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places to stay Ancient JAPAN



New Zealand’s WEST COAST

places to stay autumn 2012

Issue 35, Autumn 2012


PUBLISHER: Jamieson Publishing Pty Ltd ACN 101 888 493

EDITOR: Larry Jamieson

WEB MAster: Md Asaduzzaman

SALES DIRECTORS: Phillip Punshon: Bailey Neate: DESIGN & PRODUCTION: Carolyn Jamieson COVER IMAGE: Tiwi Island. Courtesy Tourism NT PRINTER: Temprint

Jamieson Publishing Pty Ltd would like to thank the following bureaux for their contribution to photography within this magazine: Blue Mountains Tourism Bureau, Central Coast Tourism, Hunter River & Hunter Valley Tourism, Huskisson Tourism, South Coast Tourism, Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula Tourism, New Zealand Tourism, Tourism NT, Lord Howe Island Tourism, Tourism New South Wales, Gold Coast Tourism, Sunshine Coast Tourism, South East Queensland Tourism, Tourism Queensland, South Australian Tourism Commission, Tourism Tasmania, Tourism Victoria and Tourism Western Australia, Fiji Islands Visitors Bureau, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Stephen Friedman Gallery, London and James Cohan Gallery, NY, Tourism Southern Highlands, Southern Tablelands Tourism New South Wales, Sapphire Coast Tourism, Garry Moore, Geoffrey Lea. Information contained in this Guide is obtained from sources over which the producer and publishers have no control. Thus, whilst every care is taken to ensure that the information contained in this guide is correct, no warranty is made nor is any condition expressed or implied that the information contained in the guide is correct and/or accurate nor is any responsibility whatever taken by the producer and publishers or any other person or persons connected with the issue, publication or distribution of the guide for damage occurring to any person of any nature whatsoever arising by virtue of the fact that the guide contains misleading or incorrect information or whether arising by any other reason whatsoever. All material contained in this guide is copyright and may not be reproduced in part or in full, without written permission from Jamieson Publishing Pty. Ltd. Although all care has been taken with dates and locations of events they may vary without notice. Please check details with event organisers.


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places to stay Ancient JAPAN



New Zealand’s WEST COAST

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ACCOMMODATION LISTING CLASSIFICATION All meals available [AMA] Apartments [A] Bed and Breakfast [BB] Cabins [CA] Cottages(s) [CO] Country House [CH] Dinner, Bed and breakfast [DBB] Farm Holiday [FH]

Farm Stay [FS] Guest House [GH] Home [H] Lodge [L] Private Hotel [PH] Self-contained [SC] Traditional Country Pub [CP]

Numbers represent total number of rooms available: eg. [2] Approximate distance is from the capital city of each state or territory Eg. (196km NE)


2 kyoto and the spirit of omotenashi

Traditional hospitality in the heart of Japan.


not the new byron bay

In search of enlightenment, Mullumbimby style.

destination new south wales Sydney and Western 10 South West and Far West 12 Sydney. The Gateway to Australia 14 The Hawkesbury River, Sydney’s holiday playground 16 Dunphy’s Dream for the Blue Mountains 20 Blue Mountains area 21 Hunter Valley 22 Mudgee Mud 24 Mudgee and Central West area 25 Barrington Tops Northern 9 Far North Coast 25 Port Stephens 26 World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island 28 Central Coast 28 Lake Macquarie 30 Mid North Coast and Coffs Coast 31 New England Southern 32 Your South Coast Mission 34 South Coast area 35 Snowy Mountains 36 Relax in cool Southern Style 38 Southern Highlands/Tablelands


queensland 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 53 54 56 57

Hamilton Island. Here for a good time Discover Keswick Island beauty at Geckos Coastal, Country and Offshore Islands The road is the reward itself. North from Cairns Cairns and Tropical North area Caloundra our playground Sunshine coast and hinterland Brisbane and surrounds Lamington National Park Gold Coast and Hinterland Granite Belt

northern territory 58 59

Darwin area and Country NT An exquisite taste of Darwin

south australia 61 61 61 62

Adelaide city, suburbs and Hills area Fleurieu Peninsula/Kangaroo Island Barossa Valley and Limestone Coast Australia’s favourite Barossa Valley

western australia 63

77 72 79 79 76

High Country/Snowfields and Murray region Daylesford - Spa and Springs Macedon Ranges and Spa country NE Country Goldfields and Western Districts & Grampians

tasmania 82 84 84 86

MONA Museum of Old and New Art Hobart City and suburbs Southern area Northern area

bali 88 90

Munduk, renovating Bali’s heritage accommodation Bali

new zealand 92 94 96

Hokitika gateway to the West Coast North Island South Island

miscellaneous 87 97

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Perth, Margaret River region and Mid/South west

victoria 65 66 67 68

72 74 76

St Kilda, Melbourne Melbourne City and Suburbs Mornington Peninsula You’ll never want to leave - Yarra Valley and Dandenongs Cape Bridgewater, hidden on the South West coast Great Ocean Road and South West SE Coast/Gippsland area

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Kyoto and the Spirit of omotenashi

Japan stands out as a country that is truly unique.


yoto is the traditional heart of Japan and a city with over one thousand two hundred years of history. It is here that everything began and would be impossible to speak of Japanese culture without speaking of Kyoto. You find the ancient tea ceremony, flower arrangements, kimonos, traditional cuisine and Maiko all in Kyoto. In the midst of this ancient culture is a thriving modern city with all the bustle and serenity that make Kyoto Japan’s foremost destination. When in Kyoto why not stay at a Ryokan, which are Japanese style inns? Ryokan offer comfortable facilities while you enjoy delicious Kyoto cuisine and Japanese style baths. For those looking to immerse themselves in a uniquely Japanese atmosphere, Ryokan make an ideal choice.



UPS#35_004-007_mullumimby.indd 2

The Ryokan is built on the spirit of omotenashi, and behind this tradition is the Japanese sensitivity to the beauty of nature. The beauty of the four seasons and the appreciation of their changing are the cornerstones of the Japanese culture. Arranging flowers symbolising the seasons, sprinkling water outside the entrance to purify it and lighting incense are all traditional ways to welcome treasured guests. The staff wear kimono with designs symbolising the seasons and their elegant movements serve to welcome and entertain. The meals at a Ryokan exemplify all that is beautiful about Japanese culture. The food is arranged on exquisite tableware carefully chosen to enhance the cuisine. These meals are often local specialties To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 11:49:09 AM

Kyoto, Japan + DESTINATION

such as Kyoto’s own Kaiseki Ryori (Traditional Japanese Cuisine), and are served to guests in their rooms by highly professional female staff known as “Nakai” (Room Maids). The nakai typically wear kimono and the quality of service during a Kaiseki Ryori meal is one of the most memorable aspects of time spent in a traditional inn. The ryokan represent the culmination of Japanese culture. Here one finds the real Japan and the real Japanese. This “real Japan” is unique and still not widely understood in the outside world. The Japanese ryokans strive to continue the spirit of omotenashi. By visiting Kyoto and experiencing the real Japan and the spirit of omotenashi, one is able to gain an insight into this country’s extraordinary growth in the last half century to a world economic power. For bookings and further details visit

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Images courtesy Tourism Queensland.



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Mullumbimby - Far North Coast NSW

Not the new

Byron Bay

Neil Goodwin arrived on the North Coast of New South Wales in Australia from Berlin in Germany. He found Mullumbimby, a small town near Byron Bay, inhabited by rather enlightened people of various nationalities whom he considered to be on the cutting edge of civilisation. Everyone is entitled to their point of view!



UPS#35_004-007_mullumimby.indd 4

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3/13/2012 11:51:37 AM

Photos courtesy of Destination NSW.


aving spent the past three years based in the vampiric, decadent and cultural heart of Europe that is called Berlin, I needed some healing, health and moderation. So I headed for one of the best healing hide-outs in Australia. A fifteen minute drive from Byron Bay sits the selfproclaimed “Biggest little town in Australia” - Mullumbimby. At the foot of Mount

Chincogan with a population of just over 3000, Mullum (as the locals refer to it) has been preaching healing philosophies and “Mullum Madness” for many years. The town and surrounding area became a centre of alternative culture during the 1970’s. It continues to flourish as such to this day. While Byron Bay attracts a more affluent visitor, Mullumbimby is defined by the spirit and good will of its citizens.

In a matter of weeks I had a newfound energy, positivity and a general sense of well-being

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UPS#35_004-007_mullumimby.indd 5

In fact, many are people who established Byron Bay as an alternative centre and are now economic refugees. Mullumbimby has grown into a fascinating little cocoon of alternative therapies, organic food and New World philosophies. Mullumbimby is not the new Byron Bay. There is nowhere for backpackers to lay their head, no hostel, no nightclub, no surf, no “Native Wannabes” – delusional white boys from West London, dreadlocked and didgeridooed. You may encounter the occasional “Trustafarian” burdened by their inheritance, or an old-school Zen surf master-cum-entrepreneur. The town is full of earth mothers, craft shops, a thriving cafe culture, award winning restaurants and dangerously pretty Australian girls with fluoride-enriched good Aussie teeth. To say that Mullumbimby attracts characters is an understatement. Everyone has a story. When I decided to hitchhike from Byron to Mullum one Sunday evening, a local surfer/comedian/ historian picked me. The next thing I knew I was at a dinner party on the outskirts of Mullumbimby with The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s original lead singer. The area is full of single mums, wizened travellers, old hippies, surfers, bush regenerators, pommies, musicians, conspiracy theorists, comedians and DJ’s. All this comes with the laid-back friendliness of a country town. Everyone knows everyone else’s business without any harsh judgment or imposition. Pockets of French, British, UNIQUE PLACES TO STAY


3/13/2012 11:53:04 AM

Mullumbimby - Far North Coast NSW

Photos courtesy of Destination NSW.

The town is full of earth mothers, craft shops, a thriving cafe culture, award winning restaurants and dangerously pretty Australian girls Israeli, and Japanese ex-pats integrate seamlessly with the positive outlook and friendly atmosphere of the area. Mullumbimby and its environs are idyllic. The area provides the healing power of photosynthesis and ocean air. Alternative therapies including community yoga, meditation, an array of detox programmes and community acupuncture are available for $20 per hour. One look at my tongue and two prods of my stomach and my acupuncturist informed me it was “liver and kidneys”. I could have spared her the examination. After my first session I felt a depth of calm I had not known for years. Kiva Spa, just off the Mullumbimby main street is a good place to meditate in its sweat lodge, complete with wood fire exuding negative ions. It has excellent masseurs and Jacuzzis. Locals sit in the spa and speculate openly on the nature of anything from rebirthing 6


UPS#35_004-007_mullumimby.indd 6

to re-alignment, water resources management or how to prolong life expectancy while “living in the now”. The sweat lodge is very different to a Berlin sauna: people stretch, moan and groan as if nobody is watching. A young man announced that he had been shovelling earth all day and had a bad back, one person immediately sprang up to offer a massage whilst others offered advice on stretching and sciatica. Like one open, happy family. Mullumbimbyites can still laugh at themselves. It did not take long for me to get back on an even keel. In a matter of weeks I had a newfound energy, positivity and a general sense of well-being. A week or two in this healing environment can soften the most rooted cynic. It is a place to take time out, to heal and cleanse the body, heart and soul, and to create lasting friendships. Come to Mullumbimby for an alternative point of view.

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A week or two in this healing environment can soften the most rooted cynic.

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3/13/2012 12:18:42 PM

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Sp th F ringwo od alls







All Images courtesy Tourism NSW.



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Far NorthTweed CoastValley Area + NSW

Far North Coast Area Alstonville (813 km N) Alstonville Country Cotages, 7 Alstonville Cemetry Road. Hume’s Hovell Fine B&B Resort, 333 Dalwood Rd. [CH - 3][BB] Pines on the Plateau, 7 Converys Lane. [L][SC]

Ballina (773 km N) Almare Tourist Motel, 339 River St. Ballina Island Motor Inn, Pacific Hwy. Ballina Manor, 25 Norton St. Chaparral Motel, Pacific Hwy. Comfort Inn All Seasons, 301-309 River Street. Ramada Hotel & Suites, 2 Martin Street. Riverside Suites Ballina, 35 Fawcett St. Tassiriki Ranch, 249 Moylans Lane.

Ballina East (775 km N) Ballina Beach Resort, 1 Compton Dr, Lighthouse Beach.

Bangalow (810 km N) Northern Rivers Tourism, Suite 5/20 Byron Street. Possum Creek Eco Lodge, Cedarvale Road. [FS - 3][DBB]

Bonalbo (795 km N) Bonalbo Bed & Breakfast, 33 Sandiland St. [H - 3][BB]

Brooklet (761 km N) Lyndoch on the Lake, Friday Hut Rd.

Byron Bay (805 km N) A Beach House At Byron, 12 Giaour St. Aarons @ Byron Bay, 44 Shirley Street. Abbazia Rainforest Studio, 18 Seanna Court. Amigos Guesthouse, 32 Kingsley Street. Ayindi, 166 Lighthouse Road. Bay Beach Motel, 32 Lawson St. Beach Hotel Resort, Bay Street. Bundaleer Retreat, Lot 1 Bundaleer Road Broken Head via. Byron Bay Farmstay, Bangalow Rd. [CO - 6][SC] Byron Beachcomber Resort, 23-25 Shirley St. Byron Beachside Accommodation, 39 Lawson Street. Byron Blisshouse, 23 Childe St, Belongil Beach. Byron Quarter.

Byron Retreat, Plantation Drive,Ewingsdale via. Byron Springs Guesthouse, 2 Oodgeroo Gardens. Byron at Byron Resort and Spa, 77-97 Broken Head Rd. Cape Beach House (The), 94 Lawson Street. Cape Byron Lighthouse Cottages, Lighthouse Road. [CO - 3] Cape Heritage, PO Box 897. Cavvanbah Beach House, 28 Cavvanbah St. Crest Apartments, 47-49 Shirley Street. Four Winds Villas, 448 Old Byron Bay Rd. Friday on the Beach, 45 Lawson Street. Gaia Retreat & Spa, 933 Fernleigh Rd. Garden Burees of Byron (The), 19 Gordon Street. Julian’s Apartments, 124 Lighthouse Rd. Murojum Farm, 243 Coopers Shoot Rd. [CO - 5][SC] Oasis Resort and Treetop Houses (The), 24 Scott Street. Oceanstyle, 164A Alcorn Street. Pockets Rainforest Retreat, Middle Pocket Rd, Billinudgel. [AMA]

Rae’s on Wategos, 8 Marine Parade. [GH - 7][AMA] SummerHills, Binnaburra Rd. Summerhouse, 9 Coopers Shoot Road. Victoria’s At Wategos, 1 Marine Parade. Victoria’s at Ewingsdale, Top of McGettigans Lane. [CH - 5][AMA] Villas of Byron (The), 19-23 Gordon Street. Your Choice Holidays, PO Box 1519.


Mullumbimby (832 km N)

Aamari Thai Retreat, 3 Magnolia Place. Amber Gardens, 66 Plantation Drive.

Mooyabil Farm Holidays, 448 Left Bank Rd. [FS - 10][SC] Toolond Plantation, Palmwoods, Main Arm via. [CH][SC]

Kingscliff (888 km N)

Murwillumbah (865 km N)

BreakFree Paradiso Resort, 78-80 Marine Parade. Kingscliff Seaside Guesthouse, 46 Walsh Street. Mantra On Salt Beach, Gunnamatta Avenue.

Amazing Wollumbin Palms Retreat, 112 Mt Warning Rd. Attunga Park Country Retreat, 224 Nobby’s Creek Road.

Kyogle (796 km N) Ripples On The Creek, Lions Road Tourist Drive.

Lennox Head (794 km N) SanBah, 16 Rayner Lane.

Limpinwood (865 Km N) Limpinwood Lodge, 531 Zara Road.

Lismore (785 km N) AZA Motel, 114 Keen St. Dawson Motor Inn, Cnr Dawson & Orion Sts. Invercauld House, 161 Invercauld Road. New Olympic Motel, 244 Molesworth St.

Maclean (700 km N)

[CA - 7][SC]

Hillcrest Mountain View Retreat, 167 Upper Crystal Creek Rd. [CH - 3][AMA]

Wychwood Forest Escape, 1110 Urliup Road.

Nimbin (816 km N) Blacksheep Farm, PO Box 109. Calurla Chalets, Lillian Rock Road.

Tabulam Clarence River Wilderness Lodge, Paddys Flat Road.

Tweed Crabbes Creek Cottages, Tweed Valley Way.

Abode on Clarence, P.O. Box 211.

Casuarina (888 km N) Casuarina Beach Domain Resort, 1 Barclay Drive. Santai At Casuarina Beach, 9 Dianella Drive.

Clunes (805 km N) P.J’s Retreat, 152 Johnston Road. [GH - 4][BB]

Coorabell (820 km N) Peppers Coorabell Retreat, 139 Newes Road.

Cougal (832 km N) Cougal Park Bed & Breakfast, 145 Lions Road. [CH - 3][AMA]

Crystal Creek (878 km N) Crystal Creek Post Office Cottages, Numinbah Road.

Duranbah Tropical Coast Retreat, 249 Duranbah Road.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 9

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat, Brookers Rd, Upper Crystal Ck. Ph 02 6679 1591. See our display advertisement.



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NSW + Far North Coast Area + Far West and South West Tweed Heads (883 km N) Best Western Kennedy Drive Motel, 203 Kennedy Dr. Dolphin Hotel Motel, 23 Wharf St. Las Vegas Motor Inn, 123 Wharf St. Outrigger Twin Towns Resort, Cnr Griffith St Coolangatta & Wharf St. Woodlands Lakeside Manor, 399 Piggabeen Rd,Piggabeen via.

Griffith (616 km SW)

Uki (890 km N)

Bagtown Inn Motel, 2-4 Blumer Ave. Ingleden Park Cottage, Coghlan Rd. [FH - 3][SC] Wilga Park Cottage, 6 Condon Rd Bilbul. [CO - 2][SC]

Wooden Bong Mount Clunie Cabins, PO Box 36.

Wooli (685 km N)

Murwillumbah is a substantial and rather pleasant rural centre on the Tweed River just south of the Queensland border. Murwillumbah is located in a scenic sugarcanegrowing area. Attractions around Murwillumbah include the Murwillumbah Lookout, the miniature animals of Palmdale Stud, the small but charming village of Chillingham, the ‘Natural Arch’ in Springbrook National Park, Cudgen Nature Reserve, Tree Tops Environment Centre, Stott’s Island Nature Reserve, the Tropical Fruit World and Pioneer Plantation and superb Mount Warning National Park. Visitors to Murwillumbah can enjoy excellent rural accommodation.

Pacific Dawn Beach House, 22 South Terrace. [H - 3][SC] Wooli Hotel, Wooli Rd. Wooli River Lodges, 365 North Road. [CA - 5][SC]

Yamba (724 km N)

Howlong (613 km SW) Howlong Country Golf Club & Motel, 188 Golf Club Drive. Old Post Office Bed & Breakfast (The), 39 Hawkins Street.

Wagga Wagga (466 km SW) Astor Inn, Cnr Edward & Baylis Sts. Country Comfort Wagga Wagga, Cnr Morgan & Tarcutta Streets. Townhouse Wagga, 70 Morgan Street.

Byron Bay Hinterland

Far West Area

Goonengerry (827 km N) Arcadia, Bayview Drive.

Rosebank (810 km N) Mud Manor, Fox Rd.

South West Area Adelong (432 km SW) Yabtree, Tumblong. [CH - 4][AMA]

Albury (572 km SW) Albury Manor House, 593 Young St. Albury Townhouse, 461 Wilson Street. All Seasons Albury Lake Hume Resort, Riverina Highway. Astor Hotel and Motel, Cnr Young & Guinea St.

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 10

Do Duck Inn Guest House, 22 Hume Street. [DBB]

Yass (280 km S)

Old Church at Byron Bay, 14 Brooklet Road.


Gunning (245 km S)

Angourie Rainforest Resort, 166 Angourie Rd. Twin Pines Motel, 49 Wooli St.

Newrybar (838 km N)


Crookwell (239 km SW) Bank House (The), Cnr Goulburn & Spring Sts.

[CH - 6][AMA]

Mavis’s Cabins @ Mt Warning, 64 Mt Warning Rd. Mount Warning Forest Hideaway, 460 Byrill Creek Road. Shambala at Uki, 36 Meadow Place. Uki Village Guest House, 1453 kyogle Road. [GH - 6][AMA] ecOasis Resorts, 55 Tateywan Drive.


Country Comfort Albury Hovell Tree, Cnr Wodonga Place & Hovell St. Rydges Albury, Cnr Dean & Elizabeth Sts. Sundowner Albury Paddlesteamer, 324 Wodonga Place.

Globe Inn (The), 70 Rossi St. [GH - 6][BB]

Bourke (780 km W) Kidmans Camp, Kidman Way.

Broken Hill (1169 km W) The Miners Arms, 82 Crystal Street.

Cobar (710 km W) Cobar Motor Inn, 67 Marshall St.

Moama (822 km SW) Comfort Resort Echuca Moama, 54-56 Meninya St (Cobb Hway). Rich River Golf Club Resort, 24 Lane. Winbi River Resort, Perricoota Rd.

Wentworth (1049 km W) Wentworth Grande Resort, 61-79 Darling Street.

White Cliffs (1083 km W) PJ’s Underground B&B, Dugout 72. [H - 3][DBB]

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3/13/2012 12:44:58 PM


View from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Image courtesy Hamilton Lund, Destination NSW


the Gateway to Australia Most tourists to Australia come through Sydney.


t has Australia’s busiest airport servicing more than 43 per cent of Australia’s international air traffic. People come for all sorts of reasons - our fabulous climate, glorious beaches, natural wonders, lively art and entertainment, sumptuous food and great shopping. Or it may just be our firm handshakes and friendly welcomes.

The historic Lord Nelson Hotel, The Rocks. Image courtesy Jeffrey Drewitz, Destination NSW.



UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 12

With stunning natural beauty and warm, intelligent people, Sydney has a quality of life envied the world over. It is a wonderful place to call home. As a travel magazine editor I clock up more travel miles than most. Returning on a flight to Sydney, after all these years, I still marvel at its beauty while the jet banks over our harbour city. Sydney is consistently rated amongst the very best places in the world to live. It’s easy to understand why. Take a look - surf, sun and sand at our front door, majestic mountains and landscapes at our back door. Famous for the 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney is one of the world’s great stages. Every year, more people choose Sydney to live, thus enriching the already diverse and vibrant culture here. Almost 30 per cent of Australians born overseas live in Sydney. There are more residents here who speak a language other than English and hold a university degree than anywhere else in Australia. The city is clean and green. Barangaroo, a 22-hectare harbour front

Doyles Seafood Restaurant, Watsons Bay. Image courtesy Hamilton Lund, Destination NSW.

development site, is poised to become one of the world’s first carbon neutral, water positive, zero waste CBD districts. It’s no secret that Sydney is repeatedly chosen by leading travel publications as a top international destination. This publication concurs! A top 10 list of things to do in Sydney. 1) Take a walk around Circular Quay/ Opera House 2) Visit a beach. 3) Have some Aussie fish-n-chips 4) Visit Harry’s Cafe de Wheels 5) Walk through the Domain 6) Ride a harbour ferry 7) Meet a local 8) Buy some souvenirs 9) Visit Taronga Park Zoo 10) Take a walking tour of the city

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Sydney City & Suburbs Tweed Valley + NSW

Sydney City & Suburbs Berowra Waters (24 km N) Kokomo Holiday Retreat, Neverfall Bay. Ph: 9985 8505

Bondi Beach (7 km E)

Engadine (40 km S) Engadine Bed & Breakfast, 33 Jerrara Street. [A][BB]

Outdoor shopping at Glebe Markets.

Galston (37 km N) Hawkesbury Hills and Riverland Tourism.

Glebe (3 km W)

Bondi Beach B&B, 110 Roscoe St. Swiss-Grand Resort & Spa Bondi Beach, Cnr Campbell Pde & Beach Rd.

222 Glebe Guest House, 222 Glebe Point Road. Tricketts Luxury Bed & Breakfast, 270 Glebe Point Rd. [H - 12][BB]

Brooklyn (60 km N)

Greenwich (8 km N)

Boathouse on Hawkesbury, Little Wobby Beach, via. [GH - 6] Oxley Boatshed on the Hawkesbury, Bar Point,via.

Greenwich Bed & Breakfast, 15 Hinkler St.

GLEBE Glebe is more correctly known as The Glebe which means ‘church lands’. In 1789 Governor Phillip reserved Glebe for exclusive church use. It was sold in 1828 and many handsome residences were built. Today Glebe is a classic inner city suburb of terrace houses, cafes, restaurants and excellent bookshops, including Gleebooks. Close to the University of Sydney Glebe has good bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and hotels.

Hawkesbury River (60 km N)

Parramatta (24 km W)

Bundeena (41 km S)

Forgotten Valley Country Retreat, Singleton Rd, Wisemans Ferry.

Beachhaven Exclusive Accommodation, 13 Bundeena Drive.

Hunters Hill (8 km NW) Banksia Rose Cottage, 12 Alfred St, Woolwich. Magnolia House Bed & Breakfast, 20 John Street.

Fiori Apartments, 13-15 Hassall Street. Harborne Bed & Breakfast, 21 Boundary Street. [GH - 8][BB] Parkside Apartments, 49-51 Grose Street. Parramatta View Serviced Apartments, 10 Bridge St.

Kenthurst (25 km N)

Penrith (53 km W)

Views at Kenthurst, 182 Pitt Town Road.

Chifley Penrith Panthers, Cnr Mulgoa Road & Jamison Road. Nepean Shores Riverside Resort & Conference Centre, 6-22 Tench Ave.

Camden (60 km SW) Camden Valley Inn, Old Hume Highway. Grove (The), 176 Macquarie Grove Rd.

Castle Hill (34 km NW) Hills Lodge Grand Mercure (The), 1 Salisbury Rd. Quest Castle Hill, 8 Gladstone Road.

Chippendale (2 km S) Y Hotel City South, 179 Cleveland St.

Coogee (8 km E) AEA The Coogee View, 56 Carr St. Coogee Bay Hotel, Cnr Coogee Bay Road & Arden Street. Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach, 242 Arden St.

Cronulla (26 km S)

Kings Cross (2 km E) Alice’s Tudor Hotel, 64 Darlinghurst Road.

Kirribilli (2 km N) Glenferrie Lodge, 12a Carabella St.

Manly (16 km NE) Beaufort at the Beach, 8 Quinton Road. Manly Paradise Motel and Apartments, 54 North Steyne (Cnr Raglan St). Manly Shore Holiday Apartments, 93 North Steyne. Q Station, North Head Scenic Drive. Quinton House B&B, 29 Quinton Rd. [H - 1][BB]

Cronulla Retreat B&B, 54 Glaisher Pde. Quest Cronulla Beach, 1 Kingsway. Rydges Cronulla, 20-26 The Kingsway.

Mosman (7 km N)

Darlinghurst (2 km E)

North Sydney (3 km N)

Altamont Hotel Sydney, 207 Darlinghurst Rd. Kirketon Boutique Hotel Sydney, 229 Darlinghurst Rd.

Harbourside Apartments, 2A Henry Lawson Ave, McMahons Point. McLaren Hotel (The), 25 McLaren St. [GH - 28][BB] North Shore Hotel, 310 Miller St. [GH - 29][BB] North Sydney Harbourview Hotel, 17 Blue St.

Drummoyne (6 km W) Harbour Breeze Lodge, 5 Collingwood Street.

Dural (34 km N) Dural House at Round Corner, 679 Old Northern Road. [H - 4][SC]

Headland Park Naval Cottage, 1204 Middle Head Road.

Palm Beach (34 km NE) Palm Beach Bed & Breakfast, 122 Pacific Rd.

Potts Point (2 km E) Diamant Hotel Sydney, 14 Kings Cross Road. Macleay Serviced Apartments, 28 Macleay St. Regents Court, 185 Springfield Avenue.

Pyrmont Star, 80 Pyrmont St.

Richmond (62 km NW) Hawkesbury Harvest, 2 Smith Ave.

Silverwater (20 km W) Silverwaters B&B Apartments, 29C Silverwater Road.

Summer Hill (9 km W) Marco Polo Motor Inn, 42-44 Parramatta Rd.

Surry Hills (2 km S) Sebel Surry Hills Sydney, 28 Albion St.

Sydney Albert & Victoria Court Sydney, 122 Victoria Street,Potts Point. [PH - 25][BB]

Alila Hotels & Resorts, Suite 4/ Level 4/377 Sussex. Aspire Hotel, 383-389 Bulwara Rd. Bed & Breakfast Sydney Central,

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 13

139 Commonwealth Street. Bed & Breakfast Sydney Harbour, 142 Cumberland Street, The Rocks. Castlereagh Boutique Hotel, 169-171 Castlereagh St. Citigate Central, 169-179 Thomas St. Establishment, 5 Bridge Lane. Four Points by Sheraton Darling Harbour Sydney, 161 Sussex St. Fraser Suites Sydney, 488 Kent Street. Grace Hotel (The), 77 York St. Harbour Rocks Hotel, 34 Harrington St, The Rocks. Budget Boutique Hotel, 11 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Pyrmont. Marque Hotel Sydney, Cnr George & Quay Sts. Napoleon On Kent, 219 Kent St. Paddington Bed & Breakfast, 7 Stewart Place, Paddington. Pensione Hotel Sydney, 631-635 George St. Pyrmont Place Bed & Breakfast, 109 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont. [H 1][BB]

Quay Grand Suites Sydney, 61 Macquarie St. Quay West Apartments, 98 Gloucester St, The Rocks. Radisson Hotel & Suites Sydney, 72 Liverpool St. Radisson Plaza Hotel Sydney, 27 O’Connell St. Regis on Castlereagh, 317 Castlereagh Street. Russell (The), 143A George Street. [PH - 30][BB] Seasons Darling Harbour, Cnr Harbour & Goulburn Street. Sebel Pier One Sydney (The), 11 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay. Vulcan Hotel, 500 Wattle Street, Ultimo. Y Hotel Hyde Park, 5-11 Wentworth Ave.

Whale Beach (32 km N) Jonah’s, 69 Bynya Rd. [GH 8][AMA]

Whale Beach Bed & Breakfast, 36 Careel Head Road.



3/13/2012 1:07:00 PM

DESTINATION DESTINATION + + Hawkesbury Tweed Valley River area

The Hawkesbury River

Sydney’s holiday playground

The Hawkesbury River is on Sydney’s doorstep, just 45 minutes drive from the City Centre.


ou can experience the serenity of bygone days in the secluded river settlements set in beautiful and varied waterways. Lion Island rises ninety three metres above sea level just off Palm Beach and sits as a guardian of the entrance to Broken Bay at the mouth of the mighty Hawkesbury River. From crystal clear ocean swells to its tranquil upper reaches, the Hawkesbury River offers an outstanding cruising ground. Sandy beaches fringe the



UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 14

Hawkesbury National Parks offering bushwalks and picnics ashore. Waterfront restaurants, houses on the water’s edge, fishing, touring and holidaying are what the river is well known for. The Dream Time lives in the sandstone gorges and waters of “Deerubbun”. “Deerubbun” is the aboriginal name for the Hawkesbury River. The Ku Ring Gai and Dharug aboriginal tribes inhabited the river region for many thousands of years and treasured the local seafood, especially the world famous rock oysters.

The rock art, engraving sites and tribal names are preserved in the identity of the many National Parks surrounding the Hawkesbury River and are the link with the Dream Time. The Hawkesbury River is dotted with

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Tweed Valley + DESTINATION

secluded river communities and navigable for over one hundred kilometres. You could cruise and explore these waters for weeks. Spend a peaceful overnight anchorage in a hired boat or a waterfront house and wake up to the call of Kookaburras, Whip Birds, Sea Eagles and the lapping of the tides. Wild flowers bloom in the surrounding National Parks that range from rainforests and mangroves to drier open woodlands creating habitats for diverse bird and animals. Set in the Ku Ring Gai Chase National Park, Brooklyn Village is an ideal departure point to explore these waterways. Renowned as one of Australia’s most scenic railway journeys, the trip to Brooklyn takes 55 minutes from the city. Alternatively, take in the sights

Photos courtesy Destination NSW

on a Seaplane flight from Rose Bay along Sydney’s northern beaches to the Hawkesbury River. However you get there, you won’t be disappointed.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 15

A great place to experience the beauty of the Hawkesbury River is the Kokomo Holiday Retreat at Berowra Waters. See contact details on page thirteen. UNIQUE PLACES TO STAY


3/13/2012 1:03:44 PM

Tweed Valley NSW DESTINATION + Blue Mountains

Images courtesy Chris Jones, Destination NSW.



From 1910 on, young Sydney architect Myles Dunphy began exploring the Blue Mountains on foot.


y the 1920s Dunphy had developed a strategy for twelve major reserves from the Blue Mountains to the Victorian border. It took the logging of his beloved Couridjah Corridor (west of Thirlmere Lakes) to prompt action. When the leaseholder declared his intention in 1931 to clear the Blue Gum Forest, bushwalkers and other supporters campaigned to save it. Despite the hard times of the Depression, they managed to raise enough money to buy out the lease and give the forest back to the public. It was a powerful symbol, and set the template for future community environmental campaigns. In 1932 Dunphy submitted and publicised an ambitious proposal for a Greater Blue Mountains National Park 16


UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 16

460,000 hectares including “primitive areas” (today called wilderness areas). Finally the 63,000 hectare kernel of Blue Mountains National Park was declared in the Grose Valley in 1959. Blue Gum Forest was added in 1963. Warragamba Dam was completed in 1960, flooding the magnificent Burragorang Valley but ironically serving to secure much of the southern Blue Mountains as a protected catchment area. Conservationists went on to campaign for the northern Blue Mountains, a vast swathe of tangled, barely-known ravines and ridges. Wollemi was declared as the second largest national park in New South Wales in 1979, Yengo National Park in 1988 and Gardens of Stone in 1994. Down south, much of the Warragamba Catchment Area was added to Blue

Mountains National Park in 1977 with further big additions in 1987. Nattai National Park of 1991 also took in catchment lands. Myles Dunphy died in 1985. In the year 2000, over a million hectares of reserve, more than twice Dunphy’s 1932 plan, was accepted as being of outstanding significance to all humanity. The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area was the culmination of his seventy-year dream. Today, it is a repository of rich biodiversity, amazing landscapes, vast forests, wild rivers, clean water catchments, rare wildlife, huge carbon storage and a lifetime of enjoyment, awe and wonder.

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Blue Mountains NSW + DESTINATION Tweed Valley

The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area was the culmination of his seventy-year dream

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 17



3/13/2012 1:09:23 PM

NEW SOUTH WALES + | Blue Mountains DESTINATION Tweed Valley


Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa is in one of Australia’s most beautiful destinations. The five star hotel is in a historic country mansion amidst two acres of manicured gardens. Just a short drive from Sydney, the hotel is a breathtaking escape for romantics, gourmets and lovers of nature. Lilianfels is the perfect base to explore the Blue Mountains. At Lilianfels, you can be yourself while enjoying all the comforts of an exclusive retreat. Enjoy crisp sheets and fluffy towels in individually decorated rooms. Sink into an extra deep bath. The marble bathrooms offer a separate bath and shower with plush towelling bath robes. Relax and rejuvenate amidst the pristine beauty of the Australian wilderness surrounded by forests of fragrant eucalyptus. Re-energise yourself with outdoor adventures or relax with our indulgent spa treatments. I like to relax in the Lobby Lounge with a drink by the fire before dinner. Sometimes



UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 18

my loved ones join me – and sometimes it’s just my dog! Lilianfels is the only five star hotel in the mountains which is pet friendly. Dining at Lilianfels is steeped in history. Darley’s Restaurant is set in the heritage listed, original homestead of Sir Frederick Darley. It features beautiful stained glassed windows, ornate fire places and crystal chandeliers. The wine list offers vintage wine sourced from top Australian and international wineries. See you there.

Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa Lilianfels Avenue Katoomba, NSW, 2780, Australia P: +61 (02) 4780 1200 F: +61 (02) 4780 1300 Email: Web:

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Blue Mountains | NEW SOUTH WALES

Tweed Valley + DESTINATION

echoes boutique hotel & restaurant Echoes Boutique Hotel & Restaurant is perched on the very edge of the Jamison Valley at Echo Point in the Blue Mountains. Its unique location offers stunning panoramas from every room, providing guests with dramatic views. Echoes is an intimate hotel offering a personal style found only in boutique establishments. The unique combination of fine dining and luxury accommodation provides a memorable difference. All this and only 90 minutes from Sydney! Echoes Boutique Hotel makes a bold statement by carefully preserving the building’s architectural heritage. Its 14 rooms boast individual personalities in design, names and colour to luxurious furnishings and fittings. The eclectically designed building has generous indoor and outdoor seating areas. Guests soak in the views as well as the lush cool air of the rainforest valleys below. There are open fire places throughout the Hotel with a cosy bar and lounge. As one of the most stylish and

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 19

sophisticated boutique hotels in the Blue Mountains, Echoes provides a retreat of luxury and relaxation. Rejuvenate with a brisk hike through the Jamison Valley or relax with a spa treatment in our private sauna and spa. Delight in the creative cuisine and carefully selected wines of Echoes Restaurant. It has an atmosphere of modern elegance that complements the dramatic architecture. The hotel celebrates its “breathtaking views” by serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to in-house guests on the terrace. Echoes Boutique Hotel & Restaurant 3 Lilianfels Avenue Katoomba NSW 2780 AUSTRALIA P: (612) 4782 1966 F: (612) 4782 3707 E: W:



3/13/2012 1:11:39 PM

NSW + Tweed Valley Blue Mountains Area

Blue Mountains Area Bilpin (93 km NW) Bilpin Springs Lodge, 46 Bilpin Springs Rd. Ghost Hill Cabins, 73 Ghost Hill Rd.

Blackheath (116 km W) Allview Escape, 415-419 Hat Hill Road. Clairvaux Cottages, 14 Burton Rd. [CO - 3][SC] Federation Gardens Lodge, 185 Evans Lookout Rd. [CO - 4][SC] Harrow Cottages, 21 Brentwood Ave. [CO - 2][BB] Jemby-Rinjah Eco Lodge, 336 Evans Lookout Road. Kubba Roonga Guesthouse & Spa Cottages, 9 Brentwood Ave. [GH - 7][DBB]

Lavender Cottage, 201 Govets Leap Rd. Possums Hideaway, 185 Evans Lookout Rd. [GH - 4][SC] Secrets Hideaway, 173 Evans Lookout Rd. [SC] St Mounts Boutique Hotel, 194 Great Western Hwy. [GH -

Sisters, 18 Echo Point Road.

Kurrajong Heights (80 km

Echoes Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, 3 Lilianfels Ave. Ph 02 4782 1966. See our display advertisement. [GH -

NW) Madison’s Mountain Retreat, 1880 Bells Line of Rd. [CA 8][SC]


Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa, Lilianfels Ave. Ph 02 4780 1200. See our display advertisement.

E-mail: Web:

Lurline House, 122 Lurline St. Metropole, Cnr Gang Gang & Lurline Streets. Mountain Heritage Hotel (The), Apex & Lovel Sts. [CH - 42][AMA] Mountain Top Holiday Home, 42 Merriwa Street. Palais Royale, 230 Katoomba St.

Shelton-Lea B&B

159 Lurline St

Ph: 02 4782 9883 Our suites are very private. Conveniently located within minutes walk to scenic attractions, bush walks and restaurants. AAA 4.5 star. [BB] E-mail: Web:

Hartley Vale (140 km W) Blue Hills Farm Retreat, 261 Hartley Vale Road.

Jenolan Caves (140 km W) Duckmaloi Farm, 54 Karawina Drive Duckmaloi.

Jenolan Cabins

42 Edith Rd

Ph: 02 6335 6239 Fax: 02 6335 6239 6 Fully self-contained cottages. 2 bdrms, 1 Qn, 2 sets bunks, bthrm, lounge, kitchen, dining & log fire. Commanding views of Blue Mountains. [CA - 2][SC]

Sidney’s Retreat, Lurline St. [CO - 2][SC]

Sirens Bed & Breakfast

E-mail: enquiries@sirenskatoomba. Web:

Katoomba (111 km W)

Teddy’s Boutique Accommodaion, 24 Waratah Avenue. The Yellow Cottage, 314A Katoomba St. Three Sisters Motel, 348 Katoomba Street. Waratah Cottage, 30 Waratah Avenue.

Blue Mountains Boutique Accommodation, 91 Waratah Street. Carrington (The), 15-47 Katoomba St. Cecil Guesthouse (The), 108 Katoomba St. [GH - 23][BB] Clarendon Guesthouse (The), 68 Lurline St. [GH] Cloudlands, 4-6 Banksia Park Road. Devon Cottage Echo Point, 26 Echo Point Rd. [H - 4][SC] Echo Point Motor Inn-opp.Three



UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 20

3 Duff St Ph: 02 4782 9386 Fax: 02 4782 9576 Enjoy a romantic stay in this elegant Edwardian home, each room with stylish ensuite & unique brass bed canopied in lace (deliciously comfortable). Relax before a roaring fire on a winters night or browse through old books in the fine library. You may enjoy the many interesting antiques & collectibles throughout the house. Breakfast sumptuously in the sunny dining room to the splashing of the fountain. A short stroll takes you to a large choice of excellent restaurants. Pamper yourself with a soak in our claw foot bath in the luxury bathroom. [H][BB]

E-mail: Web:

Windradyne Boutique B&B 6 Cliff Drive Ph: 02 4782 9999 Fax: 02 4782 9999 [GH - 3][BB] E-mail: Web:

Lake Lyell (150 km W) Eagle View Escape, 271 Sandalls Drive, Rydal via. [A -

Rydal (150 km W) Seclusions Blue Mountains 209 Martins Rd Ph: 02 6355 6300 Fax: 02 6355 6371 ’Exclusively Couples’. E-mail: Web:


Springwood (73 km W)

Leura (108 km W)

Storey Grange, 105 Lalor Drive.

Argyll Guest House, 11a Craigend St. [GH - 3][BB] Bethany Manor Bed & Breakfast, 8 East View Ave. [CH - 3][BB] Bygone Beautys Cottages, 2022 Grose St. [CO - 12][SC] Leura House, 7 Britain St. [GH

Wentworth Falls (99 km W) Blue Mountains Holiday House, 223 Blaxland Road. Bodhi Cottages, 38 Tarella Rd. [CO][SC]

- 14][BB]


Tails of Blackheath, 209 Great Western Highway. [GH - 7] Tullamore, PO Box 332. Woolshed Cabins, Kanimbla Valley, via.

23 Glenara Rd Ph: 02 4567 7170 Fax: 02 4567 7170 [CO - 6][SC]

[GH - 4][BB]

Mount Wilson (128 km NW) Chimney Cottage, Waterfall Rd. [CO - 5]

Rustic Spirit (The)

Jamison House, 48 Merriwa St.

The Imperial Hotel, 1 Station Street. [GH - 35]

Leura Rose Cottage, 17 Woodford Street. Leura’s Magical Manderley, 157 Megalong St. [A][SC] Llandrindod Bed & Breakfast, 272 The Mall. [H - 3][BB] Old Leura Dairy, 61 Kings Rd (cnr of Eastview Ave). [CO][SC] Strawberry Patch Cottage, 10 Wascoe St. The Greens of Leura Bed and Breakfast, 24-26 Grose Street. [GH - 5][BB]

The Laurels, 254 Leura Mall. Varenna Luxury Accommodation, 97 Railway Parade.

Little Hartley (134 km W) Secret Valley Escape, 548 Blackheath Creek Rd.

Medlow Bath (128 km W) Chalet Blue Mountains (The), 46-50 Portland Rd.

Megalong Valley (130 km W)

Bunjaree Cottages 62-64 Railway Parade Ph: 02 4757 3096 Perfect Perfect Blue Mountains bush setting. Tiny environmental footprint, large amount of comfort and pleasure. Bunjaree offers 4 solar-powered, selfcontained cottages, on 22 secluded acres, yet only minutes from the best coffee and cakes in the Blue Mountains. Bunjaree has a spa cottage, another with delightful rustic bathhouse, and two exceptional family/ small group cottages. Walks, wildflowers and sometimes wallabies at your door. Stunning and sustainable, Bunjaree doesn’t cost the earth! E-mail: Web:

Dryridge Estate, The Six Foot Track. Euroka Homestead, Megalong Road. [FS - 5][SC] Glyn Newydd, Megalong Road. [CH - 3][DBB]

Megalong Valley Heritage Farm, Megalong Valley Rd. [AMA] Sunrise Lodge (Dryridge Estate), The Six Foot Track. Woodbridge Country Estate, Megalong Valley. [CH - 8][SC]

Mount Victoria (123 km W) Blue Mountains Majestic Retreats, PO Box 73. Closeburn House, 2-18 Closeburn Drive. [CH - 10][DBB] Manor House (The), Montgomery Street. [GH - 23][BB]

Hideaway Retreat (The) 50 Railway Pde Ph: 02 4757 1042 Fax: 02 4757 158020 Boutique 20 Boutique Rooms with views over the pool and garden with majestic views of the distant mountains. E-mail: Web:

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008 3/13/2012 1:12:51 PM

Hunter Valley Area + NSW Tweed Valley + NSW

Hunter Valley Area Aberdeen (302 km NW) Craigmhor Mountain Retreat, 2120 Upper Rouchel Rd. [CH 4][BB]

Bolwarra (203 km N) Maddies of Bolwarra, 35 Paterson Road. [GH - 3][AMA]

Broke (170 km N) Ferguson’s Hunter Valley Getaway, Hill St. Monkey Place Country House, 69-71 Wollombi Street. [CH 4][SC]

Monkey Place Farm Cottage, 165 Fordwich Road. Starline Alpacas Farmstay Resort, 1100 Milbrodale Rd. Tara Cottage, 530 Wollumbi Rd.

Cardiff (171 km N) Travellers Home B&B, 51 Maud Street. [GH - 2][BB]

Cessnock (153 km N)

Rosedale Bed & Breakfast, 377 Lovedale Rd. [CH - 3][BB] Tatler Vineyard, 477 Lovedale Rd. Tonic Hotel, 251 Talga Road. Vineyard Hill, Lovedale Rd. Wilderness Grove, 77 Wilderness Rd. Woodlane Cottages, McCarthy Rd via Lomas Lane.

Maitland (201 km N) Monte Pio Hunter Valley, New England Hwy Rutherford. Peacock Grove Bed and Breakfast, 84 Valley St.

Millfield (150 km N) Bellbird & Swallows, Lewis Lane,Mt View. [CO - 9][SC]

Morpeth (165 km N) Bronte Guesthouse Boutique Accommodation, 147 Swan St. [GH - 3][SC]

Morpeth Convent Guest House, 24 James St. [GH - 4][BB]

Mount View (153 km N)

Greta (225 km N)

Bimbadeen Estate, Cnr Bimbadeen & Mount View Rds. Cedars Mount View, 60 Mitchells Rd. [CO - 2][SC] Clydes at Mount View, 27 King Road. Cottages on Mount View, 1329 Mount View Road. Mount View Lodges, 839 Mount View Road. Sincero, 147 Mount Bright Road.

The Table, 3 Water Street.

Newcastle (174 km N)

Laguna (121 km N)

Chifley Apartments Newcastle, Lee Wharf. Chifley Grand Central Apartments Open early 2012, Cnr Scott & Bolton Streets. Cooks Hill Cottage, 102 Dawson Street,Cooks Hill. Hamilton Heritage B&B, 178 Denison St. [H - 2][BB] Quality Hotel Noah’s on the Beach, Cnr Shortland Esp & Zaara St. Terraces For Tourists, 9 Telford Street.

Briar Ridge Cottage, Mt View Road. [CO - 3][SC] Greta Main Pay Office Guest House, 988 Wollombi Rd. [GH 5][DBB]

East Maitland (200 km N) Old George & Dragon Guest House (The), 50 Melbourne St. [GH - 5][DBB]

Judsons at Laguna, 3868 Great North Road.

Lochinvar (213 km N) Pindari House, 78 Winders Lane.

Lovedale (200 km N) Adina Vineyard, 492 Lovedale Road. Blackwattle, 169 Talga Road. Bluebush Estate, 196 Wilderness Road. Claremont House @ Warraroong Estate, 247 Wilderness Rd. [CH - 5][SC]

Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley Resort, 430 Wine Country Drive. Ironstone Estate, 160 Londons Rd. Lilies Cottages, 60 Majors Lane. Lillians on Lovedale, Lovedale Rd. Lovedale Cottages, Brickmans Lane. Lovedale Lodge, Hunter Valley, Lot 33 Londons Rd. Parrot Stump Farm, 300 Talga Rd.

Paterson (195 km N) Belleray Homestead, Duns Creek.

Pokolbin (165 km N) Araluen Mistletoe Cottages, 108 Mistletoe Lane. Billabong Moon, 393 Hermitage Road. Blackthorn Hill Retreat, 148 Old North Road. Broken View Estate, 547 Old North Rd.

Buffs At Pokolbin, Lot 99 Coulson Road. Casuarina Estate, 1014 Hermitage Road. DenMar Estate, 479 Hermitage Road. Glen Ayr Cottages, De Beyers Rd. [CO - 9][SC] Grapevines Boutique Accommodation, 1941 Broke Rd. [CO - 6] Hanging Tree Winery Homestead, 294 O’Connors Road. Harrigans Irish Pub, Broke Rd. Hermitage Lodge, 609 McDonalds Rd. Krinklewood Cottage, 333 Palmers Lane. [CO - 4][SC] Kurrajong Vineyard Cottages, 614 Hermitage Rd. [CO - 4][SC] Nelly’s on Deasys, 349 Deasys Road. Nirvana Vista Estate, Lot 3 Sweetwater Road. [H - 4] North Lodge Cottages, 198 Old North Rd. Olive Grove, 576 Hermitage Road. Splinters Guest House, 617 Hermitage Road. [L][SC] Thalgara Estate, De Beyers Rd. Thistle Hill, 591 Hermitage Rd.

[GH - 9]

Strathearn Park Lodge, 2 New England Hwy. [GH - 4][AMA] Willowgate Hall, 91 Kingdom Street.

Singleton (220 km N) Quest Singleton, 5-7 Civic Avenue.

St Albans (96 km N) via Wisemans Ferry Bandusia Country Retreat, 1056 Upper McDonald Rd.

Stockton Stockton Beach Tourist Park, 3 Pitt Street.

Vacy (226 km N) Banjos Bushland Retreat, Summer Hill Rd. Eaglereach Wilderness Resort, Summer Hill Rd. [CA - 45][SC]

[GH - 6]

Villa Provence, 132 Gillards Rd. [GH - 9][BB]

Vineyards Estate at Pokolbin (The), 555 Hermitage Rd. [GH - 8][BB]

Windsors Edge, Cnr McDonalds Rd & Branxton Rd. Woods (The) at Pokolbin, Halls Rd. Woolshed Hill Estate, 342 Deasys Rd. [GH - 11][DBB]

Retreat Bushland Lodge (The)


Summer Hill Rd Ph: 02 9909 2900 Fax: 02 9909 2911 Just 2.5 hours from Sydney is a luxury holiday house, with a stunning view, in a 400 hectare bushland resort. Designed for romantic getaways (ensuite has spa), but with 3 bedrooms & bathrooms is ideal for families. Swim, play tennis, bushwalk, picnic, BBQ on the deck with views, laze by the fire, billiards, table tennis, board games, books, CDs, TVs, video library. Weekends $440/couple or $480 for family/group of up to 5. Midweek 2/3 night special $340/couple. Credit cards. [CO - 3] E-mail: info@

Casa Della Vigna, 228 Sweetwater Road. Emma’s Cottage, 438 Wilderness Rd. [CO - 3][SC]

Wisemans Ferry (85 km NW)

Quorrobolong (129 km N) Hunter Valley Retreat,Watagan Centre, 626 Sandy Creek Rd.

Rosebrook (150 km N) Hunter River Retreat, 1090 Maitlandvale Rd. [CO - 8][SC]

Rothbury (200 km N) Burncroft, 207 Talga Rd. [GH -

Hill Top Villas

288 Talga Road Ph: 02 4930 7111 Fax: 02 4930 9048

You won’t want to leave the tranquil 300 acres, spectacular Valley views, sunsets, wildlife sanctuary. Horse riding: Winery Tours: King Bed, Spa Baths: Massages: Private Balconies. [GH - 5][AMA] E-mail: Web:

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 21

Scone (320 km N) Belltrees Country House & Mountain Retreat, Gundy Rd. Web:

Australis Retreat at Wisemans, Hawkesbury River. Del Rio Resort, Chaseling Road,Webbs Creek.

Wollombi (140 km N) Cedar Creek Cottage Vineyards, Wollombi Rd. [CO - 5][SC] Mystwood Retreats, 117 Milsons Arm Rd. [CA][SC] Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Wolgan Valley Rd.



3/13/2012 1:13:31 PM

TweedMudgee Valley Region DESTINATION + NSW

Surf check, Byron.



Described by the National Trust as “one of the finest townscapes in a country area”, Mudgee is blessed with historic buildings, wide streets and a beautiful country ambience.


outique shopping, cafes and restaurants, markets and a vibrant arts community give the town a difference. Early Australian architectural facades and historic buildings date back to the 1850s. Explore the region and visit Gulgong, Rylstone & Kandos – enjoy wine, honey, cheese, visit museums, go bushwalking or bird watching, go gold panning, visit markets, galleries, antique shops, a miniature railway, a boutique and brewery or star gaze at the observatory. Visit



UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 22

some of the cellar doors and discover why the region’s wines have captured the attention of wine experts. Wander through historic towns for great shopping, markets, amazing food and a friendly community. The original Aboriginal inhabitants named this part of Australia Mudgee, meaning “Nest in the Hills”. The beautifully soft and intimate nature of much of the countryside around Mudgee is fashioned by the outer rim of hills which create the “nest “. Mudgee has played a key role in Australian viticultural history.

Although primarily a producer of robust and deeply coloured red wines, Mudgee was the cradle in which a particularly good clone of Chardonnay lay unrecognised for over 50 years, a descendant of the Chardonnay introduced to Australia in 1832 by James Busby.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 1:14:20 PM

Tweed Valley + DESTINATION

Images courtesy Destination NSW.

Mudgee provides Wine consumers with an opportunity to sample great Wines with personality, character and life. In Mudgee, you’ll find local food and Wines carefully matched to complement each other presented in enticing eateries. Mudgee wines are well represented in this year’s Top 100 Wines that have been released by Wines making the list are from Louee Wines, Logan Wines, Robert Stein Wines, Bunnamagoo, Charnwood Estate and De Beaurepaire Wines. There is no “best time” to visit Mudgee, only different times! My personal pick will be the Gulgong Henry Lawson Festival from Friday June 8th to Monday 11th. Friday evening is “Tales of the Swag” at Gulgong Opera House. The poetry of Henry Lawson combined with a robust red wine. What a great night! For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 23



3/13/2012 1:18:09 PM

NSW + Mudgee + Central West Area

Mudgee Valley Area

Kia-ora B&B, 92 Gladstone St. [H - 2][BB]

Kirima Cottages, 2.4km up the Hill End Rd. [CO - 6][SC] Lauralla Guest House and Grapevine Restaurant, Cnr Lewis & Mortimer Sts. [GH - 6][DBB] Mudgee Homestead Guesthouse (The), 3 Coorumbene Court.

Capertee (183 km NW) Turon Gates, Turon Gates Rd off Mudgee Rd. [CO][SC]

Glen Davis

[GH - 6]

Glen Davis Boutique, 1 Condola Avenue.

Gulgong (296 km NW) Goldfields Motor Inn 212 Mayne St Ph: 02 6374 1111 Fax: 02 6374 1086 The Goldfields Motor Inn is situated on three acres of landscaped grounds and only 200 metres away from an excellent nine hole golf course and close to all the facilities of the historic Gulgong township. Enjoy superb rural views and no traffic noise. The Goldfields Motor Inn features a swimming pool and barbeque facilities. E-mail: gulgonggoldfield@ Web:

Prince Of Wales Hotel, 97 Mayne Street. Stables Guesthouse, 149 Mayne St. [GH - 5][BB]

Mudgee (260 km NW) Allambie Cottage, Wedgetail Grove. Ardrossan B&B Mudgee Accommodation, 286 Gulgong Rd. At Seventy Seven Bed & Breakfast, 79 Mulgoa Way.

Running Stream

335 Razorback Road Ph: 02 6358 8228 Fax: 02 6358 8319 Come, relax and de-stress at Cottages of Moonraker where the summers are mild and it snows every winter. The views and sunsets are spectacular. Three cottages rated 4 star, 2 with spa bath. Each cottage is fully self-contained and has one queensize bedroom. All this only 2 hours from Sydney. James Craig: restored Art Deco style Mary Rose: elegant English country-style The Stables: beautiful decor to suit the most E-mail: discerning.

Rylstone (238 km NW)

Ph: 02 6372 2437 Mobile Mobile: 0438 151 719. A magnificent Federation Home, specialising in fine bed & breakfast accommodation, located 250mtrs from town centre. Relax & enjoy. [BB]

Bridgeview Inn, 28-30 Louee Street. [CO - 4][SC] Franks’ Breakaway, Olinda via. [SC]

High Tweeters, 1710 Nullo Mountain Rd, Nullo Mountain.

E-mail: Web:

Bathurst (207 km W) A `Winter-Rose’ Cottage B&B, 79 Morrisset St. [CO - 3][BB] Bathurst B&B, 9 John Norton Place. Bishop’s Court Estate, 226 Seymour St. Lochinvar, 448 Conrod Straight, Mt Panorama. [CO][SC] Magnolia Manor, 209 William Street. Royal Apartments (The), 108 William St. [A - 12][SC] Winburndale Vineyard & Winery, 116 St Anthony’s Creek Rd.

Carcoar (258 km W) Five Frogs, 3 Belubula Street.

Dubbo (416 km W)

Cottages of Moonraker Web:

Forgandenny House B&B 15-19 Short St


Mudgee’s Getaway Cottage, 42 Mortimer St. [CO][SC] Oakfield Country Store & Cafe Inverness & Steakhouse, 18 Sydney Rd. Primo Bed & Breakfast, 9 Court St. [H - 3][BB] Rosby Guesthouse, 122 Strikes Lane, Eurunderee. Sherwoods Green Cottage, 481 Melrose Road. Wombadah, 46 Tierney Lane.

Central West Area

[FH - 5]

Western Plains Zoofari Lodge, Obley Road.

Millthorpe (250 km W) Cheneyvale Loft Village Escape, Glenoria Road. Hockeys, 28 Park Street.

Narromine (452 km W) Abbey (The), 24 Dandaloo St. [GH - 5][BB]

Ootha (435 km W) Burrawang West Station, Burrawang West Station.

Orange (266 km W) Abby Lodge, 224 Strathnook Lane. Arancia, Wrights Lane. Belgravia Cottage, C/- Bellview, Belgravia Rd. Black Sheep Inn, 91 Heifer Station Lane (off Forbes Road). Borrodell on the Mt, Lake Canobolas Road. Duntryleague, Woodward St. [GH - 14]

Pericoe Retreat 12R Cassandra Drive Ph: 02 6887 2705 Experience the wonderful seclusion and relax in 5 star luxury air-conditioned suites. Featuring spa ensuites, open fires, billiard room, bar, swimming pool & tennis court. Enjoy cooked breakfast, afternoon tea & sumptuous evening meals. Pericoe Retreat is set on 25 acres with meandering gardens, abundance of wildlife, birds and magnificent views over the Talbragar Valley. Our exclusive, personalised service and attention to detail will ensure your stay is one to remember. (BB-4) (DBB) E-mail: Web:

Greentrees Guest House, 33 Pinnacle Road. [GH][AMA] Leloma Bed & Breakfast, 27 National Avenue. Orange Region Vignerons, The Old Stables, Union Bank Building. de Russie Suites Orange, 72 Hill Street.

Parkes (360 km W) Kadina Bed & Breakfast, 22 Mengarvie Rd. Moonraker Motor Inn Parkes, 444 Clarinda St. Old Parkes Convent (The), 33 Currajong Street. [A - 2][BB]

Sofala (249 km NW) Chesleigh Homestead, Hill End Rd. Ph 02 6337 7077. See our display advertisement. [GH - 10][AMA]



Sofala (near Bathurst), NSW 2795. Telephone: (02) 6337 7077. Web: Chesleigh is the heart of Sofala’s colourful goldfields. A comfortable stopover amid the wild, rustic shanty towns of Sofala & Hill End. Lovely accommodation and genuine, delicious home cooking using fresh local produce. Dinner, B&B, weekends and extended stays.

Rates: From $95/person for dinner, B&B. Distance: 3 km from Sofala, 45 km from Bathurst. Rooms: 10 (6 with ensuite). Reservations: Required.


Credit Cards: Accepted. Children: Welcome. Features: Gold panning, horse riding, trout fishing, great food & terrific bush entertainment. A wealth of facilities.


UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 24

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Barrington Tops + Port Stephens Areas + NSW

Barrington tops The Barrington Tops is an area of high and spectacularly wild, forested peaks about 280 kms north of Sydney. This spectacular area offers excellent accommodation for those seeking a peaceful rural holiday. Romantic wilderness retreats and guesthouses are especially popular with those wanting a comfortable base from which to explore.Larger retreats with their impressive facilities are also ideal for corporate team-building activities. Cottages, cosy guesthouses and farmstays are some of the other options in this natural wonderland. Bushwalking, wildlife watching, trout fishing, horse riding, canoeing and kayaking are some of the other popular visitor activities.

Barrington Tops Area Barrington Tops (279 km N) Barrington Tops Organic Retreat, 384 Jems Creek Road.

Dungog (240 km N) Bandon Grove School House, Chichester Dam Rd via. [SC - 7] Barringtons Country Retreat (The), Chichester Dam Rd, via Dungog. [L][AMA] Bluegums Cabins, 1953 Chichester Dam Road. Carriageway Crooks Park, 4426 Clarence Town Road. School Hill, 381 Sugarloaf Road.

Gloucester (294 km N) Avonview at Tintuppa, 55 Fairbairns Road. Dam It Getaway, 81 Kia-Ora Hill Road. The Ridge, 135 Thunderbolts Way.

Monkerai Valley (279 km N) Riverwood Downs Mountain

Salisbury (240 km N)

Anchor Light (The), 1 Corlette Point Road. Peppers Anchorage Port Stephens, Corlette Point Rd.

Barrington Tops Salisbury Lodges, 2930 Salisbury Rd.

Hawks Nest (250 km N)

Valley Resort, 311 Upper Monkerai Rd. [GH - 20][AMA]

[L - 7]

Barrington Wilderness Cottages, 2940 Salisbury Rd.

Barrington Glencoe Rural Retreat, 1468 Sheffield Road. [CH - 4][AMA]

Port Stephens Area Anna Bay (211 km N) Outlook on the Beach (The), 2/4 Ocean Parade. Samurai Beach Resort, 562 Gan Gan Road. [SC]

Boat Harbour (230 km N) Botaba, 32 Andrew Close.

Corlette (221 km N) A Bay View House B&B, 17 Mulubinda Pde. [H - 2][BB]

Ocean Side Hawks Nest, Cnr Booner & Bennett Sts.

Nelson Bay (224 km N) Admiral Nelson Motor Inn, 1618 Gowrie Avenue. Central Motel, Cnr Government Rd & Church St. Landmark Nelson Bay, 61A Dowling St. Marina Resort, 33 Magnus St. Nelson Bay Bed & Breakfast, 81 Stockton Street. [GH - 3][BB] Oaks Lure Apartments, 20 Tomaree Street. Port Stephens Tourism Ltd, Victoria Parade.

One Mile Beach (225 km N) O’Carrollyn’s Eco Village Resort, 5 Koala Place. Wanderers Retreat Port Stephens, 7 Koala Place.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 25

Salamander Bay (216 km N) Le Meilleur Horizons Golf Resort, 5 Horizons Drive. Oaks Pacific Blue Resort, 265 Sandy Point Road.

Shoal Bay (224 km N) Bali at the Bay, 1 Achilles St. Ocean Beach Bed & Breakfast, 16 Ocean Beach Rd. [H - 2][BB] Shoal Bay Beachclub Apartments, 2-6 Shoal Bay Rd. Shoal Bay Bed and Breakfast, 15 Shoal Bay Avenue. Shoal Bay Resort & Spa, Beachfront.

Soldiers Point (216 km N) All Seasons Salamander Shores Resort, 147 Soldiers Point Rd.

Tea Gardens (250 km N) Oaks Boathouse Tea Garden, 21-23 Marine Drive. Tea Gardens Waterfront, 117 Marine Drive. [GH - 2][BB]



3/13/2012 1:29:31 PM

World Heritage listed

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is the closest Pacific island getaway to Sydney.


t’s less than two hours flying from either Sydney or Brisbane off Australia’s east coast. Lord Howe is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific. I’ve been to more than most and I agree. If the famous American novelist James A. Michener described Bora Bora in Tahiti as the most beautiful island in the world it was because he had never been to Lord Howe! It never ceases to amaze me how many people travel to the four corners of the globe yet fail to appreciate the jewels that lie on our doorstep. Lord Howe is a great example of one such jewel. It is one of just four island groups in the world to be inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list for the global significance

of its natural beauty and heritage. The resident island naturalist Ian Hutton can present you with the facts that show there is more diversity of flora and fauna on Lord Howe Island than on the Galapagos Islands made famous by Charles Darwin. It’s a timeless natural paradise, where the pace is relaxed but with plenty of activities and adventures to choose from. Unspoiled, uncrowded beaches with perfect golden sands entice surfers, swimmers and sybarites. The lagoon is bordered by the world’s most southerly coral reef. Just wander in off the beach to snorkel among colourful tropical and sub-tropical fish, turtles and other marine life. Head further off-shore to

26 UNIQUE and PLACES STAYvisit For bookings furtherTOdetails

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 26

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Lord Howe Island + DESTINATION

The lagoon is bordered by the world’s most southerly coral reef. SCUBA dive on world-class sites. The water is so clean and clear, it’s like swimming in an aquarium. Families love the safety and variety of activities for children; lovers find romance on the island, natural beauty, luxury lodges and fine dining establishments. For adventurers, there are bushwalks and more strenuous hikes, including Mt Gower, rated as one of the world’s best day walks. To set foot on Lord Howe Island is to escape to a pristine environment, where you’ll be met with friendly hospitality and the kind of holiday experience that you’ll never want to leave. For bookings and further details visit UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 27



3/13/2012 1:31:33 PM

NSW + Lord Howe Island + Central Coast Area + Lake Macquarie Area

Lord Howe Island

Norfolk Island

Lord Howe Island

Anson Bay Lodge, Bullock Hut Rd. Forrester Court, PO Box 496. Shearwater Scenic Villas, Point Ross.

(850 km NE) Arajilla Retreat, Old Settlement Beach. Beachcomber Lodge, Lord Howe Island. Blue Lagoon, Lord Howe Island. Broken Banyan Apartments The, Lord Howe Island. Ebbtide, Muttonbird Drive. Hideaway Apartments, Middle Beach Road. [A - 3] Howeana Apartments, Lagoon Road. Leanda Lei Apartments, Middle Beach Rd. Lorhiti Apartments, 78 Anderson Road. Mary Challis Cottages, PO Box 69. Milky Way Holiday Apartments, Old Settlement Beach. Ph 02 6563 2012. See our display advertisement. Pandanus Apartments, Anderson Road. Pinetrees Resort Hotel, Lagoon Road. Ph 02 9262 6585. See our display advertisement. Somerset Apartments, Neds Beach Road. Waimarie Holiday Apartments, Lagoon Road.

Norfolk Island (1400 km E)

Central Coast Area Avoca Beach (100 km N) Acreage (The) B&B, 110 Picketts Valley Rd,Picketts Valley. Avoca Palms Resort, 194 Avoca Drive. Decks at Avoca, 177 Avoca Drive. Lighthouse Apartments at Avoca Beach (The), 3/15 Cliff Ave. Rileys Bed & Breakfast, 370 Avoca Drive. Two Peaks Guesthouse, 14 Hillside Road.

Image courtesy of Paul Foley.

LAKE macquarie

Lake Macquarie is a large and pleasant lake characterised by a wealth of accommodation options and a superb array of watersports. At the northern end in particular, boating, fishing and swimming are popular. Located approximately 110 kilometres from Sydney, Lake Macquarie is also easily accessible. Lakeside accommodation options include selfcontained cottages and guesthouses. Several small resorts are scattered around the northern fringes of the lake.

Ettalong Beach (89 km N)

4 Manly View Road.

Umina (110 km N)

Ettalong Beach Holiday Village, Fassifern Street. Luro On The Beach, 119 The Esplanade.

Bells at Killcare, 107 The Scenic Road.

Beach Lodge, 224 The Esplanade, Ocean Bch. [H][SC]

Kincumber (98 km N)

Lake Macquarie Area

Forresters Beach (100 km N)

Kincumber Hotel Motel, Cnr Carrak Rd & Willessee Cres.

Forresters Beach Bed & Breakfast, 9 Yumbool Close.

Kincumber South (94 km N)

Killcare (98 km N)

Cockle Bay House, 1 Calool Street. [CH - 4][BB]

33 Degrees Beach House,

Kulnura (86 km N) Forest Park Country Retreat, 252 Forest Road. Noonaweena, RMB 2405 George Downes Drive.

Norah Head (115 km N) Norah Head Lighthouse, Bush St.

Patonga Dickerbusch, 21 Patonga Street.

Catherine Hill Bay (100 km N) Catherine Hill Bay Beach House, 6A Clarke Street.

Caves Beach (144 km N) Blue Horizons, 138 Caves Beach Rd.

Coal Point (160 km N)

Terrigal Lagoon Bed & Breakfast, 58a Willoughby Road.

Dora Creek (140 km N)

Tiarri Terrigal Beach, 16 Tiarri Cres.

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 28

Julia’s Waterfront Retreat, 1 Ambrose Street.

Clan Lakeside Lodge (The), 1 Oceanview Drive.

Beach Hut Terrigal, 6 Ash St.


Bell Chapel B&B, 34 Excelsior Pde.

Gables By The Lake, 162 Coal Point Rd. Green Cottage (The), 158 Skye Point Road. Lakeside House (The), 296 Skye Point Road.

Terrigal (100 km N)


Carey Bay (160 km N)

Villa by the Sea, 27 Tabletop Road.

Between Waters Bed & Breakfast, 246 Dora St. [H][BB] Lazydays Waterfront Cottage, 34 Baker St.

The Entrance (106 km N)

Kilaben Bay (158 km N)

Lavender House by the Sea, 66 Dening St. [H][SC] Waldorf Apartment Hotel, 18 Coral Street.

Loft (The), 72 Kilaben Bay Rd.

Martinsville (140 km N) Watagan Lodge, 79 Kings Road.

Toowoon Bay (106 km N)

Nords Wharf (110 km N)

Kims Beach Hideaway, Charlton St.

Cottage Holidays, 131 Marine Pde.

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Lord Howe Island

pinetrees LODGE

P: 02 9262 6585 F: 02 9262 6638 W: E: TARIFF: from $660/couple/ night, all inclusive. See website for packages.

Pinetrees Lodge is the perfect place to relax and escape the stress of everyday life. Pinetrees provides exceptional meals, personalised service and a stunning waterfront location. The boatshed deck on the beachfront is a great place for a hot shower after your early morning swim. It is equally inviting for a cold beer or champagne while watching the sunset. Pinetrees is the ideal place from which to discover the beauty and adventure of Lord Howe Island. The enthusiastic staff members love Lord Howe Island. Every morning at breakfast, they’ll recommend where to go and what to do, depending on the weather and your level of enthusiasm. Some guests are happy to relax under the boatshed umbrellas, swim in the lagoon, or simply absorb the panorama of two of Australia’s most dramatic mountains. Other guests like to keep themselves busy - they might catch a 15kg kingfish, walk through ancient subtropical forest, surf perfect waves or snorkel

on the southernmost coral reef in the world. Guests can also challenge themselves on the Island’s spectacular golf course. Pinetrees may be remote, but they provide world-class meals. The chefs create memorable three course dinners and buffets featuring fresh local kingfish. But it’s not just dinner, they’ll gladly pack a gourmet BBQ hamper and deliver it to one of the many idyllic barbeque spots on the island for your own private lunch. There’s no additional charge, it’s just part of the Pinetrees experience. Choose from a range of accommodation, including comfortable en-suite rooms, luxury one-bedroom Garden Cottages and 3 and 4 bedroom family cottages. All of the rooms are single storey and have flat access to the dining room, lounge, bar, tennis court and boatshed. Stay at Pinetrees once and you’ll understand why so many guests come back to visit every year!


UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 29


3/13/2012 1:33:59 PM

NSW North Coast Area + Coffs Coast NSW ++ Mid Tweed Valley

KEMPSEY Kempsey is a large and important rural centre on the Mid North Coast. With access to many delightful coastal retreats, Kempsey is a popular stopover for people heading north along the Pacific Highway. The award-winning Kempsey Historical Museum is located in the same building as the Kempsey Information Centre. Of interest are the Apex Park Historical Lookout and the town’s historic buildings which include the elegant Kempsey Courthouse and the High Victorian Kempsey Post Office. The historic village of Gladstone is 15 km to the north-east. Lodge accommodation can be enjoyed at Kempsey.

Image courtesy: Destination NSW.

Quality Inn & Suites Port Macquarie, 15 Mort St. Quality Inn HW Boutique, 1 Stewart St Town Beach. Quality Resort Sails, 20 Park St. Quay North Apartments, 17-19 Horton Street. Rydges Port Macquarie, 1 Hay Street. TS Tennis Resort, 1 Kemp Street. Telegraph Retreat, 126 Federation Way. Toms Creek Retreat, 223 Toms Creek Rd, Ellenborough. [CO 3][SC]

Town Beach Motor Inn, Cnr Lord & Gordon St. Wyndham Vacation Resorts Flynns Beach, 14-20 Flynn Street.

Seal Rocks (270 km N)

Mid North Coast Area Bonny Hills (402 km N) Seaview, 2 Skyline Pl. [GH 2][AMA]

Bulahdelah (245 km N) EcoPoint Myall Shores, Myall Lakes National Park. Peacehaven Country Cottages, 353 Upper Myall Road. Stoneholme Farmstay B&B, 386 Old Inn Road.

Coomba Bay (280 km N) Whitby on Wallis B&B, 1770 Coomba Road. [CH][BB]

Crescent Head (440 km N) Killuke Lodge Holiday Cottages, Point Plomer Rd. [CO - 7][SC]

Forster (325 km N) Beaches International, 1 Beach Street. Clarendon Forest Retreat, Coates Rd, Possum Brush via. [CO - 10][SC]

Galway Downs Lakeside Country House, 1788 Coomba Rd, Coomba Bay. [CH - 4][BB] Sails Luxury Apartments, 7-9 Head St. Tuncurry Motor Lodge, 132 Manning St, Tuncurry.

Hallidays Point (345 km N) Tallwoods Verve resort, Black Head Road.

Hannam Vale (370 km N) Benbellen Farmstay, 60 Cherry Tree Lane.

Hat Head Hat Head Bed and Breakfast, 16 Bay Street.



UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 30

Kempsey (457 km N)

Blueys Beach.

Kempsey Motor Inn, 320 Pacific Hwy. Macleay Valley Coast, 22 Tozer Street, Kempsey West. South West Rocks Motel, 110 Gregory Street.

Pampoolah (320 km N)

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, Kinka Road. Twin Pines, 32 Kinka Road. [H

Mescal’s at Pampoolah, 53 Malcolms Rd, via Taree.

Smiths Lake

Laurieton (393 km N) Falls Forest Retreat (The), 318 Isaacs Lane, Johns River. [CO 6][SC]

Limeburners Creek (406 km N) Ocean & Earth Farmstay, Lot 32 Fords Rd.

Lorne (377 km N) Gypsy Falls Retreat, 375 Tipperary Road.

Nabiac (314 km N) Bundacreek Country Lodge Retreat, 226 Minimbah Rd. [GH - 5][DBB]

Old Bar (330 km N) Chiltern Lodge Country Retreat, 139 Metz Rd. [CO - 4] Kiwarrak Country Retreat, 239 Half Chain Rd. [CO - 3][SC] Meridian Resort-Beachside, 32 Lewis St.

Pacific Palms (280 km N) Blueys Retreat, 285 Boomerang Drive. [CO - 26][SC] Brushy Point Great Lakes Escape, 540 Coomba Rd. Capricorn Apartments. Laaqua, 9 Headland Road. Lizzie Beach House, 4 Lethbridge Road. Pisces, Boomerang Dr. Sandpiper on Smiths Lake, 113 Patsy’s Flat Road. Sayang, 209 Boomerang Drive,

Port Macquarie (421 km N) Aquatic Waterfront Motel, 253 Hastings River Dr. Aston Hill Motor Lodge, 15 Mort Street. Azura Beach House B&B, 109 Pacific Drive. [H - 2][BB] Beach Blue Resort, 68 Pacific Drive. Beachside Holiday Apartments, 48 Pacific Drive. Country Comfort Port Macquarie, Cnr Buller & Hollingworth Sts. Excelsior Motor Inn-Motel, 92 William Street. Flynns Beach Resort, 68 Pacific Drive. Hastings Valley Motel, 64 Burrawan St. Le George Motel, 4 Hollingworth St. Macquarie Waters Boutique Apartment Hotel, 11 Clarence Street. Mantra Quayside Apartments, Cnr William & Short Streets. Mercure Centro Hotel, 103 William Street. Mid Pacific Motel, Cnr Short & Clarence Streets. Narimba Lodge Motel, 4 Narimba Close. Northpoint Apartments, Apt 304/2 Murray Street. Observatory Hotel, 40 William St. Ocean Breeze Motel, 24 Burrawan St. Port Aloha Motel, 3 School St. Port O’Call Motel, 105 Hastings River Drive. Port Pacific Resort, 6-14 Clarence St.

- 3][SC]

Akama Beach Holiday Home, 52 Patsys Flat Road.

South West Rocks (496 km N) Grass Trees Escape, Arakoon. Little Bay Cottage, East St. [CO - 2][SC]

Smoky Cape Lighthouse B&B & Cotttages, Lighthouse Road.

Taree (337 km N) Comfort Inn Marco Polo, 30-32 Crescent Ave. Mansfield on the Manning, Lot 95 Beauly Rd. Nundoobah Retreat, 200 Woola Road.

Tuncurry (327 km N) Tokelau Guest House, 2 Manning St.

Wauchope (425 km N) Breckenridge Farmstay, 481-483 King Creek Road.

Wingham (354 km N) Bank Guest House (The), 48 Bent St. [GH - 6][BB]

Coffs Coast Ashby Ashby Cottage, 2 Tullymorgan Road.

Bellingen (557 km N) Aniseed Luxury Villas, 1090 Promised Land Road. Arika Retreat, 33 Lyon Street. Aunty Lil’s, 7&9 William St.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Coffs Coast + New Tweed EnglandValley Area++NSW NSW CasaBelle Country Guest House, 90 Gleniffer Road. Casey’s Lane Luxury Retreat, 11 Casey’s Lane. Finders Keepers Cottage, 8 Coronation Street. Koompartoo Retreat, Dudley St. [CO - 4][SC]

Lily Pily Country House, 54 Sunny Corner Rd. [CH][BB] Maddefords Cottages, 224 North Bank Rd. [CO - 2][SC] Malibells Country Cottages, 1600 Bowraville, Briarfield via. Promised Land Cottages, 934 Promised Land Road. Rivendell Guest House, 10-12 Hyde St. [GH - 4][BB] Serendip, 631 Gordonville Rd. [CH - 4][SC]

Coffs Harbour (555 km N) Aqualuna Beach Resort, 840 Pacific Highway, Sapphire. Arosa Motel, 220 Pacific Hwy South. Bananatown Motel, 15 Grafton St. Bangalow Waters, 95 James Small Dr Korora. Bonville Golf Resort, Nth Bonville Rd Bonville via. Cinque Terre Beach House, 4 Beach Front Close. Country Comfort Coffs Harbour, 353 Pacific Highway North. Headlands Beach Guest House, 17 Headland Road. Lilypond Apartments, 95 James Small Drive,Korora. Mount Browne Country Cottages, 90 Mt Browne Rd. [CO - 8][SC] Nautilus beachfront Villas & Spa, Pacific Hwy North. Opal Cove Resort, Pacific Hwy, Korora Bay. Pacific Marina, 22 Orlando St Coffs Harbour Jetty. Saltwater on the Beach, 104 Fiddaman Rd Emerald Beach. Santa Fe Luxury B&B, 235 The Mountain Way. [CH - 3][BB] Smugglers on the Beach, 36 Sandy Beach Rd, Korora. Villa Vivante, Brukner Park Road. Waterside (The), 80 Tiki Road. [GH - 4][DBB]

Dorrigo (591 km N) Fernbrook Lodge B & B, 4705 Waterfall Way. Moss Grove, 589 Old Coast Road.

Korora (568 km N) Tropic Oasis Holiday Villas, 10 Tropic Lodge Place.

Nambucca Heads (525 km N) Destiny Motor Inn, Cnr Riverside Drive & Pacific Hwy.

Sawtell (569 km N) Sawtell on the Beach, 131 Fourth Avenue. Wagtail Cottage, PO Box 441.

Scotts Head (523 km N) OceanScape Luxury Beachfront Villas, 2 Sea Breeze Place. Pure Indulgence B&B, 71 Raleigh St.

Thora Lombok on Waterfall.

Upper Orara (565 km N)

Image courtesy Destination NSW.

Friday Creek Retreat, 267 Friday Creek Rd,. [CO - 9][SC]


Urunga (552 km N)

Bellingen is an attractive township located on the Bellinger River between the coast and the beautiful Dorrigo plateau. Surrounded by rich pasturelands Bellingen has the charm of a rural centre with an urbanity fostered by those who have fled from the city. There are several good art-and-craft shops in town and some fine heritage buildings, including the Bellingen courthouse, the Shire of Bellingen Centre, the superb Hammond & Wheatley Emporium and the Federation Hotel. It is also rewarding to explore the wider Bellinger Valley by car. Visitors will find a wide range of accommodation options at Bellingen.

Aquarelle Bed & Breakfast, 152 Osprey Drive. Maino Gabuna, Wollumbin Drive, Hungry Head. [H - 3][SC]

Woolgoolga (580 km N) Safety Beach Ocean Bungalows, 41a Safety Beach Drive.

New England Area Armidale (539 km NW) Armidale Rose Villa Motel, New England Hwy. Best Western Cotswold Gardens & Manor Restaurant, 34 Marsh St. Best Western Moore Park Inn, Uralla Rd. Country Comfort Armidale, 86 Barney St. Executive Oasis, 2/156 Marsh Street. Lindsay House, 128 Faulkner St. Mews on Moore (The), 208 Baardy Street. Petersons Armidale Winery & Guesthouse, Dangarsleigh Road. Poppys Cottage B&B, Malvern Hill. [CO - 2][DBB] Quality Hotel Powerhouse Armidale, 31 Marsh St. Yaraandoo Eco-Lodge & Function Centre, Point Lookout Road,off the Waterfall Way.

Ben Lomond (620 km N) Silent Grove Farm Stay B&B, Silent Grove. [FS - 3][AMA]

Ebor (637 km N) Moffat Falls Lodge, Point Lookout Rd. [H - 3][AMA]

Glen Innes (636 km N) Alpha Motel, New England Hwy. Central Motel, 131 Meade St. Kings Plains Castle, Kings Plains Road.

Guyra (599 km N)

Tamworth (428 km NW)

Milani Trout Cottages, Milani, Baldersleigh Rd. [CO - 10][SC] Top of the Range Retreat, 93 Ollera Street.

All Seasons Tamworth Towers, 80-90 Ebsworth Street. Best Western Sanctuary Inn, 293 Marius St. Best Western Tamworth Motor Inn, 212 Goonoo Goonoo Road. Golf Links Motel, Cnr Bridge & Mahony Ave. Plumes on the Green, 25 The Ringers Rd. [GH - 7][DBB] Quality Hotel Powerhouse Tamworth, Armidale Rd (New England Hwy). Retreat at Froog Moore Park (The), 78 Bligh St.

Hernani (637 Km N) Marengo Chalet 1699 Marengo Rd Ph: 02 6657 6175 Fax: 02 6657 6175 4 Star, 2 storey log chalet on cattle station. Fishing, tennis, b/ walk. Sleeps 6-8. All amenities, linen incl. Dbl from $185, extra person $30. Discount for 4+ days. [CO - 3][SC] E-mail: Web: au/~marengo

Inverell (680 km N) Blair Athol, Warialda Rd. [GH 6][DBB]

Sapphire City Motor Inn, 34 Glen Innes Rd. Twin Swans Motel, 189-199 Glen Innes Rd.

Nymboida (670 km N) Coaching Station Inn (The), Armidale Road.

Pine Ridge Little Kickerbell Guest House, Bundella Road.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 31

Tenterfield (750 km N) Peter Allen Motor Inn (The), N.E. Highway. Wangrah Wilderness Resort, Bluff River Rd,Sandy Flat. [CO - 8][SC]

Uralla (540 km NW) Altona-Regency Motel, New England Highway. Cruickshanks Farmstay B&B, 313 Mihi Road. [CH - 5][AMA]

Walcha (520 km N) Cheyenne Wilderness Retreat, Cheyenne via. [CO - 3] Country Mood B & B, Scrubby Gully Rd. [FS - 1][DBB]



3/13/2012 1:36:10 PM


Pebbly Beach. Image courtesy Adam Taylor; Destination NSW.

The South Coast Your South Coast mission is easy: relax, enjoy, bask in the sun and rid yourself of city stress, reports Annie Cochrane.


ydneysiders either flee to the north coast, or head “down the coast” to escape the city. Devotees are squarely divided, with opinions coloured by years of holidaymaking memories The south coast has a strong claim to fame. For many it starts at Kiama and extends as far as Bermagui, after which it becomes the far south coast. Travelling south, a panoramic curtain opens up at Kiama with staggering views of the ocean, beach and township. It’s a great combination too – rolling green hills to the right and some of Australia’s best loved beaches to the left. Occasionally you will pass a vineyard sign, suggesting cellar door tastings, and the charming village of Gerringong has some great little boutique shops for browsing. Getting off the main highway and travelling along the coast road will bring 32


UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 32

you past Seven Mile Beach to Shoalhaven Heads. More vineyards – if you haven’t stopped for a tasting by now you really must stop at Coolangatta Estate, renowned for its award-winning wines. By now you are about 2.5 hours drive from Sydney, so it’s a good time for a quick cuppa and a little boutique shopping. Berry is a ‘must’ with its myriad boutiques and cafes. To the right of Berry up in the hills is the Kangaroo Valley – truly stunning in Autumn and Winter. Morning mists sit in the valley creating picture postcard settings. This is a great place to snuggle up for a romantic weekend. There are plenty of accommodation choices. Everyone has their favourite beach, and for me it’s the white sands of Huskisson. To be fair, it’s difficult to fault the south coast beaches. Even in peak season they remain relatively uncrowded. Hyams Beach supposedly has the whitest sands

Couple shopping at Berry. Image Courtesy Destination NSW

Mollymook Beach, early morning

in Australia, and Mollymook and Mossy Point aren’t far behind. Aside from sand and surf, there’s plenty of golf, fishing, theme parks, and some great dining and accommodation along the south coast. There are also weekend markets to investigate, and some very colourful festivals spaced throughout the year. Plenty of good reasons to choose the south coast for your next getaway!

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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ry. tion NSW

y morning Couple driving an MG at Gerringong. Image courtesy Sally Mayman, Destination NSW.

Tuross Heads. Image courtesy Mike Newling; Destination NSW.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 33



3/13/2012 1:38:15 PM

NSW + South Coast Area + Jervis Bay Area + Mid South Coast Area Gerringong (130 km S) Anchor Inn, 139 Belinda St. Mercure Gerringong Resort, 1 Fern Street. Tralee by the Sea, 160 Fern Street.

Gerroa (136 km S) Mistral, 48 Stafford Street. [H - 4][SC]

Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park, 200 Crooked River Road.

Jamberoo (122 km S) Jamberoo Valley Lodge, 406 Jamberoo Mountain Road.

Jaspers Brush (130 km S) Silos Estate (The), B640 Princes Hwy.

tilba tilba Tilba Tilba is a tiny National Trust village at the foot of Mount Dromedary on the NSW South Coast. Tilba Tilba is surrounded by a reserve containing rainforests, waterfalls, old mine workings and excellent views. To the south of Tilba Tilba is Wallaga National Park and to the east are Eurobodalla National Park and Mystery Bay. Excellent rural accommodation is available at Tilba Tilba.

Kangaroo Valley (177 km S) Crystal Creek Meadows, 1655 Kangaroo Valley Rd. [CO - 5][SC] Heavens Mountain Escape (The), 94 Paddington Lane. [FH - 2][SC] Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat, 55 Radiata Rd. [CA - 14][SC] Kangaroo Valley Golf & Country Resort, 390 Mt Scanzi Road. [CA - 30][AMA]

South Coast Area

Barefoot Springs. Ph 02 4446 0509. See our display advertisement. [CH - 3][BB]

Austinmer (68 km S) Sur la Mer Austinmer B&B, 8 Moore Street. [A][SC]

Beaumont (136 km S) Netherby

169 Tourist Road Ph: +61 2 4447 5251 Fax: +61 2 4447 3784 Relax in a secluded mountain retreat set on 7.5 parklike acres more than 500 metres above sea level, just two hours drive south of Sydney. [GH - 3][SC] E-mail: netherby@holidaysouthcoast. Web:

Kiama (122 km S) Bellawongarah at Berry 869 Kangaroo Valley Rd Ph: 02 4464 1999 Fax: 02 4464 1988 Luxurious B&B. Relax in this tranquil mountain rainforest retreat between historic Kangaroo Valley & Berry. Gardens, wildlife, local produce. E-mail: deb@accommodation-berry. Web: www.accommodation-berry.

Meadow Mountain Lodge, Meadow Mountain via. [H][BB] Woodbyne Private Hotel, 4 O’Keeffes Lane Jaspers Brush. [GH - 5][AMA]

Bellawongarah (141 km S) Wombat Hill B&B, 1010 Kangaroo Valley Rd.

Berry (140 km S) Accommodation South Coast Association

PO Box 338 Ph: 0427 105 659 Choice of quality accommodation from Berry to Jervis Bay. B&Bs, self-contained, chalets, cottages, hotels, motels & tourist cabins. E-mail: info@ Web: www.



UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 34

Keevers Cottage, Jarretts Road. Riveroak Lodge, 149A Moss Vale Road.

Yurt at Lothlorien (The), 912A Kangaroo Valley Road. [CA 1][BB]

Cambewarra (137 km S) Arcadia Bed & Breakfast, 94 Barfield Road. [AMA] Waymount Farm, 23 West Cambewarra Rd.

Corrimal (76 km S) Corrimal Beach Bed & Breakfast, 56 Dobbie Avenue. Villa (The), 28 Foothills Rd. [MU - 2][SC]

Culburra Beach (174 km S) Escape @ Culburra, 182 Penguin Head Road.

Beachfront Apartment, 7 Gwinganna Ave. [A - 2][SC] Kiama Harbour Cabins, Blowhole Point. Sandcastle, 109 Manning Street. Seashells Kiama, 72 Bong Bong St. [H - 3][SC] Spring Creek Retreat, 41 Jerrara Rd.

Nowra (145 km S) Guesthouse Group Accommodation, 1 Scenic Drive. [SC]

Marriott Park Motel, Cnr Princes Hwy & Douglas Sts.

Shoalhaven Lodge

480 Longreach Rd Ph: 02 4422 6686 Absolute Riverfront 4.5 Star Accommodation. A Short drive to the beautiful beaches of Jervis Bay and 12 minutes from Nowra, Shoalhaven Lodge offers 1km of stunning absolute riverfront, self contained accommodation in luxury chaletstyle lodges tucked away in an idyllic, quiet, 100 acre farming property. Private boat ramp, beach and abundant fauna and flora. A `piece of heaven’ that will not disappoint. E-mail: info@ Web:

Shoalhaven Heads (129 km S) Coolangatta Estate, 1335 Bolong Rd,Shoalhaven Heads via.

Stanwell Tops (52 km S) Tumbling Waters Retreat, End of Stonehaven Rd.

Wollongong (82 km S) Above Wollongong at Pleasant Heights, 77 New Mt Pleasant Rd Mt Pleasant. [SC][BB] Wollongong Serviced Apartments, 54 Kembla Street.

Woonona (70 km S) DJ’s No 8 On The Beach, 8 Beach Drive. Obsessed, 3/2 Kurraba Road.

Jervis Bay Area Huskisson (177 km S) Anglesea, 2 Admiralty Cres. Diamond Cottages, 22 Bowen Street. Dolphin Sands Jervis Bay, 6 Tomerong St. Huskisson B&B at ‘Clovelly Cottage’, 12 Tomerong St. [CH - 1][BB]

Jervis Bay Guesthouse, 1 Beach Street. [GH - 4][BB]

Hyams Beach (191 km S) Baywatch at Hyams Beach, 84 Cyrus Street. [H - 3][SC] Minke, The Whalers Cottage, 57 Cyrus St. [CO - 1][SC]

Vincentia (170 km S) Sanddancer In Jervis Bay, 311 Elizabeth Drive. [GH - 4][BB]

Woollamia (176 km S) Maguires Tall Gums B&B, 9 Seasongood Rd. [H - 3][BB] Paperbark Camp, 571 Woollamia Rd. [DBB]

Mid South Coast Area Bawley Point (258 km S) Bawley (The), 31 Murramarang Road. Bawley Point Bungalows, 1 Weemala Grove. [CA][SC] Blackberry Cottage, 265 Murramarang Rd. [CO - 1][SC] Interludes at Bawley, 103 Forster Drive. [CO - 10][SC]

Berrara (190 km S) Berrara Beach Holiday Chalets, Berrara Rd. [CA - 24][SC] Bunkys by the Sea, 14 Myrniong Grove.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Mid South Coast Area + Far South Coast Area + Snowy Mountains Area + NSW Milton (226 km S) Acacia House B&B, 203 Evans Lane. Meadowlake Lodge, 318 Wilfords Lane. Milton Bed & Breakfast, 124 Princes Hwy. [H - 3][DBB] Milton Country Cottages, 83 Egans Farm Lane,Yatte Yattah. [CO - 6][SC]

Milton Country Retreat, 142E Woodburn Rd. Mrs Top at Milton, 63 Wason St

Mollymook (233 km S)

Ulladulla Guest House, 39 Burrill St. [GH - 10][SC] Ulladulla Holiday Village, 300 Kings Point Dr.

Far South Coast Area Batemans Bay (280 km S) Chalet Swisse Spa & Surf Beach Retreat, 676 The Ridge Road. [GH - 17][AMA]

Coachhouse Marina Resort, 49 Beach Road. Corrigan’s Cove Luxury Apartments, 204 Beach Rd. EcoPoint Murramarang Resort, Banyandah St, South Durras. Mariners on the Waterfront, Orient St. Oaks Ranch & Country Club, Old Mossy Pt Rd Mossy Point. [AMA]

Bega (425 km S) Bannisters 191 Mitchell Parade Ph: 02 4455 3044 Fax: 02 4455 3451 Escape to the coast at Bannisters - fantastic ocean views and award winning deluxe accommodation make a great combination for a relaxing break away. Add Rick Stein at Bannisters Restaurant for delectable Seafood dining, Bannisters Day Spa for pampering treatments and a Pizza and cocktail bar set around an infinity wet edge pool and you have all the ingredients for a wonderful stay. E-mail: Web:

Beachhouse Mollymook, 3 Golf Avenue.

Breakers Apartments

62 Ocean Street Ph: 02 4454 2154 Fax: 02 4454 2155 Breakers Apartments, 62 Ocean St. Spacious awardwinning 2 level one bedroom luxury apartments, overlooking Mollymook beach. Well equipped, self-contained, air cond, adults only, close to golf, restaurants, clubs with on site cafe. [A][SC] E-mail: info@ Web:

Fernmark the Inn, 610 Warrigal Range Rd,Brogo via. Rock Lily Cottages, 864 Warrigal Range Rd, Brogo. [CO - 4][SC]

Bemboka (450 km S) Giba Gunyah Country Cottages, 224 Pollocks Flat Rd. [CO 4][SC]

Ben Boyd National Park (532 km S)

Merimbula (472 km S) Casuarina B&B, 1 Casuarina Place, Tura Beach. Robyn’s Nest Boutique Resort, Lot 188 Merimbula Drive.

Montague Island Lighthouse.

Moruya (310 km S) Knoll (The), 182 South Head Rd. Post & Telegraph B&B, Corner Campbell & Page Sts. [GH - 3][BB]

Narooma (350 km S) Amooran Serviced Apartments & Motel, 30 Montague St. Cooinda Holiday Units, 170 Princes Highway. Mystery Bay Cottages, 121 Mystery Bay Rd, Mystery Bay. [CO - 12][SC]

Blossoms B&B, 22 Bournda Park Way. Kianinny Resort, Tathra Road. [CO][SC]

Tilba Tilba (363 km S) Green Gables, Corkhill Drive. [CH - 3][BB]

Mountain View Tilba Farm Cottages, Mountain View. [FS -

116 Lacmalac Rd Ph: 02 6947 2527 Five beautifully appointed cottages nestled on the banks of the Tumut River. Trout fishing, farmstay, private, close to town, close to Selwyn snowfields. [CO - 8][SC] E-mail: brett@ Web:

Bermagui (384 km S) Beachview Motel, 12 Lamont St.

Central Tilba (364 km S) The Stay at Tintagel, 228 Armitage Road. Two Story Bed & Breakfast, Bate St. [CH - 3][BB]

Cobargo (389 km S) Historic Bunnerong Cottage, ‘Illawambra’ Yowrie Rd. [CO 2][SC]

Old Cobargo Convent B&B (The), Wandella Road. [H - 2][BB]

Deua River Valley (300 km S) Bakers Flat Cottages, 3539 Araluen Rd, Deua River Valley.

Eden (484 km S)

Alonga Waterfront Cottages, 166 River Road. [CO - 32][SC] Calm Waters Waterfront Cottages, 187B Jacobs Drive.

Crown & Anchor Inn, 239 Imlay St. [PH - 5][BB] Econolodge Bayview Eden, Princes Hwy. Gibsons By The Beach, 10 Bay St. [GH - 2][BB] Twofold Bay Motor Inn, 164-164 Imlay St. Whale Cove Inn, 13 Whale Cove Circuit.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 35

Ribbonwood Cottages

Green Cape Lightstation, Via Eden. [CO - 4][SC]

Sussex Inlet (188 km S)

Cottage at Washburton (The), Cupitt’s Winery. Pigeon House Motor Inn, Princes Highway.

Little River Road Ph: 02 6947 5818 Three private self contained cottages with stunning river and valley views make Elm Cottage a magical destination for a relaxing holiday just a 4 hour drive from Sydney. Set on 62 acres Elm Cottage is a pet friendly property which takes you away from city life and helps you to slow down and enjoy nature at its own pace. Whether you’re on your honeymoon, celebrating a special occasion, or just looking for an unforgettable spot to relax and recharge your batteries then Elm Cottage is for you. [CO][SC] E-mail: Web:

Tathra (444 km S)


Ulladulla (233 km S)

Tumut (420 km SW) Elm Cottage Tumut

Montague Island


Snowy Mountains Area

Barefoot SpringS 155 Carrington Rd, Beaumont (Cambewarra Mountain), NSW 2577 t: 02 4446 0509 From: $460 p. couple for 2 night weekend inc. cooked breakfast. See website for specials Relax and enjoy breathtaking views over the Shoalhaven coastline. Close to Kangaroo Valley, Berry and Nowra. Three secluded luxury Studio Cottages with double spa, log fire and well-equipped kitchenette; also a private Queen Room with en-suite in the main house. Savour fabulous cooked breakfasts and gourmet dinners and wander around the beautiful gardens and acreage which abound with native birds and wildlife.  AAA Tourism accreditation



3/13/2012 1:44:07 PM

DESTINATION + NSW Southern Highlands

Relax in cool

Southern Style

Photos courtesy Destination NSW.

The Southern Highlands is well known for its colourful gardens, leisurely pursuits, diverse landscape, history and heritage.


elax and unwind among the gentle green hills and beautiful, formal gardens. This delightful region is known for its heritage villages and old world charm. Good food is on offer throughout the area at country inns in Berrima, Mittagong, Moss Vale and Kangaroo Valley. Enjoy genuine country hospitality in a cosy B&B or a grand country manor. Relax with a soothing spa treatment, by playing golf, going bushwalking or canoeing down a peaceful river. There are waterfalls, national parks, stately mansions and the oldest polo cross club in the world.



UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 36

The Southern Highlands is a destination rich in tradition and history. The author of Mary Poppins created some of her most inspiring tales here. The Bradman Museum in Bowral honours Australia’s greatest cricketer. Big attractions are “Tulip Time” in October and the Bong Bong picnic race meeting in November. Bong Bong near Moss Vale was the first official settlement in the area. Chosen by Governor Macquarie in 1820 it was superseded by Berrima in the 1830s. Today the Bong Bong Common is an archaeological site. Berrima survives as the last remaining, largely intact,

Georgian-period town on mainland Australia. The region is recognised for its impressive early buildings and streetscapes nestling in a landscape of great beauty. Properties such as Throsby

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Park at Moss Vale, Oldbury at Sutton Forest, Vine Lodge at Exeter and Wingecarribee at Bowral have buildings dating back to the early and mid 19th Century. Bowral is situated in a valley at the foot of Mt. Gibraltar. The beauty of the townscape and countryside is enhanced by over 100 years of planting exotic deciduous trees. English style gardens and annual displays of bulbs and perennials give it a unique attraction in the Australian countryside. This is especially so in the leafy area of Burradoo with its fine houses and gardens stretching south towards Moss Vale. The Southern Highlands is a relaxing self drive destination any time of year to enjoy the temperate climate and beautiful countryside. For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 37



3/13/2012 1:46:29 PM

NSW + Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands/ Tablelands

Chelsea Park, 589 Moss Vale Rd, Burradoo. Ph 02 4861 7046. See our display advertisement.

Alpine (112 km S) Little Forest Country Cottages, 800 Old Hume Highway. [CO 5][SC]

Gibraltar Hotel Bowral, Centennial Rd & Boronia Street. Glendale, 1 Sheepswash Rd,Glenquarry. [CO - 2][BB] Links House, 17 Links Rd. [GH - 15]

Berrima (124 km S)

Southdown Cottage, Burradoo.

Goulburn (196 km S)

Pheasants Nest (80 km S)

A Townhouse In Goulburn, Victoria St. Bentley Lodge Goulburn, 102 Clyde St. [GH][BB] Claremont Manor B & B, 101 Bourke St. Tallawong Boutique Cabins, 445-465 Sandy Point Road.

Winbourne Estate Country Bed & Breakfast, 175 Nightingale Road. [CA][SC]

Ashrowan, Wilshire St.

[CO - 2][SC]

Marulan (170 km S)

Bowral (116 km S)

Strathburn Cottage, 85 Bowral Street.

Longview Farm Cottage, 180 Longview Rd, Big Hill. [CO]

Bundanoon (141 km S)

Mittagong (110 km S)

Bundanoon Country Hotel, Erith St. Kangaberry, 22 Church St. Tree Tops Guesthouse, 101 Railway Ave. [GH - 11][DBB] Yallambee B&B, 43 Garland Road.

Croft Bed & Breakfast (The), 128 Oxley Drive. [H - 2][BB] Fitzroy Inn (The), 26 Ferguson Crescent. Grand Country Lodge, Main St. Springs Resorts Mittagong RSL Motel, Cnr Bessemer Street & Hume Hway.

Arcadia House, 124 Old South Rd. Ph 02 4861 7046. See our display advertisement.

CB Estate Agents

26 Wingecarribee Street Ph: 02 4862 7100 Fax: 02 4862 7188 SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS HOLIDAYS We have a range of self-contained accommodation; studios, apartments and cottages, sleeping 2,4,6... up to 13 guests. Enjoy Bowral boutiques, cafes, restaurants, galleries, vineyards and scenic rural drives. Just 1.5 hrs from Sydney or Canberra. Email or phone 0414 700722. Cribbin Blencowe Estate Agents Bowral 02 4862 7100 E-mail: jane@ Web:

Canyonleigh (180 km S) Farmhouse (The), At Pygmy Hill Estate. [FS - 5][SC]

Exeter (124 km S) Redcourt, Bundanoon Road.

Moss Vale (120 km S) Dormie House (The), Arthur St. Heronswood House B & B, 165 Argyle Street. [H - 5][BB] Pines Pastoral (The), Meryla Rd.

Fitzroy Falls (121 km S)

Penrose (150 km S)

Brookville Cottage, Blencowes Ln, via. [SC - 3] Twin Falls Bush Cottages, Throsby Rd. [CO - 8][SC]

Sylvan Glen Conferencing, Kareela Rd. [GH - 7][AMA]

We invite you to be our guest in sharing a unique bed and breakfast experience. Chelsea Park is an Art Deco mansion with commanding views over mature gardens. Your first impression as you travel up its sweeping driveway, is of a home for those who appreciate style and desire something a little different. If you like absolute privacy and space to unwind then Chelsea Park is for you. Relax in comfort, slip into a thick towelling robe, be pampered with warm bath sheets after a long soak in the spa, or sit and read in the sun-filled rooms or enjoy sitting in the garden. A game of billiards on a full-size table enjoying a few drinks, listening to the echoes of the jazz age, the 1930’s the years that shaped the way people dressed, travelled and enjoyed their leisure, an age when comfort and style was the objective and life was for living to the fullest. The spacious light filled guestrooms are distinctly different. The Chelsea room is cream and pale cream with Hollywood dressing table. Close to upstairs gallery, the bathroom and all facilities. The Mayfair room has French wallpaper a day bed to relax on and prize-winning furniture made in 1936. Japanese inspired furniture and pictures enhance the quiet elegance of the Shibumi room. Close to the sitting room, bathroom and all facilities.


in the Highlands


UPS#35_008-038_NSW.indd 38

Mowbray Park Farm, 745 Barkers Lodge Rd. [FH - 36][AMA] Pepper Tree Ridge B&B, 1315 Remembrance Drive. [H][BB]

Robertson (124 km S) Castle (The), Lot 21 Illawarra Highway. Lloran Log Cabins, Lloran, Yeola Rd. [CO - 6][SC] Lyndon-May, 24 May Street. [CH - 4]

Rose Ella B&B

McGuinness Dr, Mt Murray via Ph: 02 4885 1401 Fax: 024885 1717 Rose Ella is set on 5ac at the top of Macquarie Pass, with extensive views of the coast & escarpment. Queen size suites with ensuite bathrooms. [H - 2][DBB] E-mail: Web: roseella

Sutton Forest (124 km S) Peppers Manor House Southern Highlands, Kater Rd. [CH - 44][AMA]

Arcadia House is a two storey country-style home located close to the heart of Bowral in the Southern Highlands. Delightfully renovated its spacious modern interior offers fully self-contained accommodation for families and groups – ideal for holidays or weekend getaway. Arcadia House has 5 luxuriously appointed bedrooms suitable for up to 5 couples or several families. The master bedroom downstairs has a queen-size bed and its own large ensuite with bath, shower and toilet. Upstairs there are 4 other bedrooms – 2 with queen-size, one with a double, and one with double bed and bunk above. These bedrooms share a spacious bathroom which has a shower, toilet and large corner bath tub. All beds have fluffy doonas, quality linen and electric double blankets (except the twins, which have doonas). To cater for families, extra cots or children’s beds are also available. The favourite focal point is the large family room adjoining the kitchen. Here there are comfy leather lounge chairs and a gas-log fire for colder evenings. A TV, VCR and CD player are available for your entertainment. House sleeps 11 comfortably. Local attractions: Placed as it is near the centre of Bowral, Arcadia House is close to all of its boutiques, cafes, restaurants and other attractions. Tariff: [Includes GST] Midweek (Tuesday to Thursday) $750 FOR 2 NIGHTS Additional Nights $130 Weekend Two Nights $1,100 Week Rate 7 NIGHTS $1,250

Tariff: [Includes GST] Midweek $150 (per double/night - B&B) Weekend from $185 (per double/night - B&B) Weekend Special – 2 nights $330 (per double/two nights, 2 breakfasts, complimentary supper)


Picton (80 km S)

589 Moss Vale Road Burradoo NSW 2576 Phone: (02) 4861 7046 Fax: (02) 4862 3597 Email: Web:

124 Old South Road Bowral NSW 2576 Phone: (02) 4861 7046 Fax: (02) 4862 3597 Email:

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Sou th Sur port fers Par adis Coo e lang atta Twe ed Hea ds













All images courtesy Tourism Queensland.

UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 39

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Hamilton Island Here for a good time

I first travelled to Hamilton Island in April 1984 when the island had only just begun trading.


t was far from finished. A friend with a sailing boat suggested we head north for the winter and I didn’t need much convincing. The accommodation deal on offer was called “Construction Capers” – appropriate because there was always a bulldozer going past. We went to compete in the very first “Hamilton Island Race Week”. It was dubbed “Hamilton Island Rain Week” in the “Wet Sundays” as it rained everyday with howling winds. Despite the unfavourable weather it was a great adventure, the atmosphere was exciting and Race Week was born. I’ve been back many times since. The prospect of sailing in shorts and a t-shirt during winter has proven a popular



UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 40

reason for many people to leave their southern home and head for the tropics. Since 1984 both Hamilton Island and Race Week have gone from strength to strength. Another early devotee and Race Week participant was Bob Oatley. Bob eventually bought Hamilton Island in 2004. He and his family immediately set about renovating the island and developing the five-star Qualia Resort. Qualia is Latin for “a collection of sensory experiences”. It is a world-class resort situated on the secluded northernmost point of Hamilton Island. Guests can be in Hamilton Island in less than two hours with direct flights from the international gateway cities on the east To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 2:25:20 PM

Hamilton Island + DESTINATION

Guests can be in Hamilton Island in less than two hours

Images courtesy Tourism Queensland.

coast of Australia. Race Week's success has grown from its mix of beautiful courses around the picturesque Whitsunday Islands combined with amazing shore side partying. The format has been moulded over the years to meet the general needs of people looking for a good time. It’s not just the sailors who have discovered Hamilton Island. There is plenty to do ashore at Hamilton Island, so Race Week has also grown in popularity with wives, partners and families. Each year more and more people come to Hamilton Island to share in the fun. The result is a carnival atmosphere on the island - a good time is assured for everyone. For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 41



3/13/2012 2:26:39 PM



Island beauty at Geckos With beaches equal to the best in the Caribbean, Keswick Island is paradise waiting to be discovered.


ocated just off Mackay in the Whitsunday Islands, Geckos is a brand new, luxury three bedroom home available on this idyllic island. Enjoy magnificent ocean, reef and island views from your private island home. There are spectacular sunsets, fishing and cruising, with exotic birds to greet you in the morning. Humpback whale watching is common during the northern migration from July to September. Some years swarms of tiger blue butterflies abound in millions to create a breathtaking sight. Geckos retreat is situated on the top of Keswick Island in the Great Barrier 42


UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 42

Reef. Keswick Island is surrounded by the pristine waters of the Coral Sea. Beautiful beaches of white sand dot the island - sunbath, snorkel, paddleboard, fish, bushwalk or just relax and take in the beautiful water views. Geckos is the ultimate luxury getaway. With magnificent ocean, reef and island views from every room, Geckos will not disappoint even the most discerning traveller. Depending upon the season there is always something to see from migrating whales and turtles, to schools of pelagic fish, to hoards of butterflies, to late afternoon tropical storms, to great sunsets over mainland Australia.

Geckos has been set up as a fully self contained luxury retreat. On arrival you will be awed by the most amazing views. The upper level consists of a large open plan living area with adjacent gourmet kitchen and office. The entertainment area has its own drinks fridge with bar chairs and table. The gourmet kitchen contains a separate pantry with a custom made cool room. Three sides of this upper level open out to covered verandas with stunning views. Outside are dining areas, lounge areas and a barbeque deck with a large covered BBQ. The house has an Apple iMac with full internet WiFi facilities, internet TV, and a BOSE ipod docking station. Downstairs is a courtyard adjoining a three hole golf putting course. You will be met on arrival and given the keys to a new electric 4 seat golf buggy. This is your

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 2:30:19 PM

Keswick Island - Whitsundays

Some years swarms of tiger blue butterflies abound in millions to create a breathtaking sight.

transport to explore the island and visit the beaches. Fishing around the island can be spectacular. Fishing rods, reels and tackle are supplied. Geckos also supply a three man paddle board with life jackets. A paddle in Basil Bay can be a memorable experience. With white sand and crystal clear waters you can see the fish beneath you.

Access to beautiful Keswick Island is part of the adventure. Arrive by Airvan aeroplane, by helicopter, or bring your own boat. Private boats can reach the island within an hour from Mackay. There are 6 moorings in Egremont Passage where boats can safely anchor. The island has its own airstrip. On the flight over view the beautiful waters of the Whitsunday Islands.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 43

Geckos is the unique holiday destination you deserve. Rates for up to 6 guests: $700 per night, $800 per night during school holidays. Minimum 5 night stay. Full provisioning service available. POA. Ph: 02 99858505. UNIQUE PLACES TO STAY


3/13/2012 2:34:30 PM

QLD CoastalValley + Country + Offshore Islands NSW + Tweed

Coastal, Country & Offshore Is Agnes Water (494 km N) Edge on Beaches, Cnr Captain Cook Drive &. Mantra Pavillions Mirage on 1770, 4 Beaches Village Circuit.

Airlie Beach (1112 km N) Airlie Beach Hotel, Cnr Esplanade & Coconut Grove. Airlie Beach Organic Bed and Breakfast, 8 Lamond St. [GH][BB]

Airlie Court Holiday Units, 382 Shute Harbour Rd. [A][SC] Big4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort, 25-29 Shute Harbour Road. Boathaven Spa Resort, 440 Shute Harbour Drive. Boathouse Apartments by Outrigger, 33 Port Drive. Charter Yachts Australia, Abel Point Marina. Club Crocodile Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour Rd. Coral Sea Resort, 25 Oceanview Ave. Fantasea Cruises Pty Ltd, PO Box 616. Island View Bed and Breakfast, 19 Nara Ave. Mediterranean Resorts, 14 Golden Orchid Drive. [A][SC] Peppers Coral Coast, 9a Hermitage Drive. Pinnacles Resort & Spa, 16 Golden Orchid Drive.



UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 44

Reefside Villas Whitsunday, 12 Eshelby Drive. [H][SC] Searene Whitsundays, 18 Seaview Drive. Water’s Edge Whitsundays, 4 Golden Orchid Drive. Waterfront Whitsunday Retreat, 438 Shute harbour Road. Whitsunday Terraces, 5 Golden Orchid Drive. Whitsunday World Heritage Retreat, 29 Warrain Street.

Bargara (380 km N) Bargara Blue Resort, 4 Baxter Street. Bargara Shoreline Apartments. Kellys Beach Resort, 6 Trevors Rd Mercure Resort, 83-87 The Esplanade. Point Resort (The), 19-25 The Esplanade.

Motel Childers, 136 Churchill St (Bruce Hwy).

Coochin (95 km SW) Bilyana Cottages, 1853 BoonahRathdowney Road.

Crows Nest (170 km W) Bunnyconnellen Olive Grove & Vineyard-The Studio, Swain Road.

Emu Park (686 km N) Zebulon, Emu Park, Capricorn Coast. [CO - 3][SC]

Eton Stoney Creek Farmstay, Stoney Creek Road.

Fraser Island (270 km N)

Bedarra Hideaway.

Fraser Island Hideaway, Poyungan Beach. [H - 4][SC] Kingfisher Bay Resort, PMB 1 Urangan.

Bundaberg (365 km N)

Grandchester (70 km W)

Coopers Couples Retreat.

Spicers Hidden Vale, 617 Mount Mort Road. [CO - 25][AMA]

Bedarra Island (1560 km N)

Byfield Rainforest Ranch, 76 Yaxleys Road.

Cannon Creek Ketchup’s Bank Glamping, 726 Green Hills Road.

Childers (315 km N) Mango Hill Cottages B&B, 8 Mango Hill Drive. [CO - 2][DBB]

Villa Illalangi

Melaleuca Drive Ph: 07 4946 8901 Fax: 07 4946 8901 Enjoy world class Hamilton Island at Villa Illalangi - your own private paradise. Choose either perfect solitude within magnificent tropical gardens or the very best of dining and activities at the Resort. Discerning guests will appreciate 10,000 square feet of beautifully furnished living space. Complete seclusion, modern facilities, landscaped pool, 2 spas, sauna and air-conditioning throughout, airport transfers and a 6 seater buggy. Sleeps 8 people. You owe it to yourself to stay in this truly stunning property. Rates from $1250 per night. [H - 4][SC] E-mail: au Web:

Hamilton Island (1135 km N)

Whitsunday Holidays, PO Box 41.

Glasshouse on Hamilton Island. Ph 1300 653 997. See our display advertisement.

Yacht Club Villa 5 - Izulu. Ph 1300 653 997. See our display advertisement.

[H - 4][SC]

Hamilton Island Great Barrier Reef, Great Barrier Reef. Qualia Resort. Reef View Hotel, C/- Hamilton Island Enterprises. Villa 33, Hamilton Island Yacht Club Villas.

Keswick Island Geckos - Keswick Island. Ph 02 9985 8505. See our display advertisement.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 2:37:23 PM

Coastal + Country + Offshore QLD Tweed Islands Valley ++NSW

The Glasshouse on Hamilton Island

The Glasshouse is one of the most exclusive homes on the island. 4 Bedrooms plus office, 5 bathrooms, private infinity Pool, teppanyaki bar and breathtaking water views of the beautiful Whitsundays. This magnificent home is for those wanting the ultimate in luxury on Hamilton Island. From $1550 per night. Includes 2 x 4 seater electric golf buggies and valet island airport return transfers. View photos at

Lizard Island (1850 km N) Lizard Island.

Magnetic Island (1380 km N)

Long Island Resort,Whitsundays, Whitsunday Passage. Paradise Bay Eco Escape, Whitsunday Passage.

All Seasons Magnetic Island, Mandalay Avenue, Nelly Bay. Peppers Blue On Blue Resort, 123 Sooning Street,Nelly Bay. Shaws on the Shore, 7 Pacific Drive.

Mackay (968 km N)

Pumpkin Island

Grande Mercure Suites Mackay, Wood & Gregory Sts. Seabreeze Resort Hotel, 72 Pacific Esplanade Lamberts Beach.

Pumpkin Island, Keppel Islands.

Long Island (1135 km N)


Rolleston (740 km NW) Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge, PMB 1009. [CA - 23][DBB]

Townsville (1360 km N) Billabong Sanctuary & Bungalow Bay Koala Village, Bruce Highway. Historic Yongala Lodge, 11 Fryer St, North Ward. Orpheus Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef. Q Resorts Itara Apartments, 1-15 Sporting Drive, Thuringowa Central.

Quality Hotel Southbank, 23 25 Palmer Street. Seagulls Resort on the Seafront, Cnr Primrose & Marshall Streets. Strand Motel, 51 The Strand.

Whitsunday (1135 km N) Laguna Whitsundays Resort, Kunapipi Springs Rd.

Wilson Island (539 km N) Wilson Island Resort, via Heron.

Yeppoon (689 km N) Rydges Capricorn Resort, Farnborough Rd.

Yacht Club Villa 5 – ‘Izulu’ The new Yacht Club villas are now available for holiday letting. They have certainly been worth the wait. The villas are in a class of their own with unparalleled prestige and exclusivity. Designed by renowned architect Walter Barda, with the landscaping crafted by celebrity designer Jamie Durie. For those that want the best of the best. These exclusive 4 bedroom villas have a waterfront location next to the new Yacht Club and overlooking Dent Passage toward the new Golf Course. Contact us 7 days per week to book this exclusive villa on Hamilton Island. 1300 653 997 or for our international guests, call +61 434 004 029

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 45



3/13/2012 2:38:16 PM


Surf check, Byron.

The reward is

the road itself Let someone else do the driving to Port Douglas – it’s safer that way.


n my first trip north the view was so distracting I nearly veered off the road into the Coral Sea. The Captain Cook Highway is the main link between Cairns and Port Douglas and winds along the coastline between the two centres. It provides access to many beautiful and unpopulated beaches along the way. The spectacular ocean views and mountain scenery make it one of the best drives in the country. The road is part of the Great Tropical Drive and is used by most tourists to travel to Port Douglas. It is a vital link between the two tourist locations that runs 46


UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 46

alongside the coast of the tropical seaside rainforest heading towards Port Douglas and Daintree National Park. Travelling north one passes many pristine sandy beaches, punctuated by rocky headlands and boulder strewn points. There are a number of lookouts along the way that give 270 degree views of the Coral Sea and coastline. Hang gliders often use some of the elevated sections to launch. There are a number of fantastic fishing spots along the way as well. During the warm summer months after persistently heavy rain, large barramundi patrol the beaches. Many an To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 2:39:13 PM

Images courtesy Tourism Queensland.

angler has been left in shock as a metre of silver muscle explodes at their feet. The drive to Port Douglas is an experience in itself. Winding along the coastline you will get an appreciation of the diverse environments in the North. To one side you have the rugged mountains and to the other miles of beautiful, secluded coastline with golden sand and crystal clear waters, all this just 50 metres to each side of the road. These beautiful unspoilt beaches are a classic example of the beaches in the area, with a seemingly endless coastline of golden sands and palm trees. Port Douglas is the nearest mainland town to the Great Barrier Reef. The rainforests of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation are at your doorstep. The road north is just the start of your adventure. For bookings and further details visit

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3/13/2012 2:40:16 PM

QLD + Tropical North NSW + Cairns Tweed and Valley

cAirns Cairns is the major centre in North Queensland and an ideal starting point for travellers wanting to explore both the tropical rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Until quite recently a modest port, Cairns' attractions include Fitzroy Island, Green Island, the Kuranda Railway, the Cairns Skyrail and the Tjapukai Cultural Theme Park. Machans and Holloways Beach are quiet beach suburbs where locals go to fish, take long walks along the beachfront and savour the salt air just 15 minutes north of the Cairns CBD.

Cairns & Tropical North Area Atherton (80 km SW Cairns) Summit Rainforest Retreat (The), 22 Twelfth Ave. [CH - 5][SC]

Bingil Bay (1578 km N) Sanctuary Retreat, 72 Holt Rd.

Cairns (1718 km N)

Cairns Colonial Club Resort, 1826 Cannon Street. Cairns Harbour Lights, 1 Marlin Parade. Cairns Holiday Lodge, 259 Sheridan Street. Cairns Hotel (The), Cnr Abbott & Florence Sts. Cairns Plaza Hotel, 145 The Esplanade. Discovery Cairns Hotel, 183-185 Lake Street.

All Seasons Cairns Gateway Resort, Cnr Anderson Road/ Bruce Highway.

Australis Cairns Beach Resort

129 Oleander St, Holloways Beach Ph: 07 4037 0400 Fax: 07 4037 0600 Beachfront location. Our four star resort offers everything to create a home away from home on the beach. SIMPLE PLEASURES - PURE RELAXATION - THINK CAIRNS BEACH RESORT. [A][SC] E-mail: info@ Web:

Best Western Central Plaza Cairns, 255-257 Lake Street. BreakFree Royal Harbour Resort, 73-75 The Esplanade. Cairns B & B, 48 Russell St, Edge Hill. [H - 3][BB]



UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 48

Ellis Beach Oceanfront Bungalows Captain Cook Highway Ph: 07 4055 3538 Fax: 07 4055 3077 Situated between Cairns and Port Douglas on the beautiful Tropical North Queensland coast and wedged between the rainforest and the Coral Sea, Ellis Beach offers absolute beachfront accommodation in a variety of styles to suit every budget. [CA]

E-mail: Web:

Granadilla Villa, 1 Moowooga St. [H][SC]

Hides Hotel Cairns, 87 Lake St. Hilton Cairns, 34 Esplanade. Holiday Inn Cairns, Cnr The Esplanade/Florence St. Inn Cairns Boutique Hotel, 71 Lake St. Koah Bed & Breakfast, Kuranda, Lot 4 Koah Rd, Kuranda via. [CO - 3][SC]

Koala Court Holiday Apartments, 147-155 McLeod St. Kuranda Rainforest Echo Retreat, 26 Barron Falls Rd Kuranda via. [CA - 6][DBB] Lakes Cairns Resort & Spa (The), 2 Greenslopes Street. Mantra Esplanade, 53-57 The Esplanade. Mantra Trilogy, Cnrs Abbott/Aplin & The Esplanade. Mercure Hotel Harbourside Cairns, 214-216 Lake St. Mid City Luxury Suites, 6 McLeod St. New Chalon Cairns, 702 Bruce Highway. New Horion Sail & Dive, Old Style Mail PO. Novotel Cairns Oasis Resort, 122 Lake St. Oz Tours Safaris, PO Box 6464. Piermonde Apartments, 2-4 Lake Street.

Q Resorts Cascade Gardens, 175 Lake St. Rainbow Inn, 179 Sheridan Street. Reef Palms, 41-47 Digger St. Rydges Esplanade Resort Cairns, Cnr The Esplanade & Kerwin St. Sebel Cairns (The), 17 Abbott Street. Shangri-La Hotel The Marina, Cairns, Pierpoint Rd. Skyrail Cableway, 36 Grafton Street. Villa Shangri-La, 288 Sheridan St Cairns.

Cape Tribulation (150 km N Cairns) Bloomfield Lodge, Weary Bay via. [L - 17][AMA] Cape Tribulation Exotic Fruit Farm, Lot 5 Nicole Drive. [H 3][BB]

Cape Tribulation Heritage Lodge, 14 Mossman. Cape Tribulation Resort & Spa, Cape Tribulation Rd. Daintree Wilderness Lodge, 83 Cape Tribulation Rd. [CA 10][AMA]

Daintree-Cape Tribulation Heritage Lodge & Spa, Turpentine Rd-off Cape Tribulation Rd. [CA - 20][AMA] Ferntree Rainforest Lodge,Cape Tribulation, Camelot Close.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Cairns + Tropical North ++ NSW QLD Tweed Valley Cooktown (240 km N Cairns) Mungumby Lodge, Mungumby Rd, Helenvale via. [CO - 10] Sovereign Resort Hotel, 128 Charlotte Street.

Daintree (110 km N Cairns) Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa, 20 Daintree Rd. Daintree Manor, 27 Forest Creek Rd. Daintree Rainforest River Trains, Lot 61 Baileys Creek Road. Daintree Views Rainforest Retreat, George Road. [H][SC] Red Mill House, Daintree Village. [H - 3][BB]

Eungella (1053 km N) Broken River Mountain Resort, Eungella National Park.

Holloways Beach Beachfront Hideaway (The) 10 Coconut Street ........ Ph: 07 4055 0444............. Fax: 07 4027 9442.... Mob: 0417 044 444. Absolute beachfront Balinese Holiday Houses. Step right onto the sand. Bali, Hai and Palms all together (interconnecting doors) accommodates 12 people. Our newest addition, Cocos Hideaway sleeps 2 & features Queen Bedroom & spacious lounge. E-mail: bookings@

Mission Beach Resort, Cnr Cassowary Dr & Wongaling Beach Rd. Sejala on the Beach, 1 Pacific St. Wongalinga Luxury Beach Apartment, 64 Reid Rd.

Mossman (75 km N Cairns) Heritage Lodge & Spa in the Daintree, Coopers Creek. Silky Oaks Lodge, Finlayvale Road. [CO - 60][AMA]

Newell Beach (84 km N Cairns) Executive Retreats, 9 Marine Pdessan Way. [H - 3][SC]

Palm Cove (1744 km N) (26 km N Cairns) 21 The Beach Club, 123 Williams Esplanade. Elysium Apartments, 26 Veivers Road. Grand Mercure Rockford Esplanade Apartments, Cnr Williams Esplanade & Veivers Road. Mantra Amphora, 45-48 Williams Esplanade. Oasis At Palm Cove, McDonald Close. Peppers Beach Club & Spa, 123 Williams Esplanade. Sarayi, 95 Williams Esplanade.

Sea Temple Resort & Spa Palm Cove, Triton St. Villa Paradiso Palm Cove, 111113 Williams Esplanade.

Port Douglas (1778 km N) (60 km N Cairns) A Tropical Nite Holiday Townhouses, 119 Davidson St. At the Mango Tree Holiday Apartments, 91-93 Davidson St. Bali Hai, P O Box 204. [CO 3][SC]

Boathouse - Port Douglas, 42 Macrossan Street. BreakFree Portsea Resort, 76 Davidson Street. BreakFree Reef Club Resort, 6264 Davidson Street. Club Tropical Resort, Cnr Macrossan & Wharf Sts. Coconut Grove, 56 Macrossan St. Executive Retreats, PO Box 204. Mantra Aqueous On Port, 3-5 Davidson Street. Mantra in the Village, Cnr Grant & Warner Sts. Paradise Links Resort, Nautilus St. Peninsula Boutique Hotel Port Douglas, 9-13 The Esplanade. Peppers Bale Resort, 1 Bal‚ Drive. Port Douglas Outrigger Holiday Apartments, 16-18 Mudlo St. Port Douglas Plantation Resort, 1 Captain Cook Highway.

Ramada Resorts Port Douglas, 316 Port Douglas Rd. Rendezvous Reef Resort Port Douglas, 121 Port Douglas Road. Rydges Sabaya Resort Port Douglas, 87-109 Port Douglas Rd. Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas, Mitre Street. Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Davidson Street. Thala Beach Lodge, Private Beach Rd, via. Tourism Port Douglas & Daintree, Shop 32a. Ulysses Getaways, Captain Cook Highway. Verandahs, 7 Davidson St.

Trinity Beach (21 km N Cairns) Marlin Cove Resort, 2 Keem Street. Sea Change Beachfront Apartments, 31-35 Vasey Esplanade.

Yorkeys Knob (16 km N Cairns) Cairns Seaside Affordable Accommodation, 8 Rutherford St. Half Moon Bay Resort, 101-103 Wattle Street. Villa Marine Seaside Holiday Units, 8 Rutherford Street. Web:

Malanda (91 km S Cairns) Canopy Rainforest Treehouses & Wildlife Sanctuary (The)

247 Hogan Rd,Tarzali Ph: 07 4096 5364 Fax: 07 4096 5380 Set in 100 acres of ancient high country rainforest, the Canopy blends luxury riverfront treehouse accommodation with a passionate regard for the environment and wildlife [CO - 3][SC] E-mail: stay@ Web:

Honeyflow Homestead, Heidke Rd. [DBB] Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat, PO Box 776.

Mareeba (60 km W Cairns) Jabiru Safari Lodge, Pickford Road.

Mission Beach (1578 km N) (140 km S Cairns) Castaways Resort & Spa, 2 Pacific Pde.

For bookings and further details visit

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3/13/2012 2:43:41 PM

DESTINATION + Caloundra, Sunshine Coast QLD

Caloundra Our Playground

There’s something about Caloundra that recalls old time holidays, simple pleasures and family fun.


he old Kings Beach bathing pavilion looks like it’s been breathing the sea air for decades – which it has. The vaulted arches and crumbling brick work tell a story of beach days long gone. You can almost hear the laughter and feel the heat of summer’s past. Around the Pavilion, a colourful water park bubbles away, drawing kids to its wetness. It’s early on a quiet weekday and the seawater pool has just one head gliding through it. Suddenly people arrive and it’s full of life. Bodies carve laps, kids jump in and teenagers cluster in groups holding covert conversations broken by loud laughter. 50


UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 50

The morning clouds break and the first sunrays of the day shimmer off the pool. Blue sky reflects off the rock pools and entices further investigation. I wander away from the beach, duck beneath the massive pandanus trees and sprawl on a surf-smoothed rock bed scattered with broken light. This is water-sport central, with surfing, kite-surfing and kayaking just a few of the possibilities. The Coastal Path promises great views and superb beaches. As well as Kings Beach, the Caloundra area incorporates such beauties as Golden, Bulcock, Shelly, Dicky and Currimundi. Each beach has a distinct character and reason to surf there. The Coastal Path runs from Golden Beach

to Point Cartwright with some 15km of spectacular coastal scenery. Back in pristine Caloundra – Queensland’s Tidiest Town for the second time – that “olden dayz” holiday vibe persists. At the surf club there’s a picture from the 1950’s of a surf club parade down Bulcock Street. Caloundra hardly seems to have changed. It feels like you

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This is water-sport central, with surfing, kite-surfing and kayaking just a few of the possibilities.

Photo courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Images courtesy Tourism Queensland.

could drop in there in your FJ Holden with 10 foot planks on the roof and grab a coke for maybe 10c, like 1955 all over again. Along Kings Beach, another timeless day floats by. After all that walking and then a dip in the rumbling shore break, I deserve a break. Ah, yes, the menu … if only the prices were still “olden dayz”. For bookings and further details visit

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3/13/2012 2:48:45 PM

QLD + Sunshine Coast & Hinterland

Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Caboolture (45 km N)

Coolum (131 km N)

Mapleton (106 km N)

Ninderry (115 km N)

Papillon Coolum, Richmond Close,Point Arkwright. Point (The), 1 Bay Terrace.

Mapleton Eden Lodge, 97 Flaxton Dr. [H - 5][BB] Taman Sari, 226 Obi Obi Rd.

Ninderry House bbbbbbbbbbb

Eumundi (120 km N) Eumundi’s Hidden Valley B&B, 39 Caplick Way. [H - 4][BB] Panorama Blue, 54 Panorama Drive.

E-mail: enquiries@ninderryhouse. Web:

Flaxton (110 km N) Caboolture Riverlakes Motel 14 Morayfield Rd Ph: 07 5499 1766 Fax: 07 5499 1767Caboolture Caboolture Riverlakes Motel is located in the heart of Caboolture only 30 minutes from either Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. This architecturally designed motel caters for tourists and the business traveller. Overlooking the Caboolture River with views across Centenary Lakes to the heart of the Caboolture CBD, Riverlakes is only minutes from restaurants and shopping. Riverlakes has over an acre of grounds sprawling down to the river for our guests’ enjoyment. All of the units feature an ensuite, some with spa, and are `non-smoking’. Guests have full use of the secluded pool area, designed to be visible only to motel guests, for relaxation and enjoyment. E-mail: enquiries@ Web:

Caloundra (95 km N) BreakFree Grand Pacific Resort, 100 Bulcock St. Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters Golf Resort & Spa, 38 Mahogany Drive. Norfolks on Moffat Beach (The), 32 Queen of Colonies Parade. [A - 36][SC]

Rydges Oasis Sunshine Coast, Landsborough Pde. Ph 07 5491 0333. See our display advertisement.

Avocado Grove B&B, 10 Carramar Crt, Off Ensbey Rd. [H - 4][BB]

Glasshouse Mountains (64 km N) CrookNeck Retreat, 2194 Old Gympie Road. Glass on Glasshouse, 182 Glasshouse-Woodford Road.

Hervey Bay (289 km N) Akama Resort, 625 Charlton Esplanade. Alexander Lakeside Bed & Breakfast, 29 Lido Parade.

Kawana Waters (90 km N) Beachside Resort, 101 Pacific Boulevard,Buddina. [A - 88][SC]

Kilcoy (95 km N) Hunting Lodge Estate Winery, 703 Mt Kilcoy Rd. [CO - 3][AMA]

Maleny (98 km N) Arley Farm, The Old Dairy, 150 Kings Lane. Bamboo Retreat, 949 Kidaman Creek Road. [H - 1][BB] Bendles Cottages, 41 Montville Rd. [CO - 5][BB] Lillypilly’s Country Cottages, 584 Maleny-Montville Rd. [CO 5][AMA]

Maleny Escapes, c/-Braeside B&B. Maleny Lodge Guesthouse, 58 Maple St. [BB] Maleny Views Cottage Resort, 1 Panorama Place. [CO - 6][BB]

Set just metres from Golden Beach (Recent winner of the Cleanest Beach 2008) and within walking distance of the wonderful city centre with its exciting diversity of shops & restaurants. Never has there been a better time to visit Rydges Oasis Resort located just one hour north of Brisbane at Caloundra. Rydges Oasis Resort Caloundra is set amongst 10



UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 52

8 Karnu Drive Ph: 07 5446 8556 Fax: 07 5446 8556 Central. Make this your base to explore the Sunshine Coast, its beaches, art & craft, native plant nurseries & fine restaurants. Ensuite guestrooms. Comfort, beauty, service. [GH - 3][BB]

Tanglewood Gardens Rainforest Retreat 136-146 Flaxton Drive.......... Ph: 07 5445 7100 Fax: 07 5445 7528 Tanglewood Gardens is the perfect rainforest getaway for couples, families or groups. An ideal blend of peace, relaxation and nature with a range of activities for the more energetic. We also have a chapel, beauty salon and a place for your next function. [CO][SC] ......

Peachester Candle Mountain Farmstay, 179 Crohamhurst Road.

Peregian Beach (148 km N)

E-mail: info@tanglewoodgardens. Web:

Marcoola (108 km N) Surfair Marcoola Beach- by Wyndham Vacation Resorts, 923 David Low Way.

Maroochydore (100 km N) M1 Resort, 1 Duporth Avenue. Maroochy Sands Holiday Units, Cnr Sixth Ave & Aerodrome Rd. Sebel Maroochydore (The), 20 Aerodrome Rd.

Montville (105 km N) Clouds of Montville, 166 Balmoral Rd. Misty View Cabins Resort, 284296 Western Ave. [CA - 3][SC] Secrets on the Lake, 207 Narrows Road. [CO][SC] Spicers Clovelly Estate, 68 Balmoral Road. Spotted Chook Ferme Auberge (The), 176 Western Ave. [GH 4][BB]

acres of landscaped palm gardens. The resort boasts 180 Rooms from Hotel Spa Rooms to Self Contained 2 & 3 Bedroom Villas. Our restaurant Reflections at Golden Beach and famous Legends Bar are surrounded by a tranquil waterlily filled lagoon, the perfect setting for a quiet drink or a superb meal. A perfect destination for families & couples.

Glen Eden Beach Resort

388 David Low Way Ph: 07 5448 1955 Fax: 07 5448 1677 At Glen Eden Beach Resort, located at Peregian Beach on the magnificent Sunshine Coast, we are in a great position to make your beach holiday as peaceful and relaxing or as energetic as you like. Glen Eden’s absolute beach front position is peacefully situated behind the dunes at Peregian Beach. Whether you are a family looking for great value holiday accommodation, or a couple wanting a quiet weekend away from it all, Glen Eden is the place to stay. Choose from our Spacious 1, 2 or 3 bedroom townhouses. Our extensive lawns and gardens are a great place to relax, as you leave your cares from the busy demanding world behind.

E-mail: Web:

2 Landsborough Parade Golden Beach QLD 4551 Tel: 07 5491 0333 or 1800 072 096 Email: Web:

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Brisbane & Surrounds + QLD

bribie island

Remember those carefree holidays as a child playing on the beach in the soft white sand and having locally caught fish and chips for lunch – that is still what Bribie has to offer plus so much more. Bribie Island can probably boast one of the safest swimming beaches in Queensland with miles of white sand, protection from large surf by Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island and a highly skilled surf life saving club. Protected by Environmental, National and Marine Parks, 86% of Bribie Island will remain unchanged, ensuring the natural beauty will remain for future generations to enjoy. Bribie Island is home to an amazing array of wildlife – dolphin, dugong and turtle cruise the calm waters of the Pumicestone Passage.

103 George St. Medina Executive Brisbane, 15 Ivory Lane. Metro Hotel Tower Mill, 239 Wickham Terrace. Oaks 212 Margaret, 212 Margaret St. Oaks Charlotte Towers, 128 Charlotte Street. Oaks Felix, 26 Felix Street. Oaks Festival Towers, 108 Albert Street. Oaks Lexicon, Cnr Ann & Wharf Sts. Our Airline (was Air Nauru), Adelaide Street. Park Regis North Quay, 293 North Quay. Q Resorts Abbey Apartments, 160 Roma St. Quality Hotel The Inchcolm, 73 Wickham Terrace. Rendezvous Hotel Brisbane, 255 Ann St. Royal Albert Hotel & Apartments, Cnr Albert & Elizabeth Sts. Royal on the Park, Cnr Alice & Albert Sts. Sebel & Citigate King George Square Brisbane (The), Cnr Ann & Roma Sts. Sebel Suites Brisbane (The), Cnr Albert & Charlotte Streets. Skyline Apartments, 30 Macrossan Street. Sofitel Brisbane Central, 249 Turbot Street. Stamford Plaza Brisbane, Cnr Edward & Margaret Streets. Urban Brisbane, 345 Wickham Terrace.

Brookfield (16 km W)

Brisbane & Surrounds Ascot (7 km N) Airway Motel, 6 Lamington Ave. Quest Ascot, 289 Lancaster Rd. Waves Resorts, PO Box 2225.

Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane, 23 Leichhardt St (Cnr Wickham Tce). Mantra on Queen, 570 Queen St. Marque Hotel Brisbane,

LeatherWood Lodge, 49 Leatherwood Place. [GH - 4][BB]

Coochiemudlo Island Quirky Cottages, Welsby & Aminya Streets. [CO][SC]

Ipswich (40 km W) Metro Hotel Ipswich International.

Paddington (3 km W) Fern Cottage B&B, 89 Fernberg Road. [H - 3][BB] The Collingwood, 32 Collingwood Street.

Redcliffe (34 km N) Oaks Mon Komo, 99 Marine Parade. Waltzing Matilda Motel, 109 Margate Pde.

South Bank (2 km S) Mantra Southbank, 161 Grey St.

Spring Hill (1 km N) Best Western Astor Metropole Hotel & Apartments, 193 Wickham Terrace. Diamant Brisbane, 52 Astor Terrace. Dorchester Inn, 484 Upper Edward St. Oxygen Apartments, 150-170 Leichhardt Street. Quest Spring Hill, 454 Upper Edward Street. Ridge On Leichhardt, 189 Leichhardt St. Spring Hill Mews, 27 Birley St. Tribeca Apartments, 292 Boundary St.

Toowong (3 km W) Jephson Hotel, 63 Jephson Street. Toowong Central Motel Apartments, 38 Jephson St.

Woolloongabba (3 km S) Diana Plaza Hotel, 12 Annerley Rd. Hotel Chino Apartments, 19 O’Keefe Street.

Bribie Island (69 km N) Avon Lodge, 132 Avon Ave Banksia Beach. Fairways Retreat, 22 Links Road, Woorim.

Brisbane Annies Shandon Inn, 405 Upper Edward St. [GH - 19][BB] Brisbane Marriott Hotel, 515 Queen St. Chifley at Lennons (The), 66-76 Queen St Mall. Conrad Treasury Brisbane, 130 William Street. Hilton Brisbane, 190 Elizabeth Street. Holiday Inn Brisbane, 159 Roma Street.

For bookings and further details visit

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Image courtesy Tourism Queensland.



3/13/2012 2:54:11 PM

DESTINATION + Lamington National Park


National Park The Lamington National Park is a magnet for walkers the world over.


t is about two hours drive south of Brisbane. You will find that the lush rainforest, ancient trees, spectacular views, extensive walking tracks and natural beauty make this an outstanding place to visit. The scenery in Lamington National Park is startling. Mountain creeks plummet from sheer-faced cliffs through deep, narrow valleys. Woody vines, ferns and orchids grow beneath a canopy of tall trees in the subtropical tracts. Lamington National Park is made up of two sections: Green Mountains and Binna Burra. The Green Mountains section is located on the western side of the Lamington Plateau in an area called O'Reilly. World Heritage status was 54


UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 54

bestowed on Lamington in 1994. It now includes 20,200 hectares of varying forest types. Lamington National Park provides food and shelter for a huge array of sub-tropical birdlife (over 160 species), reptiles, frogs, mammals and invertebrates. The diamond python, crimson rosella, Lamington freshwater Cray, Australian brush-turkey and brilliant yellow and black male bowerbirds all inhabit the park. Top experiences in Lamington National Park Have a King Parrot land on your head whilst in the bird feeding arena at O’Reilly’s; View glow worms on moist rainforest creek banks;

Splash around in a cool mountain pool on a hot summer's day; See a thousand year old Antarctic Beech forest in the mist; Watch a Peregrine Falcon in a dive faster than any other bird on the planet; See the spectacular views of the Tweed Valley from the great lookouts; Hug an enormous and ancient Brush Box tree; See and hear lyrebirds showing off in mid-winter; hike to the Stinson wreck; Drive the road to O'Reilly's (or Green Mountains) through the rainforest; Enjoy a big buffet breakfast before a walk; Fly along a Flying Fox through the rainforest; experience the famous Tree Top Walk; DO the Great Gold Coast Hinterland Walk from O'Reilly's to Binna Burra to Springbrook; Warm up beside a log fire on a chilly winter's night after a hard day's bush walk (with or without a red wine or two).

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The diamond python, crimson rosella, Lamington freshwater Cray, Australian brushturkey and brilliant yellow and black male bowerbirds all inhabit the park

Images courtesy Tourism Queensland

For bookings and further details visit

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3/13/2012 2:58:54 PM

QLD + Gold Coast & Hinterland

Gold Coast & Hinterland

Hope Island (85 km S)

Beechmont (74 km S) Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, Binna Burra Rd. [CA - 42]

Canungra (80 km S) O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, Lamington National Park Rd, via.

Azzura Greens Resort, Activa Drive. Links Hope Island, Hope Island Road.

Macleay Island (45 km E) Sunset Waters, 126 Weston Road.

[GH - 120][DBB]

Mermaid Waters (87 km S)

Clagiraba (74 km S)

Quality Mermaid Waters Hotel, Cnr Markeri St & Sunshine Blvd.

Outlook Bed & Breakfast (The), 31 Macrozamia Drive.

Natural Bridge (112 km S)


Solitude Chalets at Natural Bridge, 3376 NerangMurwillumbah Rd. [CO - 6][SC]

Cougal View Homestead, 848 Tomewin Mountain Rd.

North Tamborine (80 km S)

Currumbin Valley (100 km

[CH - 4][BB]

Kallora Farm, 823 Tomewin Mtn Road.

Eagle Heights (67 km S) Joalah Rainforest Retreat, 44-46 Dapsang Drive. Tamborine Mountain Visitor, c/- MacDonnel Road.

Hope Harbour Couran Cove Island Resort, South Stradbroke Island, Departure Terminal John Lund Dr.

Adventure Parc-Australiia Pty Ltd, Cnr Tamborine Mt & Cedar Ck Falls Road. Cottages (The), 23 Kootenai Dr. [CO - 6][SC]

Curtis Falls Mountain Retreat, 24 Eagle Heights Rd. Pethers Rainforest Retreat, 28B Geissman St. Witches Falls Cottages, 132 Main Western Rd.

Palm Beach (96 km S)

tamborine mountain Tamborine Mountain is a mountainous rainforest area located on the edge of the escarpment behind the Gold Coast. There are spectacular views from Wilsons Lookout at Tamborine Mountain and Henri Robert Drive. Thunderbird Park is a tourist retreat at Tamborine Mountain with everything from a mine where visitors can go fossicking to rainforest walks, a wildlife reserve, family entertainment and excellent accommodation. One of the most delightful walks in the whole Tamborine Mountain area is to Cedar Creek Falls in the Cedar Creek National Park. Guesthouse and motel-style accommodation is available at Tamborine Mountain.

Regency On The Beach, 1483-1489 Gold Coast Hwy.

A hidden oasis less than an hour from Gold Coast and Brisbane. Accommodation styles within this magnificent mountain retreat are ideal for family holidays, romantic escapes, conferences and picture perfect weddings. Have a barbecue breakfast with the birds; enjoy lunch on the terrace at the Terrace Kiosk (pizza fresh from the wood fired oven) or dine in style in the Rainforest Restaurant and Lounge Bar. Added to this are all of the amazing Thunderbird Park adventure activities. Take the challenge of Australia’s largest ropes course at Adventure Parc, play laser skirmish games in a rainforest battlefield, fossick for gem filled thundereggs formed when dinosaurs roamed the earth and explore the wonders of nature’s playground on horseback. Cedar Creek Lodges at Thunderbird Park ™ Corner Cedar Creek Falls Road, Tamborine Mountain Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia P: +61 7 5545 1468 F: +61 7 5545 2707 E: W:



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Gold Coast & Hinterland + Granite Belt + QLD Rathdowney (88 km S) Lillydale Farm Stay, Mount Barney. Mount Barney Lodge, 1093 Upper Logan Rd, Mt Barney Via. [CH - 10][SC]

Tuckeroo Cottages & Gardens, 115 Forest Home Road.

Watermark Hotel & Spa Gold Coast, 3032 Surfers Paradise Blvd.

Tallebudgera Valley (98 km S) Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, 192 Syndicate Rd.

Tamborine Mountain (68

Sovereign Islands (68 km S)

km S)

bluewater on the Gold Coast, 18 King James Court.

Springbrook (107 km S)

Amber Lodge, 8 Wongawallan Rd,Eagle Hts via. [GH] Amore Bed & Breakfast, 150 Long Road, Eagle Heights.

Mouses House (The), 2807 Springbrook Rd. [CO - 15][SC] Springbrook Lyrebird Retreat, 418 Lyrebird Ridge Road. Springbrook Mountain Chalets, 2058 Springbrook Rd. [CA -

Avocado Sunset, 186 Beacon Rd Nth Tamborine. [CH - 4][BB] Barclay House, 724 Main Western Road. Bungunyah Manor, 160 Long Rd.


Surfers Paradise (75 km S)

In the heart of the Granite Belt, just south of Stanthorpe lies the village of Ballandean. Renowned for its picturesque setting, brilliant country hospitality and its proximity to some of the best Queensland wine makers, Ballandean is the perfect destination. Ballandean has a wide variety of accommodation choices from farmstays to eco retreats and everything in between. With easy access to the local, award winning wineries and home to a stunning array of local produce and gourmet foods, Ballandean is a foodie’s paradise. The amazing Girraween National Park and rugged Sundown National Park is a short drive from Ballandean.

Cedar Creek Lodges At Thunderbird Park, Corner Cedar Creek Falls Road. Ph 07 5545 1468. See our display advertisement. [L - 64][AMA]

Kidd Street Cottages, 10 Kidd St, Nth Tamborine. Lisson Grove, 274 Main Western Rd. [CO - 6][SC]

MOUNTAIN EDGE STUDIO 387 Henri Robert Drive Ph: 07 5545 3437 Breathtaking Gold Coast views from your bed, bath, lounge and patio. Each studio and the 2 bedroom lodge has air conditioning, winter fires, spa or giant bath, ensuite, generous kitchenette, private patio. Breakfast is provided. Mountain Edge is perfect for weekends, short breaks and honeymoons. Peace and quiet and romance can be yours, with the vast ocean and city views and charming ambience weaving their own magic [CO][SC]

E-mail: Web:

Mt Tamborine Motel, 99 Alpine Tce. Muscatels at Tamborine, 161 Eagle Hts Rd. [H - 3][DBB] Polish Place (The), 333 Main Western Rd. [CO - 5][AMA] Seaview Farm, 112 Golf Course Road. Tamborine Mountain Bed & Breakfast, 19 - 23 Witherby Crescent. [FS - 4] Villa Della Rosa, 5 Platt Place, North Tamborine. Woodleigh Homestead, 13 Munro Crt, Mount Tamborine.

Ballandean (275 km SW)

Stanthorpe (250 km SW)

Ballandean Lodge, 79 Rees Road. [H - 3][DBB]

Alure Stanthorpe, 280 Mt Tully Road. Escape on Tully, 934 Mt Tully Rd. Olive Grove Estate, 5 Harris Street. Whiskey Gully Wines, 25 Turner Rd. Wisteria Cottage, Pyramids Road, Girraween. [SC]

Toowoomba (162 km W) GIRRAWEEN ENVIRONMENTAL LODGE Pyramids Road Ph: 07 4684 5138 Fax: 07 4684 5148 Get Lost! this amazing place. Nestled amongst native Australian bush, relax and unwind in your private, selfcontained chalet. Complete with wood heater, king bed, spa bath and private deck. Perfect for that romantic getaway or unplug the kids for a fantastic family holiday. GEL offers the uniqueness and tranquility of the great Australian bush getaway without compromising on style or comfort. [CA - 10][SC] E-mail: Web:

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_039-057_QLD.indd 57

Spa at G Environment

Silver Ridge B&B, 103 Silver Pinch Rd Silver Ridge. Vacy Hall Historic Guest House, 135 Russell St. [GH - 12][DBB]

s Weekend for two

to make a booking visit


The secrets to a Great Romance





lUxURy lodgES of

summER 2012 $9.95

Artique Resort, 16-18 Enderley Ave. Australis Sovereign Hotel, 138 Ferny Ave. Chateau Beachside, 52 The Esplanade (Cnr Elkhorn Ave). Copacabana, 24 Hamilton Ave. Crown Towers Resort Surfers Paradise, 5-19 Palm Avenue. Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, 2807 Gold Coast Highway. GT Gold Coast, 7 Staghorn Ave. Golden Gate Resort, 3422 Gold Coast Hwy. Hi-Surf Luxury Beachfront Apartments, 150 The Esplanade. Hilton Surfers Paradise, 6 Orchard Avenue. Hotel Grand Chancellor Surfers Paradise, Cnr Surfers Paradise Blvd & Hanlan St. Islander Resort Hotel, 6 Beach Rd. Mantra Circle on Cavill, 9 Ferny Avenue. Mantra Legends Hotel, Gold Coast, Cnr Gold Coast Hwy & Laycock St. Mantra Sun City Resort, Cnr Gold Coast Hwy & Ocean Ave. Mantra Wings Resort & Spa, 18 Fern St. Monte Carlo Resort, 38 Orchid Avenue. Outrigger Surfers Paradise, 22 View Avenue. Paradise Island Resort, 1 Paradise Island. Paradise Resort Gold Coast, 122 Ferny Avenue. Q1 Resort & Spa, Hamilton Ave. Sea Temple Gold Coast, 8 The Esplanade. Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa, 158 Ferny Ave. Towers of Chevron Renaissance, 23 Ferny Avenue. Vibe Hotel Surfers Paradise, 42 Ferny Avenue.


[GH - 4][BB]

zEaland nEW take the road less travelled



3/13/2012 3:14:05 PM

northern terrritory

Darwin Area



Munupi Wilderness Lodge, T/A Clearwater Island Lodge.

Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge, PO Box 571. Crowne Plaza Darwin, 32 Mitchell St. Mantra Pandanas, 43 Knuckey Street. Mantra on the Esplanade, 88 The Esplanade. Medina Grand Darwin Waterfront, 7 Kitchener Drive. Novotel Darwin Atrium, 100 The Esplanade. Palms City Resort, 64 The Esplanade. Quality Hotel Frontier Darwin, 3 Buffalo Ct. Quest Darwin, 55 Cavanagh Street. SKYCITY Darwin, Gilruth Ave, The Gardens, Mindil Beach. Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront, 7 Kitchener Drive.

Humpty Doo (40 km S) Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge, PO Box 2120.

Jingili (11 km NE) Feathers Sanctuary 49A Freshwater Road. Ph 08 8985 2144. See our display advertisement.

Country Adelaide River (113 km S) Mount Bundy Station, Haynes Rd. [FS][SC]

Alice Springs (1490 km S) Alice Springs Airport Motel. Alice in the Territory, 46 Stephens Rd. All Seasons Alice Springs Oasis, 10 Gap Road. Bond Springs Outback Retreat, Bond Springs Station. [CH - 4][BB]

Crowne Plaza Alice Springs, Barrett Dr. Diplomat Motel Alice Springs, Cnr Gregory Tce & Hartley St. Glen Helen Resort, Namatjira Dr, West Macdonnell Ranges. Kings Canyon Resort, PMB 136. Lasseters Hotel Casino, 93 Barrett Drive. Northern Territory Convention Bureau, 67 North Sturt Highway. Vatu Sanctuary Apartments, 43 Todd Mall.

Alyangula Dugong Beach Resort.

Daly River (232 km S) Perrys on the Daly, Mayo Park. [FS - 3]

Katherine (331 km S) All Seasons Katherine, Stuart Highway. Knotts Crossing Resort, Cnr Giles & Cameron Sts.

St Andrews Serviced Apartments, 27 First St.

Mataranka (438 km S) Coodardie Station, Sturt Highway.

Tennant Creek Eldorado Motor Inn, Paterson St.

Feathers sanctuary a natural place to stay

Feathers Sanctuary, a unique bed and breakfast accommodation located in Darwin, Northern Territory. Two minutes to city. It combines first class hut-style rooms set in the surrounds of a 2 acre private bird park landscaped to attract and breed native bird species. Relax and unwind in the architecturally designed huts. Feathers Sanctuary the natural place to stay. Feathers Sanctuary 49 Freshwater Road, Jingili NT phone: 08 8985 2144 mob: 0408 895 512 email: 58


UPS#35_058-063_NT&SA&WA.indd 58

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0075

3/13/2012 3:16:30 PM


Gunlom Waterfall Top Pool - Kakadu National Park. Credit: Tourism NT

An exquisite taste

of Darwin

Darwin is the Northern Territory's multi-cultural capital, famous for its markets, festivals, Asian cuisine and massive natural harbour.


t is also the perfect base from which to explore the natural treasures of World Heritage listed Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks as well as the Tiwi Islands. Situated on the edge of a harbour bigger than Sydney's, Darwin is a fascinating tropical city. Its melting pot of people and cultures prides itself on its unique and laid-back lifestyle. While a sophisticated, modern city, it is also one

steeped in history. Darwin has endured many hardships on its way to establishing itself as the gateway to Asia. More bombs were dropped on Darwin Harbour than on Pearl Harbour in WW11. It was destroyed again by cyclone Tracy in 1974. Now it is a prosperous, growing city with access to vast mineral wealth, a booming tourist industry and an important military base. The many projects, developments and community based initiatives in the

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_058-063_NT&SA&WA.indd 59

Jumping Crocodile credit: Tourism NT

city speak volumes about the "can do" character of the people here. Darwin encourages you to forget formalities, kick your shoes off and relax. It is a city with a youthful population who know how to work hard and play hard. Formality here is taken with a grain of salt. Looking for the best fishing? Or just some work to get you to the next stop on your travels? Darwin can provide all this and more. Visit Kakadu or see the famous jumping crocodiles in the Adelaide River. Spend a night stargazing at East Point or visit one of the clubs to meet the locals. Darwin is a top travel destination with pumping nightlife, magical markets and multi cultural restaurants. World-class wilderness areas are just down the road. A first stop into Darwin is the pretty little suburb of Jingili. It is near Darwin Airport with fountains and ponds in shaded areas surrounded by water gardens. Feathers Sanctuary, a private accommodation lodge and bird sanctuary is a “must do�. Traditional crafts, music and Aboriginal paintings ensure a visit to Darwin will leave you wanting to come back and explore further afield. UNIQUE PLACES TO STAY


3/13/2012 3:18:03 PM

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South Australia

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eith der







UPS#35_058-063_NT&SA&WA.indd 60

All images courtesy Tourism South Australia.

3/13/2012 3:19:37 PM

South Australia

KANGAROO ISLAND Located to the south-west of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island. Easily accessible by car/passenger ferry from Cape Jervis, Kangaroo Island is a superb and fascinating wilderness area mixed with a number of attractive small townships. Attractions at Kangaroo Island include Seal Bay Conservation Park, which is home to about 500 sea lions, Little Sahara, the Vivonne Bay Wildlife Reserve, Kelly Hills Conservation Park, Flinders Chase National Park, Cape Borda Lighthouse, Stokes Bay, Emu Bay and American River. Visitors to Kangaroo Island can also enjoy a range of outstanding holiday accommodation.

Adelaide City & Suburbs Adelaide Adelaide Regent Apartments, 188 Carrington Street. Chifley On South Terrace Adelaide, 226 South Terrace. Clarion Hotel Soho, 264 Flinders Street. Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide on Currie, 18 Currie Street. Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide on Hindley, 65 Hindley Street. Hotel Richmond, 128 Rundle Mall. Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, 55 Frome St. Rendezvous Allegra Hotel Adelaide, 55 Waymouth St. Rockford Adelaide, 164 Hindley St. Stamford Plaza Adelaide, 150 North Terrace.

Flagstaff Hill (22km S) Kingfisher House, 58 Kingfisher Circuit, Craigburn Ridge.

Glenelg (10 km SW) Comfort Inn Haven Marina, 6-10 Adelphi Terrace.

Glenelg Beachside Luxury Apartments

17 Colley Terrace Ph: 0421 478 922 Fax: 08 8258 4049Glenelg Glenelg Beachside Luxury Apartments have 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and HUGE 3 bedroom apartments right in the heart of Glenelg. Only 100 metres to the beach and to over 300 cafes, shops and restaurants. Clean, modern,secure; enjoy! [A] E-mail: Web:

Oaks Liberty Towers, 25 Colley Terrace.

North Adelaide (2 km N) Lion Hotel (The), 161 Melbourne Street. Majestic Old Lion Apartments, 9 Jerningham St. North Adelaide Heritage Group, [CO - 14][SC]

Rostrevor (10 km E) Marybank Farm B & B, Montacute Road. [A - 2][BB]

Adelaide Hills Area Crafers (20 km SE) Grand Mercure Mount Lofty House, 74 Mt Lofty Summit Rd. [PH - 29][DBB]

Hahndorf (28 km SE) Hahndorf Old Mill Motel, 98 Main St. Hahndorf Resort & Convention Centre, 145A Main Street. Manna of Hahndorf, 25 Main Street. Rockbare Retreat, 102-104 Main Street.

Mannum (84 km E) Riverview Rise Retreats, Lot 12 Bowhill Road. [CO - 1][BB]

Oakbank (25 km SE) Adelaide Hills Country Cottages, Oakwood Rd. [CO - 6][BB] Apple Tree Cottage, Amorilla Stud, Oakwood Rd. [CO - 1][BB] Lavender Fields, Oakwood Rd. [CO - 1][BB]

One Tree Hill (32 km NE) Garden Pavilion at AL-RU Farm, One Tree Hill Rd.

Stirling (17 km SE) Stirling Hotel, 52 Mount Barker Road.

Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island Ph: 13 13 01 Set on 260 hectares with 1km of beachfront. Contemporary, budget-style rooms, outdoor deck, bar and BBQ area, lounge, dining and games room. Go biking, kayaking, snorkelling, surfing and sandboarding. Owned and operated by the Sealink Travel Group. E-mail: Web:

The Retreat at Stirling, 9 Hoylake Avenue. [CO]

McLaren Vale (39 km S)

Fleurieu Pen. and Kangaroo Island

Peppermint Farm Cottage

Currency Creek (80 km S) Currency Creek Vineyard Villas, Winery Rd. [CO - 6][DBB]

Kangaroo Island (120 km SW) Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat, PO Box 609. Correa Corner B&B, Brownlow. [H - 3][BB]

Flour Cask Bay Sanctuary, Lot 100 Old Salt Lake Road.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat

1 South Coast Rd, Flinders Chase Ph: 08 8559 7275 Fax: 08 8559 7377 Perfectly Perfectly located at entrance to the national park & close proximity to all attractions. Wildlife at your doorstep. Back to nature with all the comforts of the 21st century. Nicolas Baudin restaurant, open to the public, bookings essential. [L - 22][DBB] E-mail: Web:

148 Strout Road Ph: 0417 816 475

E-mail: Web:

Serafino McLarenvale, Kangarilla Road. Wine and Roses, 39 Caffrey Street.

Barossa Valley Tanunda (70 km NE) Barossa House

2992 Barossa Valley Way Ph: 08 8562 4022 Fax: 08 8562 4002 Join Judi and Lee at their traditional hosted Bed & Breakfast. 4 guestrooms all with ensuite bathrooms, beautiful gardens, convenient location close to wineries, restaurants and shops. Join us for a personalised wine tour with a local. [GH - 4][BB] E-mail: Web:

Limestone Coast Mount Gambier (440 km SE)

Lifetime Private Retreats RSD 26 FCS Ph: 08 8559 2248 Fax: 08 8559 2292

E-mail: Web:

Matthew Flinders Terraces, Bayview Rd, American River. [GH - 16][SC]

Pavilions Kangaroo Island Retreat, Gum Creek Rd. [CO][SC] Seascape on Emu Bay, Bates Road, Emu Bay. Seaview Lodge Kangaroo Island, Lot 3 Willoughby Rd. [GH - 4][BB]

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_058-063_NT&SA&WA.indd 61

Vivonne Bay Lodge

Apartments on Tolmie 27A Tolmie St Ph: 08 8725 1429 Fax: 08 8725 1852 2 & 3 bedroom self contained. AAA 4 star. Sleep 6-8, king or queen & double beds. Fully equipped kitchens, dishwashers, heat/cool. Privacy. Pets welcome. [A - 4][SC] E-mail: mail@ Web:

Arkana Motor Inn, 201 Commercial St East. Colhurst House, 3 Colhurst Pl.



3/13/2012 3:20:58 PM

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Barossa Valley


ou Alba


Gibson Winery Images courtesy SATC

The Barossa, just over an hour's drive from Adelaide, is Australia's favourite destination for wine, food and culinary adventures.

Barossa Farmers Markets. Images courtesy SATC

Charles Melton Winery. Images courtesy SATC


t is one of the world's great wine regions; revered alongside Bordeaux, Napa and Tuscany. Over 150 years six generations of winemakers have made wines of great distinction. Philanthropist and entrepreneur George Fife Angas employed Johannes Menge in the late 1830s to explore the local colony. It was Menge who saw the opportunity for wine. Johanne described the Barossa as “The Cream, the Whole Cream and nothing but the Cream”. After this advice, George assisted the passage of an entire European community including German speaking settlers from Poland. His brief was to set up a piece of the “old world” in the “new world”. The Barossa now features more than 80 62


UPS#35_058-063_NT&SA&WA.indd 62

cellar doors. Luxury retreats offer awardwinning wines, world-class cuisine and panoramic views. The hills and valleys have inspired many local artists. Consider the opportunity to spend the night in million-star accommodation under clear skies. The cool summers and rainy winters make it perfect for red wine production, particularly Shiraz and the richly flavoured Cabernet. Nearby Eden Valley is less well known but also boasts a stellar reputation for premium wines. A higher altitude and cooler climate lends itself to Riesling and Chardonnay. Aside from wines and wineries there are regional arts and a rich, pioneering history to discover. With great wine comes great

food. Make sure you leave enough time to sample the locally produced culinary delights the Barossa has to offer. All of this and more is available via a network of well signposted heritage trails that can be accessed by car or on foot. Visit the Barossa to experience great wine, fabulous food, heritage architecture and a warm, friendly community. Enjoy a wealth of diverse activities including festivals, special events, the arts, bushwalking, golf, cycling and shopping amid a stunning Australian landscape of rolling hills, manicured vineyards and closely linked towns and villages. There is nowhere else like The Barossa Valley. It combines a rich European heritage with a down to earth Aussie spirit. Quite unique!

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 3:23:07 PM








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South Perth (2 km S)


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Australia ma



















53 South Perth Esplanade Ph: 61 8 9368 6688 Fax: 61 8 9368 6689 Features: Stunning location, s/c apts, wireless broadband, 13 Foxtel channels. TV, DVD, reverse a/c, daily dry-cleaning, free parking. Affordable accom in a million dollar setting. 4 star apts on the picturesque Sth Perth foreshore set in lush landscaped gardens, overlooking the Swan River & Perth skyline. CBD is only 5 mins by ferry or car & restaurants & shopping facilities are only mins away. Enjoy a romantic walk along the river, backlit by lights of the city & Kings Park, with the convenience of a cosy apartment on your return. TCWA accredited. [A - 71][SC] E-mail: Web:



Swan Valley Oasis Resort, 10250 West Swan Rd, Swan Valley.

Fremantle (18 km SW)


Esplanade Hotel Fremantle. Fothergills of Fremantle, 18-22 Ord Street. [BB] Fremantle Colonial Accomodation, 215 High St.

Duxton Hotel Perth, 1 St George’s Terrace. Elan Riverside Pier Hotel, Corner Riverside Drive Barrack Street. Goodearth Hotel & Apartments, 195 Adelaide Tce. Kings Perth Hotel (The), 525 Hay St (Cnr Pier St). Miss Maud Swedish Hotel, 97 Murray & Pier Sts. Mounts Bay Waters Apartment Motel, 112 Mounts Bay Rd. Mountway Holiday Apartments, 36 Mount Street. Perth Ambassador Hotel, 196 Adelaide Terrace. Somerset St Georges Terrace, 185 St Georges Terrace.

[CO - 6][BB]

Norfolk Hotel (The), 47 South Terrace. Port Mill Bed & Breakfast, 3/17 Essex Street.

Gooseberry Hill (20 km E) Possum Creek Lodge, 6 Lenori Rd.

Henley Brook (26 km NE) Grandis Cottages, 45 Casuarina Place.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_058-063_NT&SA&WA.indd 63

[CH - 4][BB]

River’esque, Lot 19 Ashton Street. Sea and Soul Beachside Apartments, 54 Mitchell Drive. Vintages Accommodation, Cnr Willmott Ave & Le Souef St. Vintner’s Retreat, 25 Merlot Place. Yelverton Brook Eco Spa Retreat & Conservation Sanctuary, Roy Rd Metricup Via. [CO - 5][SC]

Witchcliffe (275 km S)

Blackwood River Houseboats, Westbay.

Boranup Forest Retreat, 422 Sebbes Road. [CO][SC] Redgate Beach Escape, 14 Redgate Road.

Cowaramup (265 km S)

Yallingup (263 km S)

Cullen Wines Homestead, Caves Road. Gracetown B&B, 19 Bayview Drive. Karriview Lodge, Lot 66 Caves Rd. [GH - 9][DBB] Noble Grape (The), Lot 18 Bussell Hwy. [GH - 6][BB]

Canal Rocks Beach Resort, Smiths Beach Rd. Cape Lodge, Caves Rd.

Augusta (327 km S)

images courtesy Tourism Western Australia.

Burnside Bungalows, 291A Burnside Road. Caves Road Chalets, Lot 5023 Caves Road. Constellation Apartments, Bussell Highway. Darby Park Margaret River, Cnr Tunbridge St & Bussell Hway. Forest Retreat B&B, 27 Barrett St. Gilgara Retreat, RMB 300 Caves Rd. [CH - 6][BB] Llewellin’s Guest House, 64 Yates Road. Losari Retreat, 498 Osmington Road. Margaret River Guest House, 22 Valley Rd. [GH - 8][BB] Merribrook Lodge, Armstrong Road. Merribrook Retreat, Armstrong Road off Cowaramup Bay Road. Olive Hill Farm, RMB 261a Bramley River Rd. Pinda Lodge, 8 Laurel Rd.

Dunsborough (254 km S) Dunsborough Beach Cottages, 95 Gifford Rd. [CO - 46][SC] Dunsborough Rail Carriages & Farm Cottages, 123 Commonage Road. [CO - 2][SC]

Gracetown (276 km S) Gracetown Chalets, Unit 2/42 Osborne Street. [CA - 6][SC]

Margaret River (283 km S) Admiral Stirling Inn, 73 Bussell Highway. Bridgefield Guest House, 73 Bussell Hwy/Cnr Higgins Street. [GH][BB]

Bridgewater, 282B Caves Rd.

[GH - 15][BB]

Chandeliers on Abbey, Abbeys Farm Road. [CA][SC] Empire Retreat, Caves Road. Erravilla Country Estate, Lot 2865 Blythe Rd. [GH - 6][DBB] Injidup Spa Retreat, Cape Clairault Road. Seashells Resort Yallingup, Yallingup Beach Rd. [PH 33][AMA]

Sienna Lodge, Cnr Caves & Canal Rocks Road. Wildwood Valley Villa & Cottages, 1 Wildwood Road. [GH - 7][BB] Windmills Break, Cnr Caves & Hemsley Rds. [GH - 13][BB] Wyadup Brook Cottage, Wyadup Rd. Yallingup Forest Resort, Hemsley Road (off Caves Rd) between. Yallingup Lodge, Lot 3 Hemsley Rd. [CH - 5][BB] Yallingup Luxury Retreat, 111 Marrinup Drive.



3/13/2012 3:29:24 PM


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Won t




All images courtesy of Tourism Victoria.

UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 64

3/13/2012 3:31:49 PM


Mirka Restaurant, Photographer Mark Chew

St Kilda,

Jungle Juice Bar in Centre Place Photographer Mark Chew Images courtesy Tourism Victoria.


You can feel the pulse of Melbourne beating as you veer onto St Kilda Road, the city's tree lined main artery and gateway to lush parks and well-known landmarks.


ourmet eateries, sophisticated boutiques, elegant architecture, numerous cultural venues and famous gardens blend to give St Kilda its unique character. Originally a seaside resort in Melbourne's early years, St Kilda has developed into a fashionable and cosmopolitan suburb on a sandy stretch of Bay between Albert Park and Elwood. St Kilda is famous for its food, entertainment and nightlife. Acland Street is a bustling shopping precinct famous for its cafes, continental cake shops, fashion and second-hand shops. Nearby Fitzroy Street is renowned for its restaurants, hotels and bars. The most famous attraction on St Kilda's beach is the St Kilda Pier constructed in 1853. Around 100 penguins have made this their home. Near the entrance to the pier are the St Kilda Sea Baths.

During the Edwardian and Victorian eras, St Kilda became a favoured suburb of Melbourne's elite. Many palatial mansions were constructed along its hills and waterfront. From the late 1960s, St Kilda became known for its culture of bohemianism and home to prominent artists and musicians. In recent years the district has experienced rapid gentrification. It is home to St Kilda Beach, Melbourne's most famous beach, Luna Park, several renowned theatres, big events and festivals. A network of pathways line St Kilda's foreshore. They are ideal for bicycle riding, skating, jogging and walking. St Kilda is home to a number of elegant gardens including the Botanical Gardens and the O'Donnell Gardens right next to Luna Park. Much of St Kilda's coastline is also lined with gardens, stretching from the formal Catani Gardens southwards to

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 65

St Kilda Pier and Pavilion Photographer City of Port Phillip

open expanses of lawn fronting the golden sands of St Kilda's beaches. St Kilda is good base for exploring all that Melbourne has to offer. The city centre is just a short tram trip away. St Kilda is also adjacent to Albert Park Lake which is surrounded by sporting facilities and is home to the annual Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. UNIQUE PLACES TO STAY


3/13/2012 3:33:06 PM

VIC + Melbourne City & Suburbs

Image courtesy Tourism Victoria.

albert park Albert Park is a popular, attractive and interesting suburb on Port Phillip Bay, adjacent South Melbourne. The beaches of Albert Park are a summertime drawcard, especially those around the Kerferd Road Pier. Albert Park has an interesting shopping area, featuring plenty of classy cafes and some specialty stores. St Vincent Gardens are quite special and are surrounded by some excellent Victorian architecture. There is a substantial recreation area and a Grand Prix Circuit around Albert Park Lake which is a popular yachting location. Visitors to Melbourne can stay in one of Albert Park's renovated Victorian terrace houses.

Melbourne City & Suburbs Albert Park (3 km S) Jackson’s on Middle Park 404 Richardson St Ph: 03 9534 7615 Fax: 03 9534 7615 Sgl $100-$120, Dbl $120$150. City 5km. 2 QS rms with spas. A Victorian home close to tram, shops, lake, parks, beach, aquatic ctr, CBD & trendy cafe/ arts/tourist precincts. Smoke free. Melways: 57 J7. [H - 2][BB] E-mail: Web: holiday-rental.asp?r=4639

Carlton (1 km N) Apartments on Lygon, 700 Lygon St. Arrow on Swanston, 488 Swanston Street. Drummond Serviced Apartments, 371 Drummond Street. Quest Carlton on Finlay, 2-9 Finlay Place.



UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 66

Caroline Springs (5km W)

Forest Hill (18 km E)

Mercure Melbourne Caroline Springs, 234 Caroline Springs Boulevard.

Apartments @ Forest Hill (Park Avenue Group), 305 Canterbury Rd.

Croydon (29 km E)

Glen Waverley (20 km SE)

Victoria House Motor Inn, 331 Maroondah Hwy. [CH - 20][DBB]

Quest Glen Waverley, 353 Springvale Road.

East Melbourne (2 km E)

Hampton (14 km S)

Eastern Town House, 90 Albert St. Georgian Court Bed & Breakfast, 21-25 George St. [GH - 32][DBB] Hilton on the Park - Melbourne, 192 Wellington Pde. Magnolia Court Boutique Hotel, 101 Powlett St. [PH - 25][BB]

Kimberley Wilderness Adventures, 475 Hampton St.

Eltham (24 km NE) Eltham Garden Retreat (The), 141 Pitt Street.

Fitzroy (2 km N) Metropole Hotel Apartments, 44 Brunswick St. Nunnery Accommodation (The), 116 Nicholson St. [PH - 22][BB] Quest Royal Gardens, 8 Royal Lane.

Kew (10 km E) Apartments @ Kew (Park Avenue Group), 104-106 Walpole St. Apartments @ Kew Q45 (Park Avenue Group), 45 Pakington St. Wellington House Boutique Accommodation, 159 Wellington Street.

Melbourne Adelphi Hotel & Spa, 187 Flinders Lane. Albert Park Manor Boutique Hotel Motel, 405 St Kilda Rd. Alto Hotel On Bourke, 636 Bourke Street.

Apartment Alkire, 18 Queen Street. Apartments at Docklands, 15 Acquitania Street. Atlantis Hotel, 300 Spencer St. Best Western Riverside Apartments, 474 Flinders St. Citiclub Hotel, 113 Queen Street. Clarion Suites Gateway, One William St. Clarion Suites Milano, 8 Franklin Street. Crossley Hotel Managed by Mercure (The), 51 Little Bourke St. Crowne Plaza Melbourne, 1-5 Spencer St. Darling Towers on Collins, Docklands Apartments Grand Mercure, 23 St Mangos Lane. Enterprize (Hotel), 44 Spencer St. Grand Hotel Melbourne, 33 Spencer Street. Grand Hyatt Melbourne, 123 Collins St. Grand Mercure Flinders Lane Apartments, 321 Flinders Lane. Honey Apartments, 39 Queen Street. Hotel Grand Chancellor Melbourne, 131 Lonsdale St. Ibis Little Bourke Street (Hotel) Melbourne, 600 Little Bourke St. InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto, 495 Collins Street. Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth Street. Leo Pacific Hotel, 378 Little Bourke Street. Mantra 100 Exhibition, 100 Exhibition St. Mantra On The Park, 333 Exhibition St. Mantra on Little Bourke, 471 Little Bourke St. Mantra on Russell, 222 Russell St. Medina Executive Northbank, 550 Flinders Street. Medina Grand Melbourne, 189 Queen St. Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Cnr Exhibition & Lonsdale Sts. Park Regis Griffin Suites, 604 St Kilda Road. RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street. Radisson on Flagstaff Gardens, 380 William St. Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne, 328 Flinders St. Robinsons in the City, 405 Spencer St. Seasons Heritage Melbourne, 572 St Kilda Rd. Sebel & Citigate Albert Park, 65 Queens Road. Sebel Melbourne (The), 394 Collins St. Somerset Gordon Heights, 19-25 Little Bourke St.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 3:34:01 PM

Melbourne City & Suburbs + Mornington Peninsula + VIC Sophia (Hotel), 227 King Street. Swanston Hotel-Grand Mercure (The), 195 Swanston St. The Blackman, 452 St Kilda Road.

Sunbury (40 km NW)

Sunnyside Rd.

Rye (80 km S)

Rupertswood Mansion ‘Birthplace of the Ashes’, 3 Macedon Street.

Mount Martha (63 kms S)

The Hotel Charsfield, 478 St Kilda Road. Ph 03 9866 5511. See our display advertisement.

Captains Retreat, 2 Ferguson St.

Blue Moon Cottages, 12 Blakiston Grove. Hilltonia Homestead, Lot B1 Browns Rd. [CH - 5][SC] Ocean Blue Retreat, 24 Sabato Street. Peninsula Hot Springs, 140 Springs Lane. Plantation House at Whitecliffs, 33 Maori Street,Whitecliffs. St Ives Cottage, 44 Field Street.

Windsor Hotel (The), 111 Spring Street.

North Melbourne (2 km N) Hotham Hill Terrace, 443 Abbotsford Street. Rydges North Melbourne, Cnr Flemington Rd & Harker St.

Notting Hill (20 km SE) Cameo House, 78 Westerfield Drive. [GH - 3][BB] Gateway on Monash, 630 Blackburn Rd.

Richmond (3 km E) Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne, 649 Bridge Road. Richmond Lodge, 37 Buckingham St. Rotherwood, 13 Rotherwood St. [H - 1][BB]

Villa Donati, 377 Church St. [GH - 3][BB]

Ringwood (27 km E) Ringwood Royale Apartment Hotel, 6 Warrandyte Rd.

South Melbourne (3 km S) Bayview Hotel, 273 Cecil Street.

South Yarra (5 km SE) Balmoral of Melbourne, 783 Punt Road. Bloomfield Albany Hotel, 1 Millswyn St. Como Melbourne (The), 630 Chapel Street. Darling Towers Executive Serviced Apartments, 32 Darling St. Hatton Hotel, 65 Park St. Punthill Serviced ApartmentsCorporate, 470 Punt Road. The Olsen, 637-641 Chapel Street.

St Kilda (6 km S) Barkly Apartments, 180 Barkly Street. Charnwood Motor Inn, 3 Charnwood Rd. Crest on Barkly, 47 Barkly St. Easystay At 65 Acland Street, 63 Fitzroy Street.

St Kilda West (5 km S) Bishopsgate House, 57 Mary St. Fountain Terrace, 28 Mary St. [H - 5][BB]

Williamstown (11 km W)

Mornington Peninsula Arthurs Seat (77 km S) Arthurs Superb Views Luxury Retreat, 10 Nestle Court. Barn (The) and The Studio, ‘Glassonby’ 190 Purves Rd. [CO - 2][SC]

Georges Boutique B&B & Culinay Retreat, 776 Arthurs Seat Road. Summit Views, 20 Nestle Court.

Blairgowrie (85 km S) Golf Retreats Blairgowrie, On the Peninsula, 23 Ti-Tree Ave. Hidden Treasure at Pirates Bay, 15 Knox Rd. [CO - 2][BB] Quarterdeck-Clifftop, 26 Fawkner Avenue.

Cape Schanck (77 km S) Cape Schanck Lighthouse, 420 Cape Schanck Road. [CO - 10]

Dromana (68 km S) Lakeside Villas @ Crittenden Estate, 25 Harrisons Road.

Casa Mallorca, 35 Ian Rd. Glynt Manor, 16 Bay Rd. [DBB]

Portsea (97 km S) Bayplay, 3755 Pt Nepean Rd. Delgany Portsea, Delgany Avenue. Grange at Portsea Village Resort, 3765 Point Nepean Rd. Portsea Hotel, Point Nepean Rd.

Le Pavillon, 1 Pine Grove. [CO - 3][BB]

Kudos Villas & Retreats Red Hill, 148-150 Red Hill Road. Lindenderry at Red Hill, 142 Arthurs Seat Rd. Stony Creek Cottages, Cnr Stony Creek & Flinders Rd.

Shoreham Beach House, 20 Myers Drive.

Sorrento (90 km S) Bilinga B&B and Cottages, 105 Hotham Road. [CO - 4][SC] Drop Inn, 150 Ocean Beach Road. Eastcliff Cottage, 881-883 Melbourne Road. Hotel Sorrento, 5-15 Hotham Rd. Saltwater @ Sorrento, 12 Russell Crescent. Tamasha House, 699 Melbourne Rd. [H - 2][BB]

Red Hill South (81 km S) Jane’s Hide-Aways, 114 Shoreham Rd. Max’s Retreats Red Hill Estate, 53 Shoreham Road/9 Station Road. Meadowood, PO Box 307.

Rosebud (77 km S) Admiral Motor Inn, 799 Nepean Highway. Fairways Resort, Rosebud Country Club.

Flinders (89 km S) Nazaaray Country Retreat, 266 Meakins Rd. [CH - 3][SC]

Frankston (42 km S)

Tootgarook (77 km S) Truemans Cottages, Truemans Rd. [CO - 3]

Charsfield THE HOTEL

478 St Kilda Rd Melbourne 3004 Phone: 61 3 9866 5511 Fax: 61 3 9867 2277 Email:

Mizu B&B Retreat & Spa, 38-40 Menzies Close. Oaks (The) Bed & Breakfast, 20 Victoria Parade. [BB] Quest Frankston, 377 Nepean Highway.

Main Ridge (74 km S) Spring Creek Farm, 356 Shands Rd.

Moorooduc (48 km S) Gooseberry Hill Farm Cottage, 170 Graydens Rd. [SC - 2][BB] Woodman Estate - Luxury Country Hotel, Restaurant & Spa, 136 Graydens Road.

Mornington (55 km S) Mornington Wedding & Convention Centre, 99-101 Tanti Avenue. Petit Amour B&B Cottage, 21 York St. Royal Hotel Mornington (The), 770 Esplanade.

Mount Eliza (50 km SE) Morning Star Estate, 1

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 67

Shoreham (85 km S)

Red Hill (77 km S)

Once in a rare while, a hotel comes along that demands your attention! The Hotel Charsfield in Melbourne’s beautiful, leafy, St Kilda Road is one of them! More than just another accommodation venue The Hotel Charsfield is a unique boutique establishment that offers character and charm in a great location. Housed within a magnificent Victorian building that has heritage listing, the Hotel Charsfield is small enough to provide personalized service while retaining the professionalism and efficiency of a world-class venue. Call now and mention Unique Places to Stay to get a 20% discount off the best rate of the day 1300 30 18 30



3/13/2012 3:34:46 PM

GoldYarra Coast DESTINATION + The Valley and Dandenong Ranges

You'll never

want to leave The Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges are an idyllic retreat for Melburnians wanting a short break.


ver 80 world class wineries set amidst a back drop of mist covered hills – the Yarra Valley & Dandenongs are easy to get to, but impossible to leave. Less than an hour's drive from Melbourne, they are home to Victoria’s earliest vineyards set in picture-perfect vineyard or mountaintop locations. The regions two separate areas are both close to Melbourne and famed for their natural attractions and scenic beauty. Escape to the Yarra Valley and indulge in life's great pleasures of food, wine and nature. Disappear from the bustle of city 68


UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 68

life into the Dandenong Ranges' secret fern glades, towering forests and eclectic villages. The Yarra Valley is set in picturesque rolling hills. It features fruit farms, bush walks, markets, galleries and attractions for the whole family including the famous Healesville Sanctuary. Here Australian Wildlife is showcased in a natural setting. The Sanctuary is famous for its onsite platypussery. See native Platypus up close. If you are not a wine lover then the White Rabbit brewery located in Healesville needs a mention. For something sweet

the Wickedly Delicious Patisserie situated in the heart of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Monbulk will tempt you to try delicious cakes and superb coffee. For the savoury types drop into the De Bortoli’s Cheese Room, relax with a bottle of wine and a platter of perfectly matured cheeses. Game over for me. Take to the skies in a Hot Air Balloon for stunning views over the Yarra Valley. The Dandenongs are where Melbourne's leafy eastern suburbs meet the mountains

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 3:37:57 PM


Over 80 world class wineries set amidst a back drop of mist covered hills

All images courtesy of Tourism Victoria

and forests. Protected parklands preserve the natural beauty of this area which includes valleys and hills covered in thick temperate rainforest and dense ferny undergrowth. It's a bushwalking and cycling paradise with extensive trails through lush vegetation. From the peak of Mount Dandenong there are panoramic views of the city. A short drive from Melbourne yet a world away – take the right person and you’ll never want to leave. For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 69



3/13/2012 3:38:58 PM

VIC + Yarra Valley + Dandenongs + Ranges

Yarra Valley/ Dandenongs/ Ranges Beaconsfield (47 km S) Melaleuca Lodge, 10 Brunt Road & Princes Highway.

Beaconsfield Upper (47 km SE) Ttekceba, 120A Beckett Road.

Belgrave (40 km E) Belgrave Bed & Breakfast, 11 Monbulk Rd. Glen Harrow Garden Cottages, Old Monbulk Rd. [CO - 4][SC] Stones Throw Cottage, 11 Wattle Avenue.

Chirnside Park (35 km E) Sebel Heritage Yarra Valley (The), Heritage Golf & Country Club.

Ferny Creek (37 km NE) Woorilla Cottages, 77 Hilton Rd. [CO - 3][SC]

Gembrook (63 km E) Alkira Cottages, 2427 Launching Place Rd. [CO - 4][SC] Carinya Park, 2405 Launching Place Rd. [CO - 2] Gembrook Cottages, 91 Main Street.

Healesville (61 km E) Healesville Apartments, 18 Symons Street. [A - 4][SC] Jedda House Bed & Breakfast, 6 Birdwood Ave. Kangaroo Ridge, 38 Turners Ln. Lavender Farm, 100 Pine Avenue. [CO - 3][SC] Mt Rael Retreat, 140 Healesville Rd. [GH - 2][BB] Outlook Hill, 97 School Lane Tarrawarra. Sanctuary Park Cottages, 85 Badger Avenue. Susan’s in the Valley, 108-110 Badger Creek Rd. Wide Horizons Bed & Breakfast, 19 Juliet Crescent. [H - 3][BB]

Kallista (37 km E) Castle Stone Inn on Sassafras Creek, 222 Monbulk Rd. [H][BB]

Kalorama (40 km E) Bonza View

26 Bonza View Street Ph: 03 9728 8998 Just 40 minutes east of Melbourne CBD. Spectacular 180 degree views from both self-contained apartments. Enjoy modern accommodation with the best views in the Dandenongs.

E-mail: Web:



UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 70

Country Place Retreat (The), Olinda Creek Road. Holly Gate House B&B, 1308 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road. Lotus Lodges, 92 Old Coach Road.

Cottages of Mt Dandenong, 17 Sunset Ave. [CO - 4] Forest Glade Olinda, 82 Olinda Monbulk Road.

- 8][BB]

Millgrove (74 km E) Millwaters Retreat, 30 River Rd.

Monbulk (47 km E) Eagle Hammer Cottages, 440 Old Emerald Rd. [CO][SC]

Montrose (35 km E) Japanese Mountain Retreat, 14 Mountain Crescent.

Mount Dandenong

Araluen Lodge, 603 Steels Creek Road.

Lochiel Luxury Accommodation

Melba Lodge, 939 Melba Highway. [BB] Valley Guest House, 319 Steels Creek Road. [GH - 3][BB]

1590-1594 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd Ph: 03 9751 2300 Fax: 03 9751 1852 E-mail: info@lochielaccommodation. com Web:

Loft In The Mill, 1602 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd. [BB] Olinda Country Cottages, 1558 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd. [CO - 2][BB]

Port Phillip Penthouse Sandstone Cottages, 9 Sunset Ave. [SC]

(43 km E)

Sassafras (42 km E)

Arnica Views, 10 Observatory Rd. Linden Gardens Rainforest Retreat, 1383 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road. Observatory Cottages, 8 Observatory Rd. [CO - 3][SC] Summerlea Manor, 34 Summerlea Road. [CH - 5][AMA]

A Cottage Amidst Tranquillity, 81 The Crescent. Clarendon Cottages, 11 Clarkmont Rd. Cottages Monreale, 81 The Crescent. [CH - 3][BB] Fleurbaix, 286 Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd. [BB] Katrina Lodge, 76 Sassafras Creek Road. Moulton Park, 2 Coolangatta Rd.

Olinda (35 km E)

Yarra Glen (50 km E)

Balgownie Vineyard Resort & Spa, Melba Highway & Gulf Road. Ph 03 9730 0700. See our display advertisement.

Marysville (97 km E) Acqua Studios, 24 Kings Rd. Lake Mountain Resort, 1071 Lake Mountain Road. Marysville Tavern at Crossways, 4 Woods Point Rd. Maryton Park B&B Country Cottages, 36 Maryton Lane. [CO

Brett Rd. [CO - 4][BB]

Yarra Junction (68 km E) Langbrook Estate Cottages

Stephensons Lane Ph: 03 5967 1320 Fax: 03 5967 1182 Self contained accommodation on picturesque Yarra Valley farmland. Facilities include swimming pool, spa, outdoor entertainment area, tennis court and outdoor children’s play area. Breakfast provisions included. [CO - 4][SC] E-mail: Web:

Yering (45 km E) Chateau Yering, 42 Melba Highway. Gatehouse at Villa Raedward (The), 26 Melba Hwy. Yering Gorge Cottages & Nature Reserve, 215 Victoria Road.

[CO - 1][DBB]

Seville (49 km E) Ainsworth Estate, 110 Ducks Lane.

Seville East (50 km NE)

Como Cottages

1465 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road Ph: 03 9751 2264 Fax: 03 9751 2264 LUXURY ACCOMMODATION IN THE DANDENONG RANGES... Escape to one of our cosy, romantic cottages with panoramic city views, fresh mountain air, open fires, scrumptious breakfast, lush gardens, large spas and places to explore! Choose from 1, 2 and 3 bedroom cottages, set on 2 properties in Olinda. With the villages of Olinda and Mount Dandenong on your doorstep and the local markets and wineries only a short drive, there is plenty to do on a weekend or midweek escape. Our massage service is a must! [CO - 3][BB] E-mail: au Web:

Woodhaven Park Bed & Breakfast.

Sherbrooke (42 km E) Marybrooke, 10 Sherbrooke Rd.

Upper Ferntree Gully Grandview Manor & Cottage, 21 Grandview Crescent. [CO - 1][SC]

Upwey (37 km E) Japanese Slipper B&B, 312 Glenfern Rd.

Wandin North (10 km E) Wallace Historic Homestead, 473 Warburton Highway. [GH 3][BB]

Warburton (77 km E) Charnwood Cottages, Wellington Rd. Forget Me Not Cottages, 18

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Yarra Valley | VICTORIA

Yarra Valley

balgownie estate vineyard resort & SPA

Balgownie Estate Cnr Melba Hwy & Gulf Rd Yarra Glen VIC 3113 P: 03 9730 0703 F: 03 9730 0750 E: enquiry@balgownieestate. W: www.balgownieestate.

Luxury in the Heart of the Yarra Valley For the ultimate choice of luxury weekend getaway in Victoria, you can’t beat Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort and Spa in the Yarra Valley. There are some 65 spa suites with each spa suite enjoying impressive views of the picturesque Yarra Valley. Relax while you enjoy a glass of Balgownie Estate wine from your balcony or even from the comfort of your full size spa bath. Accommodation in the Yarra Valley’s finest Estate will ensure you relax and unwind during your weekend away. Less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne, this impressive resort and spa offers well appointed one bedroom spa suites. Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa is set amongst the vines with magical views providing the perfect back drop to your special weekend away. As soon as

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 71

you arrive in the picturesque Yarra Valley you will be inspired by the idyllic location and will know that you have chosen the perfect Estate for your weekend away. The resort also boasts Rae’s Restaurant providing exceptional service and the freshest of local produce, the Cellar Door with complimentary wine tasting, a health club with an experienced pool attendant and numerous other leisure activities. The Natskin Spa Retreat at Balgownie Estate offers private rooms and duo suites, signature spa treatments and a wide range of skin and body treatments for complete relaxation and well being. Indulge yourself with luxurious beauty and spa treatments including massage therapies. Experienced spa hosts can tailor a customised program to suit your needs or a combination of luxurious treatments. So for that special weekend away, Balgownie Estate offers it all.



3/13/2012 3:44:10 PM

DESTINATION + Great Ocean Road

Cape Bridgewater Next time you drive the Great Ocean Road continue along a bit.


ape Bridgewater is at the western most end of the Great Ocean Road some 21 kilometres south-west of Portland. It is steeped in natural wonders with towering headlands and spectacular blow holes. Some of the highest coastal cliffs in Victoria overlook the deep-blue waters of Bridgewater Bay. They stretch in a perfect crescent around the rim of a huge, ancient volcanic crater. Take in the surreal landscape of a petrified forest which looks like a forest of tree roots turned into rock. Watch as the sea spray blasts metres skyward at the blowhole. See the large breeding colony of fur seals from a look out above. Hidden away on Victoria’s South West 72


UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 72

Coast, Cape Bridgewater is quite unique. It is full of natural treasures such as Victoria’s highest sheer coastal cliffs and largest sand dunes. Enjoy fantastic beach fishing, amazing surf, swimming and beachcombing at the excellent beaches of Bridgewater Bay, Shelly Beach and Whites Beach. The Great South West Walk winds its way around the entire Cape Bridgewater area making accessible some of the most rugged and picturesque scenery on the coast. The well maintained walking path leads you along the Bridgewater Headland where you can watch the resident seal colony and whales as they migrate past. See the giant Blue Whales from December to April while Southern Right whales move

past the Cape in winter. To view the seal colony up close you can book a boat tour that takes you out alongside the rock platforms and into the mouth of a cave where you see hundreds of seals in their own habitat. The scenic little town has a handful of small B&B's along the beach near the village where you'll find shops and restaurants. Cape Bridgewater is surrounded by National Parks. Explore Mount Richmond National Park and Discovery Bay Marine National Park while you’re there. A nearby attraction is the Historic Shipwreck Trail. Portland is a 5 hour drive back to Melbourne along the Hamilton Highway. The view is worth the extra drive.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 3:48:16 PM

Hidden away on Victoria’s South West Coast, Cape Bridgewater is quite unique

Images courtesy Tourism Victoria

Portland. Image courtesy Tourism Victoria.

Moon rising out of the ocean Image courtesy Tourism Victoria.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 73

Port Fairy. Image courtesy Andrew Bock Tourism Victoria.



3/13/2012 3:48:50 PM

VIC + South West + Great Ocean Road

South West & Great Ocean Rd Aireys Inlet (119 km SW) (Great Ocean Road) Butlers Bend Holiday Villas, 2830 Bambra Road.

Anglesea (109 km SW) (Great Ocean Road) Surfcoast Spa Resort, 105 Great Ocean Rd.

Great Ocean Rd - Getaways, 5084 Great Ocean Road. [CO 90][SC]

Gwinganna Country House, Killila Road. Marriners Falls Cottages, 1090 Barham River Road. Paradise Gardens Cottages B&B, 715 Barham River Road. Point of View, 165 Tuxion Rd. Rayville Boat Houses, 9 Noel St. [CO][SC]

Apollo Bay (187 km SW) (Great Ocean Road) Apollo Bay Bed & Breakfast

4 Murray St Ph: 03 5237 7153 Fax: 03 5237 7156 Enjoy a "B&B’’ experience with king-size beds, own entrance, ensuite, common room, TV’s, VCR. 100m beach, 400m cafes. From $150 couple includes self-serve continental b’fast. [H 3][BB] E-mail: Web:

Apollo Bay Colonial Cottages, 2-6 Great Ocean Rd. [CO 11][SC]

Apollo Bay Guest House, 4 Great Ocean Road. Arcady Homestead Farmhouse B&B, 925 Barham River Rd. [FS - 4][BB]

Beacon Point Ocean View Villas, 270 Skenes Creek Rd. [A][SC] Captain’s at the Bay, 21 Pascoe Street.

Sea Eagle Retreat

44 Noel St Ph: 03 5237 6921 Mob: 0419 540 365 At Sea Eagle Retreat nature is your neighbour. Above you is pure air, in front of you is nothing but sea, and around you is 68 acres of your own wildlife park. The retreat itself could not make you feel more at home. [H] E-mail: Web:

Sea Valley Cottages, Apollo Bay. [CO][SC]

Seafarers Getaway, 6080 Great Ocean Rd. [A - 19][SC] Stephanie’s at Onion Bay, 5084 Great Ocean Rd, Sugarloaf.

Chocolate Gannets, 6180 Great Ocean Road. Ph 1300 500 139. See our display advertisement.

10][BB] E-mail: cornelia_elbrecht@claerwen. Web:

Coach Houses (The), 1-3 Old Coach Road Skenes Creek. [CO - 9][SC]

Cyrstal Waters Bed & Breakfast, 4 Joyce Street. End Farm, 740 Killala Road. Glenoe Cottages, 235 Tuxion Rd. [SC - 3]

Great Ocean Eco Lodge, Cape Otway Conservation Centre.



UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 74

Ocean Grove (96 km SW)

Barwon Heads Resort at 13th Beach, 13th Beach Golf Links. Seahaven Village, 1-7 Geelong Road. [CO]

King Tide Townhouse, 6/12-14 Sweetman Pde. Terrace Lofts (The), 92 The Terrace. [A - 2][SC] Ti-Tree Village and The Barkhut, 34 Orton Street. [CO - 16][SC]

Cape Bridgewater (384 km W)

Pennyroyal (122 km SW) (Great Ocean Road)

Cape Bridgewater SeaView Lodge 1636 Bridgewater Road Ph: 03 5526 7276 Fax: 03 5526 7125 Sgl fr $100, Dbl fr $110 (incl GST). Portland 15min. Rms: 1 KS (with spa bath), 2 QS, 1 Tw, 1 Dbl. Res advis. C/cards acptd. S/C accomm also avail. Close to Blowholes, petrified forest, seal colony, Bridgewater Lke, sand dunes, Discovery Bay, limestone caves, Nat Pks. On beach at spectacular Bridgewater Bay. Peace, quiet, solitude. Enjoy secl bches, rugged cliffs, wild ocean scenery of Cape Bridgewater. Grand finale of Gt Ocean Rd. New stone guest hse - cosy lnges, fires, spac rms with ens, ocean views. Self-contained guest’s kitch. RACV 4 star. [GH - 5][BB] E-mail: Web: au/~seaviewlodge

Cape Otway (229 km SW) (Great Ocean Road)

King Parrot Holiday Cottages, 195 Dunse Track. [CO - 15][SC] Wildwood Retreat, 645 Penneroyal Valley Rd.

Point Lonsdale (101 km SW) Lonsdale Light Houses, 1a Murray Rd. Lonsdale Views, 25 Gill Road. Martins@numberthirtyfive, 35 Point Lonsdale Road. Point Lonsdale Guest House, 31 Point Lonsdale Rd. [GH - 7][BB]

Port Campbell (249 km W) (Great Ocean Road)

Bay View Villas, 4 Tregea Street. Daysy Hill Country Cottages, Port Campbell/Timboon Rd. [CO 12][SC]

Eastern Reef Cottages, Lot 1, Port Campbell Rd. Southern Ocean Villas, 2 McCue St. Waves Luxury Suites, 29 Lord St. [A - 7][AMA]

Port Fairy (291 km W) Cherry Plum Cottage, 37 Albert Rd. Clonmara Bed & Breakfast, 106 Princes Hwy. [CO - 1][BB] Douglas On River, 85 Gipps St. [BB]

Cape Otway Lightstation

Claerwen Retreat 480 Tuxion Road Ph: 03 5237 7064 Fax: 03 5237 7054 Luxurious Guesthouse with spacious suites, large lounge/ library/dining area, 3 bedroom cottages & 1 bedroom studios with VCR, DVD, CD player & open fire. Tennis court. Saltwater pool & spa. 7 rainforest gullies on the 210 acre property. [GH -

Barwon Heads (95 km SW)

Whitecrest Great Ocean Road Resort 5230 Great Ocean Rd, Wongarra Ph: 03 5237 0228 Fax: 03 5237 0245 A Beautiful spot to indulge yourself and get away from it all with stunning ocean views and a central location to base your Great Ocean Road and Otway discovery. Located at the quiet Wongarra settlement, just 10 minutes short of the Apollo Bay seaside village and all of its culinary delights, the perfect place for your romantic getaway, or perhaps a longer stay with the whole family. Every apartment has its own spectacular and special ocean views, is self contained, has special comforts like a spa bath and gas log fire, plus many resort facilities. [A][SC] E-mail: whitecrestresort@bigpond. com Web:

Cape Otway Lighthouse Rd Ph: 03 5237 9240 Fax: 03 5237 9245 Cape Otway Lightstation is the oldest, surviving lighthouse in mainland Australia. Experience the tranquility of a world-class destination, with stunning views of the Southern Ocean and Australia’s most significant lighthouse. Spectacular ocean views, glorious sunsets, close encounters with koalas, and the sound of the ocean will be among the highlights of your stay in our heritage accommodation. Central to all the highlights of the Great Ocean Road, the Lightstation is a great spot to base yourself for a long weekend, a week or a fortnight. Explore the Twelve Apostles, the Great Ocean Walk, shipwrecks, beaches, waterfalls, cool temperate rainforest and the beautiful Otways hinterland. [CO - 10][SC] E-mail: Web:

Dublin House, 57 Bank St. Gobles Mill House, 75 Gipps St. [GH - 6]

Hearns Beachside Villas, 13-17 Thistle Place. [A][SC] Merrijig Inn, 1 Campbell St. [CP - 5]

Moyne Wharf Apartments & Cottages, 21 Gipps St. [A 3][SC]

No 1 William St, 1 William St. [CO - 3][SC]

Oscars Waterfront Boutique Hotel

41B Gipps St Ph: 03 5568 3022 Fax: 03 5568 3042 An enviable waterfront location, overlooking the marina of yachts, features 7 king size rooms & includes gourmet breakfast prepared by our chef. [GH - 5][BB] E-mail: Web:

Shearwater House, 53 Gipps St. Victoria Apartments, 48-50 Bank Street.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 3:50:00 PM




ucked into a hillside overlooking a great swath of sea at Apollo Bay, these four striking villas bring luxury, space, and a great sense of style to the rugged grandeur of the Great Ocean Road, one of Australia’s national treasures. Beneath a wave-shaped roofline that echoes the ocean swell, these villas stand as a model of design excellence. Each villa has two bedrooms with spacious ensuites, a sitting room, its own spa bath in a separate room with sparkling ocean views, a laundry, and a generous deck area equipped with an electric barbecue. Among the highlights is an in-built espresso/cappuccino coffee maker, a plush leather sofa in the sitting area, electric blinds, a CD/DVD player with a selection of titles for each, a sleek modern glass wood fire, and ducted heating and air-conditioning.

Activities include scenic ocean or rainforest drives, and swimming off some of Victoria’s finest beaches. A popular trip, if you can tear yourself away, is the stroll along the beach to the Saturday markets in Apollo Bay, to pick up some ingredients from the fisherman’s co-op. Tariff starts from $319 per night. Tel: 1300 500 139. Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay, Vic Email: UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 75

3/13/2012 3:51:05 PM

VIC + SE Coast + Gippsland Area

SE Coast/ Gippsland Area Bairnsdale (283 km E) Tara House, 37 Day St. Waterfront Retreat At Wattle Point, 200 Wattle Point Rd, Wattle Point. [CA - 19][SC]

Balook (198 km SE) Tarra Bulga Guest House, 1885 Grand Ridge Rd. [GH - 11][AMA]

Briagolong (250 km E) Shanti Relaxation Retreat, 304 Marathon Road. Wombat Valley Cabins, Link Rd. [CA - 7][SC]

Buchan (359 km E) Buchan Valley Log Cabins, Main Rd. [CO - 4][SC]

Cann River (451 km E)

Drouin West (95 km SE) Berry Farm Cottages, 315 Fisher Rd.

Foster (169 km SE) Abington Briars Cottage, 485 Amey’s Track.

Gipsy Point (521 km E) Gipsy Point Lakeside Boutique Resort, 261 Gipsy Point Rd. Gipsy Point Lodge, 35 MacDonald St. [GH - 8][AMA]

Heyfield (206 km E) Abington Farm Bed & Breakfast, Coghlan’s Lane. [SC]

Eugenie’s Luxury Accommodation, 16 Ramsay Boulevarde. Eyrie By The Inlet, 13 Townsend Bluff Rd.

Jindivick (116 km E)

Carrajung Lower (204 km

Jindivick Gardens, Jacksons Track. [CH - 3][DBB]

Toms Cap Vineyard & Country Cottages, 320 Lays Rd.

Drouin (97 km SE) Parnassus B&B & Vineyard, Camp Hill via. [GH - 5]

Waverley House Cottages 205 Palmers Road Ph: 03 5155 1257 Fax: 03 5155 1267 Spacious spa cottages nestled in peaceful native gardens. The setting is warm and welcoming, the facilities - BBQ’s, pool and heated spa, perfect for a special getaway. E-mail: enquiries@

Lakes Entrance (320 km E) Deja Vu, 17 Clara St. [GH][BB] Esplanade Resort & Spa (The), 1 The Esplanade. Goat & Goose Bed & Breakfast By The Sea (The), 16 Gay St.

Metung (314 km E) 5 Knots Apartments, Shaving Point. Ph 03 5156 2462. See our display advertisement. Bancroft Bay Apartments, Shaving Point. [GH - 7][DBB] Edgewater Terraces at Metung, On Chinamans Creek. [CA][SC] McMillans of Metung Resort, 155 Metung Rd. Riviera Nautic, Chinamans Creek. [SC] Slipway Villas, 50 Metung Rd.

Nar Nar Goon North (69 Web: www.waverleyhousecottages.

km SE)

Leongatha (134 km SE)

Orbost (381 km E)

Lyre Bird Hill Winery & Guest House, 370 Inverloch Road.

Snowy River Wildernest, 91 Jonkers Road.

Inverloch (143 km SE)

Point Hicks Lighthouse, Point Hicks Road. [CO][SC] SE)

Goldsmith’s in the Forest, Harrison’s Track. [CH - 4][DBB] Kalimna Woods, Kalimna Jetty Rd. Tambo Lodge, Princes Hwy, Kalimna West. [A - 6][SC]

[GH - 3]

Paynesville (299 km E)

Longford Frog Gully, Lot 2419 Rosedale Road.

Macks Creek (186 km SE) Glenwood Farm, Roberts Rd. [CO - 2][SC]

Mallacoota (542 km E) Karbeethong Lodge, 16 Schnapper Pt Dr.

Serendipity Lavender Farm, 80 Croft Rd.

Gippsland Lakehouse, 9b The Inlet.

Phillip Island (137 km S) Apartments at Glen Isla Day Spa, 234 Church Street, Cowes. Castle Villa by the Sea, 7-9 Steele St, Cowes. [PH - 3][DBB] Cliff Top Country House, 1 Marlin St Smiths Beach. [CH - 3] Island Bay, 100 Churchill Rd.

a private oasis

LUxUry aCCOMMOdaTIOn • Shaving Point Metung Victoria Australia



The 5knots experience is something truly special.

Shaving Point Metung Victoria PO Box 234 Metung VIC 3904 p. 03 5156 2462 f. 03 5156 2087 e.

For a short stay or extended stay, from relocation to rejuvenation.

Love the point of difference. The surprises, the unexpected.


UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 76

1, 2 or 3 bedroom waterfront apartments. Uplifting style and contemporary ambience.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 3:51:53 PM

High Country + Snowfields + Murray Region + VIC

Mount beauty

Images courtesy Tourism Victoria.

High Country/ Snowfields Bridge Creek (184 km NE) Hillview at Bridge Creek, 1527 Mansfield Whitfield Rd.

Bright (312 km NE) Ashwood House Cottages, 22a Ashwood Ave. Bright Alps Guest House & Ski Lodge, 83-85 Delany Ave. [GH 20][AMA]

Bright Avenue Motor Inn, 87 Delaney Ave. Bright’s Historic Oriental Boutique Hotel, 2 Ireland St. Cedar Holiday Units, 40 Bakers Gully Road. [A - 12][SC] Centenary Peaks, 1 Delaney Avenue. Chalets Lumineux, 414 Back Porepunkah Rd. Eucalypt Mist, 152a Delany Avenue. Glass Pinnacle (The), 1 Delaney Avenue. Holyrood Bed & Breakfast, 25 Bakers Gully Rd. [CO - 1][SC] Merrimeet, 40 Showers Avenue. Mine Manager’s House B&B, 30 Coronation Ave(cnr Hawthorn Lane). Odd Frog (The), 3 McFadyens Lane. Onsen Retreat & Spa, PO Box 140. Pioneer Garden Cottages, Cobden St. Villa Gusto, 630 Buckland Valley Rd,Buckland. Zirky’s, PO Box 140.

Buckland Valley Buckland (The), McCormacks Lane.

Mount Beauty is a located at the foot of Victoria's highest mountain, Mount Bogong, in the lovely Kiewa Valley and at the north-western edge of the Bogong section of Alpine National Park. As such Mount Beauty is a base for those wishing to explore the scenic summertime delights of the Bogong high plains and the wintertime ski resort of Falls Creek. Thus Mount Beauty has ski hire outlets and plenty of accommodation possibilities. Popular activities around Mount Beauty include mountain-biking, horseriding, canoeing, hang-gliding, fishing, swimming, bushwalking, camping, abseiling, ski touring, sailing, picnicking, 4WD tours and golfing.

Dinner Plain (383 km NE) Retreat @ Michael’s (The), Lot 3, Drovers Lane. Rundells Alpine Lodge, Big Muster Drive.

Falls Creek (375 km NE) Attunga Lodge, 10 Arlberg St. Frueauf Village, 50 Schuss Street. Huski, 3 Sitzmark Street. Julians Lodge, 18 Slalom St. Nelse Alpine Lodge, 17 Slalom Street. Summit Ridge Alpine Lodge, 8 Schuss Street.

Harrietville (333 km NE) Feathertop Chalet Holiday & Conference Resort, Great Alpine Rd. Old Post Office B&B, 3 Great Alpine Road. Pick & Shovel Cottage, 1 Pick & Shovel Rise. [CO - 2][SC]

Mansfield (183 km NE) Burnt Creek Cottages, 68 O’Hanlons Road. [CO - 9][SC] Erinview House, 694 Hows Creek Rd. Fernleigh Cottages Country Retreat, RMB 1465 Goughs Bay Road. Highlander Lodge, 4 Summit View Crt,Alpine Ridge. [L - 4][BB] Highton Manor, 140 Highton Lane. [GH - 11][DBB] Hillside Howqua, Jamieson Mansfield Rd Howqua. [CO 8][SC]

Mansfield Lake House, 70 Banumum Road,Ford Inlet. Mansfield Spa Retreat, 92 Malcolm St. Ovata, Old Tolmie Road.

Riverhouse at Howqua Dale, Howqua River Rd, Howqua. [CH - 6][AMA]

Tavistock House, Cnr High & Highetts Sts. Willowlake, 16 Willowlake Dr,Macs Cove via. [CO - 6][SC] Wombat Hills Cottages, Via.

Merrijig (203 km NE) Blue Gum Ridge, Lot 33 Buttercup Rd. Merrijig Lodge & High Country Horses, Mt Buller Rd. Merrijig Motor Inn Resort, R.M.B. 4392, Mansfield. Willawong B&B & Cottage, Lot 12/13 Mt Buller Rd. [CO - 5][BB]

Mount Beauty (345 km NE) Birches Luxury Spa Chalets (The). Braeview, 4 Stewarts Rd.

Dreamers Spa Village 218 Kiewa Valley Highway Ph: 03 5754 1222 Fax: 03 5754 1333 Rates: Dbl $200, Suite $350. Distance: 1km Mt Beauty. Rooms: Each cottage has loft bedroom & master bedroom. Reservations: Required. Credit Cards: Accepted. Children: By arrangement. Close To: Ski fields, high country, wineries, historic gold mining towns & local crafts & galleries. Dreamers have created inspiring sustainable architecture in a pristine rural landscape. Luxury romantic spa chalets for couples and spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 4½ and 5 star eco friendly rammed earth apartments for groups, all overlooking lagoon and winter snow capped mountains. [A][SC]

Mount Buller (245 km NE) Andre’s at Buller, Cobbler Lane. Mt Buller Chalet, Lot 207 Summit Rd.

Whitfield (183 km NE) Guesthouse at Whitfield (The), 5998 Mansfield Road.

Murray Region Barooga (290 km N) Cobram Barooga Golf Resort, Golf Course Rd.

Echuca (206 km N) Bella Casa Houseboats, 14 Genevieve Ave. Clocktower Apartments (The), 234 Anstruther St. Echuca Hideaway B&B, 718 Stratton Rd. Echuca’s River Gallery Inn, 578 High St. [A][BB] Elinike Guest Cottages, 209 Latham Rd. [CO - 2][BB] Hodgson House, 66 Wharparilla Drive. Paddlesteamer Emmylou, 57 Murray Esplanade. Steampacket Inn, 37 Murray Esplanade. [GH - 10][BB] Sundowner Nirebo Motel, 251 Hare St.

Mildura (555 km NW) Best Western Boulevard Motor Inn. Mercure Hotel Mildura, 120 Eighth St. Mildura’s Linsley House, Sturt Hwy. [H - 3][BB] Quality Hotel Mildura Grand, Seventh St. Rockford Mildura, 373 Deakin Ave.

Moama (208 km N) Chiplands B&B, RMB 2170 Perricoota Rd. [CH - 3][BB] Murray River Country Retreat, 524 Cobb Highway. [FS - 3][BB]

Swan Hill (336 km NW) Best Western Resort Swan Hill, 405-415 Campbell Street.

Tallangatta (346 km NE) Towong Shire Council, 32 Towong Street.

E-mail: Web:

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 77

Snowgum Motel, 245-247 Kiewa Valley Hwy. Svarmisk Resort & Spa, High Plains Road.



3/13/2012 3:52:54 PM

Gold Coastand the Macedon Ranges DESTINATION + Daylesford

All images: Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges, courtesy Tourism Victoria.

Daylesford Spa and Springs A short drive north-west from Melbourne is the town of Daylesford.


ravellers are greeted by winding roads lined with eucalyptus trees. There are also regular train services from Melbourne to Daylesford. You will find breathtaking scenery, myriad historical wonders, natural mineral springs and a number of spa retreats and holistic health services. If you are looking for a romantic getaway or relaxing massage treatments, Daylesford and Hepburn Springs is the place for you. Daylesford is located within a region that contains Australia's largest concentration of natural mineral springs. This, together with its proximity to Melbourne, makes it a popular destination. With its high rainfall, Daylesford always has a lush green look. The town’s famous bubbling mineral waters flow from its many springs. Coupled with its beautiful mountain scenery, forests, gardens and lakes, Daylesford and neighbouring Hepburn Springs have become major tourist, holiday and alternative lifestyle towns. There is a 78


UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 78

Cliffys Emporium.

thriving industry built around physical and spiritual wellness including spa treatments, massages and acupuncture. Known to be the most beautiful spot in town, the Convent Church is an iconic landmark in downtown Daylesford while the Cricket Willow, an English-style cricket ground, is also worth a visit. Daylesford's

streets are lined with deciduous trees that erupt into a blaze of colour during the autumn season. Lake Daylesford, which covers land upon which gold was first discovered, is located in the beautiful Central Springs Reserve, just a few minutes walk south of the town centre. There is a cafe built right beside the lake, picnic spots, walking tracks and several mineral springs. The waters of Daylesford are famous for their relaxing properties. Whether you prefer to enjoy a mineral spa, a decadent meal of local produce or accommodation with a lake view, it is all there. Daylesford is a perfect destination for spas and massages. The town hosts some of the best bodywork therapists in Australia. Enjoy a wide range of treatments such as facials, remedial deep tissue massage, Ayurvedic, shiatsu and Lomi Lomi. Your trip to Daylesford won’t be complete without having your body rubbed, scrubbed and pampered.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Macedon Ranges & Spa Country + North Tweed East Country Valley ++ VIC VIC

MACEDON RANGES & SPA COUNTRY Carlsruhe (80 km NW) West Rock Farm, 124 Three Chain Road. [CO - 3][BB]

Daylesford (109 km NW) Barcaldine House, 238 Dairy Flat Road,Musk. Birches of Daylesford, 88-90 Central Springs Rd. Ph 03 5348 1463. See our display advertisement. Cherry Tree Cottage of Daylesford B&B, 42 Jamieson St. [GH - 3][BB] Clairdalara, 37 Leggatt St. [CH][SC]

Dayget Retreats, 2/123 Vincent Street.

Double Nut Chalets 5 Howe St Ph: 03 5348 3981 Fax: 03 5348 3981 S/C Chalets set in a rambling cottage garden. Located in the heart of Daylesford and consist of open plan living/bedroom, sep. Ensuite with Spa and a deck. Complimentary continental breakfast provided for 1st morning. [CO][SC]

E-mail: Web:

Drummond Park Cottages, 1555 Daylesford Rd. [CA - 4][BB] Forget Me Not Garden Cottages, 7-9 Stanhope Street. Frangos & Frangos, 82 Vincent St. Jolee Accommodation, 24 Hepburn Springs Road. Lake Daylesford Cottage, 11 Leggatt St. [CO - 3][SC] Lake Daylesford Lodge, 32 King St. Lake House, King St. [GH - 2][DBB]

Lavandula, 350 HepburnNewstead Road,Shepherds Flat. Pendower House, 10 Bridport Street. [H - 3][BB]

Royal Hotel Daylesford, 27 Vincent St. Station House Daylesford, 15 Raglan St. [GH - 11][BB] Tarascon Village, 530 Porcupine Ridge Rd. [CO][SC] Willowbrook Cottages, 319 Trentham Road.

Woodend (69 km NW)

Barnawartha (277 km NE)

7 Chimneys (The), 45 High St. Cammeray Waters, 140 Taylor Road. Campaspe House, Goldies Lane.

Koendidda Country House, Off Indigo Valley Rd. [CH - 5][BB]

Hepburn Springs (114 km NW) 65 Main B&B, 65 Main Road. [CH - 5][BB] Beethams of Hepburn Springs, 9b Tenth Street. [H - 3][BB] Bellinzona Grange Country Retreat, 77 Main Rd. [GH - 24] Jim Crow Country Retreat, 120 Ajax Rd. [CO - 6][SC] Lulworth Holiday & Tangenong Cottages, 5-7 Forest Ave. Mooltan Guest House, 129 Main Rd. [GH - 11][BB] Summerfield Country House, 11 Radium Ave.

Kyneton (84 km NW) Kyneton Ridge Estate, 90 Blackhill School Road. Wyoming by Botanic Gardens, 17 Mollison St. [CO][BB]

Lancefield (66 km N) Glen Erin at Lancefield, Rochford Road. Grange at Cleveland Winery (The), Shannons Rd. [GH - 2]

Malmsbury (97 km NW) Mill at Malmsbury (The), Calder Highway.

Mount Macedon (61 km NW) Clonandra Country House, 553 Barringo Road. Fearn Lodge on Mount Macedon, 550 Mount Macedon Road.

Riddells Creek (50 km NW) Viewbank Farm B&B, 303 Mt Charlie Road.

Trentham (100 km NW) Studio 500 Country Retreat, 500 Trentham Road. [SC]


79 High St Ph: 03 5427 2510 Fax: 03 5427 3502 Close to Hanging Rock, Mt Macedon, Hepburn Springs. This grand old hotel has been stylishly refurbished to house 10 modern rooms, each with own ensuite & queen-size beds. Enjoy a bed & breakfast with fantastic views across the village of Woodend or onto Mt Macedon. Relax in the warm & friendly atmosphere of our cosy bar & lounge; enjoy 8 locally brewed Holgate draught beers, a superb local wine list, Byron Bay grown coffee & our popular restaurant. Brewery Tours & tastings also available. $135-185 Dbl. Reservations req. C/C accepted. [CP - 10][AMA] E-mail: Web:


[CO - 3][SC]

Lilac Cottage, 23 William St. [CO - 2][SC]

Provenance Restaurant & Luxury Suites, 86 Ford St. [GH - 2][BB] Stone Cottage (The), 6 Tanswell’s St.

Benalla (196 km NE) Belmont Bed & Breakfast, 80 Arundel St. [H - 4][BB] Merriollia, 17-19 Cecil Street.

Corryong (425 km NE) Corryong Bed & Breakfast, 148 Harris St. [H - 5][BB]

Euroa (151 km NE) Forlonge Bed & Breakfast, 76 Anderson St. [H - 3][BB]

Alexandra (130 km NE)


Athlone Country Cottages, 266 UT Creek Road. [CO - 3][SC] Mittagong Homestead & Cottages, 462 Spring Creek Rd.

Calm Waters Retreat, 2595 Woods Point Road. [CO - 7][AMA]

[CO - 7][SC]

Jamieson B&B, 38 Nash St.

Jamieson (237 km NE)

Avenel (115 km N)

Milawa (237 km NE)

Harvest Home Country Retreat, 1 Bank St. [CH - 7][DBB]

LindenWarrah Country House Hotel, Bobinawarrah Road.

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 79

Beechworth (271 km NE) Albertines, 12 Albert Road. Annabells B&B, 33 Wood St. Barnsley House Bed & Breakfast, 5 John St. [GH - 4][BB] Beechworth House, 5 Dingle Road. Blue Wren Cottage, 10 Atkinson Street. Country Charm Swiss Cottages, 22 Malakoff Rd. [CO - 7][SC] Finches of Beechworth, 3 Finch St. [GH - 5][DBB] Gorge Walk Guest House B&B, 10 Last Street. [GH] Kinross Bed & Breakfast, 34 Loch St. [GH - 5][BB] Laidlaw Cottage, 12 Finch St.



3/13/2012 3:55:41 PM

VIC + Western Districts & Grampians VIC ++ Goldfields Tweed Valley

halls gap

Image courtesy Tourism Victoria.

McIvor Estate, Heathcote. Image courtesy Tourism Victoria.

Halls Gap is an attractive tourist town at the eastern edge of Grampians National Park - one of Victoria's most outstanding natural features and a major destination for holidaymakers. There are innumerable walking tracks, campgrounds and attractions spread throughout the Halls Gap area. These include Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Mt Rosea, Silverband Falls, Lake Bellfield, Mafeking, Victoria Valley Nature Drive and Halls Gap Zoo. There are also organisations in and around Halls Gap which conduct various types of tours into the Grampians and the district generally.

Dunkeld (257 km W) Aquila Mount Abrupt Eco Lodges, 586 Manns Rd. Mount Sturgeon Cottages, Glenelg Hwy. Royal Mail Hotel, Glenelg Hwy. [CP - 22][AMA]

Southern Grampians Cottages, 33-35 Victoria Valley Rd. [CA 14][SC]

Glenthompson (211 km W) Cherrymount Retreat, Caramut Road. [FS - 24][DBB]

Halls Gap (262 km W) Aspect Villas, off Mackeys Peak Road. At The Gap, 1A Tardara Rd. Boroka Downs, Birdswing Road. Boronia Peak Villas, 233 Grampians Rd. [SC] Bruces Hideaway and Retreat, Cnr Young & Scotts Roads. Cathedral Heights, 61 Scott Rd.


Buninyong (124 km W)

Avoca (185 km NW)

Graebern Lodge, 602 Cathcart St. Possum Cottage, 104 Lal Lal St.

Avoca Cottages, 33 Napier St. Grenoca, 102 Rutherford St.

Ballarat (113 km W) Abena’s Bed & Breakfast, 210 Grant Street. Ansonia on Lydiard, 32 Lydiard St South. Argyle Apartments (The), Cnr Doveton & Clarendon Streets. Ballarat Heritage Homestay, Ballarat MC 3354. [CO - 5] Braeside Garden Cottages B&B, 3 Albion St, Golden Point. [CO - 4][BB]

Craig’s Royal Hotel, 10 Lydiard St South. Cumberland Villa, 332 Lydiard St. Harrowfield House, 106 Ripon St South. [CO - 3][SC] Kryal Castle, Forbes Rd. [AMA] Oscar’s Hotel, 18 Doveton Street. Ravenswood Cottage, 404 Havelock Street. Silver Birch Bed & Breakfast, 803 Ligar St. Sovereign Hill Ballarat, Magpie Street. [BB] WorldMark Resort Ballarat, Cnr Morgan & Grant Streets.

Bendigo (150 km NW) Landonia, 87 Mollison St. Langley Hall Bed & Breakfast, 484 Napier St. Nanga Gnulle Garden Cottages, 40 Harley St. [CH - 2][DBB] Sundowner Golden Reef, 186 McIvor Highway.



UPS#35_064-080_VIC.indd 80

Castlemaine (119 km NW) Empyre Hotel (The), 68 Mofton Street. Green Gables of Castlemaine, 94 Hargraves St. [CO - 4][SC] Midland Private Hotel, 2 Templeton St. Yellow House, 95 Lyttleton St.

Chewton (116 km NW) Shack 14, Prospect House.

Clunes (150 km NW) Clunes Cottage, 10 Nicholson Street. Dukes B&B, 19 Fraser Street. Union Bank Arts Centre, 22 Fraser Street.

Creswick (130 km NW) Novotel Forest Resort, 1500 Midland Highway. Rossmore Cottage, 12 Balls Hill Road. [CO - 2][SC]

Dunolly (174 km NW) Footer’s Mansion, 188 Broadway St.

Olive Grove Retreat, PO Box 146.

[CO - 3][SC]

D’Altons Resort, Glen Street.

Maldon (137 km NW)

Dulc Holiday Cabins, Thryptomene Ct.

Calder House, 44 High St. [CH - 4][BB]

Glengarriff, 1949 Grampians Road.

Heritage Cottages of Maldon, 11 Reef Street. [CO - 25][BB]

Grampians Getaway, Halls Gap Ararat & Trajul Rds.

Porcupine Township, Allans Rd. [CO - 14][AMA]

School Cottage, 115 High St. [CH - 8][BB]

Mount Doran (112 km W) Dalkeith Cabins, 147 Mt DoranEgerton Road.

Mount Egerton (95 km NW) Sherwood Grange Retreat, Little Forest Road.

Mount Helen (113 km W) Wattles on Eddy (The), 316 Eddy

Smeaton (120 km NW) Abergeldie Bed & Breakfast & Cottage, 3472 CreswickNewstead Road. [CH - 3][DBB]

Western Districts & Grampians Ararat (203 km W)

Hangin Out, PO Box 100. Heatherlie Cottages Halls Gap, 23 Mount Zero Rd. Jinchilla Accommodation, 2 Warren Road. [CO][SC] Marwood, 31 Halls Gap-Mt Zero Rd. [BB]

Mountain Grand Boutique Hotel

Main Rd Ph: 03 5356 4232 Fax: 03 5356 4254 Enchanting indulgence getaways. Delightful dining, live jazz, located in picturesque town centre close to mountains, bushwalking, bike & kayak hire, abseiling, rock climbing, native flora & fauna. [GH - 13][DBB] E-mail: Web:

Park View, 26-28 Warren Rd. Pinnacle Blue Retreat, 51 High Road. Tall Timbers, 85 Scott Road.

Horsham (300 km NW)

Elaine (116 km W)

Westgate Vineyard, RMB 1124.

Merraton Park Rural Retreat, Horsehill Road West.


Como Villa, 1 Gardenia Court.

Brimpaen (300 km W)

Horsham Mid City Court Motel, 14 Darlot St.

Heathcote (109 km N)

Grelco Run (The), 520 Schmidt Rd. [CO - 5][SC]

Sundowner Horsham Westlander, Western Highway.

Cavendish (310 km W)

Stawell (233 km NW)

South Mokanger Farm Cottages, Mokanger Rd. [SC]


A Hut On The Hill, 720 Dairy Flat Road. [CO - 2][SC] Emeu Inn Restaurant B&B and Wine Centre, 187 High Street. [GH - 7][AMA]

School House Villa, 29 King St.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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d Brid
















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net Por t










St H St M








Tria b

Col e Bay s



Fre Pen ycinet insu la

autumn Arth



All images courtesy Tourism Tasmania.

UPS#35_081-087_TAS and SUBS.indd 81

3/13/2012 4:04:08 PM



useum of

O N A ld and



Now here is something Unique. The Museum of Old and New Art - MONA houses a collection that ranges from ancient Egyptian mummies to some of the world’s most infamous and thought-provoking contemporary art.


he building’s subterranean design and the owner’s unconventional approach make it a must see for any visitor. Hobart’s new gallery and freak show is quintessentially Australian and maybe even a little absurd. Mona really is the Museum of Old and New Art - it does what it says on the box! MONA offers a unique experience. Its owner, multi-millionaire gambler David Walsh has created what he calls a “subversive adult Disneyland”. Walsh describes MONA as the anti-museum. Descending down a three-storey shaft and dwarfed by sandstone, we are forced to deal with uncomfortable truths about ourselves — we seek sex, we defecate and we all die. Walsh has ventured that he’s more interested in marketing the winery and brewery than the museum itself. 82


UPS#35_081-087_TAS and SUBS.indd 82

MONA offers visitors a unique set of experiences: a vineyard, a cellar door, a micro-brewery, accommodation, special events, a function centre and a worldclass museum. The museum is a unique, confronting, challenging and memorable experience. Beginning with the ferry ride up the Derwent, it is a quintessentially Australian experience to feel isolated and unnerved by the environment. And MONA, perched on her 250 million-year-old cliff face, makes us consider this before we’ve even entered into her cavernous depths below. I kept on hoping someone was surreptitiously filming the crowd, as the total effect is like something out of a Fellini movie. Nothing exceeds like excess – and Mona is excessive. MONA is a 15-minute drive from Hobart.

They also run a ferry service from Brooke St. Pier costing $15 return. Mona and all site facilities are closed on Tuesdays. The Pavilions are open seven days a week. Entrance to the Museum is free to local residents; $20 adults, $10 concession to visitors. Museum of Old and New Art 655 Main Road Berriedale Via Hobart Tasmania 7011 Australia Phone: +61 (3) 6277 9900 Email: Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday. 10am–6pm

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 4:05:24 PM

The museum is a unique, confronting, challenging and memorable experience.

Images courtesy TourismTasmania and MONA

UPS#35_081-087_TAS and SUBS.indd 83

3/13/2012 4:06:27 PM

TASmania + Hobart + Suburbs + Southern Area Howden Villa Howden, 77 Howden Road.

Sandy Bay (3 km S) Merre Be’s, 17 Gregory St. [GH - 6][BB]

Wrest Point, 410 Sandy Bay Rd.

Southern Area Bothwell (73 km NW) Bothwell Grange, 15 Alexander St. [GH - 7][AMA] Priory Country Lodge, 2 Wentworth Street.


Hobart is Australia's southernmost capital, a city that revels in the sensations of the wilderness that surrounds it. To experience the best of the city, stroll around Salamanca Place, explore through the city's Royal Botanic Gardens and enjoy its fine seafood restaurants. Hobart has several large, international style hotels that offer a good range of facilities for the business or corporate traveller as well as for the five-star leisure market. There are also a number of comfortable three and four-star hotels that are ideal for leisure travellers. Self-contained apartments and cottages are especially good value for the longer-stay visitor and for families.

Hobart City & Suburbs Battery Point (1 km S) Barton Cottage Bed & Breakfast, 72 Hampden Road. [GH - 6][BB] Battery Point Bed & Breakfast, 74 Hampden Rd. [H - 2][BB] Battery Point Boutique Accommodation, 27-29 Hampden Road. [A - 6][SC] Cromwell Cottage, 6 Cromwell St. [GH - 5][BB] Lenna of Hobart & Salamanca Terraces, Cnr Runnymede Street & Salamanca Place.

Salamanca Inn, 10 Gladstone Street. Salamanca Terraces Apartment Hotel, 93 Salamanca Place,Battery Point. Somerset on Salamanca, 8 Salamanca Place. Somerset on the Pier, Elizabeth Street Pier. Sullivans Cove Apartments, 5/19A Hunter Street. Undine Colonial B&B, 6 Dodson St. [GH - 6][BB]

UPS#35_081-087_TAS and SUBS.indd 84

Mandala Bruny Island Holiday Home, Sheepwash Bay, Alonnah. [H - 4][SC] Tree House (The), 66 Matthew Flinders Drive.

Castle Forbes Bay (50 km S) Donalea Bed & Breakfast, 9 Crowthers Rd. [CH - 2][BB]

Derwent Bridge (187 km NW) Lake St Clair Wilderness Park, Lake St Clair.

Dover (85 km S) Driftwood, Bay View Road.

Eaglehawk Neck (80 km E)

425 Safety Cove Road Ph: 03 6250 2719 Fax: 03 6250 2719 Beautiful sea, beachfront location. S/C & B&B accommodation.Magnificent views of Tasman Island & Cape Pillar. $160-$200 Dbl. web: [GH][BB] E-mail: safetycove@ Web:

Stewarts Bay Lodge Port Arthur, 6955 Arthur Highway.

Port Huon (57 km S) Kermandie Hotel, 4518 Main Road. Kermandie Lodge Motel, 4512 Huon Highway.

Richmond (27 km NE) Christmas Cottage & Grannie Rhodes Show, 23a Franklin Street. Mrs Currie’s House, 4 Franklin Street. [GH - 4][BB] Mulberry Cottage B&B, 23a Franklin Street. [CO - 2][SC] Prospect House, 1384 Richmond Road. [AMA] Triabunna (88 km NE) Kabuki by the Sea, RSD 12164, via.

Woodbridge (40 km S)

Lufra Hotel, 380 Pirates Bay Drive.

Gardners Bay

Shanleys Huon Valley, 119 Police Point Road.

Hamilton (74 km NW)



[CA - 3][BB]

Sea Change Safety Cove


Moorilla Pavilions, 655 Main Rd.


Bruny Shore, Main Road. Cockpit, (The) Morella Island Retreats, 46 Adventure Bay Rd.

Mason’s Cottages, 5741 Arthur Hwy, Taranna. [CO - 6][SC]

Hartzview Vineyard, RSD 1034.

Berriedale (14 km N)

Battery Point Guest House, 7 McGregor Street. Dockside Salamanca, 87 Salamanca Place. Elms of Hobart (The), 452 Elizabeth St. [GH - 6][BB] Henry Jones Art Hotel (The), 25 Hunter St. Innkeepers Lenna of Hobart, 20 Runnymede St. Islington, 321 Davey St. Old Woolstore Apartments, 1 Macquarie Street. Quality Hobart Midcity Hotel, Cnr Elizabeth & Bathurst Sts. Quality Inn Macquarie Manor, 172 Macquarie St.

Bruny Island (72 km S)

Port Arthur (100 km SE)

Zero Davey Boutique Apartment Hotel

15 Hunter St Ph: 03 6270 1444 Fax: 03 6270 1400 * Fully self contained studio and apartments available.* Hop, skip and jump from waters edge.* 5 min walk to CBD and Salamanca Place.* Kitchen and laundry, mini gym and sauna.* Wireless/ broadband internet.* Security parking and lifts.* Families welcome. Phone: 1300 733 422 / 62 701444 Zero Davey Boutique Apartment Hotel. E-mail: zerodavey@escapesresorts. Web:

Hamilton Heritage Holiday Homes, 13 Franklin Place. [H - 2][SC]

Old School House (The), Lyell Hwy.

Huonville (37 km SW) Walton House Huonville, 2720 Huon Highway.

New Norfolk (33 km W) Explorers Lodge, 105 Derwent Terrace. Heimat Chalets, 430 Black Hills Rd. [CO][SC] Woodbridge on the Derwent, 6 Bridge Street.

Woodbridge Hill Hideaway

369 Woodbridge Hill Road Ph: 0457 714 325 Woodbridge Hill Hideaway - your romantic private self contained accommodation. South of Hobart with spa and a spectacular view. Each of the self contained Hideaway cabins are luxury travel, with the option to relax in the magnificent heated indoor Woodbridge Hill Pool. You can look across at Bruny Island and Tasman Peninsular (Port Arthur), indulge in a full complimentary breakfast while watching the birds. Woodbridge is central to a great food and wine region in southern Tasmania. (CA)(SC) E-mail: info@ Web:

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Corinna | TASMANIA


Corinna Wilderness retreat Corinna is your home in the wilderness -

We are truly carbon neutral and minimize our

an oasis in the heart of the Tarkine Forest.

footprint on this precious part of the planet.

Accommodation at the new wilderness retreats

wilderness retreats lie close to the hotel. The

amenities. The cottages all back directly onto

new Tarkine Hotel is a focal point for the Corinna

the Tarkine rainforest. They have their own

community. Fine Tasmanian wines and beers

verandas, fully equipped kitchens, rainwater

are served. It also houses the wonderful Tannin

tanks and heating. A stay in these cottages

restaurant, named after the tannin stained

provides the feeling of living in a remote mining

waters of the Pieman and its tributaries.

town - with home comforts. Each of the new

For Corinna accommodation:

The old miners’ cottages and the new

is built in the original style but with modern

The Tannin restaurant serves lunch and dinner

wilderness retreats is named after a pioneer from

year round. Tannin offers excellent food using

the area.

the freshest local Tasmanian ingredients. The

All cottages have gas heating and bath-

fine dining available in this remote location is a

rooms. The guest house boasts a beautiful log

tribute to the chefs involved. Tannin serves the

fire. While the cabins have a certain rustic exter-

finest local seafood & produce with exceptional


nal appearance, the experience inside is very

care and quality service while you enjoy being in

Online at:

modern. Comfortable beds, hot showers, gas

the Tasmanian wilderness.

fridges and modern cooking facilities mean that

Call: 03 6446 1170

you are “at home in the wilderness at Corinna”. For bookings and

further details visit

UPS#35_081-087_TAS and SUBS.indd 85

Corinna is an experience found nowhere else in the world.



3/13/2012 4:09:16 PM

TASMANIA + Northern Area

Northern Area Beauty Point (248 km N) Pomona B&B & Spa Cottages, 77 Flinders St. [GH - 4][BB]

Bicheno (179 km NE) Bicheno Gaol Cottages, Burgess St. [CO - 3][SC] Bicheno Hideaway, 179 Harveys Farm Rd. [CA][SC] Diamond Island Resort, 69 Tasman Highway. [AMA]

Binalong Bay (264 km NE)

Meander Valley Road. [CO -

[GH - 10][BB]


Lido Boutique Apartments (The), 47-49 Elphin Rd. Mercure Hotel Launceston, 3 Earl Street. Peppers Seaport Hotel Launceston, 28 Seaport Boulevarde. Quality Inn Edenholme Grange, 14 St Andrews Street. [GH -

Mountain View Country Inn, 144 Emu Bay Road. Peppers Calstock, Highland Lakes Rd. Quamby Pines Chalet, 521 Quamby Brook.

Devonport (278 km N) Birchmore of Devonport, 10 Oldaker St. [H - 6][BB] Cameo Cottage, 27 Victoria Pde. Comfort Inn Sunrise, 140 Nth Fenton Street. Quality Hotel Gateway, 16 Fenton Street.

Bed In The Treetops B&B, 701 Binalong Bay Rd.

East Devonport (278 km N)

Boat Harbour (387 km NW)

Argosy Motor Inn, 221 Tarleton Street.

Killynaught Spa Cottages, 17266 Bass Hwy. [CO - 8][SC]

Evandale (199 km W)

Bridport (280 km N)

Bay of Fires Lodge & Walk, Bay of Fires.

Barnbougle Dunes, 425 Waterhouse Rd.


Burnie (315 km N)

Ocean Retreat, 25c Morrison Street.

Beachfront Voyager Motor Inn, 9 North Terrace.

George Town (250 km N)

Campbell Town (133 km N) Foxhunters Return, 132 High St. [AMA]

Coles Bay (206 km NE) Eagle Peaks at Freycinet, 11-13 Oyster Bay Ct. Edge of the Bay Resort, 2308 Main Road. Freycinet & Strahan Adventures, 2 Freycinet Drive. Freycinet Eco Retreat, 1799 Coles Bay Road,Mt Paul. Freycinet Lodge, Freycinet National Park. Saffire Freycinet, 2352 Coles Bay Drive. Sheoaks Bed & Breakfast, 47 Oyster Bay Court.

Corinna Corinna Wilderness Experience, Main Street. Ph 03 6446 1170. See our display advertisement.

Cradle Mountain (355 km NW) Cradle Chalet Boutique Luxury Lodge, 1422 Cradle Mountain Rd, Moina. [L][AMA] Cradle Mountain Chateau, 3718 Cradle Mountain Rd. Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village, Cradle Mountain Road. Kentisbury Country House, 42 Luttrells Road,Kentish Park.

Deloraine (203 km N) Bowerbank Mill B&B, 4455



UPS#35_081-087_TAS and SUBS.indd 86

Moana By The Sea, 201 Old Aerodrome Rd. Nanna’s Cottage At The Grove, 25 Cimitiere St. [CO - 1][BB] Peppers York Cove Tamar Valley, 2 Ferry Boulevard. Pier Hotel (The), 5 Elizabeth St.

Hagley (213 km N) Quamby Estate, 1145 Westwood Road.

King Island Baudins, 129 Esplanade. [CO - 5][SC]

King Island Holiday Village, Grassy Harbour. [SC]

Lalla (235 km N) Pear Walk Country Cottages, 85 Quills Rd. [CO - 2][BB]

Port Sorell (286 km NW)


Tranquilles Deluxe B&B Guesthouse, 9 Gumbowie Drive.

Ross (122 km N) Somercotes Historic Estate, Mona Vale Road.

Scottsdale (268 km NE)

Quest Launceston

16 Patterson Street Ph: 03 6333 3555 Fax: 03 6333 0566 A beautifully restored building featuring 4.5 star contemporary, spacious apartments, located right in the heart of Launceston and close to restaurants, shopping and Cataract Gorge. [A][SC] E-mail: questlaunceston@ Web:

Sandor’s On The Park, 3 Brisbane St. Sebel Launceston (The), 12-16 St John St. Trevallyn House, 83A Riverside Drive. Waratah on York, 12 York St. York Mansions, 9-11 York St. [A - 11][SC]

Anabels of Scottsdale, 46 King St. [SC - 3] Beulah HeritageAccommodation, 9 King St. [CH - 3][BB]

Sheffield (273 km NW) Cradle Mountain Lodge, PO Box 153. [CA - 96][AMA] Eagles Nest Retreat, 3 Browns Rd. Silver Ridge Retreat, 46 Rysavy Rd (off C136). [CO - 18][SC]

St Helens (255 km NE) Tidal Waters Resort,St Helens, 1 Quail St.

Stanley (411 km NW) Beachside Retreat West Inlet, 253 Stanley Hwy, The Peninsula. [CA - 5][BB]

Hanlon House, 6 Marshall St.

Lilydale (244 km N)

[GH - 2][DBB]

Plovers Ridge Host Farm, Lalla Rd. [CH - 3][BB]

Strahan (200 km W)

Longford (190 km N) Brickendon, Woolmers Lane (C520). [CO - 9][SC] Longford Boutique Accommodation, 6 Marlborough Street. Racecourse Inn, 114 Marlborough St. [GH - 5]

Low Head (255 km N) Dunes Low Head (The), 257-261 Low Head Road.

Moina (321 km NW)

Launceston (199 km N) Adina Place City View Apartments, 50 York Street. Alices Cottages & Spa Hideaways, 129 Balfour St. Ashton Gate, 32 High Street (Cnr Arthur Street). [GH - 8][BB] City Park Grand Launceston, 22 Tamar St. Country Club Tasmania, Country Club Ave Prospect Vale. Elphin Villas Motel & Serviced Apartments, 29A Elphin Rd. Fiona’s Bed & Breakfast, 141A George St. Hotel Charles, 287 Charles Street. Kilmarnock House Edwardian Accommodation, 66 Elphin Rd.

Sails on Port Sorell, 54 Rice St. [A - 5][BB]

Aldermere Estate, 27 Harvey Street. Ormiston House, The Esplanade. [GH - 3][DBB]

Wheelhouse Luxury Apartments, 13 Frazer Street. [A][SC]

Swansea (133 km NE) Avalon Coastal Retreat, 11922 Tasman Highway,Rocky Hills. Piermont Retreat, Tasman Highway. Schouten House, 1 Waterloo Rd. [GH - 4]

Swansea Cottages, 43 Franklin St. [CO - 13][BB]

Table Cape (350 km NW) Winged House (The)

Lemonthyme Lodge Dolcoath Rd off Cradle Mountain Road Ph: 03 6492 1112 Fax: 03 6492 1113 Luxury wilderness retreat offering a range of accomm & award-winning restaurant facs. Off Cradle Mountain Rd at Moina. [CA - 32][AMA] E-mail: Web:

400 Tollymore Rd Ph: 02 9247 6894 Exceptional art and architectural experience. Award-winning luxury accommodation cantilevered over cliff top at Table Cape. Ten minutes from regional airport. Dial-a-chef, dial-a-cray, dial-amassage. [H - 2][SC] E-mail: Web:

Ulverstone (302 km N) Beachway Motel, 1 Heathcote St. Ocean View Guest House, 1 Victoria St. [GH - 6][BB]

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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3/13/2012 4:03:10 PM

DESTINATION + Bali, Indonesia



Heritage Accommodation

The “Lumbung” or rice granary is part of Bali's unique cultural heritage.


raditionally used to store rice under the protection of the goddess Dewi Sri, Lumbungs are now seldom used because farming techniques have changed. Several disused Lumbungs averaging over 80 years old have been discovered and renovated in the area around Munduk. With minor adjustments they have been adapted into simple but charming accommodation. A special ritual to transfer Dewi Sri back to the rice fields is performed, but her gentle energy remains.

Munduk is a cute little village high up in the mountains of north Bali with gorgeous views and numerous waterfalls. It is a great place for hiking through clove, cocoa, coffee plantations and rice fields. This beautiful village was once a popular place for Dutch colonists to escape the heat of Singaraja. They built their mountain retreats here in about 1903. These retreats provide a cool misty ambience set amongst hill sides covered with clove and coffee plantations, rice paddy terraces and pretty much anything else that will grow on this island.

Even now you can find these Dutch houses scattered across the area and some have been converted into proper guest houses for travellers who love to explore this gorgeous part of Bali. There are hikes and tracks galore and a number of really nice places to stay at Munduk. Munduk is located on the scenic road between Pancasari and Seririt. Try to stop at the small coffee house called “Ngiring Ngewedang” which means “please stop by and come in”. Here you have great vistas on Danau (Lake) Tamblingan on one side and on the other side the ocean. You can 88


UPS#35_088-091_ BALI.indd 88

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This beautiful village was once a popular place for Dutch colonists to escape the heat of Singaraja.

buy some locally produced coffee here. After this pit-stop continue your journey to Munduk. Once you're there don't go too fast or you'll miss it altogether! It's a sleepy village with some local shops on both sides of the road, guest houses, occasional temples and the remnants of Dutch houses. Don't expect ATM's, Internet or Starbucks here but that's exactly what makes this little village and surrounds so very charming.

Photo courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Photo courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_088-091_ BALI.indd 89



3/13/2012 4:13:28 PM




Badung Bali Karangkembar Estate, Jl Karang Kembar,Banjar Jabapura.

Buleleng Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali, Jln Singaraja-Amlalura #100 Desa Tembok.

Candidasa Puri Bagus Candidasa Resort & Spa Bali, Jalan Raya Candidasa Dusan Samuh.

Canggu Taman Ahimsa Redefines Beachside Paradise, Jl Pantai Mengening Desa. Tirtarum Villas, Jl Nelayan Gg Dolphin No 3. Tugu Bali Hotel, Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong.


ARMA Museum & Resort Jalan Raya Pengosekan Ubud Ph: 62 361 975 742 Fax: 62 361 975 332 E-mail: Web:

Alila Ubud Hotel Bali, Desa Melinggih Kelod Payangan. Chedi Club (The) at Tanah Gajah, Ubud, Jalan Goa Gajah, Tengkulak Kaja. Lorin Hotel Saba Bai, Saba Sukawati. Masari Villas & Spa Bali, Jalan Pantai Purnama Banjar. Peruna Saba Villas, Desa Saba.


Kembali On The River

Ph: 02 6772 7716 Mobile: 0423 579 988 One of the most majestic private residences in Bali, luxurious, 5 king bedroom villa, pool, 11 staff including chef, driver and concierge.(Villa) (BB) (AMA) E-mail: Web:

Villa Devatas.

Denpasar Bali Sani Sentra Wisata (Hotel), PO Box 2011 Denpasar. Bali Tourism Board, Jl Raya Puputan 41. Hotel Cakra Bali, Jln Bypass Ngurah Rai 28. Inna Bali, Jl. Veteran No 3. Inna Putri Bali (Hotel) Cottages & Spa, Nusa Dua. Legian Paradiso Hotel, Jl Legian No 118, Kuta. Nusa Lembongan, PO Box 3846. Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Jalan Kayu Aya. Palm Beach Cottages, Jl Pantai Br Segara, Tuban. Segara Village Hotel, Jln Segara Ayu.

Desa Pecatu Alila Villas Uluwatu, Jl Belimbing Sari.



UPS#35_088-091_ BALI.indd 90

Ayana Resort, Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera. Bali Baliku Luxury Villa at Jimbaran Bay, Jalan Bukit Permai 5A. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, Jimbaran, Denpasar. Gending Kedis Villas & Spa Estate Bali, Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera 100Y. InterContinental Bali Resort, Jalan Uluwatu 45. Jamahal Private Resort & Spa Bali, Jalan Uluwatu 1 Jimbaran. Jimbaran Puri Bali, Jalan Uluwatu. Karma Agung, Jalan Bukit Permai. Karma Jimbaran, Jalan Bukit permai. Keraton Jimbaran Resort & Spa, Jl. Mrajapati. Pat-Mase Villas Bali, Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera 100X Kawasan. Royal Bali Beach Club, 18X Jalan Uluwatu Jimbaran Bali. Shaba (The), Uluwatu Street, Gigit Sari Alley. Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben, Jl. Danau Tamblingan X / 31. Udayana Lodge, Kampus Bukit Unud Bali Jimbaran. Villa Balquisse and The Shaba, Jalan Uluwatu 18x.

Karangasem Alila Manggis, Desa Buitan Manggis. Kubu Bali Hotel, Candidasa. Santai Hotel - Bali, Bunutan, Amed.

Kuta Adi Dharma Cottage, Jl Raya Legion. Adi Dharma Hotel Bali, Jalan Benesari Kuta Bali. Aneka Beach Hotel, Jln Pantai Kuta. Bali Garden Beach Resort, Jl Kartika. Bali Garden Hotel, Jl Dewi Sartika. Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa, Jalan Padma No 2. Bali Rani Hotel. Balisani Padma, Jl Padma Utara, Legian. Barong Kuta Hotel Bali, Jalan Segara Batu Bolong. Bounty Hotel (The), Jl Segara Batu Bolong PoppiesII No 18. Breezes Resort Bale. Casa Indigo, Jalan Raya Petitenget 88x. Champlung Mas Hotel Bali, Jln. Melasti Street Legian Kuta. Danoya Villa, Jalan Batubelig 559, Kerobokan. Febri’s Hotel & Spa Bali. Grand Avenue Bali, Jalan Bumbak No 22 Kerobokan. Grand Balisani Suites, JL Pantai Batubelig. Grand Istana Rama Hotel. Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Jalan Panti, Banjar Pande Mas. Harris Resort Kuta, Jalan Pantai Kuta Kuta. Inna Kuta Beach, Pantai Kuta 1. Komea Villa, Jl Subak Sari No 168 Br Tegal Gundung. Kumala Pantai Hotel, Jl Werkudara Legian Kaja. Kuta Beach Club Hotel Bali-Kuta Beach. Kuta Seaview Cottage, Jl Pantai Kuta. Losari Hotel & Villa Bali, 19 Jalan Sahadewa Bali. Mastapa Garden Hotel, Jl Legian No 139. Mercure Kuta Hotel Bali, Jalan Pantai Kuta 10 X Banjar Pande Mas. Novus Bali Villa Resort & Spa, Jalan Pengubugan Banjar Silayukti. Patra Bali Resort & Villas, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda. Puri Ratih Bali. Rama Beach Resort & Villas, Jl Jenggala-Tuban. Rama Garden Hotel, JL Yudistira (Jl Padma). Ramada Bintang Bali Resort, Jalan Kartika Plaza. Ramayana Resort and Spa, Jalan Bakung Sari, Kuta Beach. Samsara Hotel & Spa, Jl. Legian 190 Kuta Bali. Santika Beach Hotel Bali.

Sentosa Private Villas & Spa Bali, Jl. Pura Telaga Waja Petitenget. Surf Haven Bali, Jl Merta Nadi No 11. Villa Eight Bali, Jalan Drupadi 25 Br. Villa Niloufar, Jl. Raya Semer no. 883, Kerobokan. Wina Hotel, JL Pantai. Yulia Beach Inn Bali, Jl. Pantai Kuta 43 Bali.

Legian AlamKulkul Boutique Resort & Hotel, Jalan Pantai Kuta. All Seasons Resort Legian Bali, Jalan Padma Utara Legian. Bali Sorgawi Hotel. Jayakarta Bali Hotel. Legian Beach Hotel, Jalan Melasti. Lokha Legian Resort & Spa, Jalan Padma. Opal Legian (Hotel), Werkudara Street. Villa Atas Ombak. Villa Puri Indah. White Rose Hotel.

Legian Beach Padma Resort Bali at Legian, Jl Padma No 1.

Lombok Santosa Villas, Jl Raya Senggigi Km. Tugu Hotel Lombok, Sire Beach,Sigar Penjalin Village.


Puri Lumbung Cottages Munduk Village Ph: 62 362 7012887 Or 62 362 7005267 The first of its kind in Bali, Puri Lumbung Cottages is more than a hotel - it is an ecotourism project dedicated to the discovery, conservation and enhancement of the unspoiled area around Munduk. [CO]

E-mail: Web:

Nusa Dua Amanusa, PO Box 33. Aston Bali Resort & Spa, Jl Pratama No 68X Tanjung Benoa. Ayodya Resort Bali, Jalan Pantai Mengiat.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 4:14:19 PM

BALI Bale (The), Jl Raya Nusa Dua Selatan. Bali Golf & Country Club, Kawasan Wisata. Bali International Convention Centre, Kawasan Pariwisata. Bali Khama Beach Resort & Spa Bali (The), Jl. Pratam Tanjung Benoa-Nusa Dua. Bali Tropic Resort & Spa, Jl Pratama 34A. Bualu Village (Hotel), PO Box 6. Club Bali Mirage Hotel, Jalan Pratama 72 Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua. Club Med Bali, PO Box 7 Lot No 6. Conrad Bali, Jl Pratama 168. Grand Bali (The), Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan No 8. Grand Hyatt Bali, Kawasn Wisata Nusa Dua. Grand Mirage Resort Bali, Jl Pratama 74,Tanjung,Benoa. Hill Villas (The), Jl Taman GiriBanjar Mumbul. InterContinental Resort Bali, 45 Jalan Uluwatu Jimbaran. Kayumanis Nusa Dua, PO Box 777. Laguna Resort & Spa (The), Kawasan Pariwisata. Melia Bali - Villa & Spa Resort, Kawasan BTDC Lot 1. Melia Benoa, Jl Pratama, Tanjung Benoa. Nikko Bali Resort & Spa, Jl Raya Nusa Dua Selatan. Novotel Bali Benoa, Jl Pratama, Tanjung Benoa. Novotel Hotel & Residences Nusa Dua Bali, Jl Pantai Mengiat. Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, Ocean Blue Hotel Bali, Br. Sawangan Kelurhan Benoa Kecamatan. Ramada Resort Benoa - Bali, Jln Pratama 97A, Tanjung Benoa. Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua, PO Box 77. St Regis, Lot S6 Kawasan Pariwisata. Swiss-Belhotel Bay View, Jl. Kebo Iwa, Taman Mumbul. Thalasso Bali, Jl Pratama 74. The Oasis Beach,Benoa-Bali, 68A Jalan Pratama Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua. Waka Nusa Resort Bali, Tanjung Sanghyang Bay Lembongan Island. Wantilan Golf Villas, Kawasan Wismta Nusa Dua. Westin Resort Nusa Dua (The),

Pererenan Pantai Lima at Pevevenan, Beachfront.

Sanur Alit’s Beach Bungalows, Jalan



UPS#35_088-091_ BALI.indd 91

Hang Tuah Pantai. Bali Hyatt Hotel, Jl Danau Tamblingan 89. Bali Pavilions, Jalan Danau Tambling an 76 Sanur. Bali Sanur Bungalows, PO Box 306 Denpasar. Besakih Beach Resort, JL. Danau Tamblingan No 45. Diwangkara Beach Hotel & Bungalows, PO Box 3120 Denpasar. Gangsa (The) - Private Villa, Jalan Tirta Akasa No 28. Griya Santrian, Jl Danau Tamblingan 47. Inna Grand Bali Beach (The), Jln Hang Tuah. Inna Sindhu Beach, Jl Pantai Sindhu 14. Janur Garden Hotel. La Taverna Bali Hotel, 29 Jalan Danau Tamblingan. Mercure Resort Sanur Bali, Jl Mertasari. Puri Santrian, Jl Cemara 35. Santrian Club, Jl Danau Tamlingan 63. Sanur Beach - Bali (Hotel), Jl Danau Tamblingan. Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites, Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai. Sativa Sanur Cottages. Sri Phala Resort & Villa Bali, Jl. Hang Tuah III No 5. Tandjung Sari Hotel, Jl Danau Tamblingan No 41. Wakamaya Sanur Resort Villas & Spa Bali, Jalan Tanjung 41 Sanur Denpasar.

Seminyak Amala (The), Jalan Kunti 108. Anantara Resort Seminyak Bali, Jl Abimanyu Dhyana Pura. Artemis Villa & Hotel, Jl Camplung Tanduk Gg-Puri Kubu 63F. Bali Dream Villa Seminyak (The), Jln Bidari No 108X Seminyak. Disini Luxury Spa Villas Bali, Jalan Mertasari 28 Seminyak. Downtown Bali, Jalan Pura Dalem 9D. Dusun (The), Jl Kayu Jati No 8, Petitenget. Elysian Villas Resort Bali (The), 18 Jalan Sari Dewi. Heliconia Villas, Jl Laksmana 56. Kanishka Villas. Sun Island Boutique Villas & Spa, Jl. Raya Seminyak 188. The Ahimsa, Jl. Kunti. The Haven, Jl. Arjuna Gg Raja. The Villas Bali & Prana Spa, Jalan Kunti 118X. Ulin Villas & Spa (The), Jalan Merta Sari. Uma Sapna, JL Drupadi No 20 Basangkasa. Vila Lumbung Hotel Bali,

Petitenget Batu Belig Seminyak. Villa Kubu, Jl Raya Seminyak Gang Plawa No 33F. W Retreat & Spa Bali-Seminyak, Jalan Petitenget.

Green Garden Beach Resort & Spa Bali, Jl Wana Segara Tuban Beach. Kuta Paradiso, Jalan Kartika Plaza.

Seminyak Beach


Club At The Legian Bali (The), Jalan Laksmana. Legian Bali (The), Jl Laksmana. Royal Beach Seminyak Bali, Jl Camplung Tanduk. Samaya Seminyak Bali (The), Jl Laksmana. Serai Club (The), Jalan Laksmana.

Mimpi Resort Tulamben.

Singaraja Bali Mandara Resort, Bondalem Tejakula. Bali Paradise Hotel Boutique Resort & Spa, JL Kartika Kalibukbuk Lovina. Damai Lovina Villas Bali, Jalan Damai Kayu Putih. Matahari Beach Resort & Spa, Jalan Raya Seririt-Gilimanuk. Novus Gawana Resort & Spa, West Bali National Park Desa. Puri Bagus Lovina Hotel Bali, Jl. Raya Seririt Singarajadesa Pemaron. Sol Lovina, Jl. Raya Lovina. Sunari Villas & Spa Resort Bali, Jalan Raya Lovina Lovina Beach. Waka Shorea Resort Bali, West Bali National Park Menjangan Island.

South Kuta Beach Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Jalan Kartika Plaza.

Tabanan Alila Villas Soori, Banjar Dukuh Desa Kelating. Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, Jalan Raya, Tanah Lot. Waka Gangga Resort Bali, Jalan Pantai Yeh Gangga Desa Sudimara.

Tuban Holiday Inn Resurt Baruna Bali, Jalan Wana Segara 33. Kupubarong Beach Resort, Jalan Wana Segara Tuban Bali. Palm Beach Int’l Hotel & Resort Bali, 1 Jalan Pantai Banjar Segara. Rama Hotels & Resorts Bali, Jl Kediri 36A. Risata Bali Resort & Spa, Jl Jenggala. Sari Segara Resort Villas & Spa Bali, Jalan Pantai Kedonganan Tuban Bali. Vira Bali Hotel (The), 127 Jalan Kartika Plaza Tuban Kuta.

Tuban Beach Bali Dynasty Resort, Jl Kartika.

Ubud Alam Puri Villa Bali, South Of Ubud Jl Trenggana. Amandari, Kedewatan. Bali Gay Tours, Jl Griya Anyar 76A. Bhanuswari Resort & Spa Bali, Jalan Tengkulak Ubud. Cahaya Dewata Resort & Spa, PO Box 59. Champlung Sari Hotel Bali, Monkey Forest Street. Como Shambhala Estate, PO Box 54. Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan, Sayan/Gianyar. Furama Villas & Spa Ubud Bali, Jalan Raya Mambal Ubud. FuramaXclusive Villas & Spa Ubud Bali, Banjar Bindu Mambal Jalan Raya Mambal. Graha Resort, Jalan Wenara Wana. Kamandalu Resort & Spa, Jalan Tegallalang, Banjar Nagi. Komaneka Resort Bali, Jalan Monkey Forest. Kori Ubud Resort, Spa & Restaurant, Jl Raya Sanggingan. Kupu Kupu Barong, Kedewatan. Natura Resort & Spa Bali, Banjar Laplapan Ubud Gianyar Bali 80571. Payogan Villa Resort & Spa Bali, Banjar Bunutan Desa Kedewatan. Pita Maha Resort & Spa, Jalan Sanggingan. Puri Bunga Village Hotel Bali, Jalan Raya Kedewatan Ubud. Royal Pita Maha Resort Bali (The), Desa Kedewatan Ubud Pox 198. Santi Mandala Villa & Spa, Banjar Bucuan Desa Batuan Sukawati. Sri Ratih Cottages, Campuhan. Taman Harum Cottages Bali, Jalan Raya Mas Ubud. Ubud Village Hotel at Monkey Forest, Jalan Monkey Forest. Ubud Village Resort (The), Jalan Raya Nyuh Kuning Pengosekan. Viceroy Bali, Jln Lanyahan Br Nagi. Villa Montana Bali, Desa Kerta -Payangan. Waka Namya Resort Bali, Jalan Raya Penestanan Ubud Bali.

Uluwatu The Edge in Uluwatu, Jalan Goa Lempeh.

To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

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Gateway to the West Coast The West Coast of New Zealand is the land of greenstone and gold, where New Zealand’s history is at its most rich and raw.


okitika is at the centre of it all and where the heart of New Zealand is to be found. Known as the hub of the West Coast, Hokitika is a kiwi slice of heaven nestled between the Tasman Sea and the Hokitika River. It is the gateway to the West Coast, including the town of Greymouth which lies to the north of Hokitika and the famous Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers located further south. Sandwiched between surf and river, with the mighty Southern Alps as a backdrop, Hokitika is the essence of West Coast hospitality. In Hokitika everyone is a lifestyle millionaire. On a clear day Mount Cook can be seen from Hokitika's



UPS#35_092-096_NZ.indd 92

main street. Hokitika is a Maori word, which when translated into English it means “place of return”. It was given this name for its riches in Greenstone (pounamu). Founded on gold mining in 1864, it was a centre of the West Coast Gold Rush. The population has declined greatly since that time but the population of the Westland District is now on the rise thanks to "lifestyle inhabitants". Hokitika is a popular New Zealand fishing and hunting destination. However, there are many activities to enjoy in the local area for non-fishing and hunting visitors. Hokitika is the Jade and Greenstone capital of New Zealand and To advertise or list in this magazine phone +61 2 8522 0008

3/13/2012 4:17:05 PM

Hokitika, West Coast NZ + DESTINATION

Visit Hokitika, home of the “Lifestyle Geniuses".

Images courtesy Tourism New Zealand

Hokitika is their home away from home. just a few hours drive from other South Island towns. Activities include freshwater fishing, white bait fishing, bush walks, beach walks, kayaking, visits to Lakes Kaniere and Mahinapua, Paddle Boat Cruise, Goldmine experience with gold panning, Water World Aquarium, glow-worm visits, garden visits and scenic flights and the West Coast Historical Museum. The Hokitika Gorge is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. The turquoise blue water is quite breathtaking as is the gorge itself. Visit Hokitika, home of the “Lifestyle Geniuses” with superbly situated holiday homes or what the Kiwis call baches. For bookings and further details visit

UPS#35_092-096_NZ.indd 93



3/14/2012 9:57:27 AM

New Zealand + North Island Takapuna


Emerald Inn, 16 The Promanade.

Arches-Ridgeland Farm estate, Parua Bay. B.K.’s Pohutukawa Lodge, 362 Western Hills Drive. Cheviot Park Motor Lodge, Cnr Western Hills Dr & Cheviot St. Parua Bay Cottage, Parua Bay Cemetery Road. Pembrooke Motor Lodge, Hatea Drive.

North IslandNorth Ahipara (338 km N) Siesta Guest House, Tasman Heights Road.

Kaiwaka (105 km N)

rotorua Located on New Zealand's North Island, Rotorua is a hugely popular destination. Rotorua is variously known as the Sulphur City and Roto-Vegas because of its volcanic activity and its status as the North Island's most popular tourist destination. The term 'Rotorua' means 'two lakes' in Maori. Rotorua's greatest attraction are its geysers and hot mud pools which can be seen at Whakarewarewa, Rotorua. It is also located beautifully on the shores of Lake Rotorua. Rotorua offers the visitor a diverse range of excellent accommodation.

North IslandAuckland Area Auckland Arena Hotel Auckland, 131 Beach Road. Ascot Parnell ‘a small B&B hotel’, St Stephens Avenue. Auckland Heritage - Stafford Villa, 2 Awanui St,Birkenhead Point. Badgers of Devonport, 30 Summer Street, Devonport. Barrycourt, 10-20 Gladstone Rd Parnell. Base Auckland Backpackers, 1622 Fort Street. City Central Hotel Auckland, 37 Wellesley Street. City Lodge Accommodation Auckland, 150 Vincent Street. CityLife Auckland A Heritage Hotel, 171 Queen St. Cliff View, 51 Cliff Road, St Heliers. Columbia Hotel Apartments Auckland, 15 Whitaker Place. Comfort Inn Suites & Newton 121, 121 Newton Road. Copthorne Harbour City, 196200 Quay St. Cotter House Luxury Retreat, 4 St Vincent Avenue. Elliott Street Classic Apartments, 15-31 Wellesley Street. Esplanade Hotel (The), 1 Victoria Road, Devonport. Fernglen B&B Homestay, 33 Hebe Place. Grange Lodge Motel, 1 Grange Road, Papatoetoe. Hotel DeBrett, 2 High Street.



UPS#35_092-096_NZ.indd 94

Jucy Hotel, 62 Emily Place. Karaka Lodge, Bream Revel Way (Off Lewis Rd). [L - 5] d Hotel, 676 Mt Wellington Hwy, Mt Wellington. Nomads Fat Camel Auckland, 38 Fort Street. Oaks Residences Auckland, 16 Gore Street. Parklane Motor Lodge, 222 Greenlane West, Greenlane. Rangiwai Lodge, 29 Rangiwai Road, Titirangi. Rendezvous Hotel Auckland, Cnr Mayoral Dr & Vincent St. Sands On Onetangi Apartments (The), 141 The Strand Waiheke Island. Scenic Circle Airedale Hotel, 380 Queen Street. Sea Breeze Boutique Motel, 213 Jervois Rd. Sebel Suites Auckland (The), 85-89 Customs St West. Spencer on Byron Hotel, 9-17 Byron Avenue. Ventura Inn & Suites Auckland Airport, 14 Airpark Drive, Airport Oaks. Waitakere Estate, 573 Scenic Drive.

Clevedon Birchwood Country B&B, Clevedon-Takanini Rd.

Great Barrier Island Earthsong Lodge, Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.

Rakino Island Hurakia Lodge.

Milestone Cottages, 27 Moir Pt Rd,Mangawhai Heads,Northland.

North IslandCentral



Budda Lodge, 1608 E State Highway 10. Kerikeri Village Inn, 165 Kerikeri Road. Ora Ora Eco-Wellness Resort, 28 Landing Road. Riverview Park Lodge, 28 Landing Road. [L - 5]

Souter House, 19 Victoria Street.

Mangawhai Heads Mangawhai Lodge, 4 Heather Street.

Opua Bay of Island Lodge Opua, State Highway 11, Port Opua. Cliff Edge by the Sea, Richardson Rd West. Opua House (The), Ward Drive.

Gisborne Emerald Hotel Gisborne, Corner Reads Quay and Gladstone Road. Portside Hotel Gisborne, 2 Reads Quay, Gisborne North Island. Turihaua Homestead, 771 State Highway Turihaua Bay.

Katikati Panorama Country Lodge, 901 Main Road North (SH2).

Mount Maunganui Augusta Lodge, 198 Ocean Beach Road.



Abri Apartments, 10 Bayview Road. Aloha Resort, Seaview Rd. Copthorne Hotel & Resort Bay of Islands, Tau-Henare Dr. Haruru Falls Resort Panorama, Old Wharf Rd, Haruru Falls. Paihia Beach Resort, 116 Marsden Road. Pioneer on the WaterfrontServiced Apartments, 44 Marsden Road. Scenic Circle Bay of Islands Hotel, Cnr Seaview & McMurray Rd. Waiora, 52 Puketona Rd.

Powderhorn Chateau, Bottom of Mountain Road.

Russell Eagles Nest Lodge, 60 Takeka Rd. Pukematu Lodge, Top Flagstaff Hill. Russell Cottages Bay of Islands, 16 Chapel Street, Bay of Islands.

Warkworth Castle Matakana (The), 378 Whitmore Road. Kintail, 14 Gordon Craig Place. Uhuru, 390 Pukapuka Ra RD3. Walton Park Motor Lodge, 2 Walton Ave.

Rotorua Accolades Boutique Hotel, 31 Flemington Place, Brunswick Park. Ariki Lodge, 2 Manuariki Avenue Ngongotaha. At The Lake House, 6 Cooper Ave Holdens Bay. Base Hot Rock Rotorua, 1286 Arawa Street Rotorua. Blue Baths, Government Gardens. Clover Downs Estate, 175 Jackson Road, Ngongotaha, RD2. Country Villa, 351 Dalbeth Rd. Hamurana Country Estate, 415 Hamurana Road/RD2. Koura Lodge, 209 Kawaha Point Road. Lake Okareka Lodge by lebua, PO Box 1095. Lakes Lodge, Lake Okataina Reserve. Moose Lodge, SH30, RD4, Lake Rotoiti. Ngongotaha Lakeside Lodge, 41 Operiana Street.

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North Island + New Zealand

Nicara Lakeside Cottage

40 Ranginui Street Ph: 647 357 2105 Fax: 647 357 5385 Nicara Lakeside Cottage, Rotorua, offers a delightful holiday home, peaceful and yet close to many tourist attractions. Spacious garden right to the lake’s edge, BBQ on the large elevated deck - ideal for lazing or entertaining. Fully self-contained and comfortably sleeps 6 in a combination of king and queen doubles and a twin room. Great for families or couples. All linen and towels supplied plus many extras. No sulphur smells. 10km from city centre, on bus route. See our great website. Your HOME from HOME. Book the cottage and use the new direct Sydney Rotorua Air New Zealand service to receive two passes to the Rotorua Museum. E-mail: Web:

Panorama Country Homestay, 144 Fryer Road, RD 2. Peppers On The Point-Lake Rotorua, 214 Kawaha Point Road. Regal Palms 5 Star City Resort, 350 Fenton Street, Glenholme. Solitaire Lodge, Lake Tarawera RD5. Spencer Lodge, 144 Spencer Road RD5. Treetops Wilderness Lodge, 351 Kearoa Road. Victoria Lodge, 10 Victoria St. Waiteti Lakeside Lodge, 2 Arnold Street, Ngongotaha. Woodlands Country Lodge, Hamurana Road.

Taupo Amakaya Homestay, 2/70 Harvey Street. Bayview Wairakei Resort, State Highway One Wairakei. Beside Lake Taupo B&B, 8 Chad Street. Dunrovin Motel, 140 Heu Heu St. Hilton Lake Taupo, 80-100 Napier Taupo Highway. Huka Falls Resort, 56 Huka Falls Rd. Huka Lodge, 271 Huka Falls Rd. Karaka Cottage, 42 Gillies Ave. Kinloch Lodge, 3 Yasmin Lane, RD1. Lake Taupo Lodge, 41 Mapara Road.

Lakeland Resort Taupo, 282 Lake Terrace Taupo. Millennium Hotel and Resort Manuels Taupo, 243 Lake Terrace. Minarapa Lodge, 620 Oruanui Road. Pillars (The), 7 Deborah Rise, Bonshaw Park. Point Villas (The), 24 The Point. Riverview Lodge, 3 Larchwood Grove. Sails Motor Lodge, 138 Lake Terrace. Taupo Garden Lodge, 70 Hindmarsh Dr, Rangatira Park. Tui Oaks Motor Inn & Lake Terrace Motel, 84-88 Lake Terrace. Twynham at Kinloch, 84 Marina Terrace, Kinloch via. West Wellow, 39 Mapara Road.

wellington Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. Located at the southern end of the North Island, Wellington is noted for the beautiful Wellington Harbour, its fine Victorian era buildings, and the importance it enjoys as the nation's political centre. No holiday in Wellington is complete without visits to the nearby vineyards, a trip on the cable car to the Wellington Botanic Gardens and an inspection of the famous parliamentary building known as the Beehive. Wellington has an excellent range of accommodation options.

Tauranga Boscabel Lodge, 98 D Boscabel Drive. Cassimir Lodge, 20 Williams Rd RD 3. [L - 6][AMA] Copthorne Suites Puriri Park, Tauranga, 32 Cameron Rd. Fantail Lodge, 117 Rea Rd, Katikati, Bay of Plenty, RD2. Greenpark Racecourse Motel, 1460 Cameron Rd. Ridge Country Retreat, 300 Rocky Cutting Road.

Martinborough (701 km S)

Stratford Dawson Falls Mountain Lodge, PO Box 91. Mountain House & Anderson’s Alpine Lodge, Pembroke Road, Stratford.

Te Puru Coast View Lodge, 468 Thames Coast Road. [L - 5][AMA]

Aylstone Boutique Retreat, 19 Huangarua Road. Claremont Martinborough (The), 38 Regent Street, South Wairarapa. McLeods, White Rock Road. Peppers Parehua Country Estate, New York Street West.



Kiwi Paka Waitomo, School Road Waitomo. Waitomo Caves Hotel, Waitomo Caves.

Art House (The), 2/214 Emerson Street. Breckenridge Lodge, 1 Breckenridge Lane. Hannah House, 30 Fitzroy Road. Large House (The), 4 Hadfield Terrace. Master’s Lodge (The), 10 Elizabeth Road, Bluff Hill. McHardy House, 11 Bracken Street. Mon Logis Luxury Bed & Breakfast, 415 Marine Parade. Ormlie Lodge, Omaranui Road. Peacehaven, 22a France Road.

Te Puru (123 km E)

North IslandSouth Hastings Comfort Inn Fairmont, 1120 Karamu Road, North Mayfair. Greenhill-The Lodge. Hawthorne Country House, 1420 Railway Road South,RD 11. Providencia, 225 Middle Rd RD2. [CH - 3][BB]

Oriental Bay

Havelock North

Glenalton House, 35 Hay Street.

Black Barn Winery, Black Barn Road. Endsleigh Cottages, 22 Endsleigh Road. Mangapapa Lodge, 466 Napier Road. Telegraph Hill Villa, 334 Te Mata Road, R D 12,. Wine Country Lodge Havelock North, Cnr Te Mata & Arataki Roads.

Palliser Bay Tarawai, 2110C Western Lake Rd.

Palmerston North Contact House, 186 Fitzherbert Avenue. Kingsgate Hotel Palmerston North, 110 Fitzherbert Ave. Larkhall, 42 The Strand.

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Te Awanga Summerlee, 404 Clifton Road. The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, 448 Clifton Road.

Waikato Brooklands Country Estate, Waingaro Road, Ngaruawahia, R.D.1.

Wanganui Kingsgate Hotel The Avenue Wanganui, 379 Victoria Ave. Rutland Arms Inn (The), Cnr Victoria Ave & Ridgway Street.

Wellington Abel Tasman Hotel, 169 Willis St. Angus Inn, Corner Cornwall St & Waterloo Rd. Central Stratford Apartment Hotel, 156 Willis Street. Edge Water Homestay, 459 Karaka Bay Road, Seatoun. Matai Homestay, 41 Matai Road. Medeva Inn, 198 Barnard St, Highland Park. Tinakori Lodge B&B Guest House, 182 Tinakori Road, Thorndon. [L - 9][BB] Villa Vittorio, 6 Hawker Street. Wellesley Boutique Hotel, 2-8 Maginnity St.



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New Zealand + South Island

South IslandChristchurch Area Akaroa (83 km SE) Akaroa Country Cottages, 6888 Highway 75. Akaroa Country House, 19 Bells Road, Takamatua. Blythcliffe, 37 Rue Balguerie. Kahikatea Country Retreat, Wainui Valley Road,Wainui. Kawatea Farmstay, Kawatea, Okains Bay. Oinako Lodge, 99 Beach Road.

North Canterbury Claremont Country Estate, 828 Ram Paddock Road.

Rakaia St Ita’s Guesthouse, BarrhillMethven Road.



Akaroa Village Inn, 81 Beach Rd. Alexandra Court, 960 Colombo Street. Argyle on the Park, 145 Deans Avenue. Bloomfield House, 146 Bridle Path Rd. Charlotte Jane Boutique Hotel (The), 110 Papanui Road, Merivale. Chateau Blanc Suites - Clarion Collection, Cranmer Square. Chateau On The Park (The), 189 Deans Ave, Riccarton. Copthorne Hotel Christchurch Central, 776 Colombo St. Cotswold Hotel, 88-96 Papanui Rd. Elm Tree House, 236 Papanui Road, Merivale. [H - 4][DBB] Glenmore House, 6 Peartree Lane,Hillsborough. Grange Guesthouse (The), 56 Armagh St. [GH - 8][BB] Gunyah Country Estate, Sleemans Road, Glenroy RD2,. Hambledon, 103 Bealey Avenue. Heritage Christchurch, 28-30 Cathedral Square. Holiday Inn on Avon, 356 Oxford Tce. Homelea, 195 Bealey Ave. Hotel Grand Chancellor Hotel Christchurch, 161 Cashel St. Huntley House, 67 Yaldhurst Rd Upper Riccarton. Ibis Hotel Christchurch, 107 Hereford Street. Ilam Motel, 250 Riccarton Rd. Langdon House, 92 Grants Road. Merivale Manor Christchurch, 122 Papanui Road, Merivale. Mill Cottage, 81 Grehan Valley Road. Off The Square Hotel Christchurch, 115 Worcester Street. Orari Bed & Breakfast, 42 Gloucester Street. Otahuna Lodge, 224 Rhodes Road. Peppers at Clearwater, Clearwater Ave.

Okuku Country Estate, RD 4. Serenada Country Lodge, Foot Hills Road.



UPS#35_092-096_NZ.indd 96

Fox Glacier (420 km W)

So Hotel Christchurch, 165 Cashel Street. Taurikura Lodge, 114a McQueens Valley Road. Weston House (The), 62 Park Terrace. Worcester of Christchurch (The), 15 Worcester Boulevard.

South IslandNorth Blenheim Beaver Bed & Breakfast, 60 Beaver Road. Chateau Marlborough Blenheim, Corner High & Henry Street. Cranbrook Cottage, 145 Giffords Road,Rapaura RD3. Maxwell House, 82 Maxwell Road. Peppertree Luxury Accommodation (The), 3284 State Highway 1. Scenic Circle Blenheim Country Hotel, Corner Alfred and Henry Streets. Uno Piu Homestead, 75 Murphys Road. [H - 2]

Collingwood (510 km N) Westhaven Retreat, Te Hapu Road.

Golden Bay (498 km N) Sandcastle Seaview Accommodation, Haile Lane.

Greymouth Rosewood Bed & Breakfast, 20 High Street. Westway Home Stay, 58 Herd St, Dunollie, near.

Hanmer Springs Braemar Lodge, Medway Rd. Cheltenham House, 13 Cheltenham Street. Hanmer View Bed & Breakfast, 8 Oregon Heights. Heritage Hanmer Springs, 1 Conical Hill Rd. Riverview Lodge, PO Box 197.

Hokitika Beachfront Hotel Hokitika, 111 Revell Street. Fitzherbert Court Motel, 191 Fitzherbert St.

Distinction Fox Glacier,Te Weheka Boutique Hotel, Main Road State Hightway 6 Fox Glacier.

Franz Josef (395 km W) Kapitea Ridge

Chesterfield Road/State Hwy 6 Ph: 64 3 755 6805 Fax: 64 3 755 6895 Distinguished boutique lodge, with five superbly decorated guest rooms. Kapitea Ridge overlooks the Tasman Sea and provides panoramic views of nature at its best with blazing sunsets to snow capped mountains. [L - 5][BB]

E-mail: Web:

Glenfern Villas Franz Josef, State Highway 6 Franz Josef Westland. Punga Grove Franz Josef, 40 Cron Street Franz Josef. Westwood Lodge, State Highway 6.

Punakaiki Punakaiki Resort, State Highway 6, Punakaiki.

South IslandSouth Arrowtown

Kaikoura (185 km N) Carrickfin Lodge, Mill Road. Fyffe Country Lodge, 458 State Highway 1, Peketa. [CA][AMA] Kaikoura Boutique Hotel, 146 Esplanade.

Marlborough Donegal House, Schoolhouse Road. Old St Marys Convent, 776 Rapaura Rd Blenheim. Timara Lodge, Dog Point Rd RD 2.

Nelson (424 km N) Cambria House, 7 Cambria Street. Cedarwood Lodge, 55 Selbourne Ave. Kimeret Place Boutique B&B, 78 Bronte Road East, Nr Mapua. Pigeon Valley Lodge, Pigeon Valley Rd. Stonefly Lodge, 3256 Motueka Valley Highway. Te Puna Wai Lodge, 24 Richardson St.

Picton Furneaux Lodge, Endeavour Inlet. Raetihi Lodge, Double Bay, Kenepuru Sound, RD 2. The Gables, 20 Waikawa Road.

Queen Charlotte Snd (350 km N) Bay of Many Coves Resort, Arthurs Bay. Craglee Lodge, Bay of Many Coves. [L][AMA]

South IslandWest Arthur’s Pass (145 km W) Wilderness Lodge Arthur’s Pass, State Highway 73.

Arrowtown House, 10 Caernarvon St. Millbrook Resort, Malaghans Rd.

Dunedin Brothers Boutique Hotel, 295 Rattray Street. Hulmes Court Bed & Breakfast, 52 Tennyson Street. Larnach Lodge, 145 Camp Road.

Queenstown (486 km SW) Amokura Lodge, 351 Frankston Road. Anna’s Cottage, 67 Thompson St. Barn at Moonlight Country (The), Morven Ferry Road. Browns Boutique Hotel, 26 Isle Street. Central Ridge Boutique Hotel, 4 Sydney St. [BB] Coronet View Deluxe B&B and Apartments, 30 Huff St. Dairy Private Luxury Hotel (The), Cnr Isle & Brecon Sts. Eichardt’s Private Hotel, Marine Parade.

Goldridge Resort 594 Frankton Road Ph: 643 442 6500 Fax: 643 442 7898 Grand views to inspire you! Spacious landscaped grounds. Recently refurbished accommodation. Lake view, courtyard and family rooms. Bisto restaurant, bar, fireplace, balcony dining, tennis court, spa tub, shuttle service. [DBB] E-mail: Web:

Matakauri Lodge, Glenorchy Road. Remarkables Lodge, State Highway 6. [L][DBB] Spire (The), Church Lane. Stoneridge Estate, 756 State Highway 6.

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advertisers town index




Albert Park....................VIC, Melbourne City & Suburbs.....................66

Jingili............................NT, Darwin......................................................58

Queenstown.................New Zealand, South Island............................96

Alexandra.....................VIC, North East Country.................................72

Jenolan Caves...............NSW, Blue Mountains....................................20

Apollo Bay....................VIC, South West/Great Ocean Road...............74



Kalorama......................VIC, Yarra Valley/Dandenongs.......................70

R Richmond.....................TAS, Southern................................................83 Robertson.....................NSW, Southern Highlands.............................38

Ballandean...................QLD, Granite Belt............................................57

Kangaroo Island...........SA, Fleurieu Peninsula...................................61


Katoomba.....................NSW, Blue Mountains....................................18

Beaumont.....................NSW, South Coast..........................................34

Keswick Island..............QLD, Whitsunday Islands...............................44

Beechmont...................QLD, Gold Coast Hinterland...........................46


Rydal.............................NSW, Blue Mountains....................................20

Launceston...................TAS, Northern.................................................86


Berry.............................NSW, South Coast..........................................34 Bicheno.........................TAS, Northern.................................................80 Bowral..........................NSW, Southern Highlands.............................38 Bundanoon...................NSW, Southern Highlands.............................31

Lakes Entrance..............VIC, South East Coast Gippsland....................76 Lord Howe Island.........NSW, Lord Howe Island.................................28

Rothbury......................NSW, Hunter Valley........................................21 Rotorua.........................New Zealand, North Island............................95 Running Stream...........NSW, Mudgee area........................................24

Sofala............................NSW, Central West.........................................24 South Perth..................WA, Perth City & Suburbs..............................63

Byron Bay.....................NSW, Far North Coast.....................................28



McLaren Vale................SA, Fleurieu Peninsula...................................61

Strahan.........................TAS, Northern.................................................83

Malanda.......................QLD, Cairns & Tropical North..........................48 Mapleton......................QLD, Sunshine Coast & Hinterland................52


Margaret River..............WA, Margaret River Region...........................83

Table Cape....................TAS, Northern.................................................86

Melbourne....................VIC, Melbourne..............................................67

Tanunda........................SA, Barossa Valley..........................................61

Metung.........................VIC, SE Coast & Gippsland.............................76

Tamborine Mountain...QLD, Gold Coast & Hinterland........................57

Milton...........................NSW, South Coast..........................................34

Taupo............................NZ, North Island.............................................92

Mollymook...................NSW, Mid South Coast . ................................35

Tumut...........................NSW, Snowy Mountains................................35

Caboolture....................QLD, Sunshine Coast......................................52 Caloundra.....................QLD, Sunshine Coast......................................52 Cairns............................QLD, Cairns & Tropical North..........................48 Cape Bridgewater.........VIC, Great Ocean Road...................................74 Cape Otway..................VIC, Great Ocean Road...................................74 Cepaka..........................BALI, Indonesia .............................................90

Springbrook..................QLD, Gold Coast & Hinterland........................47

Corinna.........................TAS, Northern.................................................85

Moina...........................TAS, Northern . ..............................................86


Mount Beauty..............VIC, High Country/Snowfields.......................77


Mount Gambier............SA, Limestone Coast......................................61

Vacy..............................NSW, Hunter Valley........................................21

Daylesford.....................VIC, Macedon Ranges/Spa............................79

Mudgee........................NSW, Mudgee Valley......................................24

Dubbo...........................NSW, Central West ........................................24

Munduk........................Bali ................................................................90

Dungog.........................NSW, Barrington Tops....................................22


Murwillumbah.............NSW, Far North Coast . ..................................11

Wentworth Falls...........NSW, Blue Mountains....................................20



Woodbridge.................TAS, Southern................................................84

Gembrook.....................VIC, Yarra Valley/Dandenongs ......................69

Ninderry.......................QLD, Sunshine Coast & Hinterland................52

Gianyar.........................BALI, Indonesia .............................................90

Nowra...........................NSW, South Coast..........................................34


Glenelg.........................SA, Adelaide & Suburbs . ..............................61

Nusa Dua......................Bali.................................................................90

Yarra Glen.....................VIC, Yarra Valley..............................................69


Yarra Junction...............VIC, Yarra Valley..............................................69

Gulgong........................NSW, Mudgee Valley . ...................................24


Oatlands.......................TAS, Southern................................................80

Halls Gap......................VIC, Western Districts/Grampians.................80

Olinda...........................VIC, Yarra Valley/Dandenongs.......................70

Hamilton Island............QLD, Coastal & Offshore Islands . ..................44 Hernani.........................NSW, New England . .....................................31


Hobart..........................TAS, Hobart....................................................84

Peregian Beach.............QLD, Sunshine Coast......................................52

Hokitika........................New Zealand, South Island............................96

Port Arthur...................TAS, Southern................................................84

Holloways Beach..........QLD, Cairns & Tropical North..........................48

Port Fairy......................VIC, South West/Great Ocean Rd...................74

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UPS#35_097 IBC Adv Index.indd 97

Woodend......................VIC, Macedon Ranges/Spa............................79



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