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TOPIC: Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers th

Date: November 24 , 2011

Subject: Grade 3 Math

Outcomes: Number Sense

Pre-Assessment: -Review of place values on smart board

At the end of the lesson students will be able to…. Specific Outcome #6 Describe and apply mental mathematics strategies for adding two 2-digit numerals, such as: • adding from left to right • taking one addend to the nearest multiple of ten and then compensating • using doubles. Specific Outcome #5 Illustrate, concretely and pictorially, the meaning of place value for numerals to 1000. Specific Outcome #7 Describe and apply mental mathematics strategies for subtracting two 2-digit numerals, such as: • taking the subtrahend to the nearest multiple of ten and then compensating • thinking of addition • using doubles.

Post Assessment: -Go card from teacher to leave for recess -Answer challenge question correctly

ICT Outcome: C6 Students will use technology to investigate and/or solve problems. C6-1.3 Use technology to support and present conclusions

Time 3-5 minutes

7-10 minutes

Teaching Points Anticipatory Set- Video: Magic Math, Place Value & Digits -Review hundreds, tens, ones from last day on smart board. Put a question up and then have volunteers come up to show me where the hundreds, tens, and ones places are. Input: numerals, thousands, hundreds, tens, ones

Modeling- On smart board, show some example of really easy two digit adding, then move into a few examples of two digit numbers.(CFU) Input: Addend, subtrahend, doubles, carrying, from left to right

7-10 minutes

Guided Practice- After handing out individual whiteboards put a question on the board and have everyone in class work through it together as a team.

8-12 minutes

Independent Practice- Put 5 or 6 questions on the board, give the students 10 minutes to answer them on their whiteboards. Make a rule they must do on their own or ask a buddy (peer teaching) next to them for help. Once they are done the question they can check their answer with calculator. Once 10 minutes is up, quickly run through answers and take up any questions the students have. (CFU)

3-5 minutes

Closure- Using little whiteboards again, give a challenge question to students. Once they complete it correctly and teacher checks it they may put their board away and go for recess/lunch.

References(text or electronic)

Displays/Materials -Smartboard -Whiteboards -Erasers/Markers -Calculators


Explain carrying numbers! Draw lines to show paths Whiteboards in Closet Start easy, move to harder Make sure they ask each other for assistance before teacher

Grade 3 Lesson Plan  

Subtracting and adding 2-digti numbers

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