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Theme : Success

Theme : Power

Theme : What If...

Theme : Yes & No

Theme : Extra

Theme : More

Theme : Never - Ever

Theme : OLD & NEW

Theme : Some.........

Theme : Ups & Downs

Theme : Good & Bad

Theme : LIFE

Theme : HOPE

Theme : WASTE

Theme : WISHES

Theme : CHANCE

Theme : TIME

Theme : LIMITS


Theme : WORTH








Theme : CHOICE

Theme : Making an IMPACT

Theme : What are you Looking FOR?

Theme : Direction

Theme : CHANGE

Issue 14 £1.99

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Theme : HEROES Theme : HEROES

Real Life Stories

and More...

hocking. Aged o moving to hinking she farm. She was d be easy and st 50% better back at home. out to be lies.

e got to nd they made


What’s under the cover?



06TER Freedom Writers – Film based on lives of LA S FREEDOM WRI gang members and their teacher. 08 Is it Worth the Wait? – A different perspective on sex.

Under Cover Heroes

If you could be a “hero” who would you be and why? Below are the names of different imaginary heroes, but who would be on the list if we were talking about real heroes? For each of us the list would be different and would probably consist of people who are largely unknown. Maybe you would be on someone’s list??? Can you find the well known heroes in the grid below.

Is it worth the wait? f y c k z d n n a x r o k i p s d l i b e r u o n n o h o n i g e e y o h h c d r s t i s e a b j x h l y o r e f d l e e b e o g Rachael, you k tell t usra bitrabout x yourself? t e b w c h s u p e Do you have s acboyfriend? x t q

o r r o f j m q w u r i r e a x o x i n o t z f n c n t o a c v d a r v r i z i e a e i t n k b r e r s r u v q lWhycareayou i e with n m involved the SRT and why is abstinence aimportant o t tonyou?b r i s r n t g l p t e a o n e e i h f y y n r g d a n g e r i t s a t n a r m a n a m a l r e v o c e

c n c b e p a k w e p m h e q x Do oyoucthinksthere’s p pressure to conform to a certain stereotype i ofwsexual r behaviour? p n a c o i d s i t d b w n n e a u o a r t r i m m m Do you think that there’s a v lotbof hype u and a exaggeration a about what young people get c upeto sexually? h n n w d r r o m o u s e f r m l e n What a donyoura friends b think of e thedwhole n abstinence u n idea?

11 Switchfoot on Tour – Interview with Tim and Drew. collective


14 Tim Howard – Regular feature with Everton’s goalie.

Bananaman Heroines Batman Human Torch Bionic Woman Invisible Woman Captain Scarlett Lone Ranger Captain Universe Mr Fantastic Dangermouse Mr Incredible Elastigirl Robin Fantastic Four Spider Man Flash Gordon Superman Did you ever feel like Frozone The Hulk giving up? Heroes Undercover Wonder Woman Zorro

Photo Credit: to be advised

How long did it take to hit the big time? What sacrifices have you had to make?

16 Four Kornerz – A band of brothers! Last time we talked Tim,


The team have been playing well through the season – were there any particular highlights?

the season started well our Kornerz is a had band made with your loan move up of four brothers and from we Manchester United to Everton were interested to find out – how have things gone? more about them and their music – so we hooked up with Deji, the oldest brother…….

Tell us a bit about the band?

Were you expecting a new contract or were there any doubts about what you’d be doing?

You’re looking in a strong position to qualify for Europe with 3 games to go and big games coming up that could decide the Premiership title and your position in Europe. Do you What’s motivation? getyour a real buzz about playing in these crucial games?

Are you thinking about next season or Europe yet?

18 Tough Talk with Ian McDowall – Interview with a reformed ‘bad lad’.

What’s your new single “Gonna Make It” about?

Obviously you’ve had a great season. How were you feeling just over a year ago, when things weren’t looking quite so good and you weren’t playing regularly?

What about the new album?

Has it been an easy ride so far?

Does the band’s name mean anything?

20 Amazing Grace – Film about the Abolition of Slavery.

Do you argue and fight or are you the best of mates?


How would you describe your music?

What was important to you then?

So what happened to turn your Have you had any amazing answers to life around? prayer?

Do you have other jobs? First a brief intro…

What sort of things did you get up to?

22 Breaking the Chains – Article by Tearfund about modern day slavery.

greatest For Peter the self. within him battle lieos

What were you like as a teenager?


Rona istiano



24 Spider Man 3 – Film preview.


Rosa Pa


My Mum



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26 Heroes? – Who are your heroes?

28 Evan Almighty – Preview of the sequel to Evan Almighty! i

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Hemade me sleep with ������ me feel at home. Things were going to him.������� They �������� �������� very well until the end of the month more men - five in total.’” la Mande ����������� when they refused to pay me. I needed My Gran Nelstoonthe help �������� ������������� the money to send back to my family Eventually, thanks of an ���������� to pay for food. They said that I’d not old man who took pity on her, Ratha earned enough yet and that I needed managed to escape and return home. If anything like ‘Bruce Almighty’ then a mother in Cambodia to it’s work another month. I believed Backthis withisher them but when the next month ng Ratha was left feeling angry, ashamed Ki bible finished they still refused to er pay me. and embarrassed by what she had m the Luth ther fro artin Then they Dr saidMthat they would pay me been through. She also had no Es money if I slept with somebody. They also told and little prospect of getting any. me that there was no point in going to the police as they’d arrest me for Currently at least 12 million people beingTavernor in Thailand illegally. So I could areDevon trapped in forced labour; as many Brown Rachel Devonmillion Brown teaches in Rachel 18 NO!” and will start uni in as 2.4 of them are the victims not issay Jamaica. He is also part of a Durham as soon as the march of human communitytrafficking. group (funded 80% of those finishes in October! So what by Christian Aid)women set up to and girls; each “Whenher I asked forhermoney to go back trafficked are persuaded to take to inform people about the feet this summer? home they said I couldn’t go home. year an estimated 1.2 million children effects of climate change and “It is the effect on the poor The guy kept like I had been sold arehow trafficked. From to prepare for whenprostitution to that motivates me tome march natural disasters strike. He can’t wait to arrive in the UK and start sharing stories

for climate justice. Those who have had the least effect on the climate are suffering the most.

but a date ma on to the cine .? you… ly as ed to go ve agre ghts, do mind as kind 5. You’ second thou ged your you have you’ve chan hiding them d all day a. Tell and spen Did you remain angry andible. re not well would make it easier forwant poss to do. revenge? them you’ r things b. Tell us. In a society where got bette ve e. at hom up – you’ d them taking the easy option c. Stan Having heard some of the stuff the Stereotypes: When you think of relate to the many young people who seems to be paramount young guys have produced you have a particular genre of music do live on the estates near the church. to be impressed with the quality and do follow categorise the crowd youwe immediately it and Keen to play a part in the community t two Pat asked Duane what the church technical the las skills involved in the music those or doinvolved? we tell the truth? ate they’ve could do to revolutionize its youth produced. who What do you think of when you know ….? work. you nts to you in think of church? Something for Withwil theget help of funding and grants m wa cuits, do Take a look at the questions t l ise. old people or young kids……… Music was bisthe thing 4. Mu tha logthe very much organised by Pat, theg Feedback crew ate ing apo col below and that’s see how yourelevant guys andcho hop something not very makin it and their mit mates were into have goneshe is on to produce and record ing oneso eatmuch measure up in truth to you and thethe community you after brainstorming a. Ad whatown CD and video. But this is and thought it –their to mit of . church had live in? b. Ad ‘Da Lab’ was born. The just the start – the guys are serious stakes. wledge troublebeing a corridor that used about forging a career in the music less wasn’t any knout? ny decided Take Grime for instance: Grime is a industry and are laying down loads of that much so was c. itDe s abo that h a fus form of urban ‘underground’ music new material and working on ways to this should be given over to the guys suc which first emerged in London in to transform it into a suite of music show-case their talents. you the early 2000s. It’s primarily a y charged rooms equipped with instruments, entl vert development of UK garage, drum and computers and software. They even As well as hosting ‘Da Lab’ the church t has inad bass, dancehall built their own sound proof recording also runs many successful programmes assistan and hip hop. Grime g. ethin ….?turbo-charged vocalists resemble e booth. to support and help the young people 1.A shop ed som ld be mor , do you r. miss little erro rappers, spitting lyrics twice as fast ’ve of the community. For outfi manyt ‘Da wou too thatLab’ his it they in an themhip decide racing rst date point outThe can’ as their hop equivalents, a fifirst guyst soon became expert at is the contact point with the a. Tell t it but boy to is going out on like they k abou poorthat Your friend match backingthe tracks thump developing,3. recording and mixing church that leads on to them getting not Thin b. to it’s for you….? – minute g – 140 beats dowas better. such as beprojects, ssin attering, at about 130 leave per their soundsisand of what involved with other would unflword embarra something else stuff and maybe thattheir [which the happening spread through crews the Teenage Pregnancy programme a. Suggest Take is near your target heart rate choice. c.for their it’s – vigorous physical activity]. and friends to on the local run by Crossroads, a pregnancy crisis it. Say nothing b. others knock ‘em dead”. afford great – You’ll housing estates. centre. c. Say “You look

Very often we find ourselves in a position where telling a lie or not

Football It’s unlikely that you’d think of a 2. Your church being instrumental in the teacher ‘Da Lab’ is now open most weekdays asks which Grime scene. We were intrigued from for2.00pm your onwards and regularly you to forgo work hear of such a project so we met had has 30 to 40home you… tten ..? up all people coming down to t, dotheir lyrics. When with Pat Roberts who the youth mix tracks abou or record a. isTell them you’r Duane and Ashley were younger they & community worker at All Nations e sorry but it done by the youmodels Church in Clapham and Duane & next day. had no role to give advice will have b. Tell Ashley from the Feedback them crew to find and help them develop their interest some excuse that thought out more……. up in’v Both are university students e just c. Tell themon the spurnow of the butmome regularly find the time to help that you’l next l have it or lessnt.experienced musicians The guys explained thatlesson before Pat’s done by – hoping younger arrival the churchanoth wasn’t with er really canthe skills that they’ve learned. excusable to you

News of the success of the work at the church has even reached one of the local TV stations who sent a TV crew to film the work of ‘Da Lab’ and also to ask the youngsters their views on sex / relationships and teenage pregnancies! Not what you might expect from your local church or grime crew – but then ‘you can’t always judge a book by its cover’!

Behind the Scenes! e by then.

Over the years professional football has changed dramatically and is now a multimillion pound industry. Part of the development has been the growth and importance of the non-playing staff. We were fortunate to talk to Chris Neville, masseur / rehabilitation scientist for Portsmouth and the England Team. How did you get involved with professional football? On leaving school I played for Ipswich Town youth team before getting a job with an airline. I trained as a sports masseur in the early ‘90’s and had work experience with several football clubs. The airline I worked for flew the England team around, so in ‘97 I had my first flight with them, organising their flight stuff but working part time in massage too. I

30 Let your Feet do the Talking – Christian Aid’s ‘Cut the Carbon’ March


Did the situation get better?

think up

worked for Birmingham City and set up a clinic from home before getting a part time job at West Brom. I was still flying with the England team in and around Europe. I had a phone call from Portsmouth offering me a job. It wasn’t an easy decision as we had a young family and we lived in the Midlands. It wasn’t risk free, as football can be quite an unstable industry to work in, but I jumped at the chance. Following the European Championships in ‘04 I received a call asking if I’d be interested in working with the England team – obviously I had to think about it - for a nano second! I already knew a lot of the team from my previous job with the airline so it was a very easy transition. What does your current job with Portsmouth entail? Up until ‘06 I was employed solely as sports masseur. But having gained

a Sports Science degree I have this season become more involved in the rehabilitation side of work. I mostly work with the injured players, particularly at the late stages of an injury, getting them ready to go back into full training. There is a lot of science now in the training. It is more advanced, producing more powerful, stronger and fitter athletes. So when players are coming back from an injury it is imperative that they can compete at this level – rehab has to mirror what fit players are doing. What has been the best memory for you? From a club point of view Portsmouth were promoted to the premiership in ‘03. It was very special to be part of the team that achieved this. From a national team point of view being involved with England in the ’06 World Cup was just amazing:

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Bruce Almighty.

32 David’s Story – Real life story of escape from the Congo.

What happened next?

Editorial team Peter Bell ( Sara Bell (

10 Wordsearch – Find the Under Cover Heroes.

on Tour

me ne


04 What’s Under the Cover? – Can you work it out?


s Story

ely ms t nds

JAM Magazine

36 Sharon St Louis – Interview with promoter turned artist. 38 Quiz – Tell the Truth or Cover It Up? 40 Football – Behind the Scenes – interview with Chris Neville of Portsmouth and England

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42 Grime Scene – A look at stereotypes.

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44 In Disguise – Fashion – Can you tell who is who?

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What on earth is it? 10 0417 What on earth is it? – Can you recognise 7 1 the everyday objects? xtreme 16 4 Pressure??? 11 12 0615Extreme Pressure – Interview with Bear 2 5 8 Grylls, explorer. 3 6 9 13 14

n we’re under pressure things look different to us. What wouldn’t normally upset or y us can be unbearable – our perception changes because we are stressed and our tions/ reactions are often more extreme than when we are relaxed.


have returned alive. This was the culmination of a childhood dream that looked like being impossible when, whilst serving in the SAS, he broke his back in a freefall parachute accident.

We had a few questions to ask Bear about his latest series – here is what he had to say……… We all have things that

So what else has this remarkable man done?

pressurised. What really irritates or makes you feel under pressure?

He holds the world record for the highest ever open air dinner party, slung under a hot air balloon at 25,000 ft. He has filmed a series on what it is really like inside the French Foreign Legion - ‘Escape to the Legion’. He led the first unassisted team to cross the frozen North Atlantic

People who stand on escalators without moving! Cities are quite scary, as everyone seems so bad tempered.

What was the worst moment you experienced doing the “Stranded” series ?

Jumping off my raft in the middle of the South Pacific and landing on top of a 16ft man-eating tiger shark! It is the only time I have ever gone to the loo in my trousers! It darted back just as I was scrambling out and bit the raft! How much “help,” if any, did you get?

For some of the action sequences, such as on the volcano, some of the world’s top volcanologists were on hand. They watched on screen everything that was happening - just because some of this stuff had never been attempted before and it was high risk. But they would only ever have intervened if I had needed them or I was about to die! I knew that if necessary I could call that chopper in pretty darn quick! That gave me confidence to get on and push the boundaries. I have also occasionally nicked a Mars bar off the camera crew when I was about to die of hypothermia!

Ocean in an open rigid inflatable boat - in aid of the Prince’s Trust. He led the first team to circumnavigate the UK on jetskis - in aid of the RNLI Lifeboats. He has also written a couple of books about some of his adventures – “Facing Up” and “Facing the Frozen Ocean”. You may have seen him at the cinema as part of the “Alpha Course” advert.

1) Bowl of Apples 2) Butterfly 3) Row boat 4) Fruit Salad bowl 5) Flip Flops 6) Guitar 7) Christmas tree 8) Keys 9) Hot water bottle 10) Hand bag 11) Car 12) Dog 13) Goat 14) PC Keyboard 15) Deck chairs / parasol on beach 16) Rings 17 Camera & strap


“landing on top of a 16ft man-eating tiger shark!”

a close look at the photos below. We’ve taken photos of some everyday objects and hem under pressure. Can you guess what they are? Some are harder than others! wers as usual at the bottom of the next page.


For lots of people sex = love. What do you think? Most people are looking for something/ someone to hold onto. Some of the others did look at me and think about why I seemed strong etc. It’s because I’ve got Jesus in my life; I’m not desperately searching for love because I found it in Jesus. I had all the money I could want, but I was still looking for peace, control and love. I was searching and tried alcohol, the occult, parties and so on but nothing compares with Jesus.

Under pressure?

Gaz 2K G untrue to myself.

What do you think is important in starting a relationship?

weren’t you keen to go on Which of theWhy things below make you want toI think scream? Some of them get me slightly it is important to take things the “dates” with anyone? and not to be rushed into the stressed and others are likely result in meslowly reacting in a Iless I lost some challenges becauseto I didn’t physical side of things. made itthan polite manner. It can particularly want to go on the dates. clear that I wasn’t even going all depend onSome how tired I’m feeling or who’svery the “culprit” – Is your pet hate on the list? people made it clear that they to start holding hands because

common place; it is the sex that is important not the relationship. It seems like everyone is jumping into bed with each other rather than getting to know someone first. I wanted to go out there and stand up for godly principles. I love Jesus so I wanted to show what he stands for – in doing so I did get mixed reactions. Some people thought I shouldn’t be on such a programme. But I’m in the public eye and I wanted to show that you can be a Christian, be normal and believe there is another way of doing things.

were interested in me and I’d made it clear that I wasn’t interested in that way. A date would have meant plenty of alone time and I didn’t want to pretend I was interested when I wasn’t. Other people really wanted to go on the dates so that was more important. I didn’t want to lead anyone on. I didn’t want to be last because sometimes there was a forfeit so I just did enough. I didn’t want to belittle or make people feel small. Your words can have a lasting effect – your comments can make people very vulnerable and can be damaging. The diplomatic approach to situations is good – anger and pride are unnecessary and you can end up making stupid comments. You then have to back pedal and say sorry but you’ve already caused a scar. I wanted to control myself and my tongue so, when some others really lost it, hopefully I could be calm and make peace.

I didn’t know the girls. It takes time to get to know a person, the habits you like or don’t like. Just because someone shows an interest in you doesn’t mean you have to sleep with them. Don’t go too fast – so many people have been hurt because they don’t wait to get to know someone and understand them. Too many people are taking their pants off way too quickly. Many young people think love is sex but shouldn’t cheapen themselves, there’s far more to it than that. People don’t think they are worth anything any more so they give themselves away too easily. Music and videos are often about beauty and people think that if they don’t look like the stars they have to give more to keep someone interested. This is isn’t true at all and if it is they aren’t worth it anyway.

ary Needham started life as a normal kid, growing up in Chadderton. But as a teenager he became involved with the “wrong crowd” and got into all sorts of stuff – including the Oldham riots in 2001. Now he is a youth worker for a church in Failsworth - so what happened to change his life?

I didn’t go to preach and just answered questions that were asked. I didn’t want to push my beliefs in peoples’ faces but if you behave differently people want to know why. Why is he like that? Why does he not do that? Has he got a point?


16 Fashion – Do you feel under pressure to wear certain things?

Blow your top?



12 Love Island – With Shane Lynch and Kelle Bryan.


Why did you leave the show

we dress and behave is often under scrutiny from friends, family and before it finished? I thought I’d done what I went to ders. It is a common assumption that if you dress a certain way you do. I’d gone with an open mind be a certain type of person. We also have, often unwritten, about rules a possible relationship, but though the girls were great what you should wear in particular situations. We thought even it would there was no one I thought I could n to ask some of you what you felt you ought to wear in certain have a long term relationship with. s, to certain events and also what you would actually like toSowear if I might as well leave I thought rather than lead people on and be elt free to do so! Take a look and see if you agree…..

that’s what I did. Getting into gang fights wasn’t unusual - I would hit people just because my mate said so. Where I lived there was a really diverse ethnic mix so many of my mates were Asian or black.

Job Interview How did it all start Gary? Up to the age of 12 I was a regular school kid. But when I was about 13 I started hanging around with the wrong crowd. By the time I was 14 I had started smoking, drinking and having sex. I lost my virginity in a paper bank at Asda. At 15 I was smoking weed regularly and drinking Matt isI agot singer/ into hip hop music because a lot. songwriter who uses melodies and lyrics to help people He’s been doing this for several years now of aworship girlGod.I fancied. The music is often and is known all over the world as a worship leader. He’s had the drugs, opportunity todrink visit many places India, about andincluding violence and Australia, South Africa and the USA. We asked Matt to


Front came down and it escalated. It was just crazy really, the drugs used to hype me up. For others it was alcohol related behaviour.

What makes you “feel the pressure”? – Wordsearch.

What other stuff did you get up to? So how come you were Once someone hurled a brick through involved in the Oldham race the window of my mate’s house. riots? There were about 60 white lads Photo credit: ITV pictures When I was 17 I started hanging out outside throwing bricks and only 3 of with a new bunch of friends from us inside. But we had baseball bats work. These guys were racists who and chains so we ran out, running hated anyone who wasn’t white. To around like psychopaths, whirling fit in I thought I’d better behave like chains and screaming. The 60 guys I know, at the end of the day, I’m just a guy from Watford who can’t read music and can hardly change guitar What, if anything, are you frightened of? them so I had fights with people who ran off, shocked by our reaction I strings! I’m not sure… I’ve just been watching “I’m a celebrity get is yourI favourite song that you’ve out of here” and I’m pretty scared of most of the gross were previously my mates. What Inside think, butwritten? then me they came back and bugs and things they have to eat! But more seriously, Rightbefore now I’d have to say ‘Yousmashed never let go’ – fromup the thewhen you’re a Christian, of theto bigger fears in life just wasn’t racist, my mates from house. Wesome had when nothing to seems stable or leg solid, we need something convinced of where I’m heading. And whatever happens I were my real mates, but I wanted it out the back. We actually joined unchanging and unshakeable to stand on. My wife and I know God has a good and perfect plan to see me through. wroteodd this songone when we wereup goingwith through some When during you think of it the like thatOldham a lot of the fears you might fit in. I didn’t want to be the thisreallygang tough situations. It was also the week of the London have had disappear. bombings. We know is that unshakeable place to a common enemy. I out. We were involved at the start of that Godriots - against stand - and that’s what the song’s all about. He’s the God who never lets go of us and He’ll help us make it through You’ve a new album out called ‘Beautiful News’… the Oldham riots. There were 2 fights wasn’t a racist but my mind just got the storms of life. can you tell us a bit about the album? then people like the BNP and National washed into that mentality - fitting in. Is writing a song a spur of the moment thing or Many songs on the album are about the ‘Beautiful News’

ie Lew

Matt Redman tell us a bit about himself and his music……

do you set out to write a song?

When did you first get interested in music?

I usually start with a lyric idea, some kind of theme or direction for the song and then just start singing out around that. Not everyone works that way - I’ve been doing more co-writing these days and there are 2 songs

I’ve always loved music but when I was 15 I got a guitar and started teaching myself some church worship songs. I was having a bit of a hard time: my Dad had died when I was seven and the guy my Mum then married didn’t treat our family too well. I found that talking to God was a great way of making it through each day. I soon found that I could speak to God through songs – just as people have done for thousands of years – like psalms in the bible. A lot of people who don’t go to church think it’s dead or boring or dead-boring! But I’ve seen thousands of young people all over the world getting excited about God. Music is a great way to express that passion and that’s the main reason I love it.

21 Matt Redman – Interview about his life and music.

of Jesus. This world is full of bad news – you only have to watch TV for a few moments to see stuff that’s dark, disturbing or depressing. But the ‘beautiful news’ is that there is a God who wants to save us from ourselves and bring hope, light and life. That’s something to get excited about, so the album is full of songs in response to this.

Delirious?. He likes to get into the melodies and music earlier; I like playing around with the lyrics even in the early stages of a song and so the mixture of our two different approaches really helped find a new freshness. Do you ever feel pressure for new songs / albums to live up to previous successes? Not really……I was excited that with this album we could fly over a production team called ‘Double Dutch’ from the USA (Robert Marvin and Josiah Bell). I think that musically speaking they helped us take this album up a level. Their sounds are so fresh and I’m really excited by the overall mix we got.

BEING LATE BEING RUSHED BEING TOO HOT BODILY NOISES CHANNEL FLICKING No, I never imagined I’d do this COMPUTERS full-time and travel to so many countries. It’s humbling to arrive DELAYS somewhere and find that the songs have gone ahead of you. FORGETTING When we went to India it was the

24 Apocalypto – Preview of Mel Gibson’s latest film.

What is your favourite chart song?


Did you ever imagine you would be known all over the world?

QUEUE JUMPERS I like all sorts of chart stuff: Damien Rice, Lemar, Muse – loads of styles really. I’ve really been enjoying ‘The Feeling’ RUDENESS recently – great melodies and a real positivity to the music. Their song ‘I love it when you call’ has been all over the SMOKING radio and it has such a bright and instant feel. if any, difficult things have happened to TRAFFICWhat, JAMS you and how did you cope? TWO TIMING I have been through things in life which I found hard – from day my Dad died, through to my wife having several UNFAIR the TREATMENT miscarriages a year or two back. But, as real as the pain of these things is, there’s a God of love who is strong and UNTIDINESS caring enough to help us through. I’ve found that time after time God’s proved Himself as faithful and powerful as UNWANTED He says HeCALL is.

Flushed Away most different culture I’ve ever experienced. And yet we found that many people already knew the songs. That was mind-blowing. But

OCALYPTO AP F Ruled by fear and oppression




n odd choice of film you might think but if you’ve not seen it don’t rom Academy Award® years. They built an impressively discount it. Anything produced - or so winning filmmaker Mel Gibson to advanced society of extraordinary by film giants Dreamworks and he thinks. (“Theand Passion of The Christ” He is quite cultural and scientific achievements Aardman Features, of Wallace Gromit fame, is bound to be worth and “Braveheart”) comes expansive cities and sky piercing happy with dressed viewing. in doll’s a pyramids. Then in a flash this world “Apocalypto”: a heart stopping clothes, driving

mythical action-adventure set against collapsed So what is the story about…..? he doesn’t know any different. On

The main character in the film is Jaguar Paw. He is a promising young father, instinctively aware but not yet a leader in his small village of hunters – an ordinary man pushed into heroic action. His world is ripped apart when he is captured and taken on a perilous march to the Mayan city, where he is to be sacrificed to appease the gods and end the widespread famine. Facing imminent death he must conquer his fears as he makes an adrenaline-soaked, heart-racing dash to try and save all that he holds dear.

and all that was left were

Do they succeed in foiling Toad and emotionally and touch them them Sewer rat Sid comes spewing his hench-rats? Does Roddy make it The desire to be authentic means spiritually.” out of the sink in Roddy’s posh back to Kensington? You’ll have to apartment and that decides he’sdialogue hit the the was translated go andall see……and remember having jackpot. Roddy hopes to get Yucatan rid of lots of material things a into local language and theisn’t always Gibson and his team discovered that him by luring him to the whirlpool guarantee of happiness! archaeologists and anthropologists actors mostly unknown. (the loo). Sid may be anare ignorant believe that the Maya were facing slob but he isn’t a fool and it is Roddy who endsSo upwhat being Flushed daunting problems of widespread led Gibson to pick this Away, to the sewer world of credit: United International theme as his next Photo “epic”? environmental degradation, excessive Ratropolis. Here he meets Rita, an Pictures UK consumption and political corruption. enterprising scavenger, who works the sewers in her boat calledMayan the Powerful kingdoms ruled in Sound familiar?? Jammy Dodger. the Roddy wants outfor more than 1000 Americas or rather up and Rita wants paying for her trouble.

26 Flushed Away – A light hearted film with a message.



And so to the plot….

a few jungle covered pyramids and the turbulent end arriving times inofRatropolis the once he is at first Toad is the villain of theMayan piece. civilization. great his he soon afinds tantalising mystery. Now 500 filled withWhen horror but He was once the favourite pet of that he hasn’t experienced idyllic existence is something brutally disrupted years later Mel Gibson delves into Prince Charles’, only to find himself before. Roddy had an apparently by a and violent force, a man this mysterious realm creating a film replaced by a mouse then invading wonderful life with lots of play and no flushed away byisa taken palace minion. on a perilous journey– but to ahe had noabout responsibility family one man’s quest to save that Now he hates all rodents and plans or real friends. world ruled by fear and oppression which matters to him the most, in a to get rid of them from the sewers, Rita is the opposite of Roddy; a harrowing end awaits him. world on the brink of destruction. replacing them where with an army of independent and street-smart she lives tadpoles. He “employs” hisatwo Through twist offorfate and spurred the moment and takes risks. But hench-rats, Spike butof his shelove is determined large – “People want films that Gibson byand theWhitey, power for his to support her when they fail he sends for his family.he A little a little and are thrilling and entertaining but woman and his family willwild, make a chaotic cousin Le Frog. An upper crust vulgar, she is rough round the edges also something more – to see desperate break tobutreturn home and society mouse called Roddy drops brave and adventurous. into this scenario. to ultimately save his way of life. big stories that say something to

28 Oh! Gravity – A look at the new album from Switchfoot.

Part of what makes Jaguar Paw’s battle so epic is the enormity of what he is fighting - it is not a person but a concept – FEAR. He must overcome his fear! Photo credit: Icon Film Distribution


Roddy is a pampered pet mouse who has never ventured outside the safe walls of his Kensington appartment and never needed

So what have some of those tough decisions been? Well for starters Marvin is from Trinidad, but in 1998 he

his is the title of the new album from San Diego based band Switchfoot.

board to take a new stance facing the opposite direction. Through the songs they encourage listeners to think for themselves and not just go with the flow.

even point for the record that my band made back in high school was selling 300 copies. To us, that was success.” And so, this past summer when they set out to record a new album, they tried to put all pressures and expectations aside and focus on the music.

’s magic! After all the success of previous albums are they worried about the success of this one? Foreman insists he’s not feeling any pressure to top his band’s superb track record but is coolly confident about the new album. “It can kill the music worrying about how a record’s going to do,” he says. “Success for us is making music that is gratifying to us. The break-

As with previous albums they’ve combined a spiritual bent with a critique of some of modern society’s hypocrisies. The name ‘Switchfoot’ is actually a surfing term which means to shift your feet on the

et Daniel r about a year conference. He nd-bogglingly running a M and I had ave a break. I Gareth from ns and he Daniel. I must ceptical at first e able to see ks. After all I’m ….. but he was s this way of draws you in and ondering how on at. In one trick I Gareth on a card nded up inside ich was in his nk Gareth was h my “sketch” of impressed with te trick though d my chosen nd I was left glass rather than went back with d spot how he ay as baffled as was astounded impressed! ht we’d ask the questions and d….

st get into an? c trick for was 7 and I was it worked.

So what about the songs themselves? Well here are some thought provoking lyrics from my favourites...

Tough Decisions? W Where have you performed? I’ve been all over the world. I’ve performed in the Kremlin, Buckingham Palace, Dubai, the residence of Sheik Whalid of Saudi Arabia, Skibo Castle in Scotland and I worked in Harrods as their resident magician – lots of different places.


From Awakening Last week found me living for

Another sunset, Another freefall, Am I alive? Am I on purpose?

How much time goes into perfecting a trick? It does depend on the trick. It’s a bit like music; if you are learning a piece that uses chord patterns you are familiar with then it can be fairly simple to learn a new one. If you are learning totally new chords it can take a while. I guess learning the mechanics of a trick is the easy part. The magic is in the performance and that only comes hat is the toughest you’ve made today? For most us it will not with lots anddecision lots of practise. For Have you ever had any me the entertainment part of a have involved anything too hard or potentially life changing. For Marvin embarrassing moments? trick is more important than the Andrews have Ibeen some very hard decisions to make over the years, Yes, I was once doing a trick calledthere mechanics. want people to enjoy the “watch steal,” where you experience. when he hastherelied on his faith in God to help him choose the right path. remove somebody’s watch while it a firework performing aIsfairly routinegoing coin off? An explosion? Or a volcanic eruption? No, you just got the full force of someone letting off steam. Their pressure point trick. The trouble was the bloke Is it something that anyone was activated and all you could do was sit back and watch. had a really old leather strap on can learn? of us there will be different things that buttons” his watch andForit each broke. The trick The mechanics of “press some our tricks can and cause an eruption. Some days we will be able to handle stuff and other is supposed to be….. fairly easy and be learnt fairly easily with a bit of days watch out! “badly” done so that people are time and will power. But to be a We asked some of you what really you annoyed. What people even more blown away when goodgets magician you have tocauses have you to “feel the pressure”? Is it bad driving, queue jumpers or maybe certain Judging you say, “Yes but take a look at a slight air of mischief, you have What has been your favourite place? Lots of them have been great but I guess in terms of atmosphere it would be Skibo Castle near Inverness. It’s full of character and stuff; there is a real sense of history there. It’s tucked away in the middle of nowhere really.

faith. Some magicians go for very dark, sombre moods in

their acts to add drama but that isn’t an angle I take. I like lewithout that. I want people to have fun. For to entertain e peopwhen lots of magicians do card tricks they ask for Fakexample,

Whoosh! Bang! Pow! Yikes! Watch out!

people? Have a look and see if what makes you “blow” is on the list!

to have good people skills and be confident.

Lack of y privac


What is your favourite trick? That’s got to be when people think they are holding a pack of cards and it’s changed into a block of glass. Changing the cards from a red to a blue pack would be good,




nk d who thi People chewing People IT loudly they are


cho Difficult ings

wing feel Not sho rs and use

l ties portraya Friends taking liber Media n of wome

Pressure Works!! mi

Environmental refugees (people forced from their homes by natural disasters and food/water shortages) are set to reach 150 million by the end of the century. 150,000 people already die every year from the effects of climate change. These facts kick-started Stop Climate Chaos campaigners into action.

Annoyin sister


Stop Climate Chaos is a coalition of different organisations who want something done about climate change. In the week before the rally they arrived in Trafalgar Square with a fourfoot-high ice-sculpture of the prime minister. As well as symbolising the frightening speed at which glaciers are melting, Tony Blair’s rapidly thawing face showed the pressure campaigners are putting on the government to act. The PM is under particular pressure in his last few months at No 10 to make a difference.




Singer/songwriter KT Tunstall said, ‘I was proud to be part of this event. We have to tell the politicians to do something now. They have to show respect for our beautiful planet.’ Two days after the rally world leaders and top scientists were meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss how climate change should be tackled on a global scale. The London gathering was not just a wake-up call to the UK government that it’s citizens are bothered about sorting out the planet; it was also an act of solidarity with people all over the world who are already feeling the effects. Mamadou Niang, a rice farmer in Senegal, 1) explained that the ‘desert is getting closer every year.’ His


harvest is being reduced every year because of climate change.

Arriving in ‘green’ ways from across the UK on bikes, canoes and biofuelled taxis, the folk who gathered in London flexed their campaigning muscles in style. Surfers Against Sewage went to the extreme, showing up with their boards tucked under their arms. We’re not sure which wave they caught to get over M25, but you can’t deny their dedication!

It’s one thing having a passion for a particular cause, whether that be climate change or tackling poverty, but setting out to make a change on your own can be a tricky and lonely path. Joining a peaceful rally or a well organised demo where you can meet people who share your enthusiasm is empowering and great fun (especially when Johnny Borrell from Razorlight turns up!). Stop Climate Chaos called this latest gathering ‘I Count’ because individual as well as collective action is needed. Turning your stereo off standby or switching off lights is good,

dots on

Thanks to Karl and the crew from Southport Elim Christian Centre and Andy and his crew from Bridge Street Leeds.

but why not combine it with writing to your MP to press for new laws forcing companies to reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

So how exactly does hanging out in the centre of London on a chilly November morning translate into pressure on the government?


The scale and extent of droughts and other ferocious climate disasters is enough to make even the most fervent campaigners crawl back into the comfort of our carbon producing lifestyle and pretend it’s not happening. But campaign groups can provide everyone who is interested with powerful tools to exert pressure in a positive way! On there is always an email ‘action’ to be taken: a ready-written challenge to a decision-maker which you send in your name, calling for changes on behalf of people unable to influence their governments in the way you can. Campaigning is not a recent invention. The world has just commemorated the 200th anniversary of the end of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. William Wilberforce

40 Can we ease the pressure? – Jars of Clay and Blood:Water mission.

You can join the ‘I Count’ campaign by signing up online at or texting ‘I Count’ to 84424 (see, texting can make a difference beyond BB!).To find out about Christian Aid’s online campaign log onto Article provided by Ele Ramsey, Christian Aid Ice Sculpture of Blair © Nick Cobbing/ Stop Climate Chaos All other pictures are Matthew Gonzalez-Noda/ Christian Aid

, fic jam e traf hug ed is a allow There …..? - you do youpatiently time. you’d of wish a] wait plenty and self your all panicky b] get er. left earli

your a party and do You’re at being a pain, brother is get bored you…..? - he’ll soon a] ignore him and go away. and end up spilling b] get all tense on someone. he’s a your drink can see c] relax – everyone

Your friend has a bad B.O problem, do you…..? a] tell them and do everyone a favour. b] spend days wondering how to tell them, then blurt it out. c] relax – it’s not you that smells.

leave. so but don’t think them. b] say you it to please end up doing to them but up c] relax – it’s doing it. you’re not

day. your “free” time c] relax and enjoy – exams aren’t important.

s in, pushe someone e and back. is a queu go to the There ..? them to do you… politely tell do nothing. but nce. a] firmly le and moan but much differe b] grumb it won’t make – c] relax

Tim Howard

Your alarm failed to go off, do a] just speed up a bit and ask Mum you…..? b] go into panic for a lift. mode and run to school without breakfast and half your stuff. c] relax – you’ll just say the bus was late.

Your mates are ignoring you, do you…..? a] ask what you’ve done wrong and try to sort it out. b] imag


42 Quiz – Pressure points – How do you deal with pressure?

suggest Your friends ng without taking somethi you…..? paying, do to and don’t want a] say you

do you…..? Exams are coming, do your best. a] study hard and but panic on the b] do some studying

Some people get away from it by relaxing with a book and for others physical exercise can relieve the tension. Sometimes crying or screaming (preferably not at someone) can be a release. We all need to find something that works for us because our bodies can react badly to too much pressure – feeling sick, headaches, bad temper and so on. If you keep it all bottled up inside then eventually there will be an explosion.

do you…..? You’re going on a big date, after all you look a] take things in your stride – good, smell nice etc it is going. b] worry all the time about how and you’re worth c] relax – you’ve plenty of time waiting for.

Exam Attack

38. Pressure Works – Positive pressure for change

was a Christian who won an awesome campaign victory by bringing about the end of this massive injustice. Campaigning for what you believe in and exerting positive pressure on those making decisions in your name is a massive part of proving to the cynics that our generation is interested in the future of the planet and the rights of its people.


PRESSURE POINTS Have you ever felt “under pressure”? It can take many forms and disguises. Some of us feel the pressure to dress or behave in a particular way. It may be something that needs doing for school or something you just aren’t comfortable with that causes the pressure. Whatever it is it can be debilitating and/or at the same time you may not even realise you’re stressed. Recognising that we are feeling stressed is the first step in dealing with it; pushing it into our subconscious is bound to lead to trouble.

36 Whoosh, Bang, Pow, Yikes – What makes you blow your top?

I hope you get a glimpse of how amazing Daniel is from this. It’s very hard to explain just how mind boggling his magic is unless you’ve actually seen him but I hope you get the picture. loo roll the new erly prop When You can get a better idea by looking under Daniel Alexander start doesn’t at



tec Over pro r brothe

Or is it? When 25,000 people showed up in Trafalgar Square on 4 November for the ‘I count’ rally, the majority were under 30. With Simon Amstell’s cheeky compering and stunning sets from KT Tunstall and Razorlight, this bunch of climate change campaigners showed that the demand to pass AS-levels, fit into skinny jeans and afford exotic gap years aren’t the only pressures familiar to this generation. Determined to demonstrate that we are unhappy with the government’s slow response to the climate change crisis, thousands turned out to hear actors, pop stars and experts call for parliament to clean up it’s act.


Two fac people




So how do you do the trick where you throw the cards and “THE Card” ends up inside a phone box or shop window? (To see this go to website below and watch Daniel in action) I’m afraid that is a trick I learnt from someone else and I couldn’t possibly comment!



How does being a Christian affect your job? I have had some people ask me how I can be a magician and a Christian but I don’t see a problem. I’m an entertainer and the “magic” is illusion. It’s a great way of getting to meet people and I can talk about my

that are People right always

idden under hoodies and plugged into ipods our generation isn’t interested in what’s going on outside of ‘myspace’. The nearest we get to effecting change is texting in our Big Brother vote…

a signature on a card but to me that is too formal/ official. I like to get people to draw a picture of someone - it’s always funny. Even the best artist can’t do much with a thick black marker pen. People are already feeling entertained just watching the drawing!

Friends betrayal

34 It’s Magic – Interview with amazing magician – Daniel Alexander.

and send it to the website?

but the element of surprise when people find the block of glass is incredible. They are so convinced they have cards in their hand – the reaction is usually outstanding.

my wrist, I’ve got your watch on!” I just had to apologise and say, “Oops I’m afraid I broke your watch.” Luckily the guy was really understanding!

30 Tough Decisions – Interview with footballer Marvin Andrews.

Whilst playing for Rangers Marvin ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament, the kind of injury that used to end a career. The medical staff were convinced that, if he was to play again, he would require surgery, followed by months of rehabilitation. But Andrews refused to have an operation. “I prayed to God and He spoke. God is not deaf; God speaks. God told me not to have the operation. It was a difficult decision because I knew “The doctor told me I needed an operation which would many people would be offended and I respected all the include placing a metal plate low in my stomach. I knew views of the Rangers medical staff. They told me my other players who had had this done and you could still career was probably going to be over without surgery. play but you would never be quite the same again. Then Doubts and fear came but I kept holding on to what I Tony Rougier at Raith told me about his church and how believed. This is what faith is about.” he believed Jesus could heal people today just as He did two thousand years ago. I went along, met Pastor Joe After three weeks Marvin declared himself fit. Mwokoye and was prayed for. I felt an intense heat in Eventually he was given a run-out with the reserves and the injured area and a sense that God had healed me. I his knee survived intact. The next week he returned to nothing but deadlines, American Dream told the clubFrom doctor the following day but he said he’d first-team football against Celtic and he played all the With my dead beat sky but, be thisthe town I want to live and die for bigger things, judge of that. Well, they gave me all the tests and final four games of the season. doesn’t look the same tonight tired fighting forto just me“Marvin, this is examinationsI’m and theofdoctor said me, These dreams started singingmiraculous. to me This ain’t my American dream and fromThen Oh! Gravity People don’t get healed from such injuries.” Rangers got themselves a new manager and he out of nowhere When success is equated with excess, Why this no tragedy? longer wanted Marvin on the team. Marvin had to And in all my life I don’t know if I’ve When we’re fighting for the Beamer, Why can’t we seem to keep it Marvin went from Raith to Livingston. When he was make yet another difficult decision: to go to one of ever felt so alive, the Lexus together? there he wasAs offered a transfer plus a big salary hike the big clubs that were showing an interest or Alive the heart and soul breathe in the by Dundee United. Angoals, easy decision for a is lot of people where he started at Raith? company Where success Check outto thereturn band ontotheir website - but again he knelt down to or on their From Burn out bright – take the money equated with excess Should always said I would only go where God wanted me If we’ve only got one try, If we’ve onlyhe accept Dundee United’s offer? European“Itour in February Having prayed he felt that the move was a bad idea. and so I’vefrom returned to Raith. My life is not moved by got one life, If time was never on our From Circles (tickets are available Three weeks Another later Rangers came insunrise, for him. money; I am).only moved by what God says. I am back at side day, Another Another If you’ve time Then before I die I want to burn out factory call, Another night why not personalise thebecause album cover Raith Rovers God wants me to be here.” Whilst playing for Raith he suffered with a degenerative groin injury and surgery was recommended. Should he have surgery or trust God to heal him?

“Oh! Gravity” T

Credits: Editorial team Peter Bell ( Sara Bell ( Design JAM Magazine Contributors (In alphabetical order) Daniel Alexander Marvin Andrews Peter Bell Sara Bell Kelle Bryan Wayne Dixon – Scripture Union Bear Grylls Tim Howard Karl Jones and crew Andy Lenton and crew Shane Lynch Gary Needham (Gaz2K) Eleanor Ramsey – Christian Aid Matt Redman Other Thanks (In alphabetical order) Blood:Water Mission Icon Films UK Jars of Clay Switchfoot United International Pictures

So onto Rangers – it was here that another huge decision faced him. Should he have surgery on his left knee or trust in God again?

Would you have swapped the Caribbean for Scotland? A tough choice but one that he felt God was telling him to take.

In the words of Jon Foreman, Switchfoot’s singer/songwriter/ guitarist, “We’ve always used music as a vehicle to explore our own questions and frustrations.” This album is no different.

Gaz2K – Interview with reformed “bad lad”.

JAM Magazine

You’ve been asked to do a presentation in class, do you…..? a] prepare and get things done well in advance. b] leave it to the last minute then get stressed out trying to finish it. c] relax – you can always say you forgot it.

So how did you do?


Tim Howard – Interview with Everton goal


Well if you chose “a” most of the time you really are good at coping with pressure. You don’t let things get on top of you and you take things in your stride. But be patient with us lesser mortals who occasionally let things get to us! If you picked “b” the most you could do with some pressure release techniques. Try to plan ahead a bit more and stop stressful situations arising in the first place. Next time rather than just getting “heated” about a situation think about what positive things you could do rather than just allowing the pressure to build!

If “c” was your most common choice you aren’t stressed by much. But remember your laid back attitude isn’t always appreciated by others and can get you into trouble. Don’t waste your potential


Exam Attack – A survival guide.

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Theme : What Matters

ISSUE 12 of JAM – CONTENTS‌‌‌.. JAM Magazine them?

04 Can you recognise ‘em?

e people on our screens – but can you recognise them when hould be? We’ve cut up some faces – see if you can guess

– Can you work out who it is? 7

p y g cided I wanted to be too. It brought me a of peace and joy that with me. This coincided rd’s promotion and the God in my life carried that season, giving me cy in my play that I had ved before. I gave God our triumph that year and o ever since. He gave me o play football.

06 Darren Moore Derby County footballer

p p y y than you can build one on just sex. If guys or girls think that sex is the only important thing then they are going to miss out. But often this is all that is portrayed in the media, so that’s what people think is “the norm�. Very often they are in a place where people don’t stick around for long or work through problems. They are looking for something more but don’t know how to find it.

st date? . I’ve not been on loads ots of mates, rather than member one time when I end. On the sixth time of I just looked at him and ou’re gorgeous but I need

How do you keep a relationship going strong? One of the major things is recognising that ‘going out’ is different from other friendships. It can be difficult getting the balance between having a relationship that is in some

riends? e the “go between� for

23%527+(5&1301 ,<7/02%,/(/,-, 65(1(7+*,$5760 6(/3:'65<%&'($


W O W Music

Music s&

& e Mates Theatr ping Musical


wonderful facts about the world in generalâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś.

s & Fa Friend

10 Romance? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Interview with Rachel Gardner & friends â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Romance Academy 14 What matters to you? wordsearch

16 What do you think? is important to you?

18 WOW!

Every person has a unique tongue print.

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

The average human body contains enough: sulphur to kill all fleas on an average dog, carbon to make 900 pencils, potassium to fire a toy cannon, fat to make 7 bars of soap, phosphorus to make 2,200 matchheads and enough water to fill a ten-gallon tank.

An elephant cannot jump. The average cat has 24 whiskers. Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand!

25% of a humanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bones are in its feet. Human tonsils can bounce higher than a rubber ball of similar weight and size, but only for the first 30 minutes after theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been removed.

The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head!

In one square inch of skin there are four yards of nerve fibres, 1300 nerve cells, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells and 3 yards of blood vessels.

Unlike other four legged mammals, kangaroos cannot walk backwards.

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Interesting facts â&#x20AC;Ś..

city gan them fr can rela respond

20 Truce team

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; UK visit by a Nicky Cruz

22 Andyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s story -



â&#x20AC;&#x201C; real life story


to delay their wedding, while Captain Jack has a run in with the evil ghost pirate, Davy Jones (Bill Nighy). This time around, the pirates arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t after treasure as in the ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst ď&#x192;&#x17E;lm. No, this time Sparrow is on a quest for freedom from a debt that he owes to Davy Jones, the debt of his soul. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You owe me your soul and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to pay up!â&#x20AC;? Sparrow tries to swindle, con, buy, manipulate and otherwise pay or manage this debt on his own terms and these efforts make up the bulk of what takes place in the movie. Elizabeth reminds Jack that there will come a moment when he will have

24 Pirates of the Caribbean â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a look at the film

26 James Blond? There has been a lot of debate about the new Bond movie â&#x20AC;&#x201C; both in terms of production effects and the new â&#x20AC;&#x153;007â&#x20AC;?. Will they live up

Much of the argument about Craigâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s casting is about his blonde hair, his height and his looks. Although he is 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;11â&#x20AC;? he is referred to as short in comparison to the previous James Bond actors, who have been over 6 foot. The subject of his looks is

â&#x20AC;&#x153;temper start trou get into

So the Yeah â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I boxer - m was alwa would b and prot trouble. with the

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

What w trouble

I was born in Brixton, London. As a child I had a lot of learning

It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t e

28 Watchman

reformed gangster

32 Fashion





Did doing all this make you happy? It seemed like I should be - I had everything. I was 18, famous, rich and had the highest esteemed sports medal out there. What more did I need? Yet I was not happy even with all these things. I could not figure it out. All these things were amazing, but they were not what I was looking for. I went about snowboarding for the next few years, just going through the motions. It was still going great from the outside perspective. I was still winning and â&#x20AC;&#x153;being successfulâ&#x20AC;?, but inside it seemed to get worse and worse. I did not know what I was doing with my life, did not know what was next, besides what my competition schedule said. I had started partying to try and prove myself cool. It got to a point that I needed it to run away from things. I was drinking by myself to pass the time and drown out the rest of the world.

Does it matter if I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get up now? That depends on whether you have something specific to do, like work or school.

for k up e in? you stic 4. Do you believ causes

Does it matter if I eat this food? Well it depends whether it is healthy and where it comes from. Are you supporting ethical trade li i li i h k f h l d

noticed is how we in the Western world kind of turned our backs on the whole situation and didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t offer much support to Rwanda. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why we were delighted to be involved in some way with this project â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we can all help to make a difference and contribute in some way to the people of this country.

We caught up with Stu Garrard from he band Delirious? to find out if here is â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Hope for wandaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś??

Why did you & Martin mith go to Rwanda in April?

I have to say that Rwanda is one of the cleanest African countries we have visited! They have a day every month when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s everybodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s responsibility to clean up their neighbourhood. There are memorials throughout the country to the genocide and also to other genocides of the world. We went to the memorial in Kigali, the capital city. They have a series of what look like bunkers â&#x20AC;&#x201C; each bunker is filled with coffins â&#x20AC;&#x201C; there are the remains of about 250 thousand people. To this day they are still finding the remains of people killed in the genocideâ&#x20AC;Ś.nothing can prepare you for this!!

Could you tell that the genocide

were all murdered at the same time! Nothing was left to chance â&#x20AC;&#x201C; theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d devised a plan and ruthlessly stuck to it. After the genocide I thought I could never continue with my studies or have a future. But thanks to a Rwandan organisation called â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Let them liveâ&#x20AC;?, I ended up in their orphanage for displaced kids. They were able to send a few of us back to school. This organisation put me in touch with Australian foster parents in early 1996. I met them and they offered me the chance to go to Australia to finish my University studies. I arrived in Australia in January 1997. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been an amazing i

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that point now and have done many TV, radio and press interviews with the media in Australia. I think what happened is something that people need to know. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good that I can tell my story as part of this.

shaped you?

What are your plans for this winter? Wh we look out for you? I will be travelling and competing all over the be at most of the big pipe events.

What sort of places do you get to see as about training? I get to see all sorts of amazing places. We go Japan, South America, New Zealand, Canada, and all over the States.

Do you have a favourite place to Snowbo I live in Mammoth Lakes, California now and I

few pinch a your local 7. Do you bars from d it and chocolate can affor . store? They a few quid itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only

now â&#x20AC;&#x201C; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s caused so much grief in their history! Our impression was that the government has done a great job in promoting moving on and rebuilding both individually and as a

have come from negatives â&#x20AC;&#x201C; stories of rebuilt lives and forgivenessâ&#x20AC;Ś. it is a huge, huge thing that, through the grace and love of God, people who have suffered so much can forgive It

36 Does it really matter? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fairtrade article by Tearfund

worked. I know that sounds crazy but my hea hard, I was so far from allowing myself to be one. I felt like I was alive for the first time. Yo think I had everything before but it felt like I h at the same time.


What Matters?

The answer to this question is one that will affect every minute of our day â&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś..

8. Do yo elderly n Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll only minutes job don

38 Kelly Clark

snowboard champion

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Former Olympic

40 Quiz - What matters? 42 Hope : Rwanda â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Stu G from Delirious? 44 Hope : Rwanda â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Lambertâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s story

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â&#x20AC;&#x201C; What are you



Olympics. I reached every goal and success I could have wished for.

principal my mother a retired nurse

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Interview with



My life is very much tied to the genocide. I come from a family of 6 kids, 4 boys and 2 girls. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m the youngest in my family. Both of my parents worked. My father was a school

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; film preview

Daniel Craig as 007, a decision that was instantly controversial.

performed at events like Prince Charlesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Party in the Parkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. BUT who, also runs â&#x20AC;&#x153;Harvesting Manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Potentialâ&#x20AC;? - a personal development programme for prisoners. Kinda appropriate for an exprisoner!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how the genocide in 1994 affected your life?

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; What

The liver is often called the bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s chemical factory. Scientists have


lost both his parents and three brothers. He was fostered by an Australian family in 1997. Lambert now works for Compassion Australia as their accounting specialist. JAM chatted to Lambert to find out more about his life and the Hope Rwanda projectâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś.


Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart.

As the Mau M the me Now he messag H l i

han one million nnocent men, women and children were systematically laughtered in 100 days of genocideâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś..

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You can in his b


â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Interview with


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