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POEM COMPETITION I AM A TREE Tallinn Laagna Secondary School form 8 and 9 students Teachers Kati-Mai Toome, Marika Sarapuu

January 2014

GEDILI SAAR 9A OUR FAVOURITE POEM NO 1. I am a tree. I have eyes and ears. I can see what you are Doing with my forest. I am a tree. I have a soul. I can feel when you Break my branch. I am a tree. I have a heart. I can feel when you love me. I can see Everything what you are doing ‌ So think. Before you do something or later You will regret it.

OONA ELISE MARIE LUIK 8A OUR FAVOURITE POEM NO 2. I am a tree I’m never gonna be free I will be cut off Or burned, there’s nothing between I don’t like my life I often get burnmarks and see knives I think it’s so cruel To kill or damage us before we grow old. Often humans plant us, But they are the ones who cut us off. Some trees are burned, some are damaged, And noone even cares. I wish humans knew how much it hurts To see your friends die and to die yourself.

MIHHAIL ANISSIMOV 9B OUR FAVOURITE POEM NO 3. I am a tree, a big palm tree growing in Mexico, it smells like burrito. I see a bar where a man drinks mohito I see a teen selling drugs, Now he got million bucks. I saw a murder yesterday, what do I have to say? It’s a normal, normal day in Mexico.

HANNA-KRISTIINA ANTEPLOON 9A I’m a tree I’m very big My leaves are green I can see far-far away. My other trees have been killed I’m standing alone Waiting for someone to find me Till then I stand alone.

DANIEL ZAITSEV 9A A, B, C I’m a tree. I have leaves And I like these. I love people They like me And they Come to me. I’m a tree I can’t see.

INGRID REGINA VÄHI 8A A plastic bag in my hair The smell of dog pee On my snow-covered body A broken kite Two old shoes A few kids And a brown leaf A smelling owl My stomach full of bugs An arm missing And a couple kissing under me. I’m so happy That I’m a tree.

MARCUS SIDORUK 8A I am a tree Forever free. I’m not happy I’m sappy. I am many years old And I have on tree yellow gold. My son is a youngster He is a gangster. Every day he listens to players After this he says a prayer. He kicks goal, After this he plays with foal*. Foal= a young horse

JULIA BESKROVNAJA 8A I’m green, not red But great instead I’m a tree, I’m a tree, I’m a tree. My mum is a birch Doris And I live in a big forest. I’m a tree, I’m a tree, I’m a tree. I’m happy and calm I live near my friend, Stone. I’m a tree, I’m a tree, I’m a tree. My favourite season is autumn Then I’ve got apples a lot of. I’m a tree, I’m a tree, I’m a tree. I’m very happy that I’m a tree. You can come and visit me for free. I’m a tree, I’m a tree, I’m a tree.

RAMIN IBRAGIMOV 8A I am a tree I am looking at bees Nobody is looking at this. My friend tree Looks like a tree Crying like a tree Sitting on a pea. My head lies uphead My legs left them beside Nobody knows my real side. Noone know I can think Noone knows I can speak Noone feels me the same Just look into my leaves And you’ll see who it is …

MARTTI-KARL LEPPIK 8A I am a tree And I am free. But often I see A tree that is Not free and The tree that Is not free Wants to be As happy as The other tree. I am a tree that wants To be the same With the other Trees . My life is Boring but my Brances are swinging And the bees are Flying around the tree.

MARTIN SEREDA 8A I’m a tree in the wood And here everything is good. But I can’t find a friend. Only the one who speaks his mind; He had been to many places He had been to oceans and geysers He had seen a lot of faces. I’d like to be a wind But I’m tree, my soul is free Where else would I be. I’m alone, but I don’t care. I can’t live, no, I don’t bear It; I’ll stay forever here Anyway, I’m a tree.

NIKOLAI BORZOV 8A I am a lonely tree Who dreams to be a bee Then I can fly around And see the German hound. Then I would go To watch Paris Then taste their toast And eat the cabbage. I could sting people around me. But I’m just a tree A little lonely tree.

JÜRGEN JÜRISALU 8 A I’m a tree My leaves are green, My top is round And origins are underground. Every morning I see the sun And my mood turns to fun. I always hate storm, But the sun makes me warm. I like to be a tree, Because I’m always free.

MARLEEN MARIPUU 8A I am a tree And I am very strong I have a lot of leaves And my branches are long. I am a tree And I am pretty old Despite of my age I’m still looking bold. I’ve seen a lot of people And taken a lot of pictures I am a tree I have interesting texture.

MARINA VOSKANJAN 9B I 'm a tree And I 'm funny, I love the weather Today it 's sunny. I 'm an oak And I 'm old, I dream of having A lots of gold. Some day they will find me To crush and burn, Till that I 'm dreaming Of awesome return!

BERT BORKEVITŠ9B I am a tree A tall tall tree There are so many things that I can see I want to live to tell the tale Of things happening from mountain to vale I am a tree A tall tall tree There are so many things that I can see Save the trees, save the earth We are the guardians of nature’s birth.

NADEŽDA LEBEDEVA 9B I’m a tree, I’m a tree, I’m a tree. I can tell you about me. You don’t have to drink tea, Because today I’m free. I’m a tree, I’m a tree, I’m a tree. I’m a tall tall tree. If you want to be as same as me, You have to be the cutest tree. I have a lot of friends, Because my character is the best. People seem to think that I don’t feel. But I can say my emotions are real. I’m a tree, I’m a tree, I’m a tree I can’t remember why I am a tree.

INGE JĂ•EVEER 9B I am a tree If I can be tree, then you can feel free. But I can't see, and I don't have to pay fee. I can't fell on my knees, because I'm a tree. I like to be a tree, then I don't have needs. Around me live many bees, who I have never seen. So, could you feel free, If you were tree?

ERIC TŠERNAVSKIHH I am a tree! I'm old but intelligent. Lived for a little over a year and everything I see here I like. I am wood, and even a garden in my yellowing leaves haunting stillness, in the branches of larks and owls nest. On the leaves of beautiful handwriting. How to translate it into your language? Those songs are written or There’s text about life and dream. I am a tree!

PAVEL IVANOV 8C I’m a tree My head is green. I’m very tall And I can see other trees. My hands are strong And very long. I have some friends Who are like me. Some boys hit me But my friends help me. When we want more trees, We say ‘Yes, please!’

MICHELLE BALAK 8C I am a tree Standing on this hill. There are no other trees Just some bushes And those things That crawl over me. I am a tree, Standing on this hill, Watching the wind blow. The rain pour, the sky darken And my leaves go away from me. I am just a tree, I am very lonely.

ERIKA NECHAJEVA 8C I am a tree Who lives in the forest. I have many friends: Animals and other plants. They are very friendly. Every day we have fun And play a lot of games. I like to listen To a bird song in the morning All my friends make me cheerful And always care for me. I love my friends.

LIIDIA KÄND 8C I’m a tree And my name is Lucy. I live in the garden With many trees. Some trees are big, Some trees are small, But what’s the best I don’t know. I love both and all. In the garden I see Many birds and bees. They fly near me And are smiling to me.

JOHANNA TUULEVESKI 8C I’m a tree Young and pretty. I’m still fragile a little And sensitive to my roots. I’m a tree Which still requires protection. From storms and wind, Which may break me. I’m a tree, Which falls asleep for months, Waiting for the morning light; The beginning of a new day.

ANNABEL KOOTS 8C I’m a fir tree I can play football Seeing the ball in the grass I run to kick it. I like playing with children, But sometimes they break my branch. I don’t like it And then I cry. I am 78 years old And not a tired tree. I’ll grow for many years And will be a big tree.

RAGNAR VALDRE 8C I’m an oak Very big and strong I don’t like my neighbours Because they are not tall. I like the birds Who come to sing. They are beautiful With their angelic voice. But the people are mean, They cut us down With their axes or fire.

GERLI GRETSKI 8C I am a tree. I like rain, But I don’t like pain. I like the wind. When the wind is strong I can swing. I like children, But if they break my branches I get mad and throw them off. I am an old tree I can remember the 80s. People were friendlier And didn’t hurt me.

ERIKA KRUSMAN 9B No-one knows what it’s like To be a tree. I’m a tree I’m happy and free. I like the weather, I like when the wind Plays with my leaves, I like when the sun Warms me as chief. I don’t like When stupid people Murder the trees. Those plants do nothing bad As you can see.

RAUNO TALUSAAR 9B I woke up this morning with an idea I would like to be a tree. I would be an old and large oak tree. A century old oak tree, A dark green oak tree. I’m a tree whose branches are strong, The morning greets me with a bird song. My tree story would be so long ... Fortunately, I’m just a kid, Whose mother and father need me here.

SOFIA KUDINA 9B I’m a tree And I’m an orange. I want knowledge Because I study at college. I’m a tree And I’m clever, And I don’t want to study forever. I will have much knowledge Because I’ll finish college.

ERIKA GOLUBEVA 9B I’m a tree I’m a little maple, Oh, so small! I have little leaves, I hate when a dog Pees on me. It’s not very good; In years ahead I’ll grow so tall! With a lot of water, sun and air I’ll soon be Way up there!

ERELY JOHANSON 9B I’m a tree I’m living outside. I’m a tree, In autumn leaves are falling off me. And in winter There’s snow on top of me. In the summer I’m green. I’m a little tree: A, B, C And I’m a very happy tree. I’m a tree And my body is brown. I’m an ordinary tree.

We hope you liked our poems.


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I'm a tree poems