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Tallinn Laagna Secondary School


Photo contest 'The Colours of Autumn' aka 'Silent November'

The poster for the contest, which was put up at school.

The winner of the contest (49 votes): Nade탑da 9B the view, the colours, the layout

2nd place (37 votes): Form 2B the view from they classroom

3rd place (28 votes) Sten 7B The best view, colours, layout

4th place (27 votes) Mari-Liis 7A The best detail

5th place (26 votes) Anita 7B The best view of an alley

6th place (21 votes) Rasmus 7A The best view on Tallinn, the sea and the colours of the sky.

And here are other amazing photos:

Mari-Liis 7A

Mari Liis 8C

Reio 8C

Anna 8C

Annabel 8C

Aleksandra 8C


Eric 9B

Eric 9B

Kaarina 5B

Kaarina 5B



Sten 7A

Liidia 8C

Sten 7B

Sten 7B

Erik 7A

Maria Anna 11A

Marina 9B

Michelle 8C

Natali 8B

Natali 8B

Adelina 11B

Raul 7B

Raul 7B

Rasmus 7A

Rasmus 7A

Silvia 11B

Johanna 8C

Johanna 8C

Valeria 5B

Veronika 11B

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The best photo of LASNAMÄE

The best photo of a PARK

The best photo of DETAILS

The best VIEW

The best photo of the BODY of WATER

The best photo with COLOUR COMBINATIONS

The End

Photo contest 'The colours of autumn'.  

Tallinn Laagna Secondary school students took photos of autumn in November 2013.

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