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91* Scrimshaw. A 19th-century whale’s tooth with later decoration, engraved with a ship entitled “Heather Bell” Hobart Town to London, 13.5cm long, together with another with later decoration engraved with a whaling scene, ‘South Whales 9 Oct 1851’, 15.5cm long (2)


92* Shipwreck Artefacts. A pair of 18thcentury brass Navigational dividers, recovered from the wreck of HMS Association, 1707, finely crafted with bulbous hinged head, 12cm long, with certificate of authenticity, together with three small shoe buckles also recovered from the same wreck in pewter and brass, together with a silver cufflink or cloak clasp engraved with ‘Tudor Rose’ In 1707 a fleet of 20 ships commanded by Sir Cloudisley Shovell were led into treacherous waters off the Isle of Scilly, 4 of the fleet were wrecked in the howling gale and treacherous rocks, 1800 men were lost including 800 from HMS Association which was the flagship which Shovell commanded. His body was washed up on St Mary’s Island. (5) £100-150

93* Shipwreck Artefacts. A piece-of-eight (8 Reales), obverse, bust of Charles III (Spanish King), facing right dated 1783, reverse, Spanish Coat of Arms and mint mark of Mexico, with certificate of authenticity Recovered from the wreck of El Cazador. On 11 January 1784 the ship sailed from Vera Cruz, Mexico for New Orleans carrying 450,000 pesos of minted coins, but disappeared without a trace. The cargo had been intended to redeem nearly worthless Spanish paper currency in circulation in Spanish-owned Louisiana, instead the Spanish had to sell Louisiana and America was instantly doubled! (1) £80-120

94* Shipwreck Artefacts. Two Slave Tokens of Manilla recovered from the English schooner ‘Duoro’ sunk off Scilly in 1843, both bronze, approximately 6cm wide, together with a large copper nail recovered from the Spanish Galleon La Consolacion, 15cm long with certificate of authenticity

95* Snuff boxes. A collection of Victorian snuff boxes, including a cow’s hoof box with hinged pewter cover, 14cm long, a rectangular horn box, 6cm long, together with a small treen box, the lid engraved ‘1625 HF’, with sliding brass catch enclosing fitted interior (probably for scales and weights), plus a page turner with plated multi caricature faces, 36.5cm long (6)


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96* Surveying Instruments. A Victorian brass surveyor’s cross, with circular silvered dial engraved with scales, in an octagonal brass case with handle, 14cm long in a mahogany box, together with an early 19th-century wooden pocket compass with printed paper dial (lacking needle), 7.5cm square, plus a Victorian printing die engraved with heraldic crest believed to be John Pearson and so inscribed on the base, contained in a treen case, 3.5cm high, plus a circular treen box containing a wax seal, 5cm diameter (4)

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97* Table cabinet. A late 19th-century Continental table cabinet in the Renaissance style, of architectural form inset with seventeen enamel panels to the exterior finely painted with classical scenes, four enamel columns each with brass putto with grapes or playing the cymbal’s, the two doors enclosing inner enamel panels plus three drawers each inset with an enamel panel, 23cm high x 20cm wide x 18cm deep (would benefit from restoration) (1)


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98* Vanity box. A Victorian rosewood box by Fisher - 18 Strand, inlaid with brass, the hinged lid enclosing divisions and part set of containers with silver plated tops, two perfume bottles, lift out tray and secret compartment, 18cm high x 30cm wide x 22.5cm deep (1)


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The schooner Duoro was built in 1839 in Sunderland, she was wrecked in thick fog on the Western Rocks of Isles of Scilly, 28 January 1843, the cargo was described as ‘armoury, and brass stops’, in fact she was a slaver bound for South Africa. The Santa Marie de la Consolacion was a large Spanish Galleon. In April 1681 she left the port of Lima, Peru for Panama. Onboard was a large shipment of gold and silver. She was wrecked whilst being pursued by English pirates, who beheaded all the surviving crew members. (3) £50-80


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