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Jess Sarrasin Inner City State Reylee The orange flames licked the black starry backdrop of the cool fall night, the crackling from the fire arose over the giggling and flirtatious coos of a late night bon fire with friends. I was cuddled up on the two-seater bench similar to the ones you'd find in public parks next to Tray, He looked up at me from the fire, it reflected in his eyes emphazing the passion I could already see in them. Kara was dancing around the fire chasing her boyfriend Skyler. Xavior was in the house looking for a extra hoodie for an extra hoodie for Savanah and a bag of marshmellows while Savanah waited on the deck. Skyler tripped on his own feet and Kara fell on top of him giggling. Kara was my friend so we often claimed we were sisters, although we looked nothing alike. Kara had long blackish hair and green eyes, she was also quite a bit shorter than me too. I was taller...well not much, but still more than Kara. I had hazel eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Xavior was my other best friend: even though he was a guy we looked more alike so we liked to joke around about being twins. Xavior had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. He was also a few inches taller than I was. Not only that but our birthdays were only a few weeks apart so we convinced some guy at school that we actually were twins. Xavior came out of the house and handed Savanah a brown hoodie. She flashed him a beaming smile and he immediately took her into his arms. Her perfect smile and darklined blue eyes seemed to bring out the best in him. He loved everything about her and they seemed to give "My better half." a whole new meaning. Kara got up and wolf whistled at the two infactuaded love birds on the deck. Xavior shot her one of those kind of looks when you just know your going to get it. Savanah blush and hid her face in Xavior's arms. Skyler, Tray and I giggled. Skyler pushed Kara over to throw her off while he stole her precious iPod and ran away with it. Tray's brown eyes widened when I ducked to avoid Skyler's big hand dangling Kara's iPod over our heads. Kara snatched it when he lowered his hand to tease her and Tray tightened his warm arms around me. Tray This is such an amazing night. I thought to myself. It was so nice hanging out with my friends outside of school, where we could be our selves and not care about who we'd piss off. I twirled Raylee's hair between my index finger and my thumb and holding her as close as I possibly could. I wanted this night to last forever...but I knew it could't because I'd be in Montreal all long weekend playing gigs in bars. I had to leave early saturday morning which really wasn't that far away. I had to be int he city early so I would have time to get a fake ID from a friend who's Uncle used to be a cop otherwise I would'nt be able to get into the bar. I was still a year too young. Just then the fire popped and a rush of insperation came over me. I started whispering poetry I had just made up know in the heat of the fire and "pop" of insperation to Reylee, subcontiously she leaned into me to

hear my soft spoken words better. Saturday morning came fast and it was six AM. I rubbed my groggy eyes and headed for the shower. The cool water felt good dripping down my back. Taking a shower every morning was the highlight of my day, that is of course, except for every moment I spend with Reylee. The sound of running water was calming and gave me time to think. I didn't get much time to think since my mom got re-married to that bloke of a stepdad. I turned the tap off and grabbed a towel. I put on a fresh pair of boxers and a fresh hoodie and continued packing. I didn't want to be late...I had to meet Reylee at the airport before I got on my plane. I saw Reylee leaning against her new slick black car my grandmother had bought her for her birthday. She took a step towards my two year old yellow car as it rolled to a stop. Reylee pratically attacked me with a longing hug before I could even slam the door behind me. She always hugged me this way before I left on a somewhat long trip, I didn't mind it tell you the truth these hugs always seemed to last forever and I loved that feeling. I let her go and looked into her eyes. I could tell she was worried...probablly about the fake ID or long plane ride. She didn't like flying because of all the 9/11 crap and that stupid new movie Snakes on a Plane. "I be back before you'll even know I'm gone." I tried to re-assure her as best I could. It was almost like we were telepathically connected somehow. We could always tell what each other was thinking. I turned her around so she was facing away from me and I wrapped my arms around her waist. She had to tilt her head up so I could kiss her goodbye. "I love you." I said as i slid one of my favorite black leather wrist bands off. I grabbed Reylee's hand and slid it over her wrist and she traced the metal nautical star with her fingures. "Keep it with you, and don't argue with me, please." I knew secretly she'd feel better if she had something of mine with her while I was gone. Raylee had a tendancy of thinking too much and getting over worried. "I love you too baby..." She replied sneaking in a quick kiss before she walked away. "See you Monday." I proceeded to the loading area and climbed up the stairs to the huge plane. My feet felt as though I had a giant weight attached to my ankel and someone helped lift it up when I took and step and let it drop when my foot slammed down on the next step. Josh our guitarist was right behind me and put his arm out across my back and pushed me the rest of the way up the stairs. He had agreed to drive out to catch a plane in Winnipeg with me from Dauphin. Inside the plane was nice and clean with red carpets down the isles and and four seats in each row on either side. Josh pulled the black electric guitar over his head messing up his perfectly straightened black hair. It was IMPOSSIBLE to seperate Josh from his guitar. It was his baby and he seemed to care about it more than his 3 year old sister. He started struming some non-sense toon he probablly just made up. The plane was practically empty. It was hard to believe a massive airliner like this could feel so deserted on a long weekend? Then again we were the only ones travelling first class. Our sponsor paid for all our bands transportantion and food. This was our second year playing gigs. We had 3 left to play for our sponsor before we get signed. "So you excited Tray?" Josh didn't even look up when he spoke he was still focused on tuning his trophy. "Yeah of course, we only got 3 gigs left! The we can work on putting a real record out." "Yeah Kanes excited too, I messaged him last night. He'll meet us at the Howler at 8

o'clock tonight with Chester. He said he's just going to pick up new strings for his bass first." "Sweet deal..." I rested my head on the head rest and drifted off into a light sleep. Josh woke me up with one very wet slobbery, boney finger in my ear. You'd think by almost 18 the boy would have a little more maturity than that. I was the more reserved one of the group...well except for when I'm on stage. Just then a voice came over the intercome asking all the passengers to fasten their seat belts for the landing. When we got off the airliner there was already a cab waiting for us. Courtesy of Johhny: our band manager. Headed straight for the Howler to meet Kane and Chester. Reylee "Get back here you stupid dog!" I yelled across the room. This kept getting better and better...first I burnt myself on my hair straightener when my mom made me jump this morning when she yelled at me for forgetting to take the garbage out last night. then Kara got mad at me for something I didn't do, after alot of yelling we got it settled but still. That was no fun at all fighting with your own sister. Oh it gets worse too, I just recieved a phone call about Tray's grandmother, who I practically adopted as my own...considering neither of our parents seem to want anything to do with us, was diagnosed with cancer, not only that but I had to tell him. I was just about to call Tray until my stupid mutt of a dog stole my cellphone. Besides I so desperatly wanted to hear the sound of his voice again. I miss him so much, and it hasn't even been 3 days yet. I needed to at least know if he was ok. Tray The crowd was going crazy! We were getting the audience all rowled up for the last three songs; Inner City State wanted to go out with a big finish, or as Chester described it earlyer "Going out with a bang." It sounded like a pretty good idea at the time. That is until, people started to throw things and one guy even slammed another guys back through an old antique jukebox and recieved one big tattooed elbow to the face. "Oh shit! Guys let's get the hell out of here before the cops show up!" I yelled back at Chester dropping my mic when I caught sight of the bar tender when she ran into the back room if a cellphone in hand and a frantic look on her face. Josh whipped his electric guitar around so it was on his back with the neck pointing to the floor and ripped the cord out and jumped off stage with me, Chester, and Kane following right behind him, pushing and shoving our way through a sea of angry drunk rioters. Josh turned around and delievered a swift punch in the face to some idiot who tried to grab his guitar on the way out the back door and into Johnny's navy blue mini van. All four of us squished into the very back off the van like a tin of sardines. Johnny floored the gas slamming our backs to the floor. The fit got even tighter when I felt kane's weight pressing me against Chester, Chester was being pushed intot he side of the van when I felt it fish tailing into the next ally to avoid the cops. The phone rang shortly after we checked into the hotel. It was Reylee so I shooshed the

adrenaline provoked howls of laughter. I flipped open the little red and silver band cell open, "Hey babe." I spoke cheerfully and excited. "Umm...hey..." She replied sounding flushed and tired. "I don't know how to say this..." "Say what my love?" My happy tone faded and the guys chuckles completely silenced now. I could feel the curiosity seaping through my flesh and every muscle in my body, I really didn'y know what to expect her to say next. "Your gramma has been diagnosed with lung cancer." Chester and Kane nudged my arm when my expression fell flat and unreadable. "Tray?" Johnny asked placing one large hand on my lean shoulder. I said nothing, nothing at all. The phone slipped out of my hand; although I had no feeling in my hands I was too concerned with olding back the tears. I loved Grams very much she was always there for Reylee and I. When the phone hit the floor it sounded like thunder. "Tray Taylor, Kane Thomas, Josh Luciene Blaze, Chester Burmingham! You are under arrest! Open this door right now!" No one moved. Every body stayed in it's place. "TRAY!" Reylee screamed into the phone, and the line went dead. One big black booted foot came right throw the door. There was no point in running there was nowhere left to go and we all knew that. There was no more glory, all I felt now was defeat. Reylee I sat there horrorfied of what was happening, I pressed my back to the wall trying to find a way out of this nightmare. What could they have done for the cops to demands the boys arrest, too want them so bad it sounded like they broke down the door, and my biggest worry: How was Tray taking the news? "I have to go..." I said aloud although no one was home to hear me. I grabebd my coat and bolted for the door. When I got to Kara's house Xavior was already there with Savanah just about to knock on her front door. They must have been just arriving. "Get in!" I shouted at them leaning over the empty passengers seat pushing the door open with one hand. "Why? What's wrong?" Xavior asked slight panic washing over him. Xavior always seemed to stay pretty calm but I could see it in his eyes. We could read each other like a book which is probablly why he felt panic. Xavior and Savanah piled in the back seat while Kara ran back to the house to grab her purse and jacket and yelled to her parents where she was going. Then she ran back to my car slamming the door behind her. It was Sunday evening bye the time we hit the out skirts of Montreal. From here-on in we would'nt be stopping for any bathroom breaks, we headed straight for the jail, which wasn't hard to find with the story on the news. "1 adult, and for boys in their late teens insighting a riot at a local bar and fled the scene." We had switched drivers half way so I could rest but I only started to doze off when we pulled into the jail parking lot. Everyone put their money together to bail them out. Even Skyler flew out from Manitoba to help the best he could. Tray was charged for insighting a riot, posession of a fake I.D and for being in a bar underage, all 5 were charged with damage fees and resisting arrest and Johhny's lisence was revoked for nearly running someone over. I was pretty ticked that Tray was the only one charged with insighting a riot considering it was the whole band. I don't know how that boy convinced the cops it was only him but he cared too much about his friends for his own good. "Is she ok?" "Is who ok?" I asked. "My Gramma."

"I don't think so Tray. She was diagnosed too late. She's not going to live much longer. We can leave soon so you can have a chance to say goodbye." I could tell Tray was fighting back tears. "There is good news though...your going to be a big brother..."

Inner City State  

A short story written in grade 9 for language arts class, that takes a look into my idea of what a young musician's life may look like, I wa...

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