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Back copies available... Answers to page 4 & 5 A) Its hard to read backwards B) try replacing each letter with the letter that comes after it! C) are you good with numbers? D) For God so loved the world he sent his only son. John 3 v 16


Can you crack the codes?


14. SAFETY in Numbers Quiz

22. SAFE & Sound! God keeps us SAFE


Interview with Emma Owen

16. Arthur White

Interview with a World champion

23. Lily Jo

Singer/ songwriter

10. Finding Dory

Inbuilt desire for family and secuirty!

19. SAFETY Chain

Be careful who you let in!

26. A Place of SAFETY

Methode’s story from CompassionUK

12. SAFE Journey

What’s been your scariest journey?

20. Thru’ the Looking Glass You can’t turn back time!

29. SAFETY Deposit Box Wordsearch - what’s in yours?


lol 30. Ice Age Collision Course Looking for a SAFE place!

32. MC Tempo

His story of faith and healing.

40. SAFETY Glass

Do you protect your phone?

CALL 911 36. Funny SAFETY Signs Some rather odd ones!

42. Apocalypse - XMEN Can we save the world?

38. Comfort and SAFETY! Quotes on SAFETY...


SAFE GUARD! SAFE GUARD! In war time people would send messages in code to safeguard them from being read by the enemy. People were employed at places like Bletchley Park to try and break codes and work out what the enemy would do next. Sometimes they were successful and other codes were so complicated they took months to break, even with the best brains in the country working on them. Some people think that the Bible is complicated and don’t bother reading it because they don’t think it is relevant to modern day life. But if you believe it is written by God it couldn’t be more important! There are lots of messages in the Bible that tell us about God and ourselves - one of the most important ones is in the coded messages below - see if you can work them out. Some use a simple replacement theory, others use a pictogram method and others, well see if you can work them out….


__’_/____/__/____/ _________

usz sfqmbdjoh fbdi mfuufs xjui uif mfuufs uibu dpnft bgufs ju! _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ /_ _!

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sdrawkcab daer ot drah s’ti


1,18,5 25,15,21 7,15,15,4 23,9,20,8 14,21,13,2,5,18,19?

_ _ _ / _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

3 D


___/___/__/ _____/___/ _____/__/____/ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ _. _ _ _ _ 3 _ 16


Emma Owen is the founder of RESPECT ME, part of The Message Trust family. They offer schools the opportunity to experience a unique and complementary approach to the area of sexuality and self-esteem. We asked Emma to tell us a bit about her journey and the work of RESPECT ME…. Can you tell us a bit of yourself? I’m an Essex girl from Romford. I left school when I was 15 hoping to join the police force by going through the cadets but they changed the system so instead I followed my sister into banking in the City of London, working for the Queen’s bank Coutts and Co - which was very posh but not my dream job!

What was that like? I was a child in an adult environment and as a party girl I found myself drinking too much and being thrown out of nightclubs. So I finally decided to give myself a kick up the backside and actually apply for a job with the Metropolitan police.

So you had your dream job…? Not for long, I was involved in a car crash in my first year! I was on night duty and we had a ‘further assistance’ call. My driver decided to go through a red light at 90mph and we hit an articulated lorry head on. It took 2 hours to get me out of the car and I spent 2 years in and out of hospital and rehab.

What happened next? I had been dating Tim and we got engaged. He’d been working for a Christian band in Bristol but I wanted him to get a paid job if we were getting married! The World Wide Message Tribe, a Christian band whose passion was to share the Christian faith with students in Manchester, were looking for new people and Tim was offered a job as one of their main rappers/ dancers, so they got 2 for the price of one! We did that for 7 or 8 years and had recording contracts in the USA as well as the UK working in schools and performing all over the world! From that I was approached by God TV, filming in England, Canada and USA over the last 14 years. When the Tribe finished I felt God wanted to take me in a new direction but I wasn’t sure where or what...

So how did RESPECT ME come about? A teacher asked if the Message Trust could send a girl to a school in Accrington to take a lesson on sex and relationships.

No one else was available and Tim said he’d ask me! I went along thinking it would be a ‘one off’, not really knowing what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect God to tell me ‘This is what I want you to be doing with your life! I want you to talk about relationships and self worth and to make sure young people know who they are in my eyes.’ So RESPECT ME was born. Our aim is to show that God has a purpose for each of us and that we are all special. As it says in the Bible, Jeremiah 29 v 11, ‘God knows the plans he has for us, plans to give us a hope and a future!’

so I decided to binge eat and make myself sick. I went from being a party girl to miserable and suffering from an eating disorder for 2 years.

So what happened?

Eventually I began thinking, ‘Where are you God? I’ve lost you!’ So I got on my knees and asked God back into my life. I surrendered everything to him and added as a PS ‘Please help me with this eating disorder.’ Not everyone believes in God or miracles but the next day I wasn’t sick, nor the next week or month. In fact I’ve never made myself sick since. How did you become a Christian? For me it was like God saying, ‘I love you, I went to a Church of England with my I’m alive, I can do miracles and there is parents and as a 12 year old I went a bigger plan.’ That is where my passion through confirmation; I had always believed for people knowing their identity in God comes from. in God and the Bible, it just made sense to me, but I wasn’t ‘on fire’. Then Luis Palau (an Argentinean Preacher) held a meeting at QPR and I went along. He asked if anyone wanted to invite God into their life and I realised I had to make a choice. I could know God rather than just knowing about him. (You can check out my story at testimonies/item/emma-owen) But life is a journey and I’ve made mistakes along the way.

What do you mean? As a teen I was looking for love in relationships rather than from God. My dad wasn’t very vocal or demonstrative and although he was a great dad I had a need for more. I met one wrong boy after another, which led to one rejection after another. Wanting things to be different I gave my virginity to a guy but he dumped me too. When I asked him why he said, ‘Fat girls don’t do anything for me!’ I felt rejected, I’d lied to my mum, I felt guilty and I also had the label FAT. It made me feel ugly, unacceptable, unlovable and worthless so I started punishing myself at the gym. Then I started skipping meals but I love my food


LOVED BEAUTIFUL VALUABLE IMPORTANT SPECIAL UNIQUE PRECIOUS Can you tell us about the negative words you had temporarily ‘tattooed’ and why you did it? It goes back to my experience of looking for love in the wrong places. Psychologists tell us we all need to be loved, accepted and valued. I believe God put that desire in us to draw us to him but unfortunately many of us make the mistake of trying to find these things in relationships, status or things. My boyfriend called me FAT and it had a destructive effect on me as I took the label onboard. So when we were looking

at fundraising and awareness ideas for RESPECT ME I thought it would be valuable to hi-light the words that so many people use every day, without considering the damage they are doing, by having them temporarily ‘tattooed!’ My good friend Rachael Silvester made a short video that you can check out at ture=share We will all experience ‘labels’ but we can either accept them or wash them off and clothe ourselves with what God says about us. We are precious, loved, fearfully and wonderfully made. God sees us from the inside and we can have a healthy view of ourselves when we see through Gods eyes!

What or who do you find your security in? My security is ultimately in God. I’ve had different careers and experienced ups and downs. Life can be tough but God doesn’t change! I’m also blessed with a good family. Family is important and God’s plan is that we should be part of a family but that isn’t always humanly possible. No matter what our natural family is like God wants us to be part of his family and be secure in his love for us.

The bible is full of verses about our safety - do you have a favourite? The Bible is full of promises that God makes. Psalm 18 v 2 says, ‘God is my rock, my shelter and my shield.’ This is my favourite because God is unshakeable like a rock, he is my shelter when I need it and he is my shield, protecting me from attack. Even in the darkest times God is always there.

Where is the scariest place you have ever been? As a teen my weakness was alcohol. One night I remember having a sip of wine but not remembering the rest of the evening. The next day I found out that I’d got with a colleague in a public place and I had a flashback of him pulling me down an alleyway - I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! He was a good friend but engaged to someone else and he broke it off because of what happened when we were both drunk. So alcohol and the damaging effects it can have scare me. It takes control and people don’t realise how dangerous that can be. I don’t ever want to go back to that again!

them that wearing low tops, short skirts and getting plastered can make them vulnerable. One girl thought I was just trying to spoil her ‘fun’ but those situations can so easily turn out badly. It breaks my heart to hear and see young people who believe that it is ok to do what they like, sleep with whoever and not think about the consequences. I want young people to respect themselves, to know how valuable they are and that God is trying to protect them rather than spoil their ‘fun’. Trusting God and following his commandments will keep you safe and free to enjoy life. Making good choices and preferably God choices will help you be less vulnerable.

Is there anything that scares you? Tuna! I can’t stand it, it makes me puke. To be honest I’m not scared of much although I would have to say Oblivion at Alton Towers. I think as you get older you get more anxious on rides because you hear the horror stories and think about the possible problems. But I don’t think fear is always a bad thing as it can help stop us going into dangerous situations or at least make us think. So you can view fear in a positive light if you learn from it and don’t let it overwhelm you. My favourite verse in the Bible is Proverbs 3 v 5, ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart’ and that is what I try to do. When it comes to fear and choices in my life I try to trust that God knows what is best. So while my physical reaction might be fear, my emotional reaction is to trust God!

What is your best safety tip? Don’t make yourself vulnerable! With RESPECT ME we do lessons on self image, bullying, sex & relationships, sexting and abuse. Just recently I was doing an ‘all girl’ lesson and suggesting to

You can find out more about Emma’s Tattoo video @

Or check out


Dory is the friendly, but memory challenged, blue tang fish. The story starts one year after Dory and Marlin’s big adventure in ‘Finding Nemo’. They are all living back on the coral reef when a passing stingray migration triggers something in Dory’s memory - she has a family! Marlin and Nemo agree to help her search and their journey takes them to the Marine Life Institute (MLI) in California.


They are helped in their quest by 3 of the MLI’s residents: Hank, a seven legged octopus with camouflaging abilities, Bailey, a beluga whale who has problems with his sonar and Destiny, a nearsighted whale shark. As humans we have an inbuilt desire to belong, to feel safe and secure. God wants us to be part of his family - so much so that Jesus came to die for us so that we could come back into his family. Have you thought about saying ‘yes’ to being part of God’s family…?

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios


Have a Safe Journey! This is a phrase my mum often uses when we have been down to visit her. She likes us to ring when we get back to make sure it was a safe journey. As a child I never really understood the need to ring to let her know - after all if something was wrong I’d have called but now as a parent I can understand her concern. Even when your kids are grown up you still think about their safety and welfare. When they are teens and going out in the evenings you don’t sleep well until they are back safe - it’s part of being a parent. I have been on some scary journeys. Sometimes it’s been because of the driver (who will remain nameless), or the mode of transport (back of a moped), the time of day (driving isn’t fun when it’s pitch black), the weather conditions ( I hate ice!) or sometimes the location. Going up a steep road with only just about enough room for 1 car never mind anyone coming the other way in Spain was NOT fun! Life is one big journey and thankfully we don’t have to go it alone. God offers to be our guide if we will let him! We asked some of you to tell us about the scariest journey you’ve been on and this is what you had to say…

Anywhere with my brother driving - he goes FAST! KATY On the Brussels metro after the bombings. MICHELLE On Nemesis at Thorpe Park, it made me sick! Peter In Crete, with a mad Greek driver driving down a winding road next to a sheer drop. He stopped at a bar, bought a drink and continued to drive and drink ouzo - well scary! Leola On a boat in a storm crossing the Irish Sea , very scary! Tracey The drive To the hospital to have my baby. KELLY

Riding a bike to work in central London is pretty scary. The most terrifying thing is having to dodge motorists who are texting or watching films on their tablets. One poor judgment from them and they have a dent in their bodywork but I could be dead. Andrew Ferry from Zeebrugge back to UK. Such bad weather that we were not alowed out on deck. Plates were sliding off tables and the toilets and corridors were full of people being sick. The worst 5 hours of my life and I thought my time was up!!! Nikki When I was DRiving in icy conditions and the car in front skidded off the road! Sara Being driven in Cairo by a lively taxi-driver was a bit risky - I didn’t feel scared as such BUt I was glad to be alive at the end. Simon Heading up into the mountains of Tanzania to get to the Ngu tribe . The 4x4 was bouncing around like a ping ball in a jacuzzi and the track was like the surface of the moon. Some edges were precipitous with a drop down into a river. Great fun, average speed was 7m.p.h and I was so glad I had packed spare underpants ! Adrian A Taxi RIDE into Istanbul from the airport in the Late 1990s. No weather issues, just the driver! Or maybe when I rode a motorbike into a canal, although I had little time to be scared! Alison Walking to school to get my exam results! Beth Taking my driving test... JAMES being on a plane and the captain saying there was a problem with the landing gear - spent the whole flight worrying about landing. LINDSAY Going up a very tall tower in a glass lift that was on the outside. The lift was packed and I was jammed up against the door. Half way up the lift door started to open slightly - I had to sit down for a few minutes when we got to the top! PETE 13


Safety in Numbers?

When you are going out or doing something new there can be some truth in the phrase ‘safety in numbers’. Walking alone anywhere these days, especially after dark, can be seen as risky and at times dangerous. But there are other times when standing alone or making a decision for yourself is more important than relying on the ‘safety in numbers’ idea. We all need to know what we think about stuff and be willing to stand out from the crowd rather than blindly following the others. A phrase that is often used is ‘if your friends jumped off a cliff would you?’ meaning that you don’t always have to do what your friends are doing. Many of us laugh and say, ‘Of course not!’ yet make decisions based on what others will think rather than what we really want to do or believe.

It can be hard to be different and stand up for what you think but each of us have a responsibility to do so. If we allow other people to make decisions for us we will end up with regrets… Take a look at the questions below and see what sort of person you are! Friends are arguing about something you believe quite strongly in, do you…… A) Say what you think? B) Let others have their say and hope you aren’t asked?

You really like someone but aren’t sure how they feel, do you…… A) Ask them out, they can only say, ‘No!’? B) Get your friends to ask discreet questions to work out how they feel?

Your teacher asks for volunteers, do you…… A) Put your hand up straight away? B) Wait and see who else volunteers?

You are asked to a party, do you…... A) Say ‘yes’? B) Wait and see who else is going?

Everyone is getting a ‘….’ for their birthday this year, do you…… A) Ask for what you actually want? B) Get the same, you don’t want to look stupid?

In assembly or church, do you……

A) Sing loudly, you enjoy it? B) Join in but only very quietly till you see who else is doing it?


Tickets are going on sale for your favourite artist, do you…... A) Buy them - you want to go even if no one else is going? B) Check and see if anyone is interested?

A new product is advertised on TV, do you….. A) Rush out to buy it? B) Wait and see what your friends think?

For Christmas with your friends, do you..…. A) Suggest and organise a secret santa? B) Wait to see what others suggest?

At a restaurant, do you…...

A) Choose whatever you fancy? B) Wait and see what everyone else is having?

In terms of music on your phone, do you…… A) Have any tunes that you like? B) Tunes that you think others like?

In drama class, do you……

A) Take centre stage and tell everyone what to do? B) Hang back and hope no one notices you?

When selecting your fantasy football squad, do you…… A) Go with your gut instinct? B) Copy other people’s ideas?

A party is rather slow to get started, do you…… A) Dance like no one’s watching? B) Only dance if everyone else is?

There is a new film at the cinema, do you……

A) Suggest people go but go even if no one else wants to? B) Only go if someone else suggests it?

Did you get a mixture of answers or did one stand out? Take a look below…… If you answered mostly A - You are not reliant on anyone to make decisions

for you. You make up your own mind and aren’t swayed by what others think. You don’t follow the crowd and are prepared to stand up for what you believe rather than letting others dictate how you should behave! YOU certainly wouldn’t jump off a cliff just because others were doing it. That’s not to say you always make the right choices but they are your choices and if you make a wrong one hopefully you will learn from it.

If you answered mostly B -You are easily led and look to other people to see what you should do or say. You aren’t good at making decisions by yourself and would rather go with the flow than actually do something different for fear of being the odd one out! You may laugh at the phrase ‘If your friends jumped off a cliff would you?’ but that is exactly how you behave the majority of the time. Allowing the crowd to make your decisions can be silly and at times dangerous. Why not try to be a bit more decisive and make your own choices, you might actually find you enjoy it and don’t need to worry what others think!

19 15


In our last magazine we interviewed Joe Lampshire from Tough Talk, a registered charity dedicated to telling people about Jesus in an informal way that appeals to people who would not normally go to a church meeting. They are a group of men with varying backgrounds, some violent, who have turned their backs on their past and are keen to share their experiences with others. Many of the team are also keen powerlifters. This time we asked Arthur White from the team to tell us his story… Please tell us a bit about your early years… I was perfect - NOT! My roots are in the East end of London and I was brought up on a council estate in Essex. I was one of four kids. There was no money in the family and I didn’t go to college or university. Instead I served an apprenticeship as a carpenter and then started to work for myself. I have worked in the building industry all my life. I met my wife at 14, was engaged at 17 and married at 19. We’ve been married for 45 years and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. That’s me in a nutshell!

Did you have any Christian experience growing up? No, I didn’t have any Christian input really. We did get sent to Sunday school as kids but I think that was just to get us all out of the house. That stage didn’t last too long and it didn’t have any noticeable impact on me.

How did you get into power lifting? As a youngster I loved sport and was a pretty good athlete. My teacher suggested I did some weight training to build up some muscle and strength so I went to the local youth club and did some weights. A guy from there took me to a gym in the East End and I was bitten by the lifting bug. I trained as an Olympic lifter for a few years which involves overhead lifts but one day when I was dead lifting I realised I was close to breaking the British record. I started investigating the 3 power lifts and drifted into it that way! I competed for 30 years between 1976 - 2006 when I retired at the age of 56.

How much training did you do? I trained every other day, you need to rest. It is a hard regime, a ‘Cinderella’ sport because there is no money in it and no great accolades. But as in any sport you have to work and train hard to become good and I did become pretty good.

When you say you became pretty good what do you mean? Well I won 9 British titles, 6 European titles and 4 World titles. I won the open title twice before going into the Masters and winning the over 40’s and then the over 50’s. I contemplated doing the over 60’s but my body had other ideas so I retired. I had both knee joints replaced in 2007 so that took me out of competition and I’ve lost about 25kg but I still exercise and train to keep fit. It’s been part of my life for 50 years so I’ll still be training when I’m 100!

Did being successful make you happy? Materially I had everything you might want in life. I was a successful sportsman, I had a wonderful marriage with 2 lovely kiddies, a successful business which was turning over a couple of million quid, a house in Essex, a villa in Spain and a Jaguar car. So I had all the things that people think should make you happy but was I happy, I guess not! I loved my sport and I enjoyed doing it because I enjoyed competition. In fact I was training this morning with a young guy in his 20’s and we still compete with each other because competition is part of who I am.

Why did things start to spiral out of control? I had everything but because competition was a huge part of my life I suppose I was always wanting to be and do better. For me this led to me becoming addicted to training. Like any addiction you need to fuel it and I started to fuel my desire with drugs. I’d never been a big drinker, never smoked and certainly never taken drugs but I drifted into anabolic steroids

to help me train more. That was the start of a slippery slope into other drugs like amphetamines and eventually cocaine. I ended up addicted to steroids and cocaine and it was very nearly the end of me. Misuse of drugs starts to destroy you and they certainly had a detrimental effect on me as a person.

What sort of person did you become? I became a completely different person. Drugs change your outlook on life. I was a husband, a father, a business man, a competitive sports man but I lost control and life looked very different because my priorities changed. I had an affair with a young woman and left my wife and family, I lost my business and blew a fortune on my drug addiction. I lost everything I’d ever worked for in 4 years of madness that saw me running an illegal debt collection business and working as a night club bouncer. I was fighting every day and tooled up with knives, guns and knuckledusters. I was living a crazy, violent life that was fuelled by drugs. It had an adverse effect on me and my life was close to ending.

How did things change? I was told by a doctor that if I continued my drug addiction it would kill me. My drug addiction also led me into depression and I tried to take my life on more than one occasion. Living that crazy, violent life was making me a lot of enemies and there were a number of guys who were after me! So I’m not being melodramatic when I say I could have been dead. I didn’t have many sane moments at that time but in one I did go and see a counsellor who happened to be a Christian man. I knew nothing about Christians or God, they just weren’t on my radar. If you’d asked me I’d have described a Christian as a wimp with a dodgy sock and sandal combo! But this man told me I had to make a choice so 23 years ago I cried out to God, in the early hours of the morning, in a London car park. I chose to give my life to God and stop my drug addiction. I chose to turn from the life I was living and start going to church, reading my bible and praying. And my life changed.


Was it all easy after that? I had an experience of God and something definitely happened that night but life is tough and it was a long journey to deal with the things I’d done. My drug addiction did stop that night but it took time for my wife and I to be fully reconciled and for other stuff to be set right. She still loved me but she found it hard to trust me. So it wasn’t easy to turn away from the life I’d been living but it was a choice. We all have choices and the beautiful thing about faith in Christ is the freedom he gives us to make these choices. Obviously sometimes we make the wrong ones and we make mistakes but we have freedom to do so. From that moment of crying out to God and choosing to put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ my life started to change for the better.

Have you been in any scary places? I have been in some very dangerous situations where there have been guns and knives because of the life I was leading but at the time I wouldn’t have said I was scared. Since becoming a Christian and working with Tough Talk I have been in some uncomfortable and dangerous places. We have visited prisons all over the world, the Philippines, South Africa, Russia, Romania, Belarus and America which are scary places but as a Christian I believe that if Jesus wants us there I can trust him to protect us.

Are you scared of anything? Not much, though truthfully I guess dying but only because I don’t want to leave family and grandkids behind. As a youngster I was very scared of the dark. Shortly after I became a Christian I went to climb a very steep flight of stairs and I remember looking up and it being pitch black. I went to turn the light on and I then thought, ‘you know what I’m no longer scared!’ So I walked up the stairs into the darkness feeling really pleased with myself. It was a fantastic revelation for me to realise I didn’t need to be scared. Now I wouldn’t go walking in the dark near a cliff edge but

I do believe God has taken that fear away. So I’m not scared of anything as such but I am probably more cautious than I used to be, I don’t drive fast and you won’t see me bungee jumping but I think that is an age thing! God has taken away fear from my way of thinking. It says in the Bible that his love casts out fear and I can honestly say that fear doesn’t keep me awake at night.

The Bible is full of verses about safety and refuge do you have a favourite?

I love to read the Psalms especially 27 and 91. ‘The Lord is my light and my salvation, Whom shall I fear? He is my stronghold, why should I be afraid’ and Psalm 91 says, ‘He who rests in the shadow of the Most High will say He is my refuge, my fortress, my God in whom I trust.’ My daughter gave me a verse when I was baptised from 1 Timothy 1 v 12-16. It talks about Jesus coming to save people who have messed up because he is merciful and kind. Jesus thinks I’m worth dying for and that’s good enough for me. He thinks each of us is special and wants all of us to know him.

Do you have a safety tip for readers? As a Christian my safety net is God’s word, the Bible. When I am reading it I am in a much better place. I also think we need to be with other Christians for support. Most importantly though we need to be continually seeking Jesus!

To find out more about Arthur and the Tough Talk Team check out

Safety Chain A safety chain is used to stop unwanted people coming into your house. You can open the door slightly to see who it is, without opening it fully and allowing someone immediate access. This is great for frail people who might be pushed out of the way by conmen or intruders but maybe not a necessity for others who have clear view of who is at the door.

But we all need safety chains in our lives! We all need to be aware of who we let into our lives! Not everybody is looking after our best interests, not every acquaintance is beneficial to us and not every friend request on social media is good for us. There is one friend request that we can trust. Did you know Jesus wants to be your friend? Have you responded to Jesus? Have you let him into your life or do you have the safety chain on? Why not let him into your life and see what a difference he makes...?


Alice Through the Looking Glass is the sequel to the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland, both based on the works of Lewis Carroll. Three years have passed during which time Alice has been sailing the high seas, following IN her father’s footsteps. Returning home she needs to make a difficult decision that will affect her future. Before she makes a decision she finds a magical looking glass and returns to Underland, WHere she finds that all is not well with the Hatter. she MUST find a way to help him. Now you can’t change the past but she sets out to ‘borrow’ the chronosphere, a metallic globe inside the chamber of the Grand Clock which powers all time, that might help them do just that. Needless to say she is not the only one who is EAGER to get hold of it, other people like the Red queen are equally keen! Alice finds herself back in the past where she discovers WHY things have turned out the way they have. But will this help her with the Hatter or indeed her own problems back in London?

We might not be able to change the past but we can decide how we respond to it! We can let it rule us or we can take steps to change it’s hold on us…

Photo credits: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK


Safe and Sound!

Now I’m no theological expert, but since having a baby, I’m convinced that God isn’t awake before 5:30am. It has become a normal time for me but unfortunately I don’t function well when awoken at such a time. I arrived home from Friday’s gig at midnight and had a gig in Nottingham on the Saturday. My 9 month old daughter, Abigail, couldn’t care less and decided that 5:30am was play time. Now, don’t misunderstand me, my wife is a super mother and loves our daughter more than one could imagine, but whereas I can utter some grunts, she barely exists before the clock hits 7am. So I got up, helped my daughter sober up from her moment of hyperactivity and then got ready for a busy day. I drove to Nottingham, did the gig and was back on the motorways by 11.00pm. At 1.00am Sunday morning I was still driving the motorway and ‘exhausted’ was an understatement. That was when I saw blue lights flashing behind me. I was about to be pulled over by 6 policeman in a riot van. I pulled over. There was a knock on my car window and I was asked to step into the police van to ‘discuss my driving’. I got into the van and was firmly questioned as to whether I had been drinking. My eyes didn’t dilate in the light of the van and so the police were convinced I had been. Everything I said was perceived as an excuse or a lie. I was brought up in the Salvation Army and so, aside from communion, I don’t drink a drop of alcohol. He handed me the breathalyzer and asked me to blow for 5 seconds into the tube. I sucked, instead of blowing.

This didn’t help my case with the intimidating policeman. I tried again. The breathalyzer score was 0 proving I was not a drink driver, despite my strange, non dilating eyes and dodgy driving. In his disbelief he questioned me a bit more and told me why he was suspicious. Apparently I had been swerving quite badly across the lanes. I explained that I was a touring magician / comedian, was tired and on my way home from a gig. After a while, he took the breathalyzer tube, put it in my hands and said ‘MAKE IT DISAPPEAR THEN’ I’m not that clever and wasn’t in the frame of mind to work out a method. I declined, they laughed and said, ‘You’re rubbish’ as they sent me back to my car with the suggestion that I stopped for a nap! It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I am thankful for them. What if they hadn’t had pulled me over? I could have fallen asleep at the wheel. I could have killed myself and possibly others. I learnt a lesson and have since thought out a safety plan for long drives! (Plus training myself to like coffee!) Psalm 121:7 reminds us that ‘The Lord will keep us from all harm, he will watch over our lives’. I’m thankful that on this occasion, God used the police to keep me safe and sound.

Lily Jo Lily Jo is a singer/ songwriter who has recently launched a website to help people deal with mental health issues We asked Lily Jo to tell us about her Christian faith and how the project came about‌ Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I grew up in Stockport as part of a very musical family. I'm the third generation of musicians as my grandparents and parents were in bands and did gigs! So I was used to going to sound checks and performances from an early age. When I was 16 I went to college to do a GNVQ in performing arts, which covered music, dance and performance. I loved it. I'm now married to a fellow musician and have 2 children who look like they might follow in the same sort of footsteps!

How did you become a Christian?

I was taken to church as a child and found my faith in God through growing up with Christian parents. I made a decision to really follow Jesus as a teen. I got baptised when I was 13 and that was a significant moment for me. As I got into early adulthood I made a decision again to follow Jesus fully. It feels like I make the decision every day! It's not just a one off thing but a daily commitment and decision to keep up my faith. I'm part of LZ7 and they always joke that every time Lindz preaches I will respond and I do!

How does being a Christian affect your daily life?

It gives me a grounding, a point of reference. The Bible is God's instruction manual to show us how to live and it helps me to be more positive, to be more motivated and to have a purpose. Rather than just living for myself I want my life to help others.

So what exactly is the Lily Jo Project?

Five years ago I trained to become a counsellor and I was working a day a week in a GP surgery. It involved seeing people with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and all kinds of mental health concerns. Because my music has taken off I've had to step back from that but I still have a desire to help people. Having heard my songs people were coming up to me and wanting to talk about some of the issues raised. I would do my best but there was not enough time to do it properly so I had the idea of the website as a resource which I could point them towards. I got funding to develop the website and it was launched in early 2016. For me living a Christian life is about helping others rather than it all being about me!

23 07

How did your music take off?

About 2 years ago I decided it was time to get back to writing music so I approached a friend who is also a producer and asked if he had any studio time. I went along and laid down 3 tracks, one of which was ‘Pressure’, which is about feeling stressed out and needing to rely on God. I sent this one to UCB radio and they started to play it! Another friend asked me to do a café session at Glastonbury and I did an interview with Premier radio too. Opportunities were opening up because I’d taken that first step of recording a few tracks. I’d also known Lindz West from LZ7 for about 10 years and he talked to me about getting signed with the LIGHT label. They suggested doing a five track EP to launch at The Big Church Day Out in 2015. It has gone from strength to strength from there. I’ve toured with Lindz and the LZ7 guys and done some schools work with them. They needed a female vocalist so I’m now part of the team! For me it was about stepping out and being brave even though I was nervous and scared. If you never try you will never know what could have been. It is better to have a go and if nothing comes from it at least you tried, than not to try and always wonder ‘what if…?’ I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I’m definitely further than I was. So if you are thinking of doing something why not step out, be brave and see where it takes you!

Do you have a typical working week?

No! My weeks can be very varied. I have to balance family life with music, the lily jo project, LZ7 and schools work. It all keeps me busy and I’m hoping to get into more schools in connection with the project.

What do you love best about your jobs?

I have always wanted to travel but being a mum meant it was mainly just family hols. Singing has given me the opportunity to travel around the UK and further afield! I have also met some lovely people along the way. Working with the great team at Light has been fabulous and I’m learning new stuff every day and growing in confidence.

You went to Haiti?

Yes, I went in January with CompassionUK. My hubby’s business, Fidler music, sponsors some children through them and we went to see where the money is spent and to meet some of the sponsor children. It was an incredible, eye-opening experience. I have never been anywhere so poverty stricken and it was quite scary. The children were lovely though. We also got to visit a women’s prison which was very emotional. It was awful seeing them crammed into cells but I think they enjoyed us spending some time with them

and singing! As a counsellor I’m trained to feel deep empathy so it was hard putting myself in their shoes. A rather crazy experience which at the time I thought I never want to do again. But now I’m back I would love to revisit them. It was crazy, hard, amazing and unforgettable all rolled into one!

What or who do you find your security in?

I would like to say that I always feel very secure and have it all together but actually I do have days when I feel insecure. At those times it is good to remember how God sees me! I am his child and in him I have everything I need. Once you know that God is your dad then you can feel secure and able to accomplish whatever he asks you to do. I only want to do what God leads me to do and what he opens up for me. At the moment I’m enjoying walking through doors that he opens for me. It is also great having a hubby who loves me for who I am and is on my side. I also have the support of a good family and great friends.

song out there because not everyone will like it but you need to step out and just go for it.

What is the scariest journey you’ve been on?

There were two when we were in Haiti! One where we had to take a very small 6 seater plane which I found very scary. I was doing the breathing exercises from the anxiety page of the Lily Jo project! Another was when we had to drive up a very steep mountain. There was no proper road, a sheer drop, rocks were falling and I was being bounced about in the truck. It was frightening but I’m still alive! Sometimes you just have to feel the fear and get on with it!

Is there anything that scares you or makes you feel unsafe?

I guess fear of failing or not being good enough is something you often have to face as an artist. You put yourself in a vulnerable position when you put a

What is your best safety tip for our readers?

Lots of people are continually comparing themselves to others and the internet often plays a large role in it. They see other people’s lives and think, ‘if only I had … then I’d be happy’ or ‘if I looked like that things would be different.’ My tip would be ‘DON’T COMPARE!’ Be yourself and don’t worry about what others are doing. It’s better to be the best version of you than a copied version of someone else. You are unique so don’t try and be the same as others all the time.

Do you have a favourite bible verse?

I like ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.’ This has been true for me. I’ve always dreamed of being a singer and I had to wait 15 years from leaving college for it all to take off. In that time I just had to keep believing in God and his plans for me, as well as keeping myself physically and vocally fit. Check out my online mental health resource, designed in order to help you help yourself: Listen to The GeekBoy remix of Bring Me Back here: MY EP ‘NEED TO KNOW’ is OUT NOW on iTUNES: id1002424581 Please check out my social media links on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, soundcloud & pinterest


Providing a place of safety... C

ompassion UK works with over 1.7 million children around the world. Working in partnership with the local church, they seek out the most vulnerable children and with the support of individual sponsors, provide them with the means to break the cycle of poverty and create a viable future. Methode has experienced first hand the difference ‘Compassion’ can make. He was only 6-years-old when the Rwandan genocide occurred in 1994. Both his parents and several other family members were murdered. So how do you ever recover from such an experience and find a place of safety? This is Methode’s story…


ethode says, “The biggest thing that happened to me, that the government would not have managed to give me, is forgiving the killers. God convinced me that I would not be any different from them if I took revenge. I thank Compassion, because the workers introduced me to God bit by bit, until I got born again and my family followed on. The project helped me discover my singing and leadership talent. I am learning to accept God’s love for me and in the end, I know He is enough.”


n the early nineties, I lived with my parents and five siblings in eastern Rwanda. After our cows were stolen, I was sent to live with my aunt as my parents could no longer afford to feed me. But in April 1994, violence erupted and over 100 days, one million people were slaughtered. My aunt and I fled to the nearby hills and swamps where we hid. The rest of my family became separated. My older brother Nelson was captured and killed.


y father and sister hid in the local church but the church was bombed, killing my father. My sister suffered a

serious head wound yet managed to escape but unfortunately she died a year later from her injuries.


learnt of my mother’s death from another survivor who confirmed she was killed trying to escape with her youngest child. Only two of my sisters, Clementine and Mediatrice, survived.


or two months my aunt and I hid in the swamps with other survivors, constantly moving to avoid detection. One day, the killers came to the swamp to attack us in big groups, blowing their whistles and singing their songs and carrying their weapons. We could hear people begging for forgiveness, saying, ‘We will give you all that we have.’ The killers responded saying, ‘All that you have is already ours,’ and called them names as they mercilessly killed them.


t that point my aunt ran with me to the river that was in the middle of the swamp and bade farewell to me saying, ‘Your father left you with me to take care of and now this is the end of our road.’ She jumped into the river to be drowned and I followed on as the killers’ drew closer. It was better to be killed by the water than wait to be butchered. The water rejected us and we could not drown. We held on to floating dead bodies until the killers found us. They thought my aunt was my grandmother and they hit her head with a machete so she collapsed. Then they searched the pockets of my shorts to see if she had hidden her money in them. Failing to find money, they threw me to the ground and hit my knee with a club. I thought they were going to kill me but another killer called out to the rest, blew his whistle hard and shouted that they had found another place to loot so they ran off and I was spared.


y God’s grace we were rescued and taken to hospital. I tried to join the army but was told I was too young. Because of all that happened to me, and all the anger I had, I wanted to become a soldier to seek revenge for my family. I would think about all that happened to my parents, my family and my country, and all I wanted to do was to become a soldier, get a gun and shoot the people who killed my family.


y aunt was given a house to live in and I stayed with her. A year later my neighbour enrolled me into the local Compassion project where I was sponsored. In the beginning I was very quiet and behind in my education.

Contd overleaf...



ut the project workers worked diligently with me, praying with me and ensuring I received counselling and treatment. Through the regular project activities like singing, games, praying together and reading the Bible, I started to realise that I could get peace from God. I started singing in the choir and praying to God to take away all that was heavy in my heart. People in my family were surprised by the sudden change in my behaviour.


n 1999, I gave my life to Christ and was baptised. I started laughing and talking to people more. I got so involved in my church and my class performance improved to either the first position or second in my class. My sister asked me to teach her how to pray, because she wanted what had happened to me. She and my aunt are now Christians!


oday, I am in my third year of university and am the first vice coordinator of the

Genocide Survivor’s Student’s Association at a national level. I still have scars, both physical and mental, but my past no longer has a bitter hold on me.


hanks to the support of many people including my sponsor and the peace of God which transcends all understanding, I am firmly on the road to forgiveness and have a hope and a future shining brightly before me.

To find out how you can help the work of Compassion or to sponsor a child check out their website at


We may not actually have a safety deposit box but we all have things that we think are valuable and that we do our best to protect. What we protect depends on what we think is important. The trouble is that we are often misled into thinking that things rather than people and relationships are of the most value. The Bible talks about ‘laying up treasure in heaven rather than on earth’ (Matthew 6 v 20). It’s not talking about getting as much material possessions as we can, after all we can’t take them with us when we die. It’s talking about our relationship with God and other people and how we are developing them. Maybe we need to look at what we are cherishing and putting in our ‘safety deposit box’…?

x t n e m t i m m o c o t j s


p d i i r o r c w i i t h w u

e i t l l a c i h t e a o y r



o r h t i a f v a a c b u t t

p e c s k b q c m r i i g i f

l s h h d u i w s e t l h l d

e p b w a n o s c p s i t i g

v e k l u r e n n o u t f b p

o c i m k n a i g o j i u a f

l t m x d b u c r c p e l i a

y o g n i r a c t f u s n l m

c t i e c n e l l e c x e e i

u k p e a c e c i v r e s r l

k o i m p s j w h o n e s t y


y t i s r e v j d n h a n x t




Sheet1below? Can you find the words listed





COLLISION COURSE Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox



ce Age Collision Course sees the fifth instalment of the Ice Age franchise.


nce again Scrat’s pursuit of the elusive acorn gets him and the rest of the Ice Agers into trouble! This time he is catapulted into space where he sets off a series of shooting stars, meteor showers and asteroids that threaten the Ice Age World as we know it.

I Manny, Diego and the rest of the herd must leave their home and embark on a quest to find safety, whilst Sid,exploring new lands and meeting a host of new characters. s this the end of Ice Age or the beginning of a new age?

triking out in a new direction or trying something new can seem S daunting, whether it is something that has been forced upon us or something we have chosen to do. I’m thankful that, as a christian, when I ask God to help me he is always there to lead me and show me the way to go!


MC EMPO Mark isn’t your typical MC. He raps about his faith & Jesus but this wasn’t always the case. Read on to find out how his life has changed. Can you tell us a bit more about how it affected you?

My parent’s divorce shattered my understanding of a family unit. When you are young you process things more slowly and from a different angle. I saw a very bleak future. Hearing about divorce is very different from actually experiencing it and it hit me very hard. Mum was often in tears and Dad wasn’t there so I felt that I needed to take charge. It felt like there was a lot of pressure but I didn’t feel able or equipped to deal with it.

So who or what did you turn to? Did you enjoy school?

To be honest I was never really interested in school. I found the transition from being in the top year group at primary school to the bottom one at secondary school quite a culture shock. There were also problems at home, which culminated in my parents getting divorced, and that distracted me from academic studies. As a result I started lashing out and misbehaving. I was a bit of a tearaway and I got thrown out of 4 schools. I felt rejected and as if no one cared. I saw the school psychologists but I didn’t open up to them as I felt they were going through the motions of their job rather than actually caring.

Did you have any idea what you wanted to be when you grew up? I didn’t really have many aspirations as a child although I do remember being asked, when I was about 12, what I wanted to be. I hadn’t given it any thought but I had heard a rave mix cd with an MC on it and I thought that’s what I want to do! So I started writing raps! It was initially a way to get stuff off my chest and so they were quite angry and aggressive. It was a coping mechanism for me to deal with my parents splitting up.

I was out of school a lot of the time and so I would hang around with lads in a similar situation and their older brothers, some of whom were into drugs. Inevitably I got involved too and ended up dealing to fund my habit. I think the older lads thought I was an asset as I’d been in so many schools I had a wide range of potential contacts! It started off as weed but later on when I was about 15 it progressed to harder drugs like amphetamines. In the mid 90’s all night raves were increasing in popularity and so was our ‘audience’.

Did your behaviour change even more?

I did get into some stupid stuff but it wasn’t so much due to finance, it was more a culture issue. I’d be out with friends, we’d all be high and ‘male ego’ would kick in. ‘Watch what I can do’ type things like stealing a bike or breaking into a house became normal activities. It escalates and evolves as you try to show who is the most daring!

Can you tell us about any scary stuff that happened when you were into drugs? I remember once being stopped by customs when I was bringing some drugs back from Amsterdam. I had a load of weed on me and I was so scared I was going to be found out and be arrested! But luckily he didn’t search me and I got away with it.

Did that make you stop?

No, it didn’t. If anything it had the opposite effect; it made me think I was invincible. I didn’t get caught so I thought I can carry on and get away with it!

So what happened to turn things around? When I was 18 my sister passed away from meningitis and I reached the point of suicide. I just couldn’t see a point to life. If this was all there was to life I didn’t want to carry on. Life had been tough with divorce, drugs, dealing and stealing. I had also lost my hearing in one ear through being deafened at raves and I just wondered what was the point of continuing…? I made a conscious decision to end my life and started to think how I was actually going to do it.

Did you try to go through with it?

As I was thinking about it I began to wonder what happens when you die; Is there anything after death? And without really thinking about it I switched on the telly and the credits of a film were rolling. I wasn’t high or drunk but I heard a voice over the credits saying, ‘Mark I love you, I’m God and I love you!’ It totally freaked me out and I ran to my friends house saying, ‘God’s real, he just spoke to me!’ They thought I was messing about and wanted to know what I had taken. I didn’t get it but it did stop me in my tracks and make me consider if there was more to life than I’d thought.

So did your life change?

Not really I just put it on the back burner and got on with life. Then when I was 21 I had started staging rave events and this guy called Sam asked if he could work for me, helping out with the cloakroom. He was a Christian but he had the same trainers as me and listened to the same music. It didn’t make much sense to me but he was willing to work for free so I let him. He didn’t nick any money and was willing to do it again; I thought he was just a mug but it made me curious. He kept asking me to go to church with him but I didn’t want to; I was afraid I’d burst into flames if I did! But he kept on asking and in the end I agreed if it would shut him up.

So you went?

Yes, I went to the Church of Christ the King in Brighton. There were about 1,000 people in a warehouse in jeans and t-shirts and a really good band too. It totally smashed my preconceptions of church which were old people, boring, hard seats and swinging smelly stuff. There was an Indian guy speaking and he picked me out of the crowd and said, ‘You are deaf in your left ear and God wants to heal you.’ It was quite scary and I couldn’t get my head round it! How did he know? Sam didn’t know because I was too proud to wear a hearing aid so he couldn’t have told him. I thought there must be someone else here who he is pointing at, especially as I was sure God wouldn’t want to heal me because I wasn’t good enough.

But as I was thinking all these things he repeated himself and pointed again, ‘God wants to heal you because he loves you!’ It was a real God moment for me - he answered the question in my head about why - because he loves you! He asked me to come to the front and so shaking like a leaf I went forward. He stuck a mike in my face and asked how long I’d been deaf and if he could pray for me. I couldn’t really say ‘No’ in front of all those people so I agreed. As he put his hands on me and prayed I blacked out but when I came round I could hear loud clapping in my left ear. It was crystal clear for the first time in ages. I was completely healed.


rapping about Jesus. Hip Hop is rapping about things that are relevant and real to you so I rapped about Jesus.

How did that go down?

There were mixed reactions! Some threw me out, at other places crowds threw bottles but some people came up afterwards and asked about Jesus. I got to talk and pray with people. My inspiration changed too.

What do you mean?

Well, before I would smoke weed to feel inspired and write. When I became a Christian I remember starting to roll a spliff and I felt God say to me, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘it’s part of what I do, I want to write a rap so I need a spliff for inspiration.’ God said, ‘No, you don’t. I will inspire you to rap for me!’ I didn’t know there was such a thing as Christian Hip Hop but I trusted God and flushed the weed away. My whole drug dependence went within a month, I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of it. What I used to delight in became repulsive to me because God set me free.

So did you become a Christian?

I had experienced God but I didn’t know him. It provoked a real interest in me because not only was I healed but I saw other people being healed too. I didn’t understand it but I wanted to find out more so I got myself a Bible. I started to read it from cover to cover trying to see if I could find any holes in it! It was a bit beyond me but if it was real I wanted it so I agreed to go on an alpha course. I had loads of questions about the dinosaurs, suffering etc but I was given credible answers that made sense to me. So a matter of months later I gave my life to Jesus. It was a Sunday night and it was as if the speaker was talking just to me. It hit me right between the eyes and I knew I couldn’t duck it any more. I needed Jesus in my life.

Did you continue rapping?

I had made a bit of a name for myself and so I went back to the same places and started

How does being a Christian affect your daily life now?

It is the best thing I have ever done, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Knowing Jesus is the most incredible thing, having a relationship with God is mind blowing - you can’t really describe it adequately. There is such joy and freedom. It’s not just a one time response, it’s a relationship that you need to persevere with, allowing him to shape, mould and lead you.

So you are now a youth worker…?

Yeah, churches would phone and ask me to tell my story. I’d go and people would respond to God. I got picked up by City Mission and did a schools tour with them. Looking back I can see God working in my life and leading me but at the time I wasn’t really sure what was happening. I then worked full time for City Mission before moving to Tunbridge Wells, then Croydon and now I’m in Sutton.

What is the scariest place you have ever been? I was invited to rap at a rave event in Manchester. I went by myself and the club was full of guys with knives and stuff, whilst the bouncers looked the other way. It felt like World War 3 was about to break out. I remember driving back thinking I’m never going to Manchester again. That was back in the 90’s and I’m sure it has changed, I even overcame my fear and went to see Palace play at Old Trafford! I’ve also been held at gunpoint twice, the first time a guy held a gun to my face and I was petrified. Thankfully he didn’t shoot and when it happened again a year or so later I wasn’t nearly so frightened because it had happened before.

is nothing to be scared of. If he has called you then he will protect you. He won’t let you down, he will provide for you…. For more info check out : or follow @mctempo

Is there anything that scares you or makes you feel unsafe?

I don’t think there is really. I hope that doesn’t seem arrogant but I’ve seen and experienced so much stuff in life that nothing really phases me now and I know God is with me.

What is your best safety tip for our readers?

Find a good church and stick with it. Use your time to seek God rather than wasting time. You can talk to God anywhere so use your time wisely. Even walking home you can pray for your own protection but also for the neighbourhood.

The bible is full of verses about our safety - do you have a favourite one?

I love 2 Corinthians 5 v 7 - ‘Walk by faith and not by sight.’ If we are walking with God there


FUNNY SAFETY SIGNS! Health and safety is big business these days. Companies have to follow strict safety procedures to ensure they don’t put themselves in a situation where they can be sued. Obviously their efforts aren’t always successful as being human we don’t always follow the guidelines; we don’t see them, read them or think they apply to us! The Bible can be seen as a set of safety guidelines for us to follow to get the most out of life. Like many other safety manuals it is often ignored as we consider ourselves too educated and intelligent to have someone telling us how to live. Maybe life would be better if we followed the Maker’s instructions…? Here are some funny safety instructions found on the internet… Stupidity is not a handicap - park elsewhere!

Warning - NO stupid people beyond this point.

Feel free to cross this field if you can do it in less than 10 seconds - that’s how long it takes our bull!

If you choke to death on a hot dog, that is natural selection, and management is not responsible. Thanks.

Caution - water on road when raining! No sitting on or jumping over fences - animals may eat you and that would make them sick!

No smoking in the entrance way - violaters will be trespassed.

On a toilet door Please use downstairs restroom. Physics demo in progress. (What kind of experiments could these be?)


lol CALL 911

There is a good chance an accident brought you into the world - don’t let one take you out!

Fart Kontrol 1-11km

In case of fire leave the building before putting it on facebook. Do not drink this water!

No swimming if you cant swim!

Welcome to our OOL - notice there is no P in our pool - let’s keep it that way!

(Above a urinal...)

NO Trespassing Violaters will be shot, survivors will be shot again.

Attention Please make sure the elevator is there before stepping in.

Open the door before entering... Any persons (except players) caught collecting golf balls on this course will be prosecuted and have their balls removed.

When old man’s child go up hand ladder temporary need the family to accompany.

No Celery phones.

Toilet only for disabled elderly pregnant children.


Sandals only - strictly enforced. No pants allowed!

(How many of those do you see?)

No Running, jumping or diving in the poo…..

Please do not tap on the glass - it scares the ice cream!

(At a swimming pool with L removed)

We Will No Longer Accept Money Out Of Undergarments.

Undertakers love overtakers please drive carefully.

Warning - This machine has no brain - use yours!

In case of tidal wave 1. Remain Calm 2. Pay Your Bill 3. Run Like Hell

Stop!!! If you are not a fly, please do not trigger the fly traps, as this will cause them to digest themselves and eventually die. If you are a fly, please ignore this message – but proceed with caution.


Who doesn’t like to feel comfortable and safe…? I’m sure most people would agree that being safe and comfy is a great feeling. How to obtain that feeling will vary for everybody because we all have different needs. Some feel comfortable and safe with solitude while others like the hustle and bustle of people around them. Some people thrive on being out of their comfort zone whilst for others it brings fear and dread. I guess that feeling of dread can be negated by being with someone who you know is more than capable of helping you and keeping you safe! A scary situation isn’t nearly as frightening when someone is holding your hand and you aren’t on your own. Having faith in God is a real asset when you are out of your comfort zone or trying something new. We know that God is always with us and wants to lead and guide us if we will let him. Have you heard from God and taken a step of faith out of your safety zone or are you hoping God asks you to do something else…?

Sometimes our safety depends on who we are with rather than where we find ourselves! Have a look at the quotes on safety and see if you agree… A mortal parent may appreciate, in some small way, the feelings of a loving Heavenly Father. When our children come to the age when they must leave our direct care, we feel anxiety for their safety and concern that those who are to help them will not fail them. Henry B. Eyring

People who put themselves on the line and sacrifice their own safety for the greater good and for others, and those in any profession whose concern is the welfare for other people instead of the individual, are inspiring and important. Chris Hemsworth

A true friend encourages us, comforts us, supports us like a big easy chair, offering us a safe refuge from the world. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. Grace Hopper

Inaction may be safe, but it builds nothing. Dave Freudenthal

When you’re safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you’re having an adventure you wish you were safe at home. Thornton Wilder

The world has changed and it’s going to keep changing, but God never changes; so we are safe when we cling to Him. Charles R. Swindoll

Eighty percent of all choices are based on fear. Most people don’t choose what they want; they choose what they think is

Being a stunt coordinator, I have to take care not only of myself but I have to make sure everyone is safe. Jackie Chan

Phil McGraw

safe. All teenagers want to rebel a little and break away. But I think you are always going to want to go back to your parents for that safety they provide. Saoirse Ronan

If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured, it may never arrive. Mountains will not be climbed, When you come from a big family, you see that, races won, or lasting happiness achieved. growing up, you’re learning how to share. Your sisters have got your back; you’re not alone in Maurice Chevalier In an ecology of love, people can relate in trust and face the future without fear. They do not need to play it safe. They can take uncertainty in their stride. Jonathan Sacks Adventure should be 80 percent ‘I think this is manageable,’ but it’s good to have that last 20 percent where you’re right outside your comfort zone. Still safe, but outside your comfort zone. Bear Grylls

Those who go to God Most High for safety and refuge will be protected by the Almighty. Psalm 91 v 1 Fear is the foundation of safety. Tertullian

this - ‘We all support you!’ Your family provides that; it gives you a sense of safety, and it’s a very grounding feeling. Gisele Bundchen

We can’t solve modern problems by going back in time. Retreating to the safety of the familiar is an understandable response, but God has called us to a life of faith. And faith requires us to face the unknown while trusting Him completely. Charles R. Swindoll It is clear to me that people often want incompatible things. They want danger and excitement on the one hand, and safety and security on the other, and often simultaneously. Contradictory desires mean that life can never be wholly satisfying or without frustration. Theodore Dalrymple


SAFETY GLASS! There can’t be many people who have never scratched, cracked, dented or immersed their phone at some point. Mine has definitely had an unfortunate encounter with a toilet and has one or two scratches. This is very mild compared to my niece who must be on at least her 10th phone, mainly through dropping it at various times! Though it has to be said that the number of accidents has gone down since she has had to start paying for it herself… Considering how clumsy people can be you’d think phones would be made of safety glass that didn’t crack so easily!

in the business of restoration rather than today’s society which often opts for the throw away approach. God wants to help us fix our problems and when we allow him into our lives to help us, it is like being given a brand new phone rather than a patched up one.

But you can always get a cover to protect your phone. There are so many different ones on offer these days that range from fun to sophisticated, characters to patterns or full to partial coverage. Which you choose depends on finance, taste and I guess the likelihood of getting a replacement if you do have People are like phones in that we are an accident! easily broken and damaged, though We asked some of you to show us your hopefully not from being dropped phone covers and here they are… down the toilet! Thankfully God is

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Apocalypse is the most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe - he is immortal and invincible. Waking up after thousands of years, he is not impressed with the way the world has developed and so he sets out to create a new world, with himself as its ruler. He recruits a team of powerful mutants to help him in his quest for domination, including Magneto and Storm. It is up to Professor X, Raven and a team of young X-Men to stop them and save the world from being destroyed. We only have to watch the news to see the mess our world is in today. Whilst we might not have the powers of the X-Men we can all do something to improve our surroundings and situations. Whether it is helping refugees, recycling, visiting the elderly, volunteering for charity or just thinking about others and being aware how our actions affect them, we can all make a difference. In the Bible Jesus says we should be like a light in the darkness, bringing hope and sight to those who are lost. How could you bring some light into someone else’s situation today?

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Oak Hall Come with us this summer! Slovenia - hidden gem: mountains and lakes Berlin - a vibrant and historic city Adventure Italy - biking, climbing, trekking Andorra - high in the Pyrenees Mountains Russia - intriguing Moscow and St Petersberg Uzbekistan - land of Arabian nights Sicily - three-star hotel by the sea Active Italy - sailing, kayaking, walking Cycling - in France, Italy and Austria Black Forest - walking in the sunshine Spain - sun-drenched beaches Scotland - lochs and Isle of Skye Venice - golden sands, Europe’s treasures Austria - soaring peaks and blue lakes Greek Island - escape to Santorini Italy - 13-day highlights tour Swiss Alps - mountain action Lake Maggiore - Italian Alpine lakes Greece - culture and ancient Aegean Sea Amalfi - dramatic Italian coastline Montenegro - undiscovered Adriatic jewel Morocco - epic cities, stunning desert Norway - majestic fjords and waterfalls Jordan - adventure and Biblical highlights France - cycling in Dordogne and Provence Turkey - Istanbul & the cities of Revelation Iceland - vibrant land of fire and ice Vietnam - unique and fascinating Nepal - the mighty Himalayas Holland - Keukenhof colourful bulb fields Israel & Palestine - the Bible in 4D Bruges - faraway on our doorstep Otford Manor - a warm welcome in Kent

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