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Above Water Junior Country Wrap-up From The Sweeps Nest Patrols Get Fit Quicker!

Benny’s Bar Wrap

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club We hope youl like the look of your new as magazine. You will find club news as well all Like ed. informative articles to keep you interest more publications we are always looking for more the us contributors, the more you can give we can pack into the pages! LSC Sit back and enjoy your very first CHS emagazine. Ed.

Editor. Jamie Marschke

Photographer Cath Ninness

Contributions Grace Beach, Paul Ninness, Ben McCall,



03 Cover image Rebecca Blay. Photo: Taylor & Em Girard

A Word (plus a few more) from the Pres

Hi everyone, on behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, I hope you all enjoyed a happy and safe festive season with those close to you and best wishes in your endeavours for 2014. Wow it seems the first half of the patrolling season has gone so fast with so much happening around the Club in that period of time both from an active point of view with Surf and Beach Activities, Award / Competition Training, Clubhouse operations, major events as the 40th C. ex Coffs Interstate Surfcraft Carnival, Hugo’s Island Classic, the Australia Day Fun Run as well the behind the scenes meetings and ongoing administration of the Club from a day to day as well as future planning perspective. I am sure other Club Officer’s will provide further information on the various happenings but would like to all members for their contributions big and small so far this season and look forward to your continued support and efforts on the way through to when the season finishes in April. I am pleased to report that the Board is working together as a collective to further enhance the fantastic work that the previous Board lead by Life Member Terry Maher had undertaken. With our Club facilities and surrounds now the envy of many, the Board is now concentrating on some longer term planning issues as well as reviewing our Corporate Governance and the welfare / well being of our members. Whilst the Board are currently sharing the duties of the vacant Director of Members Services position, the opportunity is still available to join the Management team to lead the Club in this most important portfolio and should you or someone you know be interested, expressions of interest would be most welcome just contact the Club office with your details to arrange a follow up get together. On a more sombre note, on behalf of the Club, I would like to extend our condolences to the families of Geoff Beavis and Chris Simpson who have recently passed away, our thoughts are with you and we are all poorer for the loss of two wonderful members of our community. Looking forward to what lies ahead for the remainder of the season, best wishes to those members representing the Club at Branch, State, National and the North Coast Surfboat Series Championships, our patrolling members living up to our organisation’s old motto of “Vigilance and Service” as well as our Lifesavers of the future and their helpers in the Junior Activities team. It is also time for members to start thinking about positions on the Surf and Beach Committee and Junior Activities for next season. With the bi annual election of the Board of Directors, the current Board will be serving the Club again next season which provides the opportunity to call for expressions of interest for the above positions and appointment by the Board early to enable a smooth transition and planning between the season change over. It is anticipated that expressions of interest will be called for in March with the appointments to be confirmed at the May Board meeting, so keep an eye for the notice. A final thank you to Jamie for pulling this newsletter together and hope to see you all down at Parky in the near future. Cheers Paul Niness


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First of all we would have not got anywhere near the results we did if every single kid didn’t put in the time and effort to train. In preparation for our lengthy 10 hour trip south we were board training 3 times a week and most of us were doing squads at least twice a week.

The first day of the carnival was water events. We started off with a bang with Ethan Hart taking out the under 8 male wade and at the other end of the beach Sean O’Reilley won the under 14 male swim. The day went on with great success, by the end of the 12 hour day the medal tally was an outstanding 31 medals. We were already all doing so well and having a great time. Saturday was really hot which made it even harder to run on the very soft sand but that didn’t stop us from having another great day winning 16 medals. Once again our all age relay did really well by placing 3rd. another stand out was the under 10’s sprint relay who on their last change went from 4th to winning the race. The whole weekend was really fun and a huge success. For me the most memorable part about the weekend was the gathering we had at Ulludula Caravan Park were the majority of us were staying. We had a very healthy fish, chips, pizza and soft drink for dinner. Afterwards we all played games on the jumping pillow and finished the night off with watching a movie on a big projector screen at the caravan park. Overall the whole weekend was really fun, enjoyable and a great experience that I’m sure no one will forget. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make country so enjoyable. Our trainers Sean Golding, Tony Nolan and Matt O’Donnell for giving up their time to help us compete the best we could. All the parents because without them we wouldn’t of got anywhere. Mick Canning who is always helping with setting up, fixing boards and solving problems. The Bray Street Butches and Chicken Butchery for supplying the great meat and chicken trays for our raffles to help raise money for our team dinner. Last but not least Jo Hickey and Brad Beech for organizing many things to help make country 2013/14 so memorable, for example the blue country shirts with our names on them and the money raised for the team dinner.

By Grace Beech


The year has definitely been another with the difference to date Alas its been Waldo held the place together with all his chores around the place. Fixing this, changing that, attending this seminar and making sure all those things the Boat Captain is supposed to have done are actually getting done. Good boy Waldy. I always say it's a bit like herding cats getting this lot organised but the girlies have been leading the way in getting going. Youngster Georgia Smyth has taken to rowing like a duck to water. Please don't make us take Lilly too. That'd be 3 of them. No reputable sweep deserves that sort of punishment. Competition been a bit quiet last month or so. No crews went to Mollymook. Couldn't get organised and things just didn't fall into place. Not to worry, we are planning a big Feb. We have Crescent Head this weekend. Agro, Youngen, Old girl, Giggly and Waldy are off to Stockton the following weekend, Coffs carnival and presso's the weekend after, Pac palms the following and State 2 weeks after that. Go team. Juniors are getting going and

the old boys should be hitting the water at the Coffs carnival and hopefully State. Still a lot of guys in the wings that we hope will return and build this club back up. Peter Hawkes and Vicki have welcomed new daughter Marni (spell check needed) into the world. Congrats Vick and Pete. Being father of the decade, I shall steer Pete well into the rights and wrongs of raising daughters. Don't even think about it Angus. I got that in the bag. Anyway short and sweet. We have got a great little mob in the boats and partners. I feel a good BBQ coming up prior to State. I do believe the boys out body surfed the girls after training by far last week. Except for Backo's fear causing a call of no 2's Crocko

Education Officer Firstly, I would like to thank those stepping up to do higher awards, it is great to see and will benifit not only the club, but the person doing the awards. We will have a second round of these awards early this year and posibly throughout winter.

Congratulations to all the new Bronze and SRC members in our club, always great to see smilling faces at the end of a course.

Don’t forget for your next Function, Wedding or Conference please call Nicole Donovan on: 6652 9870

Please make sure you have been getting club emails, I regulalry seend out upcoming cources for members to enroll in. If you do not get regular emails please send your details to Julie Well that’s my rant for this new look club newsletter, thanks for reading and see you next issue. Jamie Marschke


t has been a sad time with the passing of two well respected people the Surf Life Saving community. Long time club member Chris Simpson and Geoff Beavis. I am sure all the club members pass on their condolances to the

families. Next newsletter we will pay our respect to the great lives these men

Well patrolling legends, we are half way through and patrol strengths have been good. Before we know it we will be at the tail end of our patrols, this has traditionally been a slacker time with members missing or just not showing up for patrols. Can we please stay vigilant and remember to organise a sub well in advance. Lets smash it!


We have been assisting North Beach with a couple patrols which they are very grateful for. If you feel like helping them out further please see Rachael or myself. We will have a patrol to help out with at Nambucca around April, so please let us know if you can help. Our higher award plan is coming along nicely, remember, the more awards you have the Always put the motor into neutral more patrols we can add next before it hits the bottom. season. We have all the information that you Please take care when driving may need about setting up patrols as the IRB’s, in particular you far as what equipment you need as should never run an IRB up the well as radio channels in the Log Book beach with the motor in gear, box. Have a read while you have this will suck sand into the nothing to do. motor and damage them.

We will soon have delivery of a water manikin, this will be a great training aid for us to use on patrol. Remember, if you have any suggestions please let us know. And as usual...You are all doing very well! Jamie Vice Club-Captain.

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Benny’s Bar Wrap Hello all, Firstly I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ben McCall, I am Coffs Harbour Surf Club’s Bar Manager and have been here in the Hospitality Industry for over 12 years. Over the next editions of this Club Magazine I will be filling you in on what is happening in @ Coffs Harbour Surf Club. I would like to invite all of you to come and visit the Club if you haven’t already done so upstairs in the Restaurant and Bar Areas of Coffs Harbour Surf Club. Why not pop in and have a Delicious Meal and Beverage from the Bar and enjoy the great view you get while you dine with us (some may say the best in town) which is our little secret. Every month I am going to pick a product of the month so hopefully I might see you here in the club soon to try one.

Product of The Month

This beer is one of the Best Boutique Beer’s I have tried and tastes like a true Pale Ale and is very popular as it is a part of the James Squire Range and is also particularly popular with the ladies so girls come have a try.

Hope to see you at the club soon!!!!!!!! Cheers Ben McCall CHSLSC Bar Manger

Above Water feb 14  

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