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Letter from the Editor Jamie Srubis Dear Members, Welcome to the first Annual Report/ Newsletter for InvestSoc! This has been a busy and exciting year for the society and I am proud to publish this report, highlighting some of the amazing work the InvestSoc team has done over the last year. The year started on a high-note with O-week, with almost 800 sign-ups. The society continued to thrive with amazing events such as the Opening Event, Managing your Money, Simon Says and ITE. As the Roaming Project Manager, I’ve had the privilege of organising a number of different events and being able to get involved with many different aspects of the society. The newsletter is my final project for the year and I hope this publication will allow members, corporates and future members to gain some insight into all the hard work that goes into each event and the personal growth each exec and PM achieved from their involvement in this amazing society.

I would like to thank my subcommittee for their hard work and dedication this year. Lastly, I would just like to thank each and every member who attended InvestSoc’s events this year. It’s members’ enthusiasm and interest that keeps InvestSoc alive and I’m sure the society will continue to grow and flourish in the years to come. Questions and comments can be directed to

President’s Address Tsepo Serakalala It is amazing how quickly 12 months can go by. It feels like it was just yesterday I was sending out my very first update, but a lot has happened since then. We’ve prepared this publication to highlight some of the great work InvestSoc has done over the past year. We started the year off on a high note; with a 10% increase in paid memberships (to 770); one of the highest sign-up rates on campus. This was due, in part, to a successful O-Week campaign as well as the fine work done by the previous committee. Our duty as the incoming committee was to ensure that we use our resources efficiently in order to maximise value-added to our members. Participation at our events exceeded all our expectations, a clear sign that the members were actively engaging with what was being offered. The feedback has been phenomenal and we’re looking forward to seeing even more people sign-up and participate in 2013.

Most of our events hinge on having exceptional speakers, something that InvestSoc had in abundance in 2012. Through our various projects we brought you speakers such as Colin Coleman, Simon Hurry and Paul Raphaely – each one with a story that is both encouraging and inspiring in its own right. Our Young Women’s initiatives hosted extraordinary women like Maria Ramos, Nolitha Fakude, Kim Feinberg and Audrey Mothupi – just a few of the ladies who are taking the South African business scene by storm. Many of you may not know this but the membership fees we collect cover only a very small portion of the expenses that we incur. But thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners, our sponsorship over the last 12 months totalled close to R1.5 million, an amount unprecedented for a student society. It bears testimony to the quality of service that we deliver to you as our members, as well as the value we add to those who make it all possible.

At the beginning of our term, one of the strategic goals we had was to help develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within our campus. To this end, we introduced two new firsts for the society – Young Women Leading Entrepreneurs and Young Entrepreneurs Connect. YWLE is focussed on developing strong, female entrepreneurs while YEC is aimed at developing entrepreneurs across the Western Cape. In September we hosted the YWLE Gala Dinner at the One&Only as well as the inaugural YEC Conference at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). We’ve had an overwhelming response to both initiatives and we’re hoping to grow them and allow them to become regular features in our offering. Our community development programme was highly successful and culminated in a prize-giving ceremony where we gave away a laptop to one of the under-privileged learners who are part of the programme. The laptop and mentoring that we offer the learners will go a long way in developing tomorrow’s UCT students and InvestSoc members as well as our country’s future leaders. As I mentioned above, a year goes by very quickly so we weren’t able to fit in all that we’d hoped to do. One of the initiatives we’ve arranged for next year is the opening of an InvestSoc

portfolio – a R50 000 stock portfolio that will be managed by a group of our members, under the mentorship of professional traders from African Gateway. All profits made on this portfolio will go towards the Society and we’re hoping the additional revenue will help us improve our offering across the different projects. We are hoping that with this initiative we will finally establish ourselves as a REAL Investment Society. Amidst all our other activities, we have launched a re-designed website and an Online Journal where students from across the world can post articles. We have also given some attention to facilitating a more active Facebook and Twitter presence. This is our first Annual Report and we hope the publication will allow current and potential members, our alumni and our corporate partners to get a good glimpse into what it is we actually do and how the society is progressing. As you can see, your society has achieved quite a lot over the last year and a significant amount of work has been put into building upon the foundations out predecessors laid. The overwhelming support we’ve received from our members and our corporate partners has been encouraging and I’m excited to see what even greater things the society will accomplish in 2013 and beyond.

Vice-President’s Report Mpho Mutloane This year, the InvestSoc Executive Committee wanted to empower our members with the skills of active networking, business, innovation and social investment. The Committee aims to hosts events and projects that provide a platform for members to develop into well-adjusted, empowered graduates. We intend for our members to possess the entrepreneurial instinct, leadership acumen and enterprising know-how to be highly competitive individuals in the domestic and global environment. This was achieved through the projects that were held for InvestSoc members throughout the year. As vice president, maintaining these projects and aligning them to InvestSoc’s vision was important for my portfolio in 2012. This year there were 10 projects, namely, the O-week campaign, Roaming, Day in the life, Young Women Leading Entrepreneurs (which was split into the conference and campus arms), Investor Games, Managing your Money, Insider Trading Evening, Corporate Connection, Community Development and My Business, the

newest InvestSoc project. This diverse selection of projects ensured that the society catered to members from a variety of faculties and were applicable to students studying different degrees. Project Managers were appointed by the Executive Committee. These managers were all well-equipped to carry out that mandate and I must say they did an amazing job this year. Most of projects ran well, starting off with a very strong O-week event. That laid the foundation for a good year and with each event we built on that foundation, getting better every time. However, there were also low points, which included the Investor Games Project Manager resigning well into the year. It was decided to combine the Games with the Managing Your Money project, which worked, but it would have been preferable for Investor Games to have its own platform. The Corporate Connections Project had another resignation but we managed to find

another amazing person to fulfil the role of Project Manager. It has been a successful year at InvestSoc and that is largely due to the offering we gave our members. Looking ahead I would like to see more general events in the first semester and the specific events in the second so our members can get the most value out of InvestSoc. The

Project Managers this year made my job very easy and I would like to thank them for the amazing effort they put in so that the vision we all have for InvestSoc is realised. I always say InvestSoc is a society of people that believe in themselves and this year the entire team has revealed that to the greater university community.

Secretary-General’s Report Unathi Swartbooi The portfolio of SecretaryGeneral on the Executive Committee is a very demanding one; in that, behind the events and products delivered to the InvestSoc membership, there is a lot of administration involved. The job is fun though because of the opportunity it gives you to meet the various people in UCT, students and staff alike.

My job entails booking venues, taking down meeting minutes, being a signatory for all invoices going out of InvestSoc and being in-charge of team morale. Team morale is built and sustained by planning outings that will give the team a chance to breathe and interact with each other in an informal, social environment. The SecretaryGeneral role, although not “hyped up”, is very crucial to the functioning of the InvestSoc machine and is a surprisingly enjoyable.

Marketing Director’s Report Nosizwe Ndlovu My role as Marketing Director is, to put it simply, to make sure that everything InvestSoc associates itself with is in line with its brand image of a well-established society that has a high quality service offering for the benefit of its members. This stretches from the companies and people we collaborate with (who are leaders in their fields), right to the type of events we host. The Marketing Director makes sure that the InvestSoc name is out there, both in the student community and the corporate world, and that when people speak of the society they have good things to say. It is important to communicate all relevant information to members for upcoming events and opportunities such as internships, networking events or competitions and to do so effectively and efficiently. Other responsibilities a Marketing Director has is to manage the InvestSoc Vula tab and ensure the Facebook page, Twitter account and website are all up-to-date. The main idea is to liaise with all the team members to find out what their marketing needs are and how best to get their event out there to the right

people while keeping in line with our brand image. A new exciting addition that falls under the marketing portfolio is the launch of our new website . The website is a fantastic way to spread the word about InvestSoc to both students and corporates. It contains everything one needs to know about the society; from past and upcoming events, to profiles of the team members and their portfolios, to new project developments. There are a lot of great ideas in the pipeline to grow the website. Being part of InvestSoc was an amazing experience, not only did I get to know the inner-workings of the society and meet great people but I also learnt a lot about myself and my potential and what I want to do in the future. InvestSoc has so many opportunities to offer and seizing them opened up many doors and grew me, challenged me and shaped me in a way that no other involvement could have.

Corporate Relations Directors’ Report

Sope Ogunrombi & Tuyeni Akwenye The InvestSoc corporate relations portfolio has had a good year so far. Considering the general trend towards decreasing corporate expenditure, InvestSoc still managed to secure and enhance key relationships with certain firms as well as make new relationships. The society greatly benefited from a sponsorship from PWC which was utilized to kick start our orientation week programme. This was incredibly successful with the society reaching the desired target number of members with the pleasure of having a substantial number of returning members as this enhances the sustainability of the society. Other key partnerships would be that of ABSA Capital that wholly sponsored the 'Young Women Leading Entrepreneurs conference which successfully took place in Johannesburg during the June/July holidays. We had Bain and Co.

further sponsoring initiatives for Young Women Leading Entrepreneurs events as well as RMB who have gladly hosted events throughout the year. The range of multinational firms who attend events such as "Corporate Connections" and " Insider Trader Evening" ensure that these partnerships do not only benefit the society from a resource perspective, but that our society's members are afforded the opportunity to engage with key personnel within these firms in order to ready themselves for the corporate world. The nature of InvestSoc's key partners enhance the fact that the society's credibility is something that renown firms in industry are proud to be affiliated with- as should its members. InvestSoc relies strongly on the positive working relationships established with corporates which can only be perpetuated through the high quality platform we create for our members and companies to interact. We hope to continue the relationships established in the current year and extend them onto the on-coming executive.

Financial Director’s Report Mulalo Mamburu This year InvestSoc intended to challenge its members to explore their possibilities, and the entire team was dedicated to helping the members do just that. With ten independent projects all running under the InvestSoc banner, this year always promised to be full of opportunities for the members to get fulfilled, and they did just that by attending the numerous events in big numbers. The many events hosted throughout this year meant that the membership fees paid by all 800 people who joined InvestSoc this year would have to be spent wisely. True to our commitment to adding value to the members’ experience of university, the team sought to ensure that all events were hosted with the best speakers, the highest level of professionalism, and of course the tastiest refreshments. Additionally, all events that were hosted were completely free, even special occasions such as the Insider Traders’ Evening that was hosted at the stunning Mount Nelson Hotel. By opening attendance to such events to members only, we ensured that

members truly received the value that they paid for at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, we ensured that we did not neglect our commitment to taking part of the membership fees and using it to contribute constructively to society through our two community development projects. Another aspect that has set InvestSoc apart has been its ability to forge and maintain relationships with several corporates across the different fields of business. This has made it possible for the society to host three Simon Says talks, two Managing Your Money seminars and two Day In The Life talks, among others. More significantly, it has enabled us to host three conferences this year, all sponsored by our partners in the respective projects, namely the Young Women In Finance Conference with ABSA Capital; the Young Women Leading Entrepreneurs Gala Dinner with Bain and Company; and the Young Entrepreneurs’ Connect

Conference with the Western Cape Government.

InvestSoc. Going forward, we hope to continue serving our members with the highest level of commitment to professional, challenging and exciting events for many years to come.

As all members who got involved will agree, this has been a good year for

Expenditure for 2012 PROJECT

Projected (R)

Actual (R)

Variance (R)

Corporate Relations Human Resources Marketing

2000 9000 9000

770 8813 6000

1230 187 3000

Community Development Corporate Connection Day in the Life Insider Trading Evening Managing your Money My Business O-Week Roaming Projects YWIF YWLE

25950 1000 15000 70000 12000 3000 46800 26620 2000 16000

12863 0 6546 49208 4986 500 47313 21360 440 3952

13087 1000 8454 20792 7014 2500 -513 5260 1560 12048

238 370

162 751

75 619


Members’ Forum Compiled by the Asandele Sondiyazi Photographer: Jessica Breakey

Mahali Khabo

Khutso Mosotho

Loucas Charalambous

Favourite Event: Simon Says

Favourite Event: Insight into Allan Gray

Favourite Event: Day in the Life of an Investment Banker

InvestSoc... “makes you aware of career alternatives”

InvestSoc... “taught me a lot about investment banking”

InvestSoc… “is a world of opportunities”

Nwendamutslvu Tendani

Awongiwe Booi

Mpumelelo Msomi

Favourite Event: Simon Says

Favourite Event: Opening Event

Favourite Event: Simon Says

InvestSoc… “has conferences that are life changing”

InvestSoc… “is a great platform for entrepreneurs to expose themselves to life changing opportunities”

InvestSoc… “is a pioneering, professional and efficient society”

O-week Recruitment Lerato Dumisa My project was orientation week which is the first two weeks in the university calendar/ year where all the societies market themselves to students and the university staff alike. The end objective is to encourage as many students as possible to sign up for the society. As past experience would show majority of the sign-ups for the society occur during these two weeks specifically the second week and this year was no exception. It is important to have people sign up for InvestSoc but the biggest challenge every year is to get members enthusiastic about the society from the moment they join and ensure they are getting value for the money spent to join the society. In addition, it is during the orientation week that the potential members form their first impressions of the society and thus it

is imperative that the society goes on to form a lasting positive impression, adds value and has a strong impact in the UCT community. This year InvestSoc set and met their target number of sign-ups which was about 800. We were able to carry out a buzz from the moment that we approached the resident students (the day the residencies opened), through passing flyers out and the hard work by my Dream Team, and carried that enthusiasm and energy right through to the following week at the Plaza with the stalls that we translated into the desired number of sign-ups in the week that followed. By signing up as many people as possible the society was then able to raise the necessary funds needed to make the other projects of the society a success. One of the main goals was to rid of any misconceptions of the society that we struggled with, mainly that InvestSoc only focused on the Commerce students. Although we wanted to keep our base market we also wanted to expand into other faculties. Hence we chose the theme

This position was a rather challenging. The week required backup plans in my pocket constantly and it was sometimes difficult to manage people but I learnt so much and I wouldn’t change anything. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and I enjoyed every minute of it. “explore your possibilities”. We also wanted to improve our approachability through a more open line of communication so we had branded people walk around approaching people for impromptu Q&A. To make the Orientation week a success the committee consists of a diverse group of people with different career plans, each with a fresh and new perspectives of how to diversify InvestSoc further.

Opening Event Jamie Srubis Opening Event serves as the first official event on InvestSoc’s calendar. The main aim of this evening is to set the tone for the rest of the year as well as inspire and motivate members as the new academic year starts. This year InvestSoc was lucky enough to have Colin Coleman, Managing Director of Golden Sachs, as the key note speaker. Mr Coleman addressed over 200 members on the topic of Africa- Opportunities and Roles in the Global Economy. The event was held in Jameson Hall and we received sponsored drinks from Vitamin Water as well as provided additional food and drinks for members.

As the first event of the year, the pressure was on to perform and ensure that this welcoming event was the first of many successful events to come for the InvestSoc Team. It was essential that the event ran smoothly as this was the first opportunity the

society had to make an impression on new and returning members. As the new Roaming Project Manager, a position I was still unsure of, I was thrown into the deep-end. I had not established a sub-committee and organised the whole event by myself. From issues with hiring Jameson Hall to organising flights for Mr Coleman, co-ordinating the opening event was no easy task. However, everything came together on the night and the event was enjoyed by all. After surviving Opening Event, organising events for the rest of the year was a breeze!

Simon Says Jamie Srubis Due to the enormous success of Simon Says last year, it was decided to continue the project in 2012 and invite Simon Hurry back to inspire members to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Simon Hurry is proof that you can take control of your life and make the necessary changes to ensure your own happiness. Simon followed an interesting path in life. He graduated with a degree in Zoology. Despite his interest in pure science, his passion was people and education. He subsequently taught at various schools for several years. He later changed his focus and is now a motivation speaker and entrepreneur. He believes that the future of South Africa lies in the education and development of the youth. Simon Says is designed to cater for all members, across all faculties and years of study. Simon’s advice is applicable to all students and his talks provoke discussion among members. This year Simon challenged members to ‘think outside the box’ and question what is expected of future graduates. Topics included ‘Building Personal Muscle’, ‘The Art of Getting

Noticed’ and ‘The Art of Getting What You Want’. InvestSoc has a very good working relationship with Mr Hurry and subsequently organising Simon Says was easy. Simon was forced to think on his feet and adapt his speech when the projector failed to work at one of the Simon Says evening. Despite this, the night turned out to be a success and Simon was cornered after the session by eager members with questions. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Simon this year.

Managing Your Money Sibusiso Fakude If someone had told me at the beginning of the year what I now know about InvestSoc, it’s possible that I wouldn’t be here today. That is for one simple reason: along with the rest of the society I believed I was signing on to convince the student body of how important personal financial management is. What really happened is a journey of selfdiscovery, inspiration, disappointment and triumph alike. On the 7th of March 2012, the premier InvestSoc event of the year took place, with Discovery Invest and Managing your Money in partnership to empower students with critical personal financial management advice, skills and tools. Marthinus van der Nest, the National Sales Director at Discovery Invest, set out to explain the importance of saving and investing from a young age, along with highlighting the appropriate investment products available. The best part of the whole event for me was taking a look around the venue and realising that people were not merely absorbing the knowledge

but were being inspired, daring to dream and envisioning a bright future for themselves. I knew there and then that Managing Your Money had been redefined. Managing Your Money is now a vehicle through which the members of the society can stay focused on their long term goals by applying financial discipline in their daily lives. I have witnessed first-hand how some people’s financial acumen has been boosted and the resulting impact on their outlook for their future endeavours. I certainly did not expect to be this inspired by this project, and while the journey has had its ups and downs, one thing holds for sure: money is not and should not be an end in itself, rather the means through which people better themselves and enhance the lives of others

Community Development Zwelihle Mfundisi InvestSoc Com Dev has been involved in two key initiatives this year. The main initiative has been the 100 UP partnership, as well as the Recycle Swop Shop. This year has seen InvestSoc partner with the Schools Development Unit’s 100 UP programme. This is the University’s strategic initiative to increase the number of UCT students that come from the Khayelitsha area. 100 UP is a three year project, and InvestSoc has been involved with the Grade 11 cohort of the project. The aim of InvestSoc Com Dev has been to exposes the students to greater self-awareness and to allow them to see themselves beyond their current circumstances. The highlight of this partnership has been the various activities that InvestSoc carried through during the 100 UP camp in the June vacation. The students were treated to an evening of enhancing their self-awareness, a recent UCT graduate Thandokazi Mcizana as well the launch of the Essay Competition.

This competition saw the participants write in on what made them stand out with the grand prize being a brand new Lenovo laptop, courtesy of the society. Over 80 entries were received and in a subsequent workshop, all participants were acknowledged for their entries and the winner announced.

The second arm of the project was the Recycle Swop Shop that operated from the K2 SHAWCO centre in Khayelitsha. This saw a team from InvestSoc go out weekly and take in the recyclable materials from the children who were then given a chance to receive goods from the ‘shop’ as a reward. The main aim of the project was to increase the participant’ sense of responsibility and aim to give a hand up and not a hand out.

Day in the Life

had members thinking about their futures.

Lesego Tladinyane

“If you’re not breaking away from the clutter, you’re adding to it.” This was the message from Paul Raphaely, cofounder of Nomu. This event was gave insight into the difficulties and (with a little bit of good fortune) rewards of entrepreneurship. The turnout was an indication of the entrepreneurial spirit amongst our members and hopefully the next Elon Musk can come from our InvestSoc alumni

What is diversity? Our experiences and environments develop our world views and shape our behaviours. The main aim of “A day in the life of…” is to promote this diversity of thought amongst students across different faculties. The project calls upon the experiences and expertise of professionals across a broad spectrum occupations. Not only did it give us a rare insight into their daily lives, it also gave us free stuff! As a student, I know first-hand how useful a pen or two can be during exam time. This year we ran two events (and still hope to run another two!) - “A day in the life of an Investment Banker” with RMB, and - “A day in the life of an Entrepreneur” with Paul Raphaely from Nomu. Investment banking is a highly specialised field and with the global crisis we ran the risk of our speakers being burned at the stake. Contrary to my assumptions it turned out that many of our members found this to be their favourite event. It was highly informative, incredibly interesting and

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t make.” My experience with InvestSoc has taught me that you should embrace as many opportunities as possible. Nothing beats gaining practical insight into your profession and speaking to people working in your field to get a sense of your life after varsity. I suggest our members read Our Neanderthal Job-Hunting System. This book has given me useful tips and insights into selecting the career I want and how to go about gaining experience in those fields.

Pioneering Young Women Conference Lynette Van Wyk On 1 July 2012, one of InvestSoc’s flagship projects kicked off its 4-day programme at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton. 25 of South Africa’s most promising and exceptional young ladies embarked on a tremendous journey of learning, self-exploration, and inspiration, in a stimulating environment focused at bridging the gap between academic theory and the real world of business. The annual Pioneering Young Women Conference was the result of hard work, collaboration, and creative insight by InvestSoc’s conference committee of 6 young ladies and their sole sponsors, ABSA Capital. In 2011, I was selected as a delegate to the conference, and this sparked my initial interest to be InvestSoc’s Project Manager for this remarkable event in 2012. Now, having attended the event twice, as well as having undergone the process of planning to realise the vision for 2012, I can in earnest claim that it is a business conference with a difference. Together with ABSA Capital, we envisioned a generation of aspiring ladies that have something unique and

invaluable to offer the maledominated corporate and entrepreneurial arenas, and so the Pioneering Young Women Conference is an event inspired to match this caliber of female leadership.

There were several key areas of the conference to which 2012 saw changes, one being the extent and proficiency of the nationwide marketing drive. By the end of the first half of the semester, recruited student Brand Ambassadors at every major tertiary institution in the country were carrying out marketing initiatives under the guidance of the UCT student committee, and as a result, the number of online

applicants were almost double the number of the previous years. Questions asked of applicants were action-centred, and tested their ability to apply themselves so some of the society’s most pressing problems.

The conference exposes the selected candidates to the challenges and opportunities that exist in the financial sector, providing a platform to interact with professionals and entrepreneurs, gain insight into the industry and sharpen leadership skills. The theme for this year’s conference was “A Generation Apart”. There is a definite sense of flux in the world at present as new challenges confront the global economy – World trade in 2009 was dominated by the worst financial and economic crisis in decades; the prevailing threats of climate change are rising to the top of the agenda for many world leaders. These are issues that require a strategic paradigm shift in the way we view business, our relationships with each other, and also with ourselves. The world needs agents of change, of vision and foresight. The conference invited and challenged the delegates

to confront this agenda with confidence, perseverance, and an open mind, in order to become truly transformative women in their communities and in business, and tomorrow’s leaders. In addition to attending workshops and speeches, the delegates engaged in discussion with a panel of industry leaders form areas of politics, media and business on issues of a Green Economy, and prepared and participated in formal debates on topics concerning the future of Emerging Markets. All-in all, the 2012 Pioneering Young Women Conference was an outstanding success for both InvestSoc and our sponsor, and has certainly left a lingering promise to expect consistently bigger and better projects and events from the society in the future.

Young Women Leading Entrepreneurs Kabwe

Insider Trader’s Evening Nondumiso Mbanjwa The Insider Trader’s Evening (ITE) is a sophisticated “networking evening” based on developing the networking skills of a talented group of InvestSoc members. They are given the platform to interact with a diverse group of prestigious corporations in South Africa. This is an opportunity for them to build relations and expand their knowledge on the nature of the professions in which they have an interest. This provides them with a competitive edge once they do enter the corporate world.

Having relayed what I call the “dictionary definition” of what my plan was for ITE this year, I’d rather spend the rest of this article giving greater insight on the planning of the evening as well as what REALLY happened on the night. This year I decided to give the event a little rebranding which makes sense given that the theme for the evening

was “OWN your BRAND”. The theme was inspired by the growing emphasis on personal branding for professionals, such that they can be distinctive in the working environment. The evening was held on Friday the 17th of August at the exquisite Mount Nelson Hotel, a pleasant change from The One & Only Hotel which had hosted the event in previous years. My year was filled with numerous preparations that ranged from booking the venue, emailing what feels like thousands of proposals to various leading companies in South Africa and making even more phone calls. On the brighter side, I had the privilege of working with three amazing ladies in my general committee: Getty Choenyana, Lerato Dumisa and Thembi Sigasa, which made the journey so much easier as we shared the tasks.

definitely not the only highlight of the dinner, our guest speaker Mr Simon Hurry gave an inspiring presentation framed around personal branding which left us all with profound thoughts.

My aim was for the evening to be memorable and effective in facilitating informal interactions between the ITE delegates and the corporate representatives, while also creating an opportunity for recruitment for the corporates. Our ITE delegates: a group of 40 exceptional students, which were a tough choice from a pool of many deserving applicants, were a great representation of the variety in InvestSoc’s membership base. The evening was attended and sponsored by Investec, Rand Merchant Bank, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte and ABSA Capital. Even though some companies let us down on the night, with some last minute tweeking here and there it turned out to be an amazing evening for everyone. The evening started off with a casual mingling session with one on one conversations between students and representatives while champagne, drinks and delicious canapÊs were served. The session was followed by a three course buffet dinner in the stunning ballroom. The food was

Having said all this I would love to take the opportunity to thank the InvestSoc 2012 team for being part of the planning and execution of ITE 2012 with special mention of my project champion Mulalo Mamburu.

Corporate Connection Giacomo Bonavera Looking back to when I first started with InvestSoc, I had no idea what I was signing up for. It was one of those things we all do at the beginning of the year, which is, sign up to a wide cast of societies and sports on the infamous Jammie Plazahoping to find something that inspires us. But, as we, students, cast our nets to find the most suitable extramural activities for ourselves, Corporates have to cast their nets to find the students that they want to hire in today’s modern work environment. InvestSoc’s project, Corporate Connection, is the catch that gives UCT students the opportunity to learn more about reputable companies and make a lasting impression on CEO’s and Top Management at an organized cocktail event; This year’s Corporate Connection evening is to be hosted at the PwC, Cape Town Office, at the end of the

year. It is expected to be a cocktail dinner where Members will meet Management and the CEO of PwC. The cocktail is open to all those who apply, and are selected by PwC. Transportation is available to and from the venue. Corporate Connection is the link that allows you to experience the corporate world and make a lasting impression that puts you in good stead to take on a position as one of their recruits. In upcoming years we hope to have more Corporate Connection Events that may inspire students across many different fields of study.

My Business I am a final-year Computer Science major heading up the My Business project, InvestSoc’s bid to empower, educate and equip student entrepreneurs with adequate resources to pursue ventures. This year I have launched a new project, InvestSoc’s Young Entrepreneur Connect conference: a one-of-a-kind student entrepreneurs’ conference aimed at educating students about the entrepreneurial culture in South Africa; hearing real-world, expert knowledge from various established South African entrepreneurs, and injecting the minds of students with inspiration and drive to pursue their desired venture. I believe this project is a conference that entrepreneurial students really need, as opposed to many other conferences happening today that do not adequately uplifting & educating young visionaries. YEC aims to be the conference that sets the standard for student entrepreneurs in South Africa and is the main source of emerging successful startup enterprises that fight unemployment and strengthen the economy of South Africa in the greater future. I have identified the role that local government can play in empowering entrepreneurs and their ventures and aimed to address it by bringing the Western Cape

Department of Economic Development & Tourism and a number of established entrepreneurs in the private sector to join forces in directly connecting with a whole new generation of future leaders in innovative entrepreneurship through the Young Entrepreneur Connect conference. I believe my vision for young South African entrepreneurs can be achieved through InvestSoc’s My Business portfolio by introducing this annual conference as part of the project. Another project I worked on this year was the society’s Online Journal, which is a branch of the InvestSoc website. This forum allows students from all across the world to contribute to InvestSoc and gives students a global platform to showcase their knowledge on a certain topic via, where a global audience can observe their work. The Online Journal enables young student executives to build and establish an online presence, leave links to their

Twitter/LinkedIn profiles, their website, and use this platform to build a strong curriculum vitae, which is all beneficial towards job, internship and national/international conference applications. I am also responsible for InvestSoc being initiated into an international body of recognised student executive societies alongside top Ivy-League institutions such as Princeton University’s Business Today (BT) and Stanford University’s Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students (BASES). In

this, InvestSoc members are given a preferential position when applying for conferences hosted by these societies at their respective universities. For more info on the above, please visit: YEC Conference: InvestSoc Online Journal:

We would like to thank our sponsors: Absa Capital African Gateway Allan Gray Bain & Company Deloitte Deutche Bank Investec PricewaterhouseCooper Rand Merchant Bank The Western Cape Government

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InvestSoc Annual Report/ Newsletter 2012