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November 2012

Thanksgiving MMJ-Style By Lacewing

Also in this issue: MMJ—What’s It Good For?, Growers Tips, Bud-o-Scopes, Elswehere on Marijuana, That’s Wierd, Edible Review and Recipe and More!

Slaving over a hot stove Thanksgiving MMJ-Style By: Lacewing

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People dream of the Thanksgiving feast all year ‘round. The turkey, baked in its own juices; mashed potatoes drowning in butter and gravy; veggies topped with melted cheese, maybe a little garlic; pumpkin pie topped with a heaping dollop of whipped cream. It’s best if every nutritional value is smothered in grease. Can’t you just smell it? Full Story on Page 6

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How to make:

Budtacular Banana Bread

Provided by: Tucker Eldridge

Ingredients Needed: 1/2 cup cannabis-margarine 2 cups all-purpose flour 3 bananas (very ripe) 1/2 cup sour cream or milk 1 tsp vanilla 2 eggs 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 cup sugar

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350째F. 2. Beat the margarine, eggs, sour cream (or milk), and sugar in a large bowl. 3. Add baking soda, cannabis-margarine, and vanilla. Add flour slowly while beating. When mixed, add the bananas and beat until mostly smashed. 4. Place in a greased loaf baking pan and bake for one hour, or until tooth pick comes out clean. 5. Allow to cool before serving.

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Slaving over a hot stove

Thanksgiving MMJ-Style

By: Lacewing People dream of the Thanksgiving feast all year ‘round. The turkey, baked in its own juices; mashed potatoes drowning in butter and gravy; veggies topped with melted cheese, maybe a little garlic; pumpkin pie topped with a heaping dollop of whipped cream. It’s best if every nutritional value is smothered in grease. Can’t you just smell it? Year after year, we never get sick of these classic foods. In my own family, a new dish is almost met with suspicion. “Who brought over the spinach quiche? Why would you do that?” Suggesting something like tofurkey would be a downright crime. We want to help take your Thanksgiving feast to a whole other level, without sacrificing the foods that you love. You really only need one extra ingredient: cannabis.

Cannabutter Recipe

Your Ingredients: 1 pound of unsalted butter (about 4 sticks) 1 oz. Finely ground medical marijuana Your Method: 1. Fill the larger pot with

water, not all the way to the top, just some at the bottom. 2. Grind your medical marijuana into as fine a powder as possible. 3. Cut up the sticks of butter into smaller pieces. 4. Put the butter into the smaller pot and place the smaller pot inside the bigger pot. Let it melt 5. Once it is melted, add the medical cannabis and stir it in, removing any clumps or it sticking to the sides. 6. Turn the stove top to a low heat and bring the water to a simmer. 7. Stir the butter and medical cannabis frequently. 8. Lower the heat and add more water. You’ll leave the double boiler on the stove for about 4-6 hours, so you’ll need to watch the water on occasion to make sure there is enough simmering. 9. PATIENCE is a virtue. Because the steam can only get so hot, you won’t burn the butter or the pan. This is why you can leave it on for as long as 6 hours. Leaving it on for that period of time is key as more THC will absorb and bind with the butter. 10. Once the time is up, take the top pot off of the large pot and let it cool for about 5 minutes. 11. In the meanwhile, get your storage container (Tupperware, reused yogurt container, etc.) and secure the cheesecloth over the top of it with a rubber band. 12. Slowly, start pouring the cannabutter mixture through the cheesecloth.

Then, with the remaining bud, carefully take the cheesecloth off and squeeze the remaining content into the storage container. 13. Store in the freezer until it hardens, use as needed in any recipe that calls for butter, and place back in the freezer for longer-term storage. By following this simple recipe, taken from, you can infuse the butter you use to cook all of your favorite meals with cannabis, turning an average turkey into a budtastic turkey, or your best dessert dish into something that will elevate your meal (in more ways than one) beyond anything you’ve had in previous years. “Some authors claim that oral consumption of cannabis, when properly cooked, is a more efficient way to absorb cannabinoids than smoking it. Oral consumption of cannabinoids can result in a similar psychoactive effect or ‘high’ as smoking marijuana, although it may be delayed or mitigated due to slower absorption of the THC from the digestive tract. Whereas the effects from smoking cannabis are usually felt within a few minutes, it can take up to two hours to reach full effects after ingesting it,” according to Wikipedia, the source of all information ever. It’s a bold choice to make, but your dinner guests will be more grate-

ful than ever for raising the bar and giving them a high like they’ve never known. And that’s what this holiday is all about— being grateful.

More Thanksgiving Highs! Turkey/Bird Stuffing By: Eric Wieland |

4 tbsp. (half-stick) canna butter 5 ¼ cups rye bread crumbs (or any unseasoned bread crumbs) ½ cup chopped celery 1 cup almonds/cashews (finely chopped) 1/3 cup finely chopped onions 2 tbsp. poultry seasoning (steak seasoning for duck) 2 tbsp. red wine ½ cup chopped wheat grass or chives

Melt the butter on a stovetop over low heat or in the microwave on a low setting (this is to ensure that you don’t compromise the potency. THC can survive temperatures up to 385°F). Once the canna butter has been melted, mix all the ingredients together and stuff in the bird before cooking.

Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce By:

Makes 8 servings. You can also put this into a holiday mold for a festive finish. Continued on page 7

Thanksgiving MMJ-Style continued from page 6

2 cups of sugar 2 cups of Cannabis Simple Syrup*** 4 cups cranberries (about 1 lb.) 2 tablespoons of orange zest Combine and bring to a boil sugar and Can-

nabis Simple Syrup until the sugar is dissolved. Boil the syrup for five minutes, add the cranberries. Simmer the cranberries in syrup gently, uncovered and without stirring until berries are translucent, about 5

minutes. Skim off the foam and add orange zest. Pour berries into a large bowl that has been rinsed in cold water. Chill until firm and serve cold.

Apple Pot

By: 4 apples (cored)

½ cup brown sugar ¼ cup water 4 cherries 1/3 cup chopped grass 2 tablespoons cinnamon Powder the grass in a blender, then mix grass with sugar and water. Stuff cores with

this paste. Sprinkle apples with cinnamon, and top with a cherry. Bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

MMJ — What’s It Good For? Stress by: Alvin Dy

Everybody experiences stress in varying levels. But it becomes a problem when you suffer from too much of it. If you do not manage it effectively, it could lead to other more serious problems. You can develop anxiety disorders, depression and even substance abuse. Your skin could break out or you could have problems with your heart or breathing. You could be prone to gastrointestinal problems and cardiovascular diseases, even some forms of cancer. You could have more severe migraines, more asthmatic attacks and if you’re diabetic, you could suffer from fluctuations in your blood sugar. There is no way to put it mildly, stress is a killer.

Marijuana and Stress

Empirical interviews often find that people who smoke marijuana,

medical or otherwise, often report a general feeling of well-being. This is not imagined. In fact, there is a biological cause for this. The THC in marijuana acts on anandamide in the brain, which produces the feeling of relaxation. What’s more, minute doses of marijuana can help lower your blood pressure and cause you to sleep better.

Overstressed Dad

In September 2012, the New York Times ran an op-ed written by Mark Wolfe, an art dealer and father of three daughters. Wolfe is a medical marijuana user because of his chronic back pain and anxiety. Wolfe states that because of this treatment, he was able to be a better parent and is less stressed at the end of the day. Wolfe writes that with medical marijuana, he has become a more loving, patient and attentive father.

Instead of being stressed and irritable, would it not be better to give your children the love and attention they crave?


But marijuana is not just helpful for everyday stressors. Eti Ganon-Elazar and Irit Akirav, both from the Department of Psy-

chology at the University of Haifa in Israel, found that marijuana might be beneficial to those who suffer from

Week 9

THU. NOV. 1 Kansas City at San Diego SUN. NOV. 4 Denver at Cincinnati Baltimore at Cleveland Arizona at Green Bay Chicago at Tennessee Miami at Indianapolis Carolina at Washington Detroit at Jacksonville Buffalo at Houston Tampa Bay at Oakland Minnesota at Seattle Pittsburgh at NY Giants Dallas at Atlanta MON. NOV. 5 Philadelphia at New Orlean

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Week 10

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THU. NOV. 15 Miami at Buffalo SUN. NOV. 18 Arizona at Atlanta Cleveland at Dallas Green Bay at Detroit Cincinnati at Kansas City NY Jets at St. Louis Indianapolis at New England Philadelphia at Washington Tampa Bay at Carolina Jacksonville at Houston New Orleans at Oakland San Diego at Denver Baltimore at Pittsburgh MON. NOV. 19 Chicago at San Francisco

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Week 13 THU. NOV. 29 New Orleans at Atlanta SUN. DEC. 2 Jacksonville at Buffalo Seattle at Chicago Indianapolis at Detroit Minnesota at Green Bay Houston at Tennessee Carolina at Kansas City San Francisco at St. Louis New England at Miami Arizona at NY Jets Tampa Bay at Denver Cincinnati at San Diego Pittsburgh at Baltimore Cleveland at Oakland Philadelphia at Dallas MON. DEC. 3 NY Giants at Washington

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Week 12 THU. NOV. 22 Houston at Detroit Washington at Dallas New England at NY Jets SUN. NOV. 25 Minnesota at Chicago Oakland at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Cleveland Buffalo at Indianapolis Denver at Kansas City Seattle at Miami Atlanta at Tampa Bay Tennessee at Jacksonville Baltimore at San Diego St. Louis at Arizona San Francisco at New Orleans Green Bay at NY Giants MON. NOV. 26 Carolina at Philadelphia

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Edibles in Review:

Chocolate Anyone? Fu-Qua Johnson Ganja Gazette

Okay, seriously, who doesn’t like chocolate? For those who are allergic, my deepest apologies for this review and I promise I will find edibles that do not have any chocolate in them another time. But for now, I have a review on some great products. I also want to mention some new seasonal additions at Nature’s Herb and Wellness Center. Before I get to the reviews, I would like to remind all the readers about this month and how important it is. My plea is for all of you to get out there and exercise your right to

VOTE! To those folks living in the northern Colorado area, please vote this November in favor of the dispensaries. This will help many patients from driving a long ways for their medicine. We can’t make the change without your help. Thanks for being proactive. Back to the reviews! I really like these IncrEDIBLE Candy Bars that I recently tried. They come in many different flavors and strengths. The company boasts that each batch is tested for the right level of medication, and I would agree with that I never had a bad edible from this company. They are very consistent

in medication and tastes amazing, especially the Boulder Bar, which has bits of toffee in it and reminds me of a Heath Bar. Also, there is the Monkey Bar, which is loaded with coconut, chocolate, bananas and walnuts. Or the Strawberry Cough Crunch, made with white chocolate. For those wanting a bigger kick, the Mile High Bar might satisfy your craving. This one has 175 mgs of medication and looks like a Kit-Kat bar. And for the brave souls, there is the Fireberry, made with habanero peppers and a whopping 300 mgs of medicine. Good luck with the Fireberry;

I have not tried this one yet, because I cannot do spicy things, but I have heard the chocolate really helps with the heat of the peppers. The best thing is you don’t have to eat it all at once, just break off a few bars every now and then and you are good to go. My lady and I each had one of these candy bars during our visit to the Denver Zoo. We had an amazing time walking around and medicated without smelling like it. My girl loves the Strawberry Cough Crunch because it’s pink and because of the strawberries. I like the Boulder Bar a lot because I love toffee.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, place chocolate bar in a cool place after purchasing because they tend to melt on you. It happened to me. On your next visit to Nature’s Herb and Wellness Center, grab a chocolate bar and enjoy your day. Before I go, I would also like to mention some new seasonal treats for all of you. The makers of Chai High Tea came up with a pumpkin spice flavor for the fall. It still contains the same level of medicine with a great pumpkin taste to it. Check it out and remember readers, always medicate with care and have a great month!

We have added a new delight for you to savor...

Ambrosia Station

The Ambrosia or Cannibis Caviar is created by taking the strain of your choice from our case, then its drizzled with hash oil testing at 88-90%THC and is topped off with a sprinkling of Keef (Sativa, Indicia or Mix) creating a very strong and potent high. If you are wanting a stronger, longer lasting high,

The Ambrosia Station will suit your needs.

$30 per Gram • $15 for 1/2 Gram

Natures Herbs and Wellness Center

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Bud-o-Scopes Aries

Mar. 21 - Apr. 19

The universe is suggesting a winter trip to Europe. What better way to avoid the stress and commotion of the holidays than vanishing altogether? The family will forgive you if you bring back souvenirs from Pompeii. Just remember to beware the dog.


Apr. 20-May 20

You should start a band! All the sexiest planets agree that you would make an excellent rock star, and would have an instant fan base. And if being a rock star does not pan out, all you really need is one hit to become a decent reality TV star.


May 21- June 20

Mercury is strongly urging you to remove yourself from daily chores and cares and invest your time more wisely, perhaps by brewing your own beer or growing Venus fly traps— which is an ironic suggestion for Mercury to be making.


June 21-July 22

Although the message is coming through blurred due to interference from the sun, Jupiter seems to be encouraging you to get into contact with some old friends, rebuild old bridges, and make old wrongs right. Either that, or finally go get your laundry done.


July 23 - Aug. 22

If you haven’t started making plans for the end of the world yet, it is highly recommended that you get a Sam’s Club card and catch up! Or Costco, whichever you prefer. We certainly don’t want to make that decision for you.


Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

You know that sudden idea you had about starting up your own exotic animal petting zoo? The universe is firmly, irrevocably saying, “No.”


Sep. 23 - Oct. 22

Have you been up to Wyoming lately? Those lonely windy plains, deserted towns dotting the horizon, cowboys as far as the eye can see, and little to no traffic owing to the low population—it’s really a vacationer’s dream!


Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

The time has come to finally take your dreams seriously. You have the ability to tell the future deep within your subconscious. The only to draw it out and use that power to the fullest is to dye your hair green. Honestly, you’ll be amazed.

Sagittarius Nov.22 -Dec.21

You really need to get your gossiping under control. They heard what you said last week, and it was really hurtful. Mostly because what you said was true, and the truth hurts, but still!


Dec. 22 -Jan. 19

As a Capricorn, which is so similar to cornucopia, expect to give, give, give this month. But don’t forget to be grateful, as well, because you never know when the unexpected will happen— which is kind of the definition of unexpected.


Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

There is a chance that you will get dirty, filthy, disgustingly rich this month! It’s the exact same chance as every other month, close to .0001%, but it might be a reassuring thought after a rough day at work.


Feb.19 - Mar. 20

No matter the weather, no matter the obstacle, no matter the stress that is piled on top of you, you will survive and thrive this month. No guarantees for the next, though.

Horoscopes at a higher level

Finishing Strong, Drying and Curing Correctly GROW TIPS

By: Tucker Eldridge When growing medicine at home one of the most important steps to producing high quality cannabis is the final step of drying and curing. Drying and curing incorrectly can cause a normally high quality crop to quickly develop problems such as a green taste, improperly burning medicine, and the formation of mold in your harvest. To prevent this occurrence from taking place, and to bring the absolute best out of your final product, there are a few simple steps you can follow to finish your crop strong. The first part of a proper dry and cure comes before you cut down your first plant. After spending eight weeks or more of hard work in the garden, you want to make sure to harvest your plants at peak ripeness. This can be achieved by cutting your plants down when 25% of the trichromes on the plant have changed

color from clear or milky white amber. This signifies the beginning of the plants process of converting THC to CBN. CBN has one tenth the psychoactivity of THC, and is the contributing factor for the couch-lock type of high associated with certain varieties. You also want to make sure to harvest your plants just prior to your lights coming on. Light and heat degrade THC, as well as evaporating essential oils and terpenoids out of your plant matter. To take advantage of this concept most effectively, after you have completed your final flush, allow your plants to sit in uninterrupted darkness for 48 hours and trim directly out of the darkness. Once you cut your plants down, separate each branch from the main stem. After this, remove all fan leaves, which can include any leaves without visible trichromes on them, and discard them. Once all fan leaves have been removed, with a pair of scis-

sors, begin trimming all remaining leaves from the buds. Keep this trim, known as sugar leaf, separate from your buds and fan leaves, as this can be processed into bubble hash or used to make edibles. Hang each branch, buds freshly trimmed, evenly spaced along a line, and keep the temperature and humidity in the room consistently at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% respectively. Adding a heat source or dehumidifier will cause your buds to dry unevenly not only from one side of the room to the other, but also within each individual bud, as the outsides of the buds will crisp up excessively while the insides stay moist. When your stems crack but don’t break, somewhere from seven to ten days, you are ready to cut your buds off of the stems into airtight glass jars. After cutting all buds into their jars, close the jars. The next day when you open the jars back up, your bud should have remoistened. Stir the

buds from the top of the jar and the bottom of the jar together to make sure they dry evenly, and close the jar back up after fifteen minutes. This process helps convert intracellular moisture to extracellular moisture within the plants cells. This also allows micro processes within the plant to convert the remaining chlorophyll pigments within

the plant into starches. This removes any lingering grass taste remaining after your flush. Repeat this step each day for a minimum of two weeks or ideally for as long as four, and you will be able to see marked improvements to every measure of quality you can apply. And who doesn’t like medicine that tastes, smells, and smokes better.

Foreign Correspondent

Alvin Dy

Elsewhere on Marijuana Easy Access for Medical Marijuana

Even with scientific studies proving that medical marijuana is beneficial to people who have certain conditions, related legislation has been very tight. In fact, Federal law states that medical marijuana is illegal and has even raided dispensaries in states where it is allowed. Two lawsuits, however, seek to ensure that access to medical marijuana becomes easier and more convenient. One seeks to reclassify medical marijuana out of the controlled substances list and the other seeks to make it easier for patients to get medical marijuana. Rhode Island ACLU Fights Against Stricter Medical Marijuana Laws The American Civil Liberties Union in Rhode Island is taking the state’s Department of Health to court after it mandated that they will no longer honor medical marijuana applications that are signed by physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Starting in August 2012, the health department will only accept applications signed by physicians to certify that the patient or applicant has a debilitating medical condition such as chronic pain, AIDS, multiple sclerosis,

glaucoma and other similar diseases. The Department of Health’s spokeswoman Dara Chadwick said that the change was decided on after a legal review of Rhode Island’s medical marijuana law. However, ACLU attorney John Dineen noted that it was done without public hearing or legislative approval. While most of the 18 jurisdictions that allow medical marijuana to be dispensed do not allow physician assistants and nurse practitioners to sign a medical marijuana application, Rhode Island previously allowed it. In fact, according to Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition executive director JoAnne Leppanen, around 20% of patients in the state have certifications signed by physician assistants and nurse practitioners. According to Leppanen, reducing the number of healthcare professionals who can give these certifications will make it more difficult for patients to get the help they need. ASA Lawsuit Seeks to Reclassify Medical Marijuana Meanwhile, several advocates of medical marijuana will be appearing before the US Court of Appeals

to ask it to change the classification of medical marijuana and get it removed from the list of substances under the Controlled Substances Act. This will be the first time in two decades that a federal court would review the classification of marijuana and base it on scientific evidence. Americans for Safe Access is the organization behind the lawsuit and is composed of scientists, medical practitioners, patients and other concerned organizations. Federal government holds that medical marijuana is illegal and that it serves no medical purpose. The lawsuit hopes that the Fed would change its mind. The ASA is counting on the support of the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians to show that there is a growing consensus among medical practitioners that medical marijuana is a good cure for certain types of diseases. In fact, in 2009, the AMA came out with a study that smoking marijuana reduces pain, improves appetite and helps manage symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Other groups backing the reclassification of medical marijuana as a non-dan-

gerous substance or to make it legally available to patients include the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Federation of American Scientists. For most patients, medical marijuana is their only

lifeline to managing the symptoms of their diseases. For some, it could be their only life line. Politics and outdated laws have made it even more difficult for them to get relief. It is time that this stops.

Huh, that’s weird... MMJ — What’s It Good For? Chuck Shepard’s News of Weird Stress The Siding’s a Kicker Officials in Burnsville, Minn., have brought the full force of the law to bear upon Mitch Faber (who was arrested, forced to pay a high bail, and released under electronic monitoring and only on condition of drug testing), whom they have charged with the crime of

not putting proper siding on his house. According to a March report on KSTP-TV, Faber said he started re-siding, but when the economy turned bad in 2008, he stopped, assuming that the worst he could eventually suffer would be a fine.

Unionized Multitasking A New York City system-gaming public school teacher, Alan Rosenfeld, 66, continues to show up for make-work (such as photocopying “duty”), at a salary of $100,000 a year, rather than retire. Rosenfeld was accused in 2001 of making lewd comments to female students in his typing class and removed from classroom duty, but

he protested and continues to exercise his union “due process” rights. In a January status report, the New York Post noted that Rosenfeld could have retired four years ago, but that by remaining on the “job,” the value of his pension increases, and the light duty enables him to conduct his real estate business while at “work.”

Continued from page 7 post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a condition that troubles around 30% of people who witness or experience a traumatic event such as car accidents, rape, terrorist attacks or wars. The researchers used mice in their experiments. The mice were electrocuted and the time it took them to recover from it was recorded. Some of the mice were then given other stressors. These mice were then given a dose of cannabinoids directly to the amygdala region of the brain, which is thought to be responsible for emotional memory.

Ganon-Elazar and Akirav found that those who were given the cannabinoids treatment had some hormonal changes and their brains did not release more of the hormones that are associated with stress. People who suffer from PTSD usually have high levels of this hormone. The study was published by the Journal of Neuroscience and is available here: full The Downsides The debate on whether marijuana is addictive or not is a long-standing one, and it would

seem that nobody is ready to give in just yet. It is safe to say, however, that marijuana has a very low potential for addiction. Yet, there is a heightened chance of addiction for those who are suffering from anxiety. Because stress and anxiety are closely related, this increased possibility for addiction should be taken into consideration. We are not advocating that you smoke a joint every time problems crop up. As with everything else, medical marijuana should be used only upon the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor.

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