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Local in-a-box Prepared January 28th, 2013

Concept Philanthropic campaign to promote buying locally and exemplify Groupon’s foundation and commitment to building local business. Objectives These materials are both consumer/merchant facing. They are to be utilized in merchant shops but ultimately will be in the hands of consumers.

Who are our Merchants? 41% Beauty/Wellness/Healthcare 19% Food & Drink 18% Leisure/Activities 17% Services

What deliverables make sense? Bill Inserts (all merchant types can use as an insert or business card) Coasters (merchants would use without little prompting) Window Stickers (all merchants could use without little prompting) Poster Buttons Microsite (link from collateral where customers provide merchant testimonials)

The Name/Logo • Will not include Groupon branding in headline name.

The Name/Logo • Will not include Groupon branding in headline name.


• Endearing.

• Heart can be overused

• Established equity. Swag- very popular! • Thank you for ‘loving local.’ • Short and sweet.

The Name/Logo • Will not include Groupon branding in headline name.


• Inspiring.

• Groupon Goods (we would detract from our brand)

• Ownable.

• Getaways (we are putting travel agencies out)

• Short and sweet.

• Focus is on you and where you live not on community

Tag Line / Phrasing Inspiration • Call to action possibly including the words ‘local business’.

You are here and here is a local business.

Tag Line / Phrasing Inspiration

Shop Local < Love Local Many service providers, banks, restaurants and others don’t necessarily feel “shop” messaging benefits them. “Buy local” is somewhat more inclusive. “Go local” (and independent) or “Choose Local and Independent” moreso.

Tag Line / Phrasing Inspiration

Try before you buy. Groupon allows consumer to “try it local” at a discounted rate and then continue to “but it local.”

Tag Line / Phrasing Inspiration • Call to action including the words ‘local business’.

Thank you for buying from a local business. Thank you for loving local.

Tag Line / Phrasing Inspiration

Why did you choose to live here? What keeps you living here?

Inspiration/Direction Screen Prints- blend roll. Letter Pressed. Why this direction? Local businesses are innovators, artisans who create one-of-kind experiences for us to live richer more exciting lives. Aesthetically this look is fresh, modern and playful. Samples/Inspiration:

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW? YOU ARE WHERE… Your tab doesn’t require a credit card.

You had your first date and first anniversary.

You got your first bike and your kids’ first bikes.

You’re immortalized the wall of eating-challenge champs.

Your service reminders arrive in a handwritten card.

You remember when there was only one employee.

You hear, “I knew you since you were this big,” every time.

You get a little something extra, on the house.

Your in-laws insist on going shopping when they visit.

You can special-order things that even the Web can’t find.

You get the friends and family discount.

You took the earnings from your first lost tooth.

You can order items that aren’t on the menu. You celebrated your 6th, 8th, and 12th birthday parties.

You are where you’ll always feel at home. You are here. And here is a local business.

What we can refine • overall length • Concise statements (2 words). • More range to stories (deal type inspiration to follow)

• Call to action. ‘ You are here and here is a local business’ or ‘thank you for supporting local business’ • Coin a phrase? ‘Love’ ... love local.

Memories/Deal Types Adrenaline skydiving

Happy Hour- (BYO)

Party Planner

Always Learning- French

Healthy Livingpilates/yoga class

Perfect Gentleman

BYO/Craft Beer Crafty- glassblowing Cultural Pursuitsmuseum tour Date Night- movies Foodie- fancy cuisine Fresh Air- sailing GNO- bachelorette party Good for Kidsdiscovery museum Great Outdoors- skiing Green Thumbcommunity garden “class”

Home Improvement Let’s Do Brunch Lighter Footprintbicycle purchase Movie Buff- combine with Date Night Nester New Car Smell Night Owl Once in a Lifetime Pampered

Pet Lover- groom Quick Bites- sammy Rainy Day- movie Road Trip Simple Pleasures cupcakes/morning coffee Sporting Lifesports game Swimsuit Season Tea Time The Finer Things- sailing Will Call- sports game

Naming strategy  
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