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Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010

My ‘View’: please just grow up ladies By Ariel Crawford Staff Writer If “The View” ladies can’t grow up and handle serious discussions about current events and politics without storming off like third graders then they really need to stick to talking about topics like helping viewers find jeans for their body shape and who got kicked off “Dancing with the Stars” because they are out of control. On Thursday, Oct. 14 pundit Bill O’Reilly was the guest on the popular daytime ABC talk show. Things went smoothly until the topic of building a mosque at ground zero came up. O’Reilly launched into a rant straight from the desk of a Fox News writer. Hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg didn’t handle his opinions well. The women went on their own tangents and were especially upset over the fact that O’Reilly did not separate Muslim extremists from the majority of Muslims who live peacefully in America. What began as a heated debate quickly spiraled into a screaming match. Behar and Goldberg stormed off stage. They both eventually came back but refused to sit near O’Reilly. But the damage had already been done and Barbara Walters was already angry with the women for their completely immature and unprofessional behavior. “We should be able to have discussions without washing our hands and screaming and walking off stage,” she said to cameras just moments after her co-hosts left the stage. Within minutes, news of the feud was everywhere. A video clip of the show on Youtube has 976,448 hits and “The View” devoted a good chunk of it’s show the following Monday to addressing the incident.

O’Reilly feels he was in the right and stands by what he said on “The View.” He was quoted by “Entertainment Weekly” on Oct. 18 as saying “I condemn the far-left fanatics who label the people with whom they don’t agree as bigots. That’s what Joy Behar did again today. Feminists need to get “The View” cancelled. If not feminists then someone— anyone really. Because it has done nothing for women but to further the stereotypes that they are catty, incapable of working with other women in a group or team, over-emotional drama queens who can’t seriously solve problems. Almost anyone can rattle off at least a few of the infamous “View” feuds. It’s not like there’s a shortage. Rosie vs. Donald Trump, Elizabeth Hasselback vs. Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg vs. John McCain, Star Jones vs. all the other co-hosts, the list goes on. This is all very ironic considering a very serious woman and journalist Barbara Walters created “The View.” The show premiered in 1997 as a talk show that would showcase women from all walks of life talking candidly but also intellectually and fairly about many issues. One wonders how has a woman famous for her interviews with people like Fidel Castro, Boris Yelstein, Indira Ghandi, Sir Lawrence Oliver and Katherine Hepburn continues to let her co-hosts act this way with little to no repercussions for their actions. Certainly her superiors at “20/20” or her old bosses at “ABC Evening News” would never stand for such behavior. The most professional, mature thing for Behar and Goldberg to do would have been to let O’Reilly simply say his peace. He was a guest on their show and should have been treated with respect. Excusing Behar and Goldberg’s behavior by saying that O’Reilly wasn’t being respectful to them

personally doesn’t hold up either. Because O’Reilly wasn’t being disrespectful to either of them but he was very disrespectful to Muslims, and particularly Muslim-Americans, whom he apparently cannot tell apart from Middle-Eastern Muslim extremists. I don’t agree with Bill O’Reilly on almost anything. I also recognize that O’Reilly isn’t going to change. He has a job to do and a reputation to uphold in order to do that job. People are not going to tune in to the “O’Reilly Factor” if they think he’s gone soft. Just like people won’t watch “Jersey Shore” if the cast is sober for more than 15 minutes an episode. This whole ‘I’m mad as hell at the liberal establishment and not going to take it anymore’ bit O’Reilly does could be a complete act cleverly crafted by Fox News to gain viewership. Stephen Colbert does it every night on his show The Colbert Report when he plays an ultra-conservative character who refers to O’Reilly as Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly. He also did it when he appeared on “The View” just five days after the O’Reilly incident. While there, he told Goldberg “You were being rude to Bill” and after debating with the two women for a few minutes stormed off the stage mockingly. O’Reilly also isn’t going to change because it’s very profitable to be him. According to Forbes his total earnings last year came in at $9 million. Although we may say differently many of us would take $9 million over being liked by everyone. Just because he’s controverstial doesn’t mean O’Reilly should have to change. He’s not hurting anyone and has a huge following. O’Reilly and his Fox News buddies are also responsible for stirring up a lot of important debate. There were alternatives for dealing with O’Reilly. The easiest would have been to

tell O’Reilly that they respectfully disagreed with them and stated why. Then, they could have continued on to discuss other topics and finished the interview. Behar and Goldberg could have popped O’Reilly’s proverbial bubble by pointing out that Americans killed thousands of Japanese by dropping the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only time the atomic bomb has ever been used in history, but there are still friendly U.S.-Japanese relations or that Americans fire bombed the city of Dresden and killed at least 22,700 people, all of them being German civilians. Yet, Germany has not cut all ties with America. If you think O’Reilly is laughable and that the things, which come out of his mouth are absurd then show us. Make your viewer see how silly and irrational it all is. It’s not that difficult to poke fun at ultraconservatives. Writers at The Daily Show and The Onion do it for a living. There will always be something that we don’t like or maybe hate about our work. Sometimes, this might be a person. But part of being a reasonable and productive adult is learning how to deal with those things and people we don’t like in a mature and professional way. An apology to O’Reilly is not necessary, he wouldn’t accept it anyway. The ladies should admit that they acted inappropriately though and ABC needs to think about administering more than just a slap on the wrist to these ladies. If African-Americans can deal with the fact that Don Imus is on the radio everyday and Jewish people can live with the fact that there are holocaust deniers then I’m fully confident that Joy Behar and Whoppi Goldberg can sit on a couch with Bill O’Reilly without having a tempter tantrum.

New rules make the game too soft By Olivia Torrence Staff Writer NHL, to me, means a lot of hard hits and a lot of fighting. Lately many of those hits have been too hard and out of control. The referees have finally decided to take matters into their own hands and now players will be penalized for illegal checking to the head. Players will now be charged with a major penalty on the spot if officials believe that it was an intentional check to the head. Due to the major penalty, the player will also be automatically charged with a game misconduct penalty. If a player is charged with a game-misconduct penalty, it will automatically result in a two-game suspension. The exact play that the refs are talking about is when the player comes from the lateral or socalled blind side and deliberately hits the player in the head. This exact play has happened well over 100 times in NHL history so why change it now? More than 90 percent of people watch hockey games solely for the hitting. I know for a fact that’s the only reason I watch the

sport. I don’t care about six people skating around a small ice rink chasing each other for the puck. The goalies are all bigger than the actual goal itself, so yeah the goals scored are cool, but nothing else about the sport is cool, to me. I know I make up 1 percent of the population that watches the NHL but they’re losing a lot of viewers just like me. Now the hitting of the head is a little outrageous but the NFL players are handling it. Aren’t the NHL players just as tough? NHL players knew what they were signing up for when they decided to play this sport 25 years ago. I do agree with them keeping the players as safe as possible. Considering they get checked into humongous plastic boards, get tripped and get into full-blown fist fights on the ice rink. Cracking down on the head checking is really getting their point across. The ironic thing about the general managers getting together and proposing this rule and being so serious about it, is that this only takes care of one of the dangerous things that happens in just this one sport. The NFL is trying to get their hitting under control while the MLB is trying to get their hitting under control since everyone is on steroids. It seems

to me that the athletes have taken these sports into their own hands and took over. Can I remind you that these players are skating at rapid speeds and more than likely can’t slow themselves down on the blow of a whistle? And can I also remind you that all of these players are skating at rapid speeds in attempt to steal the puck from one another? They’ve been taught to hit these players since they started playing. Although this mct rule has not yet been Several athletic leagues are worried for players health as more athletes expassed, it more than perience the ramifications of hard or poorly placed hits. likely will be. All the general managers are different story. worse. sitting at home crying about how Nicholas Cotsonika, NHL YaThis debate is going to go on their players are getting hit and hoo sports writer, made a very forever, because let’s face it, the getting hurt in the process. When good point. “What is the fine line league can’t please everyone. “We will the madness end? between dirty and dangerous?” need to tell our players what’s acDid you also notice that the Many players are called dirty and ceptable and what’s not going foronly people complaining about many are called dangerous. How ward. We have to take this hit out these hits are the people who are do you know which category you of the game,” Toronto GM Brian taking them? Their coaches are fall into as a player? No one likes Burke stated. Ha. Good luck with complaining and complaining but to be called dirty, but now if you that one. if that was their player doing the lay someone out, you hope that hitting, it would be a completely it’s just dirty, and not something


Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010

The Loquitur 7

Making better use of your free time By Jeny Varughese Staff Writer Many of us feel like we have too much time on our hands sometimes but don’t know how to use it effectively. Also, we sometimes struggle to pay attention in class not knowing why. These are all a result of not having the motivational drive to do well in school. There are several easy steps that you can take to have the drive to do something and to want to succeed in life. 1. Support System: Having a good support system is key. At times you may find everything in life to be difficult and hard to handle. It’s very beneficial to surround yourself with people who understand you and can encourage rather than discouraging you with your decisions. 2. Inspiration: Inspiration comes in different forms. For some, it comes from reading books, listening to music and for others it might come from a role model. It can also come from our religious beliefs and practices. 3. Set realistic goals: The key to setting goals is to have realistic goals. Set goals for you to accomplish each day. The best way to do this is to make up a study schedule and follow that so you can stay on track. 4. Prioritize: Prioritizing can be hard to do sometimes, but it is an important step in being successful. Ask yourself what is the most important thing in your life and then act accordingly. Always weigh your options and pick the best possible task that is beneficial to your future. 5. Speak up in class: The main mistake everyone makes is to shy away in class. If you don’t understand something in class, it’s always better to ask questions. Don’t shy away thinking that it’s a stupid question because someone else might have the same question. 6. Ask for help: If you find you don’t understand something there are ways to get help. Resources such as learning centers and tutoring are available to be taken advantage of. Another option is to meet with your teacher and talk about the problems you might be having and figure out a way to solve the issue. 7. Study Habits: Everyone learns in different ways. Having good note-taking skills goes a long way when it comes to studying. Also, find the style that best suites you. Some people understand better visually others are auditory learners. Once you find how you learn best continue using that skill to study. 8. Distraction: If you know what distracts you it’s best to avoid those situations. When you sit down to study, find a quiet and peaceful place so you can focus on your task. Keep personal problems and school separate, don’t let one affect the other. 9. Self -Confidence: Having confidence in yourself is a positive attitude. We have to believe in ourselves and our abilities. When you are confident in your abilities you are less likely to procrastinate. 10. Reward: Rather than taking long breaks, take short 10-minute breaks in between assignments. Taking short breaks can be rewarding especially when you work hard to accomplish something. When you finish a task take a few minutes for yourself before moving on to the next thing. The most important thing to remember is that no matter what your situation is; always stay positive and strive to do better each day.

all photos trevor wallace / news editor

Trevor Wallace, senior English major, backpacked through Europe in 2009. Top: in Rome Bottom left: in The Louvre in Paris and bottom right: in Zurich, Switzerland with friends.

Study hard and do you homework but

please, pursue your passion By Trevor Wallace News Editor Many students come to college in hopes of finding a niche where they can excel in a certain field of interest. Students are taught that if they spend enough time learning a subject, they’ll be able to graduate with a degree and find a job that they’ll love. Or at least that’s what we’re told to believe. Fortunately enough for me, an English writer and aspiring journalist, I’ve not only found a practical field to enter after I graduate but I’ve also found that I have a passion that allows me to do exactly what I want when I graduate. I can travel the world. I grew up in Los Angeles thinking that my little bubble of reality was all there was. But then, I guess as a part of growing up, I realized that there was more to my life than Southern California. So I decided to travel. I traveled to Philadelphia for school and came here, to Cabrini College. I went as far as I possibly could from what I knew and threw myself into a whole new world. I haven’t looked back since. In the summer of 2009, I was blessed with having the opportunity to backpack through Europe with close friends of mine from home. We hitched our way through

Western Europe staying with friends, riding the rails and immersing ourselves in cultures that once seemed worlds away. As it might be for anyone, culturally, idealistically and personally I was a changed man. Not only was I exposed to new types of people but new traditions and foods, landscapes and lifestyles. Becoming a world traveler was now my No. 1 goal. In the here and now, I’m just a little over a semester from graduating college. Fresh off of a cross-country road trip, a chapter in my life is closing and the next one is about to begin. Most college students try and find a job immediately after they graduate. That’s fine and all, more power to them. But I’d like to do things a little differently. Sure I’d like to have a job but I still need to fulfill that goal of mine that requires me to see places like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South America, Africa and so forth. That’s why I’ve decided to pursue programs such as the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), which allow individuals to receive room and board in return for volunteering on farms around the world and the TEFL Institute where individuals teach English to ESL (English as a Second Language) students in a variety of countries. Programs like these are a great way for raw, young adults to understand new cultures and diverse people while at the same

time helping to make the world a better place. As an English major, teaching English to non-English speakers is a great way to perfect my skills as well as teach the language and see new and exciting places. Now of course I’m not saying to totally blow off your plans for after college but wouldn’t it be exciting to hop on a plane as a young and vibrant adult and spend a year in say, New Zealand? I know for me, this is something I want to do and something I am going to do. Now of course programs like WWOOF don’t pay a salary, they only provide room and board. The TEFL Institute does pay a small salary along with room and board, however. But even so, I would say the experiences and lifetime memories one can gain doing something like this pales in comparison to a salary spent on brand name clothes, my BlackBerry, car payments or an Xbox Live subscription. I want to meet new people, I want to see new places and I want to feel new emotions. Traveling is how I can do that. Please keep in mind these programs I have mentioned and the many more out there like them. Don’t get caught up in a rigid structure of how you should spend the next 50 years of your life. Remember that it’s your life. Do with it what you want. With that said, I think I’ll do a bit of traveling.

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