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Phase I Brand Description Name Mood Board

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Visual Research Tagline

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Phase II Logo Design Process Final Brand Identity Clearance Color Typography Optional Guidelines

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Brand Description

Vision & Mission Our company aims to help middle-age professionals boost their selfskilled and have years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, providing our clients with the best image style and clothing soshapes, colors, and fabrics that best suits their body and lifestyle. We will help our clients understand the development of personal style and have the tools necessary to support that style.


Brand Description

Brand Essence or the “Big Idea� image and wardrobe. Below are the services we provide and a brief description of what each entails.


Brand Description - Our Services

Detailed Style Assessment A preliminary consultation will be held with the client in order to discuss their needs and wants. A questionnaire will be provided to the client as well as an evaluation, in order to create an action plan and budget.

Color Analysis By identifying the client’s dominant color in their skin, we can plan complementary client’s skin tones. A color palette will be provided to the client to show them which colors look best.

Personal Shopping By keeping the client’s budget in mind, we the client’s wardrobe is missing in order to create the image they desire. Store selections will be based on personal preferences and budget.


Brand Description - Our Services

Wardrobe Editing/Closet Organization Reviewing the client’s current wardrobe to determine what should be dis-

Events Styling Whether the event is a black-tie formal, upscale casual, or anywhere in be-

Total Image Consultation

style assessment, color analysis, wardrobe editing, hair and make-up consultation and a photo shoot.

Workshop/Seminars We provide lectures and talks suited for groups of all sizes from a small organization to a large corporate setting. Each lecture is tailored to the client and ranges from structured to interactive. This is a great opportunity for companies to help educate their employees on professional work attire and proper business etiquette.


Brand Description

Guiding Principles/Key Beliefs The service is provided to satisfy individual’s wants and needs. Our goal is for of colors, fabrics, shapes and styles that best suit their body and lifestyle.

Target Audience image professionally. These are busy professionals desiring to update their image and wardrobe, yet not having the time to facilitate their needs. We also cater to companies and businesses seeking to polish their employee’s image professionally.

Key Market and Key Competitors Our competitive edge lies in our expert service at a reasonable price. We will transform this service from a luxury into a demand service. we will be able to provide such services at a low cost, with friendly consul-



Brand Name The brand name derived from of our founder/CEO’s, initials, JM, (Jamir Munayco). After doing extensive research on key competitors and their brand name, the majority used their full names and/or initials to represent their company brand. Using the name makes it easier to identify with the stylist and their company. The initials were chosen for our brand because of the simplicity and to facilitate the pronunciation of Jamir Munayco for our target market. We also wanted to elaborate more on the design aspect as oppose to the brand name.

Jamir Munayco ----> JM


Mood Board - Inspiration

al G

Style o t e uid

n Perso


Mood Board Inspiration

The mood board is a collage of simple imagery and verbiage related to image, fashion and styling. The board features one of our favorite celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, on the top right hand corner. Below that image, is Stacy and Clinton from the makeover show What no to Wear. On the bottom right hand corner is a photo featuring the cast from the show Mad Men, who’s characteristics inspire what we look for in our target market. The organized closet on the bottom left, represents one of our services provided, Wardrobe Editing/ Closet Organization. The color palette featured on the board was originally chosen to represent the colors and design of the brand but were later altered during the design process. The verbiage used throughout the mood board consists of the main purpose of our business, professional styling. The illustration of the fashionable , entails that we cater to both male and female within our target market range. And lastly, the opportunity sign is a representation of how our unique and outstanding company services will open up new doors of opportunities for our clients (i.e. work, relationships, goals, life, etc.).


Visual Research - Competitors


Visual Research - 2D Graphic Designers


Visual Research

Competitors The competitor brand names and logos researched consisted mainly of the Roemer, Fashion Stylist). The colors used for each brand were neutrals and darks, black, grays, purples, and browns. The majority used a cursive font for their name and kept the tagline in a simple font. Only two of the brand names found had a shape or image used in the background, including the usage of bright colors. The competitor brands were overall simple, clean and easily recognizable. This helped serve as a prefect guide for the development and design process of our company brand.

2D Graphic Designers The 2D graphic designer visual research consisted of very unique, creative and simple brand names/logos found. As oppose to the competitors research, the 2D graphic designers were a lot more colorful and elaborate with their designs. This research in particular, inspired a set of ideas for the design aspect of our brand.



Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

Your Image

Dress Up For Success

Succeed With Style

Image & Style Expert

Style Me

Taglines The taglines created for our brand derived from both the purpose and expertise of our business. We wanted to keep it simple yet catchy and intriguing. During the process of elimination, it was between, “Image & Style Expert� -


Logo Design Process - Phase I

JM Image & Style Expert

Phase I cess for the brand mark, consisted of choosing the font and shape for the brand name. We wanted to pick a font that was cursive yet easy to read and understand. The font picked was New Berolina MT. of shapes to place the name brand inside and ended with a simple round circle.

Image & Style Expert

how to place the name in the circle and making it stand out. We shifted the letter J towards the top and M towards the bottom to give it a nice balance. Originally we planned to make the brand name bleed to the white background, as seen in second image to the left. Instead, we decided to make it pop out by making the edges bold and having it merge with the inner color of the circle.

Image & Style Expert 14

The brand mark would then be followed by the tagline, placed underneath. The font for the tagline was made a simple Candara.

Logo Design Process - Phase II

JM Image Style Beauty


Image & Style Expert


Image & Style Expert

Phase II The second phase consisted of creating a word mark that can be used aside from the brand mark. Once again we decided to use a cursive font for the brand name, New Berolina Mt, and a simple Candara font for the tagline. Because the brand mark is colorful and more elaborate, we wanted to keep the word mark simple and clean.


Final Brand Identity - Primary Logo

Image & Style Expert

Brand Mark image best. The brand mark will be used for printing, company website, blog, business cards and other main touchpoints.


Final Brand Identity Secondary Logo


Image & Style Expert

Word Mark company image. The word mark will be used mainly for our stationary envelopes and letterheads.




Image & Style Expert

The black squares and lines surrounding the primary logo represent the clearance space.



Electric Blue Pantone 320 C was chosen as the primary and background color for the brand name. The electric blue is both vibrant yet subtle.

Snow White A simple white was chosen as the outline for the brand name. The snow white color gives the logo a clean cut look.

Charcoal The pantone process charcoal was chosen for the tagline of the brand name. The color complements both the electric blue and snow white.

Pantone 320 C R: 0 G: 132 B: 169 #: 0084A9

C: 100 M: 0 Y: 9 K: 30

White R: 255 G: 255 B: 255 #: FFFFFF

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0

Pantone Process R: 64 G: 64 B: 64 #: 404040

C: 68 M: 61 Y: 60 K: 47


Typography - Fonts

Image & Style Expert

ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ New Berolina MT was chosen for the signature of the brand mark.

“Image & Style Expert” ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ Candara was chosen for the tagline of the brand mark. It’s simple, clean and easy to read.


Optional Guidelines - Unacceptable Usage

Proportion The brand mark must always stay a consistent size and should not be stretched or skewed otherwise.

Image & Style Expert

Color Alteration The brand mark color palettes were chosen from the pantone color book and should always remain consistent when used for printing.

Brand/Word Mark The brand mark and word mark should not be used together. purpose for its usage.

Image & Style Expert


Image & Style Expert



PR Stationary




Image & Style Expert Website

Services Business Card


Touchpoints - Business Card

Front Side

Back Side


Touchpoints - Letterhead

JM Image & Style Expert T: 703 642 1288 F: 703 642 1200


Touchpoints - Stationary

Front Side

Back Side

JM Image & Style Expert 2200 H st NW, Suite 100 Washington DC, 21900


Touchpoints - Blog




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