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Brand Identity Guidelines.

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Who we are. Adapt Mentorship customizes a two-month mentorship program for your organization that pairs mentors an mentees and provides them with the training, goal-setting, and support they need to build fruitful, supportive relationships that last a lifetime.

Adapt Mentorship Adapt Mentorship supplies our partner organizations with all of the materials, resources, and support they need to organize their very own mentorship program including: 1. All organizational documents. This includes the program structure, a program description suitable for use in grant applications, program application materials and processes, email communication templates, and evaluations. 2. All training and workshop materials. This includes PowerPoint presentations, activities, speaker’s notes and educational resources for mentor training, mentee training, initial group workshop, mid-point group workshop and final group workshop.

3. We provide facilitator training for your first group of mentorship facilitators. We also provide all facilitator training materials so that our partner organization can continue to train future facilitators. 4. Ongoing support from the Adapt Mentorship team. From customizing our product to fit your organization to lending a hand when a facilitator is facing a challenge, the Adapt Mentorship team is always available to make sure your mentorship program is an absolute success.

Logotype Learn, adapt, and grow. The autumn-coloured leaves in our logotype’s icon are meant to represent the way in which nature can grow, adapt, and overcome any challenges it faces.

Logo Guidelines Follow these guidelines to ensure the integrity of the Adapt Mentorship brand.

Primary colour palette.

PANTONE 136 C HEX/HTML FFAD4A RGB 255 173 74 CMYK 0 27 80 0

PANTONE 299 C HEX/HTML 00A3E0 RGB 0 163 224 CMYK 86 8 0 0

Secondary colour palette.

PANTONE 1375 C HEX/HTML FF9940 RGB 255 153 64 CMYK 0 34 87 0

PANTONE 293 C HEX/HTML 003DA5 RGB 0 61 165 CMYK 100 69 0 4

Required clearspace is set at the x-height of first line of type in signature.

Minimum size of the seal in print is 0.625� in height. Minimum size of 45 pixels wide at 72 dpi online.

Do not:

Stretch, alter, or otherwise change the spatial and proportional elements within the logo. Do not alter the colours of any elements of the logo. Our logo animation may be used when promoting the Adapt Mentorship in video format, whenstylistically appropriate.

Iconography These icons can be used where appropriate in digital and print branded materials.

Typography Use these typefaces in any branded materials, whenever possible.

Primary: For use in Headlines. Museo Sans Rounded 100 Museo Sans Rounded 100 Museo Sans Rounded 300 Museo Sans Rounded 700 Museo Sans Rounded 9000 Museo Sans Rounded 1000 For Use in sub-headers and body copy. Avenir Light Avenir Light Oblique Avenir Book Avenir Book Oblique Avenir Roman Avenir Roman Oblique Avenir Medium Avenir Heavy Avenir Black


accentuate Use in advertisements and print to

headlines and pullquotes.


Best Practices Follow this visual guidelines on the following pages when creating branded advertising materials for Adapt Mentorship.

Print Use Avenir Book for body copy in print pieces, and a rounded font such as Museo Sans Rounded 500 or Varela Roundfor headlines. Use Tantrums as an accent font for numbered sections, emphasis, or pullquotes when stylistically appropriateFeel free to use a selection of relevant imagery and iconography in any print layouts created.

Digital Use Tantrums to accentuate headlines, which should be set in Museo Sans Rounded or Varela Round. Use type and logo versions that contrast enough with the background to be seen.

Adapt mentorship– brand identity guidelines  
Adapt mentorship– brand identity guidelines