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Digital Portfolio Jamie Squelch

Form Finding Starting with the Namibian Desert beetle we investigated the way in which it collects water from fog using the surfaces on its back.

Hydrophilic Surfaces Hydrophobic Surfaces

The diagrams to the right show how we started to use parametric modelling to create a more defined system for creating the surface at a microscopic level.

The diagrams to the left show the process we went through to digitally model the texture on the beetles back which let us to using a laser cutter to create a physical three dimentional representation of the surface.

These photos show attempted wax models of the same suface at different scales, we used these as an attempt to see if the water collecting properties of the surface would continue when scaled up, we subsequently discovered it does not.

The line drawing below from autocad shows the peaks and troughs of the texture on the beetles back.

Digital Image Processing From an original hand drawn section through the entire site i used photoshop to add texture and annimation to the scene. This was usful for designing my final material pallette.

Comparative Board Circulation through the arcade can be interconnected with living wall space and green zones.

The diagrams below show the design method used to get to the final outcome. First the overall massing is extruded from the existing site, the arcade space is then carved out from this forming negative circulation and retail space, finally green zones are reintroduced as raised terraces.

The existing green spaces in proximity to the site are minor and there are few areas for outdoor activity inside a 20 minute radius, it is therefore important to introduce an area where outdoor activity is encouraged and available.

Praxis / Drafting Using Autocad i was able to work on my original plans and overlay each floor on top of one another. This was usful to work out how different things worked in section.

N Ground Floor Plan

The midfloor gardens between the different housing blocks is shown in this first floor plan. The bridges between the gardens serve as part of the circulation route which looks out onto the arcade, this makes residents a constant part of the exterior world.

N First Floor Plan

In the upper floor plan you can see the light wells through the apartments which aswell as letting light into the corridoors below create a continuous vertical line through all the levels of the building meaning residents never lose sight of where they have come from or are going.

N Second Floor Plan

Tectonic Board The modular design of the blocks means that a system of steel frames could be layed out such that every frame is the same and can be prefacricated in a workshop and transported onto site. The frames could then have cast concrete floor plains cast on site.

Each of the identical frames are cut from brown cardboard, and use halving joint slots to slot the connecting floor planes together, a similar system of construction could be used for building where frames are erected and supported horizontally by steel beams and reinforced concrete slabs.

Using 123D Make i was able to choose vertical and horizonal sections through the massing model i created in 3DS Max. This essentially allowed me to see the appropriate positions for the steel frames and concrete floor planes. From the below image you can see the main two separate planes used to construct the model, the vertical slotted steel frame and the horizontal floor planes. The images to the right show the simplicity of construction of the model as once the profiles are cut from the laser cutter it is a simple procedure to slot them into place.

Unit Upsairs Plan Unit Upsairs Plan

Jamie JamieSquelch Squelch


Unit Design N N

Unit Downstairs Plan Unit Downstairs Plan

Unit Section Unit Section

The units main feature is the large open plan living and kitchen space which also serves as an entrance area. The L - shape where the first and second floor meet works so that every apartment has views either side of the building.


Using these massing models and a sunlight analogue i wa reach the arcades, the lower set of photos sho

g Models

as able to see from the above photos that light would not ow a tapered roof to try and let more light in.

Final Model

The final model i constru shows the relationships b and the roof gardens. As down the floor plan of th

ucted using brown card betweens the floors s the layers are stripped he retail space is shown.

Jamie Squelch Digital Portfolio  

Digital Portfolio

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