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RESEARCH Abstract 06 Introduction 08 Company Overview 10 Demographic 14 S.W.O.T 16 Creative Brief 18


Logo Usage 36 Color palette & Text 38 Images 40 Texture 42 Print Ad 44 Postcard 48 Stationary 50 Web & Molbile 52


PROCESS Moodbroads Logo Development Print Ads Web & Mobile


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SOLUTION Infographic 58 Print Ads 60 Post Card 62 Web & Mobile App 64 Social Media 66 Billboards 68 References 70


RESEARCH Abstract 06 Introduction 08 Company Overview 10 Demographic 14 S.W.O.T 16 Creative Brief 18

Company Overview


ABSTRACT LA Gear is uniquely high-end style footwear with a touch if L.A favor in each shoe. There is no other high-top brand like it .L.A Gear Footwear has the attitude to grab anyone attention in the day or the night. The main focus is re-branding L.A Gear and telling the world that L.A Gear is still alive and kicking. LA gear originated in the mid 80s as a small American athletic company in Los Angles, California. L.A Gear is a company struggling in the footwear industry trying to keep with giants in the industry and regain its place to in the footwear chain. This brand is considered a fashionable sneaker. Which is bright, trendy and fun shoe. It have’s so much character and was a memorable shoe line in the 80s- early 90s. The brand has been forgotten or had brief memory of the company in the past when the company was going strong. L.A Gear has a niche to establish success just like when the company was at highest point in the past. Due to fashion and trends of entertainment being influenced by pervious styles and trends of color arrangement which was popular with the brand items, the company has an opportunity to thrive for success in the shoe wear market. L.A is has been known for its odd use of vibrant combination and colors. A rebrand of this company is necessary. A beneficial way to go about this is creating a new logo, Internet or social media to have a better connection with its audience, and print advertisement, which create awareness worldwide. These tool work together in harmony achieving the goal creating awareness and attracting its demographic for the brand.

Inttroduction The campaign project is for L.A Gear Footwear. The main focus is re-branding L.A Gear and telling the world that L.A Gear is still alive and kicking. LA gear originated in the mid 80s as athletic company .this was period of time where changes was not traditional and was revolved around a freeness, style, comfort and fun. The brand had these qualities and was popular to be wore for basketball and tennis. It quickly rose to success and became of the best small American companies one of best selling sneaker in the late 80s and early 90s. Sales nearly peaked to 818 million. As result of research shows that the C.E.O Greenbberg was a natural for spotting trends but ultimately thought the brand niche was secure and didn’t have to make any changes to stay relevant. This result of thinking lead to one of the reasons of its downfall and overspending in endorsements to revamp its image rather than focusing mostly on things to strengthen the brand image. The main source of it sales were the women shoe lines but children and men did not generate as much sales. Keeping focus on the younger demographic, male audience would take sales to a new level. The company needs to broaden their horizon with audiences and there original consumers in mind with new shoe lines and footwear choices. After research shows that High-Top sneakers mostly in demand in footwear industry and this is perfect time for the brand to restart its image.


L.A. Gear evolved from entrepreneurial adventures of Robert Greenberg. As an entrepreneur, Greenberg had a gift of picking and riding trends. First, the one-time hairdresser incorporated a roller skating rental shop in 1979 under the name Good Times, Inc. This company eventually grew into a skate-manufacturing business, which became United Skates of America. When skate sales faded off, he spotted the profitability in selling shoelaces. Later, In 1982 Greenberg opened a Los Angeles women’s apparel store, which sold major brand name clothes, shoes, and accessories. In this store Greenberg launched the L.A. Gear clothing label.


Company Overview

GREENBURG It did not take Greenberg long to establish a presence in the athletic shoe market. Greenberg tapped his lengthy experience with companies in the Far East to find independent companies who would produce and distribute his shoes. L.A. Gear entered the athletic shoe market with the Canvas Workout shoe in 1985, and the company soon met with great success. Greenberg’s shoe designs were targeted at fashion-conscious females between the ages of 12 and 35 who wanted stylish, comfortable shoes,

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Conclusion L.A Gear needs to rise back being a top brand in the shoe industry. L.A Gear has the opportunity to hit the market and demographic strong. The brand needs to focus on its and spread awareness suitable for past and new generation. This unique and vintage brand would be able to take this brand onto another gear. This is able to achieve through social media and print advertisement. A new look for the logo would give a fresh and edgy identity that it needs to succeed. With the deliverables the L.A Gear would be able to increase sales and awareness.

• Karen H. Wruck. (2001, November 1). The rise and fall of l.a. gear. Retrieved from http:// aspx?objectID=1806Niemi, W. (2005). LA Gear Unveils New Three-Phase Promotion Strategy. FN: Footwear News, 61(18), 6. • (2012, March 03). Retrieved from http://www. •

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10 10

Color is All around Us



18 - 55


18 - 35


12 - 17

L.A. Gear has an advantage because of the fashion direction of being influenced from previous styles and trends that were popular in the mid 80s & early 90s. The company was seen as a dominant shoe company. Gaining younger buyers would be a great value to the company sales. Younger buyers would be mostly be attractive to this type of shoe because of its fashion sense and playful quality that their lines have to offer.


Swot Analysis

STRENGTH: • Shoe line with Light Up Tech S • Market Leadership in woman’ • Comfort of shoes. • Vibrant color selection s • Fashion Style of Footwear • Selling high top sneakers

Swot Analysis (Action Plan) results with a creation of fresh new logo that restarts the brand image and attracts it target audiences new and old. Marketing tools are needed to increase the brands awareness to drive sales. Also utilizing the power of social media to get the word out and having a connection with it audience.

Opportunities • International markets to grow • Well thought out advertising s • They have the opportunity to r viewpoint of advertising • With a twist recapture marker

Shoes ’s fashion and children’s shoes.

business. strategy to help boost sales again return to original shares

Weakness • Awareness • Promotional Advertising • Brand identity • Male demographic audience • High inventory cost • Failure to implement property a future ordering system • By hiring group of former reebok executive for a company that is not like reebok

Threats • Competition (Nike, Sketcher, Converse, and Adidas) is fierce in the industry • Advertising cost for a small company to remain competitive • The company s background of lawsuit threaten financially and in the eyes of consumers • Quality problem • Potential regulations for shoes produced oversea.

16 16

Creative Breif

Creative Brief (Goal)The goal is rebranding La Gear as well strengthen the brand image. Strengthening men and teens awareness as will increase sales.

(Brand Positioning) L.A Gear is high-end fashionbB able sneaker line that sells high top sneaker from basic to vibrant and sporty which blink with every step.

(USP)Demand and popularity of High-top sneakers, unique color arrangements, fashion revision of 80-90 style ,and having shoe line with light up technology




Primary Products Women,Men, and Teens Sneakers USP • Demand of High-top sneakers • Fashion revision of 80-90 RETRO styles • The brand fits in the customer demand

Key Tenets:







Stay Urban

And Trendy


PROCESS Moodbroads Logo Development Print media Website Design

24 26 28 30

MOODBOARD Moodboard was created after research to establish mood through imagery,text and style to the attitube essence of the brand.

Logo development

LOGO DEVELOPMENT A new logo gives the company updated look to better attract its current and future audiences.



Print Ads

PRINT ADS Research was done of currnert ads in the same industry .Sketches was created keeping the demograhic in mind and key tenets of the brand.



Website Design

WEBSITE DESIGN In process of researching, functionality was important for developing the sketches and site mapping. Kept the customer in mind how they will be able to access the site for a easy sale or to gather information without frustration or discouragement of leaving the page .



Be Unique ...


STYLE GUIDE Logo Usage 36 Color palette & Text 38 Images 40 Texture 32 Print Ad 44 Postcard 48 Stationary 50 Website 52

LOGO USAGE New Logo adds a freshness and a brand new look feeling. The Updated logo design is edgy and simple. The new logo will attract targeted audience II’s bold font ,vibrant color and trendy new look.






W:2.07 H:2.143


Do mot place logo with backgrund color that are not opposite of primary color Do Place logo with same background color

Color Palette & Text

COLOR & TEXT The colors are bold and exciting. They are used to grab attention and stand out. The colors are hip, fresh, fun and playful.




IMAGES Use trendy images. Focus on athletic individuals like skateboarders ,fashionable individual that are nit afraid of color, dancers, ,Musican. Most images will have t be extracted from original photo.




TEXTURES Used suggested imagery and texture elmemts. Product will be placed at the lower left corner with the link to the brands website located at the lower right corner under logo on the right side



Print Ads

PRINT AD Used suggested imagery and texture elmemts. Product will be placed at the lower left corner witn the link to the brands website lcated at the lower right corner under logo on the right side



Do You Feel It ...

Post Card

POST CARD Postcards sent to homes will work as an tool for marketing with print. Post card will be effective way to generate awareness ,create online purchase and increase web visits .




STATIONARY Keep it the layout of the stationary fresh and simple. Logo adds a freshness and a brand new look feeling. Logo placement will be in the in the center on business cards and then upper left on applications and documents.



Statinary& Molbile Websie

WEBSITE & MOBILE Use trendy images. Focus on athletic initials like skateboarders ,fashionable individual that are not afraid of color, dancers, DJ’s ,Musicans. Images that involved with the brand will be presented in the Home Page slide show .



Light Up the Night


SOLUTION Infographic 58 Print Ads 60 Postcard 62 Web & Mobile App 66 Social Media 68 Billboards 70 References 72

INFOGRAPHIC Infographic beginning with a brief decision about the brand. Research illustrate the market of the shoe industry. Then style guide showing color ,original logo ,new logo, text, and color palette. The graphic is complete with the solutions.

Print Ads

PRINT ADS Print ads works as a great source of promotion. Ads are concrete and can hold with your hands not like a banner which you have to gather info of the ad in few seconds or replay. A single ad in a single magazine may promote a product for months or even years.





and s s e n e r te awa a r e bsite. n e e g w l l r i a w e LA G e o home h t t t o n t e online s s r r e o f m r o e t f f Cards s ntial cu ing the 10 % o e t o p e sales. v d a n driv h a n s t i o ati vis depics c i l b o t p e p w A a . e L s Thi increas s elements of l l i ality w n o e s s r a e e h d p c pur ign inclu ming from and s e d l a The fin are co s m e t i he where t .



Always Be Fresh

Web & Mobile App

WEB & MOBILE APP A website allows customer to have a certain connection to get information and make sales. The mobile app allows to have that connection on the go to access the website with a mobile device.



Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA Social media works to generate interest in content and encourages other to share imformation.Socail media is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. It will Increase communication for and promotes Its brand awareness




BILLBOARDS Outdoor will functions as tool to create sales and awareness with mobility. It will influences potential customers when they are mobile and most likely to make a decision to buy. Outdoors is the best way to capture exposure and decision making.



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