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Brief Brand proposal for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Use the design theories researched in studio brief.


Win Yang Otl Aicher Lance Wyman Yusaku Kamekura

Beijing 2008 Munich 1972 Mexico 1968 Tokyo 1964



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Logo Promotional Material Pictograms Brand Guidelines Information & Wayfinding Web Presence Uniforms Print ephemera for staff.

The Brief


Produce a proposal for the branding and identity of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

How will the games be promoted? How will the design be communicated to people of all languages? How will the brand woe consistently over a variety of formats, media and platforms? How will the identity reflect a rich cultural heritage whilst upholding a modern aesthetic.

Concept/Proposition Use the theories of the graphic designers research in studio brief 1 into your work to create a long lasting identity for the upcoming Summer Olympic Games

Background The Summer Olympic Games haven't been hosted in Japan since Tokyo 1964. A logo has already been officially released for the Games in 2020.

Target Audience The audience for this brief is a universal audience, people from all languages will come to see, something such as sporting pictograms and wayfinding systems will need to surpass language. However, you are designing for English speaking visitors.

Mandatory Requirements

A strong concept behind the logo and strong execution of the branding and identity of the games. The design should be consistent over all platforms visually engaging.

2020 Olympic Bid

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo 1964 Yusaku Kamekura

“Legend has it that Kamekura forgot when he had to submit his design and on the day of the deadline got a phone call. He dashed this out in less than two hours.�

Tokyo 2020 Chris Edwards (Found on Behance)

“3rd Final Major Project, designing the visual language and visual identity for the proposed�

Madrid 2020 Lucas Gil-Turner (Found on Behance)

“Here we played with several concepts: M from Madrid + the infinite symbol, representing the diverse of nationalities and cultures present in the Olympics + crossroads, given Madrid´s location in the centre of the country.”

Rio 2016 Studio Lé (Found on Behance)

“I was inspired by the Rio colour pallete and by how every sport has his different movements (here focussing on taekwondo, judo and running)”

Prachi Kapadia (Found on Behance)

“A concept was created that incorporates the friendly, lighthearted, diverse Brazilian culture and pairs with existing logo elements of Rio 2016”


Design boards for studio brief 2  

Brand & Identity project for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

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