm diameter £1500-2500

121 121 A JAPANESE SILVER AND IVORY DISH, MEIJI PERIOD (1868-1912) flowerhead shaped, the ‘Shibayama’ work ivory panels of a central roundel with a bird amidst blossoms surrounded by petals of flower sprays alternating with silver petals with cloisonné enamel foliage, scrolling silver filigree between, on three filigree panel feet, underside with signature panel 33cm diameter £1500-2500


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122 A CHINESE SILVER FILIGREE BOX, CIRCA 1900 of canted rectangular bombé form below a domed lid, the wave-like ground with panels of diaperwork and a vacant oval cartouche, with swing handle and shaped panel feet 23cm long

125 A CHINESE GEM-SET AND ENAMELLED TEA CADDY AND COVER, 20TH CENTURY square, the mesh ground applied with irregular stones surrounding panels of flower sprays enamelled in blue and violet, the cover with a pierced carved jade roundel, underside stamped SILVER, 10.5cm high; together with a Chinese gilt and enamel teapot and cover, 20th century, bullet form, mesh ground applied with enamelled magpies amidst flowering branches, underside stamped SILVER, 19cm long 972gr all in (2) £300-500





126 A PAIR OF CHINESE SILVER CUPS AND SAUCERS, UNMARKED, EARLY 20TH CENTURY the cups applied with bamboo and chrysanthemum, the saucers flat-chased with blossoming branches, all on a matted ground 10.5cm diameter, 250gr (8oz)

123 A CHINESE SILVER MUG, PROBABLY HUO CHEONG, CANTON, MID 19TH CENTURY slightly tapered body chased with figures of scholars and attendants outdoors, a roundel inscribed Ella A. Fowler. / 18??, with leaf-wrapped scroll handle, gilt interior, stamped HC only 10.5cm , 216gr (7oz)


Since both this and the following lot come from the same source and are both inscribed ‘Fowler’, and that the other mug definitely has a Canton provenance, it would seem likely the mark ‘HC’ is for the Canton based Huo Cheong, rather than the Shanghai based Hung Chong who also used an ‘HC’ mark.


127 A CHINESE SILVER HAND MIRROR, LUEN WO, SHANGHAI, EARLY 20TH CENTURY with circular plate and filled handle chased with chrysanthemums 25.5cm long

£200-300 124 A CHINESE SILVER MUG, CUTSHING, CANTON, MID 19TH CENTURY the slightly tapered body finely chased with a variety of buildings, figures, a small boat, rocks and foliage, a roundel inscribed M. Fowler, with cast dragon handle and gilt interior 9.5cm high, 220gr (7oz) £200-300



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128 EDUARDO ROSSI (ITALIAN 1867-1926): CASTANET DANCER ivory and gilt highlighted bronze dancing female figure, early 20th century, signed in the bronze Rossi and numbered 7399, on trapezoidal onyx base 43cm high overall Illustrated in Bryan Catley’s Art Deco and Other Figures, Woodbridge, 1981, p.94. £1200-1800 129 EDUARDO ROSSI (ITALIAN 1867-1926): CASTANET DANCER ivory and gilt highlighted bronze dancing female figure, early 20th century, signed in the bronze Rossi and numbered 7399, on trapezoidal onyx base 43cm high overall Illustrated in Bryan Catley’s Art Deco and Other Figures, Woodbridge, 1981, p.94. £1200-1800

130 36

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130 RENE-PAUL MARQUET (FRENCH 1875-1939): AN INCROYABLE AND A MERVEILLEUSE a pair of gilt highlighted bronze figures with ivory heads and hands, early 20th century, the dandy with bicorne hat, his companion in a bonnet and carrying a parasol, signed in the bronze MARQUET and numbered 7952 and 7951 respectively 21.5cm high (2) The shockingly tight and sometimes diaphanous clothing, heady musk scents and decadent mannerisms of the ‘Incroyables’ caused many more sober citizens of 1790s Directoire Paris to exclaim ‘I don’t believe it!’

131 MAXIMILIEN LOUIS FIOT (FRENCH, 1886-1953): TWO PANTHERS a French dark green patinated bronze group, Susse Frères, Paris, of a recumbent panther stood over by another panther licking its head, signed in the bronze M. Fiot, foundry stamp 64cm long Provenance: Sotheby’s, Olympia, 20 May 2003, lot 118. Susse Frères cast a number of models for Fiot and bought the copyright for this model directly from the artist in the 1930s. £3000-5000

Illustrated in Bryan Catley’s Art Deco and Other Figures, Woodbridge, 1981, p.216. £600-900


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132 A FRENCH IVORY FIGURE OF VENUS, DIEPPE, LATE 19TH CENTURY carved as the birth of the goddess, the nude figure holding up her tresses in one hand, a delicate tendril of seaweed encircling her torso as she rises from a spume and seaweed circular base set with small carved amber conch shells, on Belgian black marble cylindrical pedestal ivory 27.5cm high, 41cm high overall £1000-1500

133 133 JOSEPH JULES EMMANUEL CORMIER (FRENCH 1869-1950), CALLED JOE DESCOMPS: FEMALE NUDE a carved ivory figure, circa 1915, carved standing and with her hands holding up her hair behind her head, circular base signed Joe Descomps, ; together with its Boucheron gold-mounted pedestal, tapered square, the neck mount with linear decoration and set to the front with carnelian bosses and lapis lazuli drops, mount signed Boucheron, Paris, 18 carat gold mark and maker’s mark ivory 15.5cm high, 23cm high overall Usually found as Joe Descomps, the sculptor and goldsmith also went by (and sometimes signed with) his Cormier name. Known for his female nudes in bonze and ivory, he trained in the Falguière studio, exhibited regularly at the Salon des Artistes Francais between 1891-1937, and as the Musée d’Orsay notes he also worked with the famous Parisian jewellers Boucheron. ( - accessed 12.10.2015)

132 38


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134 AN ELIZABETHAN SHOE HORN, BY ROBERT HENDART MINDUM (FLOURISHED 1593-1613), DATED 1596 incised and inked with a lady, her hands on her hips, flanked by hatched borders and the legend ‘THIS IS ROBART HEND / 1596 / ART MINDUM’, below a band of scalework, suspension hole and curved terminal 14.5cm long Provenance: Sotheby’s, London, 21 April 1978, lot 87 This lot forms an addition to the fascinating corpus of shoe horns by Robert (or ‘Robart’ as he invariably signed himself) Mindum, twenty-one of which are to be found catalogued online by Wayne Robinson, A catalogue of shoehorns made by Robert Mindum 1593-1613 (see Comparative Literature below). Apart from the horns themselves and one powder horn, nothing concrete is known of Mindum himself. It seems likely he was an amateur worker in horn; his name apparently does not appear on the rolls of the Horner’s nor any other London company. Robinson speculates, given the similarities of the decoration on pamphlets and other printed matter of the period to that on the horns, that Mindum may have been a printer, used to working with woodblocks. He makes a case for the shoe horns having bought by Mindum as ‘blanks’ from different sources. Apart from the present example, another Mindum shoe horn, dated 1599, has yet to be catalogued by Robinson, for which see Christie’s, London, 24 April 1986, lot 55. For recent auction sales of Mindum shoe horns, see Sotheby’s, New York, 4 April 2007, lot 126, sold for $20,400 (including buyer’s premium) and Rowley’s, Newmarket, 22 July 2010, lot 38, sold for £8,800 (excluding buyer’s premium) Comparative Literature: Wayne Robinson, A catalogue of shoehorns made by Robert Mindum 1593-1613, _Mindum_1593_1613.pdf (accessed 25.10.15) Wayne Robinson, Mindum’s shoehorns — a study of method, ms-shoehorns-a-study-of-method/ (accessed 25.10.15) Geoffrey Trease, London, A Concise History, London, 1975 Joan Evans, Shoe Horns and a Powder Flask by Robert Mindum, The Burlington Magazine, London, November 1944 Paula Hardwick, Discovering Horn, Guildford, 1981, p.62. The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs. Vol. 85, No. 500, London, November 1944, pp.282-284 £4000-6000



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135 135 ATTRIBUTED TO FRANCESCO FANELLI (1577-AFTER 1642), BRONZE FIGURE REPRESENTING THE AMERICAS, ANGLO-ITALIAN, FIRST HALF 17TH CENTURY modelled seated on a caiman atop a rock, rectangular base (partially lacking) 12cm high For a figure attributed to Fanelli representing Africa, see Christie’s, London, 6 December 1988, lot 189. These models are probably from a set of the four Continents. For a virtuoso bronze bust of Charles I, see Victoria & Albert Museum No. A.3-1999. Francesco Fanelli, ‘the one eyed Italian’, came to London in the early 1630s from Genoa. By 1635 he was employed by Charles I and in 1640 he signed himself as Sculptor to the King of Great Britain. He appears to be the first to manufacture such bronzes in England. ( - accessed 07.10.2015) £500-700


136 136 A PAIR OF FRENCH BRONZE ROUNDELS, CIRCLE OF CLAUDE MICHEL CALLED CLODION (1738-1814), PROBABLY PARIS, LATE 18TH/EARLY 19TH CENTURY one depicting a Vestal making a sacrifice, the other depicting a couple embracing (possibly Ares and Aphrodite) 13cm diameter excluding giltwood frames

138 AFTER GIAMBOLOGNA (1529-1608): MERCURY a bronze figure, probably French, circa 1800, finely cast and detailed in typical pose (caduceus lacking), mid-brown patina, on a veined red marble fluted truncated column with ormolu mounts and square base 68cm high £1000-1500

Clodion is known to have executed a series of reliefs of young women at altars, very much in the spirit of these bronze roundels. Such bronzes were produced by a number of Parisian workshops for the emerging bourgeoisie in the late 18th and early 19th century. The 1992 Clodion exhibition catalogue refers to such work as sculptures d’amateurs (A.L. Poulet and G. Scherf, Clodion, 1738-1814, Louvre, Paris, 1992, pp.157-61). For a gilt bronze example of the Vestal roundel, see Sotheby’s, Paris, 9 April 2008, lot 85. £300-500 137 AN INDO-PORTUGUESE IVORY MADONNA AND CHILD, GOA, 18TH/19TH CENTURY carved holding the Holy Infant with orb, her cloak with pierced edging and standing on a seraphim set cloud 13cm high £500-800



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139 AN UNUSUALLY LARGE IVORY CORPUS CHRISTI, FRENCH, SECOND HALF 17TH CENTURY the expressively carved sectional ivory ‘Cristo Vivo’ figure later mounted in the late 19th century, the crucifix on a silk backing within a walnut Gothic frame with cusped ogee arch flanked by pinnacles and crocket carving throughout figure 53cm high, frame 124cm high overall

140 A KLOSTERARBEIT (CONVENT WORK) RELIGIOUS MEDAL, SOUTH GERMAN OR AUSTRIAN, 18TH/19TH CENTURY the probably wax oval medal moulded with the Agnus Dei and the Mater Dolorosa surrounded by silver wirework trefoils and painted paper flowerheads in a glazed oval frame with further silver cannetille decoration, with cardboard box 12.5cm high

Stylistic comparisons may be made with the ivory Crucifixition group of 1664 by Pierre-Simon Jaillot (circa 1631-1681) in the Victoria & Albert Museum, No. A.1:0-1984


Comparative Literature: Marjorie Trusted, Baroque and Later Ivories, London, 2013, p.241-244 Further closely related ivory Corpus Christi figures attributed to Jaillot, in private ownership, may be viewed on the website ( - accessed 07.10.2015) £5000-8000


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141 141 A SET OF FOUR GERMAN SILVER-GILT TEASPOONS, MAKER’S MARK INDECIPHERABLE, AUGSBURG, LATE 17TH CENTURY Trefid pattern with rat-tail bowls, typically decorated with fruits and foliage, the terminals with oval townscape vignettes 11.5cm long

144-149 144 A JAMES II SILVER LACEBACK TREFID SPOON, THOMAS CORY, LONDON, 1686 rat-tail bowl, the terminal pricked with initials ([DC?] over MC 19.5cm long



142 142 A SET OF THREE SILVER DOGNOSE SPOONS, MAKER’S MARK ONLY (Ro three pellets below and three pellets above, Grimwade no. 2383) PHILIP ROLLOS, LONDON, CIRCA 1700 the terminals engraved at a later date with a baron’s coronet above the initial W 7.6cm long £200-300

145 A QUEEN ANNE SILVER DOGNOSE SPOON, LAWRENCE COLES, LONDON, DATE LETTER BADLY STRUCK, CIRCA 1710 rat-tail bowl, the terminal engraved with a crest at a later date 20.7cm long £150-250 146 A WILLIAM AND MARY SILVER TREFID SPOON, JOHN KING, LONDON, 1691 rat-tail bowl, the terminal engraved with the initials AH 19cm long £200-300 147 A WILLIAM AND MARY SILVER TREFID SPOON, MAKER’S MARK ?A BADLY STRUCK, LONDON, APPARENTLY 1693 rat-tail bowl, the terminal engraved with the initials EF 19.8cm long £150-200 148 A WILLIAM III SILVER DOGNOSE SPOON, WILLIAM SCARLETT, LONDON, 1700 rat-tail bowl, the terminal engraved with the initials IP over NE and the date 1689 20.1cm long



143 A SET OF SIX GEORGE III SILVER TABLESPOONS, T. & W. CHAWNER, LONDON, 1764 Hanoverian pattern, the terminals engraved with the initial R over JA 19.7cm long





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150-152 150 A GEORGE IV SILVER MARROW SCOOP, WILLIAM EATON, LONDON, 1823 Fiddle pattern, engraved with a crest 23cm long £80-120 151 A GEORGE I SILVER MARROW SCOOP, GEORGE HANET, LONDON, 1721 crested, 22cm long; together with a George IV silver marrow scoop, Charles Eley, London, 1826, with shoulders, 23cm long 103gr (3oz) (2) £200-300


152 A GEORGE II SILVER MARROW SPOON, MAKER’S MARK ONLY STRUCK FOUR TIMES, JOHN CLAYTON, LONDON, CIRCA 1758 rat-tail bowl, the heel engraved with the initial L over IM and the date 1758 21.6cm long £100-150

153 EIGHT SILVER TABLESPOONS, LONDON, 1704-1718 AND CIRCA Hanoverian Rat-tail pattern, initialled, Britannia standard, a pair Francis Archbold, a pair Andrew Archer, a pair Isaac Davenport, remaining two indecipherable 529gr (17oz) £400-600 154 A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER TABLESPOONS, JAMES TOOKEY, LONDON, 1766 Old English pattern, the terminals later engraved with the initials WP over M, 21cm long; together with a George IV silver cheese scoop, Fiddle pattern, William Knight, London, 1821, 20cm long (3) £100-150 155 A SET OF THREE GEORGE I SILVER TABLESPOONS, HENRY GREENE, LONDON, 1719 Hanoverian Rat-tail pattern, initialled CC and numbered 19, 20 and 24, Britannia standard; together with three George II silver tablespoons, Hanoverian pattern, a pair initialled, one crested, London, 1753 and 1760 respectively; and three George III silver tablespoons, Old English pattern, one plain, a pair initialled, London, 1775 and 1791 respectively 590gr (18oz) (9) £250-350

155 43

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159 A SET OF SIX SILVER FISH KNIVES AND SIX FORKS, JAMES DIXON & SONS LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1930 Feather Edge pattern, in fitted oak case 463gr (14oz) £120-180

156 156 TWO PAIRS OF GEORGE II SILVER TEA TONGS OR NIPS, MAKER’S MARKS APPARENTLY TW AND W.O (probably for WILLIAM OVERTON), LONDON, CIRCA 1745 the first engraved with the initials DD, approximately 12.5cm long; and three pairs of sugar tongs, one bright-cut, Hester Bateman, London, circa 1780, one plain Fiddle pattern, engraved with the initials AA, Thomas Hoare, London,1806, the last King’s pattern, John Walton, Newcastle, 1840 Tongs of the pattern of the first items in this lot have long been catalogued as sugar nips and more recently as tea tongs. Eileen Goodway, at a recent Silver Society meeting in London, however, has suggested that they were employed as snuffers to extinguish the flames of tea kettle burners. £180-220

160 160 A MATCHED SET TABLE SILVER, HALF MAKER’S MARK JH OVER AH (UNRECORDED), LONDON, 1840, HALF GLADWIN LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1939 all Queens pattern, the first half crested and comprising eleven table forks and ten dessert spoons, the second half comprising six tablespoons and twelve dessert forks 3122gr (100oz) (39) £1000-1500

157 A PAIR OF GEORGIAN SILVER TEA TONGS OR NIPS, POSSIBLY HENRY PLUMPTON, CIRCA 1760 circular hinge, shell terminals and scroll stems; together with a pair George III silver sugar tongs, initialled and bright-cut decorated, Peter, Ann & William Bateman, London, 1802; another pair of George III silver sugar tongs, Beaded pattern, George Smith, London, circa 1800; and a pair of silver asparagus tongs, typical form, William Hutton & Sons Ltd., Sheffield, 1902 231gr (7oz) (4) £100-150

161 161 A SET OF TWELVE VICTORIAN SILVER TEA KNIVES AND ELEVEN FORKS, WILLIAM HUTTON & SONS LTD., LONDON, 1899 with plain mother-of-pearl handles; together with a set of six Victorian silver fish knives and six forks, William Hutton & Sons Ltd., London, 1899, with plain ivory handles (35)



158 A SET OF TWELVE WILLIAM IV SILVER TABLE FORKS, JAMES BARBER, GEORGE CATTLE & WILLIAM NORTH, YORK, 1832 Fiddle pattern, initialled JL; together with the following Fiddle pattern table silver, London, 1812-1842: five initialled tablespoons, five plain dessert spoons, a crested butter knife and an Exeter crested salt spoon 1611gr (51oz)

162 A PAIR OF GEORGE V SILVER FISH SERVERS, MALEHAM & YEOMANS, SHEFFIELD, 1910 bright-cut blade and tines, ivory handles, in original case: together with a pair of Victorian berry spoons, typical decoration to the early 18th century silver spoons; and a Victorian silver cream ladle, Beaded pattern, initialled AC, Chawner & Co., London, 1871 (5)




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163 A SET OF VICTORIAN TABLE SILVER, GEORGE ADAMS FOR CHAWNER & CO, LONDON, 1858 Feather Edge and Shell pattern, crested, comprising: sixteen tablespoons twelve table forks eight dessert spoons twelve dessert forks (all 1868) nine teaspoons a pair of sauce ladles a soup ladle a gravy spoon a cheese scoop a butter knife; together with twelve electroplate table knives, Roberts & Belk Ltd., Sheffield, modern, Thread and Shell pattern, with stainless steel blades; all in a modern case 3729gr (120oz) excluding knives (75) £1200-1800 164 ASSORTED FIDDLE PATTERN TABLE SILVER, LONDON, 1816-57 variously initialled, comprising: a gravy spoon, Sarah & John William Blake, London, 1816, 30cm long, a tablespoon, three table forks, six dessert spoons, and a dessert fork; together with a Newcastle silver dessert fork, Old English pattern; ten silver coffee spoons, Hanoverian pattern; and four silver coffee spoons, Feather Edge pattern 963gr (30oz) (27) £200-300 165 THREE SETS OF ENGLISH SILVER COFFEE SPOONS comprising: a set of ten, Golf Club pattern, Walker & Hall Ltd., Sheffield, 1933, a set of six, Art Deco patterned, P.O.D.R. No. for 1932, William Neale & Son Ltd., Birmingham, 1932, and another set of six, with twisted stems and bright-cut fearn terminals, Hilliard & Thomason, Birmingham, 1900 266gr (8oz) (22) £60-100


166 A MATCHED SET OF SCOTTISH TABLE SILVER, EDINBURGH, MANY ANDREW WILKIE, 1829-1868 single struck Kings pattern, comprising: twelve tablespoons (six 1840, six 1868) twelve table forks (six 1841, six 1829) twelve dessert spoons (six 1840, six 1851) ten dessert forks (five 1851, five 1849) eight teaspoons (five 1868, three 1862); together with fourteen electroplate table knives, of matching pattern, twelve James Ryals, Sheffield, modern 2778gr (89oz) excluding knives (68) £800-1200 167 ASSORTED ENGLISH TABLE SILVER, VARIOUS MAKERS, ALL LONDON, 1787-1858 crested or initialled, comprising the following Old English pattern: a tablespoon, a pair of sauce ladles, five teaspoons and a salt spoon; and three Fiddle Thread and Shell pattern dessert spoons and five teaspoons 506gr (16oz) (17) £120-180

166 45

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172 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED FIVE-PIECE CARVING SET, JOSEPH RODGERS & SONS, SHEFFIELD, 1888 the antler handles with silver terminals stamped with rams’ masks, reeded silver bolsters (one missing) to the steel blades and tines, in original fitted case with manufacturer’s printed label and applied presentation inscribed brass plaque; together with a pair of silver knife rests, James Dixon & Sons Ltd., Sheffield, 1912, circular bases rising to rests with lion mask terminals (7) The inscription reads: Presented to Miss Peile on the occasion of her marriage by the servants of Christs College Cambridge, Aug. 18 1890.


168 A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN SILVER ICE CREAM SCOOPS, WILLIAM HUTTON & SONS LTD., LONDON, 1902 cast with apostle terminals above foliate, spiral twist and seraphim stems, gilt shaped bowls, in fitted case, 20cm long; together with a set of four Victorian berry spoons, late 19th century, with typical decoration to the Georgian silver spoons, in fitted case 384gr (12oz) (6) £150-250 169 A SET OF TWELVE GEORGE V SILVER TEASPOONS, JOSEPH RODGERS & SONS LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1912 Bright-cut Edge pattern, initialled S, in fitted case; together with a set of twelve George V silver coffee spoons and a pair of sugar tongs, Josiah William & Co., London, 1930, Seal Top pattern, in fitted case (25) £80-120 170 A SET OF SIX NORWEGIAN SILVER-GILT AND ENAMEL DESSERT SPOONS, DAVID-ANDERSEN, OSLO, MID 20TH CENTURY pale green linear guilloché enamel, the stems tapering from trifid motif roundel terminals, fitted case with DavidAndersen printed label, spoon 13cm long; together with a set of six silver and enamel tea knives and six spoons, pale green guilloché enamel decoration, fitted case, and a set of six silver and enamel demi-tasse spoons, each with differently coloured guilloché enamel, fitted case, all Turner & Simpson Ltd., Birmingham, 1929/1955 respectively (24) £100-150 171 A PART SET VICTORIAN TABLE SILVER, GEORGE ADAMS FOR CHAWNER & CO., LONDON, 1853 Fiddle pattern, monogrammed FCH, comprising: a soup ladle, a gravy spoon, a pair tablespoons, three table forks and four dessert forks ladle 33cm long, 977gr (31oz) (11) £200-300

Hester Mary Peile was born at Trumpington, Cambridgeshire, about 1868, the daughter of John Peile (1838-1910), a tutor at Christs College, Cambridge, and his wife, Annette (née Hodgson, 1807-1884). She was married on 19 August 1890 to the Rt. Rev. John Augustine Kempthorne (1864-1946) and died on 3 September 1863. The Rev. Kempthorne, son of the Rev. John Kempthorne (1835-1880), Vicar of Trumpington, served as the Bishop of Hull between 1910 and 1913 before his translation to Lichfield, where he stayed until 1937. £100-150 173 A SET OF CANADIAN TABLE SILVER, HENRY BIRKS & SONS, MONTREAL, MID 20TH CENTURY Chantilly pattern, comprising: twelve tablespoons twelve table forks twelve table knives with stainless steel blades twelve dessert spoons eighteen dessert forks twelve dessert knives with stainless steel blades twelve fish knives with electroplate blades twelve fish forks with electroplate tines twelve butter knives with stainless steel blades twelve seafood forks twelve cake forks twelve grapefruit spoons twelve bouillon spoons twelve ice cream sporks and the following serving pieces with loaded silver handles: two pairs nutcrackers, a pair of fish servers, a meat carver and fork, a poultry carver and fork, a pair asparagus tongs, a cake server, a cake knife, a bottle opener, a cheese scoop and a C.J. Schneider’s (Toledo, Ohio) patent Angel Food cake breaker all stamped Birks, Sterling weighable silver 4770gr (153oz) (194) £1800-2200 174 A SET OF FRENCH TABLE SILVER, MAISON BOIN TABURET, PARIS, EARLY 20TH CENTURY Fiddle, Thread pattern, the leafy terminals monogrammed VM, stems with husks to base, comprising: eighteen tablespoons thirty table forks twenty-four table knives with stainless steel blades seventeen teaspoons twelve fish forks twelve fish knives with stainless steel blades a pair of fish servers, a pair of salad servers, a pair of sauce ladles and a pair of small serving forks, maker’s mark Henry Freres et Fils of Boin Taburet, 950 standard, in fitted case 7482gr (240oz) excluding knives (121) £2000-3000


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176 FIDDLE PATTERN TABLE SILVER, VARIOUS MAKERS, ALL LONDON, 1821-1874 crested or initialled, comprising: four tablespoons, three table forks, three dessert spoons, two dessert forks and six teaspoons 908gr (29oz) (18)

175 A SET OF GERMAN SILVER-HANDLED KNIVES, KARL KALTENBACH & SÖHNE, ALTENSTEIG, EARLY 20TH CENTURY comprising: twelve table knives, ten dessert knives and twelve butter knives, all with shaped loaded handles and Solingen stainless steel blades, stamped ‘925’; together with a set of six silver fish knives, Old English pattern, with bright-cut blades, Viners Ltd, Sheffield, 1930, 331gr (10oz) (40)




174 47

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178 A SET OF BELGIAN ART DECO TABLE SILVER, WOLFERS FRERES, BRUSSELS, CIRCA 1925 Gioconda pattern designed by Philippe Wolfers (1858-1929), initialled V, complete for twelve of each of the following: tablespoons table forks table knives with stainless steel blades dessert spoons dessert forks dessert knives with stainless steel blades fruit knives fruit forks fish knives fish forks (eleven only) ice cream spoons cake forks Mocha spoons and eighteen teaspoons together with the following serving pieces: carving knife, carving fork, cake knife, two cake servers, two ice cream scoops, two pairs of salad servers, two vegetable spoons, two sauce ladles, two pairs of fish servers, two compote spoons, a compote fork, a sardine fork, a sardine spoon, three cold meat forks, two cold meat servers, two butter knives, a pair of sugar tongs and a pair of asparagus tongs, all stamped 950, makers’ mark, maker’s trademark and German Reichsmark import mark, all in an oak case with M.H. Wilkens & Soehne, Hamburg retailer’s label and with space for eighteen place settings in five numbered and labelled drawers weighable silver 10478gr (336oz)

177 A SET OF GEORGIAN TABLE SILVER, WILLIAM EATON, LONDON, 1829/34 Fiddle Thread and Shell pattern, engraved with a crest, comprising: sixteen tablespoons eighteen table forks sixteen dessert spoons fifteen dessert forks fifteen teaspoons four salt spoons, a pair of sauce ladles, a sifter ladle, a cream ladle, a butter knife and a soup ladle 6155gr (197oz) (90)

The Gioconda ensemble was a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ by Philippe Wolfers (1858-1929) the designer and jeweller of the renowned silversmithing family. It was designed specifically for the International Exhibition for Modern and Decorative Industrial Arts, held in Paris in 1925, the exhibition that launched the term ‘Art Deco’. Comprising an entire dining room, all the elements designed by Wolfers (excepting the windows), the ensemble was shown in the Victor Horta designed Belgian pavilion at the exhibition. Wolfers, having previously worked in the Art Nouveau style, was influenced by the Wiener Werkstaette and Hoffmann’s Palais Stoclet in Brussels; the basis for the Gioconda suite was a platter designed by Wolfers in 1923, its triangular patterning formed of intersecting decagons. (Werner Adrianenssens, Gentse Bijdragen tot de Interieurgeschiedenis, Vol. 32, 2003, P.131176)





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178 detail


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179 179 AN INDIAN SILVER MILK JUG, KASHMIRI, EARLY 20TH CENTURY of wry baluster form, covered in bands of foliate chasing on a matted ground, snake handle 14cm high, 352gr (11oz) £70-100

182 182 A CAUCASIAN PARCEL-GILT-SILVER BELT, CIRCA 1900 the leather completely covered with the articulated silver panels with bosses and niello decoration, all stamped with 1896-1908 Russian Kokoshnik mark and CG (in Cyrillic) 64cm circumference £200-300

180 180 A BURMESE SILVER BOX AND COVER, EARLY 20TH CENTURY circular, richly chased with vignettes of figures in a variety of traditional pursuits 13.5cm diameter, 273gr (8oz) £150-200


181 AN IRAQI SILVER THREE-PIECE TEA SET AND TRAY, UNMARKED, CIRCA 1944 decorated in niello work with Mesopotamian riverine scenes, the tray with presentation inscription, tray 44cm long; together with an Iraqi silver salver, circa 1945, circular, covered in bands of Arabic script and stylised foliage, 27cm diameter 2166gr (69oz) (5)


The tray’s inscription reads: To Bridgadier-General G.N.A. Morgan From Grateful Patient Abdul Hameed El Dubuni Iraq 1944

183 A PAIR OF RUSSIAN SILVER BUD VASES, KHLEBNIKOV, MOSCOW, 1908-1917 each richly chased as a fern-clad tree trunk rising from three root supports, with Imperial warrant mark 12.8cm high, 261gr (8oz)




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184 184 A RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT AND ENAMEL BOWL, NEMIROV-KOLODKIN, MOSCOW, 1899-1908 with two angular scroll champlevé enamel handles, bulbous body cloisonné enamelled with scrolling foliage on cream, green or blue grounds, short spreading foot 15cm across £500-800


187 A RUSSIAN SILVER-GILT AND CLOISONNE ENAMEL BEAKER, MAKER’S MARK IS, MOSCOW, 1889 the tapered body with bulging base with scroll foliate enamelling on a matted ground between turquoise borders, on short pedestal foot 14cm high £1000-1500

185 185 A SHELL-SHAPED BOWL, PROBABLY EASTERN EUROPEAN, 20TH CENTURY cast with a spreading spume foot and spume washed shell applied with a cherub riding a swan, bearing spurious Fabergé marks 11cm wide, 366gr £200-300 186 A FRENCH SILVER CHRISTENING SET, EMILE PUIFORCAT, PARIS, CIRCA 1900 all initialled SB and with curved fluted Rococo decoration, comprising: a plate, a saucepan with gilt interior and screw-in turned ivory handle, a beaker with gilt interior, a knife, fork and spoon, a smaller spoon with ivory bowl, and a rattle with ivory teething ring, all in original red and black leather case similarly intialled, the magenta interior with cushion and gilt label: Mon. Dupuy / Ed. Lefebvre / Joaillerie, Orfevrerie / 34 & 35 Galerie Montpensier / Paris plate 16cm diameter, weighable silver 534gr (17oz) £600-800

186 51

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189 188 188 A SET OF THREE FRENCH SILVER SALT CELLARS, D.G. GARREAU, PARIS, 1819-38 each slightly tapered cylindrical and pierced below a formal leaf rim with a maenad playing a lyre and another blowing a double aulos between columns and stiff leaves, 950 standard 7cm high, 215gr (6oz)excluding two blue glass liners £200-300

189 A FRENCH SILVER MUSTARD POT, LATE 19TH CENTURY in late 18th Century style, the hinged cover and pierced sides die-stamped with ribbon-tied laurel leaves, foliage and flowers, blue glass liner, post 1873 export marked, 9.8cm high, together with a pair of German silver salt cellars, compressed circular, each on three lion mask and paw supports, two blue glass liners, maker’s mark G.F., 20th Century, 8cm diameter 363gr (11oz) excluding liners (3) £120-180


190 A SET OF FOUR FRENCH ELECTROPLATE DECANTER STANDS, CHARLES CHRISTOFLE FOR MAISON FROMENT-MEURICE OF PARIS, CIRCA 1850 shaped circular, ovolo moulded rims interrupted by leafage, raised scroll motifs to plate, each stamped FROMENT-MEURICE; together with another pair, unmarked, similar 17.5cm diameter (6) £150-200 191 A DUTCH SILVER SWEETMEAT BASKET, GEBR. NIEKERK, GRONINGEN, 1908 oval, with panels and bands of scroll foliate and geometric patterned piercing, beaded borders, swing handle, on leafy scroll feet, pseudo marks and import marks for Boaz Moses Landeck, Chester, 1907/08, 934 standard 24cm long, 388gr (12oz) £150-200




192 A DUTCH SILVER SWEETMEAT BASKET, VAN KEMPEN & ZN., VOORSCHOTEN, CIRCA 1900 oval, everted sides pale pierced below a band of trellis piercing and beaded rim, export marks, 833 standard, 23cm wide; together with a Dutch silver tobacco box, apparently Schoonhoven, mid 19th century, oblong, the lid engraved with a scene of a man driving a gig surrounded by scrolls and diaperwork and a wrigglework border, reeded sides, maker’s mark apparently W over 33, 833 standard, 13.5cm long 340gr (11oz) (2) £180-220

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193 A FRENCH PARCEL-GILT AND OXIDISED SILVER TAZZA AND COVER, FREDERIC-JULES RUDOLPHI, PARIS, CIRCA 1845 the cover set with carbuncles between a chased border of scrolling leafage below a bagpipe playing putto finial, the dish bordered by rock crystal cabochons between cast and pierced scrolls and yawning bat masks, with acid etched borders to the underside, the gem-set knopped pedestal and base with further cast borders, the openwork feet of beetles and leafy twisting branches, apparently no maker’s mark, boar’s head standard mark 20cm high, 718gr (23oz) all in This tazze was probably designed by Adolphe-Victor GeoffroyDechaume (1816-1892), the prolific goldsmith and sculptor, who worked for Rudolphi, as well as for Froment-Meurice and others. For a Rudophi silver perfume bottle, with the same cast feet as the present tazza, see Victoria & Albert Museum No.919-1844. The V. & A. notes on the bottle: “This vase was purchased for£40 [in 1844] and is one of the Museum’s earliest acquisitions. It demonstrates not only Britain’s acknowledgement of the continuing high quality of workmanship and the inventiveness of design in the French decorative arts, but the perceived need for British goldsmiths and designers to improve their skills by studying the best French examples.” Stylistic comparisons may be made with the ivory Crucifixition group of 1664 by Pierre-Simon Jaillot (circa 1631-1681) in the Victoria & Albert Museum, No. A.1:0-1984. Further closely related ivory Corpus Christi figures attributed to Jaillot, but in private ownership, may be viewed on the website ( - accessed 07.10.2015) Comparative Literature: Marjorie Trusted, Baroque and Later Ivories, London, 2013, p.241-244 £1000-1500


194 194 A GERMAN SILVER JAR AND COVER, STORCK & SINSHEIMER, HANAU, CIRCA 1900 in Louis XVI style, on four short sabre legs, the bulbous body with husk swags and borders between oval profiles of Roman emperors, the cover with further husks and an egg-shaped finial, pseudo marks 19cm high, 577gr (18oz)

195 ASSORTED DANISH SILVER: an Art Deco dish, the shallow bowl initialled NM, with grill-like handle, rim foot, National and Johannes Siggaard assay marks only, 1937, 16.5cm long, a bowl, plain with simply moulded rim, C.M. Cohr, Fredericia, 1947, 17cm diameter, a pastry server, hammer finish, beaded shaped terminal, Moe & Son, Copenhagen, 1937, 17.5cm long; and a fish knife, stainless steel blade and square section ribbed initialled handle, 1936, 27cm long; all 830 standard 481gr (15oz) excluding knife (4)




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196 A LARGE AUSTRIAN ENAMEL, SILVER AND LAPIS LAZULI FIGURE OF AN OSTRICH, APPARENTLY UNMARKED, VIENNA, LATE 19TH CENTURY his outspread jewelled wings, tail feathers and thighs with purple and white translucent enamel over a feathered silver ground, his neck and detachable head rising from purple to while enamel, his copper body paved in lapis lazuli, with gilt-copper liner and silverlined cover, his silver legs on a naturalistic shaped square base, the sides jewelled between translucent enamel scrolls 69cm high £2000-3000


197 AN AUSTRIAN SILVER AND ENAMEL TIMEPIECE DESK ORNAMENT, UNMARKED, VIENNA, EARLY 20TH CENTURY set with lapis lazuli, rubies and emeralds, the engraved cut-cornered rectangular base on ball supports and fitted with a fanciful carriage drawn by two goats, with cherub driver and reclining passenger, post-1893 French import marks 23.3cm long

197 54


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198 AN AUSTRIAN SILVER-GILT, ENAMELLED AND GEM-SET SMALL EWER AND BASIN, KARL RÖSSLER, VIENNA, CIRCA 1900 in Renaissance style, with scrolling enamelled handle topped by a putto and applied below the lip with a winged grotesque female figure, chased with a band of foliage on a matted ground above a band of rubies alternating with enamelled stylised leaves and a band of lapis lazuli drops, the basin similarly banded 15cm high, 392gr (12oz) £800-1200


199 199 AN AUSTRIAN LAPIS LAZULI, SILVER-GILT AND ENAMEL TANKARD, HERMANN RATZERSDORFER, VIENNA, CIRCA 1870 the cylindrical body and slightly domed hinged lid applied with vertical panels of lapis between richly cast, pierced and enamelled borders, infant Bacchus finial, monster handle, gilt interior 16cm high £3000-4000 200 AN AUSTRIAN GEM-SET AND ENAMEL SILVER-GILT STANDING CUP AND COVER, UNMARKED, LATE 19TH CENTURY blue-enamelled four-column stem below griffins, the stepped circular base and inverted pear-shaped body and cover applied with gem-set cast and multicoloured enamelled scrollwork, further decorated with vignettes of St. George and the Dragon, Cupid finial 31cm high, loaded £1000-1500

200 55

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201 A PAIR OF GERMAN SILVER ‘CAQUESSEITAO’ AQUAMANILES, J.D. SCHLEISSNER & SOEHNE, HANAU, LATE 19TH CENTURY in Renaissance style, the mythological birds with dragon heads, scaly tails and necks and bodies with classical scenes below a lidded aperture, their massive talons resting on naturalistic circular mounds above a guilloche border, pseudo marks only 41cm high, 5000gr (160oz)


The Portuguese mythological ‘Caquesseitao’, or ‘ancestor of the devil’, was first recorded by the celebrated explorer Fernao Mendes Pinto (c. 1509-1583). It was probably a fruit bat that he saw, but his extraordinary description developed a recurrent theme found in Portuguese and Indo-Portuguese works of art of a dragon-headed fantastical bird, often formed as a water pouring aquamanile. £3000-5000 202 A GERMAN SILVER FIGURAL DISH, M.H. WILKENS & SOEHNE, BREMEN, EARLY 20TH CENTURY the spumy shaped oval dish flanked by putti holding bulrushes, flowers and water weeds and standing on openwork rocaille and scroll bases, Russian import mark 37cm long, 809gr (26oz) £500-700


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203 A GERMAN SILVER CENTREPIECE BOWL, NERESHEIMER, HANAU, CIRCA 1900 oval, with two bands of bold curved lobes between openwork bands of foliate scrolls with twisted ribbon borders, cast and applied dragon handles, 800 standard 60cm long, 4227gr (135gr) £2000-3000 204 AN ITALIAN WINE COOLER, RICCI & C S.P.A., ALESSANDRIA, 1944-68 the plain slightly tapering pail with stiff leaf and beaded rims, applied with palmette capped loop handles, stamped 800 23.5cm high, 1289gr


£500-700 205 AN ITALIAN ICE BUCKET, MARK POORLY STRUCK, 1944-68 urn shaped, with stylised palmettes to the shaped rim, applied with drop ring handles, 15cm high; together with a pair of Italian ice tongs, of simple sprung form; both items stamped 800 463gr (2) £100-150

205 57

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208 A PAIR OF DANISH SILVER CANDELABRA, MID 20TH CENTURY in 19th century style, the loaded sticks with fluting and foliage, the five-light screw-in branches each with four scroll arms and central light, stamped 830S / DENMARK 40cm high overall, 960gr (30oz) branches only £600-800


209 209 A GERMAN SILVER CHRISTENING BEAKER, SEYBOLD & HIRSCHAUER, HANAU, EARLY 20TH CENTURY tapering cylindrical, die-stamped with a parade of four children behind a rustic fence, engraved with the name Wolfgang 7.4cm high, 47gr £120-180


206 AN AMERICAN SILVER TEAPOT, BALDWIN GARDINER & CO., NEW YORK, CIRCA 1840 the pedestal bulbous body with borders of stiff leaves and flat chased with a foliate band around two vacant oval cartouches, cast leafy spout and silver handle, stylised pineapple finial, underside stamped B. GARDINER / NEW YORK, coin silver standard 27cm high, 1106gr (35oz) including insulators £300-500 207 THREE AMERICAN SILVER-MOUNTED GLASS VASES, UNMARKED, EARLY 20TH CENTURY the largest ruby glass, the others dark green glass, the spreading circular bases and baluster bodies each decorated with a pierced and engraved cagework of flowers and foliage 30, 25.5 and 25.2cm high £400-600

207 58

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210 A NORWEGIAN SILVER-GILT AND CLOISONNE ENAMEL COFFEE SERVICE, MARIUS HAMMER, BERGEN, CIRCA 1900 comprising: a coffee pot, a cream jug, a sugar basin, a strainer, a circular tray, a pair of sugar tongs, twelve coffee spoons and four small forks, all decorated with turquoise and white enamel strapwork, foliate motifs and dots, stamped 925 the coffee pot 17.8cm high, the tray 28.1cm, 1690gr (54oz) all in (22) £2000-3000 211 A PAIR OF GERMAN SILVER-GILT-MOUNTED BOHEMIAN GLASS DECANTERS, THE MOUNTS J.D. SCHLEISSNER & SOEHNE, HANAU, CIRCA 1920 the faceted bell-shaped bodies alternately flashed in yellow and engraved with scrolling foliage and flowers, the neck mounts diestamped with pairs of cherubs in rococo cartouches, cast milkmaid finials to the stoppers, inscribed beneath stoppers J.F.L.C. June 30 1925 and stamped STERLING 33.3cm high


£800-1200 212 A PAIR OF NORWEGIAN SILVER-GILT AND ENAMEL NOVELTY PEPPERETTES, DAVID-ANDERSEN, OSLO, SECOND HALF 20TH CENTURY of owl form, one in puce enamel, the the other green, in original box, 5.4cm high; together with a Danish silver caddy spoon, Acorn pattern, Georg Jensen, Copenhagen, second half 20th century, 10cm long (3) £80-120

212 59

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213 A PAIR OF ITALIAN SILVER CANDLESTICKS, TURIN, MID 18TH CENTURY shaped circular step moulded bases rising to baluster stems with lobed knops and girdled sconces, town mark and assayer/maker’s mark V.C 19cm high, 690gr (22oz) £1500-2500


214 A FLEMISH SILVER-GILT-MOUNTED TORTOISESHELL CASKET, ANTWERP, LATE 17TH CENTURY domed rectangular, with foliate chased corner, escutcheon and loop handle mounts, later red silk lining, with key 21.5cm wide £800-1200


215 A GERMAN SILVER LARGE BEAKER, BALTHASAR KEUCKS, KÖNIGSBERG, CIRCA 1703 slightly flared cylindrical, chased with putti blowing trumpets amidst scrolling foliage, engraved at the rim with a later crest 17.5cm high, 277gr (8oz) The crest is that of Lloyd (Bart) of Bronwydd, Cardiganshire. £1200-1800 216 THREE ITALIAN TABLE ITEMS, ALL 1944-68 comprising a baton basket, the elongated part tubular base with openwork cast scroll foliate panel feet and fixed handle, marks rubbed, 33.5cm long, a salver, shaped circular, the rim with foliate edged matted panels interrupted by green coloured cabochons all within an applied scroll border, mark poorly struck, probably Renzo Pizzera, Milan, 32.5cm diameter and a double stand, with two angled part tubular sections joined by wirework and a shell handle Bonura & Cusimano, Palermo, 23cm long; all stamped 800 1509gr £300-400

215 60

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217 AN ARTS AND CRAFTS SILVER-MOUNTED MAPLE WOOD MAZER BOWL, OMAR RAMSDEN, LONDON, 1929 with stepped silver foot mount and reeded neck mount with castellated rims, underside inscribed V.H.O. HERBERT. / SEPTEMBER 1931. and OMAR RAMSDEN ME FECIT 23cm diameter Provenance: Hon. Valentine Henry Okes Herbert (1905-1983); thence by direct family descent. £1200-1800

219 219 A PAIR OF GEORGE V SILVER CAFE-AU-LAIT POTS, BARKER BROTHERS LTD. OF BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, 1910 tapering cylindrical, each engraved with a coat of arms, with faceted composition handles at right-angles to the spout and with composition pyramidal finials 17cm high, 597gr (19oz) all in £150-250

218 220 218 AN ART DECO SILVER FOUR-PIECE TEA SET, WILLIAM ADAMS LTD., BIRMINGHAM, 1938 the tapering oblong bodies with stepped corners, intialled S, on spreading feet, with angular handles teapot 29cm long, 1882gr (60oz) including composition handles and finials to teapot and hot water jug £400-600

220 A PAIR OF ELECTROPLATE-MOUNTED WATER JUGS, PROBABLY ENGLISH, CIRCA 1900 tapering cylindrical glass bodies with star cut bases, each with plain electroplate angular handle and angled reeding to the girdle, neck and lid, chair-back thumbpieces 26.5cm high (2) £80-120


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221 221 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED CLARET JUG, DESIGNED BY DR CHRISTOPHER DRESSER (1834-1904) FOR HUKIN & HEATH, LONDON, 1881 plain glass bellied body with star cut base, simple silver mounts and cylindrical ebonised handle, flat lid inscribed 2nd Q.U.A.V / 1st. PRIZE / 40 pdr. R.B.L. / Presented by MrsLiddell / 1883, Patent Office Design Registry diamond for 9 May 1881 22cm high In the years following his four month trip to Japan in 1876, Dresser produced a number of designs such as this claret jug, which were astonishingly avant-garde for the period.

223 223 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED CLARET JUG, WILLIAM HUTTON & SONS LTD, LONDON, 1900 the faceted glass body with reeded bands, with silver angular handle and plain neck mount, lid with ball finial 26.5cm high £300-400

Literature: Michael Whiteway, Christopher Dresser: 1834-1904, Milan, 2001, p.99 £800-1200


222 222 A VICTORIAN SILVER THREE-PIECE BACHELOR’S COFFEE SET, HUKIN & HEATH LTD., LONDON, 1893 in the manner of Dr Christopher Dresser, plain conical bodies, the coffee pot with raffia-covered handle pot 16cm high, 364gr (11oz) all in £300-500


224 A SILVER FRUIT STAND, FRANK COBB & CO. LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1938 the slightly dished top with an applied fruit-laden vine rim, the short bulbous pedestal with further vine decoration on a matted ground, spreading foot 28cm diameter, 824gr (26oz) £300-400

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225 225 A GEORGE V SILVER SALVER, LEE & WIGFUL, SHEFFIELD, 1920 plain except for moulded rim, on three volute feet 31.5cm diameter, 763gr (24oz) £200-300 226 A PAIR OF GEORGE V SILVER WINE TASTERS, D. & J. WELLBY, LONDON, 1915 typical form with vine motifs and lobes 8cm diameter excluding looped serpents handles £80-120


227 227 A SILVER SALVER, JOHN TURTON & CO., SHEFFIELD, 1959 plain except for the moulded shaped rim, on four volute feet 36cm diameter, 1203gr (38oz) £300-500 228 A GEORGE V SILVER MUG, JAY, RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH & CO LTD OF LONDON, CHESTER, 1931 tapering cylindrical, engraved F.E.C. / 4 - 10 - 32 between bands of reeding 11cm high, 447gr (14oz)

230 A GEORGE V SILVER EPERGNE, WILLIAM HUTTON & SONS LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1922 circular base with scroll pierced panels, the central large flared oval cylindrical vase and three flanking smaller vases with scroll pierced bands to rims, with three detachable scroll arms between each supporting a shaped oval pendent basket, the baskets with further piercing and paw feet, beaded borders throughout 46.5cm high, 1945gr (62oz) excluding glass liners to all vases £1000-1500

£100-150 229 A SET OF SIX SILVER PEDESTAL BOWLS, W.H. TANDY & SONS, BIRMINGHAM, 1966 shallow bowls on slender girdled stems and spreading feet, beaded borders, in original fitted case 11cm high, 754gr (24oz)




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231 231 A PAIR OF GEORGE V SILVER CAFE-AU-LAIT POTS, MAPPIN & WEBB LTD., LONDON, 1939 vase shaped bodies intialled S, stepped spreading feet 17.5cm high, 757gr (24oz) including angular composition handles and disc finials £200-300 232 A PAIR OF SILVER WINE COASTERS, ROBERTS & BELK LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1973 in Regency style, the everted rims with applied gadroon, shell and leaf border, turned wood bases 16.5cm diameter £150-250


233 A GEORGE V SILVER HOT WATER JUG, J. PARKES & CO, LONDON, 1914 in George III plain baluster style, engraved with scrolling initials, with gadroon borders, shell spout and stylised bud finial 28cm high, 746gr (23oz) £180-220 234 AN ELECTROPLATE GALLERY TRAY, ENGLISH, 20TH CENTURY oval, waved gadroon rim above a band of geometric piercing 61cm long £40-60 235 AN IRISH SILVER HOT WATER JUG, WEST & SON, DUBLIN, 1929 in Regency style with girdled vase shaped body 23cm high, 550gr (17oz) including composition handle and finial £150-250


236 A PAIR OF SILVER CANDLESTICKS, W.I. BROADWAY & CO., BIRMINGHAM, 1973 circular, with reeded borders throughout, waisted and girdled stems 25.5cm high, loaded £180-220


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237 A GEORGE V SILVER TEA KETTLE ON LAMPSTAND, H.H. PLANTE, LONDON, 1927 the compressed gourd shaped kettle with cast faceted spout and scrolling fixed handle, the stand of four scroll supports with faceted finials, hexagonal pad feet and chained pins 34cm high, 2364gr (76oz) including composition handle and finial but excluding patent electroplate burner and removable ivory ball to front pin £700-1000


238 238 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER SALVER, ALBERT HENRY THOMPSON, SHEFFIELD, 1902 shaped circular, bright-cut with foliage around a vacant roundel, moulded rim interrupted by shells, on four claw feet 32cm diameter, 909gr (29oz)

239 A SILVER TRAY, VINER’S LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1938 plain oblong with cushion corners, simple moulded rim and shaped end handles 68cm long, 3370gr (108oz) £1000-1500


239 65

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240 240 A GEORGE V SILVER TRAY, THE ALEXANDER CLARK CO. LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1923 shaped oval, plain, moulded rim with shell and scroll border 69cm across end handles, 3280gr (105oz) £800-1200 241 A GEORGE V SILVER WAITER, MAPPIN & WEBB LTD., LONDON, 1915, moulded rim, on scroll feet 19.5cm diameter, 253gr (8oz)


£80-120 242 A FIVE-PIECE SILVER CONDIMENT SET, JAMES CARR OF ABERDEEN, BIRMINGHAM, 1937 of octagonal outline, with corded base rims, comprising a pair of salt cellars with blue glass liners, a pair of pepperettes and a mustard pot pepperette 8cm high, 209gr (6oz) excluding liners £80-120 243 A GEORGE V SILVER THREE-LIGHT CANDELABRUM, POSTON PRODUCTS LTD., BIRMINGHAM, 1964 shaped oval outline with ribbed and reeded borders, flared stem, branch with two scroll arms, pedestal urn shaped sconces with detachable nozzles 32cm high, 820gr (26oz) £200-300 244 A SILVER SALVER, FENTON BROTHERS LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1911 plain except for the moulded rim, on three pad feet 21cm diameter, 342gr (11oz)

243 66


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245 245 A GEORGE V SILVER TRAY, JAMES DIXON & SONS LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1912 circular, engraved with the initial S within an acanthus roundel, with applied egg and dart rim, on knopped bun feet, P.O.D.R. No. for 1911 48.5cm across turned wood handles on leafy C-scroll supports, 2232gr (71oz) all in £700-1000 246 A SILVER ASPARAGUS SET, MAPPIN & WEBB LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1908 the shaped oblong base on hoof feet, with detachable grill, the simple sauceboat with wirework support to the rear, inscribed below, complete with the asparagus tongs 28.5cm long, 1043gr (33oz)


£400-600 247 A SILVER THREE-PIECE CONDIMENT SET, MAPPIN & WEBB LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1948 cauldron form, shaped rims, each on three hoof feet, pepperette 7cm high; together with a pair of silver salt cellars, bulbous oblong, gadroon and leaf rims, Adie Brothers Ltd., Birmingham, 1923, 5.5cm long; and a silver mustard pot, plain oval, bun feet, Docker & Burn Ltd., Birmingham, 1921, 7.5cm long 230gr (7oz) excluding complete set of blue glass liners (6) £60-100 248 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER BASKET, ATKIN BROTHERS, SHEFFIELD, 1906 Regency style, olong, the gadroon rim with leafy shells to the corners, rim foot, swing handle 25cm long, 883gr (28oz)




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250 A PAIR OF SILVER AND TORTOISESHELL PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES, HENRY MATTHEWS, BIRMINGHAM, 1909/12 shaped oblong, with piqué ribbon-tied swags of flowerheads between leafy scroll borders, faded red velvet easel backs, 19cm high; together with a silver and tortoiseshell trinket box, oval, piqué decorated tortoiseshell set lid with husk border, silver sides and simple scroll feet, William Comyns & Sons Ltd., Birmingham, 1912, 6.5cm long (3) £300-400


251 A COLLECTION OF ‘REYNOLD’S ANGEL’ STAMPED DRESSING TABLE SILVER, PREDOMINANTLY HENRY MATTHEWS, BIRMINGHAM, 1897/98 comprising: a cut-glass powder jar with silver lid and shoulders, a cut glass shaped oblong toilet jar with silver cover, a hand mirror, a hand brush, a pair of brushes and another similar, a pin tray and silver-mounted portable spirit burner; together with another silver pin tray, shaped oblong, decorated with classical figures, William Comyns & Sons, London, 1897, 12cm long; and a cut-glass scent bottle, spherical, with silver hinged foliate cover, 8cm high (11) £150-250


249 A GEORGE V SILVER INKSTAND, BARKER BROTHERS LTD. OF BIRMINGHAM, CHESTER, 1926 shaped oblong, moulded rims, trifid pad feet, fitted with a pair of silver-mounted glass inkwells flanking a presentation inscription and behind the pen depression, 19cm wide, 303gr (9oz) stand only; together with a silver inkwell, maker’s mark rubbed, Birmingham, 1911, capstan form, 15cm diameter, loaded (2) £150-250


252 A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN SILVER PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES, WILLIAM COMYNS & SONS, LONDON, 1903 shaped oblong, the heart-shaped glazed reserves surrounded by an applied pierced and stamped border of scrolled leaves and roundels of Reynold’s Angels, blue velvet backed 19cm high £80-120 253 A GEORGE V SILVER FOUR-PIECE CONDIMENT SET, ADIE BROTHERS LTD, BIRMINGHAM, 1932 with shell and gadroon rims, comprising a mustard pot, a pair of salt cellars and a pepperette pepperette 9.5cm high, 253gr (8oz) excluding blue glass liners £60-90

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258 A GEORGE V SILVER BASKET, R.F. MOSLEY & CO., SHEFFIELD, 1923 shaped oval, pierced below the waved rim with panels of scroll foliage 29.5cm long, 345gr (11oz) £100-150

254 254 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER ROSE BOWL, WILLIAM HUTTON & SONS LTD., LONDON, 1904 the bowl of elliptical outline on a short pedestal speading foot, the rims of three fillet mouldings interrupted by leaf and boss motifs 26cm diameter, 1147gr (36oz) £300-500

259 259 A GEORGE V SILVER MENORAH, BRITTON, GOULD & CO., BIRMINGHAM, 1933 shaped oval base with lobed panels rising to the bulging hexagonal stem, typical arrangement of eight angular branches and central branch below the Star of David 23cm high, 235gr (7oz) £150-200

255 255 A GEORGE V SILVER SWEETMEAT DISH, WALKER & HALL LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1913 reed and ribbon rim, the sides with bold geometric piercing, on four vine capped legs with trefid pad feet 25cm diameter, 491gr (15oz) £150-200 256 A GEORGE V SILVER SALVER, WALKER & HALL LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1924 shaped rim with beading interrupted by rosettes and foliage, on three ball and claw feet 31cm diameter, 791gr (25oz) £200-300 257 A SILVER SALVER, VINERS LTD, SHEFFIELD, 1959 shaped circular, moulded rim and engraved presentation inscription, on three volute feet 31.5cm diameter, 848gr (27oz) £200-300

260 260 A GEORGE V SILVER PIERCED BASKET, JOSIAH WILLIAMS & CO. OF BRISTOL, LONDON, 1912 lobed oval, the shaped rocaille applied rim rising to four shell scrolls, the sides pierced with scrolls above leaf swagged pales, on leaf and scroll openwork waved apron foot, Patent Office Design Registry No. for 1910 22cm long, 341gr (10oz) £120-180


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261 261 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER TRAY, I.S. GREENBERG & CO., BIRMINGHAM, 1905 oblong, engraved with a coat of arms and a band of scrolling foliage, gadroon rim 78cm across leafy end handles, 4084gr (131oz) The arms are those of Cowper of Ealing, for Alfred Edward Cowper (b.1869) of The Lodge, Mount Avenue, Ealing. £1200-1800

263 A PAIR OF GEORGE V SILVER TOAST RACKS, WILLIAM HUTTON & SONS LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1931 each of five arched bars and central loop handle, 8.5cm long; together with another silver toast rack, Hukin & Heath Ltd., Birmingham, 1911, of five bowed bars and central loop handle, 10cm long 294gr (9oz) (3) £80-120 264 ASSORTED ENGLISH CONDIMENT SILVER, COMPRISING: a cased pair of salt cellars and spoons, fluted oblong basketshaped on ball feet, James Dixon & Sons Ltd., Sheffield, 1889, salts 5cm long, a pair of 18th century style three-footed salt cellars, Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd., Sheffield, 1926, 6.5cm diameter, a pair of oblong salt cellars with waved rims, Mappin & Webb, Birmingham, 1905, 5.5cm long, a girdled baluster caster, C.S. Harris, London, 1900, 12.5cm high, a cased pair of bright-cut and initialled oval napkin rings, Martin Hall & Co., Sheffield, 1876, and three assorted napkin rings, initialled, Sheffield and Birmingham, 20th century 414gr (13oz) (14) £120-180

262 262 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER PEDESTAL BOWL, HORACE WOODWARD & CO. LTD. OF BIRMINGHAM, LONDON, 1905 the quattrefoil base on openwork anthemion feet rising to a knopped stem and shaped bowl 20.5cm diameter, 620gr (20oz) £180-220


265 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER SMALL COFFEE POT, PAIRPOINT BROTHERS, LONDON, 1905 plain tapering cylindrical, with turned wood handle at right angles to the spout, lid with acorn finial, 11.5cm high; together with a silver sweetmeat dish, William Hutton & Sons Ltd., Birmingham, date letter rubbed, circa 1910, shaped oval, the everted rim applied with scrolls, 16cm long 270gr (8oz) all in (2) £80-120

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266 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER AND PORCELAIN THREE-PIECE TEA SET AND SIX CUPS AND SAUCERS the primrose-coloured porcelain with printed ribbon-tied paterae and husk festoons, Royal Worcester, 1903, the silver mounts richly die-stamped and pierced with scrolls, diaperwork and flowers, the teapot with hinged lid and raffia-covered handle, William Comyns & Sons, London, 1904/05 the teapot 22.5cm long (15) £600-800 267 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER CIGAR LIGHTER, ELKINGTON & CO. LTD., BIRMINGHAM, 1904 in the form of a pedestal Roman oil lamp topped by a cylindrical section for tapers, gadroon rims, 11cm long; together with a silver pepper mill, John Grinsell & Sons, Birmingham, 1908, of typical capstan form, 8cm high (2)


£150-250 268 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER TRINKET BOX, CHARLES HORNER LTD., BIRMINGHAM, 1905 rectangular, slightly domed lid, cast shaped panel feet, covered in stamped rocaille scrolls and diaperwork on a linear ground, distressed silk lined interior, 13cm long; together with a George V silver waiter, J. Parkes & Co., London, 1931, square with incurved corners, initialled D.C., on pad feet, 19cm diagonally, 307gr (10oz) waiter only (2)




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269 A SET OF FOUR SILVER CANDLESTICKS, JAMES DIXON & SONS LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1965 in George II style, the shaped square welled bases below knopped and girdled stems, waisted sconces and detachable nozzles 19cm high, loaded £500-800


270 THREE ENGLISH SILVER SAUCEBOATS all oval and on three pad feet, comprising: one with waved gadroon rim and leaf-capped handle, William Adams Ltd., Birmingham, 1974, 17cm long, one with plain gadroon rim and leaf-capped handle, The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. Ltd., London, 1930, 16cm long, and one plain, Barker Brothers Silver Ltd., Birmingham, 1930, 12.5cm long 498gr (16oz) £150-250 271 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER THREE-PIECE TEA SET, JOHN ROSE, BIRMINGHAM, 1902/03 shaped oval, with bands of lobes teapot 23cm long, 543gr (17oz) including composition handle and finial £150-250


272 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER TEA CADDY, GOLDSMITHS & SILVERSMITHS CO. LTD., LONDON, 1902 square, covered in scroll foliage surrounding vacant shaped cartouches, 105cm high; together with an Edwardian silver sweetmeat dish, maker’s mark rubbed, Birmingham, 1906, lobed circular, on pedestal foot of conforming outline, 10.5cm high 278gr (8oz) (2) £100-150


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275 A PAIR OF EDWARDIAN SILVER CANDLESTICKS, SYDNEY & CO, BIRMINGHAM, 1901 of shaped oval outline, with vertical reeding, flared stems and detachable nozzles 18cm high, loaded £70-100

273 273 A SET OF FOUR VICTORIAN SILVER DWARF CANDLESTICKS, MAPPIN & WEBB, SHEFFIELD, 1892/93 with stepped square bases and composite columnar stems, detachable nozzles 16cm high £200-300

276 276 A VICTORIAN SILVER BASKET, JOSEPH ROUND & SON, 1895 oblong, chased with flowers and scrolls, the rim additionally pierced, with cast openwork swing handle, the short pedestal with a band of flat-chasing above a gadroon rim foot 28cm long, 775gr (24oz) £300-400


274 A VICTORIAN SILVER MUSTARD POT, GEORGE FOX, LONDON, 1905 on square pedestal base and ball supports, the vase-shaped body applied with oval medallions after Tassie, rams’ heads and laurel festoons, hinged lid, gilt interior blue glass liner, 11.5cm high; together with a George V silver two-handled porringer, William Comyns & Sons Ltd, London, 1924, in late 17th Century style, circular, embossed with acanthus and palm leaves, the underside engraved: ‘E.St. V.T from F.P.O.B 16. March, 1930’, 16.2cm over handles 500gr (16oz) excluding liner (2)

277 A VICTORIAN SILVER FRUIT BOWL, CHARLES EDWARDS, LONDON, 1887 chased in Carolean style with a band of gourds and flowers and further beaded and scroll borders, pinched rim 26cm diameter, 470gr (15oz)




278 A VICTORIAN SILVER SWEETMEAT DISH, CHARLES STUART HARRIS, LONDON, 1889 shaped oval, in 17th century German style, chased with panels of flowers and scalework, applied to the sides with cast openwork scroll handles, 17.5cm long; together with a silver sandwich tray, Barker Brothers Silver Ltd., Birmingham, 1935, oblong, pierced sides, 27.5cm 482gr (15oz) (2)




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279 279 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER FRUIT DISH, JAMES DIXON & SONS LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1908 shaped oval, cast with fruiting grapevines on an openwork trellis, short pedestal foot with cast vine rim 36cm across end handles, 1345gr (43oz) £500-700

281 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER PEPPERETTES, HORACE WOODWARD & CO., LONDON, 1890 cylindrical bodies with scroll foliage on a matted ground, crested covers pellet pierced between scrolls, 10cm high; together with a silver-mounted spirit flask, Walker & Hall Ltd., Sheffield, 1914, crocodile covered above the silver beaker base mongrammed EIC, bayonet fitting hinged cap, 14.5cm long (2) £100-150

280 280 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER DWARF CANDLESTICKS, HAWKSWORTH, EYRE & CO. LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1889 square bases engraved between beaded borders F.W.H. / From / A.A.G. / July 27th. 1890, with fluted columnar stems below fixed beaded nozzles 10.5cm high, loaded £120-180

282 A VICTORIAN SILVER MUSTARD POT, SPURRIER & CO, BIRMINGHAM, 1899 on three paw feet, cylindrical body pierced and engraved with birds and scroll foliage surrounding a crested oval, crested lid with shell thumbpiece, 8.5cm high; together with a pair of Edwardian silver salt cellars, Charles Stuart Harris, London, 1902, oval, each on four ball and claw feet, pierced and engraved with laurel swags over pales below a gadroon rim, 8.5cm long; and a pair of silver salt spoons and a mustard spoon, various dates and makers, Fiddle pattern, crested or initialled 283gr (9oz) (6) £120-180 283 A VICTORIAN SILVER GOBLET, JAMES DIXON & SON, SHEFFIELD, 1866 the bowl bright-cut engraved with foliage amidst arabesque strapwork panels, one panel vacant, the slender stem on spreading foot with beaded rims and girdle 16cm high, 277gr (8oz) £120-180 284 A VICTORIAN SILVER LARGE SPIRIT FLASK, W. & G. NEAL, LONDON, 1900 pocket fitting oblong form, plain, bayonet type hinged cap 18cm long, 232gr (7oz) £150-250

284 74

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285 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER SALVER, THOMAS BRADBURY & SONS, LONDON, 1906 crested, moulded border with beaded rim interrupted by leafage, on four ball and claw feet, retailer’s stamp Mansell / Goldsmith / Lincoln 20.5cm diameter, 346gr (11oz) £80-120

286 286 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED HAND MIRROR, MAKER’S MARK POORLY STRUCK, LONDON, 1881 the reverse chased with an oval scene of a mounted huntsman and hounds after a stag surrounded by a cast and applied foliate scroll openwork border, the loaded handle formed as a falconer 18cm long £200-300


287 287 A VICTORIAN SILVER THREE-PIECE COFFEE SET, THOMAS BRADBURY & SONS OF SHEFFIELD, LONDON, 1897 part lobed and engraved with scrolled initials, gadroon and leafy shell rim, on paw and patera panel feet, undersides with retailer’s stamp ROBt. JONES & SONS / SILVERSMITHS / LIVERPOOL coffee pot 23cm high, 1355gr (43oz) including wood handle and finial

289 A VICTORIAN SILVER EWER, ELKINGTON & CO. LTD., BIRMINGHAM, 1892 of Classical form with slender neck and pedestal foot, with egg and dart borders and girdled by a figural frieze after the Antique, swing-hinged lid, tall leaf-capped and fluted handle 35cm high, 978gr (31oz) £600-900

£400-600 288 A VICTORIAN SILVER STAND, C.T. & G. FOX, LONDON, 1850 with a broad band of scroll piercing within a scroll and shell cast border, 21.5cm diameter; together with a Victorian silver dish, shaped oval, the sides stylised leaf and scroll pierced within a moulded border, Sibray, Hall & Co. Ltd. of Sheffield, London, 1899, 27.5cm long; and an Art Deco silver hors d’oeuvres dish, oblong, with rib end handles and complete with three glass liners, Walker & Hall Ltd., Sheffield, 1933, 32cm long 1070gr (34oz) excluding glass (3)




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292 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED GREEN LEATHER STATIONERY BOX, GEORGE HENRY JAMES, LONDON, 1889 with openwork scroll corner and escutcheon mounts, the half-domed lid applied ‘Clara’, green grosgrain lined interior 24.5cm high £40-60 293 A VICTORIAN SILVER WAITER, HAWKSWORTH, EYRE & CO LTD, LONDON, 1899 plain except for the moulded and reeded rim, on three pad feet 16cm diameter, 226gr (7oz) £60-80


290 A VICTORIAN SILVER ROSE BOWL, MRS SUSANNAH BRASTED, LONDON, 1891 the bulbous circular body chased in Charles II style with flowers and foliage, the underside engraved FROM / Z with a Continental baron’s coronet between 31cm diameter, 1827gr (58oz) See Sotheby’s London, 18th November 2009, lot 200 for a large similarly chased vase with this maker’s mark. £1000-1500 291 A SUITE OF SIX VICTORIAN SILVER VASES, ATKIN BROTHERS, SHEFFIELD, 1890 all with trumpet-shaped bodies engraved with a crest surrounded by stamped scroll foliage above a band of embellished palmettes, comprising a pair of larger vases with egg and dart domed bases and four smaller vases with plain spreading bases 14cm and 10cm high, loaded bases £150-250


294 A VICTORIAN SILVER HOT WATER JUG, JOSIAH WILLIAMS & CO. OF BRISTOL, LONDON, 1898 slightly bulging body above a short ribbed neck, waved gadroon rim, 16cm high; together with a Victorian silver teapot, part lobed pattern, maker’s mark rubbed, Chester, 1898, 23cm long; and an Irish silver sugar bowl, in 18th century style, with flowerhead swags between three shell headed and pad feet, Royal Irish Silver Co., Dublin, 1972, 12.5cm diameter 977gr (31oz) including handles and finials (3) £300-400



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295 A SILVER FIVE-LIGHT CANDELABRUM, WALKER & HALL, LONDON AND SHEFFIELD, 1895/1903 in Rococo Revival taste of smothering scrolls and foliage, with loaded shaped circular base and inverted baluster stem, the four scroll arms ending in foliate drip-pans, central screw-in stem matching the stick, the campana-shaped sconces with detachable nozzles 53.5cm high overall, 2413gr (77oz) excluding stick £1200-1800

296 AN EDWARDIAN SILVER MEAT DISH, CHARLES BOYTON & SON, LONDON, 1903 oval, gadroon rim, centred by an engraved presentation inscription below the Company of Upholders coat of arms 35.5cm wide, 1072gr (34oz) The inscription reads: Presented by The Worshipful Company of Upholders to the senior warden Francis Edward Griggs on the occasion of his marriage 9th September 1950. £250-350


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297 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER SAUCEBOATS, ALFRED JAMES HOW, LONDON, 1899 in 18th century style, each oval, waved rim, three shell-capped hoof feet and C-scroll handle 19cm long, 565gr (18oz) £250-350 298 A VICTORIAN SILVER COFFEE POT, COOPER BROTHERS, SHEFFIELD, 1897 the urn-shaped body with shaped panels of scrolling foliate bright-cutting below a shoulder of chased acanthus, leaf-wrapped silver handle 26cm high, 918gr (29oz) including ivory insulators and mother-ofpearl finial £250-350 299 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED CLARET JUG, CHARLES EDWARDS, LONDON, 1879 the glass body etched with butterflies between floral swags above a band of berried laurel, reeded glass handle, the silver neck and lid mounts with foliage between arabesque straps, the cast finial formed as a lion rampant supporting a crested shield 29.5cm high £400-600


300 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER SALT CELLARS, JOHN WILMIN FIGG, LONDON, 1880 in George III style, oval, the pierced pales with hung with husk swags and vacant shields, on bifurcated scroll and ball and claw feet, one blue glass liner missing, 8cm long; together with a set of three Edwardian silver sweetmeat bowls, scroll foliate pierced sides below waved rims, rim feet, Josiah Williams & Co. of Bristol, London, all apparently lacking date letter, circa 1905, 11cm diameter 513gr (16oz) (5) £150-200 301 A VICTORIAN SILVER HOT WATER JUG, CHARLES STUART HARRIS, LONDON, 1877 baluster, with chased bands of alternate lobes and flutes and acanthus and bead cast spout 22cm high, 409gr (13oz) including composition handle

300 78


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302 A VICTORIAN SILVER MATCHED THREE-PIECE TEA SET, LONDON & SHEFFIELD, 1865-89 shaped oval, with beaded rims, bright-cut decorated with ovals and geometric and foliate borders, the teapot and milk jug initialled JAP, milk jug and teapot Robert Hennell, 1865/66, sugar bowl Martin, Hall & Co., 1889 teapot 25.5cm long, 746gr (23oz) including ebonised handle and finial


£200-300 303 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER CANDLESTICKS, HAWKSWORTH, EYRE & CO. LTD., SHEFFIELD, 1896 with square gadrooned bases rising with acanthus leaves to the corners to stop-fluted columnar stems and composite capitals, detachable nozzles with further gadrooning 27.5cm high, loaded £500-800 304 A VICTORIAN SILVER-MOUNTED WATER JUG, WILLIAM MAMMETT & SONS, SHEFFIELD, 1899 tapering cylindrical cut-glass body, silver scroll handle and plain neck mount 24cm high £300-400


305 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER SWEETMEAT DISHES, WILLIAM COMYNS & SONS, LONDON, 1890 shaped oval, stamped and pierced with scrolls, foliage and diaperwork, on cast openwork Rococo scroll shaped bases, underside inscribed MACMICHAEL (TO THE QUEEN) 42 SOUTH AUDLEY St LONDON W 15cm long, 217gr (7oz) £70-100 306 A VICTORIAN SILVER HOT-WATER JUG, MAKER’S MARK OF C.C. PILLING FOR SIBRAY, HALL & CO., LONDON, 1899 plain faceted oval, on four curved supports, wood handle and fibre finial 23cm high, 622gr (20oz) all in £180-220

306 79

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307 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER NOVELTY PEPPERETTES, ROBERT HENNELL & SONS, LONDON, 1868 each finely modelled as a jester with one leg behind the other and crossed hands supporting his rattle, with pierced detachable typical hat, on a naturalistic circular base, underside with Patent Office Design Registry lozenge for 22nd February 1868 13cm high, 322gr (10oz) Robert Hennell & Sons produced a wide variety of naturalistic or figural novelty wares. From the late 1860s, probably under the auspices of James Barclay Hennell, the quality of the modelling of these pieces is noteworthy. £2000-3000


308 A VICTORIAN SILVER CHAMBERSTICK, ROBINSON, EDKINS & ASTON, BIRMINGHAM, 1838 circular base with ribbed edge, crested to base, detachable nozzle and conical extinguisher, leaf-capped handle 18cm long, 349gr (11oz) £350-450


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309 A VICTORIAN SILVER EWER, WILLIAM HUNTER, LONDON, 1857 of Classical baluster form, with linear ground engraved bands of anthemion, scrolls and other Neo-classical formal foliate motifs, the lid with cast helmet finial 28cm high, 790gr (25oz) including insulators £700-1000 310 A VICTORIAN SILVER SALVER, RICHARD SIBLEY II FOR SIBLEY & WAPLE, LONDON, 1842 shaped circular, crested, moulded border with reeded rim, on three scroll panel feet, underside with Makepeace & Walford retailer’s stamp MAKEPEACE / LONDON 22cm diameter, 401gr (12oz) The retail goldsmiths and jewellers, Makepeace & Walford, of 5 Searle Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, appear to have been supplied regularly with pieces from workshops connected with the Sibley family. £100-150



312 A VICTORIAN SILVER-GILT DISH, MAKER’S MARK RUBBED, LONDON, 1886 with presentation inscription and pierced border of scrolling leafage around flowerheads 23cm diameter, 385gr (12oz)

311 THREE VICTORIAN SILVER GOBLETS the first bright-cut engraved with foliate strapwork and wrigglework borders, crested, monogrammed JAK and dated June 23rd 1864 for the Christening of John Augustus Kempthorne (Bishop of Lichfield, d.1946), beaded rim and knopped stem, gilt interior, Alexander Macrae, London, 1864, 14cm high, the second with plain bowl, knopped pedestal and spreading base with beaded borders, Elkington & Co., London, 1873, 15cm high and the third with trophy inscription surrounded by ferny engraving, Johnson, Walker & Tolhurst, London, 1877, 14cm high 465gr (14oz) (3)

Wilfred Haeffner, otherwise known as Frederick Wilfred Haeffner, was born in 1890, the son of Frederick Augustus Charles John Haeffner (1856-1930), a general merchant, formerly of Bavaria, and his wife, Evelyn Elizabeth (née Cappel, 1865-1943), then living at 10 Frognal, Hampstead, London. He joined the Army and eventually rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery and was killed at the Battle of the Somme on 9 July 1916. (for further information, see:



The inscription reads: ‘Wilfred Haeffner from his Godmother A.A.G.’


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313 A VICTORIAN SILVER MILK JUG AND SUGAR BOWL, JOSEPH & ALBERT SAVORY, LONDON, 1840 fluted bulbous bodies, each with one vacant and one cartouche initialled T, chased with panels of convolvulus and other flowers on a matted ground, cast foliate panel feet, leaf capped handles, gilt interiors milk jug 16cm high, 848gr (27oz)


£300-500 314 AN AMERICAN SILVER TEAPOT AND COFFEE POT, TIFFANY & CO., NEW YORK, EARLY 20TH CENTURY made to match the preceding lot, similarly initialled T, fluted bulbous bodies, chased with panels of convolvulus and other flowers on a matted ground, cast foliate panel feet, leaf capped silver handles coffee pot 24cm high, 2340gr (75oz) including insulators £700-1000


315 A PAIR OF SHEFFIELD PLATE DISH COVERS, CIRCA 1830 in sizes, cushion oval, each with engraved coat of arms to silver inset and applied foliate reeded border, 41 & 36cm long; together with a Victorian electroplate meat dish cover, Joseph Rogers & Son, Sheffield, late 19th century, oval, beaded rim, 30cm long (3) £300-400


316 A GEORGE IV SILVER MUSTARD POT, ABSTINANDO KING, LONDON, 1823 compressed circular on short pedestal foot, bun finial, chased with flowerheads, blue glass liner 10cm wide across handle; together with a Victorian silver mustard pot, John James Keith, London, 1844, octagonal, with pierced panels of scrolls, domed lid engraved with foliage, red glass liner, 9.5cm wide across handle 268gr (8oz) excluding liners (2) £120-180


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317 A VICTORIAN SILVER COFFEE POT, EDWARD BARNARD & SONS, LONDON, 1843 fluted baluster on a spreading foot, engraved with a crest, rim with elongated leafage and flowerheads, cast flowerhead and leaf final, leaf-capped silver scroll handle 25cm high, 906gr (29oz) including insulators £300-500 318 A VICTORIAN SILVER THREE-PIECE TEA SET, PROBABLY J. WHITEHOUSE, LONDON, 1837/38 compressed fluted circular, engraved with a crest, cast scroll panel feet with scroll foliage between, teapot with cast flowerhead and leaf finial, milk jug and sugar bowl with gilt interiors teapot 27.5cm long, 1285gr (41oz) including insulators £600-800 319 A VICTORIAN SILVER COFFEE POT, EDWARD BARNARD & SONS, LONDON, 1877 plain baluster, engraved with a coat of arms, on scroll panel feet, with fluted silver handle and spout, cast flowerbud finial 25.5cm high, 850gr (27oz) including insulators


£250-350 320 A WILLIAM IV SILVER MUSTARD POT, PROBABLY J. WHITEHOUSE, LONDON, 1833 compressed baluster, chased with floral panels between curved ribs 10cm wide across handle, 140gr (4oz) excluding red glass liner £80-120

320 83

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321 A PAIR OF VICTORIAN SILVER ENTREE DISHES, COVERS AND HANDLES, BENJAMIN PRESTON, LONDON, 1841 oblong, the bases with broad cast and applied applied shell and scroll rims, the covers engraved with a later Continental coat of arms and further applied foliate borders, heart-shaped leafy handles, each piece numbered 1 or 2 31cm long, 4411gr (141oz) £2000-3000


322 A WILLIAM IV SILVER SUGAR BOWL, EDWARD FARRELL, LONDON, 1836 circular, chased with a floral and foliate band, on three scroll legs ending in shell pad feet, gilt interior, 11.5cm diameter; together with a George III silver milk jug, oval, with wrigglework and brightcut bands, on four ball feet, gadroon rim, maker’s mark rubbed, London, 1815, 13cm long; and another George III silver milk jug, oval, wrigglework bands, probably Alexander Field, London, 1800, 10cm high 376gr (12oz) (3) £200-300


323 A GEORGE IV SILVER MUSTARD POT, EMES & BARNARD, LONDON, 1826 compressed lobed circular, chased with a band of matted leaves and small flowerheads to the shoulder, bud finial, leaf-capped scroll handle, on four shell and scroll panel feet, gilt interior 12cm long, 199gr (6oz) £250-350


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324 A VICTORIAN SILVER THREE-PIECE TABLE GARNITURE, THOMAS BRADBURY & SONS, LONDON, 1874/75 comprising a centrepiece with cut and frosted glass bowl and three pendent baskets with glass liners and two flanking tazze with matching glass bowls, each with shaped and domed triform base on cast rocaille panel feet and an openwork stem of entwined fruit-laden vines centrepiece 52cm high, tazze 30cm high, 4580gr (147oz) £3000-4000 325 A VICTORIAN SILVER COFFEE POT, EDWARD BARNARD & SONS, LONDON, 1843 lobed baluster, with cast flower and leaf finial, reeded scroll silver handle and spout 27cm high, 863gr (27oz) including ivory insulators £300-400

325 85

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326 A VICTORIAN SILVER FOUR-PIECE TEA AND COFFEE SET, PROBABLY J. WHITEHOUSE, LONDON, 1839/40 compressed fluted baluster, each chased with panels of flowers and two vacant cartouches, cast volute and foliate scroll feet, leafcapped scroll handles, milk jug and sugar bowl with gilt interiors, teapot and coffee pot with cast foliate spouts and flowerhead finials coffee pot 22.5cm high, 2513gr (80oz) including insulators £1500-2000


327 A WILLIAM IV SILVER SALT CELLAR, PAUL STORR FOR STORR & MORTIMER, LONDON, 1833 formed as a shaped oval basket, engraved with a crest and motto between chased curved flutes and applied leafy tendril borders, cast Rococo scroll end handles, underside stamped 155 / STORR & MORTIMER 13cm long, 155gr (5oz) £300-500 328 AN INDIAN COLONIAL SILVER WINE FUNNEL, HAMILTON & CO., CALCUTTA, CIRCA 1815 typical form, with four rivets to the spout, strainer base with gadroon rim and bevelled clip and complete with detachable ring to interior 14cm high, 239gr (7oz) £400-600

328 86

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329 ROYAL: A GEORGE IV SILVER-GILT BOWL, EDWARD FARRELL, LONDON, 1824 chased with panels containing the arms of James I and his emblems and the date 1610 below a Gothic inscription, all on matted or granulated grounds, spreading foot with stylised leaves 16cm diameter, 524gr (16oz) The inscription reads: Shew not thy valientnesse in wine; for wine hath destroyed many. Can a man take fire in his bosome, and his clothes not bee burned? can one goe upon hote coles, and his feet not bee burned? Provenance: H.R.H. Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany (1763-1827); Christie’s, London, Duke of York sale, 19 March 1827, lots 79-82; unknown; Sotheby’s, London, 17 October 1975, lot 452 This bowl is one from a set of thirty-four such vessels belonging George IV’s brother, Prince Frederick the Duke of York, each with a differing inscription. The Duke amassed an enormous collection of plate, much of it through the auspices of the maverick retailer, Kensington Lewis (c.1790-1854). Although Prince Frederick took his official duties seriously, his extravagant lifestyle and gambling debts forced his executors to take the rare step of holding the exceptional Royal sale at Christie’s in 1827. The Prince’s collection included a number of Farrell’s extraordinary and somewhat eccentric designs. Kensington Lewis had encouraged Farrell to gain inspiration from early silver, leading the chaser and silversmith to become one of the earliest proponents of historicist silver. These particular bowls were based upon a rare 17th century type of English fruitwood drinking bowl: for a similar bowl, dated 1610, see O. Evan-Thomas, Domestic Utensils of Wood, London 1932, plate 14.


Literature: A. Phillips and J. Sloane, Exhibition catalogue, Antiquity Revisited: English and French Silver-Gilt from the Collection of Audrey Love, London, 1997.

330 A VICTORIAN NATURALISTIC SILVER SALT CELLAR, BENJAMIN SMITH, LONDON, 1839 cast and chased as a peony bloom, gilt interior 8.5cm long, 215gr (6oz)




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331 A GEORGE III SILVER INKSTAND, CRADDOCK & REID, LONDON,1818 oblong, on cast foliate panel and paw feet, gadrooned rim with shells and foliage to the corners, pen depressions flanking the fitted two cut-glass silver-mounted inkwells with silver covers and central pot with chamberstick cover complete with nozzle and chained extinguisher, flanking pen depressions 21cm long, 647gr (20oz) £700-1000


332 A PAIR OF GEORGE IV SILVER WINE COASTERS, J. & T. SETTLE, GUNN & CO., SHEFFIELD, 1828 sides with a band of lobes below a crest, gadroon rims interrupted by foliage, turned wood bases inset with silver roundels inscribed JP to GP 15.5cm diameter £500-700


333 A GEORGE III SILVER CHAMBERSTICK, JOHN PARSONS & CO., SHEFFIELD, 1793 reeded borders, plain circular base engraved with a coat of arms and a crest, urn-shaped sconce with nozzle, scroll handle with thumbpiece cap, together with its original extinguisher similarly crested, base 13cm diameter, 230gr (7oz); together with a George III Sheffield Plate chamberstick, Matthew Boulton, Birmingham, circa 1800, circular, gadroon rim, engraved with a crest, plain sconce surrounded by a shade fitting, with probably associated conical extinguisher, base 12cm diameter (2) £200-300


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334 A PAIR OF GEORGE IV SILVER VEGETABLE DISHES, ROBERT GARRARD & BROTHERS, LONDON, 1825 shaped circular, each engraved with a crest, the moulded rims with gadroon borders interrupted by shells and foliage, undersides stamped: GARRARDS / Panton Street / LONDON 29.5cm diameter, 2076gr (66oz) £700-1000 335 A GEORGE III AND LATER CHASED SILVER TEAPOT, JOHN EMES, LONDON, 1805 oval, richly chased with panels and bands of flowers on a matted ground, with contemporary wrigglework rims 25cm long, 539gr (17oz) including wood handle and finial £120-180 336 A GEORGE III SILVER TEA CADDY, PERHAPS THOMAS JUSTIS, LONDON, 1778 oval, later engraved with scrolled strapwork and foliage, crested 12.5cm long, 380gr (12oz) £500-700



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337 A SILVER-MOUNTED MARBLE CASKET, THE MOUNTS STORR & MORTIMER AND RUNDELL, BRIDGE & RUNDELL, LONDON, CIRCA 1832 rectangular, the highly figured marble mottled with spinach green, black and white, the shaped corner mounts and hinges Paul Storr, 1832, the applied cast coat-of-arms, supporters, motto and baron’s coronet John Bridge, circa 1832 30cm wide The arms are those of Gray, Barons Gray probably for Francis, 14th Lord Gray (1765-1842), who succeeded to the title upon the death of his brother in 1807. He was married in 1794 to Mary Anne (d. 1858), daughter of Colonel James Johnston, and had issue, one son and three daughters. £1000-1500


338 A GEORGE III SILVER GOBLET, MAKER’S MARK RUBBED, LONDON, 1804 the bowl engraved Dum vivimus / vivamus [While we live, let us live], gilt interior, the waisted stem on a square base 17cm high, 236gr (7oz) £200-300 339 A GEORGE III SILVER WINE FUNNEL, HESTER BATEMAN, LONDON, 1793 typical form, plain, beaded rims to base and detachable funnel 12cm high £300-400

339 90

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340 A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER SALT CELLARS, PAUL STORR FOR RUNDELL, BRIDGE & RUNDELL, LONDON, 1815 faceted bombé circular, cast and applied shell and leaf rim, each on three leaf-headed paw feet, gilt interiors 10.5cm diameter, 482gr (15oz) For a set of eight Storr salts of 1817 of the same pattern see Bonham’s, London, 21 November 2007, lot 227 £1000-1500 341 A GEORGE III SILVER SAILING TROPHY GOBLET, SOLOMON HOUGHAM, LONDON, 1811 the inscribed bowl with gilt interior, on a waisted stem and inscribed domed foot 18cm high, 284gr (9oz) The inscription to the bowl reads: YARMOUTH / SAILING MATCH / 27th July 1819 The inscription to the foot reads: VAUXHALL BOAT SOCIETY £300-500 342 A GEORGE IV SILVER CHRISTENING MUG, SOLOMON HOUGHAM, LONDON, 1804 the barrel-like body initialled AO between bands of reeding, reeded handle, gilt interior, 7cm high; together with another George III silver mug, later intialled VHOH between reeded bands, angular handle, marks rubbed, circa 1810, 8.5cm high; and a further silver Christening mug, baluster, initialled S+V+H, Adie Brothers Ltd., Birmingham, 1948, 7cm high 304gr (9oz) (3)




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345 A GEORGE III SILVER TEAPOT, JOHN COPE FOLKARD, LONDON, 1819 compressed circular, with a band of lobes above a reeded girdle, lid engraved with a crest 22.5cm long, 382gr (12oz) including wood handle and finial £200-300

343 A COLLECTION OF SHEFFIELD PLATE, CIRCA 1820 all engraved on silver insets with the same coat of arms, comprising: a pair of sauce tureens and covers with leaf-capped paw feet and gadroon and foliate rims, a T. J. & N. Creswick meat dish with similar rim, a shaped oblong basket with swing handle and a later electroplated two-handled oblong tray tray 62.5cm long (5) The arms are those of the Chichester of Youlston, Barnstaple, Devon, baronets, probably for Sir Arthur Chichester, 7th Baronet (1790-1742) of Youlston Park (or House), MP for Barnstaple. £300-500 344 A SET OF FOUR GEORGE III SHEFFIELD PLATE GOBLETS, CIRCA 1800 the plain bowls on waisted and girdled stems and spreading feet with beaded rims, 16cm high; together with a George III Sheffield Plate chamberstick, Matthew Boulton, Birmingham, early 19th century, gadroon rims, urn shaped sconce with detachable nozzle, the C-shaped handle with crested thumbpiece and supporting the conical extinguisher, 17cm long (5)

346 346 A GEORGE III SILVER PAP BOAT, PROBABLY WALTER BRIND, LONDON, 1770 typical form, gadroon rim 12cm long, 68gr (2oz) £180-220




347 A GEORGE III SILVER SUGAR BOWL, HENRY CHAWNER, LONDON, 1794 shaped oblong pedestal navette form, reeded borders and loop handles, gilt interior, scratch weight 11”16’ 21.5cm wide, 360gr (11oz) £120-180


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348 348 A SET OF THREE GEORGE III SILVER WINE COASTERS, MAKER’S MARKS RUBBED, LONDON, 1808 the slightly bulging sides bright-cut engraved with a band of fruit-laden vines between wrigglework borders, gadroon rims, turned wood bases inset with silver roundels initialled IDO 14.5cm diameter Provenance: John Orbell (1765-1842), of Kentford Hall, Mildenhall, Suffolk, who married Deborah Ann Biggs in 1801; thence by family descent. £700-1000 349 A GEORGE III SILVER TEAPOT ON STAND, PETER, ANN & WILLIAM BATEMAN, LONDON, 1799 oval, both initialled JJH and with bright-cut bands of leafage and wrigglework borders, the stand with reeded rim and fluted panel feet teapot 28cm long, 603gr (19oz) including wood handle and finial £500-700


350 A PAIR OF IRISH GEORGE II SILVER SALT CELLARS, MAKER’S MARK RUBBED, DUBLIN, CIRCA 1750 circular, each on three pad feet and later chased with a broad band of flowerheads and a vacant cartouche on a matted ground, gilt interiors, with later retailer’s mark of John Asken 7.5cm wide, 191gr (6oz) excluding blue glass liners £150-250



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352 A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER GOBLETS, JOHN KING, LONDON, 1769 the slightly bulging bowls each engraved with a coat of arms in a Rococo foliate cartouche, gilt interiors, bases chased below the waisted stems with a gadroon border, scratch weights 6/12 and 7/9 14.5cm high, 431gr (13oz) £600-800 353 A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER CHAMBERSTICKS, WILLIAM BENNETT, LONDON, 1798 circular, reeded borders, with vase-shaped sconces and detachable nozzles, the conical extinguishers with ball finials 15.5cm wide, 512gr (16oz) £1000-1500



351 A GEORGE III SILVER CASTER, MAKER’S MARK IL OVER IM (UNRECORDED), LONDON, 1768 baluster, crested above a corded girdle, the cover diaper engraved and pellet pierced below a bell finial with maker’s mark of Thomas Wallis 13.5cm high, 81gr (2oz) £150-250

351 94

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354 A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER CANDLESTICKS, EBENEZER COKER, LONDON, 1769 cast shell pattern with corded borders and girdled sconces, shaped circular bases and detachable nozzles engraved with a crest 25.5cm high, 1102gr (35oz) £2000-3000 355 A GEORGE III SILVER SUGAR BOWL, MAKER’S MARK RUBBED, LONDON, 1807 oblong, initialled JDO, gadroon rim, gilt interior, 19cm across handles, 268gr (8oz); together with a George III silver teapot stand, maker’s mark rubbed, London, 1804, oval, similarly initialled, 16.5cm long, wood inset base (2) Provenance: John Orbell (1765-1842), of Kentford Hall, Mildenhall, Suffolk, who married Deborah Ann Biggs in 1801; thence by family descent. £100-150


356 A GEORGE III SILVER COFFEE POT, HESTER BATEMAN, LONDON, 1789 plain baluster, on pedestal speading foot, with beaded borders and spout, the later silver scroll handle leaf-capped (unmarked) 32.5cm high, 872gr (28oz) including insulators £700-1000

356 95

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357 357 A GEORGE III SILVER SALVER, JOHN SCHOFIELD, LONDON, 1781 circular, engraved with a coat of arms within a Rococo foliate cartouche surrounded by a band of later flatchased trailing flowers on a matted ground, beaded rim, on four shell panel feet 40.5cm diameter, 1831gr (58oz) The arms are those of Trafford and another impaling those of Petre and Howard. £1200-1800


358 ROYAL: A GEORGE III SILVER-GILT SAUCEPAN, WALTER BRIND, LONDON, 1763 engraved to the bowl with the crowned Royal crest within the gartered Royal motto, spreading foot, baluster turned rosewood angled handle 20.5cm long, 180gr (5oz) all in £800-1200 359 A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER WAITERS, ELIZABETH COOKE, LONDON, 1765 initialled JDO, moulded border with scroll and shell rim, each on three pad feet 17cm diameter, 394gr (12oz) Provenance: John Orbell (1765-1842), of Kentford Hall, Mildenhall, Suffolk, who married Deborah Ann Biggs in 1801; thence by family descent.




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360 A SUITE OF GEORGE III SILVER CANDELABRA AND CANDLESTICKS, MATTHEW BOULTON FOR M. BOULTON & PLATE CO, BIRMINGHAM, 1797 comprising a pair of three-light candelabra and a pair of candlesticks, the four interchangeable sticks with reeded circular crested bases rising to flared stems and vase shaped sconces, the pair of branches each with two simple curved arms terminating in drip-pans below the sconces, complete with eight crested detachable nozzles, loaded sticks with following scratch weights: ‘10.6’, ‘10.8’, ‘10.10’, ‘10.10’ sticks 29cm high, candelabra 42cm high, branches and nozzles 1723gr (55oz) £6000-8000


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361 A SET OF THREE GEORGE II SILVER TEA CADDIES, PEZE PILLEAU, LONDON, 1751 the inverted baluster bodies on short pedestal feet, chased to the shoulders with a band of Rococo scrolls, flowers and rocaille on a matted ground, the covers similarly chased below a shell handle, comprising two caddies of circular outline and another oval, with a later fitted trefoil shaped wood case tallest 12cm high, 846gr (27oz) £2000-3000


362 A GEORGE III SILVER COFFEE POT, ROBERT HENNELL & DAVID HENNELL, LONDON, 1795 pedestal urn shaped, with decagonal body and base rim, with one initialled and one vacant wreath between bright-cut engraved vertical panels of vines and formal foliate borders, domed lid with urn-shaped finial 30cm high, 754gr (24oz) including wood handle £700-1000

362 98

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363 AN IRISH GEORGE III SILVER DISH RING, MAKER’S MARK WH IN SERRATED RECTANGLE, DUBLIN, 1774 typical waisted form, pierced and chased with vignettes of a young boy fishing, swans, an obelisk and ruins against a background of various foliage and fruits and laurel ovals, one crested 20.5cm diameter, 346gr (11oz) Provenance: Sotheby’s, London, 16 May 1996, lot 335 £2000-3000 364 AN IRISH PROVINCIAL GEORGE II SILVER COFFEE POT, GEORGE HODDER, CORK, CIRCA 1740 the baluster body engraved with a later crest and motto, part fluted leaf capped cast spout, lid with robust compressed ball finial, underside with engraved with initial triangle D / P=M and scratch weight 29=17, maker’s and Sterling marks 24.5cm high, 967gr (31oz) including wood handle Provenance: Sotheby’s, London, 16 May 1996, lot 330 £3000-4000

364 99

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366 366 A GEORGE II SILVER LEMON STRAINER, MAKER’S MARK ‘?.L’ A SCALLOP BELOW, LONDON, 1730 pellet pierced bowl, openwork scroll handles 15.5cm wide, 116gr (3oz) £300-400 367 A GEORGE II SILVER CREAM BOAT, PROBABLY GEORGE HUNTER, LONDON, 1748 oval, chased with Rococo foliage and rocaille around vacant shaped cartouches, on three trefid pad feet, simple scroll handle, underside with initial triangle S / T * E 11.5cm long, 100gr (3oz) £300-500 368 A SCOTTISH GEORGE III SILVER GOBLET, WILLIAM DAVIE, EDINBURGH, 1782 the bowl engraved twice at the rim with a probably Masonic clasped hands symbol, gilt interior, waisted stem and spreading foot with beaded rims and girdle 16cm high, 220gr (7oz)


£300-500 369 A GEORGE II SILVER SALVER, WILLIAM PEASTON, LONDON, 1747 initialled JDO, moulded rim with scroll and shell border, on three pad feet 31.5cm diameter, 894gr (28oz) Provenance: John Orbell (1765-1842), of Kentford Hall, Mildenhall, Suffolk, who married Deborah Ann Biggs in 1801; thence by family descent. £500-800

365 365 A GEORGE II SILVER MUG, SHAW & PRIEST, LONDON, 1758 baluster, engraved with a crest, underside with contemporary inscription RG / TO / HG / 1758 10cm high £300-400

369 100

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370 371 370 THREE PAIRS OF MATCHING GEORGE III SILVER SALT CELLARS, ALL LONDON, 1768/84/94 typical three-legged cauldron form with corded rims, all intialled JDO 6cm diameter, 240gr (7oz) (6) Provenance: John Orbell (1765-1842), of Kentford Hall, Mildenhall, Suffolk, who married Deborah Ann Biggs in 1801; thence by family descent. £250-350 371 A QUEEN ANNE SILVER CASTER, JOHN ECKFOURD, LONDON, 1708 of octagonal outline throughout, spreading foot, inverted baluster body engraved with a crest flanked by a long motto, domed bayonet-fitting cover pieced with panels of stylised flowers in vases below a band of gadrooning and bell-shaped finial, Britannia standard 16cm high, 264gr (8oz) £1000-1500


372 A GEORGE I SILVER CASTER, CHARLES ADAMS, LONDON, 1714 baluster, girdled below a foliate circular engraved cartouche containing later initials AC, cover with diaper, pale and leaf piercing below the ball finial, underside initialled AC, Britannia standard 18cm high, 235gr (7oz) £700-1000 373 A GEORGE I SILVER TAPERSTICK, JOSEPH BIRD, LONDON, 1722 the welled hexagonal base with later engraved crest, with knopped and flared hexagonal stem, girdled cylindrical sconce, Britannia standard 11.5cm high, 110gr (3oz) £1000-1500

373 101

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374 A WILLIAM III SILVER TANKARD, ALEXANDER ROODE, LONDON, 1699 tapering cylindrical body later engraved between the reeded rims with a coat of arms in a scroll foliate and diaperwork cartouche, the scroll handle bead capped above the contemporary pricking ‘S, / I.G. / 1700’, flat-topped lid with reeded rim and bifurcated screw thumbpiece 18cm high, 796gr (25oz) £2000-3000 375 A GEORGE I SILVER TEA CADDY, MAKER’S MARK INDECIPHERABLE, LONDON, 1714 rectangular with canted corners, engraved with a contemporary coat of arms in a foliate scroll and scalework ground cartouche, the detachable sliding top with pull-off domed cylindrical cover, underside with scratch weight 6 17, Britannia standard 12cm high, 204gr (6oz) £600-900



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376 376 A NORWEGIAN DRAGESTIL SILVER PAPER KNIFE, HENRIK MOLLER, TRONDHEIM, CIRCA 1900 with cast and chased snarling dragon handle, the blade stamped H. MØLLER 830 S TRONDHJEM 24.5cm long Provenance: Consul Christian Thams (1867-1948) and thence by family descent. Born in Trondheim, the industrialist and diplomat Christian Thams built the country house Bårdshaug Herregård close to the city in the late 19th century. Henrik Moller (1858-1937) was perhaps the prime exponent in silver of the Norse Arts and Crafts movement ‘Dragestil’, designing pieces of Viking/Medieval inspiration.


£200-300 377 A GERMAN SILVER SNUFF BOX, POSSIBLY HINRICH BRAHMFELD, HAMBURG, CIRCA 1760 oblong, the lid chased with a scene of a pair of lovers serenaded by a piper within Rococo scrolls, the cushion sides with later intials PCB, the underside monogrammed below a noble’s coronet 5.8cm long £150-200


378 A VICTORIAN SILVER SNUFF BOX, EDWARD SMITH, BIRMINGHAM, 1849 oblong, with engine-turning surrounding a vacant scroll cartouche, gilt interior with Hancocks & Co. label 9cm long £150-200 379 A VICTORIAN SILVER SNUFF BOX, TAYLOR & PERRY, BIRMINGHAM, 1839 oblong, lid and base with scroll foliate engraving, engineturned sides 8.8cm long


£120-180 380 A GEORGE III SILVER SNUFF BOX, MAKER’S MARK WE, WILLIAM EDWARDS OR WILLIAM ELLERBY, LONDON, 1809 rounded oblong with flush hinge, covered in vermicelli or diaperwork decoration around a vacant wreath cartouche, gilt interior, 6.5cm long; together with a George IV silver box, John Bettridge, Birmingham, 1821, cut-cornered rectangular, bright-cut diaperwork around a vacant rectangle, 5cm long (2) £200-300



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381 A PAIR OF GEORGE III SILVER WINE LABELS, GEORGE KNIGHT, LONDON, 1818 cut-cornered rectangular, reeded border, engraved for Sherry or Claret, 4cm wide; together with a Victorian silver bottle ticket, Reily & Storer, London, 1841, shaped, pierced on a banner for Sherry surrounded by vines and flowers, 6.5cm wide; and a plated bottle ticket, second quarter 19th century, shaped, pierced for Port, shell and foliate rim, 5.5cm wide (4) £150-200


382 A GEORGE III SILVER SNUFF BOX, JOSEPH WILLMORE, BIRMINGHAM, 1809 oblong, the lid bright-cut with bands of foliage around an oval inscribed BH / 25. October. / 1834, wrigglework decorated sides and base, gilt interior 6.2cm long £100-150 383 A VICTORIAN SILVER PAGE TURNER / PAPER KNIFE, RICHARD SIBLEY, RETAILED BY LAMBERT & CO., LONDON, 1870 the filled handle modelled after the Antique probably of Cornelia, Mother of the Graccchi, the matron with suckling child and two further children at her feet, the blade with foliate engraved panel, in original fitted case with LAMBERT printed gilt label 25cm long £150-250


384 A GEORGE V SILVER DISH, SANDERS & MACKENZIE, BIRMINGHAM, 1932 circular, the centre inset with a painted ceramic disc of two running beagles, signed, the rim applied with eight cowrie shall bosses 15cm diameter £200-300 385 A SILVER PANEL OF THE NATIVITY, UNMARKED, PERHAPS BELGIAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY cast in relief with the Holy Family and two shepherds in adoration, an angel behind announcing the birth to further shepherds, framed by a rounded arch on Gothic columns and above a band of quatrefoils 12cm high including suspension ring £100-150

385 104

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386 387 386 A STAINED AND CARVED IVORY SNUFF BOX, PROBABLY LOW COUNTRIES, EARLY 18TH CENTURY shaped oval, showing traces of pink staining, the damaged hinged lid carved in low relief with a riverside scene of ducks observing a marksman taking a pot-shot at a man temporarily enjoying his pipe whilst defecating 7cm wide £100-150 387 A SILVERED SNUFF BOX, PROBABLY DUTCH, LATE 17TH CENTURY oval, with bands of scrolling foliage surrounding a pair of squirrels to the lid and a bird to the base, with further beasts hidden amidst the foliage 10.5cm long £200-300


388 A FRAMED FAN, FRENCH, THIRD QUARTER 18TH CENTURY the pierced tortoiseshell sticks and guards with parcelgilded, silvered and carved figures and busts amidst scrolls, foliage and urns, the leaf painted in gouache with pairs of lovers and putti in a garden centred by a young swain holding a painting of Cupid, in a gilt-tooled leather frame sticks 27.5cm long £250-350 389 TWO SILVER-MOUNTED WALKING STICKS, PROBABLY EASTERN EUROPEAN, 20TH CENTURY each handle formed as a bear climbing up a branch, one with malacca cane, the other ebonised wood, both bearing spurious Russian marks malacca 84cm, ebonised 90cm


£150-250 390 A SILVER-MOUNTED AND CARVED IVORY TOPPED WALKING STICK, LATE 19TH CENTURY the ivory terminal carved as a bear’s head above a broad scroll foliate silver collar, malacca cane, 87.5cm; together with a ‘Black Forest’ limewood walking stick, Swiss, circa 1900, the terminal with carved bear’s head, knobbly cane, 93cm (2) £600-800



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391 A SET OF FOUR LARGE GEORGE V GOLDMOUNTED AND COVERED GLASS TOILET BOTTLES, GOLDSMITHS & SILVERSMITHS CO. LTD., LONDON, 1915 the lobed square ‘rock crystal’ type glass bodies engraved with flower sprays, the plain gold neck mounts with cut and ground glass stoppers, the flared gold covers engraved with Carolean style chinoiseries, 9 carat 20cm high, 206gr covers only £2000-3000


392 A GOLD, ENAMEL AND JADE INKSTAND, PROBABLY FRENCH, CIRCA 1925, RETAILED BY BLACK, STARR & FROST, NEW YORK oblong base, champlevé enamelled in black and tango orange with gold abstact chinoiserie motifs, with gold pen supports before the Chinese carved jade inkpot barrel with three drop rings and gold liner and lid, on jade ball feet 12cm £1200-1800


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393 A FRENCH SILVER-GILT AND PAINTED DOUBLE LOUPE, MAKER’S MARK INDECIPHERABLE, PARIS, LATE 19TH CENTURY the shaped case painted with vignettes of cherubs playing with telescopes and trophies of Cupid’s quiver and further telescopes, the smaller hinged lens of approximately five times magnification, the larger lens of perhaps two and a half magnification 7.5cm long


£200-300 394 A GOLD CIGARETTE CASE, ASPREY & CO. LTD., LONDON, 1936 rectangular, engine-turned, 9 carat 9.4cm long, 113gr all in £800-1200 395 A GOLD CIGARETTE CASE, S.J. ROSE & SON, LONDON, 1967 rectangular, engine-turned with ribbed side borders, interior inscribed, with faux watered silk slip-case, 9 carat 14cm long, 192.5gr all in


£1500-2000 396 A GERMAN ENAMEL SNUFF BOX, MID 18TH CENTURY serpentine fronted, with raised foliate borders surrounding floral painted panels, 7cm wide; together with another German enamel snuff box, mid 18th century, oblong, raised foliate borders surrounding floral painted panels, restored, 7cm wide; and another German enamel snuff box, mid 18th century, oval, the cover with a scene of mounted soldier piercing with his lance a figure in a tree, the interior with Moses and the Burning Bush, restored, 8.8cm wide (3)


£200-300 397 A GOLD PROPELLING PENCIL, S. MORDAN & CO. LTD., LONDON, 1928 Mordan Everpoint patent, engraved 9th July 1934, 9 carat, 11.5cm long; together with a gold pencil holder, plain cylindrical, 9 carat, in case J.C. Vickery, London, 1912; a silver pencil holder, engine-turned, S. Mordan & Co., unmarked, circa 1900; and a gold tie pin, plain, 9 carat weighable gold 13.3gr (4) £100-150


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398 398 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF LOUIS XIV, KING OF FRANCE AND NAVARRE, STUDIO OF JEAN PETITOT (1607-1691), CIRCA 1675 brown wig, lace collar, enamel, gold frame, reverse engraved Louis XIV oval 2.6cm


£800-1200 399 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF LOUIS XIV, KING OF FRANCE AND NAVARRE, FRENCH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1670 with a long brown wig, wearing a rust coloured doublet and a lace cravat, on vellum laid on a prepared card, turned wood frame oval 7.8cm £800-1200 400 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG LADY, ATTRIBUTED TO FELICITAS HOFFMAN (NEE SARTORI, CIRCA 1714-1760), CIRCA 1740 wearing a lace-trimmed blue dress with a white drape, on ivory oval 6.8cm glazed but unframed £180-220


401 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, ENGLISH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1690 with a full bottomed light brown wig, gold drape and lace cravat, on card, gilt-metal frame with scroll surmount 8.1cm £700-1000 402 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, CIRCLE OF PAUL PRIEUR (16151685), CIRCA 1670 with a long curled brown hair, wearing a black doublet and a lace edged lawn collar, enamel on gold, the cerulean counter enamel painted with a monogram within palm sprays, gilt-metal frame oval 3.2cm £600-800

401 108


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404 403 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, BY PHILIP JEAN (1755-1802), CIRCA 1795 with powdered hair, wearing a blue coat, striped waistcoat and pleated jabot, gold fausse-montre frame with blue glass reserve, the reverse with plaited hair border bound by rose diamond ribbons surrounding a finely painted allegorical scene of Honour, Prudence and Virtue, both on ivory oval 5.6cm £1500-2500 404 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF THE COMTE D’EVREUX, FRENCH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1710 with full grey wig, breastplate and blue shirt, on vellum, later giltmetal frame, titled paper label to reverse oval 6.8cm Louis Henri de la Tour d’Auvergne, Comte d’Evreux (1674-1753), was a Field Marshall, who went on to build the Parisian hôtel particulier now known as the Elysée Palace, the French president’s official residence. £300-400


405 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A LADY, BY ANDREW PLIMER (1763-1837), CIRCA 1795 with powdered and curled hair, wearing a white dress with a black slashed sleeve, with pearl trimming, on ivory, gold frame, the reverse with vacant aperture 5.7cm £350-450 406 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, BY JEREMIAH MEYER (1735-1789), CIRCA 1775 wearing a blue coat with gold buttons and lace, white waistcoat and jabot, on ivory, gold frame, glazed reverse with hair, locks and seed pearl monogrammed oval oval 4.7cm £300-400

406 109

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407 407 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, BY PHILIP JEAN (1755-1802), CIRCA 1790 dark hair, wearing a grey coat and pleated jabot, on ivory, gold slide frame oval 4.9cm



410 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A LADY, BY JAMES HOLMES (1777-1860), CIRCA 1830 half length with right hand raised to her head, with elaborately coiled brown hair, wearing a white dress, on ivory, gilt-metal with rocaille foliate border 10cm diameter For another miniature by James Holmes sold in these rooms, see 9 December 2014, lot 302.



408 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, BY GEORGE ENGLEHEART (1750-1829), CIRCA 1795 with powdered hair, wearing a blue coat, white waistcoat, cerulean slip waistcoat and knotted cravat, on ivory, gold frame, glazed hair reverse oval 5cm In the course of the miniature being painted, the sitter changed his hairstyle; the old-fashioned fuller style was replaced by a more up-to-date short crop. The resultant artist’s pentimenti is now very evident. £200-300



411 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR LEOPOLD II, AUSTRIAN SCHOOL, CIRCA 1790 wearing white uniform with gold braid, lace jabot, black stock, with the sash and star of the Order of Maria Theresa, on ivory, gold frame oval 3.6cm £300-400

409 409 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, IN THE MANNER OF FRANCOIS FERRIERE (1752-1839), CIRCA 1795 with powdered hair, wearing a blue coat, cream waistcoat and knotted cravat, on ivory, gold frame, blue glass reverse with central glazed hair reserve with pearl initial and border oval 6.8cm

412 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF GENTLEMAN, ENGLISH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1840 brown hair, wearing a black coat and plum embroidered waistcoat, on ivory, fausse montre gold frame chased with flowers and scrolls, glazed hair reverse with blue heart initialled cartouche, in original fitted case oval 4cm




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413 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF WELBY SHERMAN, BY GEORGE RICHMOND (1809-1896), CIRCA 1827 in a landscape reading a book, with dark hair, red coat, buff waistcoat and white shirt, on ivory, the backboard with applied label inscribed: Welby Sherman / Painted Geo Richmond / Jany [two deleted words] : 1825 [altered to 27 by Thomas Knyvett Richmond] and TKR / 1877, gilt-metal frame rectangular 12cm Provenance: the artist; his son, Thomas Knyvett Richmond (1833-1901) by 1877 The engraver, Welby Sherman (Baptised April 1809), was the son of a London Leghorn hat merchant. He and George Richmond were members of a small coterie of friends and artists known as The Ancients. The group, including Samuel Palmer and Edward Calvert, had archaistic leanings and were inspired by the works of William Blake, at whose home they often met. According to Sherman’s entry on the Tate website, he was perpetually short of money and swindled Palmer’s brother William of£500. Certainly he appears on the Old Bailey lists for larceny in 1838, although the case does not seem to have gone to trial. He married 24 April 1848 at St Mary’s Bermondsey to Gertrude Clarke (widow), at which time he was described as an engraver. As well as the Tate’s holding, examples of his engravings are held by the Victoria & Albert and the New York Metropolitan.


A Portrait of Welby Sherman Asleep in a Chair, 1828. George Richmond (British, 1809-1896). Graphite with touches of watercolor on vellum; 16.0 x 13.2 cm. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Greene by exchange 1981.29

From the late 1830s George Richmond specialised in drawing chalk portraits, the veracity and sensitivity of which led to great acclaim and success. At the outset of his career however, and almost certainly because he was the son of the miniaturist Thomas Richmond, he practised the art of his father. It is notable that even at this early stage he eschewed the carefully controlled brushwork of his parent in favour of a more lively technique that included multi-directional strokes, scuffing and scratching out. This freedom was most likely inspired by his friends among The Ancients. Whatever the stimulus, it resulted in a small but remarkable group of psychologically penetrating portraits, exemplified by this rediscovered miniature of his contemporary and fellow artist, Welby Sherman: a sympathetic rendering by one adolescent of another, the latter as yet perhaps untroubled by pecuniary problems. Other miniatures in this group include two in the National Portrait Gallery, London (a portrait of Samuel Palmer painted in 1829, NPG 2223 and a self-portrait painted in 1830, NPG 6586) and one in the Fitzwilliam, Cambridge (a portrait perhaps of Mr Ashby, 1830, PD.221-1994). The present work predates all these. Another charming Richmond portrait of Sherman is illustrated here, Cleveland Museum of Art, No.1981.29. £1500-2500


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414 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, BY JOHN SMART (CIRCA 1740-1811), DATED 1764 wearing a blue coat with crimson collar and gold frogging, on ivory, signed with initials and dated, gold slide frame oval 3.4cm £1200-1800


415 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF HENRY MAJENDIE, BY JEREMIAH MEYER RA (1735-1789), CIRCA 1780 wearing white lawn tabs and a black gown, on ivory, later giltmetal frame inscribed: H.W. MAJENDIE Bp. OF BANGOR / D.1830 oval 7.4cm Henry William Majendie (1764-1830) and his family were closely connected to the court, so it is not surprising that his likeness was taken by Jeremiah Meyer, the official Painter in Miniatures and Enamels to George III. His father was a tutor to Queen Charlotte and Henry Majendie taught Prince William. Ordained in 1783, he rose to become Bishop of Chester in 1800 and Bishop of Bangor in 1809. £350-450 416 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG LADY, BY SIR WILLIAM CHARLES ROSS (1794-1860), DATED 1819 with elaborately dressed brown hair, wearing a lilac gown with pink trimming, on ivory, signed and dated, ormolu frame rectangular 8cm


Provenance: Collection of Carl Lugner, Wawra Auction, Vienna, 23-25 February 1918, lot 293 £700-1000 417 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, ATTRIBUTED TO HENRY EDRIDGE (1768-1821), CIRCA 1795 powdered hair, blue coat and black collar, white cravat, on ivory, gold frame, glazed reverse oval 6.3cm £200-300 418 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN DOWNMAN (1750-1824), CIRCA 1795 with powdered hair, wearing a blue coat, yellow waistcoat, white jabot and black stock, on ivory, gold frame, blue glass reverse with central hair reserve oval 7.2cm


417 112



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419 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A LADY, BY JOHN SMART (CIRCA 1740-1811), CIRCA 1775 with piled brown hair, wearing a gold edged blue dress and white chemise, on ivory, gold frame wrigglework decorated to reverse and glazed over woven hair oval 4.6cm £4000-6000 420 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, POSSIBLY RUSSIAN SCHOOL, CIRCA 1840 wearing a black cape, white coat with a blue collar and a black stock, a black and orange decoration ribbon, possibly the Order of St George, part concealed by his cape, on ivory, gilt-metal mount oval 9.4cm


£250-350 421 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A YOUNG LADY, BY NATALE SCHIAVONI (1777-1858), CIRCA 1830 with summer flowers in her curled hair, wearing a white dress with pale pink diaphanous shawl, on ivory, pierced gilt-metal rectangular mount, reverse with pencil inscription oval 10.2cm £500-800 422 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A STUDENT OF DIVINITY, ENGLISH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1800 with mortar board and black robe, gesturing towards the Biblical extract of John 5:7, drapery and library background, on ivory, gold frame, glazed hair reverse with elaborate hairwork on opalescent glass ground 8cm


£300-500 423 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, BY SIMON JACQUES ROCHARD (1788-1882), DATED 1839 with brown hair and side whiskers, wearing a black coat and stock and patterned waistcoat, red drapery background, on ivory, scratched signature and date, gilt-metal frame oval 6.9cm £500-800



423 113

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424 424 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF AN OFFICER, BY WILLIAM GRIMALDI (1751-1830), DATED 1797 with powdered hair, wearing a red uniform with green collar and facings, silver lace and gorget, on ivory, signed and dated, gold frame, glazed hair reverse with scroll initials WV, later fitted case oval 7.7cm £1500-2000


425 A MINIATURE OF A GENTLEMAN, ENGLISH SCHOOL, 19TH CENTURY AFTER AN EARLIER PAINTING half length, with hat under his left arm, wearing a brown coat and a lace edged chemise and cravat, on card, ormolu frame, an inscription to reverse suggests (probably erroneously) the sitter is John Thurloe (1616-1668) rectangular 9.5cm £150-250 426 A PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A LADY, FRENCH SCHOOL, CIRCA 1785 powdered curled hair, wearing a striped gown with white collar and blue sash, standing tending roses in a garden, on ivory, ormolu frame 6.5cm diameter £200-300 427 A FRENCH GILT-BRASS CARRIAGE CLOCK, EARLY 20TH CENTURY eight-day timepiece movement, white dial with Roman numerals, corniche type case, with key and leather carrying case 14.5cm high including swing handle £70-100 428 A FRENCH MANTEL CALENDER CLOCK, J. SILVANI, PARIS, MID 19TH CENTURY the silvered dial with Roman numerals above the pair of subsidiary day/date dials, eight day bell striking movement, the domed rosewood case and rectangular base inlaid with brass trailing flowers, foliage and an urn, dial and movement signed J. SILVANI / A PARIS, with key 29cm high with brass handle raised £500-700

428 114

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429 429 A VICTORIAN SILVER BOUDOIR CLOCK, WILLIAM COMYNS & SONS, LONDON, 1892 covered in rocaille scrolls, foliage and birds on a matted ground, rear door with initialled cartouche and retailer’s inscription to interior J.C. Vickery / 183 Regent St W, white dial with Roman numerals, French timepiece movement stamped PARIS / E.G.L. 7cm high excluding swing handle £150-250

432 432 A FRENCH GILT BRASS CARRIAGE CLOCK, LATE 19TH CENTURY gong striking hour repeating movement numbered 10963, circular white enamel dial set behind a plain frosted mask with Roman numerals between gilt stars, Anglaise case with fluted corners and rippled rim mouldings, backplate numbered 10963, with key, original leather carrying case with handle detached 18.5cm high with handle raised £300-500



430 A FRENCH CARRIAGE CLOCK, HENRI JACOT, PARIS, CIRCA 1900 gong striking movement, white dial with Roman numerals, corniche type case with matt finish, backplate stamped with Jacot trademark and MADE IN / PARIS, serial number to base- and backplates 17505, with associated key 16.5cm high with handle raised


£180-220 431 A FRENCH GILT-BRASS CARRIAGE CLOCK, LATE 19TH CENTURY gong striking movement, white dial with Roman numerals, case with fluted corners, finials, and applied pierced borders, with key 15cm high with handle raised

433 A FRENCH GILT-BRASS CARRIAGE CLOCK, CIRCA 1905 repeating movement striking on a gong, circular white dial with Roman numerals set behind a plate with presentation inscription dated April 6th 1907, Anglaise case with fluted corners and pellet borders, with key 20cm high with handle raised




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434 ROBERT BRYSON & SON, EDINBURGH: A SLIM GOLD POCKET WATCH, CIRCA 1847 white enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, three-quarter plate key wound lever fusee movement, 18 carat gold case hallmarked maker’s mark JB, London, 1847, dial and movement signed, dial, case and movement all numbered 3214, case 46mm diameter; together with a gold rope link chain hung with an initialled gold locket (A/F) and a gold seal with crested citrine matrix £500-700


435 A GOLD POCKET WATCH, ENGLISH, CIRCA 1847 gilt full plate movement, lever escapement with plain three-arm balance, decoratively engraved balance cock, diamond end-stone, gilt-metal dust cap, gold coloured dial, engine-turned chapter ring with raised Roman£numerals, the centre with decorative floral engraving, engine-turned subsidiary seconds, 18ct yellow gold case hallmarked throughout William Fielder, London, 1847, case back scroll foliate engraved around a vacant cartouche, plain pendant and bow, movement, dust cap and case all numbered 6999 case 48mm diameter £300-400


436 A GOLD HUNTING CASED POCKET WATCH, CIRCA 1913 white dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, Swiss keyless wind movement with 17 jewels and swan’s neck regulator, plain circular 9 carat gold case, gold cuvette signed Jay’s / 366, Essex Road, Islington, N, hallmarked throughout maker’s mark BD, Chester, 1913 5.3cm diameter £200-300 437 A GENTLEMAN’S GOLD WRISTWATCH, SWISS, CIRCA 1929 black dial with Arabic luminescent numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, circular 9 carat gold case, import marked Glasgow, 1929, case 32mm diameter; together with a gold pocket watch, Swiss, second half 19th century, key wound cylinder movement, white dial with Roman numerals (hour hand lacking) floral engineturned case, silvered brass cuvette signed LUDWIG HAINZ IN PRAG, cuvette and case numbered 5317, case 42mm; and a curb link gold chain with gold-cased watch key (3) £180-220


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438 OMEGA ‘DE VILLE’, REF.8270: A LADY’S SILVER BRACELET WATCH, CIRCA 1972 manual wind, brushed dark blued dial with white batons and handles, wide oblong case with snap-on back and bevelled glass, integral Omega openwork fancy link bracelet, case, dial, movement and strap signed, movement No.35176785, case No.8332/384 case 35mm wide £200-300 439 OMEGA, SEAMASTER: A GOLD GENTLEMAN’S WRISTWATCH, CIRCA 1965 automatic movement, silver dial with gold baton hour indicators and centre seconds, monocoque 18 carat gold circular case with embossed Seamaster logo to reverse and engraved WATERPROOF, Swiss export marks, associated strap 35mm diameter


£350-450 440 CARTIER, TANK: A LADY’S SILVER-GILT WRISTWATCH, CIRCA 1990 quartz movement, ivory rectangular dial with Roman numerals and ‘secret’ signature at X, classic Tank case with sapphire set crown, original (worn) strap with gilt-metal deployment buckle, dial, case and buckle signed, case marked and numbered case 28mm long including lugs £180-220 441 AN AMERICAN ‘MICKEY MOUSE’ WRISTWATCH, INGERSOLL, 1930s produced for the British market, celluloid dial with the mouse’s hands pointing to the numerals, subsidiary dial of three miniature mouse figures, circular metal case, later strap £80-120 442 UNIVERSAL GENEVE: A GENTLEMAN’S GILT-METAL BRACELET WATCH quartz movement, brushed white dial with Roman numerals, rounded oblong case, integral nine row link bracelet, dial, case and bracelet signed case 27mm wide £50-70

441 117

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445 TWO CAMEO BROOCHES, 19TH CENTURY comprising: a cameo carved with a lady writing with a feather quill within a twisted gold border; together with a cameo of a classical female wearing a diaphanous veil within a textured scrolled foliate frame interchangeable brooch and possibly bracelet fitting cameos approximately measure 50mmx40mm and 48mmx42mm respectively £300-400 446 GOLD STOCK PIN, LATE 19TH CENTURY set to the centre with a textured fox head decorated with rose white sapphire eyes £80-100 447 LONG CHAIN designed as a row of cable links with fourteen long links inbetween length approximately 1570mm, 30.1gr £300-400


448 NINE CARAT GOLD WATCH CHAIN WITH CAMEO FOB the fetter link chain suspending a fob with oval agate cameo depicting Hercules in profile length approximately 470mm, 43gr (excluding seal) £300-400 449 GATE LINK BRACELET the links secured with a heart shaped padlock clasp inside circumference 170 mm approximately, spare link length approximately 25mm £150-250 450 GOLD CHARM BRACELET the 15 carat curb link chain hung with the following predominantly 9 carat charms: a double-decker bus, a drum, a harp, a highlander, a chalet, a cello, a pair of skis, a St Christopher medal, a pair of scissors, a trefoil and two small seals length approximately 200mm, 37.2gr all in £300-500


443 LADY’S BI-COLOURED GOLD WATCH, RENSIE, 1950s the square white dial with numeral and pellet indicators under a convex glass on a bracelet designed as a series alternating sloping bricks length approximately 160mm

451 VICTORIAN GENTLEMAN’S NINE CARAT GOLD DRESS SET, CIRCA 1882 comprising: pair of oval links decorated with a floral and foliate design with three circular studs of similar design, hallmarked Chester 1882; together with a 22 carat gold wedding band, hallmarked London 1927, size N; and a Latin cross fleurée pendant approximately 12.2gr, 5.5gr and 0.4gr respectively (7) £150-250

444 LADY’S GOLD WATCH, REGLIA, 1950s the circular ivory dial with hands and Arabic numerals behind raised glass between shoulders of wire ring design on a black leather strap, French assay mark, numbered 42196 dial diameter 13mm approximately

452 COLLECTION OF HARDSTONE JEWELLERY comprising: a torsade of rock crystal and amethyst, length approximately 490410mm not including pendant; four rows of polished beads including amethysts, peridots, labradorite, rose quartz and turquoise, lengths approximately 690mm, 710mm, 750mm, 765mm respectively; a pair of polished rose quartz ear-clips and a kidney shaped hard stone pendant on a metallic leather thong, length 400mm approximately (8)





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445 part





451 part 450


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455 GEM SET AND PEARL ‘GIARDINETTO’ BROOCH/PENDANT the open work basket set with circular gemstones including sapphires, emeralds and rubies with pearl accents length 450mm approximately, sapphire deficient £100-120 456 ENAMEL LOCKET, LATE 19th CENTURY the circular guilloché enamel locket opening to reveal two glazed sides on a fine link chain; together with two bar brooches set with circular-cut diamonds £150-250 457 RUBY AND DIAMOND RING the oval ruby in a tension held mount set between shoulders of graduating similar mounted brilliant-cut diamonds size O £300-400


458 RUBY AND DIAMOND PENDANT of negligée design, the tubular knotted chain terminating in a pear ruby and diamond length approximately 420mm £1000-1200

453 ENAMEL AND NINE CARAT GOLD BROOCH designed as a yacht with billowing spinnaker, Birmingham hallmark £100-200

459 CULTURED PEARL AND RUBY NECKLACE the long row of pearls measuring 5.8mm-7.7mm approximately on an oval clasp set with four circular rubies length approximately 1150mm £300-400

454 GENTLEMAN’S MOTHER OF PEARL AND SAPPHIRE DRESS SET, 1920s circular, mother of pearl with a millegrain-set central French-cut sapphire, one collar stud later replacement with central pearl and black enamel decoration.

460 CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE designed as a row of cultured pearls measuring 7.3mm-8.3mm approximately on a mabé pearl and single-cut diamond clasp length approximately 485mm





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464 COLLECTION OF ANTIQUE PASTE comprising: a marquise shaped buckle; a pair of oval buckles; a brooch of three cartouches (one paste deficient); pair of cluster cufflinks; and a single pendent earring £100-150 465 NATURAL PEARL NECKLACE the graduated row of knotted pearls measuring from 3.3mm5.8mm on a clasp set with circular and rose diamonds, Gem and Pearl Lab certificate No. 11794, dated 25 September 2015 length approximately 470mm £1800-2200


466 CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE the knotted graduated pearls measuring from 2.8mm-6.4mm approximately on a pieced oval clasp set with single-cut diamonds length approximately 425mm £200-300

461 GUILLOCHÉ ENAMEL AND DIAMOND BROOCH, CIRCA 1910 the circular mauve enamel plaque with a central floral motif set with rose and single-cut diamonds bordered by similarly cut stones within a pierced detailed surround also set with similarly cut diamonds diameter approximately 430mm, in probably original leather case by Asprey £1500-2000

467 ENAMEL AND GARNET MEMORIAL RING, 19th CENTURY the central foiled rectangular garnet with black enamel and scrolled decoration on a tapering shank, engraved ‘Pamela’ to reverse of bezel size N ¾ £80-120 468 A MOURNING RING, CIRCA 1809 the rectangular bezel decorated with a glazed compartment displaying plated hair, engraved to the reverse ‘James Bradby, Died Aug 2 1809 Aged 72 Mary Bradby Died April 20 1808 Aged 63’ size Q, original leather box; together with a diamond arrow sureté pin, mid 19th century century, set with rose diamonds, length 37mm approximately (2) £200-300


469 ENAMEL MOURNING RING, CIRCA 1820 the rectangular glazed compartment containing hair within a black enamel border edged with a foliate border, the shank similarly decorated with ‘In memory of’, engraved to the inside with ‘Robt. Curry obt. 16 October 1820 AET. 45’ size P £80-100

462 DIAMOND HINGED BANGLE set to the front with a row of brilliant-cut diamonds inner diameter approximately 57mm £800-1000

470 TURQUOISE AND DIAMOND BROOCH, 1840s the oval turquoise within a surround of rose diamonds between raised wing motifs similarly set length between wings 50mm approximately

463 DIAMOND BROOCH, MID 19TH CENTURY of star burst and arrow design set to the centre with a cushion shaped diamond and throughout with rose and similarly shaped stones 55mmx46mm approximately, some rose diamonds missing





471 AGATE AND GOLD BROOCH, LATE 18TH CENTURY the oval polished agate within a frame carved with floral and foliate decoration

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464 part



468 470





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472 DIAMOND CROSS PENDANT set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds on a fine zip link back chain length approximately 405mm £600-800 473 DIAMOND RING, 1920s the collet set step-cut diamond within a border of single-cut stones with square diamond corners size H, central stone chipped £150-200 474 GENTLEMAN’S CHAIN DIAMOND RING the filed curb link chain set to the front with single-cut diamonds size Z


£200-300 475 PAIR OF DIAMOND PENDENT EARRINGS each surmount designed as a graduated swirl set with baguette diamonds suspending a crescent motif enclosing an articulated pear-shaped diamond decorated with single- and brilliant-cut stones throughout £2500-3000 476 EMERALD AND DIAMOND RING, 1970s of abstract design, set with single-cut diamonds and a cascade of graduating pear-shaped emeralds size J


£200-300 477 DIAMOND AND EMERALD RING, 1960s designed as a cluster of brilliant-cut diamonds within a row of circular emeralds surrounded by a border of similarly cut diamonds size M1/2




478 DIAMOND CLUSTER RING set with a brilliant-cut diamond within a surround of similarly cut stones size M £2000-3000


479 DIAMOND RING claw set with a brilliant-cut diamond size P



474 479


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480 ENAMEL AND DIAMOND BROOCH, CIRCA 1800 the cushion cut diamond bordered by similarly cut stones on a cut cornered rectangular blue guilloché enamel plaque decorated with further evenly spaced stones 33 x 23mm approximately




481 DIAMOND BROOCH, COMPOSITE, 1880s of annular design set throughout with cushion-shaped and circular diamonds brooch fitting later, diameter approximately 24mm £1200-1500


482 ENAMEL, PEARL AND DIAMOND BROOCH, 1850s the lozenge shaped brooch decorated with guilloché enamel and a central floral design set with rose diamonds surrounded by a border of pearls with a glazed compartment to the reverse length approximately 27mm £60-80

484 part 483 DIAMOND BROOCH, 1900s the openwork foliate cartouche surmounted by a bow set throughout with cushion-shaped and circular diamonds one diamond deficient, detachable brooch fitting


£1000-1500 484 COLLECTION OF JEWELLERY comprising: a blue enamel lapel watch with seed pearl decoration on a later bow surmount; a stock pin set with a ruby, sapphire and circular-cut diamonds; and a cameo brooch depicting Bacchus £120-150


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487 part 491 507 485 KYANITE NECKLACE designed as a row of collet-set polished kyanite links suspending a central graduated fringe similarly set length approximately 400-420mm £400-600 486 DIAMOND AND SAPPHIRE BROOCH the filigree oval brooch set with eight cushion-shaped and circular diamonds with two central sapphire and diamond clusters length approximately 470mm, 17.8gr £1200-1800

487 GOLD, CULTURED PEARL, SAPPHIRE DEMI-PARURE, 1950s each earring designed as a flower head set with a central cultured pearl with circular sapphire accents, Italian marks for 18 carat, Alessandria; together with a curving leaf brooch decorated with sapphires brooch measures 66mm x 20mm approximately (3) £400-600 488 PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND AQUAMARINE EARRINGS each cabochon sapphire drop suspended from a circular aquamarine surmount £300-400


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492 COLLECTION OF GOLD JEWELLERY comprising: an enamel and textured dress ring designed with green and blue stripes, size N; a brooch of leaf design; and three pairs of foliate and floral earclips 48.1gr total (8)

489 SAPPHIRE RING the five oval and cushion-shaped sapphires in claw-settings size N £200-300 490 DIAMOND RING the five graduated circular-cut diamonds in a channel setting, hallmarked Chester 1899; together with a brilliant-cut diamond solitaire and a three stone ring set with circular-cut diamonds sizes L, L and M respectively (3)

493 EIGHTEEN CARAT GOLD AND AMETHYST PENDANT the pear shaped amethyst in a claw setting, modern London hallmark



491 TWO ENAMEL AND DIAMOND RINGS Of oval concave design decorated with blue enamel and singlecut diamonds; together with another blue enamel oval ring with a bi-coloured gold tree design accented with similarly cut diamonds size M and O respectively

494 SMOKY QUARTZ BRACELET designed as a double row of polished smoky quartz cylinders length approximately 190mm


495 AMETHYST, TURQUOISE AND CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE the clasp set with a central oval amethyst within a border of turquoise suspending two rows of cultured pearls measuring 7mm-6mm approximately length approximately 560mm-600mm





492 part 493




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499 500


496 SEED PEARL NECKLACE designed as a series of chain swags accented with seed pearls length approximately 410mm

498 GOLD AND AMETHYST BROOCH, EARLY 19TH CENTURY the foiled oval amethyst within a gold border of fruits and flora length approximately 22mm



497 PAIR OF AQUAMARINE AND SAPPHIRE EAR PENDANTS each cushion shaped aquamarine suspending an oval sapphire to a similarly cut aquamarine drop length 30mm approximately (from surmount to base of drop)

499 RUBY AND MOONSTONE BROOCH, LATE 19th CENTURY designed as a flower set with carved moonstone petals to a centre mounted with a circular ruby and rose diamonds later clasp, diameter 26mm approximately




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503 QUARTZ AND TOPAZ NECKLACE the central faceted marquise-cut citrine set between oval amethysts, smoky quartz, citrine, amethyst and pale green quartz suspending similar stones and blue topaz length approximately 450mm £500-700

500 LADY’S SEED PEARL AND DIAMOND PENDENT ---WATCH, LATE 19th CENTURY the case decorated with pavé-set seed pearls and rose diamonds the reverse revealing a cream watch face with Arabic black indicators and hands, keyless Swiss movement, Swiss gold marks for 18 carat gold, suspended from a later associated bow brooch, hallmarked Birmingham 1986 diameter 20mm approximately, four seed pearls missing from suspension ring £300-400

504 SAPPHIRE, TOPAZ AND CITRINE BROOCH, 1950s designed as a floral spray of oval pink topaz and citrine with circular and oval sapphire buds accented with seed pearls, maker’s mark C+F £300-400

501 MULTI COLOURED GEM STONE BROOCH designed as a floral spray set with various circular stones including: variously coloured sapphires, tourmalines; garnets and a step-cut aquamarine length approximately 60mm £100-150 502 AMETHYST NECKLACE, 1900s designed with three circular amethysts accented with seed pearls connected by knife wire to pear-shaped amethyst drops on a fine link back chain length approximately 420mm, one drop detached, one pearl missing £100-150

504 129

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505 ‘ROLLS ROYCE’ PENDANT the textured plaque depicting the ‘R R’ logo within a black enamel surround on a fancy link back chain chain length approximately 450mm, 28.7gr £800-1000

509 QUARTZ, DIAMOND AND GOLD BROOCH AND PAIR ASSOCIATED EARRINGS, ALAN MARTIN GARD, LONDON, 1966 the brooch with quartz crystals within a naturalist undulating surround accented with brilliant-cut diamonds, 18 carat gold hallmarked AMG, the matching pair earrings with single-cut diamonds, unmarked

506 TWO GOLD BROOCHES, LATE 19TH CENTURY one of chased loop design set with oval garnets and circular chrysoberyls, the other a knotted brooch set with a circular purple paste respectively measuring 45mm x 30mm and 40mm x 28mm approximately

Alan Martin Gard (b.1935), having been apprenticed at Crombie’s in Bond Street, worked for four years with his friend and contemporary Andrew Grima. His designs, often using a textured finish inspired by nature, were especially popular in the late sixties and seventies.



507 GOLD AND ENAMEL LOCKET AND BROOCH, LATE 19TH CENTURY the oval locket decorated with a cultured pearl and blue enamel star suspended from a surmount designed as a serpent with glass to reverse; together with a brooch with green enamel centre also set with a cultured pearl diameter approximately 27mm and 34mm respectively £200-300


508 GOLD BRACELET, 1950s the articulated brick link bracelet fastened with a flower head clasp length approximately 193mm, 150gr £2200-2800

510 510 DIAMOND AND MATRIX ORGANIC BROOCH, GEORGES WEIL, 1960s the rock matrix with red crystals within a surround of concave naturalistic cells accented with three brilliant-cut diamonds, signed G. Weil Born in Vienna in 1938, the sculptor and jeweller Georges Weil studied at the St. Martin’s School of Art in London. At the age of 18, he founded “Georges Weil Jewellery Ltd” in Hatton Garden. Known for his use of textured gold combined with precious and semi-precious stones, from 1964 to 1972 he exhibited his collections in Tokyo, Israel, New York and at the Foyles Gallery and Jean Renet Gallery in London. £500-700


End of Sale Next Sale 24th May 2016 130

Closing end March 2016

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Conditions of Business for Buyers 1.

Introduction (a) The contractual relationship of Matthew Barton Ltd and Sellers with prospective Buyers is governed by:(i) these Conditions of Business for Buyers; (ii) the Conditions of Business for Sellers displayed in the saleroom and available from Matthew Barton Ltd.; (iii) Matthew Barton Ltd.’s Authenticity Guarantee; (iv) Any additional notices and terms printed in the sale catalogue, in each case as amended by any saleroom notice or auctioneer’s announcement. (b) As auctioneer, Matthew Barton Ltd. acts as agent for the Seller. Occasionally, Matthew Barton Ltd. may own or have a financial interest in a lot.

2 Definitions “Bidder” is any person making, attempting or considering making a bid, including Buyers; “Buyer” is the person who makes the highest bid or offer accepted by the auctioneer, including a Buyer’s principal when bidding as agent; “Seller” is the person offering a lot for sale, including their agent or executors; “MBL” means Matthew Barton Ltd., Auctioneers, 25 Blythe Road London W14 0PD, company number 6504692. “Buyer’s Expenses” are any costs or expenses due to Matthew Barton Ltd. from the Buyer; “Buyer’s Premium” is the commission payable by the Buyer on the Hammer Price at the rates set out in the Guide for Prospective Buyers; “Hammer Price” is the highest bid for the property accepted by the auctioneer at the auction or the post auction sale price; “Purchase Price” is the Hammer Price plus applicable Buyer’s Premium and Buyer’s Expenses; “Reserve Price” (where applicable) is the minimum Hammer Price at which the Seller has agreed to sell the lot.

(c) Without prejudice to Condition 4(b), any claim against MBL and/or the Seller by a Bidder is limited to the Purchase Price for the relevant lot. Neither MBL nor the Seller shall be liable for any indirect or consequential losses. (d) Nothing in Condition 4 shall exclude or limit the liability of MBL or the Seller for death or personal injury caused by the negligent acts or omissions of MBL or the Seller. 5 Bidding at Auction (a) MBL has absolute discretion to refuse admission to the auction. Before sale, Bidders must complete a Registration Form and supply such information and references as MBL requires. Bidders are personally liable for their bid and are jointly and severally liable with their principal, if bidding as agent (in which case MBL’s prior and express consent must be obtained). (b) MBL advises Bidders to attend the auction, but MBL will endeavour to execute absentee written bids provided that they are, in MBL’s opinion, received in sufficient time and in legible form. (c) When available, written and telephone bidding is offered as a free service at the Bidder’s risk and subject to MBL’s other commitments; MBL is therefore not liable for failure to execute such bids. Telephone bidding may be recorded. 6 Import, Export and Copyright Restrictions MBL and the Seller make no representations or warranties as to whether any lot is subject to import, export or copyright restrictions. It is the Buyer’s sole responsibility to obtain any copyright clearance or any necessary import, export or other licence required by law, including licenses required under the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). 7.

Conduct of the Auction (a) The auctioneer has discretion to refuse bids, withdraw or reoffer lots for sale (including after the fall of the hammer) if (s)he believes that there may be an error or dispute, and may also take such other action as (s)he reasonably deems necessary. (b) The auctioneer will commence and advance the bidding in such increments as (s)he considers appropriate and is entitled to place bids on the Seller’s behalf up to the Reserve Price for the lot, where applicable. (c) Subject to Condition 7(a), the contract between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded on the striking of the auctioneer’s hammer. (d) Any post-auction sale of lots shall incorporate these Conditions of Business.


Payment and Collection (a) Unless otherwise agreed in advance, payment of the Purchase Price is due in pounds sterling immediately after the auction (the “Payment Date”). (b) Title in a lot will not pass to the Buyer until MBL has received the Purchase Price in cleared funds. MBL will generally not release a lot to a Buyer before payment. Earlier release shall not affect passing of title or the Buyer’s obligation to pay the Purchase Price, as above. (c) The refusal of any licence or permit required by law, as outlined in Condition 6, shall not affect the Buyer’s obligation to pay for the lot, as per Condition 8(a). (d) The buyer must arrange collection of lots within 10 working days of the auction. Purchased lots are at the Buyers risk from the earlier of (i) collection or (ii) 10 working days after the auction. Until risk passes, MBL will compensate the Buyer for any loss or damage to the lot up to a maximum of the Purchase Price actually paid by the Buyer. MBL’s assumption of risk is subjected to the exclusions detailed in Condition 5(d) of the Conditions of Business Sellers (e) All packing and handling of lots is at the Buyer’s risk. MBL will not be liable for any acts or omissions of third party packers or shippers.

The Buyer’s Premium, Buyer’s Expenses and Hammer Price are subject to VAT, where applicable. 3.


Examination of Lots (a) MBL’s knowledge of lots is partly dependent on information provided by the Seller and MBL is unable to exercise exhaustive due diligence on each lot. Each lot is available for examination before sale. Bidders are responsible for carrying out examinations and research before sale to satisfy themselves over the condition of lots and accuracy of descriptions. (b) All oral and/or written information provided to Bidders relating to lots, including descriptions in the catalogue, condition reports or elsewhere are statements of MBL’s opinion and not representations of fact. Estimates may not be relied on as a prediction of the selling price or value of the lot and may be revised from time to time at MBL’s absolute discretion. Exclusions and limitations of liability to Buyers (a) MBL shall refund the Purchase Price to the Buyer in circumstances where it deems that the lot is a counterfeit, subject to the terms of MBL’s Authenticity Guarantee. (b) Subject to Condition 4(a), neither MBL nor the Seller:(i) is liable for any errors or omissions in any oral or written information provided to Bidders by MBL, whether negligent or otherwise; (ii) gives any guarantee or warranty to Bidders and any implied warranties and conditions are excluded (save in so far as such obligations can not be excluded by English law), other than the express warranties given by the Seller to the Buyer (for which the Seller is solely responsible) under the Conditions of Business for Sellers; (iii) accepts responsibility to Bidders for acts or omissions (whether negligent or otherwise) by MBL in connection with the conduct of auctions or for any matter relating to the sale of any lot.


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9 Remedies for non-payment Without prejudice to any rights that the Seller may have, if the Buyer without prior agreement fails to make payment for the lot within 5 working days of the auction, MBL may in its sole discretion exercise 1 or more of the following remedies:(a) store the lot at its premises or elsewhere at the Buyer’s sole risk and expense; (b) Cancel the sale of the lot; (c) Set off any amounts owed to the Buyer by MBL against any amounts owed to MBL by the Buyer for the lot; (d) Reject future bids from the Buyer; (e) Charge interest at 4% per annum above HSBC Bank Plc base Rate from the Payment Date to the date that the Purchase Price is received in cleared funds; (f) Re-sell the lot by auction or privately, with estimates and reserves at MBL’s discretion, in which case the Buyer will be liable for any shortfall between the original Purchase Price and the amount achieved on re-sale, including all costs incurred in such re-sale; (g) Exercise a lien over any Buyer’s Property in MBL’s possession, applying the sale proceeds to any amounts owed by the Buyer to MBL. MBL shall give the Buyer 14 days written notice before exercising such lien; (h) Commence legal proceedings to recover the Purchase Price for the lot, plus interest and legal costs; (i) Disclose the Buyer’s details to the Seller to enable the Seller to commence legal proceedings. 10 Failure to collect purchases (a) If the Buyer pays the Purchase Price but does not collect the lot within 20 working days of the auction, the lot will be stored at the buyer’s expense and risk at MBL’s premises or in independent storage.

(b) If a lot is paid for but uncollected within 6 months of the auction, following 60 days written notice to the buyer, MBL will re-sell the lot by auction or privately, with estimates and reserves at MBL’s discretion. The sale proceeds, less all MBL’s costs, will be forfeited unless collected by the Buyer within 2 years of the original auction. 11 Data Protection (a) MBL will use information supplied by bidders or otherwise obtained lawfully by MBL for the provision of auction related services, client administration, marketing and as otherwise required by law. (b) By agreeing to these Conditions of Business, the Bidder agrees to the processing of their personal information and to the disclosure of such information to third parties worldwide for the purpose outlined in Condition 11(a) and to Sellers as per Condition 9(i) 12 Miscellaneous (a) All images of lots, catalogue descriptions and all other materials produced by MBL are the copyright of MBL. (b) These Conditions of Business are not assignable by any Buyer without MBL’s prior consent, but are binding on Bidders’ successors, assignees and representatives. (c) The materials listed in Condition 1(a) set out the entire agreement between the parties. (d) If any part of these Conditions of Business be held unenforceable, the remaining parts shall remain in full force and effect. (e) These Conditions of Business shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law, under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts, in favour of MBL.

Matthew Barton Ltd’s Authenticity Guarantee If Matthew Barton Ltd sells an item of Property which is later shown to be a “counterfeit”, subject to the terms below Matthew Barton Ltd. will rescind the sale and return the Buyer the total amount paid by the Buyer to Matthew Barton Ltd. for that Property, up to a maximum of the Purchase Price. The guarantee lasts for one (1) year after the date of the relevant auction, is for the benefit of the Buyer only and is nontransferable. “Counterfeit” means an item of Property that in Matthew Barton Ltd’s reasonable opinion is an imitation created with the intent to deceive over the authorship, origin, date, age, period, culture or source, where the correct description of such matters is not included in the catalogue description for the Property. Property shall not be considered Counterfeit solely because of any damage and/or restoration and/or modification work (including, but not limited to, recolouring, tooling or repatinating). Please note that this guarantee does not apply if either:(i) the catalogue description was in accordance with the generally accepted opinions of scholars and experts at the date of the sale, or the catalogue description indicated that there was a conflict of such opinions; (i) the only method of establishing at the date of the sale that the item was a Counterfeit would have been by means of processes not then generally available or accepted, unreasonably expensive or impractical; or likely to have caused damage to or loss in value to the Property (in Matthew Barton Ltd’s reasonable opinion); or

(i) there has been no material loss in value of the Property from its value had it accorded with its catalogue description. To claim under this guarantee the Buyer must:(i) notify Matthew Barton Ltd in writing within one (1) month of receiving any information that causes the Buyer to question the authenticity or attribution of the Property, specifying the lot number, date of the auction at which it was purchased and the reasons why it is believed to be Counterfeit; and (i) return the Property to Matthew Barton Ltd in the same condition as at the date of sale and be able to transfer good title in the Property, free from any third party claims arising after the date of the sale. Matthew Barton Ltd has discretion to waive any of the above requirements. Matthew Barton Ltd may require the Buyer to obtain at the Buyer's cost the reports of two independent and recognised experts in the relevant field and acceptable to Matthew Barton Ltd Matthew Barton Ltd shall not be bound by any reports produced by the Buyer, and reserves the right to seek additional expert advice at its own expense. In the event Matthew Barton Ltd decides to rescind the sale under this Guarantee, it may refund to the Buyer the reasonable costs of up to two mutually approved independent expert reports, provided always that the costs of such reports have been approved in advance and in writing by Matthew Barton Ltd.


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Matthew Barton Ltd

Absentee Bid Form (Please print or type)

Sale Title Decorative Works of Art Name

Date 24 November 2015


Code: DRAGON DUCK Please mail, fax, or scan and email to: Matthew Barton Ltd 25 Blythe Road London W14 0PD Fax: +44 (0) 207 806 5546 Email:






Vat No.

Please bid on my behalf at the above sale for the following Lot(s) up to the hammer price(s) mentioned opposite. These bids are to be executed as cheaply as is permitted by other bids or reserves and in an amount up to but not exceeding the specified amount. The auctioneer may open the bidding on any lot by placing a bid on behalf of the seller. The auctioneer may further bid on behalf of the seller up to the amount of the reserve by placing responsive or consecutive bids for a lot.


I agree to be bound by Matthew Barton Ltd.’s Conditions of Business. If any bid is successful, I agree to pay a buyer’s premium on the hammer price at the rate stated in the front of the catalogue and any VAT, or amounts in lieu of VAT, which may be due on the buyer’s premium and the hammer price.

Expiry Date

Methods of Payment Matthew Barton Ltd. welcomes the following methods of payment, most of which will facilitate immediate release of your purchases.

Cardholder Signature

Wire Transfer to our Bank Electronic transfers may be sent directly to our Bank: HSBC Bank Plc 38 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1DG Please ensure all bank charges are met so that we receive the total invoiced amount



Card type (Visa/Mastercard/Debit) Card Number Cardholder Name

Credit/Debit Card A 3% surcharge is payable on all credit card transactions; there is no charge for UK debit cards. Please note we do not accept American Express. By signing this form you are authorising payment for this sale. Sterling Bankers Draft Drawn on a recognised UK bank. Sterling Cash or Cheque Cheques must be drawn on a recognised UK bank. We require seven days to clear a cheque without a letter of guarantee from our bank. Date and time received

3 digit security code

Billing Address (if different from above)

IBAN No.: GB53MIDL40190491814001 BIC.: MIDLGB2128K Sort Code: 40-19-04 Account No.: 91814001 Account Name: Matthew Barton Ltd.

For Office Use Only


Staff initials


£ Bid Price

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Matthew Barton Ltd

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Decorative Works of Art | Tuesday 24th November 2015

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Decorative Works of Art | Tuesday 24th November 2015