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Lot 187

186* Sampler. A sampler by Ann Payne, early 19th century, worked in red cotton cross-stitch on linen, with alphabets and numerals in various scripts, incorporating patterns (flowers, stars, Greek key border, volute cornerpieces, etc.) and a coronet at foot, some very faint toning, 31 x 25cm (12 x 10ins), framed and glazed, together with four other framed needlework pictures, including a Victorian embroidered felt collage of a wreath of flowers, and a large embroidery on canvas of two parrots amongst volutes and floral sprays, plus an unworked printed canvas in a gilt moulded frame depicting ‘Flowers in a Vase’ by Van Huysum, plus a watercolour of an elderly lady in a gilt moulded frame, and five other framed items Most probably a Bristol Orphanage sampler, which were typically worked in red and with many of the decorative motifs seen here; all such samplers worked by children at George Müller’s Bristol orphan houses have a similar format and style, indicating that the teachers had templates and standard patterns which the girls could copy, although the variation amongst samplers shows that pupils had an element of choice in what to include on their samplers. (12) £150-200

187* Sampler. A long sampler, by E.I. Melville Hanley, 1844, a sampler worked in wool on linen, mostly cross-stitch, with various motifs in a variety of colours, including alphabets, a witch, flower patterns, an ensign, geometric patterns, etc., 124.5 x 20cm (49 x 7.75ins), together with another similar, 147 x 14.5cm (57.75 x 5.75ins), plus a later sampler worked by Bertha C. Pring, dated July [19]08, comprising a number of motifs and patterns, including flowers, worked in a variety of coloured silks and gold thread, on glazed linen, 39 x 46cm (15 x 18ins) (3)

188 Samplers. A large quantity of embroidery samplers, circa 1920s-1970s, approximately 100 samples of embroidery patterns, worked in wool on pieces of square or oblong canvas, some with one pattern to a piece of fabric, others with a number of designs, mostly floral and geometric patterns, but also some animals and insects, some lettered in pencil on the canvas ‘The Ladies Work Soc Ltd’, fabric size 59 x 56cm (23 x 22ins) and smaller An archive of sample patterns used as instruction templates. It took between one and five hours to work one pattern repeat, depending on the nature of the design. Many have manuscript labels attached giving details of the time taken to complete. (1) £100-150



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