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Lot 348

347* South Sea Islands. A 19th century Tongan hardwood club, plain tapered form with triangular point, the grip with protruding roundel (1)

£100 - £150

348* Spy Wristwatch. A Cold War era espionage Protana recording wristwatch c.1950s, the antimagnetic silvered dial with gold arabic numerals and batons, stainless steel case with plug in wire for the Minifom P55 pocket reel to reel recorder, with original leatherette case and microphone and three spools of recording tape (1)

349* The Cameronians. A Victorian Scottish Pipe-Major’s plaid brooch of The Scottish Rifles, the shaped white metal badge finely engraved with regimental badge and 15 battle honours, the first being Blenheim and the last S Africa 187789, inset with a large facet cut cairngorm, the back with a copper pin, 11.5cm diameter (1)

£300 - £500

£150 - £200

Each lot is subject to a Buyer’s Premium of 20% (Lots marked * 24% inclusive of VAT @ 20%)

350* Third Reich. A German pewter presentation hunting cup, cast with flying ducks and SS insignia, the rim inscribed in German ‘Herr Oberfuhrer Erich Gritzbach, In rememberance of the Hunt in the Schorfheide Huntmaster Peter Menthe’, 12.5cm high Erich Gritzbach (1896-1968) was a German civil servant and SS Officer. He was known above all as the “right-hand man” of Hermann Goering. Gritzbach served as chief commissioner of the Olympic Games and was responsible for the preparation of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. (1) £200 - £300


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Dominic Winter  

Military, Aviation & Transport History | 16 May 2019 | High Res

Dominic Winter  

Military, Aviation & Transport History | 16 May 2019 | High Res