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114* Chinese Textiles, Buzi, rank badge, or Mandarin square of the 6th rank, 19th century, heavily embroidered silk, with metalic threads and red couching, verticle centre seam (for robe opening), depicting lishui or deep water with foaming waves, the sky filled with auspicious symbols and the sun worked with applied beads, appliqué embroidered egret to centre, 296 x 311mm (11.5 x 12ins), mounted Blank badges were produced on a relatively large scale, with the rank birds sold separately so they could easily be changed as the wearer climbed the social scale. (1) £150-200

112* Censer. A Chinese bronze censer, circa 1900, of rectangular form with two mythical beast handles and key design on four scroll supports, 12.5cm high x 50cm wide x 24.5cm deep (1)


113* Chinese Textiles. Buzi, rank badge, or Mandarin square of the second order, Qing dynasty, 18th century, heavily embroidered silk rank badge depicting a golden crane perched on a rock emerging from crashing waves, with auspicious bats and clouds filling the sky, the sun in the upper left corner is embroidered with the Chinese character yuè ‘moon’, silk brocade border, slightly worn (especially to borders), 281 x 288mm (11 x 11.3ins), framed and glazed Provenance: Private collection, Gloucestershire. (1)


115* Indo-Persian Compass. An early 20th century Qibla indicator, with low folding gnomon and steel cruciform compass, the brass case engraved with geometric decoration, 12cm long Qibla is the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during salat. (1) £1000-1500

116* Indo-Persian. A 19th-century Persian copper ovoid pot, finely decorated with a repeating arabesque design, 18cm high, together with a French prisoner of war work box of rectangular form the lid inlaid with a basket of flowers, the front panel with dummy drawers and single drawer beneath, the lid enclosing two covers each with flags, 11cm high x 26.5cm wide x 18cm deep (2)

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