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*$35 Price Includes: Live African music, drumming & dancing Food – drink – coffee/tea – dessert 1 event door prize ticket & silent auction bid # 3 FUN tickets for activities &other stuff (Face painting, party hats ®, buttons, mask art and other creative activities (for kids of all ages) readings, chair massage, slushee & much more ! Presents

FUN FOR ALL AGES! Family packages available – No one turned away Ages 7-13 half price Kids 6 and under- FREE

The 5th

Annual Make a Joyful Noise

Family Fun & Fundraising Gala


1/$15 or 2/$25 **Prize Drawing Only (**prize is a 2-night stay at Westin in downtown San Diego on Broadway w/ Dining- a $500 + value-some restrictions applyNEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN)

Saturday June 8th, 2013 2-6 PM

*suggested donation $45 day of event

Where: Centro Cultural de la Raza

2004 Park Blvd. San Diego (619) 235-6135 Proceeds benefit Jamie’s Joy MemorialBalboa Fund atPark the San Diego Foundation, where we rememberFree Jamie, by raising Parking TTHHIISS EEVVEENNTT AALLRREEAADDYY HHAASS TTHHEE SSUUPPPPO ORRTT O OFF funds for programs that help children. The majority of this For info or tickets call SSAANN DDIIEEGGO OM MAAYYO ORR BBO OBB FFIILLNNEERR year fund is granting to the Monarch School 619-282-2553 or go online to CCIITTYY CCO OUUNNCCIILL W WO OM MAANN M MAARRTTYY EEM MEERRAALLDD SSAANN DDIIEEGGO O SSCCHHO OO OLL DDIISSTTRRIICCTT VVIICCEE PPRREESSIIDDEENNTT KKEEVVIINN BBEEIISSEERRIt reflects Jamie’s Spirit of Love Go to website DDIISSTTRRCCIITT AATTTTO ORRNNEEYY BBO ONNNNIIEE DDUUM MAANNIISS -see back or go to website forTo more the event . use details credit on card/PayPal M MAANNYY O OFF W WHHO OM MW WIILLLL BBEE IINN AATTTTEENNDDAANNCCEE W WEE HHO OPPEE FFO ORR YYO OUURR SSUUPPPPO ORRTT TTO OO O!!

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This year’s silent auction promises to have even more great deals Donations are coming in daily and so far include: Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo, plays& movie passes or more entertainment Massage, acupuncture, & chiropractic care, nail salon, hair care, Tax prep, yard work, auto services, handyman, living trust, computer service, childcare, house cleaning, cable services, airline tickets, outdoor activities (trapeze, trampoline & rock climbing) Art, jewelry, tattoo art, floral arrangements, photography Restaurants, retail stores & gift baskets of all kinds * Items based on requests made & subject to change Guilt Free Shopping = saving $$$$$$$ while supporting worthy organizations that help kids See back for info. on this year’s recipients

Jamie’s Joy Memorial Fund started in May 2002 after a car accident took the life of 5-year-old Jamie Mychael Morgan Bratton-McNeeley. As a tribute to Jamie, family and friends came together to form a memorial fund at the San Diego Foundation to honor his legacy. Although his life was cut short, Jamie’s contagious spirit continues through his legacy of: love, joy, peace and connection. This year we are raising funds for mentorship programs, which are dedicated to helping at-risk teens in San Diego complete high school and encourage their continued education into college or trade schools.

The District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Board This effort builds leadership in youth and has them spread the message about making positive choices while encouraging education and volunteerism. The panel was created to inform the District Attorney about youth issues affecting the community. Students from Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, Lincoln, and Morse High schools participate. Each group is working on a campaign aimed at peers to address issues at their school and in their community. More information is available at 

The Somali-Bantu Association This organization provides tutoring and soccer activities for refugee youth and advocates for access to healthcare, professional and other resources to help families in transition. More information is available at: Jamie's Joy is staffed by volunteers so all funds raised go to non-profits organizations For more on these programs and all of this year's recipients including the others listed below visit: ADDITIONAL GRANTS GIVEN EACH YEAR TO: Save a Child Foundation, as well community programs that help heal the bereaved such as Rady’s Children Hospital- HOPE program, The Jenna Druck Foundation &The Compassionate Friends.

You give to Jamie; he continues to give to the world. Because his work isn’t done and his love still exists


Tax-deductible donations accepted all through the San Diego Foundation. Receipt sent at time of donation

Make check payable to: Jamie’s Joy Fund/SDF

Send To: The San Diego Foundation 2508 Historic Decatur Rd #200 San Diego, CA 92106 Or donate: by credit card call 619-235-2300

Make a Joyful Noise Family Funraising Event  

You will wan tobe there SATURDAY June 8th @ Centro Cultural in Balboa Park. at the 5th Jamie's Joy Event. Including food, live music,a huge...

Make a Joyful Noise Family Funraising Event  

You will wan tobe there SATURDAY June 8th @ Centro Cultural in Balboa Park. at the 5th Jamie's Joy Event. Including food, live music,a huge...